North Carolina Newspapers

Thnrranrhlv olnnse tho blood, which is the
"fountain of health, by ueinar Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Meajcai tnscovery, nna p-xw uigraxion, a
fair skin, buoyant &iints, vital strength, ana
sonndness of constitution will be established.
Golden Medical Discovery cures aK humors,
from the common niinple, blotch, or eruption,
to the worst Scrofula, or btoobVpoison. Es
pecially has it proven its efficacy in curing
Salt-rheum or TeUer, Fever-Sores, Hip-joint
Disease. Scrofulous Sores and Swellings, En
lanred Glands, and Er.tlnK Ulcers.
Golden Medicnl Discovery cures Consump
tion (which is Scrofula of the Lungs), its
wonderful Mood-purifyinjr. lnvigoratlnsr, and
nutritive properties. For Weak Lungs, Spit
ting of Blood. Shortness of Breath, Bronchitis,
Severe Coughs, Asthma, and kindred affec
tions, it is a sovereign remedy. It promptly
curesi the severest Cousrhs.
Fer Torpid Liver. Biliousness, or "Liver
Complaint." Dyspepsia, and Indigestion, it Is
an unequalled remedy. Sold by druggists,
Bllioua and Cathartic
25c a vial, by druggists.
They stand where they ought
to, right square
It Was a Hard Flglit But They
Have Won It !
-Just read what people say
about them and if you want a
wagon, come quickly and buy
one, either for cash or on time.
Salisbury, N. C.
Sept. 1st, 18S6.
Two years ago I bought a very light two
hor Piedmont wagon of the Agent, Jno.
A. Boyden; have lised it near'y all the time
since, have tried it severely in hauling saw
logs and other heavy loads, and have not
hsd to pay one cent for repairs. I look
upon the Piedmont wagon as the best Thim
ble Skein wagon made in the United States.
The. timber used hi them is-most excellent
and thoroughly well seasoned.
Turner P. TnoM.vseN.
Salisbury. N. C
"Aug. 27th. 8G
About two years ago I bought of JnovA.
Boyden, aoire horse PiedmontHvagon which
has done much service and no pair of it
has broken or given aw ay and consequent
ly it has cost nothing for repairs.
John D. Hekly.
Salisbury. N. C.
Sept. 3d, 1886.
Eighteen months ago I bought of John
A. Bovdcn, a inch Thimble Skein Pied
mont wagon and uavetused it pretty mucl
all the time and it h approved to be a first
rate wagon. Nothing about it lias given
away and therefore it has required no re
pairs. - , T. A- " ALTON.
Salisbury, N. C.
Sent. 8th. 18S6.
18 months ago I bought of the Agent, in
Slihurv. a 2 in Thimble 5Kein rieumont
w?on their lightest one-horse wagon 1
have kept it in almost constant use and
during the time have hauled on it at least
75 loads ot wood and that without any
breakage or repairs. L. R. Walton. -
One Brick House and lot, on the corner
f Fulton aud Kerr streets, about one
acre in lot.
One Frame House and lot on Lee
One Frame House and lot on Main
Also shares in N. C. R. R.
Enquire of Mrs. H. E. and Miss Vic
toria Johnson at their home on Main
street. 40:tf
I can furnish, carp
large or small, in any
Quantity, tor stock ina
- ponds. For terms, address W. K. Fit ALE Y, Sul
sbury. N. C.
N H'H.y i;m,i:..Kd.iK K
ri-,wewiU ty that there U no evidence of
in oar
r 1-qii.t. l i iVpiy to ino
no ev-iiionce of ham:
highly imlorW. lnterpt"l gsTgonsjnay get twnli
irculr Kiring all partirulnj. hy add rjlng Er
MMIQM.0q.. butflo.H.V.-foMo Evening tUj
The choicest BEEF the market affords
always on hand. 50:3m
I have the best and prettist lot of Coal
and Wood Stoves ever offered In this
market, many of them of the latest and
most approved paterns s-uitable for Dur-
lors, dining rooms, stores, opices.ehurehes,
school Bouses, shops and sitting rooms.
Large and small. Call and see them and
.hear prices.
' 49:1 m. , - Wm. BROWN.
AuflC a ol land, G mik-
from Salisbury, on the Concord road
terms reasonable for rash.
mm balm
Cleanses the Nasal
Passes, Allayt
Pain and Innamma-
tion. Keaistac
S o r e 8. Restores
the Senses of Tact.
and SmslL
is a disease of the mucou3 membrane,
generally originating in the nasal" pas
sages and maintaining its stronghold in
theiiead. From this point it sends forth
a poisonous virus injto the stomach and
thraugh the digestive organs, corrupting
lncniood and producing other trouble
f'ome and dangerous symptoms.
A'parUcle is appliel Into eaeh nostril, and !s
agreeable, rnce 50 cent- at rtrarist; ty mail
registered, e cents. ELY BU0S., ..33 Greenwich
Street, New York. -
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Carolina Watchman.
If You Wish a God Article
Ot Plug Tobacco, ask your dealer foi
"Old Rip."
This space
VV. H. Reisner,
" WMMfflSMlIiSGi ssssssH
Are still Dffsring; fie Largest id Best Selected Stock of
At the Lowest Prices in Salisbury.
We are Heiiri
Big-lot of Underwear, just in, at 25 cts:, to the best Lambs Wool.
OVERSHIRTS, 75 cts. to 75.
PURE WOOL SOCKS, all colors, 25 cts.
NECKWEAR, enough for everybody, at prices that sell them.
Big Assortment of CLOTHING, DRY GOODS and NOTIONS.
HATS Boy's and Men's New Hats from 25 cts. up.
Brass Bound Buckets 25 cts.
Brooms for everybody, the biggest assort incut in town, from 12 to 40 cts.
Sugars, 6, 7-J, &l and 10 cts., and lots of Good Things.
I HIE Company,
In all Cities, Towns and
Villages iu the Sunt!-.
J. ALLEN BROW tf, Ec3:dent Agent, Salisbury, N. 0.
MMIM or. I iVjt i n V ocnr: c r M :d
cio Asm Hen. 'jsicii fcjr:i.tTi-i7sin tst
VBMfWM ther cljealntelr rsDf-3 V Will . iuTi
j"? orpOTn tvt r:a T.- U:o is 1 1 enjoyment or
2riSFi an4 1? M&lT Btr3nrJi and Vlzoroua Health.
EWS awnstby lnJ is.-rctioa, l'.x-OEcro, tvor-r.rai a
rorx, ortooloo Indulrcnm, we osk that yoa sendr.s
RUPTURES VtnzoTXi erapi FR2a
Compare this with your purchase:
Price OH E Dollar
As you value health, perhaps life, examine each
package and be sure you get the Genuine. See
the reel Z Trade-Mark and the full tide
on front of Wrapper, and on the side
the seal and sigunt ure of J. H. Zeilin M
Co.. as in the above fac- simile. Remember ther
is no other genuine Simmons Liver Regulator.
is reserved foi
The Jeweler.
A STRONG Company
Reliable! Liberal !
William C. Coart
i750,000 00.
XjCLUmtU t ioactcui. doe cat
ar c-iueenTeowneeiner w v,.Za1a
- "cifntifis medical princteiis. Bt direct
amMSCis fe'tithoot do'.sr. Thcoattir-1
;jerr,J, 'anc'ionscif the hntnsn ergsnkm rotund. 1m
vasre. MMhi elonaetrti of lift ire riven bach, the pttlccl
uccobkj chcerf ufsad rspidly paini both strength sad hsstth
TEEATEarr. -Cm Hats, t3. go Itota, (7
HARRIS REMEDY CO., Hf'o Chckuti,
Trial OJ cur Appliance. Ask for Terms!
Th3 Ciick of the Incubator.
From the Brooklyn Eagle.
am alone, unfentrfered chick
Of artificial hatching:
A pilgrim in a desert wild,
By happier mothered chicks reviled,
From ail relationships exiled, v '
To do my own lone hutching.
Fair Science smiled upon my birth
One raw and gust v morning.
And now the sounds of barnyard mirth
To .lonely me have little worth;
L am alone in all the earth
An orphan without homing.
Seek I my mother? I would find
A heartless personator;
A thing brass-hided, man designed,
With steampipe arteries interrained,
And pulseless cotton batting lined
A patent iucubator.
Cot-i'as planted as an experiment
in theCarolinas as early as 1621; but
cotton growing as an industry, was not
engaged in to any extent until after
the Revolutionary war.
Recent delicate scientific experiments
have discovered the fact that the sur
face of the land is never absolutely at
rest for more than thirty hours , at
a time. Thus those great earth
quakes which make epochs in history
are merely extreme cases of forces that
seldom sleep.
A newspaper in Illinois recently
brought suit against forty-three men
who would not pay their subscription,
and obtained judgment in each for full
amount of the claim. Of these, twenty
eight men made affidavits that they
owned no more property than the law
allowed them, thus preventing attach
ment. Then they, under the decision
of the Supreme Court, were arrested
for petty larceny and bound over in
the sum of $300 each. All but six
gave bonds, while six went to jail. It
makes no difference to what part of
the continent the paper goes, a bill
sent to the Postmaster, Justice of the
Peace oany United States officer can
be collected.
"Bermuda Grass," said Mr. A.
Graves, of Caswell, in a speech before
the State Farmers' Institute, Oct. 19,
' is one of the greatest grasses in the
State; it makes the best hay ot any
grass within my knowledge. It is true
if you pasture the land and pack it
down for a fewyears, it will stall a
yoke of oxen to pnll a common old
fashioned coulter through, because it is
so closely packed. All stock is fonder
of it than arty other grass. My ex
perience is, it is a good improver of
land." Mr. Graves went on to say,
that if yon plant a field in corn where
this grass is, you are sure to find the
largest and best corn where the grciFS
is thickest. It seems to open the hind,
and where it is highest the corn stands
a severe drought better than where it
is thiner. Some say you can't kill it.
You cannot by ploughing it under,
but bring it to the surface by shallow
ploughing and harrowing, and )ou
A beautiful paragraph clipped from
an old paper, the (Salisbury) "''Union
Banner;' of May 1, 1806.
Don't Despond.
If friends have deserted you, will
fretting reconcile them ? Are vou un
successful in business, will fretting in
crease your income ? Did any man
ever fret ten dollars into his pocket ?
If you are in debt and can't pay, be
prudent; but above ail keep cool. A
long face is not attractive. A hung
down head and slouching gait are not
elegant. Look on the" bright side. If
there is no bright side to your circum
stances, imagine one, and keep your eye
on it. Cheerfulness is not as expensive
as melancholy.
What if the war has destroyed your
property, killed your father, brother,
son or husband ? Remember God
rules the universe, and nothing hap
pens by chance; and though clouds
and darkness veil His providence, yet
justice and judgment are the basis of
His throne. Try -to retrieve your lost
fortune. Let the sweet prospects of
doing good and ameliorating the sad
I condition of the afflicted and unfortu
nate around you, be to you as dear as
the loved ones whose absence you
mourn. Realize the great fact, which
thousands ignore, that uall things are
of God." Then you shall be happy in
the midst of adversity, and the lamp of
holy truth shall flash its heavenly light
across the gloom of death.
Up again, brother ! heed not a fall !
Rough is the highway, slips come to all ?
Rise to your feet, theu ! have a good
Now, looking forward, make a fresh
Up, then, and onward; never despair,
Morn may be cloudy, noon may be fair.
BY J. J.
Electricity jimler favorable circum
stances l as been found to travel at the
rate of 288,000 miles per second.
I Kindness nnd irpnHpnpsw in thp man
agement of calves, colts, pigs, or poul
try, make them geutle and fond of
thvir attendants, and also more thrifty
and valuable. Indeed, kindness and
gentleness make better children and
better men and women than harsh
t m
treatment ever made. 1
Fur the Watchman.
As there has been a great deal said
about marriages, I thought that I
would say a few words. It is not my
intention to advise against marriage,
I nor to draw the line too close as to the
don't marry class, but simply to hit at
the errors of some people who match
feadly on so long a contract.
Tiie "yes or no" question is the vital
one for all young people to answer too
soon, otherswait too long, others nev
er reach such a climax of happiness as
to be invited by an' eligible partner.
The genius of selection is the rarest of
The tale that I now relate,
This lesson seems. to cany;
Choose not alone a proper mate,
But proper time to iharry.
Do not marry for beauty alone.
Very few have a supply that will last
a full dozen years in a marriW life
that should continue for three decades.
There are a dozen considerations be
yond beauty that should govern the
choice of a companion. Think for a
moment whom von admire most, trust
implicity, and love more ardently than
all others. Truly it is not the wax
doll face in a milliner's window: were
that so, why not marry the model and
get the perfection of beauty.
uo not marry a very small man
woman. irv to get some form to
mire, something to share thin
and some one who is not los
crowd conijiletely, who i3 too Hi
admire and too small for beauty.
Don t marry too vouusr. Tne right
age to marrv is a matter ot taste:
twentv-one for girls, and twenty-four
for boys mav be a little arbitrary, but
certainly is sensible. The happy earlv
marriages are rare. It too often hup-
tens that love is mistaken, or poorly
informed, or lacks an anchor in good
iudgment. There is no use of reason-1
ing about it, love is, love and will mar-
rv in suite of reason, and in some
cases it runs away with its choice and
anil repents of it a thousand t imes soon
Dut be sensible, for a Vife contract
Tilt !! 1
should be a sensible one. Ask vour
truest friends: take counsel; be above
foolishness. Don t marrv a hypocrite,
Of all things get
things get sincerity. Get the
If you get a hypocrite,
i y ,
ne IS orass
i. i -ii :i i. i o
on. cnu.cues ioi no ouier eon u ai
to CiOaK iniquity. to ll H gin mat
iquitv. lo tell a gi
she is fairer than flowers, clearer than
coffee, and sweeter than honey is old,
verv old. and uncalled for. Tell her she
is what she is,and vou like her with all
her surroundings, that vou can better
her condition sometime. Dwell
on tne " sometime. ne nonest about
it ! r i ii
it. If she doesn't love you, let her
love some one else, and you will be
surprise I to find how many pure and
beautiful bcingshere are all around
you, holding the finger tips to hide a
smile of welcome and an ever ready
"Yes." eager to mate with one worthy
and ready to marry them; for marriage
is a natural hope of every right mind
ed woman. If you do this you will
not be long in reaching a conclusion
Be a little mgenins about it, find out
through your sister. Prepare the way
and don t ask until you find she is un
pledged. And what if she refuses
vou? No harm done. Like the Ger
man's sugar, the other pound is shust
a? good as the first one.
Young women, don't marry a drunk
ard. He will promise, by all that's
good, great and holy, to reform. How
many more like him have made just
such promises, and when they died
they filled a drunkard s grave
It is a sorry picture to behold a fair
young girl chained to a being with a
will all lost and debauched m appe
tite for strong drinks. lo avoid long
sorrow, disgrace and regret, avoid the
drunkard. Don't marry a fast man or
woman, oometning tens us uiac oiacK
logs will darken the whitest garments.
The edge of virtue once dulled is never
quite so keen afterwards.
It may be well to speak of wild oats
-i ii i ll l
but who cares to know that their oats
are a second crop. Grass widows may
a vorv btvnhln. erf:itlirPS hilt Unless
their other halves were clearly Warn-
able, they should have a reasonable
fn trl nloripr Do
hot marrv odd sizes. A tall man with
.. i;i ..-...r. i,iov ntvVoruhl onoufrh
i L II. Ill W 111 1 1WVJ.'J 1VM jv " ivivt v i j . i
but a tall woman with a little tiny
mini "is a misfit, surely. See if you
can t had some one ot your size, as tne
school lads say in a wrestle. Pair off
like soldiers in time of dress parade,
with an eye to unity'.
Girls do not be too fast. Tell me
where he goes, and l will tell you what
he is. Young men it may be a woman
yon are asking about, a girl for a wife,
a life long companion. Which are
you seeking for, a dashv, fly-away dan -
cer,br a domestic home-lover."
The dude's day is post, he must go,
He is a little removed from nothing.
A dressed up model for tailor shops.
(Some times" it is in a woman's form),
a street flirt, a hotel step, a gazer. She
deceives no one, for her character, like
the dude's, is transparent that no one
mistakes its meaning. The habit of
going nowhere for nothing is as foolish
as it is injurious. There will be many
such called, but few will be chosen.
The time will soon come when a
fine suit and a nice fit will no more
make one respectable than it would
utake a gentleman of a wooden Indian
frout of a cigar stand.
Do not marry a boy or girl who is
not good at home, lhat is the golden
test of duty, to do one's duty at In m
away from the eyes of men, and the
notke of the world; to be good from a
ribt disposition.
I will close, you may hear from me
U. A. Campbell. ;
Toads, next to snakes, are hated and
despised, yet iu a garden they devour
multitudes of insects that prey on the
labors of man, and do not meddle with
any of the plants, fruits or flowers
that require his cultivation. Some
writers have denied that the toad under
any circumstances was poisonous; hut
this is a mistake. When in danger or
when irritated, the tubercular eleva
tions on the back and sides have the
powar of secreting a milky fluid, as
every one may readily ascertain, and
very schoolboy who is in the habit of
pelting them with stones well knows,
1 his nun, given for defence, as I sup-
pose, is decidedly poisonous, as its ef-
fects on cats and other animals fully
nrove. This is the onlv cower of in-
juring it possesses; and this secretory I
and offensive power appears to reside
in tne skiu, as tne animal is lrequentiy
siiinnea and sola with tne rrog in tne
markets of European cities for food,
ana eaten who impunuv.
i i. . "ii i
vr-i j: i . j
notwjuisianuing nis ciurasy ana un-
unireqentiy, in a warm summer evc-
ning, wnen aoors are open, mane its
entrance into the house, where it feeds
on flics that approach. Seated on its
haunches, it surveys the floor with
great gravity; hut it an unwary fly
alights within four or five inches it
disappears with incredible quickness.
There can be a slight motion of the
toad discovered, a quick snap, as of the
jaws, is heard, but the position of the
innnal is unchanged, wnile ms prey
S" 1' l"l
vanishes with the velocity of lightning.
A close examination shows, however,
that there is a slight motion of the
body forward, without moving the
feet; and the snap is produced by the
shutting of the mouth after the ton
gue has seized and secured I
th t
e msec ,
ration per-
I l lu..Z i : i;
muiiL'u f'f tinier. i is uie operation uer-
wiuiw iuai uie unique is never uis-
i Tk i:ut: ..u :
. Zu"ZrZZ$uU .u"
.....u.jr 4"-
uP ui uie leptue io me iiect ne
aims at
Toads are believed to remain, when
unmolested, m the same place for
I a 1 m
many years, going into winter quai
ters and coming out in the spring. In
England they are purchased by garden
I ...u , : 1.1 i j
ers, woo una; mem very iiiguiy, unu
although poets have marked tht m out
! n i i
as objects or hate and diversion, no
reptile is of such actual service to man.
Bl'ix rerleij Poore.
Taught to Work
One wise regulation among the
Jews insists on every boy learning a
trade. It is not necessary that every
boy who learns a trade should follow it
all his life, but it is best to kuow
thoroughly some kind of work. It is
only hy this one can prove his fidelity
and excellence.
tjovernor raimer, or Illinois, was a
it Ik 1 M Y 1
country blacksmith once, and began his
political career as a constable of Macou
pin county. A circuit judge in the
i n i i
central part or Illinois was once a
tailor. Thomas Hoyne, a rich and
eminent lawyer of Illinois, was once a
book-binder, hrastus Corning of rsew
York was too lame to do hard labor
and commenced as a shop-boy in Al
bany. When he applied for employ
ment first he was asked : bv, my
boy, what can you do?" "Can do what
I am bid," was the answer that secured
him a place. Vice-presideut Wilson of
Massach usetts was a shoe-maker. 1 h u r-
lov Weed Mas a canal boat driver.
Governor Stone of Iowa was a cabiuet
uaker, which trade the late Stephen A
Douglas also worked at in his youth.
Large numbers of men of prominence
now living, have risen from humble
life by dint of industry, without which
talent is as useless ;as ia gold coin on a
I barren wianu. r or wotic ujukcs uieu
bright, and it does not alone depend on
the kind of work you have to do whether
vu rise or not. It depends on how
. i . m
7 it Selected .
If we bring into one day's thought
the evil of many, certain and uncertain,
what will be and what will never be,
our load will be as intolerable as it is
It is enough that we have swallowed
these truths, we must feed them as in-
1 sects on a leaf, till the whole heart be
I colored by tpeir qualities, and snow its
food in " every, the minutest, fiber.
rj r a I in iniv ii im 1 1 J I r. 1 1 1 f ' l n a lira toot nii i ...
I 1 Al I
t in hi !mio su uiuciv uo. luuuoxi us nie tuiiu, i a i cu..u .
ue to huu u nuwa nu t a.bunc y in :..valid pat lunch-
ii . J il: -1 j. J- i- ii 1.HHI. "lie uiumm uu
L.L.-VIIl'' lllM'l'L IOl ( . IL Will FIOL
He Sold a $7 Ccat for $12 and Lost Hit
Position for it.
. . Dry Goods Chronicle.
A clothing dealer in an interior town
had occasion to visit the city , to pur
chase goods. While he was gone a
young man entered the sto-e to boy a
coat. A salesman waited upon the
customer and showed him a coat plain
ly marked S7. The customer tried it
on and said in a pleasant, confiding
way : "I want a good article and I
can afford to pay a little more." The
salesman showed him many coats, end,
finally, -having removed the tag, again
offered him the $7 coat which had
fitted him at first, and said :
"Here is a coat, a fine article,
just your fit, which I can sell you for
The coat was again tried on, the
youug man (teemed pleased, paid his
money and went away. On the mer
chant's return the salesman, with a
smile of triumph all-over his counten
ance, rushed up to him and boasted of
what he had done. The merchant look- t
ed grave. He onlv said : v
"Loes anv one know who the ens- '
tomer wes?
A little boy had recognized" him at a
workman in a neighboring factory.
and remembered his name. The mer-
chant sent for the Tounur man.
him of his mortification, gave him hack
$5 and the privilege of returning the
coat if he chose, and then said to the
"Now, sir, I will pay you your week's
salary and I wish you to go. If you
cheat mv customers vou have not Drin-
ciple enough not to cheat me. if I
can't have my people sell Loodi honest-
ly l win go out ot tne Dullness. UOOd
day, sir.
How to Visit the Sick.
Here is a point seemingly little
a very lmpor-
wish to visit an
go. Should
you be admitted: into the sick room, go,
but make your stay short, saying noth
ing but what will be beneficial to the
i 1 . i i
sick. Don't stay as so rtianv do, till
they are entirely worn out with a train
of nothings gone over by you, and wish
you to go away and never to return.
Item ember a sick person is not like a
well person, and persons waiting on
the sick are generally worn out' and
have enough to do without waiting on
you; so go after eating, and go home
before the next meal, telling the cook
when you go your intentions, unlesa
you can be of use. If so, do what you
can in the best possible way, then un
less they request you to stay longer.
your place is not there. Visits and
9'cness no; 8 together unless there
are or nree hired girls to wait on
n j iV.: D..i.ii.:
n . j il- a j
wmm uu Homing eise io uo.
But this
t;iii,. :. . j j.
is u iiiitie t-. j'cwsi t.-. anu it sceius W Ula
we can't make it suit to go between
meals to visit the sick, we Tiad better
. aw. f t .
stay away; for I have so often heard
from the cook these words, or similar:
"Oh! I am tired out waiting on visitor j
who wont turn a hand at anything.
My work would be light were it not
for so many coming in just at meal
time, causing me so much extra work,
just to eat and go again, pretending to
visit the sick. Such as these, 1 can
assure you, you are not welcome. Now
there are exceptions; persons coming
from quite a distance are excusable.
but they should be ready to do more
than your trouble.
1 have attended the sick bed quite a
good bit, and have been perfectly dis
gusted at humanity, or the greater
part of it. On one occasion I remem
ber 1 went to attend the sick, and once
just as supper was being prepared for
the family, in stepped a con pie, causing
considerable trouble, stayed until after
supper, then almost immediately after
(without offering to help in the least)
offered excuse for not coming sooner,
and sorry they could not stay longer,
but would try and come again. I hey
left, leaving all wishing they had not
come, and hoping they would never re
turn on such such visits. Daisy, m
National Stockman.
In Love's Earnest.
Most women naturally look forward to
matrimony as their proper sphere in life,
but they .should constantly bear in mind
that a fair, rosy face, bright eyes, and a
healthy well-developed form, are the
best passports to a happy marriage. All
those wasting disorders, weaknesses,
"dragging-down" sensations, and func
tional irregularities peculiar to their sex,
have an unfailing specific in Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. It is the only
medicine for women, sold by druggists,
under a positive guarantee from the manu
facturers, that it will give satisfaction in
every case, or money will be refunded.
This guarantee has been printed on the
bottle wrapi sr, and faithfully carried out
for many years.
Prospectors are roaming about the
mountain country of Tennessee,
through which railroads are to pass,
seeking ore beds, which can now be
bought for merely nominal prices.
Rich lead and silver ore hare been
found in several localities. In oneim
mense cave in Potuam county five dis
tinct veins of lead, all valuable, hare
been found. -
If we strive to become what we strive
to appear, manners may often be ren
dered useful guides to the performai
of our duties. Stuney omtrn.

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