North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina Watchman.
' j," PERSONAL.- - , .
jlavin" accepted a position on the
". AVaTchman Uts expected, of -course,
that I make come announcements Feel
ing my inability to do justice to such an
organ, it is with reluctance that I.take
v-iipthiivcrk.. However, I will only he
responsiWe for the local part; the edb,
;torial department will still m continued
.: by Mr. Ibunsey.
I have been a member of the Alliance
V: for more than three years. I ain in full
.-sympathy with all measures," and shall
i : do al I cab to push our organization to
the front. I came here fresh from the
plow and with "hay seed" ia my hiir,
onrT should'the locals not be as Uitcrvt-
hi" and newsy as heretofore you will
think of the above facts and try and
excuse, ilfdiall endeavor to publb
news fresh and spicy as I -an And, and to
' work for the mutual improvement of
' both town and- country alike. To this
i pnd I earnestly ask the aid ot persons
interested in the wiine.
- i Yours Truly,
h . jc L. Millek.
y'f Iloasthig ears are on the market.
; Crops are iaiproying very rapidly,
' Whatihas beeome-uf the ice factory and
' street imprcAeraeuta?
Mr. J. 13 -Sliceta is doing a lively bubi
jicsby wUy of jdgu advertising.-- '
For thc'Iargest,. freshest and best tur
nip seed call at Funis' Drug Store.
Peaches and blackberries are selling "at
oue-dollarper bushel; apples fifty cents.
Some of our Salisbury people went
picuiciug at Organ '.and Lower Stone
churches on the 4tli.
.The Watch ban has tagged her office
and youvvyll njnv liaye uo trouble to find
her. ' Come to jsee u.'.
Mr, J. -Allen Riiown will continue to
Lold the .lighting editor's chair down jn
the Watchman office.
Mr. W. B. Su6ot, a popular clerk of
M. S. jJirown-N, Is spending a few days
with ji slpareiits at MoorcsviiLe.
'The'colored people are soliciting sub-
wiptitHis for; the -erection of a large
Jjrick Methodist church in this city.
Subscription lists - for furnishing a
budding as a . Ijioic e for the poor and
crippled jare ndv going the founds.
. Mr Lloyd Syvieegopd left Wednesday
. for' Asheyiie, -'to accept a position with
thej Iiandaiidi Kerr'Printkjg Company.
A,' L. 3o!nison has -just received a
"large tot of oxeel leu t -clocks which be is
js,ieiiiiig at iu percent over actual cast.
Till. ciMHity Alliance vviil le in esdon
here next "Friday and SiUurlay, The
'-meeting held at the 1'airgrouuds.
, A strong wind, doing damage to sh
trees-, accompanied by a whirlpool of
.du.stlpreeeeded the raiu Tuesday night.
Mr. Fugeiie Iieuti, O'.ie of the clerks in
jlie postotiicc, is on the sick list tnis weeK.
C. ,N..lko.,yu hi holding down liis positions-
- 1 - -
The eleetuib of Prof. Kizer to the po
sition of CoiuitySuperintendenbof F.du-
eatkmvas projper,
He wril make a ood
Jlr. F. J.- Buclianan returned home
fripm the'"' Uaiversitfy of Virginia last
JVedue$day, where lie has been studying
lor.'ine lasi nine raonins.
If you want pants buy thciri,but don't
try ij get theia-froui Kluttz . & Kendle-lBau-
by slight xf hand. James Newsouie
tried that fast Saturday aiul is now
iiig in jaiK
Mr. Will Corl, of Webb City, Mo.,
.formerly ot Rowan, was in town Monday
jonhis way to Norwqod. He reports
the west boamingaud says the-crops are
very good. r : -
Mr. Walter M. Kirk, a represcBtative
of the Singer Maekjuq Co., with
headquarters at Chai lotte, is here doing
business this week. ,llis ohjee is at the
Hotel Jerome. '
A lawn party was givcu by Mrs. Horah
Tuesday night for the entertainment of
her lady and gentleman friends, espe
cially those who attended the teachers
meeting 'at Morchead city.
I ' 'I
:"Hjrscbaek riding is very popular with
'. -sopai of the ladies and gentbincu. Biey-
eTc riding is the pastme for those who do
not relish the society jof the weaker- ?cx.
Both can jbe teen ynlhe streets at even-
iag'tim'e. -
engineer -.corps, the chief
-upiruction managers and;, all han?;s
'employed on t lie -Yadkin -railroad except
t ne section hande, were . UstMjpsed- Wed
nesday morning, the work of construc
tion being finished.
Our friend, Owen Bishop, Esq., lelt'a
peculiar animal or vciretable or smnfl.
thiiig at this effice'a few days ago. It is
oVerjhijie.en incTics long and resembles
aeucajnber. j No oue kn,ows what it is,
so we call! it tho "what is it."
'; llfx- MV Weitz, paster of Union and
Christiana churches, this county, was
. called to South CaroKua yesterday by a
telegram auupuncins the serious sickness
oHus wife and qli.ild, they having been
on a vibi tb that State for some time. .
!. T he tax : assessors- did not makei out
. their report last Mondayi only;ft4cV be-
Jog ready. They will meet next Slon
ay, however. The dividing of the tax
4 accruing from Ui0 Yadkin railroad, be
tween the three townshipsfTwill bo ac-
: culed the same;da, ; u.
I The IVidmont Allianco Fair stock
holders met here last Saturday. The race
track and iher commit tees were con
tinued. Mo):e than $100 has been sub-
si-vibed i.r tne completion ot tne race
track. Voik wiii commence soon'. The
fair will be held ct 20. ii to 2-ith.
A new posJ,2ie hns' been established
four miles eat of Gold Hill, at the siding.
It is nunel ("hidrftone, with It. J. lliehie
postmaster. IA new building is being
built for the accommodation of passen
. . , -
gers. i'ersons going to iuisenneimcr s
Springs will stop here.
Last Saturday evening the up train-on
the A. T. & O. road left Charlotte with
several drunken negroes on board. A
few miles out a negro boy and a white
man bv the name of Williams, who lives
near Croft, fell out and began a fight
The negro drew a pistol and shot Wil
liams in the riirht breast. The negro was
at once placed under arrest -and is now
in Charhttte jail. Williams.i - notdan
geroaslj' wounded. '
Mr. Tobe Thompson's little boy esca
ped from what might have been a serious
accident vesterdav cveninir. HH horse
---- v r -
became frightened by a plank slipping
against him, and jruji "awaj'. The little
boy was thrown from the wagou and was
picked np pretty bartly bruised, but is
doing very well this morning. The
wagon was completely demolished, the
horse havinz only the ahafts and front
arlet ree f o him when he was stopped
T'nc horse ran through Main street.
Aftcntioii Veterans.
Oflicial report has just been received
by Mr. F.arker tlmt the 11. & I). R. Pw.
Co.. will sell tickets for the round tripo
tjic unveiling of the Jackson Modu
menl at Lexington, Ya., for atfout $4.30.
All wbo v'ill go are requested to place
their, luimcs with W. Lawson Kluttz at
once. . -
Nr. Lawson A. Fi.hcr, of ITeilig's Mill,
died July Gth, with a throat disease,
was a faithful member of Grace Reformed
church, both Ln chuich and Sunday
school. - He " leaves ia wifeAand eight
c'iildren, besides many friends, to mourn
his loss. He was buried in Lower Stone
A. College.
The rditli Carolina College of Agricul
ture and Mechanic Arts, Raleigh, begins
its third cession' on-the 3d of next Sep
tember. This college is taking a high
rank -among the institutions of the State,
and is doing thorough and honest work.
The board of trustees js -adding largely
to the plant of the college, and will, this
summer; put tip two new buildings; and
in-addition add such new equipments as
is needed in the development of the work
of the College.
A Llx
ler Kinker, curistiaiMzeu. name,
Kev. Ciexnge Johns, wlio was boru and
captured in the interior of Africa, and
has been under the influence of civiliza
tion an-d cducationfor nine years, will
lecture o: the customs of the heathen
iiviug in the interior of Africa, in the
Lutheran" church to-morrow, Frid.iy ev
ening, at 8:o0 o'clock. See hand-bills of
this wonderful lecture. Admission: Lady
and gqntleman 30cts, single ticket 25cts,
children under 15 years 15et&.
IIti:i:cide on the Kail.
A big riot occurred on the Augusta
train below Charlotte Saturday night,
which resulted in the -killing of a man
named Padgett. A party of negroes
were iu Augusta celebrating the Fourth
of July. They boarded-the night 'train
to go home and became very boisterous
on leaving the depot. Andrew Padgett
seemed to be the ringleader. Tie crowd
beiiaii to throw bottles and jii!?s of
whisky at each other. The riot increased
and Padgett drew his knife, when he
was set upon by live other negroes with
knives and razors, and was soon slashed
to death. The deed was done in full
view of the first class coach. After the
killing the negroes all .jumped from the
moving train and fl-d. . The victim was
badly mutilated and died with his knife
in his hand. .
: urn rr i in
laud Tax Rowan
'Rowan county's part of the Direct
Laud Tax, is now iu the bauds of the
Clerk of the Superior Court. It amouut3
to over $1.6,003. More than 1,400 per
sous are entitled to this money in Rowan
county. By an agreement among the
Superior Court Clerks cf the State their
fees wiUbe.low. Only 25 ceuts will be
charged for the applications. Where
the parties-to which the money is going
are dead an administrator will, be op
pointed. When the amount is over $25
the regular fees will be charged. Over
$5 and uuder 25 only.'$l will be charged
Under $5, nothing.. This State is enti
tled to nearly $400,000, which will te
quite a help to our people. Of course
yon will iict forget to pay for your paper,
or subscribe for oue when you get your
money, for the newspapers have worked
hard to get thi3 money paid back. Don't
all speak at once.
: ! i if !
A Fine Chance.
We have raade-arangements with the
publishers of Sunny South, Atlanta, Ga.,
so that we can furnish our readers with
two papers for a little more than the
price of one. The Sunny South is the
only purely literary .f family paper that
ever succeeded iu the South. The sub
script ion puce is $2 per annum. The
Watchman isjl 50. We will send both
papers to new subscribers at $2.75. iThis
is a very lileral offer and should be taken
advantage of.
- - - - - - ' - - ii y, . . r-.-s ..;-i.- --. .-.-.; n.'. - -" - - - j ;
Meeting of Comity Commissioner?-..
The countj' commissioners met in reg
ular session at the Court Housfe Monday.
Present "Cliairmfln Kluttz, Coleman,
Kestler, ITatterson and Stewairjr. '
Measrs John A. Hedrick, AcW.EIuttz
imd H. R. Plaster, tire eounty board of
education, came before the commission
ers and the oath of office was; duly ad
ministered bv Chairman Klutt'z.
Ordered that Joseph Kestler bo uoti-
fieeTto appear before the commissioners
pu Monday, July 11th, 18J1, in regard to
his own and his father's taxes fur this
J. W. BAsinger was appointed consta
ble for Morgan towuahip. i
A. M. BrJwn wxs authorized to pur
chase one gallon of paint for tie purpose
of painting one of the rooms ii the Court
House. He was also directed to furnish
the inmates of the Poor House with cof
fee once each day.
The following allowances were made
to outdoor paupers: Isabella Erwiu, $3
for 3 months; Wra, Felker, $3 for 3 months;
6. H. Cowan, 1 for one month; Purline
Howard, $3 for 3 months; Cmvs. Fesper
mau, $3 for three months; Tcna Correll,
$3 for three months.
Permission was granted to II. P. Po
lan, Lou Dorson and Margaret Lowder
to go to the county home and remain i
until further notice from the board.
A number of accounts were presented,
approved and ordered paid.
; Messrs. Kluttz, Patterson and Coleman
were appointed a committee to have
general' repairs done at the Court House.
Prof. R. G. Kizer, Superintendent of
Public Instruction, cone before tha
board and took the oath of office.
Dr. J.J. Summerell made his monthly
report, which was read and ordered filed.
'A. M. Brown, "keeper, of the poor, re
ported the number of inmates to be 1G
white3 7, blocks 9. He also; submitted
an itemized statement of the expenses of
the same, amounting to $39.
A large number of the citizen living
. --. A A It'll.
near tne csaiisoury i.oiion mis peti
tioned the board to have a butcher pen
and other nuisances removed from near
their dwellings, but no action was taken
as the board does not think t has any
authority to remove?-same from private
property, but direct that said: petitioners
take such action as the law allows.
Henderson M. Brown, D. Calvin Hol-
shouser, Adam Ore, Eii . Ilolshouscr,
J. M. Brown, ltufus Saf'iit, J, K. Briggs,
N. A. Lentz, Solomon Morgan, S. A.
Earnhart, O. S. Galliaiorr, James Burke,
Jas. C. Graham. F. B. Walton, Julius A.
Peeler, Jesse Mahaley, H. B. r.ailey,
John E. Shaver, J. F. Rufty,"Jas. C.
Miller, J. J. Basinger, James B. Parker,
James N. Morgan, J. F. llob:non, Vr. F.
Murph, D. M. Becker, J. S. Hall, R. J.
Ilaltom, D. R. Russell, Boyden A. R.
Miller, Henry Ban inger, Julius A. Ma
haley, J. W. Bowles, Jkv.uut Wifct.;
Jolm W. Steel?, C. F. Biker.
Ueccpt OU.
One of the moot enjoyable social
events of the season was given Tuesday
evening, the 7th inst,, by Mr. and Mrs.
Joe llorah complimentary to Miss Lilly
Bell, of Morehead City. Tho lawn and
verandas w ere dotted here and there with
groups of chairs over which were sus
pended Japanese lanterns that cast a del
icate halo about the heads of those who
preferred the evening zephyrs to the
more classic amusements of the bril
liantly lighted drawing rooau At 10:30
refreshments were served iu a sumptuous
manner. Many of Salisbury's beautiful
youug ladies aud chivalrous; gentlemen
were present to Welcome the siren from
the sea; and enjoy the unlimited hospi
tality of a host and hostess whosoevei y
though twas for the pleasure and com
fort of their guests.
Notes from Statrsville.
Correspondence of tuo Watchman. '
We are having dry weather- now, but
tle indications are lavorable for rain this
niomiug. The wheat crop is all housed,
aud threshing has begau iu some parts of
the county. The crop is generally good,
and ia most cases they yield satisfactory.
Corn is looking well; farmers have been
working as faithfully a3 I ever knew, and
they have Gen. Green pretty well sub
dued. If the good Lord sends the early
and latter rains, there will bo a good
crop of com made. Cotton is said to be
doing well but is backward and will be
late. If the fall be late a reasonably fair
crop will be made.
Mr. Bruce Linster, who was so badly
bruised up in the railraad wreck is up
aud was on the street yesterady. The
probability 13 that he will be able to try
her again in a tew days.
John Woods, a white man about 2D
years of age, was iu town last Wednes
day evening. He imbibed freely of "tu-
lu" (the curse ot this town aud commu
nity) and started for home wit h is three
miles from here on the Junebux road.
His mangled body 'was fouud iiext, morn-
iug ou the railroad, having been run over
the nitrht before.
The county commissioners were in
session yesterday. Their principal work
was, passing claims, di awing jurors for
next term of court, and meeting with
the assessors of the various townships in
order to equalize the valuation of real es
tate as much so as possible. The asses
sors have completed their work, which
will cost the county about;$l,200. In
most of the townships the Valuation of
real estate is (somewhat advanced, but
riot enough to make much difference in
the amount of tax derived from the
same. Yesterday about 1 o'clock, p. in.,
the alarm, of fire was- souuded. It was
discovered that tho depot was on tire.
Men aud boys rushed pcllaUiell to the
scene, j All business was sujkoded and
thereWas a general rush to the depot.
The depot buildiugs were all destroyed
except the uew passenger depot which was
saved, i Spontaneous conbustion is sup
posed to be the origin of he fire. The
greater part of the freight was paved.
July 9th, 1891. J;VY Ce Tk.
j Just Kcccivcd j
A fresh lot of Robt. Buist, Jr.," celebra
ted Tufnip Seed at Edwin Cutbrell's
Drug Store, nest door to Davis & Wiley
Bank, i . ' - . I
Chlldf-jn Crx for Pitcher's n-storia.
Tho Cilizen3 Indigaant on Account of
Malieions Report ii
?r. Editor:- Will you kindly grant us
spaed in your paper m order that wemav
correct some false aniFdamasrina reoorts
that 4e being freely and maliciously cir
culated !!i oursistvi towuto the detri
ment of the material prosperity ot our
place. These reports are so base and
absurd that we at first defirued tliem un
worthy of consideration, hoping aint be
lieving that no intelligent person would
dare say aught that would be detrimental
to our village without even a hooe of
our part unjust to ourselves and discour
teous" to those outside of our county who
have contributed so liberally of their
energies and means to the advancement
of our town.
First, It is reported that the town of
.Norwood is su located that it is pecu
Marly subjected to the ravages of that
fatal! malady, typhoid fever; and that
largo numbers of our citizens have fallen
victims to this disease
"Now, Mr. Editor, the facts in this case
are vouched for by two iiitelliirentyand
and reliable physicians whose names ar-
pear ac me ciosc or nns letter. Seven.
L ini n
years ago iui our village was
scourged with typhoid fever, from which
several deaths occurred: since that time.
to our knowledge, there his been but one
casej of typhoid fever m the town of
The iirst case which occurred in our
town in that vear (lb84) was distinctly
I t ml
pronounced by the attending physicians
to hitve been contracted horn bedclothes
which were used immediately after be
ing brought from Wadesboro, where thev
had just been used in several fatal cases
of typhoid fever. And every subsequent
coscwuicn oecurrea was direct Jy trace
aoie to visits paid oy neixnoors ana
friends who were so charitable astootfer
their services as nurses. When the phj'
sicians ascertained that it was contagious
and the proper disinfectants and pre
cautions useu,not anotucr ease occurred
The most arduous efforts of our best
pnysicians nave lauea to aiscover any
local cause in our community which
might breed the germs of typhoid fever,
ihc natural drainage ot cur county is
perlect; our water unsurpassed; and our
health record can be judged from the
fact that not a single grave was dug in our
cemeterv (which is used for the whole
surrpunding country) from November,
18S3L to March, 18!X
Second. It is currently reported that
many of our most extensive farmerifown
stores or commissaries and compeL their
laborers to purchase their supplies fromj
thern. the report is as lalse as it is
foolish;. for till intelligent men are well
aware that in the present time neither
iabojr nor trade can be controlled in this
way!. Such reports bear fallacy upon
their face and need no further comment.
(Signed), Pit. J. M. Duxlap,
lUt.V. A. Whitley,
II. C. TruxER,
i (. T. Dun lai,
M. E. Blalock,
11. L. Smith,
; D. N. Bennett.
H I ' Il I ifK"
Deaths X Fencs Bond Remedy for Tc
, baeco Wenus Other Xotes.
Comts. ntvlfiiee o: tiie V'
i r
Mr-:. Mollic Albca, of this community,
who' has been sick fome time with con
sumption, died last Wednesday morning
at the age of ab&ut '0 years. She leaves
a Udsbaud, one child, and a great many
friends to mourn their los.. She was a
member cf the M. E. chuich, South, a
goud, kind woman and was loved by all
who knew her.
On the same day August us Nicholson,
aged about 00 jtars, a highly respected
colojred man of Turnersburg township,
fell dead without a moment's warning.
Tins makes three deaths of that kind in
this Section in the hist few weeks. It re
minds us of the passage of Scripture, "Iu
sueli an hour as ye think not the Son of
man cometh."
'Squire Kennedy, of E iglo Mills
township, had a peculiar case before him
yesterday. It was that of a woman
against whom a peace warrant had been
taken out by her husband. It is gener
ally the other way but this time the
order was reversed. She got mad at him
and; the children, cut his wagon harness
up, cut all the epoke3 out of one of his
wagou wheels, tore her shoes in pieces,
prepared pine to set his tobacco barn ou
fire,! had a tire built in the yard with her
oldest daughters clothing laying around
it, yhich she threatened to burn in case
such and such a thing was done, and to
capithe climax she threatened to split the
last one of them open with an ax if they
did not let her alone. Of course she had
to put under a peace bond, and it 13
probable that she will go to jail for six
At the last meeting of tho Houston
ville Alliance the see ret a ry was ordered
to buy enough cobalt to supply the Alli
ance members and the community for
try iing the experiment of poisoning the
tobacco fly. We have heard of one man
wild uses it effectually, and decided to
give the suggestion to your readers that
they may profit thereby. Some mix it
with sweet milk or honey and put it in
artificial flowers over the field. Since the
fly sucks the jinipson blossom it looks
likei an artificial flower resembling it
would entice the fly. They are t he worst
we have ever known them at the season
of t2ie vear. If any of the readers have
a sujggestiou to make we will be glad to
hear it.
Harrah for the railroad, and success to
ouribest paper aud all its readers,
ltarmoiiy, N. C, June 3. T.
Died, near Miller, N. C, April 1st,
Tim A. Kellv. He was sick for a
shoH time but wus growing better.
While eating dinner he fell forward on
the Itable and exclaimed, "Lord help us,"
whiich were his last words.
Brother Kelly was a member of Pleas
ant Grove Alliance, and did all possible
former upbuilding. He was the first
chaplain of his own lodge, also the first
of Iredell county Alliance. He was a
member of the M. i.. church, at Mclven
dry's chapel lor nearly forty years.
Ain'l is he gone forever gone,
And is his earthly journey o'er;
Sjiall vcars and ages still roll on
" And we Lear his voice no more?
Hb was a Christian spirit, too,
'Twas always culm, 'twas always kind.
I fiever knewfa heart more true
A nobler heart, a purer mind.
Ajid now when at this dreary hour
I I'm dreaming of that spirit tied,
Ekch star, each breeze, each blooming flower,
Seems wliis'K-rir.gtortu, tie u'1-
L,nncl Sale.
lWt'M desirinir to huv 155 acres of good
farm land will do well to attend the sale
at the Court House door at Vi o'cjock ou
Sutbiday, Julylith, lb'Jl.
auuiipi; to lus own town, uut these re
ports have come ?o thick and from tueh
sources that we deem further silence on
Kininsr Hews Gathered ia Thi3 and
Otiier States.
'-Mint 25 Is a safe M.sUk if parew-d with ihe
same care and la Instry as inercaa3.ii-tu-r, baiiKlPtr.
?t!'er pSltltt!a'- Pu'-sUlt- H Uaiboacreato
ot soll i weanl It !9 cla!mfl that tbe nmaf. oa
Efi".tnV Per arccl,a- Tne mint, ot Uie prectaas
metnlsclotf! not excharf??; be creates. What fee
Z 4 ' i " uasiosi an i au.1 1 n t rinslc value.
atldca to tbe wealtli ot t ile w oiM."
N. C. GoUl ami Gems.
Sf. Louis, July 1, 1891
f C" T .
jjfur j?ir: nas mere ever bpnn nnv
large piece- of gold or any pern stoned
found in orth Carolina? If so, has
there ever been any found in McDowell
county? Do you know anythine about
the nrone.rtv of tho Xrvvtli t'n
Mining and Bullion Company in the
above county?
1 enclose stamp for re-
J. B. Thomas.
To Casolixa Watchman,
Salisbury, N.C. .
The above
is quite verdant and re-
freshing and for the benefit of others who
m , .. . , , .
may not know anything about the mm-
eral resources of our State -we will
answer it through our columns.
la the first place, be it known that
every known mineral and gem stone is
found in North Carolina, and ono gem
stone (Hiddenite) is fouud ozty in this
Many large pieces of gold have been
foil ml llOl'O tliA Urcricf rf whr tliafa ia I
any autneniic account- being a piece
weighing twenty-eight pounds, found iW
Cabarrus county, although it is said that
a much larger piece was found ii-Stanly
and cut up and divided among tlWminers
who discovered it. Knrse nugzets. are
constantly being found and hardly a
week passes but some State paper men
tions the finding of a piece worth from
one hundred to five hundred dollars.
McDowell has a good reputation as a
mineral county. Many fine gem stones
have been found there, among them
being diamonds, rubies, sapphires, em
eralds, hyacinths,, garnets, topaz ame-
miysts, &c, &c. The.-;c have nearly all
been fouud by accident, nothing like a
systematic search ever having been made
for them. Thousands of dollars worth of
gold has been taken out of the creeks and
water courses in that county, and we
have m the hies of the Watchman of
1SS7, au account of over seven pounds of
pure gold being blown out at one blast
in Muddy Creek Valley, which seems to
be about the centre of that district.
We know nothing about the property
of the North Carolina Gold Mining and
Bullion Company. Several large north
ern companies own valuable properties
in that part of ihc State.
a beautiful gem.
A gentleman living in New England,
but a -North Carolinian by birth, writes
to the Scotland Neck Democrat that as he
was going through oue of the principal
streets of Providence, R. I., he was at
tractcd by a collection of gems
in. a show window of a large jewelry
establishment, and says: "In the centre
of the table was the chief attraction to
me. It was a huge crystal of emerald
about 1 inches thick and 3 inches long,
weighing eight ounces and of a rich
green color. uy tne side ot tins lay
eleven diamonds and other cut gems
about the size of a pea and very brilliant.
A card on the table said they were found
in Alexander county, N. C."
The emerald spoken of above was
found by Professor Hidden a few years
ago, and is the largest and finest in the
world, save one. Tho largest is owned
by the Duke of Devonshire, and is a
South American stone.
From Henrietta M ills.
Correspondence ot the Watchman.
The celebration of the 4th at this place
was a grand success, peecnes were
made bv M. H. Justice, Esq., Rev. Mr.
Abernathy and Col. Thos. B. Long, a na
tive of Salisbury. All of the addresses
were admirable and were well received
by about 2,500 of our citizens. Colonel
Long's was an Alliance speech aud wasi
docidedly the best of the kind that has
been made in Western .North Carolina.
We have a nice, quiet, jnanufactunng
town, with 700 inhabitants and will be
increased double by the 1st of January.
The new mill has been commenced and
will be completed by that time.
No whiskey in our town or county ac
cording to law. Souaoteitbe.
Johv A. McCabald.
Henrietta, July 6th, 1891.
Salisbury Produce Market.
Corrected weekly by D. K. Jclus 4: Co.
Drj' Hides,
Green ;
White bear.s,
Mixed "
Irish potatoes,
Sweet "
Flour. 2.5O03.OO
Absolutely Pure.
A rream of tnrtar baking powder.
Highest of all ia leavening strength.
Latest XL S. Government Food Keport.
T-n energetic vounsr men or ladies.
- o -
Jer month.
Send stamp for rely..
11G Fayette ville St.,
Raleigh, N. C.
(tR, A NIT I lto-wan County Grai-
Ue Millstone Quarries, Tools, Ac., cf E. K. PnllUp a
estate I v ill coniicue to manufacture millstones,
mill-snl miles and ortahte mills for grinding com
andwnat. iorretr'udnce KIU:lted. Acidress,
3ily i S J..T.WY.V1T.
i i Fdvu, UoTvaa .o., 2. r..
'111 1
For the Largest and Hand
somest Assoitment of .
We have an elegnnt stock of fine DRESS GOODS In white, blacfcl and colors
We have a bier assortment nf Shrill
per JRra
Btir lots of all kind nfRKii4a HAllnva
right prices. CarpeU, Rugs and Mattins
elegant assortment of hand-sewed Shoes,
of buoes, and lots of them, at rock bottom
r V i i.'t. AU,ki?da or Molasses; 10 different kinds of
Coffee; G different kinds of the best of Teas. Potatoes. Cabbage. Beans Peas
Fruits, Grits, Meal, Bran and Cottonseed Meal at RokM InecK
prices to wholesale buyers. - , -. -
Oub Motto : M Best goods for least money? .
Yours to Serve, - ' : ,
Salesmen -tW. W. Tavlor. J. A. Neelv. H. A. rWnkttlL R-lVn
Sullivan, C. F. Merooej, T. B.'Beall, W. Clarence Kluttz and Warren.
This Space will be obcu.
pied by !
Dealers In
' !' ' " -.,. '
Constantly on hand from
All the leading makes.
In great
Don't fail
buying. It
off and make
work more pleasant and easy.
II ' i-
n.T Tt. a r rf Aftfivn
tbe best aud prettiest ever offered. An
They will not burn Vour feet. All kinds
Fresh Qarden Seeds at rc--duced
G imwand G rassSeeda a t
the lowest prices atEnniss Drug
Be sure and calJ,for3 bottle
of 3 Cures. It has never failed
to cure Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
and Sick Headache. I can givo
you first-class references in Sal
isbury to prove its merits. For
sale by .
Don't wait till you get siek to get a
bottle of Enniss' Diarrhoea Specific, but
come and have it ready. It will save you,
a doctor bill and probably your life. It
is speedy cure for Diarrhoea, Flux, Sum
mer and Bowel complaints. It never
fails to cure ii taken in time.
fe!2tf " - -
to see bur stock
will cool

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