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A Horpe Newspaper Published in the 'Interest of ' tnb People and for !,Honesty in Governmental Affairs.
NOL. III.,--. NO.Jt.
SALISBUrV, N (Xt .WEPNESDAy . cpEBRflARYJ27Tt l&07 !
5 f ,i
Wjyr. Stewart, Editjor. ,
! !
Frlin'ls Sarprted by a S cret Marriage.
Officials Visit Salisbry.'. -
tttYll Landmark, February 23d
ii A seoret marriage htft'Wll tur
prue many friends of the bn3e
fktida groom, as inadw -kaowu to
Statesville people TnedaT-night.
Daring ' the Chritm& - boiidayg
Frank iA.; Hampt;n; -ha Prix
Manic : Cuflpaby t jof 'StateiTille
andiMua Laola Moor, a popular
and attractive yoahg woman, who
it known to many Suteiyille peo--plej
were married in Charlotte.
Mra J; Hampton i"a- daughter 'of
the, ilate Mr. and Mra. A -Moore,
ojf FayettevilleShe ia an expert
tenographer -and : some monthi
ago I afjent tome time in States
ile the offices of G
E. French and'E. Q Gilmer. At
the time of the marriage she held
a position wHh Pharr & Bell, at
torneys of Charlotte, and she con
tinued with the firm until Tuis
day, ; when she anti-Mr, Hampton
came to Statesville.
ii 'A , ' '- .-' " ; - r . .---!
.'.J " '. .-' "' "
fH.:i Ar Y.oant, a. prominent and
well known business man of t&
place, secretary -and treasarer of
the Blpomfield Manufacth r i n g
Company, and t Miss M. M. Alex
ander, of Alexander county, were
married; Sunday afternoon at ih
home 6f Adolphus McLella n'd,
near Stony Point, ReT, W. d
Brown officiating.
Major R. Ii. Flanigau aud Chief
of Police Connor, members of the
fire ppmpanyt went to Salisbury
Tuesday to inspect the new nose
wagon that! is being made for "the
Statesrille firemen. The wasron
is strictJy uprto:date and perfect
ly satisfactory. Mrs. Connor ao
oompanied ,Mr. Connor to Salis
bury j - '.r- -
H I - i . -
' : !a. Holler, who left States
ville for San Francisco . a month
ago, fexpecting toiwork therefor
Awhile', has returned home. Mr.
Holler stayed in San Francisco
aout a week aufl he .. says,-it rain
all the time he was there. He
pent most iof. the time" while ab
sent in points in L uieiana: -
Mrs.- W . Mr Nicbol son waf ppin-
j hurt , Wednesday by failing
from the porch at her home on
Kelly street, to the cement walk
in her yard- Hr arm was badly
bruised but jury is not con
siaered serioos. v f :- - -
iWlat ipfvm Is Wwtb;
A new valuation on thevlife of
a ten-year-old'boy wasmade by a
I jury in the Snprem Conn ye8te?
day before Justice Fordi in which
Mary; cNetelsky,: was i awaiedfS
958.8ftiior the kiliing; of her son
Harry.; The boy was run oyer by
a wagon owned by the Huda n
Coal Company,' "of New Jersey, ju
January 19th. 1904- Verdicts it?
similar cases haye teen run trV n
$1 to $i6;obo: : - -i
charging the ' ju ry Just ice
admonished- them- that if
they found a verdict for the moth
er they, could award only sucb
.sum at the boy's service would b
tot herup to the time of his ma-
jority The jury took. 15 minutes
to consider- it s verdict and then
awarded: Mrs Netelsky $3,958.83.
New ark .World. :
! I Thmostpopal ar remedy it
Otsego county i and ihe best friend
of! my:, Jfajriiiyi" writes Wm.! M.
Dietz, ditQr and publisher of the.
YJ, fisvDr)Kiiig'8 New Discovery'.
It has' proved to' be ; an infallible
cure for poughs and colds, making
short -work of the worst of them.
We; always keep . a bottle in J the
house."' I twlievi it to be the most
ralnable prescription, known .for
Lung and Tatoat diseases," 'Guar-
VP antwd-to 'heyer. disappoint : the
0o an-t 1 JX).: Trial bottle free;
llrood b uggy riree!
The .Watchman's
Will Continue
If you Want CGoQd Buggy Bon't FaU to 0et
The biggest And best- proposition in the way .ol a : voting
contest ever offered by The W atchm anII 9 6 Qr eit h ; ;set pjci
foot. The conditions are brief abd! the prize is great. ;.;-Npw
Is your opportunity, to get a splendid one-horse bii with
out the outlay of a dime on your part. Yoti want a good
buggy:: aud ; we ; .want- to -increase j "the circulation Ofjithe1
W AMCHMAN, hence we inaugurate the Toilowingingr voting
content.: For every cent; paid on ijibBcriribnotieTot-will-be
given, except subscriptions brought ?hi by -some rne:act
ing as an agent, in which case two votes for iBach -CQUt paid
will be .given. VptiLg. coupunB with; the number of yote&.to
which one . is entitled' theron will , be, issued etq ali,whp
make payments. These ' coupons must be deposited at the
ofiice of the Watchman to be counted and credited to the"
No oiie connected with the
per wilt be allowed to outer the contest, but all others now
subscribers are invited to , help in any manner . they. can.
Work for yourself or Lelp some one! else to get it. ' :' A " '
Council street. "These gentlemen will 4ake pleasure iu
showing it and giving, any information about it that may be
(Jesired.- Remember some one will! gnt it without ; fail. , If
youi want one Why ript make atf effort to get it? ; " ..
: sUBSCRimc prices. ,
During this contest we have decided to make , the most
liberal prices possible for full
as follows: v - ' r" -:
The Watchman single subscription, new or renewal . . ,
In clubs I6f. Two or moreTTyear,
Those who enter the contest
will Jbe guided by the above,
inlormation we will be glad to
subscriptions for less than
$1.00. . - ' - : " ' .-:
Any one who sends us' five .subscriptions and $2,50, will
be given one year's subscription
Any-one sending urten subscriptions and .$5.t)0r wjirbe
given a copy.
7.T-WtAi!r.ill-rcdnjiinia8 it as with- whateverrim
brovement we TOayDje ableTItbmakie upon it It ' askst the
support of all good people and
patronage. - ; :7":-r . " -' - ,
Subscriber have the priv.ilege of: selectipo; their own can
itidates. - New ndi&ate&.mabe'ro ariyr'time
Votes for: whom'yott wish and often as possible. rThe can
didate. who gets the most votes
x uo ui est iu mo ueiu geuemiiy -.uuiuh a t gyyu cuauce
wiu, so if you are going to make'an effort for ? the. ,,bqggy, a
word to the wise is sufficient. Any other information: fur
rushed upoii request. Send all jnOpey; andr mmuhicauons
, Wm.! H. Stewart, : ? 7
"Cauiifi's Oldest j UiBuMl
Tjmothy - CoUinsv ji g e d 111
years, died at Montreal yesterday.
He wa txrn near Cork, JIreland,
in 1795. living in the ' reigns of
fiver sovereigns, G e o r g HI,
George IY,Uliam,y, Victorj!
born: J Washington wag president
of the United States! He lived
in NewiYjrtCity sfeveral Jrears
marry iiyg-" there 'M iafa- B Voir ri 1 3of
Queen's ' county, Ireland Later
he', moved ' o Montreal;- and wens
into business there "-Ottawa dis
patch to New York Sun. 7::
Auytone in need pf a first-olats
bugg" wil 1 do wellto read; , over
lottj? HUggj proposition on tnispage,
Latest aritf Biggest
Now ;on.
till June ist
Watchman force in any an4
We havent a suitable' cut
0f the baggy . which some
lucky person, will receive at
the expiration oOhig cbngsl, j
uut in a gttuei-ai wjay vo can
say4hat it - is A No. 12 Dlai
mond buggy madeby'theDuV
,rautI3ort Carriage Cof-Ttga
of the open sidebar type and,
one of the. best makes on the
market, substantial and first
class in every particular.2 ' It?4
can: be seen by calling at the
; Barber JBuggy ahd Wagon
Co.8 place of business, on
year subscriptions. : They: are:
.Vr ., -
new ox renewal, each. .50c
for the'maih prize, the buggy,'
but should they want other
furnish them With same.
one year : Will be at the rate of
. ' " '
f reel ; f ' 1! !i ; !
A ;i
will; endeavor, to merit their
will be awarded the prize.. '
Salisbury; NjC '
Tka 6eerc1iJSiiIs for Nswport. ,
Bottonv Febil.-rTheu battle
ship ; Georgia tailed froia ritti
Newport, R. 'Ii, - where the will
take : aboard 800 aairort and ap
prj9ntioea:-'Ar;Trproeediiijg' to
York ; for ammnnitioni and
to Savanuah -;tdr exhibition pikr
poitsi :the Gtprgiail Ijmn Ad
miral Evan't , ,flet inl Cuban
waters. - . -
It a - the ; highest standard of
Quality; a natural tonic,' cleanses
yourrtystem; reddens the eHeekSj f
all you: .eafc Hoi lister 'Itocky
oriK'iteuH iqo evJHB. eives navr-r to
yo.u- 5 cents, Tea or Tablets :
ffl W.IJrinies Driiff Col '1 v
V. ;tB sinjrti fpiifti;5"-
: J. r. Triece, of Glassy came in
Jast Saturjdyaiuf ha with-him a"
lemon that taxes the cate It was
of 4 hit:' -own raising." Vnaweiglied
2f pouiiclsT It " wat "IB inches -in
inches thVdtheT Mr J Tncce sayt
h. 3htsiIemore" Of he' tame kih
fob the ct'-hk home.1 ah
20"6n m The eghr pf
the lrimnwin?rage
Ws note, that: Cannopplisthe
narae ot theie twjuU abpye
t wi Ik but, think, pi t,h g f or-
tnawou jofjyiepra?ij nit. a, com-
pu5atiprjt rof 3betwQrwprds, ChU?.
nob: andPolifi the latter meanr
ipg a citthe.4tvil f n in Can
jn0a4tVopitik making, J.he
correct spelling Oaunopolis.
:rl t0 WZiT W
terday f orV IloJbart , Qkla.homjt,
where ,he spent. : several, months
latt year. He. came bapk to Con-r
cord the las t part of nth immejr.
n accpqniVof . fhi- other'.sill
nets. " Mr- Johnston yfeBSjQklaho
ma and, .ill r protbaMy nmjun
there. . r.r-. . . . ...... ;
y J; WCannonji pretidedtT oflthe
Gibson Manufacturing Co;,gsve ,
tiuppero at the - St. ' Cloud-Kor-
mandy lask Situriday bigh. boi ihvi
manatrers and oversers , p t the J
.'nk Crrigan, of No. 8 town
ship, died on Wednesday mc rn-
jtig of last week,: hit deathrjfeerug
tbe result, of old age. , Mr.. Cairi.
gan was the oldest citizen of No.
3 township', and pes of tne oldest
in the county.
February SSnd.
There were two marriages. T at
Chiua" Grove latt Sun.d&y. f he
first: was that o' Miss Itowena Mc
Laui hlin andBlbert Deal. r Tfait
took place at thtf partonage Jof the
Eefqrmed " chtirch. The second
was at the home of Mr. (and Mrs,
Henry, Sechlet; w hen Miss Carrie
Shaping became the bride of He.
ry Corriher. Bth ceremcnies
were .; performed by "ReT. J, X.
Bowers.- - :u :
On last Satnrdiy afternoou it
was announced that the post flics
department had selected ths Foard
property - on : South siUnibn "street
for ;the lite of the new govtrii
ment building to ;be erected here,
The1purichajaetlpritfeit $10pU0rj and
foithis.; amount of rjtovn. imfvrove
men tat art.j tq gfai madefon, the, ot.
A t treet wil), be opened up pa-pne
side leading from JIujon to dpring
street ,: v ; .
Mrs. P. A. Smith died Satur
day at. the-home. of her son, amv
el Beaver, at the, BuffaloMtll,
aged 3yeart. 1 -- r
One of our citizens who occa
sionally -to ips the dishes for his
wife,fbecame tired of the job and
refused, saying that it- riot a
maii't work." NoV'feeiiiig'idis
possd toilose his help she; brought
the Bible out to eonvine him of.
his error, and read at follows from
IT Eibgs 21-18 .'Aud wipe Je
rusalem as li man wipett a dish;
wipingL it-in;tnrhiugit upside
down; . Itris needless " to say he
' . ' a a.
is stiitaoing ais occasional stout
C, G. Hays, a prominent
bushiest man of Bluff, Mo , that
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.) it r the
quickesandi surest healing sal v&
Lwound. or to a case of piles Pve
wvt r - idduhi wj & buitb. uum .ui
U3QU I BUU. &UU W : WHB iW I A -
ing5 abjout." Guaranteed r". by ail
ALBA8L iso ,staSly;county.
Will Erect j Brick .Budding r . Atiwp??
" . Assault elffo filrls.
f ttaaly Xnterprtf e. FJruarx aoh. .
tT. So' toon: as the office piw occu
pied by tho AUemarfe Index jai;
be"? "cleared, -f the.-'Efiterprise fwill
move into it. Mr Sanders has re:
ted the Marks building, adjidnir.ff
cxmrt ; house fqua re and w i 1 1 coi
duct bis law nd printing . c mce
inhat bdildiug. We have closed
a contract with L. A. Moody for
thereetiou of our'3iW b-ttor
brick bailding7wioliwill-4cotipy'
the same location tts our present
office"- It becomes - necessary t tt?
tear the old, building away,-aDd .
this work will begin: in a-fewrdays
Tha- new ? building-wi ill 0 coyer, ; a,
apace of oftQyeraUn r;
A negro, supposed to bMann
el Patterson, i attem pted ... to com-
it. a criminal assault on two.
young daughters of W. Hf Byrd,"
of Lilesville on Saturday, but
laueu i ne, negro escapea., . ine
adthoritift arrested negro0 af
Albemarle on . Monday and an
other at Whitney, bul neither
proved to-be the right man. There:
is J considerable "excitemVu t at
Ijilesville over the affair" knda
large, posie hat beeiv in pursnit.
. I
We are glad to note that the
. t
condition of Mrs. Juncan IMorris"
is ' greatly improyedri She ' ia 'ih
the tan i torium at Sai isbury I cllrv
morris .was rprettritea w,m P?'
ftggregating nearly 5Q, fjonL tbej
ibeal Woodmen .jpiL; the Wrldand
the Pythian lodges,. owhich he
is-aTmember. - The two orders act-
ed nobly in a worthy cause- nd
out. ai orris is aeepiy : gratetu i-1 or
their; kindness te hiin.iV 5
1 he r cond ition of Esq. X W
ostian 1 as been very . alarming
for-, several days.. Inflammation
nss,r the. heart, added to a severe
qase. of gri ppe w ith w bib h' he has
been i sufTering,' calU "forth great
est fears from his friends. Hi-
a, J. R.. Boetian , uow ... in thn
wett,it expected to arrive possibly
today, and unless there is a chahgp
fott-the better the . entire familv
wilhbe assembled
"Uncle Jack" Harrington, of
the vicinity 4 miles, west of Albe
marle, is in a-sa.d mental condi
tion; and is being held ai, onr
county jail for safe' rtntioni It
will" be tP happy day for th4 State
when, it s can promptly cafWor
Sttch juniortuiiOte persons.
"Beginniijg with Monday of this
week the mail service oh the Yad-
din train . has been greatly im
preved the mail clerk' being pi ao
d rXJaptaiii i Ffasier's train,
pouch mail to be carried ori Cap-
taitt Patterson's It is timply a
reyeraal of the previous .r arrange
ment.', , . -. -v . ,:
' B. A. Foreman hat been quar
antined at his fnme for several
days On account of what teemt to
be a mild form of mall pox. No
fers are en tsr taiued that the dis
ease will spread.
A PafUc PosltllQ.
Tke British Embassy at Wah-
ington : is ne w the best paid post
iff the :Britisb diplomatic Service,'
the salary of the ambassador hav
ing b$eii raised," with' the"appoint
meat : of JamesBryce, to, f5Q,(X)Q
periyrt Pris," wliieb urto thel
presents had ; ben considered the
I best post in the service, pays only
. The right thing io do when you
feelbilioui it to take a dose of
fcChamberlain's Stomach aid Lby&f
Tablets. They will cleanse' th
stomach and regulate the 'livt-r
an ' bowels: Try It. 2&
cents I Sam pies .: free" at "Jamei
Plummer,:.Salifcburyfand aSp"en-
1 ee'r Pharmacy, Speuotr, RC? 'D.
Uiinor FtsRTr to get Tban Ei er.- Petition
?sr ajuispensary. -;
' Lexington Dl8path. Fetrury 0th. V '" '
: After a lull which "followed tlie
tiret agitation for a dispensar K
Htterett last week was revived and'
( -he- matter is DOTa subject for
vry gathering, ill there be a
Jjspensary, it asked on every side. .
The two. petitions for and against
an election ' ta decide the matter,
will be Sent, to Raleigh this week,
we nnderstaDd, and turn elf over
to- our repreaentative for .onsid- , ."
e1io"''-2lt'l-"it thought lh at vie-: r
tbry wil I" be to the side that shows J
;the majority of tho qualified .yo- "
tore.1 v.." .". y. -.-----.-
' Thf Danville liquor corder busi-w-UC'SSi
- to use a hackneyed . express
sion, is growiug -Mby .. JeAptnd .
boui'ds'v If the7.e:-rhaX.bwnany.,i'.....
chan ge in the situation; at d a! 1 ,: it ;
is easier how to get liquor than .
ever . It " is proposed to pi ace a
prohibitive : tax on i the 1 business- " f?
nd this has been a live subject of
latreet discufsion, but " opinion is ;
divided. It is not certain .that
ftfbh a thing can be can be dpne.-' :;d.
The alderinen will consider it, we "
ulDderttahd.:'' :
' Lexington ought to ; haye more -
f it m t mi . i
oi tne last trains, mey can ne
secured easily enough if our folks
twill demand-them .. Ab mention-
- - t 1 ! .
ed" - before there are towns .cone- - r-;
fifth the size'of Lexington' that get
trains that do ntt stop here, not
even hesi tie; ' Dnown:, espegUe
ally, is cal-ed to mind that is not
in ! Lexington's class at , that
hap, had both 83 - and 37,added to
the trains that stop therew f -
The mayor-e docket Mohda
morning was unusually heavy..
For ' some weeks past there :,rhas'. .
been nothing doing in. police cir--cles,
but there were a dozen Teases' d
this. week. Danville- liquor must: ;
be t stronger than the Salisbury J
brand; and: the morally stunted
didn't know i;he difference until
too; late. ' . : . ,
Monday morning a . barn-of Ed.
Green '8 was burned, causing con- ;
9iderable loss. The corn crib, d'
with the corn," was saved by turn
iug the crib over. The fire was ,
caused by one of the. children. and
a match. . :, - i ' -k i " d
rA- E. Sheets says the town block
M hftre ready to be placed iu the
isarnTt huseowrBwm
f actureft .TTsWd anlanere
tnit week to put it up -
It is Now is Full? Blast jod Opens With
f Brigbt Prospetts. : "
The voting contest now being'
conducted by the' Watchman
seems destined to eclipse all form
er rec rds. Well it may, a first- y
class buggv, as we intend to give;
to the lucky individual who. se- ;
cures i he most votes, is not to be '
picked up. without cost at any bid; ;.
time. This buggy will be one of ;
the best that money can buy and'
is- nice enough and strong enough
fur ; any use and those who will .
make an eifott to get it should-begin
! to gather in subscribe rs and
votes wiihout delay, Thaa who -have
thus far; been v voted for are
as follows:
Revt H. A. Trexler, Man--
Ai' fEroess Mille', cityi ': -
"No. :5, . .1; , .,, 200 r
Wm. M. h Feppurman. '.
city, No 8.,. ... .
Rev N. D. Bpdie, cityNoT
T. y. Watkina, city, No. lt.
John C. r -Good man, Cres-
, ;;cen t , ...'. ;v;;,v.:;-;'. . . . i
175 d
? v v!-
JL C. HolshouBer; j cityin d
-Ialenir thej'race is t;ot al-.;
: ways to the twii t nor.tbe strong
uVto bim who gets the most votes
Wi II the prpj e ,Ibe gryenT
f . V
iv i
' S 3!;
. ' x i -:
) f
i !
- t
'd wf-?' ' ' I d"7r-7k-
M.1 ..

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