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Fires Cause Damage to Farmers.
11 Mati ng Put to Death.
Concord Times Oct. 26th.
G. N. Tucker, who has been in
Cabarrus and Rowan for about six
weeks visiting relatives and
friends, left today for his home at
Ashfork, Arizona, where he has a
railroad position.
Nelson F. White and Miss Ra
chel Query . were married last
Thursday evening at the home of
the bride's father, R. W. Query
on West Depot street. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. C.
W. Ervin. ' ,
The barn belonging to Milas Sa-
frit, of No. 6 township, was burn
ec to the ground last Friday night
about dark, the fire being caused
hv liffhtnine. All the feedstuff
j 0 j
contained in the barn was de
stroyed, but the stock was gotten
out in safety. There was no in
surance, and Mr. Safrit has the
sympathy of his neighbors and
friends in his loss.
A dog belonging to James Walt
hall was shot and killed in front
of Worth Piopst's Sunday after
noon. The dog had several fits in
the road aud Mr. Propst tele
phoned the fact to police head
quarters. He was advised to shoot
the dog, which was doue. Mr.
Propst had every reason to believe
that the dog was mad.
W. N. Suther, of No. 5 town
ship, showed us yesterday cue of
a second crop of pears, which was
about the size of a guinea egg. The
first crop ended the last of Au
gust, and there were several of the
second crop.
The members of the Junior Or-
Was the One Made In Salisbury Last
Week by f 'Governor" Kitchin.
.The rain fell in torrents here
last Thursday morning and as a
result Governor Kitchin spoke in
the court house, instead of on the
court house lawn as was first m
inttnded. To speak accurately,
m- Trit.-tifti wrh not governor at
mi uw- w -- -
the time he spoke, but he is now
with the exception of being sworn
into office. In spite cf the weath
er the court room was filled to its
I utmost capacity and those who
were present and Democrats were
there from all parts of the coun
try heard a magnificent speech.
The speaker was introduced by
T. 0, Linn, Esq., in a brief, but
apt and appropriate speech. Mr.
Kitchin held the close attention of
his audience throughout and they
would have gladly listened to him
muchlonger. He is not only an
eloquent speaker, but he is sound,
logical and forceful as well and
his address made more than pass
ing impression. He made no
grand stand plays, no question
able bids for popular favor, but
reasoned with his audience coolly
and sanely as though he believed
whish he did that htf was
talking to intelligent men who
werecapable of grasping his
arguments in detail and form
ing conclusions from them. Mr.
Kitchin made no appeal to pas
sion or prejudice, but spoke of
the issues panding before the peo
pie as business matters
Threatened Suit Between Physicians. To
bacco Business Booming. 1
8tateBTlUe Landmark. Oct. 27th.
Probably the finest chrysanthe
mums grown in StateBville this
year can be seen on the front pi
azza of the residence of Mrs. V.
B. Moore, on .Bell street, next to
the graded school. The flowers
are much admired by those who
haxe seen them.
The tobacco growers are learn
ing that Statesville is a good mar-
Jainp Qtt Moving Trail and -Ee Groom Prospects for a SaMum. Citizen Loses
ELuPEfiQ! TO SRilf ,
6oes to a Hospitals
William L. R.iehiaonda young
man from CaS well county, lies in
a ward at St. Leo's? Hospital suf
fering from serious injuries re
ceived in jumping ffom a South
ern Railway train as it was enter
ing this city las night, ine
his Nome by Fire.
Stanly Enterprise, Oct. 89th.
Wonder why the Hon. Zeb B.
Sanders refused to sit and listen
to Mr. Oowle's speech in Albe
marle? Lockie Cogin went to Salisbury
about ten days ago and had an
More Members of Tennessee Night- Damage Done at Gin House. Calls Judsre
Riding Party Taken in. - TaffMr. Tariff."
Within one week from the time texinyton Dispatch, Oct. 28th.
tnejioiaiers or lennessee unaer The Lexington registration
personal direction of Gov. M. R. books show that 182 new voter8
Patterson spread their tents in
the-heart of the night-rider re-
L.A4-in Alono anA t Vl QXT OTA briH?
ing their product here! There were the train was entering, the city,
young man and hi Bwcetheart, 1 operation performed. Mr. Cogginj
Miss Mary Phuhps.i eloped from has been sick for about two years
and his many friends will be glad
to hear he is improving.
Upon the whole, little has been
f.hP Union Ridge section of Gas
well vesterdav and came to
Greensboro to be married.
gion, evidence of the most dam
aging nature against the murder
ers of Capt. Quentiu Rankin has
been unearthed.
. Frank Fernner last night con-
fARaad find lmnlicated ten or
twelve men now in custody. He Byerly Brothers,
registered. It is conceded that a
good majority of these are demo
Sunday night at Arnold some
unknown persons went to the gin
belonging to C. A, Koontz and
and cut a big
at the Planters' warehouse last porar muuuuw. urou.i
n;-M.hni m wftff0ns and this as the next stop, whereupon Mr.
morning about 50,000 pounds of Richmond and Miss Phillips left
leaf will be sold.
A threatened suit in which Dr.
L. V. Cl.oaninger, of Shiloh town
ship, is plaintiff, and Dr. E. M.
Yount, of Statesville, is defend
ant, is pending and notice of sum
mons has been issued. : The con-
troversy has been periaiDg ior
some months aDd a compromise is
being considered, so that the case
may not come to trial. Dr. Yount
formerly practiced medicine in
Shiloh township and wheu he
moved to StateBville he sold hiB
nr&nt'ee to Dr. Cloaninger, who
t w
was then located at Elmwood.
While the complaint, has not been
filed the trouble grows out of pro
fAssional visits made bvDr. Youut
to people in the territory which
Dr. Cloaninger alleges was inclu
ded in the sale of Dr. Yount's
which practice to him.
their seats and took teir position
on the car steps. As the train
besan to slacken itspeed. they
leaped into the darkness
violently to the grouhd.
Miss Phillips escaped with a
fQr oiitrht. bruises, but her nance
-.vs-v - - o
with a horse that
crave names and went into details, belt, worth $35, all to pieces, and
said by either party m the county Ferriner is carefully guarded in carried away 10 feet of it. Some
ujonthe prohibition question dur- &n Ferriner,s con. pag(jing the p&cQ &bout Q
lug tu prBuu f ; came affce- a lone
aTAminiitinn in Holonel Tatom's
L II x : i i- U . n 1 trnm ntn
strong proaiuiHuu, uu a Governor Patterson in per-
mav account for it. But there , m;i.ff t"l- had a white face and four white
H 1 HI 1 1 1 II IIHMIiIlil Inll lilin V lUUCDDi
'a fQn are a few good Democrats who are Governor expressed, himself to- feet. He drove backward and for-
auu. i .... a i - : . I I -t -i i , .
nursing umr xuxxj . , .: . nifiaBfid with what waras ana arouna, acting cunous-
I a"" o j r I , . , ii i-
has been brought out. 'y BO inai
K rati(int, tn- th uw QHr, Bnma mhtu ea to me outnt. .DiooanounuB
It will
. . I j e ir. nr r t . -i hi ;j n j t I were wanted but could not be se-
. w w iLiwiciTfonT ii r-u w r a iiii 111 hiiii rt-rri r rr r r rt a d u 1 ii uiiii " -
or. fnrtnnatf. nil ri P IT, 1 niouua ui 1? . . w 1 etiuuK oyiucuw, uo, -1 .
was uu" ou vi uw. . - --n 1 . , w . nnroH "ho nntrftcrAnns rlAflri IS
vw t-d lx w i 111 1 111 1 imi 11 1 iii 1 inai a m f.(ii 1 iriuii 1. w m w iii ii i.-iiii 1 di u il j i u
1U. 4L. II I -V -VW--u w w w - 1 cat t-M-L WUUUVU V w r
arm was broken near the Bhoulder
Qnd Ha was iniured about t
head. He was removed to St,
Leo's Hospital, where he was at
tended by Dr,..E. R, Michaux and
Dr. A. R. Wilson, the Southern
that both are much improved, and members of this marauding band shrouded m mystery. This sort
hopes are again entertained for and convict them." of valdalism was perpetrated m
their complete restoration to Besides Ferriner, four other men same section last spring, wlien
health. are guarded in separate tents to- "me venioies, narness ana a wire
.I , A mi. m ti fence were cut ud. Mere is need
The residence of J. W. Wood nign xuey uu.u, .hncr 5t flfifiTTia.
'. ' . ti.:-i-- , , TTornWV ftllpo-Ad '"to beone of the tor a snerm.
Railway's surgeons, at uib pio. burned to tne crounaon mursaay -i o . , . ,,.,1, aiar 1,0
the entire lnght'vita tne parens, only recently purchasea tne piace ""' "
who suffered greatly. His condi- from Wm. Stirewalt, and was ar- Springs, also alleged to be a cap- " .
tioD today is improved and the ranging to carry the indebtedness taine band; Will Watson, There's lots of fan in a cam-
physicians say he will be able to through the building and loan. capiu-eBtoiu, w .- vou u bui .B
leave the hospital m a few weeks. There was $400 insurance on the madmen m u .uuu.j - ftlJU ail lus, BUil)
hnildinir and 100 on the furni- whipping old man winn, anu xu por instance, one man, a rPuun-
O 1 1-. T 5 Tl,ri I
tn-A. Nnthin? was saved. rmion ana a man uiuu xv,. can.ays
A score 01 aOAitionai piisouera 18 going to do eieciea.
ThA vouuff man was delirious
- 1
through the night and laoorea
under tho hhllucinationthat he
should be calmly and deliberately J P. Baker was driving on Mul- uaa been assaulted by the father
p.onsidered. He is certainly a berry street, between Walnut aod 0f hii bride-to-be. He, insisted
stroug speaker. The gentleman Front streets, Friday morning tnat Mr Phillips had btruck him
sooke at Spencer at night to a when his horse dropped dead. J he oa fene head with a stick and beggea
good audience. A number of animal was valued about $50. ta0 physicians and nurses to keep
- 1 ' 1 . -. . 1 .
derU. A. M., ofiConcord, held a Salisburv people went out to hear It had given no previous indica- the supposed irate fatner away
memorial service for their deceased ana all were charmed. Our tion of illness and Lr. JasB, tne from him.
members last Sunday. They as- new governor has a most engaging veterinary, said that death was Miss Phillips refused to be sep-
sembled at their hall at 2 o clock personality, and when one comes due to apoplexy.
Messrs. W. C. Irwin, F. G.
"I hear that Mr. Tariff
He was
were brought iuYday! Most of innocent enough, and thought he
Goodman, and Geo. B. Sincox and thQm &re wantef8 witnesses, but wa8 pronouncing Taft's name. It
and marched to the cemetery, ;ntn riAraonal contact witn nim
where they decorated the graves ne ceaBeB to wonder at his person-
of the members who had passed ol nnnnlaritv throughout the
to the beyond. The ceremony was state.
a very impressive one. Here's to the next governor of
The store of Joyner & Long, at North Carolina.
Rocky Ridge, was destroyed by
fire about 11 o'clock last Saturday
night, with ail the contents. Mr.
Long was sleeping in the store,
and when he awoke the root was
falling in. He barely escaped
with his life. The buildi g and
stock of goods were totally con
Kentucky Victim Retaliates and Will try to
get Large Damages.
In an endeavor to establish his
nnntAntion that all persons con-
arated from her fiance and acoom-
J. L. Thompson, whose lllnesB pamea to me uupiuw, uo u.
aa r0fin0d in fcb last iasne of was giv n a room ior tne nigm.
The landmark, died Friday at The She cotjfided to Dr. Mbhauxthat
home of his son. P L. Thompson, it was her first trip on a train, but
at Woodleaf, Rowan county, aged Uhe was of the opinion that her
78. His -vife died a vear or so ago sweetheart naa once oeiuie ucm
la milwav naBsenger for a short
nnU. ilt) ID BUI V1VCU UJ iiiiuwjmuicii . i -
p T. Thomnsnn and Mrs. R. M. distance. Greensboro correspon
Mills, of Statesville. Mrs. Mills deuce Charlotte Observer.
went to Woodleaf laBt week to at
tend her father's bedside and Mr. & GOOD BURLESQUE.
Mills and the other members of
the family went Saturday to at- st. Louis Has Some Fun Over Republican
tend the funeral. The remains CamnaigP KeWS.
were buried at unity rresuywxwu Tho fnl,- ftnff from the Post-
daughter, of Salem.. 111., have
been looking over the field here
with a view to investing something
like a hundred thousand dollars
to establish a sanitorium for the
treatment of tuberculosis, general
diseases and surgery cases.
They have met with much en
couragement while here, and seem
to be favorably impressed.
The investment would mean
much to Albemarle and the entire
thrAA -who Vftre m wehended are
regarded as impoQjjU prisoners.
They are Fred Pinion, J. A. John
son and R. L. Knight. On the ar
rival at camp tonight of Maj. R.
TC. Martin and his detachment,
.1 1.
was correct, tnougn,
means tariff. -
for Taffe
A private letter from Monroe to
a LoxingtoD man says that Hod.
Zeb Vance Walser, in his recent
Bpeech there, declared the panic
bringing eight or ten prisoners, hadnt hH Lexington and that the
Governor Patterson conducted a
fnnrt nf innnirv in his tent, ex
J 4
amining singly those brought in
The total number of arrests, in
eluding today s round up is 00,
county, and it is to be hoped that ftnd of this number it is alleged
these men will meet with that en
oouragement which will induce
them to locate their institution
democratic young men were turn
ing to Taf t. It is hard to believe
I that Mr. Walser made such a
statement, but a preacher wrote
A remarkable, though not un
usual case of recuperation after
nected with the night-riders' as
sumed, and a dog which was in Lociation are reBpon8ible for rav
the store was burned to death. It made by any member of the church
ia not Known now ine nre origma- anizatlon Henrv Bennett to- Todd Caldwell, of the Troutman -Aadincr even if the campaign is
... .. 1 o - 1 o - -
ted, but it is thought that it was d filed a guit for $100,000 dam- community, will be tried before 0ver. It is a good jab at the ways
caused by a rat igniting a matcn. aeegi n the United States Circuit Son ire Williams, at Troutmau, nf the other side
0 - 1
Court. The plaintiff on February tomorrow on a serious charge "Hebron. Neb.. Oct. Mr.
Tragedy of a Kiss.
An Atchison romance :
not known her long, but as she I ton
that half belong to the night-
. V. - :-JL-a lone and severe illness is that of
men left today for Tiptonville to Frank L. Tysinger of this place,
take Ted Burton from the jail to He was seized with typhoid m
Union City. Rumors say that an t
He had effort may be made to lynch Bur- "
bAcans he confessed, but "'
not Known uer iuug, u v ohvsician discharged
. .... 1 Qkn.;ff tTohioq ftiinkR no snob ef- PnJBlcl,u uioou.6o
stood m the mooniignt a wnie ,., 7 .. tt.. was almost a skeleton
Hraso nnri n. b1n Rashaet off her tort is liKeiy.
ought he
1 , . j
knDf..Ana nrAttier oicture. returnea 10 camp uy,
him. He
and even
his friends thought he would die.
Tv: tU C C4- T.ntiifl i a vnrt.ll ... ... ... I 1 J : - J.nlimanf. of BoldiATR.
iibptu, ;.- figUre bo well that he thought he uauxUg ; 7 " w washed 105 pounds. His
1" L I n n . t r a I .1 A- r . n t n r ri tl 17 11(1 . n A
w r t. j:il nnrmal
AdthAnhAdidan awful thing: m charge James s u ,
. Mm - a i rr i ri u riiu I i r- vw (-t- iiaiiiiu.
he kissed her. ine innocent gin r T a . Uriahs 160.
i ii:nn mno i m m art i clt.a I v ornArea re-I " '
norror ana i utD riaa j
summer weignt is iy
Mr. and in winter, loU. Today ne
and does not look like
oV.oV from him in horror andl-Briuu was mimuuv . . , ,
-.. i - i DUiwua - i . - i nu iih.ii hvwk uscu a ijv - mamwm -vw
4th waa set upon and ternoiy a88auit with criminal intent, ine Bryan's quadrennial tour ot e- mftn realized that he leased, as it was clear tnaB a mis- .hoid thig summer.
A Decision of interest to Labor.
To facilitate a quick decision beaten with clubs and thorned 0Omplainant is Mrs. Brookshire, braska is the biggest fizzle in the bad Qone ToQ Far indeed as take had been made. Briceisnot
i,of-, tha rnfirl plAefion in the switches by a band of night-ri- wife 0f jame8 Brookshire, of the historv of the state. Yesterday I , .. n .rnvft t nollect only a prominent and law-abiding
WLVAW www. w w I - I " 1 fjlin IfCkLl UiUK B V w w I - .
contempt proceedings against aers. a ue bsuio wmo u Troutman community, wiuwwi nia train crew siruu. uu ii. herself sufficiently to express the citizen oi m wwu, uuu vuow.
President Gompers, Vice Presi- mery and tooacco iacwry auu um- and nig wlte spent rnday nignt at
dent John Mitchell and Secretarv large and valuable buildings the hom6 of Mr. and Mrs. Brook
MrrUnn. of t.hft American Feder- were destroyed by the night- Bhire and the offence is allegsd to
fhA riders. Mr. Bennett since then
AllAtrAd bovcatt. of the Buck Stove has been receiving letters, threat
and Range Company, of St. Lonis, eniug that he Would be killed by
counsel for the labor leaders to- night-riders.
day gave notice to the counsel for In the suit filed today he is pro-
the Buck St-ve Company that ceeding not only against the act-
they will adduce no further evi- ual persons who were present at
dence m behalf of themselves and
will submit the case on the evi
dence as already produced. They
submit to the court that they are
entitled to an immediate decision.
The case had been set for a fur
ther taking of testimony iu this
city rexjb Thursday before an ex
aminer, the thirty days first al
lowed and twenty days additional
allowad for the purpose of taking
th testimony expiring on Thurs
dav. Mr. Gcmpers and his aa
Hociata leaders are anxious that
the decision be reached and an
nounced. Washington dispatch
How Is Your Digestion.
Mrs. Marv Dowline. of No. 228
8th Ave.. San Francisco, recom
mends a remedy for stomach trou
ble. She says: ''Gratitude fo
.h wonderful effect of Electric
Bitters in a case of acute indiges
tion, prompts the testimonial. I
am fully convinced that for stom
ach and liver troubles Electric
Bitters is the best remedy on the
market today." This great tonic
and, alterative medicine - invigo
rates the system, purifies the
blood and is especially helpful in
all forms of female weakness
50c at all drug stores.
the time of the destruction of his
property and injury to himself.
but against a large number of oth-
j i
er persons, many oi wnom are
counted among the most promi
nent and prosperous citizens of
the western part of Kentucky, al-
eged that they were members of a
criminal conspiracy known as the
"Night-Riders' Organization," or
"Silent Brigade," and that they
participated in the meetings which
were held, throughout many couu-ties.
The contention of the plaintiff
is that all persons who are mem
bers of the night-riders' organiza
tion are bound by the acts of the
several night-riders, all being
alike responsible for the conduct
and actions of the others, done in
furtherance of the general object
of the conspiracy, which was to
force all independent raisers of
and handlers of dark tobacco to
place their
have occurred that night. Mrs.
Caldwell and Mrs. Brookshire are
sisterB. The trial promises to be
rather sensational. Caldwell was
arrested Saturday evening and
gave bond for his appearance tomorrow.
scorn surging in ut uuowxx uo ,
young man thought of tha beating western Tennessee.
u . a ua nflTf. dav from Colonel xatom sai
JJ. U1UBO ouuuio " J
Koofc tnnwn newsDaDer men
said the
Poisoned Preacher's Senant.
. j
in DAftth bv noison oi two servants
in the home of Rev. Carter Helm
arrest Jones. oaBtor of the Baptist
Found 'Possum in Mail Box.
Carrier Allen, on Route 2, of
Polkton, was much surprised one
dav last week when he opeued
mail box, looking for letters, and
found a big 'possum grinning at
him. Mr, Allen is not quife sure
whether the owner of the box was
using it for a 'possum cage or that
this is a new idea among patrons
for showing favors to their car
riers. Be that as it may, the 'pos
sum ras quickly dumped into a
mail sack and experienced not a
little mental anguish for several
'hours, fearing that he might be
starting on a long and r-ugh trip
byway of postal route. Mr. Alien
jtis grinning next day. Wades-
' o a "
bcro Ansonian.
. , i a e j : :
o go out on tne p-atiorm uisguis- anrffillir in her bosom the
i j : a? a. i - w
ed as farmers, ana seven qiumbub
station agents turned the hose on
I 11 H III II Hh HliU Ulu VUv UUAU 7 w ' I - I . . -
him. k-r-.u a K,tw. nd of of Brice was the result ot a mis- church here, has startec an inves
1 iiHr 1 m, iiiinx nuu v v i . i i . i
"He came into-Hebron from w ---nnnt s of th e fight that understanding of orders, as mucn tigation to determine wnetner
the north at 11 o'clock this morn- ;ould" arin the newspapers, his fault as anybody's. Editor poison was meant tor tne miniB
iug just ae the population went F ttnnAelv . he had hh hat in his Bricfa returned to his home at Troy ter by persons in Lynchburg, Va.,
into the cornfields south of town. . . on -Rnfc the I tonight. Camp Uemo, iteei xooz who objected to ms marrsag w
Mr. Brvan was indignant, aud ac- , . . . , . anaolr . aha Won1d Lake, Tenn., dispatch, woman of the
1 riri u 1. 1 1 1 u if 1 r-11 ui ri uwzcm e. d mul j - v 1
cused his conductor of treachery. & , . . . - .t I Dr. Jones says
iDao " . . ..u ; ft,;. i: ; maa mpnnt tor him.
ion though it killed her. "When," 'mere is more .
she said, in a low, faltering voice, sction of the country tnan .u M ru i -
full of deep-seated hatred, "are other diseases put togther, and vants m the household o Dr.
von coming again?" Atchison until the last tew years was sup- j ones wi . ' "
you coming agaim 1 ui tt I ra hott. a of whiskey and
noaea to uo luuuiauic, uuom - - --
. 1 . . 1 i 1 i
manv vears doctors pro- a bottle oi DiacKuerry uiauujr.
The conductor at once wired his
resignation to the road and took
fthe stump for the republican
"Middletown, O., Oct. Mr.
Taft was given here the most tre
mendous ovation in the history of
Ohio politics. The euthusiasm
was remarkable, and Mr. Thomp
son, the postmaster, split his
windpipe blowing a horn.
"Mr. Taft left his train here,
and will continue the tour of the
state afoot. The crowds at all
stations have become so large
that they get under the wheels in
Methodist church.
he does not be-
b - ... " . 1 . , , 1 1 u U
nouunced it a local disease ana The nranay naa uib j
prescribed local remedies, and by Dr. Jones' family trom Virginia.
with Dr. Jones was pastor of
Watched Fifteen Years.
"For fifteen years I have watch-
tobacco in the pool ; ed the working of Bucklen's Arni-
oontrolled by the dark tobacco as- ica Salve ; and it has never failed to
-oP.iation.-Louisville. Kv.. dis-! cure any sore, boil, ulcer or burn
ww . , v , 1 1 - i. n-rnltnr
BO WU1UU iu wao apjjiicu..
piOS. i niB Was tne wwesi iiieau
4-i-.nViad hxr nnmntinfl between
J f - tr 1 , 1 r :i :
- . T . 1 r I nnii.tftnT,lV muiun VJ
1860andlW, in tne penoarrom - .C TW.iat, church
. lor.A treatment, uiuuuuuvicu i"- jjiuviij r
lbbU tp 18SO tne average pump- e ' , on ,,;avill. Kv.. for years. About
km weighed 82 pound, and pro- ----- dia. a vear aeo he went to Lynchburg,
-i" 1. : j H in vhj kju urn w-j w v v 1 j -v v
m tne penuu ;-oa ,n. ko to takft one of the largest
. .. -v - 1UUMHM. III! UliriDlUlU vwm I TMaa -
fromisyeto lU8 tne mean in- .,nj.v.u a TTa marriAd
1 ..a. vi-n Tn an . . r h.ii h 1 11 11 1 r.iinn uuu&va - -
creased to 87 pounds 5 ounces, 1
, .. .is -u: uatarrn vure.
and tne capacity 01 P"1 I T . , , n.- Lu:Q WQTr;flfl outside of his do,
uuu """j I is t I J? . iJ . VjUcutjy ixi uvii xviouui uuiiu, uuio n- : of everv effort to restrain was i0 PWB" nnnof.nfinnfil nnre nn nnminfttlOD Caused bitter
r . Tli o sacr Atari no also said that 1B "
them. Mr. Tait lett here at 8 v the
1 irTri niinnn tim 111 ih 1 im wnj.ra 111 l.; ia 1
numoer 1 5 . . . , ua fpnm 10 rirnn. to a tea.
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sweeter iuau u0uiUw.iU - Tl .... j-.i u .1 . iT-
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Address: F. J. CHENEY & are so safe and harmless. No
Quinine, nothing harsh nor sick-
It has
saved us many a doctor bill," says
A. F. Hardy,of East Wilton,
Thb Watchman 1.00 per year. Maine! 25c at drug stores.
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of unemployed admirers, who
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"Wichita, Kan., Oct. Secre
tary of Agriculture Wilson con
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tions concerning the effect of pol
itics upon crops,
'The average weight of pump
kins under Mr. Cleveland,' he
said, "was 21 pounds 4 ounces,
and their mean capacity was 8
Rheumatism promptly
from the blood with Dr. Shoop's
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time with common
test will surely tell. In tablet or
liquid form. Sold by Cornelison
& Cook.
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bold oy Jjruggists, ioc. enmg. riuo iur ibybubu restless
Take Hall's Family Pills for j children. Box of 48 at 25o. Sold
constipation. by Cornelison & Cook. "

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