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Rowan has 120 schools, in oper
ation this year.
Arthur Richardeob, a printer,
who lived in Salisbury for sone
time, died a few days ago- at Mil
tm, N C. Mr. Richardson was a
most estimable young man and
his Salisbury friends learn of his
death with sincere regret.
It is rumored that Messrs. J. O.
Huston and M. F. Albright will
leave Rowan and settle in some
other part of the State. If this
rumor is true, Rowan will , lose
two good citizens.
There will probably be some
very cold weather in this section
of the State before the Democrats
of the Anti-Saloon League allow
themselves to make another such
agreement as they made before the
last election.
We had a little weather the past
week which must have made some
of our coal dealers happy.
It has been announced that
Rev. H. A. McCullough, who is
the State secretary of teacher
training department of the Salis
bury township Sunday school con
vention, will visit this city on the
19th. Mr?McCullougk will dis
cuss the question of properly
trained teachers for Sunday school
One day last week Miss Buna
Jackson and D. L. Bradshaw were
united in marriage. Rev. J, A. J.
Farriiigton officiated.
According to the record of Reg
ister of Deeds -Miller, 27 coupleB
were married daring the month
of October. Twenty of these were
white and seven were negroes.
J. L. Rusher was painfully in
jured recently at Pelham, and is
at home recovering.
The directors of the Yadkin
Valley Fair Association held a
business meeting last week.
McCall and Fesperman, who
have been operating a saloon on
East Inniss street, have filed the
nocessary papers and have been
adjudged voluntary bankrupts by
Judge Boyd. Walter H. Wood
son Esq., haB been appointed re
ceiver. Supt. Griffin states that there is
no; a particle of truth in the ru
mor that several cases of scarlet
feverhave developed at the school.
East Spencer had a fire last
week which destroyed four build
ings They were small houses
owned by citizens in this city.
The fire was caused by a defective
Work on the pedestal for the
monument to" the Confederate
dead is being pushed as rapidly as
possible. .
A pet monkey, the property of
Walter Poole, came near causing
lots of trouble Saturday afternoon
at the business place of Mr. Poole,
on Council street. It seems that
the beast got hold of some match
es and some of them "going off"
get fire to a lot of old paperB, The
fire war extinguished before any
damage was done.
Will Parker, a negro, is in jail
and will abide there until a young
white man named Miller; is able
to appear against him in court,
mi jl ' i i t
ine iwn Decame involved in a
quarrel " when the negro drew a
knife and cut Miller several times.
The injured man is not thought
to be in a seriousjiondition.
The stock of the Salisbury Drug
Co., has been sold by the -receiver,
to E r C. Heins, of this city and J.
W. McPnerson, of Lillington, N.
C. The - new firm has already
commenced business.
ur. jsrignt uyra, an eye
specialist of Winston-Salem, has
located in Salisbnry for the prac
tioe of hits profession.
Messrs. A. L. Smoot and A. B.
Saleeby were selected Sunday at a
meeting. of the Baraca class of the
First Methodist church, to repre
sent the class at the Western Car-
-olina ' conference of Baracas
1 t Ml - . .
wnicn wm meet in Asnevme. on
he JBfch. inst.
Mr. A. B. Saleeby's usual fall
sale : of candies, will take place
Saturday of this week. Candy
will be sold at 5 cents per pound
Mr. Saleeby is one of the barges
manufacturers of candy in this
State. Those wishing to pDr
chase their Christmas candies vrVl
do well to buy now at this great
redaction sale.
It has been only a short while
uince a negro woman here lost hkt
life by the explosion of a lamp.
On Sunday John Link, a negro
farmer living near town, lost his
house and most of household
goods by the explosion of a lamp.
Mrs. N. E. Donaldson died
Monday in Spencer at the home
of her daughter, "Mrs. R. L.
Chambers. The remains were
taken to Charlotte for interment.
The funeral of Salhe Kerns,
the little daughter of Mr and Mrs.
Gus Kerns, took place Sunday
afternoon, Rev. M. M. Kinard
To-morrow night Bishop Ches
hire, Sf Raleigh, will conduct ser
vices at St. Luke's Episcopal
church on Chestnut Hill and ad
minister the sacrament of con
firmation. vThe Bishop will be at
St. Luke's church at the morning
service next Sunday.
H H, Clarke, of the firm of H.
Clarke & Sons, has gone to Rich
mond, Va., where he will engage
in business.
A defective flue caused some
alarm and a small fire at the home
of Mrs. R. B. Lee, in Spencer, on
Monday. The neighbors came to
rescue and got the fire under con
trol before any serious damage
bad been done.
We note an item in some of the
papers referring to f Col. Paul B.
Means, of Concord, State Senator
elect." This is a trifle mislead
ing, for according tbe Concord
Times, a Republican brother
named Bradford beat Col. Means
by 234r votes.
Carl Hammer expects to leave
this city shortly to accept a posi
tion as night editor of tbe Cincin
nati Commercial Tribune. Mr.
Hammer is an old newspaper man
and can't dismiss his longing to
get back in the harness. All Sal
isbury will regret to give up Mr.
Hammer and his estimable wife.
Conductor Wm. Sprinkle died
in unariotte last Monday, He
had been 'in the service of the
Southern Railway Company for
nearly 45 years. The deceased
was well known to Salisbury and
Spencer railroad men.
Tbe South Yakin Baptist Asso
ciation will hold a three-days'
session at Jerusalem, in Davie
county, beginning on Nov. 29th.
An elaborate programme has been
prepared for the occasion.
Fisher street from Main to Lee
is among the lastest tobe treated
o the bitnlithfc process.
hey Like Senator Overman.
Chairman Adams, of the
pubhan State Committee, is 're
ported as saying in an interview
concerning the result of the elec
tion in this State:
"Of course all people who have
kept up with the trend of affairs
realize the fact that Senator Over
man has made a most excellent
Senator and but for his record
and the fact that he is a candidate
or re-electiou, there is no telling
what the Republican majority in
North Carolina would have been."
Pastor Remenbered.
On Thursday, November 5, 1908,
about 10:30 a. m.f about 50 of the
members of the Center Grove E.
L. congregation of the Lutheran
chapel pastorate, drove up to the
parsonage at China Grove, agree
ably surprising their pastor and
his family. After an hour and a
half of the most pleasant social
enjoyment, a most sumptuous ta
ble was spread to which all who
were present were invited. H&y-
mg gathered around the table,
incere thanks of gratitude were
returned to a kind Heavenlv Fa
ther for His kindness and manv
mercies in so bountiful a provis
ion tor our temporal wants, and
invoking God's richest blessings
on those present and all who had
helped to make the occasion one
of rejoicing. Then an envelope
containing a handsome sum of
money and a list of the names o
the contributors were handed to
Thire were also many other ar
ticlea for the pantry, for all of
which1 the pastor and his family
are truly and sincerely grateful.
oucn toxens ot appreciation
mean much more to a pastor than
the commercial or face value 0
the gifts. May these pleasant re
lations continue to exist for many
j yars to come.
I C. A, Beown, pastor.
A NoTember Wedding.
On Monday evening therewara
pretty wedding -at 4he-home el
the bride ill East: Salisbury , Miss
Nellie Witherspoon j and G. J
Lipe being united in marriage by
Rev; Byron Clark, pastor of the
First Presbyterian church. The
couple left same evening for a
short visit to points in .the north.
Both are well known here and
their many friends join in wish
ing them much happiness.
County Commissioners Meet.
Tbe board of county commis
sioners held a brief session Mon
day. All the members of the
board were present.
It was ordered that the road
from Woodleaf to South River be
worked and J. G. Lyerly was in
structed to see that the work was
Superintendent Hartley report
ed 19 white and 18 negro convicts
in his camp. Superintendent
Carter reported 25 negro and 2
white couvicts at his camp.
A report was submitted by Dr.
I. H. Foust to the effect that tbe
general health of the county was
Gets a Reprieve.
Sam Maesey, who was under
sentence of death by hanging,
next Friday, has been respited by
Governor Glenn who has granted
a stay of execution until Decem
ber 4th. The governor has the
case under consideration and the
sentence of Massey may be com
muted to life imprisonment. A
strong petition was sent to Gover
nor Glenn from here urging execu
tive clemency.
The Early Case Again.
Secretary Cortelyou in a state
ment today announced that he
concurred in the recent decision
of Attorney Bonaparte against the
deportation of John R.Early, the
North Carolina leper who is kept
here under guard. Mr. Cortelyou
holds that while he has authority
to make regulations to prevent the
introduction of contagious or in
fectious diseases into a State or
Territory or the District of Col
umbia from any State, he has no
authority to make any rule by
which Early may be legally de
ported from this city or the State
of North Carolina required to re
ceive him. Washington dispatch.
Experience with a Pickpocket.
P. W. Eagle, who spent last
week visiting in Salisbury Spen
cer and Rowan county and taking
in the Salisbury fair, was in town
Wednesday on his way to his home
in bnarpesourg township. Mr.
agle says arrangements have
been made for a reunion of the
Eagles and their connection at.
Spencer on Thanksgiving Day,
which falls this year on November
20. There are many Eagles in
Rowan and Iredell and a great
gathering of the family connec
tion is expected at Spencer on
Thanksgiving. While at the Salis
bury fair Mr. Eagle bad an expe
rience with a pickpocket. While
he was viewing the sights at the
fair a stranger joined him and
was talkative and friendly. In
tbe conversation the stranger
made a remark which caused Mr.
Eagle to laugh and as he leaned
back to give free vent to his laugh
ter, his coat being unbuttoned,
his companion took the liberty to
thrust his hand in the inside pock
et of Mr. Eagle's coat. Mr. Eagle,
however, had taken the precaution
to place his cash in his inside vest
pocket, and when the pickpocket
found nothing he lost interest in
the Iredell man. Mr. Eagle sim
ply Walked away but he didn't
laugh any more at remarks of
strangers who apoeared friendly.
Statesville Landmark.
Tickling, tight Coughs, can be
surely and quicklv loosened with
a prescription Druggists are dis
pensitg everywhere as Dr. Shoop's
Cough Remedy. And it is so
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Chloroform, absolutely nothing
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mountainous shrub, gives the en r-
ative properties to Dr. Shoop's
Cough- Remedy. Those leaves
have the power to calm the most
distressng Cough and to soothe
and heal the most sensitive bron
chial membrane. Mothers sbttuld,
for safety s sake alone, always de
maud Dr. Shoop's. It can with
perfect freedom be given to even
the youngest bsbes. Test it your
self I and see. Sold by Cornelison
& Cook,
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Tbe Brilliant Carmlck of Tennessee . Killed
in Street Duel.
As a sequel to the recent bitter
Democratic primary for the guber
uatorial nomination in Tennessee;
Hon. Edward Ward Carmack, for
mer United States Senator from
Tennessee, was shot and killed in
a street duel here this afternoon
by Robin Cooper,a young attorney.
Young Cpoper was wounded in the
shoulder by a bullet from Car
mack's revolver and is to-night
under police Burveillairea in a lo
cal hospital. His condition is not
Carmick was wounded three
times, in the neck, the breast and
the left shoulder. Col. Duncan
B. Cooper, father of the vouna
man, was with his son during tbe
affray but did hot fire a shot. It
is said he stood by with pistol in
hand. He is detained to-night at
police peadquarters. -The direct
cause of the killing is a recent se
ries of editorials m the Tenuesse
an, of which Mr. Carmack became
editor after his defeat for the nom
ination for Governor. Tbe ed'to-
rials in question had been vigor
ous in their comment on Col.
Cooper and his alleged connection
with what Mr. Carmack termed
the "Democratic machine" and
its methods. Col. Cooper, who is
well known in business, newspaper
and apolitical circles in Tennessee
and tbe South, had, it is said, no
tified Mr. Carmack that the refer
ences to him must cease. Anoth
er such .' ditorial appeared this
morning. Nashville, Tenn., dis
patch, November 9bh.
Advertisements uuder this head will te
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Watchman Office
Knives. We are still giving a good
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Carolina Watchman.
Wanted Lady to cook aud do gen
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preferred. Address T. D. Brown,
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N. C. 10-21 tf
Sales Agents Wanted. $36 per week
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We want one permanent agent in
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There is no Reason Why
Farmers wives should not have the
best of everything going especially
Flour. JJnthrock's Best Patent flour
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days" and will prove a pleasure aa well
as a proht.
Gold Hill.S.C.
Prom the first of Nov. to the
last of March we are prepared to
furnish more plants of that fine
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1000. State the a mount, kind and
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send the cash or money order for
same to R. L. Brown, No. 6 Salis
bury, N C. 10-28.
Leave your watches with E L,
Lyerly, (iranite Quarry, for re
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makes friends, and makes them always glad to see you.
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HANCOCK BROS. & CO., Lynchburg, Va.
Established 1851 ' ' Leaders 1908
" , A Versatile OW Lady.vf
The attention of the class injiis
tory seemed to be any where but oh
the subject in hand, and the young
teacher was getting impatient.
"Children' she said, "you must
Say better attention to what youare"
oing. You cannot possibly do two
things at the same time. No one
can do two things at once."
At this point a small boy raised
his hand and waved it frantically in
the air.
'Well, Willie, what is it?" she in
quired. t "Please, teacher," said Willie,
"my grannyJrin do two things ter
onc't. I seen her."
"N o, Willie. I think you must be
mistaken, but suppose you tell us
wnat tnese two tilings are.
use, ma'am, she kin read an'
soak her feet all ter onc't." Ladies'
Home Journal.
Sonw Thought.
A writer uuder the initials !"S.
B. U." lays down the following
axioms which may not be entire
ly new, but they are worth while:
I hold these truths to be self-
That man was not made to
That laughter wins more bat
tles than tears, and that & smile
is a very good weapon.
That fear is a devil to be avoid
That the came ia worth the
candle if the game is straight
and clean.
That idleness is a vice and sin
a crime.
That the great thing is not to
make a living but a life.
That it is not so much how we
die but how we live that counts.
That this great, beautiful world
is somehow all good.
That love is the chief end of
That God is, not was.
That thoiuture is what we make
it--a continuation of the present.
Fm Falling
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neighbor came to the res
cue with a bottle of Ayer's
Hair Vigor. The hair was
saved! This was because
Ayer's Hair Vigor is a regular
hair medicine. Falling hair is
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these germs. Then the healthy
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The best kind of a testimonial
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2ads by J. o. Ayer Co.. Lowell, Mass.
Aiag tMnuxsctursrs or
Corrected weeklv hv T. M. Millar.
Apples, per bushel, 35 to 50.
Bacon, sides per fi, 11 to 11.
shoulders, per n, 10 to 11.
" ham, per ft, 15 to 18.
" round, uer ft. 10 to 12U.
Butter, choice vellow. 20 to 22
Chickens, per lb, 8 to 9.
Ducks, 20 to 30.
Guineas, 25 to 30.
Eccrs. Derdoz. 17 to 20.
Corn. Der bushel. $1.00.
t lour .straight, per sack, $2.30 to $2.40
- pat, $s.uu to a m.
Hay, per. hundred ft s, 60 to 80
Honev. ter lb. 15 to 20.
Lard, N. C, per lb, 10 to 12.
Meal, polted, per bu 1.00.
Oats, per bu, 65 to 7f
Potatoes. Irish, pe' bu 50 to 60
Wheat per bush. 90 to $1 0Q
i Hi, iiKST FOB
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve In The World.
Whert yon
When yon
bBAri. .ftso'oSf smoke
in some
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house. It has a real smokeless device absolutely preventing
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