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8maU Grain Ration During the Sum
mer Will Prove Profitable.
The cows should be fed liberally. It
will be found profitable to feed a small
grain ration during ' the summer. It
Kltctilu's MaJirltt648,HackeU's 458.Br2 Another Ccmparison Between Legal Execu
an's335, AuSi.uiiig Final Carrectlons. : 11 3 lis and Mob Law.
"I know th -it election figures People in Virginia and the
have palled on the public, but it whole South and especially in the not only helps them to keep up the
n ci -,.,11 ir i;, f TorrTfV, uVwMiIri stnn I now or mint, Dut tney come into win-
history straight, for preseut jus-la moment to give some sober
tico and future reference, ' said thought to the case of the man next spring able to do more work.
Hon. Theo. F. Kluttz, Democratic killed here by electricity. His Much however, depends on the cows
chairman of the 8th District, to- crime was as vile and horrible it is claimed that this additional feed
day. "Wii h no desire to detract and and exasperatsting as haman In summer to the pasture Is better for
from Mr. Kitohiu, but to do his imagination can conceive. His f des' yes 8uperlor
- . 0 ujuii nxllk and more of it
ascociates on the State ticket, victim was an old and helpless extensive dairyman says that for
Congressman Hackett, and the white woman-Tempestuous in- twenty years his cows hare had dry
Democrats of R , justice. I diguation and hot wrath were in- tSShlSTw
feel it my duty, "said Mr. Kluttz, evitable. A lynching was at- day pasture never was bo good
"to say that Mr. Kitchin's true tempted. The authc rites inter- but what those cows would eat some
majority in llowan is 68, and not posed seriously and effectively. of feedlng or
1,118 as officially reported and The man was tried, fairly and hay In the summer time Is a very lm-
published. given his full chance in court, a portant one. Professor Sanborn of
..xt4. ;i tfa, v,fl nnnt- m.v.Un.nU. onnnintRrl New Hampshire some years ago made
xiuu vuuj Flululu0u.I.j01uufiByi, -xnertment and found that one
He was convicted nound of hav was eauivalerA' to one
canvassing board had completed for;his defense.
i;s work and gone home, and after by clear evidence, sentenced to pound of grain for feeding his cows
the official returns had been for- death and to-day was put to 0SE ceTaid
warded to Raleigh, was it discov- death, decorously, in due course laat themost slovenly way of feeding
flrfld that thronsh the erroneous of law. The State Dut out of ex- a cow is to let her go to pasture; that
.i-- x eu ,fcr 1 she destroys more than sfoe will eat
TiaOUiablOn OI tUH VUW Ul 1UU1 IBIUUUH UUH Ul uei uiBJfouo "J
precincts, the vote instead ol be-1 his act had proved nimseil uu- pasture, especially on high priced land,
ing Kitchin 2,780 and Cox 1.662, worthy of life. The death penal- he Is using it to great disadvantage.
should have been Kitchin 2,539 ty was inflicted decently, secretly,
and Cox 1,891, making Mr. Kitch- mercifully, relentlessly. Let
in's majDrity 048 instead of 1,118. e very citizen reflect how much bet-
The error seems to have occurred ter this is, how much more cred-
iu this way : the official returns itable to the dignity of-the com-
for Landis gave Kitchin 107,;Cox monwealth and character of our
77: for Morgan, Kitchin 133, Cox people, than the noisy, haety,
93; for Gold Hill, Kitchin 87, lawles and bungling work of a summer time and dry hay every time
Cox 28. These figures should have mob. tney were mUked- cfme to d
, iL lU r, , x .,, . . . A fw It by having had a lot of feed-ground
been bxactly thereverse, the Kitch- It will be observed that the up com oatg mted wlth bran
in vote was inadvertently putin News-Leader gives no details oi tnat fce wag feeding the cows, and
n i aA r,;a rraraa wonnf,nr ' Wo are forbidden after he turned them out to grass he
Again, the returns from the West by the law of the State to present had lgft Re notlced ttat the more fertilizer teaches little of value,
Ward of Salisbury officially gave to the public any grewsome par cornmeal there was In the mixture the bnt a demonstration showing ho-y,
Kitchin 370, Cos 71, while the ticulars. This law probably it better tne cows wtea . xuey uu. !th h & pr. per station of
-r I i n n n t . rtnA Trw t-u n nrnnuri v u . i 1 1 v t w
. T " r - J i. : i. 1. : 1 U4- rrin. I i---" , x
He said he could better afford to grow
a crop and feed it to the cow, so there
would be no waste.
It Is Important with silage and soil
ing crops to feed some dry hay as well
as grain through the summer for the
effect that it has on the digestive tract
A speaker before a dairymen's asso
ciation said that some years back he
began feeding the cows grain in the
Interesting Fight In Nasn.
There is an interetiug post elec
tion fight in Nash county over the
office of register of deeds. J. B.
Boddie was nominated by the
Qeniocrats aud endorsed by the re
publicans, and received 2,895
votes. Two days before the elec
tion E. T. Griffin announced him
self as inpependent candidate and
recieved 133 votes. The hitch
comes hrjre. Boddie was postmasr
ter under Cleveland 5?nd was in
dicted for irr egularities convicted,
and served a term in the peniten
tiary and al6o one in jaiT within
jail bounds. Oa this account it
is declared he is ineligible to hold
office. Prominent lawyers say he
is. If he is Griffin is the register
of deeds. The courts will be call
ed on to decide.
For Relieving Such Symptoms as
Debility, Backache and Headache.
- r m-.-. KT-.l . ffiW XT..1I. Ell. A t.viii- mi
Tonn nrrltniK (lis P.rnn a h H AnnamA nwnrM nf cnnrl &gjgj&?$.K$3
I feel in duty bound to teU of it, in hopes tha
may meet the eye of some who hasnsuff ered as I d
"For five years I really did not know what a
perfectly well day was, and if I did not have
Importance ot Land Improvement.
We need to study more the per
manent improvement of the land
than' the temporary getting of
crops with fertilizers, and a large
part of the anxiety of farmers in
the South to get special fertilizer
mixtures or formulas has arisen
from the everlasting experiment
ing by thb stations with fertilizers
for mere crop production. So
long as farmers are led to believe
that they need a Bpecial formula
for every crop plauted there will
not be the advance in real farm-
in? that there should be. A dem-
onstration that with a certain
amount of mixed fertilizer a pro
fit, car bo made oyer he use of no
true- figures, as I am informed, unconstitutional, but in our cpin-
should be, Kitchin 270, C x 171. ion it is right and wis9. We have
There was no intention on any- a very strong hope that the pri-
body's part, of course, to do any- vacy and misery of the execution
body injustice but these errors of the death senteuce will tend
were doubtless the result of haste to make the law more terrible and
and inadvertence. The error at dimish crime. Also we hope and
Gold Hill was the only one made believe that the people of the
by the county canvassing board, State will have drilled into their
th nfehen having been made bv minds the conviction that lynch
the Drecinct election officials, as law is as foolish aB it is useless, which cost 15 cents per 100, as-
T m informed ' that the executive power of the sorted sizes. The nippers for placing
1 am miormea. " ; ... , , . onTi the rings cost 20 cents each. Place
"With all the influence at State always will be used at any wMle pig
work against Mr. Hackett, and cost or risk, to maintain the to reach down piaCe the
.iL D ui: flV, 1 1 riffhts and to protect her opening In the ring over the gristle
with the Republican fight hotly btate rignts ana w y
centered against him. his vote in prisoners and where the ueatn jQb fa finlshed We
Rnwan wftB 2 446 Onlv 93 less penalty is neC88ary the courts have placed forty rings In their noses
had plenty of protein. The next year
he fed hay and cornmeal and oats and
had an Increase of fif ty pounds of but
ter over the product of the previous
Pigs In the Orchard.
A writer in Rural New Yorker says
that before the pigs are turned on to a
clover sod they should have nose rings,
not for the good of the pig, but for
protection of the sod. It is but little
trouble to insert the ready made wire
crops the lacd can be made to in
crease annually in productiveness,
aud less money spent for fertili
zes, would be t)f immense value.
The everlasting experiments by
the stotious with fertilizer mix
turps for direct results on sale
crops make me tired Progressive
tit jmmmmim
Heart Strenfth, or Heart WeakaMhntaaniKerr
Strength, or Kerr Weakness nothin mor. Pos-
ltJvely, not one weak heart in a hmidred U, in 1$.
eli, actually diseased. It is almost always a
juuuen way uraie nerve tnat really is all at fault.
This obscure nerve the Cardiac, or Heart Nerva
imply needs, and must hanre, more sower, more
Stability, more controllins. more srOTemins;--strenarth.
Without that the Heaft must contfnne
to xau, ana tne stomacn an
V.r. Mr "Kitchin's. and 98 more
than he received" againBt Mr.
Blackburn two years ago. Mr.
fWlaa' vete. however, being. 690
more than Blackburn received
two years ago, and 97 more than
t- j. 4-a nfllAf. it. wit.h I within twentv mlnntes. When we
may ua mubwu . - . . .
ring them. We think it advantageous
pjoper certainty and celerity.--
Richmond, Va., News-Leader.
A Region of Curiosities.
Luther Smith, of Baldwin town-
to the tree and fruit to have the ground
rotted up thoroughly. We are Inclined
to think this method Is more beneficial
to plum than to peach trees, especially
hi producing fruit Our plum trees de
velop wood and a quantity of choice
Cox received this year, reaucmg . . hfc u 0p0g8um8 last frnit while the Deach trees develop
.... . , ico n r I" -r a - I . . -
Mackett's majority io oo. mi;Jmouth.
wood and less fruit.
Hackett also received more votes" Monlu T.?nfllftv has a
t j.ii Oi... i.. n-l a nA. '4-"""' I Raising the Colt by Hand
in ireaHii, diuuij, cat that frequently catcneB rao- Jt not frequently happens that
Aebe than he did two years ago, &nd equirrels, and always colts are left motherless while yet
and was only swamped by the . . t hi ife or her to quite young. Such colts are not an en-
trcmendous and unexpected in- ? ' . which ehe divide8 JJZ Z
crease in the Republican vote. .frh thQ c&t This remarkable proper care is given them. If the colt
"I have felt," said Mr. Kluttz, at caueht t!ro Bqnirrels last week, has had even one or two feeds of its
X,n,h waB lnft cat cangns iffo b4 mother's milk it Is well started, but
IiLIUb bu say uuia uuu
Mind Your Business!
If you don't nobody will. It is
your business to keep out of all
trouble and you can and will
ked out rf liver and bowel trou
ble if yoi-tako Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They keep bilious
ness, malaria and jauudice out of
your system. 25c at all drng
headache, 1 bad backache or a pain
somewhere and really life was not worth
the effort I made to keep going.
"A good friend advised me to use Pe
runa and I was glad to try anything, and
I am very pleased to say that six bottles
made a new woman of m and I have no
more pains and life looks bright again."
There are a great many phases of
woman's aliments that require the as-1
sistance of the surgeon.
But by far the greatest number of
such cases are amenable to correct
medicinal treatment
A vast multitude of women have been
relieved from the ailments peculiar to
their sex through the usa of Peruna as
prescribed by Dr. Hartman.
He receives many letters from all parts
of the country relating to subjects of
vital interest to womankind.
Of the vast multitude of women Br.
Hartman treats annually, only a small
per cent, of them consider it necessary
to write to the Doctor at all.
While it is not affirmed that Peruna
will relieve every case of this kind, it is
certainly the part ot wisdom for every
woman so afflicted to give Peruna a
fair trial.
Mrs. Joseph Lacelle, 124 Eronson St.,
Ottawa, East, Ontario, Canada, writes:
"I suffered with backache and bead'
ache for over nine months and nothing
relieved me until I took Peruna. This
medicine is by far better than any other
medicine for these troubles. A few bot
tles relieved me of my miserable, half
dead, half-alive condition.
7 am now in gC3d health, have
neither ache nor pain, nor have I had
any for the past year. If every suffer
ing woman would take Peruna, they
would soon know its value and never
be without it."
Mrs. M. Kliner, 2648 E. 36th St., S. E.,
Cleveland, Ohio, writes :
"I am enjoying good health since tak
ing your medicine. I had suffered for a
good many years previous to takiog
Peruna, and ever since I can say that
do not know whatbeadache or neuralgia
Is. I can most assuredly say that any
body afflicted with catarrh in any form
can be cured by taking Peruna."
Increase the farm stock to the
extent of utilizing all the waste
products and idle lands of the
Produce all the food required
for the men and the animals on
the farm.
Dr. L. S. FOX,
122 N. Main St. Phone 305.
Now is the time to have your teeth
looked after, this fall may be too late.
All work guaranteed. Best materials.
Latest methods.
And Iridnaim nloA kov.
these sama controlling nerves.
This clearly explains why. at a medicine. Dr.
Bboop s Restorative has in the past done so much
for weak and ailing: Hearts. Dr. Snoop first sought
the cause of aU this painful, palpitating, suffocat
ing' heart distress. Dr. Snoop's Restorative this
popular prescription is alone directed to these
weak and wasting nerre centers. It builds;
it, strengthens; it offers real, genuine heart help.
If you would have strong Hearts, strong di
gestion, strengthen these inerves re-establish
them as needed, with
Dr. SHoop's
The Watchman $1.00 per year.
Mortgage Sale.
Default having been made in the
payment of the indebtedness to J. A.
Miller secured by a certain mortgage
deed of trust executed by D. W. Mont
gomery and wife, Fannie E. Montgom
ery, to B. B. Miller, trustee,3 on the
6th day of June, 1907, and duly regis
tered in Book 31, page 134, of Rowan
County of Kecord of Mortgages, pmv
suant to the provisions of said mort
gage the undersiged will sell at public
sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at
the court house door in Salisbury,
North Carolina, on
Monday, the 7th day of December, 1908.
at 12 o'clock M., the following prop
erty: Beginning at the East corner of the
intersection of Shaver and Elm streets
in the Great South Ward of the city
of Salisbury, and runs thence in a
Southeasterly direction with Elm
street 150 feet to a stake, thence
in a Northeasterly direction parallel
with Shaver streett and with the line
of lot No. 36, 50 feet to a stake in line
of, lot No. 20, thence with the line of
No. 20 and parallel witfyElm street in
a Northwesterly direction- 150 feet to
Shaver street, thence with Shaver
in a Southwesterly direction 50 feet to
the beginning: Same being lot No. 19
on Southern Life & Trust Company's
map of property near National Ceme
tery, Salisbury, North Carolina.
This the 2nd day of November, 1908.
B. B. MILLER, trustee.
Notice to Creditors ol Boyden C. Trexler.
Having qualified as administrators
ofBovdenC Trexler late of Rowan
County, notice is hereby given all per
sons holding claims or aemanas
against him or his estate to present the
same duly verified to the undersigned
on or before the 10th day of Novem
ber, 1909, or this notice will be plead in
bar of their recovery. All persons in
debted to said estate are required to
make immediate settlement. This the
5th day of November, 1908.
H. A TrExlEb, ) Admrs. of Boy
Hknky M. Trexler, ) en C. Trexler.
B.B. Miller, attorn 3y.
to both Mr. Hackett and myself."
Owing to the above and a num
ber of other errors in our tabulat
ed statement last week, The
Watchman has made every .effort
and, as usual, brought tnem to where lt nad none it is in a worse
Mrs. Lindley. shape. In such case the bowels should
James H. Quackenbush has nould first be opened with a dose of
james xi. uw cagtor ofl and a short whJle after that
heretofore been voting in Hickory lt can get its first feeL To make a
Mountain tovfuship, but this year substitute of its mother's mfik take
he reentered and voted in Hadley fresh coWs milk add to It one-fourth
t x i ,i.u .i....4. I ...... water and sweeten somewnat wnu
possiDie to miiB'WBjiswi township, and yet he is living m gugar This should be fed to the colt
correct in every particular. To this Bame house in which he has at blood temperature four or five times
end we have, with the kind assis- hfiptofore livea. The line runs a day. After the colt is a few weeks
en 4. Tt, A P.m.Rv neretoiore nveu , month old it can be fed a little
tance of Capt. John A. Ramsay thr0ugh his dwelling house, and oatmeal or otner soft food. Even be-
ffone over the official report ol , oian,, jn a room rtwtMo m n- win hPHn nihhiinar
a i l,ms veal l-i V . d oiuj"!, I wuw w ' -e
1 " 1 1 . . i. fn - . . . , r ' m. 1 Uk...1. . 1 1
every precinct in tne cwuuly. iui
U UttU.uUCo B. - h0UBe wm f()und that they help
every Iigure, ana, iuaiug buu Cotton blooms in November are wonderfully.-Gregor H. Glitzke.
unusual in this latitude, and yet
James I. Harmon, of this town
Dairy Rules.
aViir hn.H sent to the Kecord Otnce --nfr ow.iv from old traditions and
some cotton blooms plucked by enstoms: select a dairy breed that suits
him from his field a few days ago. y0U best and stay by that breed; do
n.hftth&m. N. C. Record. not change; grade up the best cows
i ... . . i i . n j j.t
that you nave; test ana aiscuru me
m Jit
. . xi a i poor ana wormiess cows; uave & iuuu'
KUeumatism PJ au. ard to line up to; do not be afraid of a
corrections as appeared just.
This tabulated statement there
fore can be taken to be absolutely
correct, with all other statements
to the contrary nevertheless.
For township tax collector, A.
M. Rice received a majoiity of
Q11 I ..... ;t T- CUn'a
Frnm t.hA Olr.OQ WllU VI. tJUWUp D I . . UaAirytr tr. At-
The Democatic majontips in Rheumatic Remedy. Don't waste neredltT. don.t mix the breeds; depend
the county, for lyuo, rortne eigut tjme wltn common remeaies. a apon e sIre and breeding to ad
candidates named below, which test will surely tell. In tablet or Tance the merit of a herdj do not
u .ODOnHi;A nf the liouid form. Sold by Cornehson change sires very oftw tawed for good
are taken as representative of the 1 Wor Klth; be thorough; feed for milk and
vote cast, were as louows . not beefmaklng; be sanitary; be
dairy student; don't get finicky, and the
Copyright, 1908
B. Kuppenheimer & Co.
Hackett for Coixgress, 1,050.
Krider for sheriff, 444.
Miller for register of
Nicholas for treasurer, 1,372. !
Dorsett for coroner, 1,099.
Kluttz for State senate, -1,125.
Julian for bouse cf representa
tive, 986.
Murphy f r house o representa
tives.. This makes the average Demr
catic majority, for 1906, 989f .
Taking the candidates for the
eame offices, tor 1908, we have
the following majorities:
Hackett for Congress, 458.
McKenzie for sheriff, 172.
Miller for register of deeds, 755.
Nicholas for treasures, 720
Dorsett for coroner. 729.
Kluttz for S'-ate senate, 691.
Julian for house of representa
tives, 612.
Carlton for house of representa
tires, 666.
This gives us an
ity of 600, and an average loss of dairy of the future will be the wonder
deeds, 389f . According to tins it win oe - -
seen that the sheriff did not tail pjr Watep
of as heavily in proportion as aid n0gS mu8t hv plenty of good.
t he other candidetes. Mr. Mc- pure water, obtained from well, spring
Kenzie's majority loss being only to wallow dur.
272, while other's majority losses jng the hot period. We have never seen
that good, clean mud ana water in
jured our hogs in the least, says a
breeder, and it certainly affords them
a great deal of pleasure to sink down
la a good sized mudhole where th
water for The mixta to wpptted from
run from 324 to 652.
Itm Years of Proof.
"I have had seven yers of
proof that Dr. King's New Dis
covery is the best medicine to take
for coughs and colds and for every
diseased condition of throat, chest
or lungs," says W. V. Henry, of
Panama. Mo. xne wunu ua
Read the pain formula on a b x
of Pink Pain Tablets. Then ask
thirty-eight years of proof that your Doctor if there is a t etter
Dr. K.inf s New iiBcovBijr ib f lone. Pain means cong?.stion
rompdv for cougns anu uuiuo, ui
iTrI asthma? hay fever, bron- blood pressure somewhere. Dr
cbitis, hemorrhage of the lungs, ghoop's Pink Pain Tablets check
??.tth8T '! aaysTrVU-dpain-, woman.y pain,, pai
vents the development of pneu- anywhere. Try one, and see I 20
monia. Sold under guarantee at . - g fe Corneiigon &
n pf.nrAR. 50o and $l,UU.
i an wis 'Conic
average major- Trial bottle free.
IPs said and done on the clothes question, the
ippenheimer line stands in a place by itself.
That's why we're glad to link our name with
that line and to back it up with our strongest endorsement.
Lst us show you the exceptional styles and values
offered in Kuppenheimer Clothes this season.
And fairness of price is not their least surprising feature.

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