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A , Home Newspaper Published in the Jnterestrto: People and for Honesty in Governmental Affairs
Salisbury, N: C., Tuesday, April 6th, 1909.
Wm. H. Stewart, Editor.
vs- .- -t
tlii FrnHWrt Disease! Paid tor the
' Scrap. "6ood Joli tor Gen.' ArafielaT
fli.i. i ti - r j Tv. .r a V onl. ' --;.
'Mrs: J H.r Wjohoff weattp Sal
' . isbur? ye8t9rdaj,tQ visit h9r sifter
Miss Woodwara, aua to wKe mi
play there last night.
His friends here will be glad to
koow that Dr. Fred" Wf Phif6r is
meeting with great success at
Wheat,laudT--WyoM where he is
resident physician surgeon at the
WbeablanS sanatorium . A few
days ago he was summoned to see
a patient 90 miles away and was
taken on a special train which
made a record run.
Geo. Daniels died suddenly ear
ly Saturday morning at the home
nf Mm. Wash. Shame, who lives
near the Western railroad, about
two and a half miles east of States
villo . Death resulted from heart
trouble for some yearB aud had
been under treatment of a physi
Gen. J. F. Armfield, who was
last week appointed adjuant geu-
. eral, leaves for Raleigh this weak
to take up his new work; his ap
pointment being effective April
1st. While congratulating Gen.
Armfield on his appointment, his
Statesville friends regret that it
will take him away from home for
the next four years. He will live
inRal eigh during his term of office
The salary of the adjuant general
is $1,800 a year and expenses while
on duty away from home.
A couple of wagon loads of col
lege girls drave about town yester
day afternoon, displaying the class
colors, screaming and making a
great noise. The performance was
entertaining of a nusiance, accord
ing to the point of view.
In the mayor's court Friday E.
B. Leinster plead guilty of strik
- iug P. S. Pope at the railwiy sta
tion a, few nights ago and was lin
ed $1 and the costs, the trouble
arising from an account against
Pope; and A, M. Leinster and fin
ed $2.50 and the costs for viola
tion of a city ordiance.
Otto W. Henry, who has held a
railroad position at Muskogee,
Okla., forsome time, spent Friday
and Saturday here with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Henry,
and left Saturday night for Wash
ington Citv, where he goes to take
a position in the office of the audi
tor of the Southern Railway Co.
Mrs. Henry went from Oklahoma
to Mobile, Ala., to visit relatives,
and will join her husband at
Washington later. Mr. Henry's
change is a promotion.
April 2nd.
' Dr. J, J. Mott is here for few
days packing a portion of his fur
niture, which will be shipped to
Radford, Va., where Dr. Mott has
been for some time and where he
will spend the summer Miss Car
oline Cowles is here Irom Ulem-
mons assisting Dr. Mott in pack
ing. Robert S. Hartness, who is a
victim- of the groat White Plague
and has been in Billingsley Hos
pital for treatment, was removed
to his home six miles north of
town yesterday. He is gradually
growing weaker and in compliance
with his request he was taken
home to spend his last days with
his family,
When Dick Brabble walked out
of the Hotel Iredell office yester
day morning and called Bob Hen
ry to the telephone, when there
was no 'phone call for him, an
April fool joke was successfully
perpetrated on Mr. Henry by Mr
Brabble; but when numbers of
patrons of the postoffice yesterday
morning faund they couldn't gut
theiy key in the lock of their box
they never thought of it being an
April fool prank. They knew they
were up against Uncle Sam's
methods of collecting box rent.
Rev. Richard George Greene
died Wednesday afternoon about
9:50 o'clock at his home on West
Sharp street. Mr. Greene had
been an invalid for more than four
months. He became ill Thanks
giving week the last week in No
vember and for weeks his death
- I -
Tie: Wayjof ifie Ifli ciiLliBorSelhr Is B i-
'r? V
. -----
Robert iM ftx 3brab8, and
prQ&y olhers, whiwfire convict
ed o! retailing t t&.e.dast term of
IredejlOsuper jep uouiti erenr:
prised thieek wheatheyoij
that-the disposition of their!cases
id the Superior Court was nbV the
end of tlieir troubles; 'Reyehne
Officer Miller, of Hickory, was hre
this week with a list of names of
the personswho were found guilty
of retailing at the last term of Su
perior Courjb and stated to ar lonal
officer that lie was here to call on
all the retailers and require them
to pay the tegular United States
liscence tax I for the.time they were
in the liquor business, or else they
must stand Itrial in the Federal
Court for retailing without liscence.
The officer slated that in the cases
where the retailer had plead guil
ty there wpiild be no getting a
round the matter at alK
Just how many of the retailers
(there were a! number on his list)
Mr. Miller waited on while on this
trip is not kiiown, but it is known
that he saw the two Combs broth
, both of Whom submitted to
charges of retailing in quite a
number of ceIs9B in the Superior
Court and were heavily fined. He
collected in tfib neighborhood, of
$100 from Felix Combs and it is
understood that Robert had to put
up about the same amount. The
regular government license for re
tailing is $25 a year.
County and City Courts.
The Legislature established
county or city courts as f oliows ;
For Durham and Durham town
ship. I
In the city Reidsville.
For Rowan bounty.
For the cityfof Hickory.
For the tojpn of Aurora and;
Richland township, Beaufort
county . I
For Hdgecombe county.
For Washington county. j
For Nash Coluuty.
For the cityjjof Greensboro,
For the town of Belhaven and
Pentego township, Beaufort coun
For the cityjof New Bern.
For the cityfof Asheville,
m ma
Manufacturers Forgot About it.
What is designed as a "joker"
cost the consumers of tobacco in
this country jnearly $45,000,000,
was found to-qay in the existing
revenue laws df the United States
by Representative Dawsop, of
Iowa, who all once introduced a
bill to correct ithe error.
Under the pingley tarilf law
the two-ounce packages of tobacco
sell to the consumer at .5 cents
each and the four-ounce packages
at 10 cents. In 1898, a war reve
nue tax of 6 1 cents a pound was
levied on tobacco. At the same
time, in order to serve the conven
ience of the trade, the authoriza
tion was givep for the reduction
of the sizes of packages from 2, 8
aud 4 ounces fto If, 2 and 3
ounces, thus enabling the sm"ker
to procure a fi-ctnt and 10-cent
package of tobacco 'at the store."
In due time, the war revenue
tax was repealed. Somebody for
got, Mr. Dawsdn believes, to re
store the packages of tobacco to
the original sis, and hence, ever
since 1902, the consumer of tobac
co has been paying the equivalent
of the war "revenue tax to the man
ufacturers of tbbacoo.
Representative Dawson figures
out that the iourchaser of each
small package has been mulched
out of 1 cent and the purchaser
of tht. larger of 2 cents, and hence
the "joker" ha!s cost the consumer
almost $45,000000.
Mr. Dawsonfs bill proposes to
retore the packages to the original
sizss, Washington dispatch.
was daily expfested. He rallied
later but nbvqr recovered and ou
account of his advanced age his re
covery was not expected. For
several years he had been feeble
but apparently enjoyed good
health and washable to walk about
town until his illness last fall .
Large Strawberries. Rowan Getting the
Trade. Pastor Resigned His Charge.
Lexington Dispatch. Match 31st.
Rev. Jos. T. Watts, who, has re
signed as the pastor of the Baptist
church, preached his farewell ser
mon Sunday night to a large con
gregation, , and left Monday for
Raliegh, where he will visit his
mother, before going on to Rich
mond ; to beoome secretary of the
Snnday school work in Virginia.
rThe board of commissioners will
likely name the various tax listers
at their meeting next -Monday.
For the first time in. ten. years the
listers will be Republicans. .No
Democrats will have a chance at
the job, of course. The .faithful
will be on hand to get their names
.. . 1 a Lit 'lL.
in tne pot, duc aouoties ne se
lections havb already been made
by the powers that be.
March did the lion aot Wednes
day night when a severe storm
raged all over this section of the
state. The wind attained a veloc
ity that smashed records. Much
rain fell and there was an electric
cal display. Further south tor
nadoes did much damage. In
town the Williams-Holt brick
building was damaged, the high
brick froct which stood above the
roof, giving to the wind in such a
fashion that it was declared dan
gerous and the street roped off to
prevent possible injuries. Thurs
day was much cooler and the high
wind prevailed most of the day,
Jim Green, of Boone township,
was here yesterday aud expressed
himself to a Dispatch man as
strongly in favor of bonds, tax or
anything else to make our roads
setter. He pointed out that Row
an is gradually getting a lot of
our business and will get more if
Lexington business men do not
get btisy. We need good roads !
Davidson county moonshiners
who think that the revenue officers
have left the state since prohibi
tion set in will probably be shocked
to learn that Deputy Dayis ran
across a regu'ar still house a dozen
miles from town last week and
destroyed a pretty large outfit.
It seems that there was a full
equipment, even a log house built
for the business. The officer got
everything but the still, the oper
ators doubtless having received
wireless messages to the effect
that he was coming. Nobody was
arrested but the officers have their
eyes on some folks and they will
probably make some arrests in a
few days. Deputy Davis is from
Statesville and was accompanied
by some other offcers.
W. F. Patterson, of Cotton
Grove, fetched a couple of a straw
berries to the office Friday, taken
from the patch of Mrs. C. M.
Hunter, iu Cotton Grove. They
were big as the end of your finger
and just turning red. being found
Under the leaves, net to the
ground. It might be that with
care and late methods, strawber
ries could be produced v. -n in this
section much earlier lli ai we now
get them on the market. Our
people have' never realized the pos
sibilities of this section in berries,
fruits and vegetables.
Found Box of Money.
Down in South Iredell on last
Friday, a negro, Henry Campbell,
while grubbing in a field on th9
farm of the late John Sloop about
four miles northeast of Moores
ville, found a sum of money, both
gold and silver. He found it bur
ied in an old box and claims he
found a gallon bucket full. It
was known by some that there
was some money found, as the ne
gro showed several pieces of mon
ey to them, but it is not known
how much was really found. The
negro claims he found $600 in all,
and that there were twenty $10
gold pieces in the lot. Statesville
Read the pain fa.-mula on the box
of Pink Pain Tablets, Then ak
your Doctor if there is a better
one. Pain means congestion,
blood pressure somewhere. Dr.
Snoop's Pink Pain Tablets check
head pains, womanly pains, pain
anywhere, tryone, and see I 20 for
25c. Sold by Cornelisorf & Cook.
rtnnv tuin CVTtaiumiuT nnilnMn. ..... l . i -
An Enormous Increase In Expenditures Dur
ing His Administration.
"In no period excepWu time of
war have t he expenditures of the
Federal government increased so
rapidly, both in the aggregate and
per capita, as these expenditures
ha 'e increased during yfche past
eight years."' 3 -
This is a comment which Repre
sentative James A. Tawney, chair
of the House committee on ap
propriations, makes upon nation
al expenditures during the admin
istration of Roosevelt. A large
proportion of the$cces8 is due to
the rapid growtb of the military
and naval establishments. Mr.
Tawney is of opinion that the
great increase in expenditures "is
attributable chierly to insistent
executive recommendations and a
misguided public demand for the
inauguration and exec ution of new
projects without a due realisation
of the consequent dangers."
Appropriations for public ex
penditures are made upon esti
mates submitted by the executive
department to Congress. The ag
gregate of these estimates for ap
propriations during the past eight
years, including the fiscal year
1910, for which appropriations
were made by the session of Con
gress just ended, equals the stu
pendous sum of $7,291,341,806.29.
Congress has appropriated during
that period the sum of $7,007,839,
183 46, or $288,502,622 83 less
than the amounts estimated by
the administration.
The rapidity with which Ration
al expenditures' have been increas
ing during the Roosevelt period is
shown by the total appropriations
for ie fiscal year 1903, which
were $996,683,864.79, and the to
tal appropriations at the second
session of tl" o Sixeth Congress,
just ended, for the fiscal year 1910,
which amounted to $1,044,298.23,
the difference between the amount
appropriated for the public service
eight years ago and the amount
required now being $247,380,383.
44. The President was always orying
for millions more and frowned
down the efforts of Congress to
ward economy. Had the amount
of his estimates for the past few
years been appropriated, the de
ficit would exceed $500,000,000 in
stead of being in tho neighborhood
of $150,000,000. Washington dis
patch. ,;
Some Venerable Customs.
The Presbyterian Standard hap
pily adverts to some changes that
are taking place in the conduct of
funerals, all of which, it says, are
improvements, and all of which
are coming about only too slowly.
"It is pleasing," says The Stand
ard, "to see the practice of open
ing the coffin at the grave disap
pearing. Que notes its continu
ance now only in dark corners or
where tb.9 objectionable habit is
very inveterate. The custom of
making elaborate addresses in
eulogy of the dead is also passing
away. It is distressing, be it said,
that it passes so slowly. All such,
heathenish things owe their exis
tence either to lack of education
or the great power of custom
among men." The adjeotive
"heathenism" is not at all too
strong. The fascination of gaz
ing at a doad face comes up from
the dead ages. It is far more in
accord with enlightenment and
civilization that one should pre
fer to remember a friend as he
looked in life rather than as he
appeared when turned to olay.
The age of morbidity is, indeed,
passing away, but less speedily
than could be desired. The habit
of laying in state the bodies of
public men is a heathen origin,
and should have no further count
enance by and enlightened people.
The best service for the dead is to
put them away decently and in
order and with no undue pomp or
ceremony. Charlotte Chroncle.
Builds up your whole . body.
Regulates the bowels, clears the
blood, ?.ids digestion, makes you
well from head to feet That's
what Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea will do, greatest spring regu-at-r.
Tea or Tablets, 35e. Cor
neiison & Cook,
Rer. J. H. Sellers Sick in Charlotte Hos
pital. Jailor Cline's "Boarders" Escape.
Concord Times. April 1st.
R. W. Biggers, of Salisbury,
came down this morning and went
to No. 10 township.
'3llrs. Jessie JohnBon, erf Salis
bury, is visiting friends here.
Mrs. T. P. Johnson, of Salis
bury, is visiting Mrs. John M.
C. A. Guffy, of Rowan, is visit
ing his son, H. P. Guffy.
We regret to note that Rev. J.
H. Sellers, pastor of the Kaunap
olis Methodist charge, is ill in a
Charlotte hospital, and will be
unable to meet any of his engage
ments made for this week. We
trust he will soon reoover and re
turn to his work.
When Malcom G. Lent2 and
family, of No. 7 township, re
turned home from church last
Sunday they found 14 nice chick
ens lying dead in the yard. Two
dogs of a neighbor had done the
tfork, and had they not returned
when they did the dogs would no
doubt have killed all their chick
ens. The two prisoners oonfined in
the jail (these being the only
"boarders Jailor Clinehad) walked
out of the jail this morning at 8
o dock and made good their es
cape. In some way they escaped
from their oells, and the door
leading down stairs, both of which
are supposed to be kept locked,
and then rushed down and out,
passing by Mr. Clina, who was
standing out in the yard.
Any lady reader of this paper will
receive, on request, a olever "No
Drip" Coffee Strainer Coupon
privilege, from Dr. Shoop, Racii.e,
Wis. It is silver-plated, very
pretty, and positively prevents all
dripping of tea or coffee. The
Doctor sends it, with his new free
book on "Health Coffee" simply
to introduce this clever substitute
for real coffee. Dr. Shoop's Health
Coffee is gaining its great popu
larity because of : first, its exquis
ite taste and flavor : second its ab
solute healthfulness : third, its
economy--la 25c; fourth, its
convenience. No tedious 20 to 80
minute boiling. "Made in a min
ute." gays Dr. Shoop. Try it at
your grocer's for a pleasant sur
prise. Sold by all Grocers,
Another Gonrert.
"Cut the tariff n steel or any
thing else you please . American
labor oan stand it. I don't care,"
said Charles M. Schwab, president
of the Bethlehem Steel Company,
to-day, as he stood in a lobby at
a local hotel waiting for a train.
"I believe in a reduction. I
feel just as Andrew Carnegie does
on that matter. American labor
oan make the best steel in the
world and with it we can compete
with the world. I know nothing
about other lines, that is, technic
ally, but I have enough confidence
in American labor to believe that
the tariff can be cut without in
juring business.
"I have been in contact with la
bor of all kinds for many years,
and I know what I can do. I
know that Amerioan workmen can
produce more steel in a given
tims than any others in the world.
We have nothing to fear from a
cut in duties, because we have the
best goods. It is true that we pay
our workmen more money than
other nations, but you always have
to pay skillful workmen the high
est wages Therefore the highest
paid labor is the most profitable
to the employer. The skilHul
man makes money for his emplop
er." Chicago dispatch.
Rheumatic poisons are quiokly and
surely driven out of the blood
with Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Rem
edy liquid or tablet form. Dr,
Shoop'B booklet on Rheumatism
plainly and interestingly tells just
how this is done. Tell some suf
ferer of this book, or better still,
write Dr. Shoop, Racine, Wis., for
the book and free teBt samples
Send no money. Just join with
Dr. Shoop and give some sufferer
a pleasant surprise. Cornelison
& Cook.
4 "
Holiness Preachy Petitions Followed by
Capious Supply of Raft.
Like Moses of old calliLg down
judgment of the Lord on the land
of Pharaoh, Rev. Charles Ford,
a Holiness preacher, called down
a, plague on Bokhoma in the form
of a drought, and scarcely a drop
of ram has fallen hora fnr air
months until yesterday, when the
minister prayed for the drought
to end.
During the drought business
was paralysed and hundreds of
men moved their families that
were in actual want, to other
parts of the state.
Rev. Mr. Ford's congregation at
Bokhoma is small and, in addition
to his clerical duties, the minister
worked at the mill of the Frisco
Lumber Company. Last Septem
ber the pastor resigned at the mill
and charged that he did not re
ceive all the salary that was due
him. He then announced his in
tention to aBk the Lord to with
hold the rain from his locality
The following Sunday he made
his prayer from the pulpit. -With
in a radious of 50 mivj of the
stricken town rain was plentiful
on every side, but the nearest to
a rain Bokhoma got was a thun
der storm and a darkened Satur
day. The water supply gradually
grew smaller and the mills
shut down. At the end of
four months the big pood which
supplied water for the Frisco
Lumber Company was as dry as
tinder, and the plant was forced
to shut down.
When the workmen's families
began to suffer, Rev. Mr. Ford an
nounced that he would pray for
enough rain to enable the mills to
resume operation for a week, and
cautioned Jhe men tc he careful of
their earnings and make them go
as far as possible. His advice this
time was heeded by men outside
his congregation. Ab if iu an
swer to his supplications, a heavy
rain fell that night and continued
throughout the next day, and the
mills started up and worked just
eight days before the supply again
gaveyout and operation ceased.
In his farewell sermon Rev. Mr.
Ford told his congregation he
would pray for ram as soon as he
crossed the river into another
county and bade them to prepare
to' return to work. The next
morning yesterday he took his
departure, and three hours after
he left Bokhoma the heaviest rain
in more than a year set in. For
six hours an hour for every
month of the drought it poured
in torrents without ceasing Bok
homa, Okla., dispatch to Balti
more Sun ,
Another Crumpacker.
Representative Bennett, of New
York, has offered a bill for the
amendment of the appointment
act of the fifty-sixth Congress re
ducing the representation of states
which deny to negro citizens the
right of franchise. Mr. Bennett's
bill specifies the reduction he
would have made, giving Alabama
five instead of nine representa
tives; Arkansas five instead of
seven ; Florida two instead of
three; Georgia six instead of elev
en ; Lousiana four instead of sev
en ; Mississippi three instead of
eight; North Carolina seven in
stead of ten ; South Carolina three
instead of seven ; Texas thirteen
instead sixteen, and Virginia sev
en instead of ten.
Words to Freeze the Soul.
"Your son has Consumption.
His case is hopeless." These ap
palliug wordB were spoken to Geo.
E. Blevens, a leading merchant of
Springfield, N, C, by two expert
doctors ono a lung specialist.
Then was shown th9 wonderful
power of Dr. King's New Discov
ery. "After three weeks use,"
writes Mr. Blevens, 'he was as
well as ever. I would not take all
the money in the world for what
it did for my boy." Infallible
for Coughs and Colds, its the
safest, surest . cure of desperate
Lung diseases on earth. 50c . and
$1 00. 411 druggists. Guarantee
satiff action. Trial bottle free.
Rural Carriers Appointed. Will Locate in
Spencer. Wedding This Week.
Stanly Enterprise, AprU 1.
M. M. Clark will move his fami
ly to Spencer, where he has onen-
ed a barber shop. "Mich" is a
fine barber.
Miss Annie Kizer arrived Fri
day and spent Saturday and Sun
day with her sister Mrs. A. L. Pat
terson. Miss Kizer is alwavs a
welcomed visitor to Albemarle.
The bill looking to the sale of
the old court house, in Albemarle,
and to the issuing of bonds for the
purchase of a site and erection of
a new one passed the House, but
was "killed" in the Senate. Rep
resentative Campbell gave us this
informetion on Monday. The
county was hardly ready for this
venture just at present, but the
plan is a good one, and it would
be well for our people to keep it
in mind until the next session of
our Legislature.
B. G. Whitley has been appoint
ed carrier on Albemarle Route 8,
with Willie Carter as substitute.
And Robert L. Green on Norwood
Route 1, with A, D. Green as
Arnold A. Crowell, is to bemar-
ried on Wednesday of next week
to Miss Lizzie L. Vickers. who
Ives near Mt. Gilead. Mr. Crow
ell lives about 6 miles northeast
of Albemarle, and is a well known
farmer and one of the county's
best citizens.
Some Timely Comments.
it may be seriously questioned
whether it does more harm than
good to send out a lot of small
children on the streets of a small
town or city to raise money for
the church . It is annoying to a
great many people to be continu
ally accosted by a swarm of little
ones. Better for the official mem
bers to take a subscription book
aod present the matter in a busi
ness like wav first to all the
members of the church, then to
the friends among the outsiders.
This will usually briner in ten
times as much as the small coin
collected by the little ones. When
the church house is in need of re
pair it is the duty of the trustees
to raise the money and do it. Do
not make a pack-horse out of the
little ones of the League, Mission
ary Society, or Sunday school, to
oarry the financial burdens which
belong to the whole church.
Itinerant, in North Carolina
Christian Advocate.
Try it on Your Grouchy Husband.
When it rains in the London
Zoo hot milk is fed to the lions,
tigers and monkeys. It has been
found that rain "gets on the
nerves" of these animals, and that
the hot milk produces content
ment and sleep. The hot milk
treatment might be tried on our
grumpy friends, and we wouldn't
have to wait for rain, at that.
The London Zoo man says the
wolf perks up the minute his in-
ctinct tells him rain is approach
ing, and when the rain comes
down he is so happy he wouldn't
hurt a fly. The snakes also are
in their best humor when tho
weather is wet. As soon as the
monkeys are seen clasping their
hands over their heads the keepers
know it is time to put the milk on
the fire. The hands in thiB posi
tion are described as the primi
tive umbrella, the hands over
the head forming the only shelter
the monkey knows. New York
Swept Over Niagara.
This terrible calamity often
happens because a careless boat
man ignores the river's warnings
growing ripples and faster current
-Nature's warnings are kind. That
dull pain or ache in the back
warns you the kidneys need atteu
tion if you would escape fata!
maladies Dropsy, Diabetes or
Bright's disease. Take Electric
Bitters at onoe and see Backache!
fly and all your best feelings re4
turn. "After long suffering from
weak kidneys and lame back, one
$1.00 bottle . wholly cured me,""
writes J. R. Blaukenship, of Belk,
Tenn. Only 60c at all druggists

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