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Salisbury, N. C, May 17, '16
BJilcieilllj Slot Jij fill
Glenn Rabon, tbe XI yew old
on of Mr. and Mri. B F. Rabon,
til accidentally ihofc on Tueidtj
afternoon with a .22 calbre pistol
in the hands of Qleun Mann, nine
year-old ion of J B. Marn.
The accident oocnrred on East
Innei Street. The boys were
handling Rabon's diitol and ii
some manner the weapon acci
dentally went off in the hands of
young Mann. The ball passed
through R bon'a left hand in twr
plaoea and entered his left breast
below the heart.
The in j cured boy wen ton home qut
was later removed to the sanator
ium where he underwent ah Xray
examination after wuioh the bul
let was extrioted. His injuries
are not hop?d4o rssult fatally,
though they are serious.
It is said that Rabon, andin faot
eveaal young boys of the oity,
hare heen for some time past
using what was termed toypistoli.
They were in reality capable of
discharging .22 aalibre cartridges
and many women in the seotions
where these pistols had been used
weres quite frequently terrorii d
- Otto Foreman aud Mrs. Marv
Wallit, both of this cVy, we t
married last Friday in Petersburg,
Va , at whioh plaos they will go
to housekesping.
Mist Elizabeth Keeliug MnK3n
sie, oldest daughter c f Dr: W. U .
MoKei zie aud the lute Mrs Aliot
Oaldwell MoKei-zia, aud Petfr
Ambrose Walleub ro were marriil j
last Saturday ' after aoon in bt.
Luke's Fpisoopal Ghucoh by Rev
area W. Way, fastor of the
onurob. The ceremouy was wit
Qehed by only near relatives.
Immediately after the marriage
the ooaple motored cut to Booi.e e
Cave, where they were tendered a
sumptuous dinner by the member
of the Boone's Gave Club. Th
bride is a resident of this phce
Mr. Walle born is a native of Chi
cago but has been in Salisbury
for the past few yoars. They will
40 to housekeepingon Wst B ikhei
cae of Catarrh
cared by Hall's
Reward ior auy
that cannct be
Catarrh Cure.
F J. CHENEY & Oc. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, bae
known FJ. Cheney for "the last
15 year', nd believe bim perfect
y honorable i all us nesstraiiB
actions and fiuaicially able to
carry out any obligation made
by bis firm.
National Bank of Commnce To
ledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken in
ternally, aoticg directlv upon the
blood and mucous surface! of tbe
system Testimonials fLt free.
Prioe 75 cqnts per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills fcr
The Strong Withstand the Heat of
u Summer Better Than the Weak
Old people who are feeble, and younger
people who are weak, will be strengthened
end enabled to go through the depress
ing heat of summer by taking regularly
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It purifies
and enriches the blood and builds up
tXao wnoie system, sue.
Rheumatic Ptin Stepped.
The drawing of muioles, tbe
soreness, stiffness and agonizing
pain of rheumatism quick y yield
to Sloan's Liniment. It stimu
la tee circulation to the painful
part. Just apply as directed to tbt
ore spots. Iu a short time tbe
pain gives way to a tingling sei
aa icn of comfort and warmth.
Here's proof L have had won
derful relief since 1 used vonr lin
iment on my knee. To thinb on"
application gave relief. Sorry I
havn't space to tell you the his
tory. Thanking you for what
your remedy h9s don for me "
JameB S Fergusou, Phihda, P1.
Sloan's Liniment kills pain. 25c
at Druggiits.
Ma 16. Wheat and oats will
be short in this community.
There will be an ice cream sup
jttt at-M.LOvecash'i store Satur
day night, May 20th, by Luther
Overoash. Everybody is cordially
invited to oomeout.
There will be preaching at Reck
Grove Oburoh Sunday, May 21. at
11 a. m. Rock Grove has a fioe
Sunday school. A large crowd
was present-last Sunday.
W. A. Sbuipng has staited hii
roller mill again.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L, Overcasb
visited at B. M Detl'i Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nash of
Kannapolis, visited atM, A. Over
cash's Sunday.
Radle Castor went to Kannap
olis Monday to work in the mill .
We hope he will like it fine.
Karl Baiinger visited home f elks
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Boitian and
C. R. Williams and family visited
M. A. Overoash's Sunday .
Miss Emma Bosfc visited Luth
er at Ovescash's Sunday.
I think we will have good roads
now. The work is going on now.
Tes Oabolina Watohmak is
ftbliihad on Wednesday and Tax
Braix Rboobd on Friday of tiefa
Wtlk and, so far as news and
tCZfies) ia concerned, admirably
tSlWtri tha purpose of a semi
weekly. They give you ,all tbe
ccocty news, specially prepared
f e r thair readers, condensed so
thai you can get the facts witta
cut haying to wade through ool
Itt&a of ohildish prattle, and ar
H&ftdftO that you can read the
httaanaws at a glance, which r
gif n net only the preference but
eoirattly. These things, in addi
tioft tt the faot that it is a home
B.t?lper, owned by home peo
plft toploys home people and
tasds for a square deal for home
pacfltf ftgardless of loss or gain,
aboild aaase svery loyal son of
thtmaty to make it his busintu
ta CTlcxifca fcr them first iait
Every "Woman Wants
DiMehred in water for douches stop
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
nation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co, for ten years.
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
ore throat and sore eyes. Economical.
ISunUFrM. 50a. all Jmnutt, or portDud far
hp Quinine That Does Not Affect The
cause of its tonic and laxative effect. l.AXA
1IVE BROMO QUININE is better than ordinal
nine and does cot cause nervousness noi
vg in aeacL &enember the full name anc
tor uw tjfratwe ef e. ovs. 2.
Misi Annie Bright Crcxton, a
sister of Mrs Hayden Clement of
this oity, 'died Sanday at St
Gary's hripftal, Rochester, Minn
Death followed an operation for
high blood measure.'
JeBse Morgan died last Sunday
t hit house in Cleveland from the
effects of tuberculosis, from which
he bad been a sufferer for several
months. He is survived by a wife
and two children and was a broth -rof
Rev. 0. I. Morgan, a well
known Lutheren miniBW.
rr m
Newest, quickest tram
to Texas!
Leaves Memphis 9:30 p. m.
Arrives Dallas 1 1 : 1 5 a. m.
Arrives Ft. Worth 1 2:50 noon
The only line operating
solid trains between
Memphis and Texas
Cotton Belt Route all the way:
no change of cars, no tnisslns
connection. Morning train
leave Memphis 9:40a.m. Train
from the Southeast connect at
Low Fares
to 1 exa. (Louisiana
and New Mexico.
H. H. Sutton.
Dist. Pass. Agent,
109 W. 9th Street.
vae ab. m
- Bsd Fire Id 6reefisboro.
i ne ivic Auoo-luJtui U' vifeet,
boro 'waa mined ' by u'fire Thu
day afternoon, sayB the News.,:
While the fire was in progreti
at the hotel other Alarms came in
The net 'v -result wae that thp
hc roa of C. W. Gold wai barbed ;
a reardeuoe' owTed by V:ctcr M -
Adoa was I timed th
f Will McOoimick
half desHyed, and a barn wf
was burned. J All these building4
io diff rent localities, whioh mad? ;
the circumstance unusual, if no
suspioiousi.v v .
Origin ,of fires not. . known.
Loss partially covered by insor
Tbroe pwple were hurt whi!
fighting fire a6 the hctel. Or?
man fell tbtee stories end esoapti
wih a igbt injnrif p.
NatiCB. Auy retjuiar euscri er xf
I he Cahoiina Watchman oi
Rowan Rkccbd may oe tnia ool
umh Vrithout cost tor ai mocii
a ter-liu local ft r wo week's a
a time. If you cave anything
you want to eel i f r exctaugt
write it out id a tew word6as poe
ihle and lend or bring K to. thi
ffice. This will prove of greet
Advantage to the farmers of thu
BctiMi if tabf advantage . of .
Ubwm Notices free fcf tb friei..
and patrons or Thb Watchman
and Rscobo-. Call nd g-t them..
For Sale 760 acres of land rea?
Piueburet, on Saud clay road
a; d oi; mile of itasion Addres
E H MilUr, Salisf u' v. N . C.
Fouitcn ra.n Killed in Powd-r Explosion
GibbBtown N J
I dait fourteen menwere killed anr
about 30 injured tday in a terrifi
explosion at tb Reparjco plant of
tbe DaPout Powder Comrpny,
uearhtr. Tbe I latt ocenred in
th building in wh cb trinitroto
luol, known generally 88 "T. N.
T." is mai ufaoturd ar d wrecked
that structure and three others.
The cause of the explosion ac
oording to ofiicials of tbe oompacy.
any DtfVer be ascertained as ell
those Relieved t bavj 1 eeu in tbe
building wbf re fhe fi-st cxploeion
ocenrred are dead.
"T. N T.,: is not considered a
exoiceive risk atd cfirpi
officials believe thst it caught flrr
before exploding. This, blast
causd a near building in vhicb
uitro bei zol i ma-factored, t'
blow up.
.''We are paying 85a per pcui:
'or butter fat delivered at m
creamery at Greensboro. We are
pecialh anxious for shipments
of cream testing 3Q per cent, or
better, lljilimited cutlets for
mtter. Wri'e ns if vintarestpd
Carolina Oeamery Oo.'Griens-
or-) N C.
VtttW 1. At 0f Sab A qusutity of bay Ap
may iu n , t u : o,: i
Ith for
412 L'
colxj 8t.ret, Salisbury
P If You Don't Trade with , us We both Loose.
One of the Belk's Ghin of 13 Big Stores That
do the Business We leep tho Goods the
e Uant ane Meed. Jill Priced Very
Reasonable this is the (lain Reason
always find BelEs Stores Busy.
; New Millinery.
Btvlish Millinery and priced cheap
Children's bats 25c, 48c and 98o
Ladis trimmed Hats real pr-tty
a. d very itylmh
For only, $1.25, $1 .50 and Up.
Oome hre for your shoes any kind
you want, and we'll make it to Your in
terest as well as to ours.
Salisbury, N. C.
Sill V3'lntr Any one wanting sur
. v'eying done aoourttely and
promptly, map making, drawing
deed, or tbe service of s justice
A the peace, should write, 'phoi e
r can on f. u isarncarat, crnn-
ty surveyor, rural Nr. 8 8alis
? ory, N . C. 'ph'rne Faith, No.
For Sale S cond hand Piano grain
reader in .rood oondition. Price
50 J A Fesperman, R D No.
Salisbury, N 0.
Money to Loan on Real Estate Secnr
7 iy. John L Reud'eman, at
ximey. Salisbury, N 0
FOf Sale ---A few bushels of fine
jelloW Learning seed corn, deep
grain and small red cob Very
nice seed corn. Specially sb cted
and hand shelled. Pec 45c, bn
80o, 1 bu. $1 50. G. 8 Williams,
Route No. S4 Salisbury, N. C
For Sale One Percheon mare and
colt, or will tradt for automo
bile T E. Webb, route 8, 8alif
bnry, N. 0.
ShepilOid PUPS. Two full blooded
Eughsh Shepherd female pups
for sale T. 8 Kincaid, No 5,
8alisl ury, N 0.
Peoples' lialioDaJ Bank
Salisbury, N.O.
Does General Banking Business;
posits. Interest payable every 8 mo&tha
Prompt at ten ion given to any busi
cess entrusted ta us. .
Tour business solicited.
Peoples National Donfx
Jofen 8. Henderson, J. D. ITarwood,
president; . V ' .eashler.
D. L. Gaskill , W. T. Bosbv, .
V-f wsidiit. Aa st. eashler
Will Surely Sfon That Cijq!v
For Forty Years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Has Been
Woman's Most Reliable Medicine
Here is More Proof.
To women who are suffering from some form of
woman's special ills, and have a constant fear of breaking
down, the three following letters ought to bring hope :
North Crandon, Wis. "When I was 16 years
old I got married and at 18 years I gave birth to
twins and it left me with very poor health. I could,
not walk across the floor without having to sit
down to rest and it was hard for me to keep about
and do my work. I went to a doctor and he told
me I had a displacement and ulcers, and would
have to have an operation. This frightened me so
much that I did not know what to do. Having
heard of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
I thought I would give it a trial and it made me as
Well fl.S PVPr. T r-minnf act
TV IV J ssjj.avu kJ..j t iiUUil 111 ICt V Vi, Ui IX-LU
iTiMiliain remedies." Mrs. Mayme Asbach, North Crandon, Wis.
Testimony from Oklahoma.
Iffton, Okla. When I began to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
VeRto4?i? c?mPmid 1 seemed to be good for nothing. I tired easily
and had headaches much of the time and was irregular. I took it again
before my little child was born and it did me a, wonderful amount of
at that time. I never fail to recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to ailing women because it has done so much
for me. Mrs. A. L. -McCaslaind, 509 Have St., Lawton, Okla.
From a Grateful Massachusetts Woman.
Roxbury, Mass. "I was suffering from inflam
mation and was examined by a physician who found
that my trouble was caused by a displacement.
My symptoms were bearing down pains, backache,
and sluggish liver. I tried several kinds of medi
cine; then I was asked to try Lydia E. Finkham's
Vegetable Compound. It has cured me and I am
pleased to be in my usual good health by using it
and highly recommend it." Mrs. B. M. Osgood,
1 Haynes Park, Roxbury, Mass.
J?. y.u want special advice write to Lvdia
ii rintnam Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Your
letter win be opened, read and answered by a woman and held
in strict confidence
For the man who wants sum
mer comfort.
Our Stock is Complete at
5'to mi-B0
i - '
We call your special atten
tion to the wonderful
suit values we offer
this season,
suits of exceptional
quality, materials and
expert workmanship f or
Young Men
if you are looking for a
suit with real style lines
we haye some wonderful
models at
$I0,$I 2 50,$I5
A dandy big black felt, light in
weight and low in i r'ce
Greatest under wear
values ever offered.
PiTe 25CGarment
Don't fail to look over onr stock of straw hats for. "Men and Boys" before
buying (IT'S A TREAT.)
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00.
alisbury Charlotte and Greensboro.

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