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A Home Newspaper Published in the Interest of the People and for Honesty in Governmental Aitairs.
Ciij Allefifl Meet TjjMflV
Geraiai Sncosefl in Tating Trenci Bis HrovflGreets fimim.
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TiHltllinv0if6it Is Steadilj Becomieg
Uiri Siriiis.lopwtiot Positions Captored
BffJin, May 32 Via wirele&8.
IUliaD have bean driveu
frotribeir eutire position oo Lava
roDiiat9aat the Austrian War
OffidtfiauuDuucemeot today iid.
It imitated that the Iialiant de-
iai steadily becoming more
Th Austrian lines hart
feedforward rapidly, sv-
rarradditional positions of strata
gio Icipoctanoe having been oap-vt
tarid' The number of Italians
b; ii'iiut er are is a to iiv-
ieeftjbcreased t j 28 883
'The Italian defeat on the
oafojrn Tyrolean froi.t is cer
taioll becoming more serious.
An lilaok of the Grax Crps on
Lafarone - p'atao vas atecded
with complete sacoees. The eiu
Ukf wit driven from his entire no
ltion., Oar troup captured
lUndrioior Fima atd the height
immediately. west cf the frontier
fronY"the stimmit as far as the As
toeh, Valley.
Tht'- troops of Grown Prinoe
Oharlea "Frauois Joseph reached
the Monte TormmoMonte Majo
Jine. t
''Since the beginning of the of
ftniifir 58883 ' Italian, among
whom are 482 officers, have been
eftptpced by as. Toe number of
oannoni taken has been increased
tr 172
Atiitrii auuonncemeut cf sno
eeaa n the Tyrolean front was do
MriteL:diplQmafea friendly to
tha.Oe&tral PJwers tonight as be
ipg of the otmost strategical , im
poriajnoe. It wis stated thv the
drivecver the mountains or. re
giouiion the Tylrol Italian hnrt
4 idgf facoo m pi isha d under most
diflit eonditions bad for its ul
timate' objective the cutting of
aha I railroads in. Deuetia the
uortbsast raeck of Italy and then
pressing on to (he Adriatio-to cut
ofT VTsrge nnmber of Italian
troops now operating within the
neck which is surrounded on the
frontier by Tyrol, Cari ithia and
Tne Austrian cf&oial statement
of today indicated that Austrian
trcopsj liftlready had crossed the
Italiati frontier. The line between
Hoorit Tarmirio and Monte Majo,
whi4 is said to have been reached
by tha troops cf the Austrian
Oiown Prince would carry the of
fensive within Italian territory.
Uorit Majo is 18 kilometers
outhwest of Monte Tormino.
Tharoperations against Mandri-
lo and the heights west to the
As tac Valley also were regarded
as being o f great importanoa.
They indicate the diplomats Baid
lhat aabfther large fore a of Aus
trian! Iroopi is driving to the
south. - Mandriolo is about 85
kilomsters southwest of Trent.
The Aftaoh Valley, mentioned in
the i taiemtntr is. preiumtid to be
the valley of Asta, immediately to
tht west of Mandriolo.
, Rheumatic Pain Stopped.
The idrawing of musoles, the
soreneslt, stiff ness - and agonizing
pain of rheumatism qaickly yield
to Sioao's Liniment. It stimu.
latei iroaiation to the painful
pari, just apply as directed to the
torsi Spots, jltra short time the
pain gives way to a tingling sen
saiion of comfort and warmth.
Hsrai'j?roof '"I-have had won
derful relief since I used your lin
iaant 6n my,kcee. To t hin I; on
appliQatiop gave relief. Sorry I
havntlpace to tell you the his
tory.- Thaukinf yon for what
yout remedy has done for me " 6 Ferguson, Phihda, P'.
81oau(if Liniment kills piu. 25c
at Druggiits.
fiiorgU Peach Crop Estimated at 3.550
-it- 'ir'
Atlanta, OiM May 21 It is es
tim'ated by the Georgia Fruit
Excilpge that the peach crop in
this gijte will be about 8 550 cars.
Teriildry north of Atlanta will
sutfft&bjpBt 850 cars and south of
of 2tUnta about 8 200 cars. This
ts auofe 10Q0 oars less than last
What Catholics ire Doing to put Themselies
io Control of fiowments.
Haven't we been told that Cath
olics are loyal to the government
they are under? And were net
the Irish the most loyal of all peo
ple? What about the fine preach
ment by a certain Mr. Scott in St.
Lou a, und9r the pay ct th
Knights of Columbus? And was
not' the tbeme of his discourse
"Peace"? And it was Bark Occh
ran who spoke on peace in Chicago
to a mixed audience of Protes
tants, Mason9r Jews, and distin
guished citcze. s . ,
Now it appears that Irish papists
have bes i raising mouey. a hun
dred thousand dollars, it was re
ported, to promote an Irish Ro
man Catholic rebellion on the
It is suspected, too. and has
be9n f reefy charged, that, papists
can not be loyal to any gover
nment, unless that goverment bows
its knee to the pope. This fact
has not on y been manifested in
the uprising in Ireland and sus
tained by the Irish of America,
bat is demonstrated by the Boman
Oatholio plct against the republio
of Mexico, headed by Felix Oias.
All this has happened since Pres
ident Wilson requested that Amer
iotns restrain themselves in
speech a :d aotion so as to give no
offense to the wardistraoted na
tions. We now know what would hap
ben hruld this nation become in
volved in war with the pope's sub
jects, "We are Catholics first,
then Americans," said the St
L uu vVestern Watchman (Oath-
olio). Wore than that, for as
soon as the oocfliot is on, Rame
would begin to bargain with our
foe to seoare pledges ot help to
ob tain temporal power and polit
ical recognition. It is more than
suspected that this is the oase in
Europe, as the powers have been
nc titled that the pope would he
glad to reoeive diplomats to talk
orer matters relative to the pope's
temporal schemes with offers on
his part to serve the interest of
the contending nations when
peace is negotiated.
The attitude of the revolution
ists in Ireland, their topes and
aim, are set forth in their pro
clamaticn issued in Dublin at the
outbreak of the reyolt. The last
paragraph readsjas follows:
' Hiving partly perfected their
discipline and resolutely waited
for the right moment to reveal it
sslf, she now seizes that moment
and, supported by her exiled chil
dren in America and by her gal
lant allies in Earops, but relying
on her own strengt she strikes in
full confidence of victory."
The pitiful thing about this
abortive revolt is that neither the
pope, biihopior priests, who. must
hate known all aboat it, made
any attemptrby authority or advice
to prevent so disloyal an under
taking. By so much is made dear
the attitude of the papal church,
ar.d the after folly of relying on
its patriotism or loyalty. Rev;
Theodore 0. Walker
A FamUySCougb Syrup .
Can be made by mixing Pine-Tar,
Aoonite, Sagar, Hyosoyamus, Sas
safras, Peppermint, Ipeoic, Rhu
barb, Mandrake, Capsicum, Muri-it-i
Araonia, Honey and Glycerine.
Tt is pleasant, healir g and sooth
ing, raises th phlegm and gives
almost instant relief. For con
venience of those who prefer not
to fnsB. it is supplied ready made
in 25o bottles under name of Dr.
Bell's Piue-Tar-Hot ey. Can be
hsd at your druggist. Insitt on
gettiug Dr Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey
and see that the formula is on the
Baptists' Make Record.
Asheville, May,-21, The 1916
Southern Biptist Convention,
which com8 to a class tomorrow,
has hid the largest attendance in
it's history, according to figures
given t ut here tonight by it's sec
ret trial, whioh showed that: 2,125
delegates have registered since the
eessnns opened Wednesday last.
The largest previous attendance
I was 1,980.
New Bond Mosey Deposited in Banks at 4
Percent. Much Other Business.
A special session of the board
of aldermen was held at the city
hall last Thursday night. The
eleotion c-f city policemen was
scheduled to take pi see but as
there were 'two members of the
board absent, G orge A Fisher
and J, D. Norwood, this matter
was put off until a latr date, I ut
it will be dieptsed of before the
first of June.
W. F. Kelsey, colored, pre
sented a ohait together with re
commendations by colored citi
zens for a si'e for the new school
building t' be eTected for oolored
children. Three places were rs
commended, -these being Jersey
City, corner Oriige and West
Streets, and on Loyd Street He
was reformed that the aldermen
would give these looations con
sideration. A letter was read from Manager
Hole of the Public Service Com
pany stating that this company
was resdy to proceed with its part
of the work in the pavit g of West
Oounoil Street from Jackson to
The aotion of the firemen in
regular meeting in the election of
officers of the fire department was
endorsed upon presentation of the
list of offtoers elected. They are:
W.A. Brown chief; P. A Hartline,
assistant chief; Harry Glover,
and Baldy Miller, drivers.
The purchase of 500 feet of hose
far the fire department was order
ed at once. This was done upen
request of Alderman H. E. Rufty,
chairman of the fire o:mmittee,
who stated th't the compary was
short several hundred feet of hose
as required uader the insuranoe
' In accordance with a call issued
some days ago several b'ds were
reoeived for the paving of West
Oounoil Street from Jackson to
Caldwell. These were opened bat
no awards were made on aoocunt
of the absence of Chairman Fish
er of the steeet committee.
It was stated by City Engineer
Webb that the oitv oould do this
paving for about II 10 per square
yard, but that a larger tnixr
would be needed. The city is said
to be in need of a lsrger machine
of this kind anyhow.
Chairman D. A. Beaver of the
building committee stated that he
had looked over several sites for
the new sohool building to be erect
ed in the western or scuthwestern
part of the city. Among these
was one near the Seoond Presby
terian Churoh, fronting on four
streetB. Several sites have also
been viewed on or near North
Main Street in the vicinity of
Porter's store for the looation of
another new sohool building. The
board was of the opinion that
options ba taken on a number of
sites for these various school
buildings and that the entire
board of aldermen go oat some
afternoon tn a body and look them
The sewer committee reported
that the work of going over the
territory for the proposed sewer
extensioLS wss now in progress.
The overhead in that section of
the oity hall occupied by the fire
horses was ordered ceiled.
Alderman J. Ft Ludwick of the
police commit' ee, presented an
other resolution to abolish the of
fioe of captain of police and make
the salary of the head effioer of
the foroe $85 alio that the pa
trolm in showing the best record
aooording to bis reports to date,
be made sergeant. This motion
was seconded by Alderman J. E.
Hennessee, also of the polio com
mittee, but the metier was earned
ever until the eleotion of polios
takes place.
Hn election of eiay r.ffioials was
held and mult-id as follows: J.
D Norwood mayor pro-tsm; T.
H. VaLderford, Jr., city attorney;
J. vv. Webb, oity engineer and
building inspector; M. A. Shank,
superintendent cf cemeteries ; 8.
L. MoOanlsss, superintendent of
Stmts, w
The $200,000 bond money, vot-
Found to 6iY8 Protection lo Direct Exposure
to tfc Disease. .
The effioaof af typhoid vaooica
tion as a means of rendering im
munization totyphoid fever has
again been tested This time it
was by the health department of
New York city. .According to fig-
area gtvenf oujrby that depart'
ment, 8 101 persons had been di
reotly exposed to this disease and
only 534 of tbefnumber 'accepted
the immnniziugHreat.mM.t, receiv
ing two or three'dosei . This left
a remainder of 7,567 who either
refused to become immuniziid rr
reoe yed the firftJ.d.ose. only ; . Of
the 584 who tooJJhe immunizing
treatment, not oria contracted ty
phoid fever, bufctf the 7 567 who
did not take thejtreatmeu 161
or over 2 p- r oentf ook fever .
"These figures' says the State
Board of Health? reveal se veral
interesting facts regarding anti-typhoid
vaccination, In the first
place, they strickingly show to
what degrees vaccination, three
oomplete doses, is'a protection in
3ase of direot expesare to typhoid
Not one of the number exposed
who took the three treatments
took the disease. In the seoond
plaoe, il shows to what ixtent
vaccination may. prevent institu
tional outbreaks; or epidemics, of
typhoid ; and again, it all the more
emphasizes the importaut point
that if vaccination will protect
where infeotion is known to
how much more it ;will protect
from insidious carrierjkand where
lnfeotien is not knjwii to exist.
"While it is exceedingly advis
able", says the Board, 4t to be
vaooinated against this disease cn
having .bsazoi2'io1jU.-jpr &
ing where the infection is likely
to be met, as on vacation tours or
outing expositieni, it is all the
more advisable to ba vaooinated
as a general precaution and as a-
nother form of life insuranoe.
Thenumterof the typhoid car
risrs have proved to be many and
no man can spot them till after
they have done their work."
President Visits D.vidson College
The visit of President and Mrs.
Wilson to Davidson College Satur
daj afternoon caused great gratifi
cation among the friends of that
institution. Naturally, the David-
sonians are very proud that the
oollsge numbers amojg its former
students so distinguished a world
statesman, and the reoorgnition
given by this visit proves that
there is nothing mythical about
this relationship and that David
son nss an aciding place in the
insmory and in the affection of
President Wilson. The decision
to go to Davidson did not oome
altogether as a surprise, but was
most pleasing.
Keep Ytur SkJa CI ear and Healthy.
There is only one way to have a
dear, health complexion and that
is to keep the bowels active and
regular. Dr. King's New Life
Pills will make your complexion
healthy and clear, move the bow
els gently, stimulate the liver
cleanse the system and purify the
blood. A splendid spring medi
cine, zoo at your limes ist .
ed some time, ago, has been receiv
sd and the disposition of this
money until it is all expended,
was taken up. This money will
draw interest at the rate of 4 per
sent, in fact it is said to have
been doing this sinoe the first of
May. Oa account o' w'shing to
save any additional expense it
was decided that the money will
not go through the city clerks
hands as this would necessitate an
additional bond from that cffioial
and this would cost the city some
thing like $1000, The money
has been deposited in the various
banks of the oity. It was voted to
deposit $10,000 with the Morris
Bank, $80 000 with the Wachovia
Bank, $30,000 in the Salisbury
Back & Trust Co., $80,000 in the
Davis & Wiley Bank and the re
mainder to be divided squally
among the other city banks.
Deatflr Battles Progressing Between Ene
mies, Etfectiie Work Beiog Bona
Paris, May 21.-The battle for
possession of important' strategic
position on the Verdun fron
west of the Meuse River contin
ued, with unabated severitj last
night. The "French War Offioe
aunounctd this afternoon that the
Germans, although repulsed in
mos'. of their attemps succeed d
in captnaing a firs v line trench on
Dead Man Hill and gaininggrennd
on the slopes west cf the bill.
The official communication to
night reads :
' On the left 1 ank of tbe Meuse
the battle col tinned firoely all
dsy on the fiont between Avocourt
wood end . the Meuse. Iu the
neighborhood of the road frcm
Ssnes to. Hancour sn attac
lauached by our troops permitted
us to occupy two German t enoh
es. A small work winch tn ene
my occupied May 18, south of Hill
237, was entirely spattered by i r
"Immediately east of tho Hill
804 the enemy delivered against
our positions an attack which af
ter momentarily penetrating our
first line trench, was driven back
"On the slopes west to Lemort
Homme a violent cffnsive aotiop
ca'iied out by an enemy brigade
wts stopped by the fire of our
machine guns and by our counter
attacks. ''Enemy grenade oolumus whioh
followed the assacltiLg wives
wete takn under the fire of our
batteries and . were obliged to fall
badk .
'Pn the right hank of th;e
Meuie the artillery struggle was
very violent Jtl th?J jsotf :
Douaumont our troops in a spirit
ed attack captured the HaudrsU
mont quarries which had been
strongly organize! by the enemyr
We took 80 prisoners nnd four
machine guns.
"There were intermittent ar
tillery aotion on the rest of the
Berlin. May 21. Via London.
More than 1,800 French including
81 offioers; 16 maohine guns and
eight cannon were captured in a
new German assault on the Ver
dun front in the region of Drad
Man Hill, the War Office annonn
eed today. The statement says
the German lines were advanced
on the south and southwest slopes
of the hill. The communication
is as follows:
"Western front on the south
and southwest slopes qf Dead Man
Hill oar lines were advanced after
effective artillery preparation.
Thirty one officers and lt815 tnen,
were taken prisoner and in addi
tion ts other war material, 16 guns
and eight cannon were captured.
Minor oounter-attaoks by the ene
my were abortive.
"East of the Menss:
"It has been ascertained that
the Frenoh attack with hand gre
nades in Callstte wood on the
night of May 20 was repulsed.
There was no infautry aotion at
this point. The firing on both
sides at times was very violent.
Minor expeditions west of Beau
mont and south of Gondrexen
were successful.
Lams Back
Lame baok is usually due to
rheumatism of the musoles of the
baok. Hard working people are
most likely to suffer from it. Re
lief may be had by massaging the
back with Chamberlain's Lini
ment two or three times a day.
Try it. Obtainable everywhere.
Circus Li opaid Eats Dog.
PottstowuPa , May 21 Visi
tors to the Lukens Wild Animal
Cirous at the carnival being held
by the Kmpire Hook and Ladder
Company were given a thrill last
night, wben a eavageoung-leopard
shot cut its Daws between the
iron bars of its cage and polled in
a $100 Eikimoerfoiming dog.
Attaohes with iron bars tried to
save the little canine, but in a
twinkling the leopard uad made a
meal of a gocd portion of it, and
it was tome time before the fero-
cious beast could be subdued.
Mr. Wilson oo wiito Ciiiriotte Makes
BiUf Talk DorlB? Stop Hera.
A tremendous orowd of people
gathered about the looal Southern
passenger station last Saturday
morning to greet President Wil
son, who was scheduled to make a
ten micute stop here oa his way
to Charlotte to attend the big cel
ebration there Saturday. There
pro! ably never has been pssted
through Salisbury an engine equal
in decorations and attractiveness
to the one whioh pulltd the Presi
dent's spscial thr uh this oity.
The veteran engineer W A. Kis
ziab was at the throttle and is
said to hve considered it a big
honor to" all w h.m to haul tbe
President from Uptnoer to Char
lotte. Mr. Wilson was acot mpjnied
by his wife, wheno, hs Siid was
8orijfco etix ouid not be seen at
tats tiro. rlBrn were ma ly oth
er prominent man in t,h nartt
c J I
hich included Senator Lee 3.
v - i . .. jeurvof the Navy
Jjae-fihug Dii!h1s and his aide,
J mnr d3.r Wur zbaugh, besides
the President's , hjtioiau, secret
service men and a party ot prom
meut uewsp -p t mcu.
When it appeared that the Pres.
ident was not going to talk Sena
tor Oretman urged him to say
something. This canted him tc
begin a talk whioh as 'later out
short by the pulling out of the
train. A number of people got
an opportunity to shake bauds
with Mr. Wilson daring the brief
time he was not speaking. When
the speotal stopped hexd oo its re
turn to Washington there waB an
other b;g crowd at the stitiou
i-?P' did A cot sh;r
- : . -r tVT .
Whooping Cough
i "When my daughter had whoop,
ing cough she coughed so hard at
t)ne time that she had hemorrhige
of the lungs. I wss terribly
alarmed about her condition. See
ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
so highly recommended, I got
her a bottle and it relieved the
dough at once. Before she had
finished two bottles of this rems
dy she was entirely well," writes
Mrs. S. F. Grimes, Orooksville,
Ohio . Obtainable everywhere.
Arkansas Yallay Will Skip 1,750 Cars of
Fort Smith, Ark., May 21.
This territory promises a normal
orop of Red Bliss or Triumph pd
totoes this season. Tha move
ment will begin about June 10 and
will last about 10 days to two
weeks. The stand is exceptional
ly good in the Fort Smith distriot
and copious raina on May 15 will
make the orop. The fields are in
a good state of cultivation and
the spring weather, all through,
has been such that No. 1 stock
wil prevail in the shipments from
this section of Arkansas Surer
Valley. Owing to damage to the
Texas crop and tin present high
prices prevailing for Louisiana
spuds of $1.50 to $1.75 per 1 ushel
the growers in this locality have
reason to expect good prices for
this year's orop. They figure that
the markets shruld open here at
$1.25 p9r bushel or better.
Don't Was;a Another Oar.
When you are worried by back
ache; By. lameness and urinary dis
orders Dn't experiment with an un
tried medicine.
F ollqw Salisbury people's exam ple.
Use Doan's Kidney Pillg.
Here's Salisbury testimony.
Verify it if you wish:
Mrs. M. 8 Brown, 580 N. Wain
St., Salisbury, says: '-I had kid
any and bladder trouble for sev
eral years and was in a very bad
way. Since taking Down's Kid
ney Pills, procured at Pinmmer's
Drug Stor I have bad very little
trouble.' As soon as I notice any
kiduey disorder, I take Doan's
Kidney Pills apd they briog satis
factory reaultSr"
Price 50o, at all-dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the
ter-llirhurn Od-i Props:, Buff alo,
New York,
BtfthJartiis Rata Strong1 Candidim Oat "
for all CeBntj.Offices. " "
The members of the Rowan
County Board f-E4etions, com
posed of E. m Gregory, chairman- &
0. H. Mon.tejomeryi secretary, and
0 E. Mi Is, held a meeting, en
Monday for the purpose of, ascer-
taming the number and names of .
candidates fcr the various pountj ,
offices on the Damocrstio and Be
rnblican tickets to be at 1
the primsriea on June 8rd: alaor to
arrange for having tickets priojsd '
ma asses d to other mattera ner-f
taming to the coming primary
elections. The cffioial i ist uf can
didates as handed in to the elao-
tion board is as follows : : , .
State Senate, Stable Linn
Hoas3 Ripreseqtativ. Waltap
Morphy, R J Holmes. W O Oontfh.
enour, Osqar H PhiJlipa
Judge County Court. T G Vmr.
R Lee Wright
Proseouting Attorney. L A
Swloegood ,
Sheriff, J H Krider
Register Deeds, J C Deaton
Treasurer, J C Keslr
Auditor, E B Niavs, Jr
County Surveyor, N A Trailer.
PC Bernhardt
Ooron r, H B Lenta, D L Sidss
Justice Peace, Salisburv Town-.
ship, B. F Oauble, W; L Bay
uounty Commissioners, , L M
Lippard, J 8 Hall, L A, Kesler, H -O
Trott. A M Bice, O Ji Barge F
u ratterson, W D Graham, P A,
nartman, K E Grav. N Whit.
Memui, O J Fleming, Wm Kester
Senate, A H Price
House, AM Miller. J M L Lv
Sheriff, W E Russel, Jao A
Menius, J B Yost, H G Elmore
Register Deeds, H C Boeak. J
Will Proctor
Treasurer, W H Hobson, T A
Auditor, L L Smith
Coroner, W A Foglemtn
Judge Rowan Court, Jno L Ren
dleman Proseonting Attorney. J M Wag ,
Connty Commissioners, Charles
P. Shaping, O P Foster, A B rJdil.
ler, M A Stirswalt, John;H Frickj
C M Fisher. J 8 Campbell, OL
Heilig, J H Hobson, P N Trexler,
M G M Fisher
Surveyor, A L Lyerly.
The following names have been
declared nominees by. th-board of
elsotioja' at ita meeting Motid4y :
A H Pric.eA M Miller, J M L
Lyerly, L L Smith, W'A igle
man, J L Rendleman, J M Wag
goner and A L Lyerly on the Re
publican ticket; and
E B Neave, L A Swiotgood, J
H Krider, J 0 Deaton, J 0 Kesler,
Stable Linn, B F Caubie and W
L Bay on the Democratic
Roiorses Tonnessjo Goirt li Coqi Cola
Washington, May 22-$he
supreme court to4y reversed
the decision f tli'iiiee
federal courts, which refused
to confiscate oa the petition
of the government forty fer
rels of coca-cola aft violating
the federal pure food law and
sent the case back for presen
tation to a jury. Jo determine
wheather caffeine contained
i n cocacola is injurious t o
Justice Hughes, for the
unanimous court, said that
the Tennessee courts had
erred, in deciding that. . no
poisonious articles could -by
"added"to a proprietary fjpod
composed ot ingrad i oq t a
brought together . by rp a n
within the meaning' of jt,he
pure food aw which declared
to be adulterateb any product
withjt'addediious ojrjn
jurious ingrdjtiti" Juice
Hughes sad thpro visiont of
the sjatue Eere somewhat
incongruous, but fnat itas
evidehV'aded' 1 Jrija a R t
'artifiMallir ffiro1drieed.,, -

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