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mrv i n
Gfl eff Ike Scrap Heap
Lift Like Machinery, will Last Longest
When Properly Cared far.
If you are forty and thinking of
crawling on the sorap heap, or. if
you are letting the old sge idea
potien yon. causing yon to feel
that the best of yonr life is spent,
yon are doing yourself the in
justice of a lifetime. Unless yoo
hare been a "pig-like human,"
over-fed and underworked, and
have acquired one of these fat,
flabby, bulgy waistlines, in other
words, if you are not "f-rty,
tout," the best of life is yet be
fore yoo.
Even the fat man at forty is
not irreparable if he is still frse
from the onset of degenerative
diseases, snob as hardening of the
arteries, heart -diseases Bright!
disease, etc He may never be
able to liok a Jess Willard or win
an athletic championship for tht
simple reason that he has lived
short on exercise and leng on ap
petite, but by adopting a rational
plan of living, proper diet, exer
cise, rest and freedom from al
coholics and other harmful in
dulgences, he may live twent)
years, thirty or even to be twice
his present age and keep in useful
service. .
To the man that is forty who hat
made moderation in all thing
his rule, life has only well begu.
and fame is still possible. Some
one gives the following examples
as proof that the best things in a
man's life usually come to him
after the age of forty :
E H. Ilarrimau was hardly
heard of before he was forty, and
he begin his great work, the re
organization of the Union Pacific,
at fifty two. Cromwell never saw
an army until be was forty three.
Grant war a clerk in a store at
thirty-inner WoodrtrwrW-ti-s o e
became president of Princeton at
forty-six Sir Will'am Osier him
self would never have been heard
ot if he had died at forty, while
Gladstone did not intrcdooe the
first Home Rule bill until he had
reaohed something like maturity
at seventy-seven.' '
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ache, sharp, darting pains cr uri
nary disorders. The danger of
dropsy cr Bright's disease is toe
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orders. At times my limbs were
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ter Milburn Go., Props., Buffalo,
Do iou Know. That
Kural sanitation a health pro
tection to the city-dweller?
It's foolish to educate a boy ai d
then let him die of typhoid fever?
The U. S. Public Health Servicf
issues a free bulletin on the sum
mer care of infants?
Exercise in the garden is better
than exeroise in the gmnasium?
Clean water, .clean food, oban
houses make clean healthy Amer
ican citizens?
The State ot California has re
duced its typhoid death rate 70
in the past ten years?
Rats are the most expensive an
imals which man maintains?
It is estimated that the average
manure pile will breed 600,000 flies
per ton?
To the Public.
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Iain's Tablets for indigestion for
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Bnssians Lannch General Offensive
Actively Engaged Over Pripet River Front
to Rumanian Frontier, About 250 Miles.
Juue 5. The long-expected gen
eral offensive o f the Russian
against the Teuton Allies seemicg
ly has begun. Both Petrograd
and Vienna report that the Rub
sians are actively engaged over i
front from the Pripet river to the
Roumanian frontier, about 250
The Russians are using large
numbers of guns and men, and ao
cording to Petrograd, have achiev
ed successes on many important
sectors, taking 15,000 prisoners
and man1' suns and destroying or
capturing Teuton positions.
Along the Bess arabian front on
the lower Stripa, and in Volhynis
the Russian attacks have been par
ticularly violent. In the region
of Olvka. in the zone of the Vol
hynian fortress triangle, the Rub
siau guns have heavily shelled a
front of more than 15 miles held
by the Austrian Arohduke Joseph
Around Verdun bad weather his
kept the infantry of both sides in
their trenohes and only bombard
ments have taken place. Around
Vaux and Damloup, northwest of
Verdun, the bombardment on both
sides hag continued while to the
west of the Meuse, the shelling
has been only intermittent.
On the remainder of the front
in France, except around Ypres,
the situation is reported quiet.
About Ypres, however, the Ger
mans and Canadians are continu
ing the violent fighting that has
been in progiees Bince last week
when the Germans captured Can
adian positions whioh later were
re-taken in hand - to - hand and
bombing encounters. Sunda-y the
Germans agtin forced the Caua
dianatc trii?iqulu ;he ouIIl of
recaptured ground, but the latter
are disputing strenuously the ef
forts of the Teutons to oust them
from the remainder of the posi
tions. Vienna reports that the Aus
triaus have made a further ad
vance into Italy in the Cengio
zone. The town of C alcana and
5,000 Italian prisoners, 3 cannon,
11 machine guns and 126 bomb
throwars were captured.
Rome admits the retirement of
the Italians in the Cengic zone,
but says that in the Delgone Val
ley, the Lasrarina Valley end on
the Posino front Austrian attaoks
were repulsed with heavy losses.
In Southern Albania, in the re
gion of Aviona, - the Austrians
have dispersed with their artillery,
Italian detachments operating in
that vicinity,
Stomach Troubles and Constipation.
'I will cheerfully say that
Chamberlain's Tablets are the
meet satisfactory remedy for
stomach troubles and constipation
that I lave sold in thirty-four
years' drug store service," writes
S. H, Murphy, druggist, Wells
burg, N, Y. Obtainable every
where. State Summer School Opens Tuesday,
June 13.
Chapel Hill, June 4, The Uni
versity of North Carolina Summer
Sohool for teachers will open Tues
day, June 18, with an attendance
that bids fair to set a new mark
in North Carolina. The biggest
jump in attendance in the past
was that of last summer when the
total attendance reaohed 731. This
summer, however, there is every
indication that the registration
will reach and pass the 1,000
Bowel Complaints in India
Iu a lecture at one of the Dei
Moines, Iowa, ohurohes a mis
sionary from lodia told of going
into the interior of India, where
he was taken sick, that he had a
bottle Chamberlain's Colio, Chol
era and Diarrhoer Remedy with
him and believed that it saved bis
life. This remedy is used success
fully in India both as a perventive
and oure for cholera. You may
know from this that it can be de
pended upon for the milder forms
of bowel oomplaint that occur in
this country. Obstainable everywhere.
Briliai Moinu Loss 4,000 Seamen
Loss of Life Ib Great Nival Battle of Nsrth
Sea was Frightful.
London, June 8. The latest re
ports from the British fleet, from
uetural vessels which witneBBed
parts of the great naval battle in
the North Sea and from survivors,
cause the British public to believe
that the engagement was not so
near a defeat as at first appeared,
and in no wise a disaster. The
British losses, with all the craft
engaged accounted for, were three
battle cruisers, thres cruisers and
eight destroyers.
The German losses are believed
to have been about toe same
number cf ships, although a muoh
less aggregate of tonnage. British
naval experts maintain that Great
Bntian continues to noid toe su
premacy of the sea by a safe mar
gin and that her enormous navy
could better aflord the losses suf
fered than could the smaller Ger
man establishment. The first re
ports of the heavy Iosb of life, un
happily, have not been revised.
Great Britian mourns for more
than 4,000 of her, best seamen,
and the whole nation is oppressed
with sadness, which is reflected in
the faoas of all the people of Lon
There were some 6,000 men on
the ships which sank, and only a
few hundred have been saved.
The horrors o f modern naval
warfare, far ezoeediug those when
wooden ships fought snd continu
ed to float even when they ceased
to be fighting units, were realized
to their utmost. From five of
the largest shipat-rhich went un
der with a complement of more
than 4,000 men, only seven junior
officers and a few, seamen were
rescued. ,
Rear Admiral The Honorable
dbraca Lambert tivod, second in
command to Vio&r Admiral Sir
David Beatty, and Captains Sow
er by, Cay and Prowde were lost
with many others,; whose nawes
are not yet known because the
government has aot so far issued
any casualty list. There were no
surrenders, and the ships which
went down carried with them vir
tually their whole crews. Only
the Warrior, which was toned
part way from the scene of battle
to a British port, wai an excep
Of some thousand men on the
Queen Mary, only- a oorporal's
guard is accounted for. The same
is true of Invinccble, while there
are no survivors reported from
Indefatigable, the Defense or the
Blaok Prince,
London, June 4. A statement
issued tonigh by the British Ad
miralty, confirming previous ao-
counts of the battle between
British and German fleets, reiter -ates
that the German accounts of
German Ioibbs are false, and that
aitnougn tne eviaence is stiu in-1
1 . 1.1
complete, enough is known to jus
tify stating that the German loss
es were greater than the British
"not merely relatively to the
strength of the two fleets but ab
There is the strongest ground
for believing, says the statement,
that the German losses inolude
two dreadnaught battle cruisers
of the most powerful type and
two of the latest light cruisers in
addition to smaller craft, includ
ing a submarine.
The text of the statement fol
lows :
"Until the oommanderin.chief
hat had time to consult the officers
engaged and write a full dispatoh.
any attempt to give detailed his
tory of the naval engagement
whioh began on the aft6rnocn cf
the twenty-third of May and end
ed in the morning hoars of tbe
first of June, would evidently be
premature. But the results are
quite plain .
"The grand fleet came iu touoh
with the German fleet at 8 :80 on
the afternoon of May 81. The
leading ships of two fleets carried
out a vioious battle m which the
battle cruisers, fast battleships
and subsidiary craft all took an
active part.
The lossts were severe on both
tides but when the main body of
th British fleet came into con
tact with the Gt man high seas
fleet a very brief period suffierd to
compel the latter, who had been
severely punished, to seek refuge
in their protected; waters. This
maneuver was rendered possible
by low visibility ana) .mist and
although the grand fleet were now
4ad then able to ges in a momen- J
tary conflict with tueir opponents
no continuous action was possible.
'The continue the pursuit
until the light had "wholly failed,
while the British dgtroyers were
able to make a successful attacx
upon the enemy during the night.
Meanwhile Admiral Sir Johi.
Jelliooe having driven the enemy
into port, returned' to the main
soene of the action and sooured
the sea in search ofr disabled ves
els. By noon the next daa4 Jane
1, it became evident there waB
nothing more to beLdone. He re
turned, therefore to his bases,
four hundred miles, away, refuel
ed his fleet and in tne evening oi
June 2 was again ready to put to
German Admiralty Repobt.
Berlin, June 2, Via W unless
She text of the German Admiral
ty report, whioh isolated June 1,
"Daring an enterprise direoted
to the , north-ward our. high sea
fleet on May 31 encountered the
main part oi the Eugfish fighting
fleet, which was considerably su
perior to our forces,
During the alterooon between
Skageiak and Horn Hift a heavy
engagement developed which was
sucoesBf ul for us and whioh con
tinued during the uole night.
"In this engagement, so fr as
known up to the present there
were .destroyed by us the large
battleship Warspite, the. battle-
cruisers Queen Mary Indefa
tigered, arkitfV viwyieri'fev
parently of the Achillas type, one
small cruiser, the new flagship of
the destroyer squad ons, the Tur
bulent. Nestor, aud -Aloaster, a
large numb3r of torpedobott de
stroyers aud ore submarine by
observation which was free and
clear of objects, it was stated that
a large number of English battle
ships snffered damage from our
ships and the attaoks oi cur tor
pedoboat flotilla during the day
engagement and throughout the
"Among others, the larg, battle
ship Marlborough was hit by a
torpedo. This was confirmed by
prisoners. Several of our ships
resound parts of the crews of the
snnken English s hips, among
them being two and the only sur
vivors ot the Indefatigable.
"On our side the small cruiser
vVieibaden, b y hostile gnnfire
during the day engagement and
His Majesty's ship Pom mem,
during the night, as the result of
torpedo, were sunk.
"The fate of His Majesty's ship
Frauenlob, which is missing, and
some torpedo-boats, whioh 'have
not returned yet, is unknown.
"The high sea fUet returned to
day (Thursday) into our port.
Odea Sloan' Llnlmsnt Help Rheu
matism. Atk the man who uses it, he
knows. "To think I suffered all
these years when one 25 oent bot
tle of Sloan's Liniment cured me,"
writes one grateful user. If you
have Rheumatism or suffer from
Neuralgia, Backaone, Soreness and
Stiffness, don't put off getting a
bottle of Sloan's. It will give
you suoh weloome relief. It warms
and soothes the sore stiff, painful
places and you feel so much better
Buy it at any Drug Store, only 25
Re-Unions for 1916.
Now is the time to get your
dates fixed for family re-unions in
order to prevent any conflicts.
Let ui have the date of yours as
soon as possible. The following
have been arranged :
July 20-28, Southern Lutheran
Conference. Mt Har
mon, Cabarrus County.
July 26, Yost-Stirewarfe-P 1 e s s
Re-union. Mt. Hope
Aug. 8 Nazareth Orphans'
Home Pionio.
Aug. 4-6, Northern Lut h e r a n
Conference. Bethel
Church Rowan County,
Germans Fail at Fort Yam
Gain a Foothold by Night Attacks on French
Trencbes but Were Driven Out.
Paris, June 4 -Several attempts
by the Germans last night and th e
morning to turn the Frenoh posi
tions at Fort Vaux, on the Ver
dun front from the southeast,
were unsuccessful, the War Office
announced this afternoon. The
night attaoks resulted in their
gaining a foothold in the French
trenohes in the ravine between
Damloup and Fort Vaux, bat they
were immediately driven out by
a counter-attaok. The assault
this morning was ohecked by the
Frenoh ourtain of fire.
The text of the statement fol
lows: "On the right bank of the Meuse
there was hand grenade fighting
during the night west of Thiamont
farm. At the cIobo of the day
yesterday, after violent bombard
ment, the enemy made several at"
tempts to turn Fort Vaux from-
the southeast. At 8 o'clock they
launohed a powerful attaok intc
the ravine between Damloup and
the fort which won for thorn a
foothold in our trenches. Our
counter-attack immediately eject
ed the enemy completely. A sec
ond German attaok this morning
direoted againit the same point
was ohtoked by our artillery fire.
A German attack launched at 8
o'olook in the afternoon against
slopes oLthe Bois Fumin, north
east of the fort, was arrested by
our machine gun fire, ,Our heavy
artillery -greatly damaged three
German batteriss in the Oanrieis
wood . We .toe k under the fire of
our guns and dispensed enemy
concentrations in the Caillette
"Today at noon a gVoup of Ger
man aeroplanes dropped several
? R!tt2 ou .'Tfi-nU. .SIxa'f9fla wore
killed and about 10 wpuuded. The
material damage wasof slight im
portance. No militay establish
ment was struck. f
"A persuit squadron from Tool
took the air immediately and pur
sued the enemy aeroplanes, one cf
whioh was brought down in our
lines at Sanzey, 10 kilometers
north of Toul, Two other enemy
aeroplanes, struck by th u i trail
leuse fire of our machine guns de
scended sharply in the German
Berlin, Jun 4' West of the
Meuse a French attaok near
304 was repulsed.
An attempt by the British to re
gain the ground they recently lost
to the Germans near Ypres, on the
Flanders front were fruitless.
The text of the statement by
army headquarters is as follows:
"Western front:
"The British directed several
attacks against the positions won
by us east of-the Ypres. They
were completely repulsed.
"The artillery battle north of
Arras and in the region of Albert
continued yesterday . British re
oonnoitering detachments were re
pulsed. "Several explosions caused by
the enemy southeast of Neuville
dt. Vaaat were without result.
"On the left bank of the Meuse
a minor enemy attaok west of hill
804 was repulsed. During the
attaok we captured one machine
"On the eastern bank of the
river heavy fighting between Cail
lette and Damloup progressed in
our favor. Yesterday more than
600 Frenohmen, including three
officers and four machine guns
were captured.
"West of Markiroh (Vosges re
gion) several gas attaoks by the
enemy were unsuccessful.
"Bombs wera dropped in Fland
ers, causing the injury of, several
Belgians, No military damage
"Near Hollebeoks a British
aeroplane was brought down by
our aircraft guns,
Rome, via London, June 4,
The repulse of strong attaoks by
the Austrians southeast of Arslero
in the southern Tyrol in the Posi
na seotor, was announced tonight
To be Held June 2123 Inclusive Many
Things of interest on the Progiam,
The North Carolina Good
Roads Association will hold
its Annual Convention at
Wrigbteville Beach, W i 1
mington, June 2123 inclu
sive. The reasons for attend
ing and taking part in this
convention are numerous.
About all the railroads,
hotels and boarding houses
are offering reduce! rates.
The principal subjects for
discussion will be: Road
Maintenance, Broad Tires,
Sign Boards, Federal Ad, the
Automobile Tax and How it
Should Be Used, Use of the
State and, County, Prisoners
State Highway, etc.
Those who speak at the
Jouvention will be men well
fitted by training and exper
ieuce to discuss the various
topics assigned them. There
will be a "feast of reason" in
good hard facts rather than a
"flow of soul" in orakry.
An opportunity will be
given companies to exhibit
road machinery, culverts,
road surfacing material, etc.
A number of prizes are
being offered to counties and
cities having the largest re
piesentation present in pro
portion to distance from WiK
mington. Also prizes are of
fered to counties for certain
The very name frights
ville" brings . up- visions of
happy times; but the Enter
tainment Committee of the
Wilmington Highway As
sociation is planning all kinds
of delightful entertainments
for the delegates, such as
fishing parties yacht races,
souvenir dance, athletic
stunts by Rotary Club, stunts
by Y. M. C. A. boys, and
grand illuminated night
parade, which you don't want
to miss. It there s a good
time in you, it will be obliged
to show itself.
Representatives from conns
ties and cities are invited
to bring nags, banners and
something representative of
their county to use in the
Any good citizen of the
State can register and count
as a delegate in the prize con
M eetings will be held in the
convention hall and 'he ad
quarters will be at the Oceanic
For any f uther information
address tne North Carolina
Good Roads Association,
Chapel Hill, N. C.a
by the War Offices. The desper
ate struggle for the possession of
the Monto-Copgio is continuing.
Berlin, Jone 4 No further ad
vance for the Austrians in their
offensive against the Italians in
the southern Tyrol is repotted in
the Vienna headquarters state
ment of June 8, received here to
day, but the repulse of Italian at
tack in two sectors of the front is
The Canadian troops acd the
Germans have been battling fierce
ly on the Ypres salient. The Ger
man guns opened up several days
ago, deluging the Canadian posi
tions and the surrounding terri
tory with shells. Then the Ger
man infantry advanced along an
extended front o f almost two
miles, capturing trenches. In a
eeries of oounter-attacks in which
bayonets played a n important
part, the Canadians regained most
of the lost ground and have re
organized their positions.
On the Russian front violent
artillery duels are goiug on in the
Besiabarian and Tolhynian sec
tors. Several Russian infantry
attaoks against the AuBtrians were
SelEnatei Alreaiy ii Ckicass
Fostering of Hughes Merely to Eliminate
Roosevelt Proves Bloonerang to Canuldates
Ohioago, June 5. Delegates to
the Republican National Conven
tion poured into Chicago all day
and tonight it was estimated that
very few hundred are not on the
Many delegations came quietly
and-sought their hotels without
display, but it was a retiring dele
gate who was not button-holed be
fore he f ound his room and sup
plied with information about the
Although the disposition among
Republican leaders is to leave de
cision on the platform to the con
vention itself, consideration was
given today to outstanding fea
tures. Advanoe prepration haa
been lacking, but Senators, Lodge,
Borah and Sutherland and many
others in the Senate and House
have considered suggestions for
many weeks. These probably will
form the basis for discussion in
the committee on resolutions wtih
the convention as the final judge.
Every effort will be made in
the platform, if suggestions an
followed, to incorporate some
Progressive party ideas. A recall
plank propably will not be ap
proved, but a strong fight will be
made for an endorsement of wo
man suffrage.
Chicago, June 5 Representa
tives of the several candidates for
the Republican presidential nom
ination are in a perplexing predio
Ameus tonight. Having fostered
aantimeut t n favor of Justice
dughes until they felt sure Colos
nel Roosevelt was definitely elim
inated, they new fear they cannot
oontrol the Hughes movement.
During the day it grew to the
proportions of a boom, Effort is
hei ngjnde Jfeo. conjrataU.elo- .
ments against it, and the indica-'
tions are that the veto of the Pro
gressive party, whioh, of course,,
means Colonel Roosevelt's disap
proval of Hughes, may be sought
as a cheok .
Harmony above everything else
is the desire of the leaders. With
out it any nominee would answer
the purpose because it is reooniz
ed that unless the Republicans
and Progressives get together their
chanceB at the polls are very
slim. To obtain harmony the Re
publican leaders are willing t o
concede to Colonel Roosevelt the
veto power in some form.
Some of the leaders say he
should be willing to soleot one or
two me'n who would be acceptable
to him from the list of candidiates
inthe field. Others think h e
should suggest men for considera
tion by convention leaders, and
practically all of the party chiefs
are willing to admit that any of
the candidates definitely rejected
by Colonel Roosevelt .could uot be
Impartial observers within the
Republican ranks do uot consid
that the unexpected growth of the
Hughes boom is necessarily an
indication of personal popularity
of the Justice among the dele
gates. Those who promoted it in
opposition to what proved to be
au exaggerated estimate of the ex
pected demand tor the nomina
tion of Roosevelt were surprised
at its growth .
Robinson May Rave Majority.
Wadesboro, June 4. Special.
With incomplete figures from all
the counties, except Hoke, Mont
gomery, Davie and Yadkin, and
complete figures from Anson, the
vote for Congressman in the Sev
enth according to reports received
here, is Robinson, 5,326; Varner,
1,736; Spenoe, 2,570, and Finley,
833. '
This gives Robinson a clear ma
jority of 187. A 'phone message
from a Finley supporter in Hoke
concedes Robinson a majority in
that oonnty. Messages from Mont
gomery strongly indioate a Robin
son majority there, and. Varner
concedes an even split in Davie.
With Yadkin to hear from, it ap
pears probable that Robinson haa
been given a dear majority in the,

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