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A Home Newapapr Published in the Interest of the People and for Governmental Affairs.
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IbriusJ it totjr.Ex?3nscs and Rate if
(PoUtica! Advertising.)
We, the Republicans of Rowan
County, endorse the National and
State Platform of the Republi
can Party,
We pledge our sincere loyalty
to Cliarles Evans Hughes and
Charles W. Fairbanks, as our
candidate!! for president and
vice-president of the United
States, - aud congratulate the
country upon its opportunity to
choose in November such dis
tinguished and capable Readers
of the Republican Party.
. We, heartily, eudo se the nom
ination ef Hon. H. S. Williams,
as our candidate for Congress.
We believe we have in him,- a
candidate who if elected to the
high office to which he aspires,
will manliest the courage to
stand by, ;ttnd maintain L ie in
terests of the people he repre
' seats, and we hereby pledge him
our earnest support, and the use
of our besi efforts in bringing
about his election.
It is with enthusiasm, we en
dorse the Hon. P. A. Linney as I
our candidate for Governor, with
his well known ability us a law
yer, and his faultless record as
an officer, we point with pride to
him as a leader in State politics,
in whom there i? no guile. We
pledge 'him, and ail the other
HonorableiQentlemen associated
with him on the State ticket, out
loyal support
Among other things in the
National Platform, we, emphatic
ally, renew our allegiance to the
Republican policy of Protection
The South, and North Oaroiiua
in particular, has protitpd by
that'policy in the lUot,- and has
every reason to erpnct o-t-'l
benefits from it hr the tuiure.
Believing, as we do, h is th.
best policy tor tlie Cojniry, w
hold that it is 'the duty of all
god p.3opte to elect to the Con
gross of the United States, men,
who believe in the policy of pro
tection from principle, them
selves. Men who can be relied
upon to work and vote for such
laws, as will give our section of
the country, the benefit of such
a policy, leading, as it does, to
the final removal of direct taxes,
from the shoulders of our people,
for revenues to run the National
As to State affairs, we have no
need to juggle with words, or
deal in platitudes or generali
ties, after the fashion of our op
ponents. We declare in favor of the
most liberal educational policy
that the State rescources wijl
permit. Our children must all
have the Opportunity to obtain
a good public school education.
Our institutions of learning must
be maintained, and we favor
giving them such support, as to
put them in reach of all our
young people. Ignorance has no
place in modern civilization. We
favor the policy of the State
furnishing free text books for
our children, and to that end, we
are in favor of removing our
school system out of the realm
of politics, that our school offi
cers should be elected by the
people on account of their known
proficiency as scholars, instead
of being appointed on account of
politiciai influence.
We believe that the County
Superintendent of Public In
struction should be elected by
the people, as are the other
County Officers, that the various
school directors should be elect
ed by the people, whom they are
supposed to represent. We
believe that each school should
be supplied with able teachers
paid salaries commensurate
with the work required of them.
We believe that the school dis
trict should be so arranged, and
the school houses so located, as
to accommodate all our children.
We believe that our children
should receive a larger per cent
of the school money than they
do, the political mesh between
them and the money gathers too J
much of it. I
We declare in favor of such
favor of such
tax laws and their execution in j
such a way, as will bring about
Real Equalization of taxes, to
t ie end that all favoritism will
be removed. We believe that
the tax assessors should be se
lected from among our best busi
ness men and farmers, who have
made a success in life, and are
well known for their fairness,
and impartially, so that no pre
judice or sentiment be felt in the
discharge of this important work
of honestly assesssing the taxes.
We believe in unity and co opera
tion in this work, that the bur
den of taxation may rest equally
up;n all people. We believe
that the so-called Dog Tax
should be levied as all other tar,
upon valuation, instead of so
much per head. We believe,
that as the valuation of property
increases, the tax rate should
decrease to the point, where the
necessaayy improvements of the
County can ba kept up by econ
omy, and tne burden ot taxation
be lessened, instead of a coutin
ual increase, from year to year.
We declare against favoritism
in the employment of County
Employees, either aa superinten
dent, bosses, or ordinary labor
ers. We declare against the
use of the county convicts, in
the performance of any work, in
the interest of private individ
uals, or corporations.
We stand amazed at the ruin
ous and extravagant policies of
those in control of our county
affairs. With the high per capi
ta tax of about 5.00 per head.
of every man, woman and child
in the country, and the inclina
tion of a still further
n c r e a s e i n o u r coun
ty taxes: It is alarming to
view the reckless incompetence
of those in control, as though
they had run wild in the Useless
expenditure ef the people's
money Unnecessary offices
have been created to ixtcify
those who want to live at the ex
pense of the people, with only
slight regard for their fitness or
competence to use the office as a
common good.
We delare in favor of abolish
ing tne omces ot Auditor ana
Treasurer, that save from the
tax payers of the county annu
ally about $3000.00. We charge
that the Board of County Com
mrssioners, should have long
ago, put in force the law inact-
ed for the purpose ot removing
the Treasury's 'ffice, which in
itself, would have saved the
county at least. $1800.00 per
year.. We claim this is a high
handed evasion of the law, to say
the least of ifc.
We declare the present Board
of Commissioners to be extrava
gant in the use of ihe public's
money, in the
building and maintaining the
roads of the county. In many
instances the roads have been
located in favor of a few, to the
prejudice of the many. We
charge that incompetence, upon
the road force, has lead to ex
travagance so fiagrant, that pa
tience by our people can no
longer be regarded as a virtue,
and in this connection, we charge
that brutal conduct has been
resorted to, in handling the
county convicts, that should
bring a blush upon every chris
tian man or woman in Rowan
We declare, further, in cur
tailing expenses, by reducing the
number of County Commission
ers from seven to five, and their
pay from 4.00 to $3.00 per day,
and at least eight hours per day
should constitute the basis for
their pay, and that the Chairman
of the BoaiM act as the purchas
ing agent of the county, under
the direction of the entire Board,
who are to pass upon all con
tracts. We, further, declare in favor
of reasonable salaries for all
county officers, and pledge our
selves to an economical adminis
tration of the affairs in Rowan
County, and believing as we d ,
in the rotation of officers, we de
clare m no more than two cou-
dare in no more than
secutive terms of office,
j fore, we ask all good men, re
gardless of their past or preent
political affiliations, to join us in
our efforts to give a better ad
ministration. We pledge ourselves to so
audit the books of the various
county officers, and; make such
publication of them, that all may
know how the county s business
stands, a matter we believe, is
due all the people. We deplore
the present condition of the
county affairs, and demand of
the present administration on
immediate audit of the books,
showing the indebtedness of the
couuty and publish same in the
counjty newspapers..
The Nominees of the Republi
can Party in and for Rowan
County, respectfully, ask leave
to impress upon the public, a
few vital propositions. These
matters are of grave concern
and ought to be carefully con
sidered by the voters before the
election in November next.
Either carelessness or indiffer
ence in the handling of public
affairs and governmental mat
ters is inexcusable. The long
lease of power to one. party and
a certainty of a large majority is
calculated to work a grave and
serious injury to handling of
public matters and the adminis
tration of local governmental
1. If the Republican Nominees
are elected to office in Novem
ber, tbey hereby pledge them
selves to see that the govern
ment of this County is adminis
tered in a careful, economic man
ner. 2. That all collections and dis
bursements "will be published
each mouth in some newspaper.
3. That all contracts and ap
propriations will be published
each month.
4. That a careful audit of dis
bursements and expenditures
will be made twice a year, at
least, by a disinterested expert
accouutant, and published in
soine newspaper in the County
of Rowan.
We desire to call public atten
tion to the following facts:
1. The opposition has not made
the total debt of Rowan County,
or the totU interest charges
2. It has not made known the
various public appropriations for
road-work and other public im
provements. 3. It has not explained, why
after promising to be economi
cal and after being forced to a
dopt a salary system, the taxes of
the people have been increased
at Jeast 25 per ceit.
4 It has not bad an audit
made of the accounts of Rowan
County by a distingsished ex
pert aacountaut. The people are
entirely ignorant of this tremen
dous increase of taxes, and Ihey
are entitled to know what has
been done with the public money.
This is purely a matter of busi
ness and a failure to handle the
affairs .if Kowan County in a
business-like manner, will ulti
mately result in financial ruin
aud bankruptcy.
By order of the Executive Com
mittee. State of Ohio, City of
Toledo, Lucas County, j" ss
Frank J. Cheney makes oath
that he is senior partner of the
firm of F. J Cheney & Co., doing
j business in the City of Toledo,
county Estate atoresaid and that
said firm will pay the sum of One
Hundred Dollars for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Frank J. Chenkv,
Sworn to before me and sub
scribed in my presence this 6th
day of December. A. D. 1886.
A. W. Gleason, Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally and acts directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Send for testimon
als free.
F J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Address: F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O. Sold by all drug
gists, 75c. Take Hall's Family
Pills for constipation.
Archduke Charles Francis Ptsied Back by
Czar's Troops. 3,000 Germais Captured.
German positions exceeding
four miles in length were captur
ed Saturday night and Sunday by
the British and French armies in
the continuation of tbeir offensive
north and south of the Somme
river in France. In addition
quantities of war material and a
large number of prisoners, fell in
to the hands of the Entente Allies
700 prisoners being taken by the
French alone. Heavy counter
attacks against the British Sun
day were repulsed with heavy
losses to the Germans, : according
to London.
Near Thiepval the British took
a fortified position over a front of
a mile known as ' the Danube
trench " near Courcelette an ad
vance of about 1,000 yards was
made ?nd finally the strongly
defended position at the Mouquet
farm, over which there had been
numerous hard fought battles for
several weeks, fell into their
To the south of the river the
French pushed back the Germans
and occupied the remainder of the
towns of Vermandovillers and
Berny still in their hands and
also captured all the ground be
tween Vermandovillers and Uenie-
court and between Denieceurt and
Berny, the gain being over a front
running northeast two miles and
thence east another mile.
The advance of the British ap
parently straightens out the
salient that had projected into
their lines between Thiepval and
Courcelette and brings their front
here to within a .scant mile ot
Grandcourt and the Albert-Bap-aume
Railway. Grandcourt is
now beng bombarded by the
British. The success of the
French seemingly obliterates an
other of the many saw-tooth sali
ants which mark the entire front
of the Somme and is another
move of the right flank of the
Entente toward the, pocketing of
Hard fighting, with the Rus
sians the aggressors, has been
resumed from the Pripet Marsh
region in Russia through Galicia
and up in the Carpathian inoun
tains. Berlin and Vienna claim
the repulse with heavy casualties
of Russian attacks on a front of
about 12 miles in the region
west of Lutsk, in Galicia north
of Zborow, near Stanislau ; nd in
the Carpathions at several points.
Near the Marajowka river, how
ever Berlin admits that the front
of Archduke Charles Francis was
pushed back by the Russians a
short distance Petrograd records
an advance for the Russians south
of Brezzany southeast of Lem
berg, and the capture of more
than 3,000 Germans in righting
along the Anraiuvka river and
the Podvyscke-Halioz Railway.
Bucharest reports the occupa
tion of additional towns in Tran
sylvania while both Berlin and
Sofia assert that the forces of the
Central Powers in Dobrudja are
still in pursuit of the retreating
Rumanians and Russians.
Further progress for the En
tente Allies on the Macedonian
front and by the Italians in Al
bania is recorded in the London,
Paris and Rome communications.
Kavala, on the Aegean Sea,
which is held by Bulgarians is
under bombardment by the En
tente fleet Sofia admits the loss
of Nidje Planina, near Lake Os
trovo. Combined French and
Russian troops have pushed their
way to a position near Fiorina,
across the Greek frontier south
of Monastir, while the Serbians
have reached the immediate out
skirts of Vetrenik and Kajmacka
lan in successful fighting against
the Bulgarians. Heavy bombard
ments are in progress on the
various other sectors. In the
Carso region of the Austro-Itali.
an theater the Italians in their
quest of Triest have won strong
positions from the Austrians in
sanguinary fighting. To the
southeast of the Doberdo Height
the penetration of Austrian lines
A Splendid Record if True.
Washing'on, Sept. 17. Secret
arv McAdoo points to the record
of the Internal Revenue Bureau
as an illustration of Democratic
efficiency and economy. The
service of Col. W. H. Osborn,
Comraissionerof Internal Revenue
for the years of 1914-1915 and
1916 broke all records.
"During that period," said a
statement issued by the Treasury
Department today, 'the bureau
recovered more than enough taxes
to meet the entire expenses of the
service, and the cost of collecting
the revenue was the lowest in the
history of the bureau.
"The expenses of the bureau,
both in Washington and in the
field, for the three fiscal years
mentioned, were approximately
$19,8 0,00 There was assessed
or collected approximately $21 -00
,000 which was entirely the
result of the activities of the
bureau and the field force This
tax was unearthed through the
discovery of frauds, evasions,
errorsvand the like. Its recovery
was due to effective enforcement
of the revenue laws and efficient
administration of the service.
"This record of efficiency, made
by Commissioner Osborn in his
administration of the service,
under the direction of Secretary
McAdoo, has never been approach
ed in the whole history ot the m-
ternal revenue bureau since its
Stop the First Cold.
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self. - The process of wearing
out a cold wears you out, and
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neglected. Hacking coughs
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vitality. For 47 years the happy
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tic balsams in Dr. King's New
Discovery has healed coughs aud
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ness of Dr. King's New Discov
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No Sympathetic Strike in N. Y. at Present.
New York, Sept. 18. There
will be no sympathetic strike of
labor unions to aid the striking
street railway employes until
Thursday at least and one may
be averted altogether if renewed
efforts of Miyor Mitchell to settle
the present car strike in the mean
time are successful. lnis was
announced today after a confer
ence between Mayor Mitchell and
five leaders. The leaders told the
mayor the various organizations
were determined to strike unless
municipal authorities took some
action to compel the traction
beads to observe recent agree
ments with the railway employes
and that they had come to bim as
a last resort
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Co., Props.,
Buffalo. N. Y,
is admitted by Vienna, but the
official communication says the
Italian losses were extremely
heavy, owing to the large number
of troops engaged in the small
fighting area.
Vultures Give Cine to Body if Dead Fugitive.
Mariru, Sept. 17. Virgil
Kim, the white man who ran
amuck here Sundav. one
wenk ago. and shot five peo
ple, was frund dead in the
woods today, lese than a mile
from the -scene of the ehoot
hg. J M Houck, about noon
attracted by vulturep, began
o search for the object of
heir prey and foond Butt's
body in a decaying condition
By his side lay a 22 calibre
iiemingtou rifle, a razor,
pockn knife, pencil and a
small bottle of strychnine
The direct cause of his
death i? unknown, but is
supposed to have resulted
from poisoning.
Bloodhounds and officers
followed what was thought to
be -Butt's trail for many miles
and it 'was thought he wa
still a fugitive from justice
until his body was found aud
identified today. The body
was buried the sheriff,
without a corner's inquest.
1 he hudtng of Bntt'e body
brings an end to one of the
most no'ed criminal records
in the history of McDowell
County. Butt's white in the
army, murdered the captain
of hi company and has been
nvolved in mauy othershoot
ng duels. The five people
wounded by him last Sunday
will all reoover, except his
wife, who is in a critical con"
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
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amily should be provided with.
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importance that they be treated
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that must be endured until a
physician arrives or niedicine can
be obtained, Chatnlicriain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedv
has a reputation second to none
for the quick relief which it af
fords. Obtainable everywhere.
Vila's Troops Routed With A Less Of 600 len .
Mexico City, Sept. 17
General Obregou Minister of
War, announces f hat a thous
and followers of Fiancisco
Villa who attacked the town
of Chihuahua Friday n;ht
were ronfed early Saturday
moring with a loss os six bun-
dred meu killed and many
captured. AfMr the battle
General Tre vino's troops were
able to take tart in the
regular Independence Day
parade at 11 o'clock Saturday
morniug. Daring the Gght'
ing irenerai irevmo was
slightly wounded i u the
Aided by some of the town
1 i.1 TT 1 I t .
De JUlR IUH Villa TOr.KS R'w
tacked at 11 o'clock Friday
night and took the peniten
tiary and the municipal and
Faderal places. General
Trevino gathered his troops,
placed hU artillery, recap
tured the public buildings an
completely defeated he at
tackers in the early morning
The captured men will
be tried by courtmartial
I Advices from El Paso
Saturday night said Villa
had attacked Chihuahua
Saturday with 600 me:i and
penetrated pnrt of the city
but wi" driven out with
heavy iobses. The men taken
pris mer by the Constitu
tionalists were immediately
put to death, the dispatch
ad led.
How to Give Good Advice.
The best way to give good ad
vice is to set a good example.
Whe:i others see how quickly you
get over your cold by taking
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
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ample. This remedy has been Tn
use for many years and enjoys an
excellent reputation,
Tomorrow Set by Union Leaders for Ordering
I General Walkout in Greater New York.
New York, Sept. 18. Five
hundred motormen and conductors
employed by the New York &
Q neen's County Railway Co., went
on strike at midnight. The strik
eis assert that agreements entered
into between the company and
tie men were broken when the
rz ilway officials sent 65 motormen
tc Manhatten to do duty on the
surface cars of the New York
Rjailways Company. Brooklyn
a hd Richmond (Staten Island)
njnv are the only boroughs of the
cijty not affected by the strike.
New York, Sept. 18. The
United Hebrew Trades, represent
ing a membership of 200,000 or
ganized workers, tonight voted to
go on a sympathetic strike as an
aid to the striking carmen, if they
are called upon to do so by the
Central Federal Union.
! The vote was taken at a meet
ing of delegates said to represent
eyery craft in the United States,
including the garment industries
in which many women are em
ployed. Arrangements were
made to notify the membership
of 200,000 to be ready to answer
a strike call at any time.
New York. Sept. 18. Failure
of negotiations being- conducted
by Mayor Mitchell to provide a
basis of settlement of the traction
strike in this city will result in a
call Thursday for a sympathetic
strike of approximately 700,000
workers, union leaders declared
after a conference late today be
tween representatives of several
The call will be issued, it was
stated, to all unions affiliated with
the Central Federated Union of
New York, the Central Labor
Union of Brooklyn, and the Fed
erated Union of the Bronx, West
Chester and Yonkers. Some of
the unions already have authoriz
ed a strike, union leaders said.
and referendums are in progress
in others
Are You Looking Old?
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N. C. Troops To Start For Border To-fflorraw. .
Morehead City. Sept. 18
Entrainment orlars were re
ceived here today from the
War Department for the
units of the North Carolina
National Guard Brigade
headquarers, Troops A and B
of Cavalry, Fst Field Hospi
tal, Ambulance Company No.
1 and the Inf antry will leave
Camp Glenn for El Paeo
Thursday afternoon.
The second Infantry will
fol'ow on Friday aud the
Third on Saturday.
Railroad equipment is arv
riviug aud it is said everyi
thing will be in readiurs for
the ra )veraent of the troops.
Forget Your Acbes.
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gist, 25c.

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