North Carolina Newspapers

What About Romanism? fire Jou Interested
in the Free Institutions a! Our Repabiis?
A special series of sermons on
Sunday nights will- be preached
in the First Baptist church by
Pastor Chas. A., G Thomas, be
ginning- January 14th, at 7:30
General subject: ' "Romanism Un,
masked. '
1. The celibacv of ihe priesis
and nuns unscriptural, or God
given love set aside without rea
son or revelation.
2, The tragedv of the confes
sional, or shall woman teil her
soul's secret to the priesis?
3. To whom shall go to Mary
or Christ, or shall men worship
gods created by the Pope?
4. The pope, priests and purga
tory, or breaking prison- chains
f r priestly profits.
5 Indulgence, or buying- pardon
and getting chaff for our money.
6. The pope's iniailioity and
.the perplexing problems it brings
to the tJnited States.
7. The designs of Rome on our
country and the duty of Protest
antism to awake.
8 Romanism, the enemy of
Democracy or the call to Ameri--cariatriotism.
9. Romanism in American pon
tics, or our statesmen and politi
cans in league with Home.
10. Is Protestantism capitulating
before Romanism, or an aggres
sive priesthood vs. an indifferent
Protestant ministry.
11. The last great war, Rome's
overthrow, or the destruction of
man's greatest privileges.
12. The duty of American citi
zens, or the clarion call to action.
Pastor Thomas in a circular in
reference to the subjects says:
'These sermons are ihe answer
to many requests froth many men
And women. I have . been doing"
preached fourteen sermon? on the
.subject and looked in vain for
others to sound a note or approval
ibut only the laymen gave support
in the matter. In these sermons
1 shall make no attack on individ
uals and their right of belief, Dut
n a foreign half breed religion
which seeks to enslave men and
control government. Every year
the problem of Romanism grows
more difficult. .'Romanism takes
away man's liberty and enslaves
womanhood. Rome strikes the
home and school. It calls Pro
testants heretics, puts shame on
our marriages and brands our
children with disgrace. Our
large .cities are dominated by the
priests and used to ' advance
Rome's best interests. The houses
of Good Shepherd- are slave pens
for our children when possible
and the Knights of Columbus are!
nr!irf fnrrp nf f p-ui tism
Evangelist Black was killed two
years ago in Texas and his murd
erers have not yet paid the penal tv
to the law. Ro. nanism has
threatened the lives of other
American patriot?. Let every
. American citizen be on guard
Keep your eyes on the aisassins
of American liberties and the
murderers of our free institutions.
Let every citizen hear these ser
mons. Bring your friends. Every
sermon' will deal with the most
vital questions touching the State,
church and individual."
o doubt these sermons will be
worth, hearing and The Watch
an hopes that all who can
Protestants and Romanists, will
go to hear Pastor Thomas with
open minds feeling sure that thev
will be benefited there's v. Pastor
Thomas is not given to making
wild and "unfounded statements
but comes to conclusions by
honest reasoning, on substantial
grounds and by convincing auio
orities. V Thebewels are the seweraee
system of the body. You can well :
-Imagine the result when they are j
popped up as is the case in eon- '
excellent. They are mild and,
getatle in their action. They also,
improte the digestion. - I
Tiios.W. Bictott lissisurated Grsvernor.
Raleigh, Jan. ll.-This was
truly an epochal day for Raleigh
and North Carolina, marking as
it did the passing of the Graig
administration and the induction
into the high office of Governor
Thomas W Bickett and the ad
justmentof ike estate Legislature
Mo the new conditions as to legis
lation brcugh: moat by-the im
mediate operation of the consti
tutional amendments ratified at
the last election.
The Craig administration pass
ed out with its record of road
building and general business
progress, and Mr tiicKeti, tire
new transition ot tenants into
landlords, making country life as
comfortable as 'town life and an
appeal to sustain interest in ev
ery worthy individual and collec
tive enterprise.
The inaufirural ceremonies were
most sacccssful in every detail,
closing tonight with a brilliant
reception at the Mansion" by
Governor and Mrs Bickett and
the other State officers and their
wives to members of the General
Assembly and citizens in general
and the ball in the auditorium,
the pleasures of which were shar
ed bv hundreds of society folk
from every quarter of the state
and from neighboring states.
Governor Craig went to the
union station this afternoon, es
corted by mem hers of his personal
military staff, and bidding them
and hosts of other friends good
bye, boarded the westbound
Southern Railway train for
Asheville. .
Delay Has Bssn DanzaroQS in Salisbnry.
Do the right thing at the right
Act quickly-in time of danger.
L;iJja time. w o-s kidney... .danger
Doan's Kidney Pills are most ef
fective Plenty of Salisbury evidence
of their worth .
Mrs. T. Robinson, 122 E. Kerr
St., Salisbury, says:
'I had
rheumatic twinges in my
and back. I learned of the mer
it of Doan's Kidney Pills through
my frieuds and I used them.
They lived up to th"e claims made
for them. Whenever I notice
that my kidneys are the least
out of, order or my back becomes
weak and lame, I take a few
doses of Doan's Kidney Pills and
they bring reilef."
Prico 50c, at dealers. Don't
simply ask for h, aiduey remed r
get Dut!i s K;:lney Pills, the
same that Mrs Robinson had.
Foster-Milb urn Co., Props.,
Buffalo. N. Y.
Plans CSISglStDd fGf Buffalo BHi'S FiMQrai.
Denver, Co!.. Jan. 1-3. Final
arrangements wer,e made for the
funeral of Col. William F Cody
(Buffalo Cnl) at a me3ting of
committees representing the
Elks and the City of Denver late
Tlie only sjng his friends ev
er heard him sing, 'Tenting on
the Old Camp Grounds," will be
one of two Vocal numbers suns:
at his funeral. Tiie body is to
lie in st'ite three hours in the
Capitol tomorrow morniog, aL-tended-by'
National guardsmen,
and representatives of organiza
tions, of whieh the colonel was a
A superintendent of a rural
sch ol near here today brought
in the first contribution to a
monument for Gol Cody. It
consisted ol' 47 new buffalo nick
els, one for each child in the
school. Sioux Indians of the
Pine Ridge reservation, in Qouth
Dakota, are expected to i- j 1
ceremonies in connection with !
Colonel Cody's death.
Coionei Cody was in Salisbury
on several occasions. His liast
vlsn was on clODer ain, " Demg
connected with the 101 Ranch
Wild West bhow. It was in the
late nineties wheri his show iraii
was -.vWetei' by a head on
f?eitlc?us,1f ,no.rc!l of Lniwood
and manyof iiis trained animals
were killed. '
S3S. ' dim
. fl. J tir i - fl. tv' t-i
It is now known that people
more than things are carriers of
infection ''Disinfection , bv fu
migation." says the
itaU; r.ouru
or Health, belongs to a by got;
age in sanitary Be
cause formaldehyde lumes w i ;
Kin cultures or Dacterm wiw-n .: im
posed to it it was oatdraliv in
ferred that fumigation w;i , xhe
logical method of all disinfecfion.
But careful obseryation am; icsts
have proven that di?east.'s are
not spread so much by inarici.itr
objects as they are by human ic
ings. Diptheria, measles, 'w 'loop
ing cough, scarlet fever, ceebro
spinal meningitis an-1 pro'Mbly
infantile paralysis are all
through the discharges mainly
the mouth and- nose secretions..
of people having the disease
'The best disinfeciion. ' says
the Boards 'iis soap and w-.'-ei ,
sunlight and fresh air app'itri
faithfully during the omrse if
the disease To sterilize all dis
charges, burn mouth and uose
secretions and maintain strict
personal cleanliness in e;se of
sickness renders little n-cd for
any other disinfection of any
"When people learn that no
ill smelling fumes or anv other
mode of terminal disinsection can
take the place of soap, water and
fresh air, and daily personal
cleanliness," says the Board?
jaii i tai y ouicuc. nut navrj (lidUC
a great gain No m;: iner of dis
infection at the end of illness
can atone for careless wholesale
filth. ; during the cau-e.. .aisuJlz.
r - -
Painful Couahs Relieved.
Dr. King's New Discovery i.-s
a soothing, healing reme.ty for
coughs and colds that bai sto 1
the test of nearly tif.y yeai,s
For that cough thai st-rain s tiie
throat and saps the "vi i'.iy iry
Dr. Kiug'.s New Disco w. y. The
soothing pine balsams mild
laxative ingredients su ; T di-iv.-the
cold from the syto n :'- ix-.'
a bottle on hind fo .v: i:vr
colds, croup, grippe a. id r;i
chial affe-itiuus. At yon' D.-ug
gist, 50c.
Immigration Bill Ready For President's Yeie.
Freed of language o'jected to
by the State Department bocau-c
it was offensive to J.ip:m. the
long-discussed immigration biil
was agreeu upon this we. 4; hv a
conference committee ol the twp
houses of Congress and ihe Sen
ate promptly adopted i:.e c i,)!.::
ence report by a vote' of S3 to L-'.
The House was expels.-; to uke
simibr action yesterd-iv.
As originally passed the bill
contained a provision designed to
exclude Japanese in. the event of
abrogation of the so-called gent
leman's agreement under which
Japan for 10 years has prevented
her laborers from coming to the
United States. A substitute in
serted by the conferees, after
consulting officials of the depart
ment says:
"No alien now in any wav ex
cluded or prevented from entering
the United Siates "shall be adrnttr
ted to the United States."
This sentence, 'sufficiently- di
rect to satisfy Papific Coast leg
islators. is regarded -as broad
enough tq safeguard", against ob
jection from any i ur-eig n - govern
ment- -The literacy test
spite of
hict tNai President
Vihvn j
it- wi 1
has let it be knjwn that
behe. cue. of another, veto
Friends of tne bill claim thev
will be-able & pas it oyjgf a ,g-
to. "' . ' - '': '
" t
h. '4 . : - , , , I
ir.n no imma-nnt nmn n he
. -r.
admitted- lnpludeg-IudiaV Iudo (
Uhina, 1 urkestan, Borneo, bu-
maffa.'Ndm nninao 'holoKots in A '
V'- - "-u. w.v.v" .
sums, auap ana waier Dssiymiieutaflis. iy atter s o.ioCk tonight the last
Fumigation as an effective member of the crew of tae cruis-
means of killing bacteria nasi e.r Milwaukee, which went ashore
about lost caste among public near here-early today .was landed
health workers for the reason j on the beich. Not a lije ws
that people can't be fumigated. Host.- and hut one. 'man was hurt
; 'Saibis fii3 tailed to Mtidoi U.
- - Rnri T i i
- u. . . , umi. m.u. -hui i-
m the . rescue of the nundreds
aboard ihe sira'nded vesseJ.
JV In . a hgh: .r their" lives
.agalilt a heavy
sea. mora than
t In ree hundred United States
1 t
j...vuorj vrere lrou nt ashore to-
pug .it M D.r-iecues uuors troin tlie
T . . . ...
A-ui w,iucee. which roiled in the
Vi-irf wit i. I ., f u: -
Ul loss, on tne northern Caii-
fomiti where she struck
siwre uj a foic early toe ay
Breakers were spraying over
;fie warship's superstructure,
and tne lccessanl pouading of
the vraves-was driving . tise vessel
further a-i.iore in the s:iad. The
Milwaukee's false bottom was
flooded in .in effort ;to anchor her
againt '.he wash ol .the sea. Na
vai othoer ashore said it was
h';.irdlvr i)0-Nt
hie that the cruiser
Lw'ou.d ever Hoat aiTain
"The Mijwaukee is stuck on the
ssud only a. few hundred y-ir-is
iViitn' the submarine II 3, which
grounded a month ago near the
entrance to Hurnb.ddt bay. The
cruiser was attempting to salvage
the subaierAt-jis ;it the time of
thi acciuent. Wit :)in forty or
fitly miles on this prt of the
coast six other vessels have
struck shore during the last few
years, and noue of them has been
Spso Oyer His till
Everyone ipeaks weii of Cham
berla.n's Cough h'ea.edy after
having used it. 'Mrs George
Lewis, Putsfieid. N Y. has- ibis
to say reganting n: "Last wiuler
iKttife bov . five years ojd, : was
stck with a co d for two or three
weeks. I doccred him and used
various c:ugh medjeinea but no
thing d:4 htiti much good until I
b eg a u u s i n g t . h i ux be r U in 's Con gh
Remedy. He then improved
rapidly and in a few days was
over his cold."
MMsy of Sra. C. A. Sloop.
On the 11th of Javiuary the
relatives and iri-nds of the Sloop
family mt .it tiie hme of W. M.
S'ftop on Rural No. 2, China
jrovc, for the purpose of cele
brating the -birthdjy of Mrs C A
ioop, better knovn as Aunt
Katie Sloop. Although the
weather was exceedingly cold and
dis greeable a large crowd was
present Among them present
were. Rev E D. Brown and wife,
of T-hyraiira church and Rev G
() K'iichi'e of Grace. Her tvp
Giirt;1!; W '4 Sloop and Mrs M
& Ketch je. aii of h-r' granichiU
dren, twpiVe in were present
with Ue exceptiuu ut Mfs $ G
Kiuttii and J A Ketehie who for
some reason could not be present,
numbering about HO persons in
Just before dinner a short but
appropriate service was held by
Rev Brown, assisted by Rev
Ritchie, after which a most sump
tuous dinner was spread in the
yard of which all ate to their
satisfaction and yet much remain
ed. The teachers of the Patterson
school, Miss Smith and Mr Cress,
who are alvyays willing and ready
to justify their scholars, marched
the school down at the noon hour
tq. enjoy the feast with thecrovvd.
After a short time, of euijoymetit
they were marched to the school
room, again to continue their
Old. A Utii Katie was. 90 years of
age and is still enjoying verv
good health beiny the- nhWi
woman in the neighborhood. She
received mantf nice pre"nts
among hich was' rocking
chair sh W'J ' -il
c -; , wvviucu IU r II MIX
to the utmost
The -occasion was a most eninv
The, old and young
. . ' " - '
i 4
hvv 4M uappy mooa ana will be
remembered by all who
present. Wishing Grandma Sloop
. . .
"i.ujr iuuic suca occasions.
; Wi BfJIV Iten to Mr Hfl a fnllfifitinii Par
i - - -...,.... t. vvuvvMUll i
! Iron.".
j A State officer, savs the Raleig'h
i News and Observe'-, givinga
! reason why the salaries of State
! officers should be increased said:
! ' Viiv if is impossih! for the
. officers to. live
on the
! s i lanes. Ail hav e to have
Lnies to m.ike buckle -ind to
; meet. Take Judge 'Pell, for in-
I stance he lias to run a niu-ht law
I school; Chairman Travis of
corporation commit' :i has to
practice I w betwi-en iun-s; Ben
I r '' I. ....
j farm at iviihbroox: i rl J
Grimes Secretary ol Sate, has
to farm in P i l count y. ;m Cor
poration Commissi jn-. r Lee and
Auditor Wood both hive --to run
mercantile establishments m their
home towns 11
Asked why they didn't break
away such a 1 v- cr! posi
tion, he saiii: A':, v . .u,. too
poor to get away, un 1 besides,
some gave up their -iw ;'.,-;. when
they came ;-.. re and busi
nesses have gone to smash.".
Without prtssiny ;A 'l or. -th e
merits of the deniaiid fur .more
pay for Suae wftiei .K, i.ic i.:Vnd
merk has to say th.-;i -.y . h talk as
that cjuou: tse-i-i!-. le-'i ;o d-. feat
it. It is uncandid; it is bosh.
Mr Grimes had a fV.m n.-iore he
was elected Secretary f r-jtte
Mr Lee was a merchant ;it ''ay
nesvilh and Mr Wood dt As'he-'
boro before they io .k ofhe. i
Mr Lncy didn't have a fa'?ci then
he has paid icr cnivi out vi his
earnings and if Judge and
t-'hairmau Truvis put m Mde lines
it 3s pcobably because, the
average omcehoider, . they, wnt
to put on aide Hue., f 'x '''
Some ot these gtitreme?i h a,d a
chance to -retire last, summer; nd
they st,rej?irjvuy reiafr it
. ' 1 r"-, 3JM-fi
lft W(c decrown.
tug remark or .ail the nonsense is
the last. After va;. ing that the
ofheers had to put, on side iihe3, to
live, it is stat d that the reason
they don't quit iV ihat thy . are
too poor having lot all they
had since they have been in office.
Well if that isn't euaugh to kill
all aitempis at salary r ising it
will be because tne Legislators
overlook such fool remarks,
Mb taliBFlaia's.
"In the course of a conversa
tion with Chamberlain" Medicine
Co's representative to lav, we had
occasion to discuss in a geueral
way the merits of their different
preparations At his suggestion
I take pleasure in expressing my
estimation of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, I have a family
of six children and' have i used this
remedy in mydioiqe for years. I
consider it . the only cough remedy
on the market, as' L haye tried
neariv ;Ui kind-, ".-Earl. Ross,
Publisher Hamilton County- Re
publican Xevs, Syracuse, Kan.
Weather Forrasi For Ossomte, 131?, v
Prom 8 to 16, fair, with sleet
and rain, some snow northwest,
and cold winds aloii"
From 16 to 23, wind and rain,
by short storms frura west.
ome snow uud coid
Fio.m 23 to 29, fair and frosty
along with threading rain, and
snow. Some oojd winds.
From 29, to Feb.. f, fair, bu,t if
wind is northeast ou tlie 20:tb at
from 8 to 10 p. m., snow, and; if
southwest, cold yams, f faQ
west, sleet. '
January shows some cold
: da;ys aud warm days along, and
short storms from 19 to 23.
Route No. 3, Salisbury, S; C
IliU' l.j
Uuok of exercise in the wi
isV frequent cause ot cQqsvi-
mm. iou rei hea-yy cla'! .hd
listless your co.mpiexion ' sal -low
and pimply, and eneryat
low ebb. Clean up this c edi
tion at once with Dr. Kio-'c
New Life Pills, a mild la. ttive
" 1-tltC I 1113,
1 tntu relieves the cotisreste.!
witli!ut srrininsr
1 6 "efore retiring will asu re,
! VOU a f ull and fiasv rrnrcrr cr. i'
-t - . vm
Lawsoa Will Haw to' Tal& oj answer
Washington-, Jan.. I3r Mem
bers of the House Rules Commit
tee, aimed with the broadest au
thority to compel witnesses, -par
ticularly Tnomas W Lawson, to
answer quest i n. wt'ii resuin-''
Monday their investigation of
tuiii'.rs ad. v.i no - i;u orm --'i to
ic.iLru'u wan enreet u i-'resiue.'i '
Vtlson's peace note.
Determined to gc to the hot-
... . . . i i i . .. ... .
-wiu oi me sr-uaiion ;,'Jore re
porting Ho the fl Um; Oil thf
Wood resoluiion for a .sweeping
cougri:sisional i n q i . r y into
" stories. - t;:.- co'iimittee
has subpoenaed ali
papers tnat it . consul
iuea light on the rvrnors. re
sides Lawson. Bernard liaruchof
Aew x-jc-k and several OiherNew
urk and Chicago brokers, hav
'ee:i a keu; lo u . ; - y .londay.
A I o h& --'.-i.-:i f-o
ashington yniDecembir 2(', i.:
1 i.v :,:v :.; tii a i..xovs art
'y i !; --. proritc.l bv ad
vance lniurirjauon v,.. w..
-'-il JS'.ei r- . '
T- trcs. - .tiling- ol
' ' :':1 - .d
owed among member, of Cori-
3 lOUlL;
i:iie. cJoveJop
! witn the re
- :-ni-;.-g. Undet
:. bv .
:- C'VOiuai L tee i;.
i :' h ;.)! jj an
5- re-oiu-.
u?i executive
u;u.uev.', wv,ch
-"-'- - u road
iiec .i
1'viliug r.i ihe
a Vj.-Ujli'i : r-
tlnu -c' t...dav ;
.ipwe.-v:l '.uc-n
iwer an y
it on, wes''lrawu
se.snm ol the c
mough - tj crni v every posibl
avenue ot esc a
c ii: i n contempt
wuivra-i and the
.f"1 ' u ropls
f p. , eted, di1?-
jl. li iSO ;iS f';;-
cnarges t
Houe. in a;iu
aa.souu a,s. i ,
as poaaute i n stT at Hk a i n
committee's i.aod.,,
br ;.
a an
.. .4 ... . .
n. nil . J r ijk I - . -. . . .
dfiwayour bi-ik, : u .-
acoid. A taneiy d- or
Beiis p-fse Tar Hot
i-jv - will .-.ran
the sneers uud snifii-js. The
pine balsam loo-.-ens . t he phlegm
and clears the bropeU'iai lubsa,
the honey, so-cri.jki n-ii reiiaves
the sore thro a. The autiseptic
qualities' kill the gt-.n 'anr. Vt.e
congost-d co iditiou is relieved.
Croup, who cough and
chronic Uroiurtlui aff?';tiot:s
quickly relieved Ajs Drug
gists 2ric.
Inotlier Victim of Papai liiiprisoainant.
The Cincinnati Enquirer, of
November 12, li.J6. mils the usu
al story of a ynung jvtrL Mnpris
oned in the so-c.llcd Houe of
the Good Sieph-erd, ai Warsaw
;nd Haiu r, avenues in that
city4 igfI-H I'-ociiinc so d-.jsper s,te in
her desire to esc:'.p.. as io risk her
life and to suffer -riot injury.
Her 'presence Uic is account
ed for by a a'sory to the effect
that her parents, in Atlanta, Ga.,
could not control her, and had
seht her to this nicc: For ,i;i
Asa. result 'of that ''dis
cipune, or wnacever a was that
caused her to attempt escape
through a fourth story window,
Ruby Collins is now in the Cin
cinnati General Hospital.
Ort the evening ot November
U, when she had been in this
place but a few day.s.Jiuhv tied a
sheet and blanket together, low
ered them from the window, and descend, When the rope
broke she feU fully, thr- stories
to the. grouud. then wled, half
conscious to V at, where she
.hv v.". r watchful,
places and sent
ue. hoi'ital.
. '-What legal or ; jnoral -tiht
have even parents foturn their
children over to aiicli an" iosiitu.
tion? The least that kanheidQ
cently done concerniugiuh ter
rifying prisons is to' pjace every
one of them un.ds? official in
spection sci inmates ca.i have
sone .' ftSbnr-.nce of .v.iif.-..iilbie
treatment 'twere is , o muh
mystery about these
say the least.
peaces,, to
Lea Emm Fatally Sfeoots teHiijf ;
Casper Saturday Wi&tP- ?
Miss Linda Casper, agea 18,S
as shot and instantly kUle4 A
;h'3 resl'ceof MrsLCShule -Vl
- '"burHt 9 o'clock Satur-1
- f.'t by Lee Huneycutt," $7
y Jd. and proprietbVf &t :ll
, y sro on corner "taiSf V:
uli bystreet who turned'
'xcvol.vr upon hmi-.Z
mflic 3d two serious woundl-
ir tiring three shots intct thV-
"7 m custody by
later, asserted
"ciucu lo mm,
j - 1 that he wanted to
eiau abe was roifh . 7 7
ouut uy oetore 9 o'clock Miss '
operand an escort, Leorlara
.-an, aad gone to - the. ..fadWl'l
ceof Mrs Shulenbergejr M?
"-st Cremetery stref '"er 1
wei-G there with a' ihf -"
friends when Huueycul i!vaTSv
In aas wer to a. ! g& iu !
front door, Mrs. Shufonberger
idmitt.d Huneycutt, who tipott f
motoring the room, begari firing, I
u 'ovwver. SuOtS
re e-z red directly at Misfc q3-'
a i vL,. was sitting at tfia
?c o; tiiaronm oiinn,j.v..-'4'v
oujiuuga UJ Si.' -
th-r p-rsous there. - W'
ATtPi- 1 1 .... '
suuis nam . naon
area. Hunfivmn: h 4.L-i AL -
vwapoii anct pulled the ttfgg&r j
iw-i'je, firing the two remaiainff-V
bullet.; into his $fcomaclfc,- ym ':
Officers were called frf'
, u.caiBr ana Jp-
tia.nson responding, and;
rxuoeycutt m charge.
'! ; Q to the floor after 15linff'
i -s own bod v and hnfy'r'l
va rushed to tim hniN;
:-u, -.iciaais announce
w hen asked' why he
chc girl, by tho officers Y '
ieudiug physicians. Hnnmn
pyn ted to have replied. W
v;iaicia't Usten -to me.'V. HeT
ai-st cbjecterl to au operation bw
'iter consetited to it.
The three shots all took iffect
uthe girl's bod v. ,AJ
o vuo
.rating the heart, another J
g a flesh wound across the at
to men fi id the .third broktei
..aria above the elbow.
!(n..ii'.'nnf 1
,wuuu was tperateaa gro-M
y ouro uei-e for several
:u mtbs ana is u native of RowuitftN
oas-a wife and 6ev- .r
eial small cliildrtia living on the f.'V'l
Of d between iSpencer and Frank a-"
'in. ,
Miss C-:".-;ryc liiii . wit.K- n-'J"!":;''
The bod
is her sister.
was a native - . uh-, Sb Matthews
ciiurch ueigL in MOTgWj."
-ownsbip, wa.- ta'.-.n to Summer'V
sett's u n .Qrt'.., "parlors and:f -f.reparett
i"o- ourial, whereijfe iji
was viewed by quite a nnmber ;
'f people. The funeral lioofe ? fi
place from St. Matthews' churchv
JUUUj aisernoon, Rev H A if '
L'rexler officiating, the interment :i
i he church. Miss Casper SLij
-a orpnan and had inherited
property which, was held in trusl
by the Clerk of the Court until -4
ihe became of legal age. , If. $ 1 1
It is said Huneycutt had beAtl; ?j
i aiimatfe with Miss CaspeRfortt4 '
-ear or more aud that h fiwr''
iiinkhvg at the time of the'mtix 4;
SljanLliiimantFor Stiff JpiaU
liheumatic paina and ackei Hi..
gi into the joints. and muscles, X
uianiug ever,y movement tor
ture. Relieve your suffering'
witu aiuAsunimeat; itquick-'
i.y penetrates without. rnhMn,
and soothes antl war ma -vrm
. jv-w t
i oui uimibeu io action
single application will drive
the pain. Sloan's Linimer
eleau, convenient; and qui
elective', it lioes not stairF
?.:.! a or ciog i-bo pores. Get
ujttle to-day at your DrUj

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