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Effective last Monday the
Southern Ra'lway shops in
Spencer increased its working
time to nine hoars per dayg
The first quarterly confer
ence of the year 0 First
Methodist church here wiP
be held tonight with Ir-J G
Rowe, presiding elder.
Capt. R R Crauford of
Winston-Salem, a former
citizen of Salisbury, is re
ported quit- ill.
A force of carpenters here
b3guu work'ou repairing and
enlarging the Y. M. C. A.
building in Spencer.
Among the features on the
program now being arranged
for the county commenct;
meut, which i to be held oi
or kbout the 6th of ApriV
will be three band3.
It is learned that John
Cro?sette, the Rowan man
whpse throat was badly cut
hv a druufeeu IMegro gome
time ago at Neverson and is
now in a hospital in Wiifon.
is improving and now believ
ed to recover. Hie eon who
who was also attacked by the
negro at the same time, has
almost recovered.
Rev. V. Y. Boozer, a former
Rowan Lutheran minister,
was officially installed as pas
tor of Lutheran Chapel iu
Leesvile, S. C , last Sundav
John Stuart, a well knon
engineer on th3 Southern oi
Crescent, was brought l
Salisbury Friday enroute i
Morgauton where he was to
be put at the. State hospital
for the insane. Sometime
ago he received a blow on his
head which is considered to
be responsible for hie unbal
anced mentality.
The work of erecting th-
tmilding for the nt-w lex?!"
plant at Yadkin nar the to!,
bridge is nearing a comple
tiDn It will take only about
a week or ten days, to .finieh
the laying of the bricks unri
then the irachinery will b
installed and the plant made
leady for operati m,
John W Peeler, of Koct
well, who was in Salisbury
Saturday has ju?t returned
from Atlanta, Ga., where he
attended a big gofd r ad-meeting.
The Salisbury Spene.ti
Mini8terium held its remi'ar
, monthly meeting iu the home
of Rev H A Welker in Faiih
Monday and the member
were invited to a sumptuous
. dinner.
The Y M C A campaign
gan yesterday for raising the
budget of the work for two
years, and the amount aekd
is $1,250 quarterly for eight
quarters. 12 teams 1 m-.n
and 2 women were nair.ed to
canvass Up to noon today
nearly $5 500 has been secured.
rowre. YOV r'" I , ( Cf'i'" I !
""lauC , or- . FT2MOoin - j, (a tun H v I
. ' ' ' " ' ' ' . ' " ' " " ' '
y ' s.
l2 : -J 1
The boards of county com-ni-
to tiers, aldermen of Spn
?er ind al i-rmen of Salisburty
went ou a tour of inspection
M-iiu street. Salislmry ave and the highway throngh
Sncr- Tuesday and there
- - idence of tver7 member
agrfei.ig to widen the road
ud u-rt the chain gmg on
same. It will thusly minimize
ihv danger of accidents.
The annual inspection of
t'ni ?ocal militiamen, 4 h Co
0 A C will re hll about the
itil-ielle of March and it ie
lioj.ed that our company will
sink-' a crt-ditab e siiow ing.
The companies of th Firet
? 5 regiment which ha
j; -eturned irotu t- e VUxi
ia! oider have r-iiiv ! or
ie to be mustered ut a.
(. u i as possible.
'i he Salisbury Chapter of
tb American RHdC'r' held
a in. eti)g in the old .-ouit
h- u-f Monday ft rj;ooi.
M; Eleanor Clark, - f Old
Fori, and a trained nu
the first volunteer to i.-fler her
rij rice to the natio. in case
ot -vdr.
John, the young son ot En
gineer and Mrs James Branch
met with a painful accident
at their h me ou West Lafay
ette street Monday when he
fell from a tap z in the yard
and his arm was badly cut.
L D B Brown, ?. weT known
officer of Granite Qa-irry, has
rec-rived two fuP.-Modtd
bloodbmnd:- ind
Miss Je89ie Josephine Sur
ratt was married Saturday
evening to (ruy Sloop, the
ceremony being perf jrmed by
R-v W A Lambeth, the
bride's pastor, at t.'-e home of
Mr and Mrs Kerr Mowery on
Sout h Long s- reet. M r Sloop
! ravels for a WinstcnSalem
''ouse and his bride is a
laughter cf Mrs S R Bntner
of Badiu. 'ihey wi'l live
Tuesday morning Miss. Jo
?ephine B Atkins, of Concord,
n;d Russell A Barntaidt. of
charlotte, were married at
the Fi st Baptist pirsonage,
ilev C A CJ 'Ihomas nffi-iaU
ng. Mr Uaru-'aidt is well
known here having beu con
nected with the Thompson
Construction Uompnuy fiere,
M-.duow with tha1- company
in Kannapolis. Mrs Bar;
nardt is teaching in the ludi-
in-schools iu New MeX'co.
Court News.
The February 'erm T Row
an superior court convene!
last Monday with His Honor
Judge H M Jnst'ce on the
bench. Ti e term is fo" two
weeks Tli-Te wns oji" mur
der case, Na. c" 1 arks, a
ii j;.m .) wi)iii'i! , sbsyerot' Emma
Jack-w'J. anulhr-i- ngr wo
rn ri. a n ram;) iu Western
crif''. c t
iegrer' n:d w;i.-: s--nteuced to
ten ye.:i i i ih" 'tate pHni-.
enitnr- .
Siie entered plea of
i trder in second
Will Cciton eo Eack to 20 Cents?
Atl-ui'M Ke'. 9. In spite
of ti e a ai d the diploma-
ic r'.'i 'uie 'vitb Germany and
th-1 1 r-rik in fiduies on N-w
Y;k ! Kxchc'.Dffe, cot
ton1- go';.:-ir h .-; to 20 cents
an'1 -wty ! e or 1 hereabo.r
for the .isii i?e and'fuud un
tl hi hat world 'd
iIH:T-:d. :! f Xc'ndjimr ill
Cen I t weis r j g e;t r
vi Hew Sliotling
The pope's Morning Star agrain
attention to some things
t cause wide-spread Sy.tem Company of Ohio.
Cjrntihe vrld'- ttj?ply.
A ' such irlie opin-
ioi -'l Kt.ile. K. Calloway, of
h- t c -: ; s ire A g r i j n 1 1 u ra 1 Co m
w " w-v T-V 1
. x a runnier J I) fru-w ano
Iheftock pej,sot Speuce. jrt!;. ,M.h. ,;ljrf!0,j the eub.
J I Klnt former chitf of
UUUCO 1 LI JJOOV kjvtiv - - 1 . .
tried this week in Virgiu'a lor; vv - "-7
bigamy and pleading guilty of tiwking eriirmals
was sentenced to three years Salisbury is n? w engaged in
in the state prison. He has a making a thorough inspection
wife living in East Spencer 0f telegraph h.'i:? ligh.
another in Virginia and a:an1 street rai.'ay poh; with
othei in Alabama, makiug' Q the city limit with a view
three living wives. : to ascertaining thuir sound-
rT.:, o zja nA 90 es.. All defective poles will
' m 4 1! h
vnara snn nT .ivira Alice ivi
J VM m Ih7 ' -v - '
8unday were rilled with n;any
?ar loads os horses as:-d mul s
destined for warring countries
in Europe It is not known
just what route they will be
taken across since the German
-ubmarine campaign makes
it impossible.
Dr L C Brown, p Rowan
native but now at the head of
a great Lutheran s,.hocl in
Japan, is here on ? visit ani
will make an address a,t St
Johu's Lutherau chnrch liext
Suuday. He h s been ia
Japan aF a missionary for
. who r
.dvi-ii;g !hf
tn 1 i.;ne purr
pre.-ent flurr
in the nwiik t. but to In Id all
the sp A co't u 8!i!l iu th-jir
stT';t'ken bv tii'
haj'.d.s unt:l
tiie price goes
HnMur Viuro mpf. 'orith iliiliri"
es at Neverson, a granite Bound ones,
town near Wilson, Sunday'
resulting in hi death. fcH
was employed as a stack
painter at the rock quarries
and fell frm a derrick and
was rushed to a sanatorium at
Raleigh hut he d!ed a few
hours later. His
be condemned and ordered
removed a; d replaced w.tb
iiiaiiguratioa Will Bs Held As Planned.
Washington, Feb 9. Formal
announcement was made yester
day that in spite of the foreign
situation, the public inaugura
tion ceremonies March 5 will be
remains np.ia as planned.
werft hroncrht to Salisbury 'twas stated that it will be
Monday and interred iu ';he -tn tde impressive" in oro.-r to aff -
niiuatnnt H511 mpfrvr rr.l an onoortunitv fjr a perU.
Vl-LVC AJL&& w-uvvva
Against any Farther Discussions ol Peace.
Washington, Feb. 12.
Sha p letusal to cnns'djr
hints for a discussion of the
subnvriiiH siluntiou with G jr
many unless iJ be preceded
by the abandonment of the
cr.mpaigr; ut ruthlesnegs and
re'storaiiou of Suffolk pledges
wa.; fu-rec-st today.
The offi' i 1 opin ou hai
srlid fijd til -i t the Grma
sn.rr tioii tor neg T;atnns
c-nnot be ousi'erl while
sliios ar hf'b'g sunk iu a
The infant of Mr. and Mrs.
G. M. Rradoly, died at the home
of its parents on Nrth Shaver
Steet, late Wednesday after
noon. Its remains was taken to
Liberty church for interment
on Thursday.
- 4
Gerard and Suite in
Washington, Feb. 12. Official
report on the arrival of former
Ambassador Gerard and his suite
at Zurich, Switzerland, reached
the State Department today from
the American Minister Stovall.
at Berne. They added nothing
ti the information already pub
Oavihon ioiiiK Mm is Instantly Killed.
Lt-xb'gt'-n. Fe. 7. Clois
Kv-rhardt, a young man of
18 yars waabi Oct suddenly
kilbd vet-terday afteruncn
about four miles east ot here
when a shotgun w?s accident
ally discharged while he was
crowing a fence I he whole
load tookeifeet in the gioiu,
?ev-red two arteries and
broke one thigh. Before aid
could be secured h verb art
iid, although a phy ician
who examined the wouno
said no medical aid could
have availed to save the
young man.
Woman Saved From a Seri
ous Surgical Operation.
.oftamnnn Hh leaves lv sDOutaneous extooiuon ot tne: April, ine sti:i was Drofcj
a wife and a child.
Officers Capture Sill and $ Operators. -
A big 60-gall n still was
cantured near Mewmm. Dav-
idson Uouuty last Thursday j campaign wnicu nas rrougni
revenue officer? n nioial condemnauou i,t
the uutrale of the world.
Officials are ad mi it ng to-
dv f r ihe first timf the re-
cj''pt of Mich an o'fer iiirougii
the S i-s .minister, regard-
this sug.'sti n a an attempt
to bech'u 1 tl:e i-?u' and
weaken t.! gov ;n -i-: ;:".- t u
rition. T .-y g . ve nr imatio)
that it inuM bemni b y ? , n. i
a ti) -T'iey
re.ird it as sme
what slrauge that .Germany
should dow sljnv a williujr-
ietiB to negj;iat. on a subj-..-?
vnicli sae u i.ito -tf
witiibUi disc iCU w:th t'a
country or aay a'l-mpi. Uj
i give the Am-inca-a "viewpoiat
afternoon by
E. Toibert and (.-. L. NIy
and Deputy Sheriff F. C.
Sink. It was at the home of
Jim Baily, who with his sev-
enteenyear-old sou, was ar
rested aud taken to Iexing
ton, aud, remaining there
over night, were brought tu
Salisbury Fri lay morning.
Ihey whi's. giveu a Lnwriii..
before U S, (Jommiio .:.v,
W. L iiay aud were put uti
der bODds of 250 aud $100
respectively. Not, t-
to give bond t iej
to aii to aw tn t v x
of the f. erf. ;;uii; ;. tu v
u. -ia here on tie :
ord an opportunity a
1 . .,,ii..aniK pirh v ri ill itl
iv sjuuiaufcun" - - " 1 . -
patriotic feeling of the country,"up and the outfit confiscated. 1 consideration.
Tomsville. Kv. "For four years I
suffered from female troubles, head
aches, and nervousness. I could not
sleep, had no appetite and it hurt me to
walk. If I tmed to do any work, I
would have to lie down before it was
finished. Tne doc
tors said I would
have to be opera
ted on and I simply
broke down. A
friend advised ma
to try Lydi8 E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound,
and the result is I
feel like anew wom
an. I am well and
strong, do all my
own house work and
have an eight pound baby girl. I know
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound saved me from an operation
which every woman dreads. Mrs.
Nellie Fiseback, 1521 Christy Ave.,
Louisville, Ky.
Everydne naturally dreads tiie sur
geon s Kniie. sometimes nouung eise -will
do, but many times Lydia E.Tink
haxn's Vegetable Compound has saved
the patient and made an operation un
necessary. If you nave any symptom about which
yea would like to know, write to. the ,
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, j
Mass., for helpful advice given free.
.i .
mai must cause wiue-xpie.-iu
consternation and alarm. On its
editorial page of Uct zb we are
told that the president of the
United States has actually re-:
fused to receive the Most Rever-
end John Bonzano, Apostolic ;
Deleeate and several other j
things; but tnerely permitted the1
said John to hold audience with
his private secretary. , j
And that is not all. On an
other occasion when Cardinal
Gibbons made one of his numer
ous incursions into the of
the national executive, he was
addressed as Mr. Gibbons, thus
insulting the church. Just think
of a president so wanting in re-
ect for this aggress bn of
mountebanks! Tbe ship of state
is rushing on the breakers. Cal
imit.y is not more than r haw
ser's length t-head. Pass thu life
preservers, and everybody io
the boats!
What is the use of mystic mon
keyshines if gendemen of the
red headgear can be "mistered"
by a mere president of the
United States? This president
must entertain the heretical idea
that nothing outranks an Amer
ican citizen. He should be dis
ciplined; and will be if the Morn
ing Star can shine long enough.
The Menace
Dormitory at tbe Normal is Burned.
Greereboro, Feb. One of
the dormitories of the State
Normal aud Industrial college
w?sdestioyed by lire shortly
after midnight. Thirty
yourg ladies escaped unin
jured, but lost.ail tneir per
gonnl effects. Less is proba
bly SI. 001.
The building was owned by
Mrs Jones, of South Port and
was used as a dormitory by
thf- chopl.
(t in Sell;., of Haleigh, is
sTtiidiug several days in this
cii y with his mother. He is
in w traveling for the Ingle
For Stiff' Neck
Apply Sloan's Liniment aithot!t
robbing to the sore leaders and the
pain wiii soon bs relieved.
For rheumatic aches, neuralgia,
gout, lumbago, bruises, strains,
sprains and muscle 6tiffness, have
a bottle handy.
Quickly penetrate1; and soothes, cleaner
than mussy plasters or ointments, does not
stain tlm skin.
At all druggists, 25c. 50c, and $1.C0.
with good oil liniment. That's
the surest way to stop them.
The best rubMng liniment is
Li it! iff
Korca, Mu, , Cattle, Etc
Good for gi-.r own Aches,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cnts, Haras, Etc
25c 50c ;!'., " At all Dealers.
unlit rw
IhtlllllIAIlfiHlJ4tM J9,
A M!j.i r i
After a night of resdessness
due to a hacking cough, with
its strain and disturbance on
your whole system, you feel
completely exhausted.
Do not let the cold wear you out
and encourage more serious illness.
Take Dr. King's New Discovery
and get grateful relief, it quiets the
annoying cough, relieves the colds
and grippe makes you reel com
fortable again and you get the
much needed rest
Yorjf dricrsflst has sold it
for years. 1 ry it

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