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Japan Tatias tar Gild.
Treasury officials engrossed in
the far reaching programme of
international financing upon
which the country lately has en-!
tered, have' turned their chief at
tention to the unexpected and
somewhat disconcerting- discov
ery that for the past month Ja
pan has been withdrawing gold
from the .United States at the
rate of 150,000,000 to 200,000
000 a year.
Gold exports to Japan within
11 the past three or four weeks, it
is stated, have been between
$10,000,000 and $15,000,000.
Since January I they have totaled
35000,000. Within the next
30 days, th government has been
informed they will approximate
50 per cent of the entire sum
already exported in 1917.
The mystery is more economic
than political it is said, and
there is nowhere apparent any
disposition to question the mo
tives of the government or citi
zens of Japan in withdrawing all
the gold to which they are entit
led. At the same time it is
realized that heavy exports of
gold from this country is highly
There are a number of reas
ons why Japan might have adopt
ed her programme of withdrawing
gold from this country. She is
prospering under war condi
tions, and with , the United
States is a creditor nation.
Russia is known to have gone in
to debtfto her to the extent of
many millions.
jj' Stand." ,4
Thisis a mild form ot indiges
tion. It is usually brought on
by eating to rapidly or to much,
or a food not suited to your di
gestive organs. If you will eat
slowly, masticate your food
thoroughlyj eat but little meat
and none at all for supper, you
will more than likely avoid sour
stomach without taking any
medicine whatever. When you
have sour stomach take on of
Chamberlain's Tablets to aid di
gestion. fftniuTkxtis A Waraint
It wants to be remembered as
we go along that vegetables or
anything to eat is or will be
more highly prized this season
than diamonds. Therefore it
follows that any individual who
aids or abets directly, in the de
struction or damage of any kind
of foodstuffs whatsoever is liable
to suffer the most estreme pains
and penalties that can be inflat
ed, without the benefit of clergy
In brief, the citizens who
sweats and toils and spends good
money to cultivate a garden, in .
.,. A J j-
obedience to requests and advice
of President- Wilson and about j
evereybody else is not
called on
to stand, for a moment, the dep
redations of the neighbors chickr
ens or fowls 'of whatsoever name
or denomination. He will be
fully warranted and public sen
timent will protect htm in re
sorting to extreme measures in
stanter Fowls are foodstuff?
Yes but the individual who per
mits his fowls to pasture on
other folks' gardens is without
the pale of the law this year
He is an undesirable at any
time and this year will receive no
consideration whatever. He
may be thankful if he doesn't
land in jail or escape lynching.
.Statesville Landmark.
Hts a Gc:i Opinion of Chambeflain's TIats.
"Chamberlain's Tablets are a
Wonder. I never sold any th ing
that beat them writes F B
Tressey, Richmond Ky. When
troubled with indigestion or con
stipation give them a trial.
Come, freedom of the land,
Come, meet the great demand,
True heart and open hand,
Take the loan!
For tho hopes the prophets saw,
For the sword your brothers
For liberty and law,
Take the loan!
Ye ladies of the land,
As ye love the gallant band,
Who have drawn a soldier's
Take the loan!
Who would bring them what she
Who would give the soldier food,
Who would staunch her brother's
Take tho loan!
All who saw her hosts pass by, '
All who joined the parttng cry,
When we bade them do or die,
Take the loan!
As ye wished their triumph then,
As ye hope to meet again,
And to meet their gaze as men.
Take the loan!
Who could press the. great ap
peal Of our ranks of serried Steele,
Put your shouldes to the wheel,
Take the loan!
That our prayers in truth may
Which we press with streaming
On the Lord of earth and skies,
Take the loan!
(Written in MaylS&l, at the
outbreak of the Civil War.)
It Prom That There's A Way Oat for fflany
Suffering Salisbury Folhs.
Just another report of a case in
Salisbury. Another typical case.
Kidney ailments relieved in Sal
isbury with Doan's Kidney Pills.
Mra M A Wineqoff, 331 E Kerr
St, Salisbury, says: 'My back
ached so that I could hardly drag
myself around and in the morn
ing I could hardly get out of bed.
My kidneys were in bad shape
and the kidney secretions were
unnatural. I suffered from head
aches and often felt as though I
would lose my reason. I tried
many medicines but nothing
seemed to do me any good until I
took Doan's Kidney Pills, procur
ed at- the People's Drug Co. They
relieved me from the first and I
continued taking them until my
back didn't ache and my kidneys
caused me no trouble,"
Price 50c, all dealers. Don 't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the same
that Mrs Winecoff had Fosters
ilburn Co., Props., Buffalo N.
Y u"w
Eexicans Go' Aboand American Schooner.
Galveston, Tex., June 4,
The American fishing schoon
er Areas was ooaraea Dy a
crew of a. Mexican gunboat
off the ccast of Mexico on the
high seas on May 31. and
looted of clothing, fishing
gear and medicine chest, ac
cording to information
brought here ry Captain o A
McDonald, of the Areas.
- - -
Names of Seized Ships Have Been Changed.
Washington, June 4.
Secretary Daniels announced
today that the names of the
seized German ships, assigend
to the navy, have been chang
ed. Among them is that of
the Hudolph Blumberg to
v The Geier, the gunboat in
terned at Honolulu, is renam
ed for Carl Shurz, the famous
German-American soldier.
Pronesed Postal Levy at Yartace Witfc Dem
ocratic Idealsas World's Greatest Educator,
The Menace.
The 'apparent failure of the
present administration and the
house to use proper discrimina
tion and judgment in fixing the
portion of the war burden to be
borne by the press of America
is strangely at variance with the
theory of Liberal Democracy and
is already arousing nation wi4e
indignation and resentment, not
only in the press, but among the
fundamental democrats every
where. A democratic state
should, and if true to his princi
ples, will always foster the wide
est possible dissemination of
knowledge. Books, newspapers,
magazine in a word, all the
literature that educates and stim
ulates research and discussion,
should be promoted and fostered
in such a way as to make literacy
and general intelligence the rote,
and not the exception.
This was loner the rule and
working principle of our gover
ment, as it has always been in
an exceptionally marked degree
the working principle of the En?
glish govermen and other liber
al nations. Indeed, it has not
until the Roman Catholic hier
archy organized its secret oath
bound politico-religous societi
pledged to the furtherance of the
interests of thepapalsovereigntj
that the attitude of our govern
ment toward the press changed.
In recent years, however, the
post office department has system
atically sought to. hamper ajsd
restrict, if not penalize, the press.'
Great railroads enjoying what a-
mounted to be vast subsidies
through extortionate mail, ap
propriations were passed over,
while the most successful agen
cies quickly building up news
paper circulation such as the lib
eral distribution of sample copies
and the giving of premiums to
introduce publications, has been
warred upon by the department.
There has, under President Wil
ron's administration, gone for
ward a systematic attempt to
levy enormous postal taxes on
papers. In many instances
where such publication enjoyed
a national circulation but were
neither subsidized or the recip
ients of a great abvertising pa
patronage, such as a postal tax
would mean destruction to the
In the taxes now proposed to
meet the extravagent war ap
propriations the levy is not a rev
enue-producing tax, but in the
nature of the case is a tax that
would lessen revenue and could
serve no purpose but to injure
the press of the nation by great
ly limiting the circulation of
journals and killing great num
bers of papers. Hundreds of pa
pers have recently been stifled
to death by the revenue extort
ing newspaper trust.
The Newspaper Trust, when
exposed by the government in
vestigation, became alarmed and
the public was informed that
tb.2 newspaper manufactures
were willing for the Federal
Trade Commission to fix the price
of paper. When this was done
nothing came of it for the reas
son that the newspaper combine
fails to furnish the paper at the
reduced price to any appreciable
degree or amount. The trust
magnates were indicted, but
wnat nas oecome oi ltr nere as
elsewhere, justice moved with
leaaon strides, while newspaper
after newspaper dies as a result
oi .trust extortion ana slow ac
tion of the eroverment in behalf
of the people versus the trusts
wnile now the government pro-
1 New Bern Man Killed at Rsfsizh.
f. .. . - ...
Raleigh. June 4.- R J Whar
ton, said to be from New Bern,
fWa kmed by a Southern passen.
erer train here this morning at
the Union station sheds. Mr
Wharton was en route from
Greensboro to Goldsboro, and
during- the time the tram
stopped here he left the cars.
When the train started to back
out of the sheds he fell under the
j -
cars as he attempted to board it,
falling under the car the body
was badly mangled.
' Mr. Wharton was about 55
years of age and had been visit
ing relatives at Greensboro was
returning to his home. The au
thorities have communicated
With relatives at Greensboro and
members of the family will ar
rive here this afternoon. -The
body will be shipped on to New
3ern for burial.
i Goad Suggestion.
, A good suggestion coming
for several sources is as fol
4 lows: Save the glass and
stoneware containers and
send them to the women on
the farms for preserving
fruits and vegtables!
On account of the expected
enonage m tin cans, ic is sug-
-.1. i - - i! ' . 11. I
gested that all commercial
canneries, girls' canning clubs I
ana otners promptly aesure
themselves of an adequate
supply of containers. The
conservation of glaesand stone
warn rtontainers mav h ac
,UVia thr.K i l
" I
' r ua s
operation of th6 consumer in
the towns and cities with the
gins canning emus ana
1 1 1 1 J Jl
ers wno may oe lmeresiea m
j- i T A A J Z I
:ne canning oi iruice ana veg-
dlfllAtfA flf A ll M ft I
This is a very painful and
dangerous disease. In almost I
every neighborhood some one has
died from it before medicine 1
could be obtained or a physician I
summoned. The right way is I
o have a bottle ' of Chamber -
am s isouc xiarrizoca xvciucujr i
in the house so as to be prepared
or it. Mrs Charles Enyeart,
Hunington, lnd., writes; Uur-
iner the summer of 1911 two of
my chlidren were taken sick with
cholera morbus. I used Cham
berlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy and it gave them immed-
iate relief."
poses to further tax to death pa-
pers of national circulation that
are not subsidized or have not be-
hind them vast resources.
A congress so intolerant of
honest criticism that it would
penalize free press, and a erovern-
ment which would substitute
autocratic and bureaucratic
measures such as marked , the
Russia of the old 'uregime, may
ride the high waves of (power
for a day, but unless we entirely
mistake the temper of the vast
mass of our people, the hour is
aooroachin&r when a real demo-
cratic reaction or renaissance has
set in and the verbal parroting
-C A iAaAti4My mitt mtra
place to actual practice.
j o . o
tin. A l I
ffDOOPK wm.
In this disease it is important
that the cough be kept loose and
expectoration easy, which can be
done by giving Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Mrs. P H Mar-
tin, Peru, Ind.f writes. J My two
daughters had whooping ' cough,
I gave them Chamberlain s
Uough JKemedy and it worked
like a charm."
Will Operate Canning Plant
The old Rowan Canning Com
pany's plant, located in East Sal
isbury, will be. operated this
season and will begin business
about Auarust 1st C Y Sum
mers, of Statesville, who has had
eleven years experience in this
business, will superintend the
operation of the cannery. Par
ticular attention will be given to
the putting up of tomatoes and
beans, especially the Stone and
Ked Kock variety of tomatoes
will be canned and in beans the
Burpee Stringer, Green Pod and
Refugee variety will be put up.
It is proposed also to install a
fruit evaporator and probably a
sweet potato dry kiln. It is said
there is some difficulty in getting
Chasles M Summers of the vi
cinity of Statesville, and Martin
P Moore, of Salisbury, have
bought the factory and will
operate it this season. The Sal
isbury factory has a capacity of
60,000 cans daily. Mr. Summers
will have personal charge of the
factory when it begins business.
He is an experienced canner and
a good business man.
Sloan's Liniment for Rheumatism.
The pains goes so quickly after
- . .
you apply Sloan's liniment for
rheumatic pains, neuralgia, tooth
aehe, lumbago, sprains, audits so
easy io use. it quicuiy pene-
trates and soothes without rub-
bin& fnd is far cleaner and more
effective than mussy plasters or
V l4...1 I it - 1
"CCF m ine nouse ana
got prompt relief, not only from
!t L-JL Z.
all nerve panis hut from bruises,
strains, snrams. nvtr p-s-frMc -1
an external aches. Atyourdnur
- w
ist 25 50c fl 0Q
Tha n;rfonn.a
1U9 UlllOIOIlbO
rhurrh coif
gregation. and the alleged church
owned and dominated by the pope
0f Rome, is strikingly illustrated
by an incident recently occuring
at Suauamish. Washinerton.
At this nlace the conff relation
0f the Congregational church re-
centiy. passed a resolution re
questing the assessor of their
(Kitsap) county to appraise ,and
assess their church property for
the purpose of paying war taxes
Inasmuch as the congregation
j of that denomination don'tengage
in the laundry and clothing-man
ufacturing business it is likely
I that the orooertv uoon which
they are willing to pay taxes is
actually used for religious pur-
poses of worship.
Contrast the genuine patriotism
I of that Protestant bodv with the
attitude of the papal system with
its millions of investments in real
estate, factories escaping- taxa-
tion because listed as charities
I and asylums, and other vast prop-
I erties used untaxed, for specula-
tive and commercial purposes
1 The genuine patriot is interest-
ed in welfare of his country and
is willing for his church to pay
its way and bear its proportion
of the burden.
gyjjg jj
1 r4..; : r
v, - l"c
uidtu icasuua wuy iuc a. v ci ati c
human life is below 40 years
Leaving waste material in the
body, poisons the system and
I blood and makes us liable to sick
headaches, billiousc ess, nervous-
ness and muddy skin. When
you note these symptoms, try Dr
Kic:;s Kew Life Pills. They
give prompt relief, jre mild, non
griping in action, add tone to
your system and clear tne com-
iplexion. At vour druggist, 25c
No Liqaor fldvetosnts for N.
The law barring liquor adver
tising from tho United States
mails goes into effect" July 1.
This law provides that no letter,
circular, postal card, pamphlet,
newspaper or publication of any
kind which contains solicitation
of an order for any intoxicating
liquors shall be deposited or car.
ried in the United States mails
"when addresssed or directed to
any person, nrm, corporation or
association or other addressee at
any place or point in any state or
territory of the United States at
which it is by the law in force in
the state or. territory at that
time unlawful to advertise or so
licit orders for such liquorsor
any of them respectively."
Croup, Wfioopine-Ciush Relieved.
Children's diseases demand pre
paredness. When the child wakes"
you at night, gasping and stang
:ing for breath, how thankful you
ire to have Dr Bell's Pine Tar
loney at hond. This effective
emedy loosens the mucous and
permits free and natural breath
ing, its soothing balsams heal
the irritated membrane and ar
rests further inflammation.
Pleasant to take. Keep Dr Bell's
Pine-Tar-Honey in the house for
all colds and bronchial troubles.
At your druggist, 25c.
Rowan People in Wake County.
Apex, N. C, June 4. I wish
to state a few words from Wake
County in Regard to our condi
tion. We have good wheat and
corn so far, but cotton is not a
good stand and the farmers are
replanting with corn and peas.
All crops are looking -welLand
the farmers are keeping right
up with their wor$ Wake
County is trying to get to the
front and they will go to the
front in a short time. We have
some good farmer people in our
county and some good people.
We have one of our best men vis
iting his native county, old Row
an. G H Morgan is a visitor
with his daughter, Mrs Earn
hardt, wife of D W Earnhardt,
and a number of brothers and
friends. He is a good farmer
and a splendid man well known
in Rowan and Wake counties.
He has a good farm in Wake and
has a good, man on his farm crop
ing for him, C L Black welder,
another Rowan family.
Never Nedeet 1 Cold.
A child after bathing, cooling
off suddenly after exercises and
drafts, give the cold germ a foot
hold and may lead to something
worse. Safty requires early treat
ment. Keep Dr Kiug's New Dis
covery on hand. This pleasant
balsam remedy allays inflamma
tion, soothes the cough and re
pairs the tissues., Better be safe
than sorry. Break up the cold
with Dr King's New Discover
before it is too late. At youf
druggist, 50c. $1.00.
Would Pat $100 Tax on Aliens.
Washington. June 1.
Former Governor fcrlynu of
New York and former Mayor
Fitzgerald of Boston today
proposed to the Senate finance
committee, which is revising
the revenne bill, a tax of $100
on each alien in the United
States who has not expressed
intention to become an Amer
ican citizen. They, said such
a tax would raise $300, C00 000
Aliens who enlisted in the
armed forces of the United
States would be exempt.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take LAXATIVH BROMO Qulnlac. It atop the
Cough and Headache and work off the Cold.
Drnreiata refund money if it fails to cvre.
B. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 2Sc

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