North Carolina Newspapers

JOHJSr W. SXjE3DG1-E1, i-noiMiiKTOii.
VOL. xxxn
NO. 21.
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I=-A.K;T 2.
IT hiis bi.‘oi» said by ons ot old that it
IH a Murti Niu;n (d'old to like to talk
about lime when you wt-ro youn^,”
hut H! it U not my uwu riporicDCi- »ni
as I lay do claimit to liuvin^ uutuJ in
thodramit onilo tbut I uui riilatin^, 1 trust
there lift* Home wboi«till oherltili thutncm-
ory (>r olitvr duyi and amon^ thuughti'iti
(>«‘oplo e^{H‘iiu)ly thfrt; art> those vbo will
piirdon iiiutMr ptui^in;; awhile with tbost'
whii, iiavinu; ?(frvM) ibiirday and generii-
tion, buve aMlirp and thuir plauo
ftlU'd by ntbirit who huTu come after
diu chickens nif'h dut gyardio ao' dc
Wity h?kio ketch crcoooitter sight. How'd
yer lake tir 1:0 lor de sprin^j?" ^iKDlfy-
in^ my wlllin^neitD 1 followed hini around
u corner then down a ihort distaoco past
whore Mome old atepfl were crurublio^,
uround a lidie knoK and theo dowo a
urnduiil incline to the foot of “CoDstitU'
tion Hili" to where u beautiful sprioj; of
water uoiucM out of the billhide aod
caught in a lar^u rook which io io bot-
biwed thiit it forms it bsHin fur the water
(>) the i*ide of this btiMo there in a apout
cut out of Molid rock through which the
water I;) conveyed, aM the aprinff i** io-
Special DiapUy of*—'
And MUUnaij NovaltieB.
—Be iure to attend.——o
I oet XS t]T Rwnoke Rapid«,N. V.
• P. SALE,
theui Siitie ui»'i suholar, J olowed by wolid ropk wall of about forty
stHte>m«n, |.rie^*t and people, alike blend j j,
(>d in one e>awnon du.'*r and thou^'b n . : ^ [.lukini i:t snid the oldest iohab-
n,rtrb!e,.ha(i u.ay m.rk fbeif reatiutf placr,' .
they, too, will fouie Kirih and lake thvii [ jj,is wall was built,
place, ir, ibat inimmerable throng winch , MaKasioe aprioc/’ said my
Do man aau uumbcr and whieh “huU
^iitber '*•] eurneru of the earib quality u>KJt»*r bev dey parties an’ play
at the eall the Ortat jtyarJa an'Jrink wine, (beam tell e»
uniy« rHH. . . ..,t % •. i v , how two ou'em »dco cot io er fuss kase
the.-*** I nro.s»* on the moruin^ alter ' oi,y uu’n^hi up dar inwhar dey fout er
interview Hith luv »rieijd j,fuf on'em wui killed, dars two
pfepj»r«d I t my vwi tu tho old ! ij.jie hoivR up d»r now whar dey stood
yard and utber point* ol inlereat dey lired, an’deVH allera oloao . er
ui>:bt he su^'f'esud by him. The (|'m i i |,.„v,.h eii «traw 00 luattef |)ow uiuoh dere
I tho street was marked compared with he added in 40 impreMtVe
the day before. Ihe crowd bad
persed to their homes io the surroundinu', 1 1 1 u
' . >in .Ilk l*rom the evidcoccfi around, such as
country. I ho upturned Koods boxes and • 1 j !u .
a tow boncH and of bread, “I''''- >>»
.ere «.»ll.reJar,.uml and belDK devoured broken chiD.anJ other ren.-
by a Uzy luokinK ,>i«, were the only re- ,
main, ol-the feast .bat had been /preid *|««or.te resort ot I be beau, and belle,
beneath d,e Ircea, and the liule towi, .. 1 “"'’f .
ibis early hour of the morninj; might I Alier quenching our thirst, we weoded
have been taken f»r a “Deserted Villugo," ] church, past ao ao-
Tbe bouses, j»roy and gabled roofed, hlai»i i oi^^ot io>kioi; achool-bouse ol which my
and dignified in their sotting hack from ‘‘data what all dose niggers
the siioet, some of them almost bid by , »«hool, an look ter me lake^ de
the tali C'.‘d»rs and evergreens in front,)*^*7 “{• ®*®
seemed to a.skanee at their more out here ter de State farin; He
modern neighbors. For there have been | ‘hen added, reflectively,^ “yer see arter
some attempts at styles of a later date. I 1 «"« ^ rouch^ laroin ^ '«>
had been toid by my communicative' ”' *" *■*“* *
landlord that tboie had been a great ini-
provciuent in the town in the last ton
years. When I remembered that it was
said that the “Father of his Country, "
in writing of this little village, bad suid
that it was a thrifty village, but a little
on tbo decline, it, was bard for me to rec
oncile the two htatemonts.
As I came in the viiiniry of my frier.dV
cottage 1 saw him iiMlu.''tiiously weedini'
away among some vegetables in the lilt'e
garden attached to his humble dwelling,
now and then peering; e»rne'tly at the
plants as if in search of sotQOtbing he wm
anxious to discover.
“Good morning, IJnaie Billy,” I said.
“Sarvanl, s»h," be replied, taking of>
his battered hat politely but ItMining oi
bis boe with his eye still ou the ground.
“You have a niue garden," I eootin-
“Yas, sah, butdese yer out wo*oms is
jes’ er ruioin’ tuy eollard plants dese cool
moroin's, »n’ my sallit's alt gone to seed
an* I wan* dose eollards ter make hast*
grow so ei 1 kin ’em."
Ah be said this he stooped down and
ran bis finger around a decapitated cab
bage plant and bringing up a wriggling
grub proceeded to pull him in two with
his flof^rs, wiping them on his shoes as
he finiahed and looking up with the air
of hiving met and conquered an enemy.
“You haven't lime for a walk, tbep?"
“Ob, yas 1 is, boss. I allers lakes ter
'commodate nice genterment," he r plied)
as DO doubt visions of silver half dollars
'flitted through his mind. He earefull;
placed his boe in the corner of the obim
ney and wiping his face with a gay ool-
ored ooltoD handkerehief came through
tb«Jitilegate,iD bis shirt sleeves and
with only one string aoroas hia aboaldera
in plaoe of suspenders, sayiog as be van?
isbed io doors, “Jes’ lemrne git my yuther
ooat an* bat.”
I« Presently he ^me out in a long
frnok ooat, that had perhaps in time been
black, and aoomparatively new straw hat,
oatiing to a Httie our dog lying on the
poroh be said, “you atay dar Jaek 'twell
1 come back." The d^ looked up at
him and seemed to lake in what be said
and tbeo quietly abut one eve |od (hen
both, rwting his head uptm bit fore pawa.
Twtioc to me be said, ‘*dst's de ksow*
«lfapi£^;M«nr Ml, I* wm IM
proud ter work, an' tust thing yer
kno dey douo stole aomethin' an* dar dey
goes. But, dcD you koo', some Ibkes
bow dere ain’ no yuther place
suits er nigger but in er eorn-fiel’ an'
bin' er mule, an* i spwe deys in de right
place arter all" “Hi I ’ he exclaimed aK
a sharp toDud bell rung out on the morn
ing air, “deres de bell oallin* 'em to de
cote house now an' some more un ’em
will got dar arter dis week, I reckun "
Ibis, tu my mind, was a serious r«*
fleotion on the wisdom of those psttiotic
men who in framing the first oonaiitutioD
fur the Sta^e embodied in its most vital
principles the resolutiou that North Car.
olina should aid io the education of her
people. And this was the same old bell
which bad rung out so exultantly on tba*
day when, in front of this court bouse, in
the preaenoe of a vast c loojurse of peo
ple aniious to be free« had been road ibt*
“Ueo'aratiou of Independence" as it had
been deutared in pbilad»>lphia, that wa>
DOW calling a degenerate people to dot»
the badge uf felonial servitude
The old ohureh had been built in
Colonial days sDd bad been used as a
free obuicb for any wayfaring minister
ofthe gospel who might oome that way,
and in after years by the colored people
alone. It has long since fallen into di 
use and is fast crumbling to decay. As
I looked at its quaint constr.uctioo and
tottering walls, with imaginations eye, I
oould see the congregations of stately
Colonial dames, fox huntiog squires aud
prim youths and maidena who were wont
to gather here at stated times snd loyally
pray for “His Maj«ty, the King uf
kngland." Here too, perhaps, the gifted
Whitfield had by his impawioned elu>
quenoe swayed the mtthitudey oomposed
of swarthy red men, as well as dauie
with kerchief and cap and men wii li
powdered wigs and long queues. The
yard bas been enclosed in an effort tu
preserve the stones which mark the graves
of those departed more than a oentury
ago, some of these are broken and defaced
and some almoM ill^bleand one, Imme
diately under the ohureh, told of one long
sinoe forgotten among men.
*Dar'a whar Mars June's buried," aaid
my friend, pointing to a grave at a little
distaooe. “1 loves Io eome here an*
think er de good tines I aster bev wid
den boys. Yon seo dere J#dge
PaaM'twiifdeJfldKe wiieedi’yepe
eotc lienul) hh' went ter Uolly fas an' laV
kase his buMiie^s tuk him dere so much.
Hut Mars Hutton an’ Mister Turn Bur
ton, bo wilt Oov'ner Huiton’s son, an'
his motlu r wuz er saint on do yearth,"
he added, revcrontly. “Dey wus olcr'n
Msrs June but when we wuk all boys he
uster go wid us kase he ntlers wut
msni^li smter boy. Want feared
iioiliiti' in de wurl uu' over'bodysed arter
he went ti-r Wes' IMut he wus jes' vz
lian‘s(»m as he end bo. De yuthcrs dey
wu* bi»f sorter wile in dey y jung days—
jes' loved ter ride IW uii' go ter patties
an’ dauce an’ hov er good time, yer kno'
but dey wus mighty good hearted an'
never forgot do mauuers, no matter who
dey wux wid Well, de Jedge use ter
live light over yonder au' arterwards
Mars Button lived d«ro too. Vuu see
when Dr. Kppes would go way up in
Buckingham in do summer he'd jes'
leave all do plantations under er overseer
I* Mister Laodis Pearson was gyardeen
fur us, kuso ole Miss lived so fur away,
but when dey all eome back in de fall er
yearsich timeses dey would have over
ter do Grove er fox huntin' un' er feastin’
an’ daneiu'. Ver s«ie Dr. Kpp> an'
Mars Button married sisters an' dey
failx r married Miss Salty, Gov BurtOD s
widder, who wuss Mister Burton’s mother
^0 you »>ee he was lus’ ole Mars Willie
.)>>neM’ gran’sim an’ doy wuk all jes’ lak
bii fauibly. But dat fox huntiog
you drn’t ^ee noihin’ lak it deso days"
I'he old man’s spirits seemed to kindle as
he talked ’Twas er common thing in
dsys ter hev dorgs an’ inoa' every
uenilemeDsin de kentry had or pack er
hiiuns an’ when dey all met tergether
an’ Slat ted off on er cool frttsiy mornia'
uu er fox Imui ( tell you dero wu% fun.
Whoopee,seeutster me 1 can hear dem
dorgher yelpin' yit, oh-m-m-me.'’
'I'he old man had seated himself jd
ue  f the ciiraiige looking gravestones
and as he iini>ht d he buried U-4 faee in
his hands as if overcome by these memo
ries In a few moments lai^og up bo
suid,“well deys all gutie au’ I’ll never
bear dt’U) dorgs holler no mo', but 1
Vpusoits all right an’ ’taint no use griev
ing I reckon wo better go over yonder
ter de Grove dow, dats on 'ter side er do
tofvn, yer kou'."
With this we left thtM)ld church yard
and turning into another street he said,
“dis yer's Granville street, doy say  x how
it wux named arter de Yearl er Granville,
whosoever ho mout be, I jes' bouu' he
warn't much do, fur I never beam er
none er bis 'Utions no whar 'bout here,"
referring no doubt to the doughty Karlol
that name. A little furiher on he said,
dis yers de church whar Mister Tom
Lowe use ter preach. Ne'er beerd er
him, Deithory Well, I toll y«'U what, ho
wu;i er pTiaulor ilewuaor Metho-
di>i,)*r n>, i«n' wiiZ uh s' de ouliest
preacher dere wux any whar 'round at dat
time lie wux er big mason too, an’ use
ter preach ail de big funerals, lie wux
r liitle tall, lanky lookin’, taller face man,
but when heiho’e()his eytis up like he
wu^ lookin' right up at de Tho'no an’
gun ter preach lak he could, yer could
mos'heodo ang»'ls swoopin' d iwn ter take
yer riubt up ter glory. Why jjo folks
u»e ter come thirty or forty miles ter hear
him preach an' ar'er he died dey built er
uhuieh out in do ken'iy in sake er hi^
meiu'ry, nn' iiad ur big U'>r»tion 'bout
him when 'twas deddycated."
Leaving the Iiti4e church and passing
on to and across the railroad, we entered
wood of forest oaks through whose
brt)n(ihu8 thet>i)nlighl fell on dead leaves
and brou^i m isses which spread as va-
colored carpets at our feet. “Dis
I r fiuo place ter walk, so eoul and
nice," said my guide taking off his
hat to let the brest‘ play arouod bii»
wo«illy brow, which he was mopping with
hat S4die kerchief. “Fi>lks doaii’ think
nuthin' erdi^ place now, do, like dey use
r, bi s er bbame how ever'ibing is
•miu'down Si:* Aggie said t x how ole
M.«r^ Willie J>»n«s wtmldu't er let onocr
dese yir ireus bin out down fur nutbiu’
'tall, but, law me, dey don' know nothin’
bout Milt Cornwallis campin’ here wid
hi- whole army," he oontiDued,ap«.logeti-
ealiy, as we went on into an avenue that
Uhi up to a large antiquated and deserted
I >oking house.
The huge stone steps wore covered
with itiostf, the windows were boarded up,
and a ererping vine was holding ibe
chimney together. The door had fallen
rom it.' ruMy hin>jes and there was ooth-
t)g to prevent our entering the ball, or
vestibule in whi'^b was a largn, open fire
pla e, hung wiih uobwebs and banked
with ouot. fallen no doubt by the return
f>r many years of the swallows to their
home in iu uuiple flues fbe walls have
been snipped uf the papering which, with
ither port! >ns of the inside of the build-
inv', have b> on carried off as mementoes
>f the («noe famous homestead, noted fur
iis hospitality and good cheer Beside
hv fireplace was a strange looking win*
dow, apparently built in th^e solid wall
apd opening on nothing My guide
paused here snd ssid,“No lellin' de secrets
dat’s bin bid under dis winder. Dey say
ex deres er ch«ei under dere wid er spring
ter it, an' nobody knows whar it
Uat's whar dey use ter keep tU dere secret
papers, an' dere wus some 'portant
'spatcbes in dere fum Gen'l. Green when
Coruwallis an' his offiojrs wus settin’ in
dis yer ro-im eatin' dinner.*^ As be said
this he led (he way thr^'Ugb a narriw
passage into a large room with wide and
deep bow windows, high carved mantel,
above the huge, gaping flreplaee, and a
wainseoiing of oak which ran around tbe
wall and formed a base for (he numerous
small paned windows on each side.
Ag-tin my mind turned to vUions of gay
revels held in this room. Of gallant
men and courtley dames seated in high
backed chairs around a table ladeo with
eld faahioned glass and silver, with tbe
old “sid«^‘board" uf so id w«kk1 and tbe
quaint decanters^ the contents of whieh
no d'^iibt hsd helped in the deetruotion
which was evident all around
And it was in this lordly dining room
Col. Tarleiun, of (he British army, had
been stung tu the |uiok by tlie sharp
tongue of Mrs. Ashe, Mrs Jones* sister,
much to (be amoaemeat of his superior
ofic‘r, l^rd Cornwallis. As my guide
led tbe way tbe bMse be said, **de
bitabfB bwMH MO |Otei
railroad which passes tbe town and
which being built ucur the first quarter
of tbe present oentury was for sometime
tbe loDgcBt single line in tbo world. Of
tbe other over which tbe county road
passes, it is said that while Cornwallis
wos encamped at the Grove, one of bis
ofliccrs wos caught on the bridge, and
finding American soldiers at each cDd
intrepidly leaped his gallarit charger over
the railiDg to the depths below, a distance
of sevcoty-five feet, and while the horse
was killed, he made his escape down the
winding stream, amid a shower of bullets,
(0 the chagrin of his would be captors. Be
sides this there arc other points of interest,
one beautif\il part of its course having
been likened to tbe meeting ofthe waters,
in tbe vale of Avoca, and described in
such appropriate words that I reproduce
them here: “Near the fern fringed
banks at this point the stream divided
and met, and divided and met, and di
vided once more makiog three small is
lands snd when it met around the last
receiving into its bosom another branch
of itself (which after an excursion of its
own thruugb brambly wildernesses) one
oould see hurryiog on a thread of silver,
through a mass uf green mosses to joio
the parent stream and the two currents
meeting gladly made lipplos and tiny
wave's of flaky fuam and then united to
flow peacefully into the Hoanoke, a little
further down." The little islands about
which (^uankey danced so gaily were
covered in brooso mosses and fringed with
ferns here or water lilies there. A tall
tree or two arose from them now and
then c ivered with the luxuriant growth
of wild scuppernong vines, which here
are on their native soil| and away up
hidden in the grapevine a bird sung out
clear and sweet to be answered by some
other feathered songsier from some neigh
boring tree. Drinking in the beauties of
these scenes and a little wearied with my
walk I had cast myself down on the
shady bank and was only aroused by my
sable fViend's inquiry, “Boss, doan yer
think its mos’ dinner time? I'm erfearcd
dat durg will leave dat gyarden an' dem
chickens will scratch up my watermillion
seeds arter all."
llpou reaching ihu hotel I found the
moil for which I had been wailing bad
arrived, so bidding adieu to my sable
friend, after thankiog him in a substantial
way for his kind attention, Ileft this little
town io whieh my stay had been so pleasant
And now, with no apology for my simple
little tale, kind reader, I leave you bopiog
that you have enjoyed it, at least, enough
to go wiih me to
'IVomaff aifd
right out here's whar dey use ter be.
Dars whar me an' Joe, Mist. Tom Bur
ton's man, use (er come courtin' dein
gals, Phyllis sn' Nancy. Ver see doy
wux maids hero at de house an’ ex purty
ya'Ier gals ex you see any whar, an’ Joe
he wux jes'ot likely ex anybody, an*
dre^isod fine, too. Mist. Burton never
sorreldhis close de leas' bit an’ alters gio
'um ter Joe. But yer see wheu Dr.
Kppes wud come down here, dere wux
ullers er pleuty er Diggers here, but he’d
bring dem boys, Ned and Moses ter
drive de kerridges kase dey wux use ter
du horaes an’ you know dem Ferginny
niggers wus mighty (|uinoekootial an’
didn’t think cDy yuther person bed eny
sense but dem, an' when dey’d go ter
fiyin' 'round dem gals hit just turned
dey heads so cx dey wouldn’t hardly look
at me an' Joe. But d^D yer kuow de
lunges' polo reaches de simmon an' when
dey'd go back io de spring why we'd bev
our time. What becamed o’dem'/ Why,
yer see, Mist. Burton got iu er big
uoshun ter hia plantation an' go out
ter Texas. It mos’ broke his luothcr's
an’ sister's heart, but go he would, and
Phyllis ooqldn't bear tef see Joe go
widout her so olu Mis. Ifit her go too,
What made him go away'/ Why dere
wu| er oman at de bottom er dat, too.
You see dere wux MIni Liuie Ariutitrong,
Jedge Armstrong’s darter. De Jedgi
lived way up de kentry but Miss Lixxii
use ter go ter school wid Mr. Burton’s
sisters, an’ dat winter she oame down ter
de Grove visitin’. Dey jes'tuk an’ fell
io love wid each yuther. 8he wux
mighty purty, so white i^a’ graceful
lookin’ she minded you when she walked er
one o' dese yer tail while lilies wavin' in de
sunshine. De Jedge wu| m^JDstrous
proud er her, an’ didn’t think anybody
wuB good er nuff fur her, but she had
allers had her way an' be fiually ’greed
dat dey oould bo married io de fall.
Dat hummer dey all went tu Shocco
Spriogs, dut wuz er big summer ’sort in
dem days, aD’ while dey wu| up dere dey
met up wid Cap’a Somebody dat wuz
mighty food er her an' paid her ever sort
er nicc pertcDtion which Mist. Burton
didn’t lak, an' axed her net ter talk ter
him no mo’. Dey wux bof mighty high
spirited an’ she didn't greo ter it 'tall.
Well Qot long arter dat, one night be
wuz walkin’ on de piaxxjr waitin' fur
her ter come down from her room, when,
way 'roun' in er daik corner, he come
right on 'em bof 'gaged iu er close con-
veratttion. Ue didn't say er word but
right arter Joe and told him io
pack up quick. Ho looked so white an'
d^edful Joe couldn't tell what was de
matter but dey oome homo dat same night
without givio’ her er chance ter 'splain,
an' deo bioke up evcrythiug, an’ went
right ofl'to lied river I'i Texa- Dey all
hud hi;; plantatiiHH d>*wo deres> he let'
jio Miss lerscil do Uu’ luie a'u horses,
’ sont fer de uiggers ter come out dere.
P r'aps if dey buf hadn't been t^o proud
dey could er made up, fur she warn’ttalk-
in' any barm, an’ could er tole him so,
but he jes’ Wouldn't gin her er chance
You see she hod er brother that would
gamble an’ play kyards, an’ bet un boss
races au’ dj Jodgo had sed of he d >ne it
any more, he wux gwine ler cut him
ouien any er his property. Dere wus
gwine ler h>i er big boss ruce nut fur from
springs io er day or two an* she wus
er beggin’ de Captain, who her brother
wox mighty fond uv, to try ter git him
not ter go nigh de races. Dat wux all,
an’ she didn’t care er soap er her little
white finger fui deCapt. any more’n she
coul i get him ter ’friend her brother, but
Mist. Burton didn’t know dat an’so cx
I said he went right off an' foie long he
took wid de yaller fever dey hi-s out dere
an' died fo’ any un em could git (er him.
Me an’Nancy wuz married soon arter
dal, an'we bed th'ee chillua fo' de
I'renderbut wo don’t know what oome er
Ptivliis an' Joe arter he died."
There was pathos in the old man’s
Voice as he related this episode io the
lives of his companion!! uf the past.
I'heu shading his eyes with hi') hand,
pi'fhups to hide an unbidden tear, but ap
parently to look at the sun, ho said, “Hit's
gittin’ long in de day un’ we ain’t seen
Quankey yit, so we better make base, I
As we came on to the family burying
ground, with its vino c>>veied tombstones,
which is all that is lelt to tell the tale of
ODO who at oDc lime coDtrolled legislation
and made laws fur the whole common*
wealth and whose descendants have
pa’iSi'd away or are scattered iu other
homos, he said, “Here's iSis Aggie’s
grave, you see es I to!d you before sbe
wu!| de head sarvent. Dey had loti of
sarvents, dere wus one dey called “Pastry
Luoe” ka^e she never teched nuthio' but
de pies an' cakes, an' den dere wus
ornuther Luoe dat cooked de grooerioH,
sides all de maids an' waitin' boys, but
dey trusted Sis Aggie wid everything,
an' den dey brung her hero an' buried
her wid de white folks."
This little village and surroundings,
though unravaged by the hand of man
by ao called modern improvements, has
b^n richly blessed by nature itself
Situated as it is near the banks of the
beautiful, rushing river which at times
booomes a miuhty torrent carrying fell
destruction in its course toward the ses
and which like the other streams of (be
State in (heir sudden risings wss a poa-
erful fac(or in accomplishing (he defeat
of the army under Cornwallis, it is still
so high that its people oan rest seeure
from the raging fl »od and ealmiy survey
the destruction they are powerless
to prevent. The adjacent valleys are
veiy fertile snd 1 am told the agrioultural
portion.of the community will risk their
all in ouhivating these, rather than tbe
upper lands,which are nut subject to over
flow, and not so plenteous in the harvest.
Tho beautiful stream just south uf the
old town though very high on its banks
ia deep and so narrow in some pieces that
tho laurel and ivey from either nide al
most interlace their foliage over (he dark
bruwn water. This stream, or ereek,
wbieb the Indians by their keen adaption
of Qamei to subjects had given the mu
sical name of Quankey, which in our
tungtto means, **iung water," ripples as
blitkely along as in the days whea ihe .. . . ., - -
)«■ thu • aib of tb« unn it i( tmmi
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The mystery of woman
hood 1m full of deep
unanswerable enigmas.
Why nhould women be
compelled to suff«;r sim
ply Mcauiie they ire wo
men? Why Is U that tbs
squrcr of their b)Kb*^t Joy* i" tbe sant
time the cause of their greftteHt wretched*
ness? The very attributes which make it
possible for women to be happy wives and
mothers also render tbem liable to tbs lA-
most physical misery and pain.
The sulFerinfs of t>ody and mind caused
by some weakness of the dist(nctl]p (feminine
organs are so almost universal amoBf wo*
men that the question might well be asked:
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ularlf, oct 191jr.
A Billvillo ollii'jn found the fallowing
notice pouted on his gatepost:
‘•You an' your'n inufi’ leave hero this
oioriiin,' an’ durned quick too!”
“John,” said his wife, “I 'Wouldn't po
ef[ wu you, kase you haia’t done
nuihin’ let go fer.”
“I know It, Molly," he lepUed, “but
I reckon I'll go! I've been keepin’ too
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