North Carolina Newspapers

    ? r . .-a
u pnoUnbed every afternoon, 8umdsyi; ex
cept by
e4r$5 00. Six months, $2 60 ; Three
month, 1 ; montb 60 cenU-
f he PPer wiU b deIiTered br
of charge, in any part of the city, at the
,bo rt, or 13 cents per week.
Adverting rates low and liberal
cSabicriben will please report any and
v failures to receive their papers regularly.
45 Market St.
n e luvr just, finished taking our annual
i(V,.ii'.i: ofst-rk, aud arc now daily receiv
NfcW (iOOl)b from '.the Northern
Ivwk'. i-. suiiabl-o for the
iur i.Htroiis will study their best inter
f.fs ,v ,,i: ki:ii: ir puichas- s as early in
,1(h season as con' the general in
dimtioiis of the market have an upward
tiilf cy. We have just received over
'1 1'IUUE 5 .JENTS.
Wiii.l-'PaV buyers would do well to look
ov r our -ock before purchasing as we
-aw a r rtt many no (Is we are offering
Fansd Parasols.
C osii-g out the balance at Greatly Re-
due d Prices.
n.t'm, S'ripid and Checked Nainsook
Mil, litis. The best value ever offered.
Call aud examine.;
Linen Lawns from 12 to 20 cents.
Dress Goods.,
Our Variety is Large. Our pi ices ARE
LOW. 8c upwards.
Laces.'onne, Torchon and Italian Laces.
We have very much tha. Largest assort
ment that has been offered in this city and
cur prices either by the jard or piece, can
not be undersold.
Domestic and Imported Q'lllts. Our stock
of the above is large. We have marked
uone up in price, preferring to give our
patrons . an opportunity to supply their
waut9atthe old prices
Table Linens-Towels
and Napkins,
Our present assortment excels anything
we have ever shown, ,
Call ami give our stock a look over. Our
Buyer Is in the market at present and we
are rt ceivins many Novelties.
5 and lO Cents
Is sitiuited n the S. W. comer of Market
anil Second streets, and every Steamer tba
comes this port brings a Fresh Lot of
the most surprisingly Cheap and Useful
Go ds that ever were offered in any mar
ket under a:;y circumstances. We offer indue, ments to Wholesale Buyers.
45 Market Street
ails 1(5
Zephyr Worsteds.
A. 0
WHITE lo CENT. . . - '
ft- Look-out for announcement of Grand
Millinery Opening.
lePt 15" Fxcaange Corner
Removal !
T W?,P' u NOTY the public th I w 11,
kV October 1ft, remove . T business to the
Store -formerly occupied by Mr.F. A. Hchutte,
Mrurn,ture t stablishiaent, whire I will
"ep co: euntly on hasd a tt ck of
nd would lespectfulfy solicit the patron
the public.
Yo-jrs, Very Respectfully,
taj-tf tVOllWB.'
A Word I
Tbe Unirersity Series of School Books
e adopted by oir Sute Board df Educa
te m ind I hate mid arrangements with the
oMm1'!' for tbeir introduction at P educed
tchatKmjr01l Book- for the Thar
tim ,!nt wlU coti"e only for a ahort
c h j' ecure our Book wnil "T
TeO.untieitBn)ediate?y around New flano-
eni 7 h Pnbhjhera.
Pl2y aW. YATES.
, ! - 1 I !' " ! .-V - . : ' ; - - ; vi : - : l
l i' - ! - r i ' i": r" ., ;;" .'. J; - - :-.
New AdTerjtsements.
I -i i M
M o h s o m - We, Take Pleaatire.
H. Nutt fdr Rent.
B. W. Chadwick Ma'e and Female School
Op8ra liouei iThe Prince Napoleon
. A Rehab e Boy Wanted.
P. HKIHBBHEttKtt Hot Forget
A. & I. 8hikb They are Here.
Grapes are scarce
nd high.
Coots are pli
341 d cheap.
Wirdow Glas-.-ali sizes at Itaffer &
irices. 1 1 ' t
Window Glass of all sizes at J iCOBi's
i . 1 .
Hardware liepu. I
The receipts ot cotton at tuu port to
day foot up 890 bales
Singers are thiu only people who wish
to hold a note a iong time.
If this weather continues moonlight ex
cursions will agaiu be in order.
A sleeveless basque ot fl tnuel lined
with chamois is o comfortable.
The floral effects ou velvets aud Wilton
carpets are perfectly exquisite. . j
J .!. .
If a erirl wauts to eet i married, she
generally says so to her ' 'popj er. I
Have you got a 'iDear Little Butter
cup, Sweet Little Buttercup" fan?
. ,. ( H
T e steamship Regulator arrived in
port this morning with another good
freight. j j-. 1 (
Shrimps are still marketable and have
not been forced to give way to the delict
ious oyster yet. I j '
In balancing ibis j accounts, a man
should always use the prevailing scale of
pices. - j f I
. .
A hen is the hest! topographical sur-.
veyor, and understands, the lay of the laud
pretty well. 1. 1 J '
At this particular season of the year
what. bothers folks most is whether to put
on linen suits or fall attire. '
Women would never do "lor assessors
One couldn't be'induced to rate her neigh
bor's grand piano as Worth overj two dol-
lars.- . j; ,
It is wonderful how silent a man cau be
when be knowa h's Ciuse is just, and
how boisterous he becomes knows
he is in the wrong.
A Boston paper thinks it is possible
for a man to chew ' tobacco till he is not
competent to criticise; the appearance of
the sky in a chromo.
The Tllestou Institute will be opened
to-morrow mornitig. The liisses Nutter,
Hoyt and Mut eer. , three , of the corps of
1 1 1 i
teacheis, arrived in thh ci'y Saturday
uiirt l.
-. in.
You can get the best White Lead, Paints
and Oils, and lowest prices at JACobi's
Hardware Depot. J ii'. J i
To-morrow is generaj mdving day and
miny familie will charige their places of
residence. The changes in business cir-
1 1
cles will not be as numerous
was at
firot thought.
If it was not lor tear ofj fiigutei i.ig all
the t irkeys andlchickens to death, we'd
like to call the attention of the country to
lie less
For bar steel, irob and carriage goods
go to Jacqbi'8 Hardware Depot.
The canal between ihe Caspian and the
Sea of Azoff, a survey of which is being
made tor Russia, is estimate! to cost I $20,-
000,000. The rivers and a chain of: lakes
wouJd facilitate the work. .
S f t-H 1 1 ' '
Th re was tut one trifling date before the
Cit Court this morning, thai of a colored
" i j
man charged with disorderly conduct. He
was sent below to awai an investigation
of the charges preferred against him. j
! ' -
Stories first heard - at a mother's knee
are never wholly, i forgotten. Mothers
should never forget that the sufferings of
their little ones cab' easily be overcome
by the use of Dr. Bull's Baby Syt up.
Ptdestrianim in Berlin! tenk this form.
A youutj man made a bet that he would
run on all fours frm . Iv Mitstbor to
Weisscusee, a distance of
or three
miles, aud won, io a
ram, in two
Mr. L M. Williams', the Clerk of the
Market, informs its thai on and after Oc
tober 1st -be breakfast bell wijl be rung
at 8 o'clock, a na.J the turnout bell at ,9
a. m. and ttie market bell at 10:30, . in
stead of the boars at which they hare
been rong heretofore.
Seamen's Home. 1
' Capt. John Fitzgerald, who for a num
ber of years past was the Captain' of the
police force of this city, has rented the
Seamen's Home and will take charge to
morrow. Capt. J. F. Gilbert, who is at
present running the "Home," wilj retire,
as he contemplate! changing business.
Save your money by buying joar Build
in Supplies from Altaffer & Price. f
Who Will Set 'Kin Up?
" Mr. John Dawson, tor whom the new
steamer recently tu'dt by .Messrs.1 Paddi
on & Sherman, at Point Caswell, has
beenuamed, presented to Capt. Paddison,
last night, a handsome set of colors for the
new boat. The Dawson will be down
here b : fore long, when Capt. Faddisou,
Mr. Dawson, or somebody else, , will have
a splendid chauce to "set 'em up." I
A New Enterprise.
Capt. Flaviel W. Foster baa recently
erected and completed a new and com
modious store on Fourth street, just
North of the bridge, aud adjoining the
dry goods establishment of Messrs Hahn
&i Goodman which has been leased by
Mr. James C. Stevenson for a retail
grocery in connection with his principal
house on Market street. He has ,already
fitted the store up in excellent style and
has filled it with a stock of desirable
goods. This gives the Northern portion
of Jhe city quite a lively and thriving ap
pearance, especially at night ;when the
8 tores on that block are illuminated.
Strangers in the city should not fail to
visit the S sh Factory, foot of Walnut
street. t
Improvements. i
The lessee of the Obera House has had
some very tasteful and handsome im
provements made to the interior of the
building. The walls of the vestibule have
been covered with very handsome gold
and bronze paper of new designs and the
floors covered with very pretty and sub
stantial cocoa matting. Toe reception
room has been repaired and a handsome
three ply carpet covers the floor. The
stage and green rooms have been touched
up a Utile and the Opera House is now
in excellent order and presents a fine ap
The best Windows, Doors and Blinds
and Lowest Prices can be got at Jacobi's
Hardware Depot.
The Star Alliance Opera House.
1 1.1
This troupe performed Pijaafore at the
Opera House last night to a large, fash
ionable and delighted audience. The
play was put upon the stage in an excel
lent manner, the scenery representing the
harbor of Portsmouth, England, with
ships at anchor and the city in the dis
tance, which, with its many lights and
the moon riding high in the heavens, in
the night scene, presented a beautiful
The performance in all its particulars
was very much superior to those which
have preceded it. The acting was better,
the vbcalizttiou better and the
harmonies perfect. Fay Templeton,
as Ralph Ho ikatra , did some
very fine acting j and singing, and in the
duetts with Miss Inez Soxton, thej Jose
phine, the combined efforts were peculiarly
sweet. Miss Alice Vane, as Buttercup
rendered her parts in excellent style aiid
voice ; ilr. Buckley, as SZr Joseph Porter
appeared with all the ab3urdi;y and
gjotesqueness intended- in the coucep
tipn of the play. Mr. Kendall, the Cap'
tain, has a full baritone voice, and sung in
correct tuue. His fine forn set off to ad
vantage the part he assumed. Mr. Crane,
as Dick Deadeye, was the only one who
has visited our city who has given any ex
pression, eith-ir in voice or action, to that
difficult but important part of the opera.
He was superb iu.bth, as was manifested
by tbe applause which greeted many of the
salient points of his pait.
During the perormnce Mr. aud Miss
Fuller entertained the audieuce with a
dance which was executed with exquisite
grace, and was raptuously applauded.
We must not forget to mention with
our unqualified praise the performance of
the cornet solo by Mr. Duffy and the
Xylopnone solo by Mr. Andre. They were
both simply superb. i
The company performs to-night a new
piece entitled "Prince Napoleon or the
Fatal Field in Ziluland." which will un
doubtedly be interesting from its connec
tion with the death ot the ili-fated Prince
while in the service of Great Britain. To
morrow (Wednesday) afternoon they hold
a matinee when they will again perform
Pinafore for the benefit of ladies and
children who are unable to attend at
nlgb,t. : r " !
r or more tnan a year past the mail
route 1 from Troy, in Montgomery county,
and Bostick's Mills has been robbed ,to
such an extent that it became almost im
possible to have any valuable letter pass
over the line in either direction. Sus
picion pointiug very! strongly to . the
carrier, Eli Sanders, he was arrested on
the 26th lust. He admitted his guilt,
and his confession indicated a wholesale
robbery of the mails for the space of time
indicated.1 In secluded, p!ac?s ia the
woods along the line of the route were
found a large number of envelopes which
he had broken open aud dispoifed of their
contents. The offender is now in jail
awaiting his trial for the crime before
the proper tribunal, where it may be
presumed hewi.l be meted the justice the
crime dvserves.
n .t 1
By Water to HerrlnssvUle.
Capt . R. P. Paddison made a trip last
week by steamer up the head waters of
Black River which has never before been
accomplished, much leas attempted, by
any) one. The steamer chosen for the
I purpose was a little steam yacht, the
Oklahoma, bound from Martha's ViueytrJ
to some point in South America, which
has been in our port for a week or ten
days past. She draws but three feet of
water and wa6 therefore .well calculated
for the undertaking, as there had been a
recent rise of about three. fee: of water in
the river. ,
' Capt. Paddison left Point Caswell on
the Oklahoma Jast Thursday, and re
turned on Saturday. He penetrated as
far as Herringsville, in Sampson county
which is 80 miles abov Point Ciswell
and sixty above Beatty's Bridge, hereto
fore considered the head of ' navigation on
Black River. The Oklahoma went clear
over the whole route, not having once
touched bottom. She made an average
of 6 miles, an hour going up and 10 miles
an hour coming down the river. (
( Capt. Paddison was everywhere greeted
With warm congratulations on the success
oi his undertaking and on his s fe return
from his "voyage of discovery." He is
of the opinion that if a small appropria
tion could be secured from j
water route to Wilmington,
Congress a
open for
probably nine months in the year, would
be at the disposal of the people of Samp
son county.
I The School Children.
A good Item for this week, just when
the schools arc opening, or abou to open,
is the report of the Register of Deeds, to
the' Superintendent of Public Instruction
of the number of children in the county of
New Hanover, which is as follows :
Number of white children, males 1,-!
114; females 1,159. Total 2 273 Num
ber, of colored children males 1,172; fe
males 2,032 Total 3,084.
Number attending public school the
past year : White, males 240;- females
300. Total 540. Colored males 620;
females 575 Tot 1 1.095.
I Numble attending no school the past
year: White males 507; females 557.
Total 1 0G4. Co'ored males 687; females
796. Total 1,483.
Number of free school houses:
white, 9; for colored, 1 1
Number of public school houses:
white, 6; for colored, 4..
Value of public , school property:
white,.$2 850; fcr colored $3,250.
Number of School Districts, six foreach
race. ' !
Number of teachers approved: WThite
males 1; females 17. Colored males 10;
females 13. -
Magistrate's Court.
Andrew Murphy was the cause of Ned
Murphy's arrest to-day Upon the charge
of assault; they both appeared before a
Trial Jus.'ce. The case was dismissed
upon payment of costs. !
Ned Murphy was at the same time and
place arraigued upon a pea".e warraut.
This case was also dismissed upon pay
ment 'of costs. Ned Murphy then in
turn had Andrew Murphy arrested upon
a warrant for assault which case was
likewise dismissed upon payment of costs,
when the legal proceedings of the! Murphy s
for the time being came to an end. E
This peculation which is so frequent, is
often the result of this speculation which
is so common.
When money changes hands on a race
the hand that gets is the right hind, and
the other is the left hand..
Captain Henry Savage, the City Treas
urer, has all he can da ; aow4to sign the
new issue of bonds. If be remains in office
he wll have signed, by the time the issue
is completed, his name some 50,000 times.
Mail Robber
Introducing Mr lurran.
Mr. Munson,j the clothier and mercbaLt
tailor, iutroduce through this issue to
the Wilmington public his new cutter
and .fitjer, Mr. W. II. Curran, a gentle
man who conies frptn New York city with
the best of recommendations, and wboBe
j . . ... r r
work will be guaranteed in e?ery partic
uiar. Mr.Munsou also desires att jntiou
to the elegant" stock for the Fall and
Wiuter trade, purchased by him on a re-
d-nMrip North atl now teing opened
and jisplayed. ! 1
List of Letters
The foLo ii.g is a list, of the letters re
maining unclaimed in the City Postoflice
Wednesday, OctoUr, 1st 1879: '
A Ca-rie Ar'.is, miss Alice Avant.
Ii 'i83 Mary Burd, Delia Burnett
David II Bro wn, W U Brown, Lewis H
Bradiey, Henry Brown, H B Bes,eut.
I C Miss Rosa ,Camrou, mrs Anuet
Clantcn mrs Eliza Colosio, Sam Chest
nut, L B CiemnioLs, Wesley Cureton, C
RCal bourn. ' j - 1
D Airs Gakit-Davidson, ' miss Maria
Davis, Ntllit; Jtue Duihjud, Dau'l Dix
on, Capt E CD ivis-1 j
E Mrs Martha Ennett. 1 1
G Win Gage, Mary (iavlu.
II Wm Harsen. ,
J Jas M Johnson. Robt Johu3Giu
K Elleu Kells, Fred Kucert.
L-Wm Larkius (col).
M W R McNeer, Rev Kenneth Mc
Donald, Solomon Mohen, Frank L Mo
Koy, George 1 Morphes, ' Lizzie Melton,
Caroline r Madison, mrs Adaliae Mince,
miss Annie A Meares, mrs A Moore.
N-JT J Noe, W Nixon, Lewis
Nixon. . 1
O W.J Orr, James Oliphant, Thos
R Olesby,' Tena Ann Outlaw,
j P Aon L Price.
R Miss-Pauline Ransom, Solomon R
Roberts, Newton Robinson.
S Mary EUz Spearman, P C Smith,
Primus Sloan, Fred E Small, Geo W
Smith, Chas Spencer.
T Jcs Tirntr, Dalla Thompson.
W Catherine Walker, Sarah A Hew
lett, care j T Wilkinsf Henry E Ward,
Austin Williams, Charlie Westray, J N
Wilkinson, Win A Williams.
SHIP. 1 '
Geo Bor-Jon, Brig-S W Nichols, Capt
Pool, Beusley Cal-'euette. 1
Peraons calling for letters in above list
will please say "advertised"; if not claim
ed in 30 days will be sent to dead letter
Office,Washlngton, D. C. '
I E. R. BRINK, P. M.
V j Wilmington, N. C.
New Hansver County,N.C.
f A Reliable Wine.
Mr. A. Speer, of New Jersey, whose
Port Grape Wine has such a wide reputa
tion, and which physicians prescribe so
generally, was the first in this country to
introduce the art of making wine from
the OporLo Grape, which is now the best
wine to be bad. and, has become a great
favorite among the most fashionable in
New York and Philadelphia.
Theriuometncal. 1
From the United States Signal Office in
this place we obtain the following report
of the thermometer, as taken this morn
ing at 7:31 o clerk :
Atlanta, Ga.........62
Augusta. Oa 1.76
Cairo, 111 67
Charleston, 8. C....74
Cincinnati... 57
CorBicana, Tex......4 5
Fort Gibson, I. T.75
Galveston 78
Indianola..... 78
Jacksonville, FU...79
Mobile, Ala... ...... .73
Montgomery Ala.. .7 3
ashville C4
New Orleans 74
New York .....61
PunU Kass. rla.:.80
Savannah, Ga 74
Shreveport. 66
HL Louis Mo 6'
St Marks, Fla 76
Tnoxville... 69 1 Vicksburg, Miss.... 70
I yncHburg........ 66 I W asbington..'..' 67
Memphis, Tenn.... 66 Wilmington 66
A philosopher once told a mi3er: ',You
do not possess your wealth, but your
wealth possesses you.' -l. I ";
New Advertisements.
1 A Reliable Boy
BOUT 14 YEARS OLD, can get employ
ment by applying at the
sept 30
We Take Pleasure
An Artist o' no mnn reputation (from the
ftshionatle part of New o-k City), with the
cor fidtnt ' snr nce that he can eert linly five
them .- ! I
Fits, i
eept 3)
Male and Female School.
R. W. C 16 WICK, Principal
Miss MAMIE CUAOWICE, Assistant.
l above riehool will bt op ced on Wed
iiesday, the 1st proximo, ia the Melucj
8ehool Rcoui, on Fourth, near thi eoraer .f
PrinceM street. (
. Ia addition to the da t, i there will be e in
ducted at the same place a, Mioar scbool, for
the accommodation of youag men who csia
not attend during the day. Only two (2)
ni?h-s in the week (Tseaday and Friday)
will be set apart for this purpose!
The exercises of tne Nigkt school will com
mence Tuesday, October 7th. ; !
Terms s Fifty (50) c-nts per week.
"r '
We will be glad to receive eoTrironi ations
from our friends on any and all ubcta'ol
general iaUrett bat : ( , ,
The name of the writer mnt always o ur
niahed to the Kditor , - '
CommnnicatioD moft b- written on only
one tide of the.paper. . i,
Personalities must be avoided; '
And it u especially and parti uiar if trpder (
tood ttat the Editor does not alwayV erido
the views of correspondent, units' so iftaM
in the editorial col air ns. ' 1
. .,. ; 1 1 ;
jj 1
New Advertisement's.
For Rent.
rpUAT DESIRABLE WUAttf1, at 'ij-J-j
foot of Mulberry s'reet, Utely occupiedlilli.
TITESDAY, September 30-
Extra and Only Appearance in this City of
the;Ureat and .New .
Only opportunity to see the most' B.ailtiful
Opefatio Kealistic 3 Act Military -I
Pageant, entitled
The Prince Napoleon !
. Or, the Fatal Field in Zululand., ;'
Prr daeed with a Selected Cau! Tew Reener4
aud i-ffects ! New Wardrobes and Mueicl- '
noon, at I 30 o'tlock.for th lUn.Kt. r 1 -f
ana cniidren,on which occasion will be cre-l
,A v:u JZ. . uici
aentea Dy particular request,1 M ' f
I 1 H. M. s. I'lrVAFORE. 1
Note These performances are I lor the 1
most retined and elevating character,1 and are
given afrd'.uble xpenao, bat without extra
charge. So advanca in prices. U No ektra
charge for reserved seatn. Box sheet fr best fi
seats now open at UtLYSUEKUEIi'd Book ,
' Open at 7:30. B gin t 8:15 preciSe?T.
Carnages at 10:30. eept 30'
Thiirscliiy, October Qd.
In Arthur ullivan's Comic Opera) ' '
Pi afore as done at WallacW'si Pi tf.ra
inanewdrets. I-very character is b 1 well
done both musically and dramatically, as! to
be beyond criMcitm. , i I
Th? New York Tribu-e said : "PinJfore'
a done, by Ford's Juvenile Opera jCompany,
was better sung and acted than byanyther
Company that ha appeared in New'York
Adaiiaeion 25, 50 and 75 ceifg.
fianlt rod
Seats, $1. Secured tieatj for Childrel. 60c.
wafeot Heats will begin on Tuesday, Sep
tember 30th, at Heinsbarger's Bookstore, h"
'iept '27 6t I ' I I .
They are 'Here.
and see us. Our Fall and Winder Stock it
now arriving by every train and eleamcr, -,
and we have no hesitation in pronouncing it
of Gent's Cothins; and Furnishing Goods
evei bi ought to the 8tata. It wiU juke ourl"
two large and handsome stores to hold it all.
Notwithstanding the recent advance in ihll
Northern markets, we guarantee to j sell at
Call and see us and we will prove it to you.
seDt 24
Baby Syrup.
Choigogue, Bull's Couh Syrup, ? Kl
vum vute, Ajers Ague lure; and a com
plete stock of pure Drnrs ind Medicines'.
F. C. MILLHt, , t
Corner 4th and Nun fctieeu..
Open day and night.
sept2-tf , r ! t j-- ,r
We Do Not Claim
JpATIiONAGE simply because , jwb aiej
a home enterprise, nor do we expect it at
the expense of any one's pocketf Wtf
DO CIjAIM that we can till any brder forj
Sash, Doors and Blind?,
Or anything in our line, ra't as LOW Fldp
UUEb, and as good work and ma'erial, xs
can be bought anywhere. Window (ilase ,
Builder's Supplies always ou hand.
Our new DKT KILN Is In operation", "
and none but the bst Luaber is used.
lleapec fully, 1 v
i !
Factory Foot of Walnut street.
Office Cor Nutt and Red CrM itreeti,'
sept 23-
Do Not Forget
Pianos and Organs.
ly instalment Plan, at Bottom Piicea. j
Base Balls, Bats and Guides.
Blank Books and Stationery of every
dtacriptiou, at 1
bf the Baltimore Steamship CompanyJ coins
pie!e with, beds, Ac Alio tit
COAL and WouD Y AKD, corner 7f Frorik
and Moi-berry rtreeU at t.reeent occupied bf
J. A. Si ringer. Apply to i 1
sept30-tf I , II. NUTtJ
1 ' . L Lj lL- '
sept 2J
39 and 41 Market iU

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