North Carolina Newspapers

    I i. W'i'S.Tin'I'S^: SllKriiS.]
Em \\ K iu3t I'cc''‘’I ■■' "f ‘lioice
ri.ANJS iiii'l TI’.KIS. Miiioiii: wliicli arc
ni-mv vHiiotif-; r. centlv iutriKluctMl from Cliiua,
Mexico, •'iiii''.
Mv St. i- ii'iw siit’li.-ient, Ixitli ns to qnnnti-
tv (III i iiiin ir>. I" jiistil'v me in :l^^killj^ onlors
; r >t :iin thiuz in iin liiii*.
Mil l Trt'os fiiu l>o si'iu nn\ ilir^tanct',
j :i,■!>'.! ill V,'ill jioi lVi t salVtv any tiin«‘
,Iur-: ■ wilU.T.
c, i rm'in.dir.
.-iroct, l-'u\ctfi*'illt’'
1'. S. riowi,T !’"ts s kcj t I'T
S\l/i' \M> MMl-
I.AlUii; ta>ks« l.lverpool
Gv"iuul ! I’.
.jcn hnsli'.'Is^f l!"ok Ahini Salt.
■>0 c.-isks iVfsli nnslakt'i! l.l.MK,
.lu-it aii'l for sali- ^v
,r 11. .1. M vivriNK. iiHv !.t.
FMvrttfvil’e, \hx-. S. 1S.-,1. -»i;-4t
r S m.storioal Skoti-lu->.>f North
• '.iruVina. ¥'2.
Wilfv's N i-t!i ('Mrciina Ilfa.I.-r.
.Tnt r.-iH-i'vc.l iVo^ii I'hila.K-'l'l'ia. j
:? K. II \1.K ^ >t»N. !
HillsbDrough Academy.
iicvt St'ssii'ii »'t' t!ii> In>titutiiin will
■ 4'»Miin*MU'0 “11 I llu* *t *iann- ,
av\ Tei-’n-^ I'l l-.'^iv"iiii
K. lll'SKi;. rrinci|ial.
\ ,v L’l'. 4'!-i'>w
I'Oli SAL!:, I
Fin?* Tiir|»'ii:!ii(' iind Ti'iiiIk'F I.aiids,
E:i ISoSm'^oii i oiiiity.
ailjoininu the latuls ol’.lo-
^ ^ P sfpli .''Hiitli .aii'l \\ illiain Tynfr. j
7(Ht A( TC' ’iiiiii;r tli»' l.-mils i>f Alox- ,
nii'iiT If. V. illiani li. (iriiiibli’V. ainl An-
.Vrn'' in tlic t‘>rk of l^aft Swaini*
aii'l 1’anrlnT iiu;'. l ij'iinin;: the laii'i^ of .In.>.
r lie. An.h '1 li., .'. .\riii\l .'^iiiitii. anil .'lis.
A’ .^’ .
lo M» A r''. I'll wliirh i-^ 'itiiati-tlic >>1(1
N .nii'Mit iniU Sf.'!*. :i'ii"iniii” the lanii^ nt >ini'iu
V i’ Uvi'r,. 11. r,. rr-'V. un i .liinin> M.iri^>ey.
T:;.- a> iv - :iv • ;!y ln‘:i^’’y Tiin-
1 i -oi. an I tine 'rui-^>on;ine l,anil>, l.'in^j nn atiil
ni;'. r 1.'in it II r U.. oi.
l ii.'v \\il ' 0 >>1,1 in t. u't>. ivn'l -m aiHiai;”iii
;! ‘ i i;;.' tiTIi ••
\;>' !v t> ol. >■! \ci'1. Ki
ll. >. nil sr'L
l.ui; ^1‘rt i. 1 ‘I ■ "'m .
l',()[,LS Hi-us.sil.s. Injrmin (in.l Stiiir
(’.irpeting, new iiud fushionuble Pat-
tcius. just received.
15 kcps Spikes and large Nuils,
2.') boxes llaisins,
;!0 Shot, .
Inilij;'!'. Cliueiilate. Salad ainl ('a.^tor Oil, with
nil adiition to our Stock of Hardware.
Nov. 2f), IS,')!.
■fN'Fon.MS the ]>ul)lic, that he lias refitted liin ,
8. K.-ta)>lishineiit ..n (’.n en Street, and ha.s on j
li uiil n (rrsli su|H>ly oI‘ CAN l)l KS, iiiiniularturca |
in liiinseif out nV the best Loaf Sugar, and war- i
iMiited tree ironi «tarch. tlour. paste, ami perni-
eir.i.s (laints. liis w’lole time and attcntiiui i^
Mi'H devoted ti> ni.nkiiif' ('andy. and he is pre-
pare-d to supply all orders with Candies eijual
ti( aiiv iiiade in the I nited St!it-'‘. I lie.-^e ( .in
dies he u.-irrant.s to keep in any clinnile: and
he will sell to Town or r.uintry merchants, as
cheap a^ good and pun- Camly can be pun-hasel
in Nt w \ ork or i-lseu Ihtc.
I'a;.ette\ille. (>*t. IS'>>- ■•'-t*'
rillMK sub.sciiber has taken charge of this old
»2L and V, ell known Ilstablishment. and is pre-
p.-il'ed to attend to all orders lor
I’l'iutiMix Al(’rcliaiits* and
I'acton \\’ra]>pini:, «yc.
The Mill has recently been thorotighly refitted
with new machinery. :ind the suliscriber l>elieve.s
he can furnish l*:iper of as good nn.-iiity and at
«s chea}.* prices as can be purchased an\ where.
North or South.
7. IS.M.
I.AM) S-
'"ll.l .(■ . ii i i** . '"U 1! >usc. or. I'rt-
V ,1 th i:-_ ‘f .!.ii'ua:-y ne't, at 1_’
\1 a n-a ’ I,.\N1> ■v.'-iiuini: 'i\t>
1 : - I ■ ■••'h i «■ I' i-e." i-u i'aj'
« m l otin'V'. i>n
\vi: . K.i' tie ilii .
■>.'! 'i « ith i\ c >
.'Salem. .June _
.Mrs. IJI'A’ll. has (>j)CM(*il large and coinenient hon«^e. near
. ■ . __ the foot of ll.iymount. on Ila\ street.
known as the Farmers .ind I’I.-inters
Hotel, when* “he woiihl be gl:id to ;iccommodate
iientlemeu with Hoard by ttie week or month.
F.imilies can be supplied with jdeasant ro4ims.
Siie is aNo prep.-ired to .•iccominodate Tr.avel-
lei ' and Their hor'i Her .''tallies are attend
ed to >.v one wi‘11 aciiuainf.ed witli the in.ina;'e-
ment o( horses.
1". >s- who are ^ ■ k!.id as to p.irro::i/o her.
-lial. tii.'i tl t _L; ea cst . ire w ill be to pb-.ise. !
(Kt. 1’7. !'V. ‘ : »tf
Mixn '.-MA.'a.Ni; milllxkrv.
K’-.i!’ l ’'tT lb
t N lie’ , ('• _-e I
. I, 11,,! T
i’l" ■
M-ii •
11 re
1'. V 1,
'' rill with .1 I'
• I r'a.! a ; Win
- It Ml ;ii. 1
: I’bimi-^. ';i)
• .r
!• A T. SMi fll.
r-i ri. j'.nd ' •i-'.T,
1 .t>
s;vl;- .
III.', price: 1
0'' \er 'm
b>n all h
: Itrc' !'■ in
II,Kvs tl  ro!:.!.-! iie.-iib r- !';ir' ‘T '’
• ▼ 1st. 2J. -sd all: 4;'' Ilead'-rs: 'Ii-Iinl-
f V K 'eeiic I- -a'. -r-^. - i. :ld an 1 4il; j,.rt':
nt\ ^’nu! - H“-iilor: (irigir i*!; Klliot v t ,ni-
l:i i. .''ch V He N i. I. :i, o atid 1: T ni'T-
s I. ' Nr. ‘J ’ ''Ic s Header; Viiiatre Kt :;ii-
V,.;v V-.r l;,.: : \... 1. -2 ;nid i’ai^-r-
i' r -' Kf '‘r' r!n.' =li Ib'ad'Tt .A’•trr',-a'i
vi’.e •• I !■■■ 'U Series. 4 j-art*:
>. I. . . . ^ ' I - :.rts
V ^ lIM.K \ .■'ON.
T ■ .
f^I-i: ' >N.'- ^ i 'li tiie «’ib;.. ribcr arc
re'] I-. ! ; r ; 'tc i t> 'Cttle during the
\ 't'. e-iM-iit •' ar iinr- due froju fier^ons
ri 'i-iiiiu : "f t.iwii will be forwarded b_\ m.-iil.
I't r.'' -- 1. ; :;iCi,!lllt' the silliscri-
t.-r:;'; «al
iirt Lin’fiT-
h in ■'oi .e
I re"e'
wisi SiiMti
( >. t. ' I.
■ just r>‘iurneil fi'ot.i the
and be.iutifnl a"i>rt-
r .MIl.MNKitV. .-onsis*-
.i-l\ei li.ilinets. I ’ viiriou.'
'Oil-: and Fb'Wt‘i->: lie.; 1
raw |{..line's of ditl rent
• i’“ ( . pe>; Ci*!! ir.' an I
-t . i.ility i f Kid \C'
rt: a new and el- ru’.it
;ili^;', of til' ni”'t ta-'i-
ev liandsi.,,ie I’al-
”a-; vt 1-
d l>oi»
.' iiiid .1
••r . at t I'iaiii --’k 'd.Ulti
1' .mil ' II ks; a new st \ le
.111-1 Tl in's. nt all cob-i s
.'-;-rtii."iii ot Fiowers aii't
■ s- Ml: !e in the latent «t'Ic
-. " ..11*1 I i»;ik '.
I). LYMAN nrnnANK,
,*^iiirtssor to Utthh .1- ISiu'lHfuh',
'NVholcsale nud Retail Dealer in
4'i^ar», Tobac'co, and Sniifl’,
KEEI’S constantly on hand the above named
articles, of the most popular !>rani..s, and
wtirranted cf|ual to any iti the country. Hav
ing made arrangements with an extensive
ill Halt more, he will sell at Ualtimore f.rices,
and respectfully invites the citizons of Fa\ette-
\ille and leurroiniding country to give iiun a call.
Front Street, next door to Me.ssrs. I’ol-
lev ic Hart, (at the sign of THK Tl’UK.)
‘Wilmington. Oct. *•>. IHril. oOtf
IVf// and u^intir Stork.
I H I .
f||1HK Subscriber otlers for sale one of the
.EL lar'zest .and licst assortments of (iKH)S
in Iiis line ever ottered in this place. He is
very thankful for the very litieral p.itroiia^re that
lie has had. and solicits :i continuance of the
same. Ilis “itoek lieen si-lected with c.-»rc.
au'l consists of nearly e\ery variety and style,
from the best manura‘turers.
He on hand .and otlcrs low for f'tif/i, at
retail or bv the c.asi*. Latest styles (JentlemeTi s
l$e;i\ir. Nutria. Moleskin. Silk. Urush and .\n-
gola HAT."'. .\lso. .Icnny I,ind. Kossuth, ,\r-
»ist. Itoiorh and IU-ad_\, and stiffened Fur and
W ool Hat', for Men, Youth and I’xn.—in abun
dance bs tiie tlo/.eii or
\ >ery large supply of Cloth, I’bish. \ elvel
and Fur C.M’S. of all iiu.-vlities, st_\lcs and j>ri-
ces.—b\ the single C.ap or by the Io/en.
A !..'()—
Hoots ;hi(1 Shoes,
of the following varieties, via:
Fine Wafer-proof, fine C.-tlf.
tine Kip and heavy Winter
r>t>0'r.'''. .\, 15o\s' and
\'onths' ('.alf ami Kip Boots,
(lentlcmen's Dress .'^•:ui*s. of
Together with an as.«ortnient
and Chil(.lren’s llO(>TS and
.''llllFS. ^i/: .lenny l.imi. Kxcelsiors. tJaiters,
ditto H.ilf. lUiskiiis. Slippers and Morocco Hoots.
\'so. Ciei‘t'cincn’. airl l.adies' Itnbbers. With
;i good siipplv of Youths', Hoys’. Childrens and
.'•ervaiits' heavy .'shoc'.
,\d of -.vhicli he^ low for >'i or on tiu'e
to ] 'im Mial cu'‘toiiier«. I’lea-ii- ca'I and satisfy
• oni'ehes before purch.-ising e •ewhere.
.Miirkct Sf|U;iro.
pt. jr.. l''-'.l. -I'.tt
m:\\ (ioops.
received, niv Full 'uppN of Ci, ►Til.''.
(WSSlMFi.KS AMt VF.>r‘l\(;S. ti:im-
'IlN'i.''. \c.. o| the b.'st (Uii ity, from \rw
\ I'l \N .. the latest lie;'.rt "f llie New ^ ork
FA.'H! -N.".
P'ly- ! '•till •■onfijMto to r;i;r\ i>n th •
1 \ll.OlUN'» lU SINKS'', at t!i_\ Stand on Htv
'tri'i-t. aii'l tlio^e who r.ix M' n'c uilli iln-ir
. mav reU on liaxing iho’r wi>r'.» doi.e in
' n’-it ’nd fashionable -«fylf. and on |!ic mort
r.i\ -rabie tt rins.
AIK Hir vi.i) tii;
Oi t. J7. is.'il. :;jtf
subscriber is now receiving liis Fall
B jind W inter Stock of FANC^ and Sl.Vl’LE
Hats, Caps, and Botinets; IJitots and Sli(>es;
Jliiuhvare ami Cutlery; Blatl(sinitli.' ,
( ami lools; t^ti aw
Cuttc'i-H, (Jorn Shcllers, I’louolis,
Ilollcw-ware; Heavy good.««
for Negroes, tVt'.
The above goods will be sold at wholesale or
retail, to suit customers, "e say nothing u-
brint how the above (ioods were bought, or how
thev will be sold, but we io say come and see,
at the Hnske buildings, (.ireen Street.
WV. ftre now rtxvtving ft l»rg« «nd well sft-1 >/,77 Anr?tm‘ Cfr>fh, MW f JP^TC
lected titock of I Irons. French Jiiirr, Exopvs and ('ohxpie ; ^J'^Hl) ^ETNA insurance Coim •
Jrons, French Jiurr, Empus anJ Cohujve j •..cuiance  oin] .,n\
mi S/one., m Manv/ac„,r,rJ pric^. i
tiiring in this country, I rencli I'nrr, Co- j (j^,f,,|s. either
j logne and Esopus Mill Stones, and the real An- i state
I chor Bolting Cloth, are now enabled to ofler any
j of these articles to Millers of the best qinility,
t»ct. I’S.
('arolinian 2m
Comnrisine everv article usuaHy kept in that ^ subscribers Laving made very farora-j Agency in Fayet?evi‘il“'^‘‘„
line toxethcr wi*th I ““'"•‘‘Hement of the nndrsi-„,.,| ' ti
’ * of the most extensive importing and manufac- | purpd issue I’olicies of htiu. ' '
1.30 t'asrs Hoofs and Shoes. ‘ - - • • - ^ — • '■
Uat!!i a ml C apa*.
A well selected .Stock of
To all of which we invite the attention of .Mer
,,,ant,s of the int. rior, "I"* t " v ‘of cve.-v article i« xvrirrnntcd.
interest to examine our Moik betore iii.ikmr i
their pur(diases. We will not be undcrs«-'Ul b^'
anv one doing business in this jilace.
August‘J"), is:. 1. Ibtf
find at lower prices than they have been here
tofore furnished at in this place.
.\ supply of bi St Anchor Bolting riotl: coti-
iH this
l-rop,.,. ;V“
si-nption of tiie rropert\ '-'‘''ri.
The .ETNA CO.Mi'A.NV h ii
about I-^O venrs. Its -mi.Ii.i •
1*^—> ■V
Ca rr i a M a m i fac tor y.
Oct. i, 1S')1. l'X-1 jnewjmeow
A pair of 4 ft. ‘1 inch Colo>.'-iie .Mill Slones tm
hand; :ind daily CNpected, jiair of feet (• inch •
Ksopus Mill Slone.s,—and would invite an e\- ;
ainination of them, u.s they will be found supe- j
rior for Corn. i
I The Hon. Thos. K. F>race \v;i' it'
, and he still hoMs ihat oft„-(.;
j first Directors are stiil ani\,. amj ''f i;,
! berr of the Board, it h: - ar :i;| ''itir..
I the bigheFt character fi-r tl,,. , r,!"i ’
I "I'li-iipp
‘ j I
1 management, and lor the li!.*i;,im
I it lias ever fidjus;ed ii*. 1.>>|
March 10, IHGl,
itii »
L. .1. 11 \].l;
ot .Mi.^sos
W^atclK's ami Jowolrv,
At WholoHale aiiil Itclail.
WOn.I* re«i.ectfully inform the public
generally, that he has returned recent
Iv from New \\>rk, with dccidedly a large as
sortment of
M%\ttrhrs ami Jciretri/,
Many of these Wattdies were bought for ('.\SH
j$V i'HE I’.\CK.\«JL. am! can therefore be sold
very low. He has W.-jtcbes of all kinds; Chains.
Kevs iinti Seals of all kinds and ot the Latest
st^•les: Finger-Bings, Lar-Uing.s. .Mcdallii>ns. ol
all sizes, of F.nglisli and .Vmerican make; La
dies' ('hiitelaines: t'ufl 1‘ins; \) and Sleexe
Huttons; Shirt .Studs: liold .''i>ectac'es. light Jind
heavv: (Iidd 1’i‘iis ami I’encils: tiold and .''ilver
Thimbles; Bracelets; Silver Fruit and Butter
Knives; ,'iiher Spoons of all sizes; Large lot of
l’o«'ket Cutlery; Scissors, best ipiality; Button
hole Scissors, .‘'iirveyor’s t’ompasses and Chains;
NL'ithem.atical Instruments; large qu.antity of
fine and common Pistols; tine and common sin
gle and double-barrel (luns; (lame Bags; Shot
Belts and Powder Flasks; Military (ioimIs. in
cluding the Ibiss l»ruin ami the sm:illest Button;
\’ioliiis and extra Bows: Flutes. Cl.arionets. Fla
geolets. .\ccordeons, of all kimls and sizes: Mu
sic Boxes; Perfumery; .''uap; Lather P>rushes;
Bazors !inl Strops; Hressing and PiK-ket Ci.mbs;
Plated .and P>rit:inni;i W .-ire: and various other
things too tedious to eniimi'rate.
Call and give me a trial.
(’ash jiaid for old tJold ami Silver.
Wat IIKS and .Jkw ki.HY neatly
t’liif tlrviUf, A. —.\orffi-/'Jitff ('ornrr
of Sijuiirr.
l.'-r.m] J. M. BI'ASLEY.
.um:k€ Mj
:'.00i ft. .\slie Lumber for Wagon', 1 ^ to 3 inclics ;
:{0l)O ft. Seasoned (Jak Lumber, 1 j to ;! inches,.
loOti ft. White 0:;k and Hickory, lor .\xletrees.
i'KMi ft. White (.bik for Tongues, Bolsters and
100 Post 0;,k Hubf?. f(ir tl’arts .and Wajrons.
If Jkrrr ii ‘if ll,
TONS of .sw;;i)i;s iiti.x
^ i:. I'lAi.i
»ct. !*. 18.'*].
DAILY j'l n
W AHK. bv
Oct. 18, Ls:,r.
E. •
f H^HK Subscnber having taken the Fstablish-
JL ment »if the late A. C. .''impson. situate,!
opjiosite W. .McIntyre s Store.) intends carr. ing
oti the
C'arriane Maimracturiiiij; I’tisiiu'ss
In all its v;iriou.« br.anches. and would res|»ei t-
fully solicit a share of the jiublic patronage.
Having ci.n.siderable experience in the
biisiiit-ss. and having been eni]>loyed in some of
the most extensive I’stablishments in New ^‘ork
.and New .lersey, he flatte rs hinisell that he can
give gem-ral satisfa«'lioii.
He warr.anfs .all his work to be made of the
best material the surrounding country affords,
and bv experienced workmen; ami should jiny
of it fail, either in material or woi km.inship, in
twelve months from the time of its delivery, he
will n-pair it free of charge.
P,1-'P.\1 BlNtJ done in the neatest anil
best m.anner, and at the lowest fiossible jirict’S.
Fa vet fe\ ille, Feb. 11. lN-»0. 7ff
.\jinlv soon to
.May I'.t. l.'*-'.l.
rl LLKU.
IN S'l’OUI'.
2^ LOl C IIS and Plou::li j,, (
bln.'s I.INE OF BO.\TS is still in sm cess-
1- a;
li.iii'l rtiem in for settlement.
.'.V.M L .J. H1NS1>\LK.
VII' t. r V>>1 Nti N I• IloK.';. \|-pl' to
i .1. .v T. VVAM.II.I,.
Si.pL. 1 ;. L‘.lf
Ni:\\ I'lKM.
ru^Hi: ini'b'rsij;ned have en’fred into copart-
JL ncr'liip. under the name and stvlc of
lia%«roii«’o A: Troy,
For the pu; j» >e ol dmnu' a general Mercantile
.and Barter ^ll'il;t \» e h:;\c t.iken th« .'itore.
No. 1 o (; i;LI.’.N .''TBKKT. I'lrmerly occupied by
,\Iessr. .) .!in Mu.'ke .V S.m.
*;ko. w. ?. wvr.KNci:.
.lollN i;. TK(»V. .Ir.
Oct, -22. l,''-’l. .'l^'itf
riM’KU Li'.vrilKIi.
i; have a l.arKclot of ri’PI-:B LLATIiLB.
It famuTs' prices. wlii h »c will take
_'re'-n 1 r di v Hides for. or w..uld ti"t r-fuse
las'i. ’ l«iOK X TA\LoK.
I'ec. L’. Is.'.l. 4»-lw
Sale of Valuable Town Property.
R WII.L 'Cl! at tiie *' :,urt House in »'arthaire.
M I'H :!i- 1 r 'l.-y if .I.-iiuiarv lu'xt. a Lot and
! • 11 : = in rhe '1' > ii nf I'artha^e. situated
• ■n th*' N rtli-Ka : I'.rner i f (he jmblic ^.pi.are.
in -‘i e e pl.-ici- f r busini ''. .\ credit of
in'‘'i'i;s w i. .!• L'i'i'ii. .-md bond with good
S' ii’itv rc,|ii;rf l i.t ihf piireha'Cr.
i;i !/'.i;].ill .McNABB. Kn X.
r i. I'.'1. 4.,-ts
i IM'i F '1 liiJ’S I'OK S.\LiT.
5C.'^T n-x-ix e.l. a li,» of ch'-b-e THI'.K'^. fr..rn
Lirid'ey ' N;- -erii s. pi rsons «i-'.i‘,u4to
L -r t .'Vii b'.- tlie 1.!!ii.jj- -d. are advi'ci t.i .-i-ti'i
i:i tiii"r rders iiiiiii..‘ i‘,..tely. before tin .■i",.rt- ■
iiieiit I-; broken.
1 oacii aU'l -Xpj.’.e Trees, ij^l'i per hun'lred; —
Vl -'>0 per do/en.
Avrieot. J' i-(‘’,t i-M.-!'.
Nfi tarire. i’-'. ee':;.-; each.
.\ t(*\v Pbinis. lit !:,-:tr.:i;; acre.
l'-> ,iri I’.-ars.
C. IJ TTLKl.Oll. \;’t.
Jlowan street.
I>e '. Isi.jl. b'l-lW
'i'i:A(';ii:ii wax'fki).
^ ('I.N i f.K d \' i|’i!»Iifi“.? to tearb the Kng-
.. *A li h. I,;itiii and (in ek l-;Miguag"s. v ill fuid
a sitiiMtinn wifli a lib'-ril salary, on apjilic.-itioii
t" .bilin ; . '^mitli i’.iothers. -JM miles North
I i .1 \ •-tt-\ ; lie. 'ir by letter adilre'i>ed to Fay-
' Hec. ;i. lK.-,l._4.',-]ni i
i'. F. ii \i.;{i
VKR foi> ,s vi.k:
IIW Orleaii.-, I'ort.i i'ico, Kefined, Crushed,
J. ^ I,' at and lla->iina
• .ill, l,af.'uira, and ob| liov't .lava Coffee.
I’undi'e. (liiriny, and Burlaps Bagging.
II..|ie and Twine.
Ii"ii, ,\;iiN. Salt. .Molasses.
• heese and Uaisins.
Blacksmiths’ Tools, Axes, .''pades. Shovels,
II I---. Scythes.
'I I'ace aiel Halter ’baii;s.
I iiid and I luop 1 run.
V'biti- Li I'l in ^ lil.
^ jKioibb Br'iwii. Bed l.t'ad.
• ila"'''. Putty, Biii-I.ets. Brooms.
vlMckerel. in barrels and halt ditto.
Ni':jrn .^!n'c“. raniier.'i' Oj',
"i 'll l"iiile. Wire.
Siii-* |-io Cir.-ii an:? Blaek Tea-..
S ili i-iitos, .''iap. Snuff.
1 • pper. 'linger, spice. Nnfii'^'crs.
■ •Tiu :kiI .\daniantiiie ( .iliilles.
L-.r be:. .. ,b.,t. l’ii\.der. tVc. iVi-.
■\'|V. U'- Is'il. • ':f
fPranges! f^rans^es!
^ .N(.> 1 li LB bit, j.irt receive, .-it
Tra! Tval Teat!
 in:sr vorN; iivso\.
1 ditto tiiinji.'wier,
1 iiijii-riiil.
1 C-;ttv
t. J>. I.'
lie I'V
1? \\K:
•\*ctr I'irm.
Fhr iiii(!(‘r.iirn«Ml haN«‘ r*nl*r«‘(l
co|iar'ner'hip. under tlie n.-ime and style id
Ii •LI.
■a lir\ •I"
t-iUfii t!i(
• Kr.'i'T, f, r the pill poS'- of doing
;i!i i H-irdwar*‘ Bu'iiiess. aiel bnvp
,re door' L ol tlo- Fayetteville
H. H\LL.
A. i;. I! \l L.
T. .M. .''ACKIlfT.
.1. Htf
lli> ol«l ’\oiili
Aukv. Sil KMWKI.I, \ (’>. liavo jii-t re
ceived a : plendid a'soitiiient of Snl-)n
Uirrf, blaek :'lid -_'rey. t.i wliich tl.ry would call
the attei'.'ioii of tho pobli.-. Thv'e goods will
conn etc in ijUality and 'inrabilit; with the b.-st
of Nortbfrn  'a"inierc'. and nre much che.-iper.
raniring from tij' cent' to xl J.'i jicr yard.
Ffi. etrevii'e. .\. ( ., Oct. 14. 1>-')I. ."Orf
Iiiive cominodiouo brick Wan limi'cs
in t ie tear of our Store, in wjiirh we
st'ire cot Ion .and other prfidnce.
Nov. 1. iH.'il. ;'.7-tf
fl'fTLL Biv*T Osnabergs: 7-^ and t-1
.'sh-^etin^s always on hand, and for sale at
F ie‘.f'.-y prices, by
June 7, !■ -'il. 7-';tf
lirusscls and other C’arj)oti!i;s,
Hearth Bugs. Diaiggets. Criimb-Cloths, Piano
and 'fable ('overs. For sale by
Nov. .'i. is.'ii. ;'.7-ff
HAMA i:xi‘f:c'n:i),
tiF,NF.K,\L assortment of COOPKUS'
if the best manufacturers’
Tool, S
make, by
i:. C. HALL
of Borne,
akb:v, x c o.
ii OO l>N.
H L .'*ubs, riber- are now receivinjt .iii-crt
H. from .New York and I'hiladelphin, the lar-
iT'-st and handsomest Sn»ck of
Stfiplr finil f'o/trif Dry (roorls they have e\er exhibiti'd in this market,
enibrarin;r every variety of |.:tdie'' .-iTid tJentle-
mcn s l>KK.''.S iJooH.'s. ;imong which may be
fouii'l: Black .nnd fancy waterc'l .and plain Hress
.''i!ks: black aii'l fmicv Coburgs: L.ama Trills;
tigui-d and plain fancy and black Mohair Lus
tre': .’'i.K arp aii'l  nipe !!roead s; .‘'wis«.
.'•eotcli and Chetie ttin^hams; Saxony Ue-L.-iin':
Krcncli. Kngli'h and American Prints: Knib'd
('ashmerc': plain ditto; changeable i)e-Laius;
WHti-rc'l :iiid neei|le-worlv Cii'hmeres: ch.angea-
Me N'oTie'i-': Brocade Lustres- l>ani.ask Eoliaii':
black Hoiiib.-i/.ine*;; second-mouriiing Poplins;
plain and w!iter»‘d ."“ilk colored and
black VfUet .Miintillas: Bro,-ade Popliiis; : nd :i
lar'.'C assi.rtiiient of l>re>» Trimmimr'*; French
an l llnjrlish .Merinos; \ elvct Ne.'k Biobon> «nd
Cuffs. ,yc.
FrMich worked Cijllars mid Caiie**: Fr«>nch
Worked fiifl'- French W'lrked • liemisi tie.'; I n-
der-S'.a-\c«: S«is' and .Jacotict Triiuniin)!': In-
fant-i \V.lists .and t'aps: IIcTU-stit••hed and nee-
dle-workcd Linen t .imbric Handkerchiers. from
lo cts. t.i S:’-: and a bcautilul assortment of
Veil-.; ev> >-y \.triet_x of.'ihawls. embroidered ali'l
plain; Thread. Ciitl.ui .-ind Linen Kdgings and
Laces: black Silk Lace' ;ind Kdgiiigs.
Black. Jilue. lirown and green French and ( Iotl.-: blai'k and lane\ ('!issinieres;
Cut \ el’et. figured .ind black Satin and \ ale:i-
cia \e *inirs. .some ver_\ h.-indsoni'-;) .Sattinet«;
Kentucky .le-.ns; Tweeds: Linseys; Fl.annels,
Wool Mill cotfi n;  Nnabiirps; I•ruj.r^etx: Hiimaik
Table Coths: ditto Nai'kiiis; Ccntre-Table Cov
ers. very tine: Piano 'o\ers; Irish i.iii?ns: Lin-
eii La vus; Thread Cainbrics; Towellinns: (Jen-
tb-i’U ii's Merino Sliirts iiii'l Hr.iwcr-*: .''ilk Ne-k
aii'l I’ocket Handkerchiefs: Ladies' .Merino
\ fst'. *'.-isbmere and Silk ilosc; flitto Half-Hose:
the ei ijbrated Salem .leans, bbu-k and grey.
I.a lies’. (li'iitlemen's and Children's B (OT.S
a nd .s 11( (M.S.
.Men’s. Boys' and Infants' Hats and Ca|is.
\ eivet, .''.atin, .Straw and Florence Bonnets.
Hitto ditto ditto for .Misses.
And every article usually kept in a Dry (ioods
Kr-iT 'Ye invite the public to c.-ill and exam
ine our large and handsome Stock, as we are al-
w-;i_\s Mii'iiious to show our tiooils.
u- /I'l'rp Tia ('offt'i'.
.VBL\, SIILMWLLL & CO. return thanks
to tlie citizens of Fayetteville, and the public
generally, for the very liberal patronage here
tofore bestovsed on them, and intend, by strict
.attention to busine.s?>, to merit a continutiuce.
.1. B. -McI'ON.VLD.
Fayetteville. .Sept. 1"), IH.M. Ultf
continue to oiler mnn_\ facilities to the shippitig
Persons patronising this Line, may re«t as
siired their lioixis will 1k' br'ioght iiji with
di«patch. and .it the ver\ lowest nifes of freight
A. W\ STKKL. President.
-\gent ut Fa'etteviilp.
Feb, l.'i. IS.'il. ■ .V.t tl
rj|"^HK .'•ut"‘erilKT wishes to purchase :i0o,0Mi
S. lbs. BVttS. lir which the hiidie't «-hsIi
prices will Ik* j>aid on deli\er\ in Fn\etI-\ille
Bot-kfish, CiiijiJwrland. \ug. JO. 1S-'»1. l.'i-bni
nt fnn r-haritf ('unrhrt, from
("//• (n — Ilttthf.
rBlHE SuliMrribers having secvred the n-ail
fl con'ract on the abo\e Line, will commence
Tlli.s I>.\\ . ri'iinlng a Line of Four Pi st
t'oaches. l>ai!y. Le.aviiig Fayetteville ;it b P.
M.. a:id arriving at Wai>iw at ^ past fi .\. M..
in til le for the i'ars .North aii'i .South. Be-
luniiiig. leave Warsaw on the of the
C.-irs. s:i_\ about I or '1 P. .\|.. .-ind arri\e at I'.ay-
ctteville in ten hours. I!\er\ care will be t.a'.en
to render tiie Lne ple.-is.ant. C(invenient. and s.»fe.
for Tia\eliers.
\ Line of will be e«t.ablished ns S“On
!is possible, by tiie i'lank Boad. from 1 axcttc-
ville via t arthage ainl Ashebonnvjrh. lo Lexing
ton. Salem, and Salisburx .
.McKl.NNON McNLlLi..
Kf'al anil l*crM>i6al 6*i*opc*rly,
Com nt*: nr ill'/ \'lth of .ftnmnry
[T H I* subscribers, .as J^xeciitors of the late
Bichard Hines, offer for sale the very val-
He died possessed of, containing about 270il
acres, a little over Imif of w hich is cleared and
in a high state of cultivation. This Plantation
is situated on the north side of Tar Biver. in
Edgecombe county, six or seven miles east of
the li.'iilroad. .and nine miles above Tarboroiigh,
adjo’tiing the lands of Richard Harrison and
others. There is oji the jiremiscs a l.-.rge and
comfortable dw elling w ith eight rooni.s and all
of the necess.iry out houses and ti.\tures, of the
bi-'St kind and in good order.
Vi'e will not go into .•^ detailed statement of
the su[ieri.*i ity ol this Pl;'Utatioii. but invite ait
person.s w is!iii.g to purchase 1: nd to
examine this. .V plat of the land, with a sur
vey of the cleared jnirtii ns, is left in tlie hamis
ers, (,'ultivators. Stiaw i
iiig W heel.i.
E. (
Oct. 18. IRol.
I tlT'*.
\. >i( Ki: r
^JTILL continues to carry mi tla-
^ Bl'SINKSS. in all its br.uicl,|.. ,,t
STAN1>. He returns thanks f..r thi- iit„.r
ronage he has lierototore receixfd, ;,„,i j, \
b\ strict attention to business aii.l
give entire satisfai.tioii, t',
of the same.
Having n-eently ijicre;Me.l i,i- 1,
has on li.and a very assor:nie!',t t,f
>f .Mr. B. Farmer, on the jiremises, who CtllTia^t'S, I*arOHch('S. i>n
is well acijuainted with it and will give any
i.'iformaiion to jiersons wishing to—
We will sol. it in one trii'-t, or divide it into
two or thr»-". if not ilisposed of at private sale
before tile IJth of next January, we will, on
that day. at li o’cIik:’; P. .M.. on the premises,
offer it .at j iiblic Sale to the highest bi !der. It
ha.s not beeii necessary lor u physician to visit
it liiiiang this \ear.
e will a!so sell at the s;ime place,
Fa-ett« ' ille. >1. C.. An;.
KlNt. and \. McMILL.VN
into copartn* t'liip in the
have entered
|iistiller_i ol
Turpentine, ,'ind liaM- erected a .''till on the
West sifji- of the Fayetteville an.I Western Plank
Road. S miles from Fa\ette'ille.
Mav y._71tf A. .McMILLVN.
IIV# I#/’#/.
1 i«h to l>n\ llo.iMNI barrels Turj>entine.
Ito J?a*(‘uulh
^HL ''ubscribeis, .Mail Contr.act(.irs from
B F:ivetfc\ille to Babi:ih. will comiin'nce
operafii.ns this d.iy. with new and eiimfortabic
t'oacbes. go«»d horses, and c:'.r«’ful Hrivers.—
The F.-ire is Fl\ 1', ImiLI.AB.s—same i.^ before.
The .Sta^e Houses are. in Fayette\ille, the Fay
etteville Hotel, in Baleigh. the Yarborough
lliMisi’: but Passengers «ill be eouvexedto sindi
o|ln‘r House' ::s the\ niiix select. The hours of
flej-.arture will be. until further notice, at half-
past I*. M from I'ayettcville. and at 2 P. M.
friiiii Raleigh, d.iily. The subscribers hope, by
Of the in'', t v.iluable kind; them .ire
thr e Car;-, ntcrs. i one of thes.- a w heel-w right.)
two blacks.nitiis. one pr.inlvr, tluve tirsi rate
house f rvanis. (one of them a seamstress.j a
giHxl osfler. and S' me of the best cotton-pickers
I,''‘l. 11-tf in the .''tute.
The .'•'tock nr.d Crop, consisting of about 1-'lOO
sf;irk.s ort^'dilir. busiiels of rye. 400 bush
els of pi-as. '.l-'.u fat hogs, 'Jot* out liogs, tii^ head
of cattle of the m st improved breed. Among
them are; f.ii'- n ilch cws. an,| nine yoke
of _\ oung osen. large and well broke: one pair
ol iiorsi-s. one p.iir ot spieiidiu ihorougiidtrtil
fillies, three blouded mares, two very fine po-
ni-s. l,‘)0 head of sheep, the .seed I'roni
4i0.ih»0 pounds of cotton, two gins, one wheat
thresher, tiiree s.addles .and bridles, forty cask.s
of plaster and lime, eight w.-ipons. ten carts, i>fj
siidi-s of leather. Iiousehoid jnid kifclieii fiirni-
tur*'. and all the f.arming implements of every
dcs.-riptiofi. The s.-ile will continue troni day
to day until every tiling is disposed of.
Tkkm' S\i.K.. — The land will be sold on a
creilit of one. two, and three years. P*f>nds
UocIva\vay.. and .'^iilkc\,.
Finislir.l, and a very birj-e ;i--.,r'ini.!;r ,f v, ..
partly finished, which, for (■!•./, • -c
finish, will cf.mpare w ith aji\ ,t!.i r w.^rk
Persons wishing to buy, wi.iil,' ,1, n.” .
and examii.e tJie work, as lo- : ili-t.T' .-
sell IJJW fi r cash, oi- notes ,,n i;,. ,.
All Wi rk warraiite.l t .r
anu repaired free of cl.argc, rl. .ui 1 ■;
butl workmanship or m.ateriti!.
GCr l’c|>airinj tin!ii!ull\
ted .at short notice, on very rc.:'• .
FaYF.TTKX ILI.K. Sni'T. ’I'L. h.'.l
^ N “ r-
unremittcl attention, to secure a libi-ral .share be.aruig interest Irom date, with appro\ed secu-
7'> Pdils. No. 1 Heiring.
'lo •• •• :! .MackercL
1M( P»ilcs Hay.
loO Pi«*res t'otton lt--gging.
•'’>0 ('oils Rope.
1!MI I,bs. Twine.
oO Hhds.'es.
•"> Hhds. Fair Si.gar'.
•'0 Bags Rio Cnfl'ee.
AVith .Mum and Sack .Snlt. and Groceries gen
erally, for sale at the lowext market priee. b\
.\ugnst 1 I. IS.'il. i;Uf
Vi) c'or i'ON !>f.antkks7
7->»‘oil' Bope,
•J(M1 lb'. TW iii^,
.tust reeeiverl and for sale cheap. t>v
,\ugust It), 1S.')1. Htf
of the tnivcl.
Favstteville. .Inlv 1. Is.'il. 7S-tf
’Fo WINK maki:ks.
K have a few liarrels of fine oM .\jipTc
I’randy for sale: such ij^ those who
want to make good wine should get.
1 ooK a: T.\^ I.OB.
lb. IS.-il. oo.,f
rity. will be reijuired. The other projieily will
be Sold on a credit «>f six montlis, for all stuns
ov«-r ten dollars: all under that .‘iniount, e.ish:
the i>nrchaser giving bond and security before
the jUMpertv is delivered.
W. R. S.MITH. >
PETER E. lilNES, ,
I>oe. 1, l.‘'-')l. 4tit.s
^Iraiai and
llE all in excellent onb-r .'.-r b-.s;:-!’".
Tow Boats have been rcL--at v p ■ :
and tnaile gof-d as n-w. We har^ - i-
rifir Flat f«ir low w.ater. and nell .-i l.-i;,;.. ■ r
service. She will -arry 7'>'i M.I.'. ui,-r'-)'.iu ,
and draw only liO inches water.
Tlio.'io favoring us with tlicir [i.itr'>n:i;-,
expect as prompt and cheap seivivc in ,
particular as anv other Line cm ..tfn.
(.. DKMINt;. !’r.-t
R. M. oi:i:!:i,i.. \. :•
.\. T*. C.\/, \1*X. .\gent at Wiliiii'.-! I.
Fayetteville, I>ec. lil. iS.'iO. '
Pall & Winter for ISSli!
M:\iMhlIe .flrrtfiaiti T.;i!oring
Ri:\nv-ini)r fLuTinM; tsT\:!!.isiiVL\T.
A \I) I h:i\e ii'iw on hand l!'_*-'«.o(M» BRIt'K,
xL that I wish to exidi.atipe for monev.
.loHN E. P.VTTKli.soN.
l)ec. 1. is'.l. i l-4w
S'F()\ KS! s'fom:s!i
.jjl IT.ABLK f'l.i' Cliuri he'. Parlors. I'.aclorie'.
I or s.iU- tiv
hK>,()00 Acrcs \ aliiahk*
T 1 M 15 !•: \{ !. A N I) S
^B^HE Sub"icri!>er has j>urcha'eil :ill the Larels
i beloniring to tin? Estate of .\br;im Hubois.
de«-'d. l.\inir priii'dp.illy in Btibe«on couiity. and
on iMith sides of Luml>er River,
vevs cont.ainin^i
the ditlercnt sur-
“ and .''tori'S.
Oct. 1'7, ISjI.
Market .^i|u:ire.
TB^HF. Steamer Chatliani will leave this pla«'p
I. everv Monday and Thursdav at 7 o'clock.
,\. M.. (instead of *.♦ o'clo-k us at present,) com-
iiiem'iii); at 7 o'clock Mmday 10th inst. Tim«*
of leaving Wilmington, every Tuesday and I’ri-
day at '2 o'clock P. M.
JNO. |». WILI.IAMS, Agent
t'lipe Fear .Steamboat Co.
Fayetteville. March .'5.
lie V
Over 10{).0(i0 Acres;
.\ large [lart finely Tiin)>errd. atid eotwenient to
Lui ilK*r River, w here a large ijuantity of Tim
ber is now rattl'd to the tle rgetown market.
Thesi- Lands are very valtmble both for the
Timber mul Turpentine, for which purpose a
large part is well suitel, being in h region
where the Turi>entine yields more abundantly
than any otiier section of ilie State. The Lands
will Ik.' sold at a low price, and in quantities to
suit pundiasers.
Information i-r.specting the title can he ob-
t.'tined by a]>plying to tlie Hon. liobert f'trjinje.
Hon. .las. C. I>obbin, or A. A. T. Smith, Es-j.,
^.\ttonioys at Law.)
I understand there wr^ nniiiy trespas.s'rs on
these l.ands. to all of whom notice i« hereby
Siven, that the law will be enfon-ed ii-rainst ail ,,.rvnrs
such offenders. ' j Terms Cash, and all r-t ^■'T^
I Application for any part of the Lands can be SCUTT & B.VLDWIN. ■
maile to myself, or to .lohn Winslow, Esq., w ho
is duly authorised to make *ale ol the same.
THOS. .1. Cl RTIS.
I F.iyetteville, N. f'., Sept. 1, 1845. 7Gtf
September '22. 18'»1.
Jnlv 1.
Ni.v. 'j.'.. L'C.l.
f r.ALi:.'' H\Y.
JE- .3^1 liii dil ls Corn. I'l.r sale by
■; H. LL'TlKRi.oii
2. i«r,l.' .u-tf ■
C’amberlaBtl Superior CSurt of Law.
mm:.' iA].
.Nolici- ■■ liercti'. given, that a ,Sj.e'-
*'•' •‘■1111 ot I niiibciia'i.j Superior Court
t 1 u , . bi- bi.i., (I,,. o,| M,,„,j.,v i„ Feb-
rr..'iy \ - , . i ,r .1,.. ,ri:,l ,,f (-ivil‘( ;,ses a-
■■ ■■ -I.-I :,t Fall T-rm. IK',I.
'' -11,1 v^ill take dll- mdice
tbi-li-'.I al.d thi ni.--hc a.-crdii ■.j-.
.• '*• KAI:, Clerk.
'■ *— ‘ l::te
.Sul>sf*riI)or still'
eontinues to carry on the C.XBINET
l>\ES.s ill Fayetteville, and in
nddii;on to his Establishment on
Bow stri'ct. near I-ieeh's's Bridge,
has ojiciied a l.-ii-fr' V B B IIDO.M on ilav
street, nearly o],,,osite t!ie F.ayettevillo Hotel
ani! one door Mast of Messrs. Haigh Son’s,
win re a assortm- nt of
Ma * - by coiiipetent ami faithful workmen, mav
lie at prices eorresp.inding with the times.
-U^o, an :is-.ii-tni-nt of N'irthern-made Fl’RN'i-
II bl'j, selected by hims‘If, whiidi will be sold
af a very nio.lcrate Hdvanee.
Steamer BROTHKILS and Tow Boats.
ST i-:V KNSt )N aii.i D.V V11> LEW IS are pre
pared to forward with I)ksi>.\tcii, all goods con
signed to the Proprietor.
The Steamer Brothers is of light draft, and
well suited to run in low water. She posse
power, and speed, and is admirably adapted to
towing, and can accommodate about 20 p.assen-
Tlie proprietor contemplates running the Boat
himseli, and will give special attention to way
Iriiight and naval stores; to towing, and will al
so attend to the comfort and convenience if
Passengers. From his long exjierience as Agent
.• • X . ■ . . - . , • I r- ■■■ Fayetteville. His aeen* in
rtrrni "n . r; VV f''"*‘•‘^«-t>iin a« { Wilmingto„ is .JOHN C. LATTA. to whom »il
b m s 1 h ^ I .‘‘r'l ""PI;'«‘'1 to bo therea- | communications m.ay be addre.s.sed, as Agent of !
boiib'. ) has daik hair, and of a sallow complex- the Steamer Brothers
ion. with a downcast look; some of his front
teetl: .a little decav'ed, ;;nd follows the occupa- I M.av ir>
tion of a ('or]>enter. | ' *
I will give the above
•John ILVNKS, Proprietor.
. reward to any person V II.W'K just received from New Y'ork. mv
who will apprehend the .said S. J. Love and I ■- FALL AND WINTER
lodge him in any .lail in this State, or One Hun- i
^tock of (jioods,
Nov. 10, IH.'il.
T. I>. ElAl€,;ai~
f11»» M .r*.
of fi ,i,ei
‘'■“•y ii, i1,
HI-; keeps on l.uiid an,-ti„eut of Fisk’s
celebrated ,M L I .VLLK.' BCIU \I. f’A.SK.S
Iiich h.-ive been highly recommended by Willie
P. MangMiii, Henry Clay, I,ewis, Win. I{.
King, and many other illustrious characters
wild have ex.imined and witnes.sed theii*utility!
•1-tf 1 lUunk Warrants for sale here.
ilred and Fifty Dollars for his safe confinement
in any .lail in the Unitod States, so that I can
get him.
.lOIIN INOUAM, Sheriff.
Camden. S. C., Aug. ;{0, 1H.‘)1. 20-r.m
d 10.MK in to the Cluaji Store, North side of
" J Hay street, one door above the ciuaier,
and buy new Dry (Joods. Also. Ready-made
Clothing,'Hats tlnd Cfaioj—^reat variety.*
>OY. 4, Ibul, ay.jj
(’onsisting of a assortment of
Dry (loods, (iroririps. Iliinlwarp. riitifry, &p.
I will barter for XniPKNTINE, or any
kind of Proilucc.
10 miles North of Fayetteville.
Oct. 2H, Ig.-iO.
JJUuikii oJ all fit If (Is,
for 9ulu ut tLIs OfQct).
TIIK NUtST I’Ol’l l,\U
K T II K ,V (J K !
lisrtl by Pliysiciaiis of ill»li Staiuliiig.
'IliC'^ BITTKIIS riMiiove all niorbi.) •eei«tiin^,
p'liii.x Mil* !i| I '.j'OHt toiu' mii.1 \ ii;.*r to the
ilii{-.mri)ii{;ins inuiiy the >.) *teiii a^,»int all liitur*
oriii »i.- t.-'Ui-Ii " ith ^-.If.-iy, if ii.> lin.^ vl.'tiili-
t»l: m liir |,.tif.,: Iioiiip j;i-ai.-!iil to Uio iii-i«t ;!eli.
c»i - «ioaiiK-li, »n.| r.-iii.irUal)|.- f,ir eliperini^.
iiiMSoi.Tiiii,;. .treii;;tli.-iiiii;j, an I restorative |iroi>e'r-
tic' Hn'l '111 iiivsl'i-il»l.- if.l sni'o r^fnedy fur
i>yspi:psi\ !\ ITS n oKsT for.iis,
•W«o. ( nia|>liitiitii, laiinlii-r, ttrnrtlmrii, Coi-
ti»i-ne.;s, l-Miniiies^, lluor.Iors ol tlie Skiii uiiil I.jver,
l.o-» of ,Ai.|..-tite, I.ow S| iiitN. Neiv.Mis llea.Uclie!
• iii.liiifSk, I'll I (.11.It ion ot tiic lieiirt. SiiikiiiR hiiiI Kull-
Ilf 1 ol \\ ei^jlit at the Stomach. hihI nil othei .li.sease*
rait«.Nt h> HII irii|iiire -.tate of the liloo.!, liver, etc,
which teiiil to lit^iilitMte ainl ueukeii th« b^»teni.
P i: M -\ ¥. K s
WflO from a mothi-! niifl Minmtnral condition
will thul thin Medicine ot
Ill All. CKNKUAl., th|. .\ie,li
cii e AI IS 1.1 KH: a I 11 \ U.\l !
H»r» tfsifil iu pfTirar> , hii.I thoiKioiils nion- nro now
nil Icr tieatnit-iil . him! not one solitHry ruse of railine
hn ) el l.ccn loiMiiltd \ oliiines (-on'M !i- iil|,.,| « ;ti,
ce, linoatt.* ol th »e who Iihnc l>cen oerniHiienih
€«n on thf .lyrnf, .tnd r'oI a P.lTlPMf.KT,
ront.niiiiiii; the  erlilicHtei of llenmi kut le I nrev «m|
thr liiii,li estinm Kni in w i.ic'i this \ vilicitie js l,r*l,t
Ii> th.? I iiJvlic 1 1 ess--I an l.e hi..l •.! the AK-iit^. lne
L&rge Quarts $1; Pints 50 Cents
>'«// Av «// //ir Viiiifiptil I the
I >1 tal S!,ihi uJnJ (
A (iool) l\vkstmi:nt. i
^■^HK Subsc-riber wishe.s to sell one-half of'
the Fiiyetteville Water Works. Neither ^
of the present projirietors havinj: time to pive I
their |H-rsonal Httention to the property, the'rfflHB sulwcriber has b ase I f r
purchaser can have the man.ijxement of it, ma
king it a Taluiible investment.
Oct. 1, 18.',1.
TO ■nil', I’l IM.U'.
'"JIHE subscriber h:is le.ised f r ”
JL years, of it. W. ilrown. i;.=i|..
Store, with his Wharyes. and is m'w in '
Princii'iil (‘fi I
For sale b.v
hoveaiber ti, IJJGl
hi I.rtlN .S'l',. V.. till stairs
S. J. niNsnAi.F,.
I ndersi.iriied has been appointed \frent
of the N.>rth Carolina Mutu:il Life Insu
rance (aimpany. Kvery member for life partic
ipates in the profits of the C«*mpa!iv; and the
annual premium for life membership, wliore it
amounts to iiJJiO or more, may be paid one-half
in cash, and the other haU in ii note .at 12 months.
l>ebtora’ lives may be insured T>y creditors.
.V man may in-jure his own life for the exclusive
benefit of his family. The lives of slaves mav
; be insured.
I This .sy.stem is vapidly .crowiiijr into favor, .all
over the civilized world. It is one by whieh a
I family, lor a small sum, mav be pro
j vided for. after the death of it« IiomI. ou whose
j exertions they may have l»een dependent for a
I support. It itf u jroikl tnveiitmeiit of money,
j even if one sihould live loU|t t»fter t.-ikin); out a
I Life Policy. Explanatory pamphlets, and tlte
I neoea.sary Rluuks, fMruiklieU application.
' K. J. HALR.
j FuycttovlUe. June 1850. 70
rm: ni-:sr>KRi;r>rTrvHiV
■ i?' "of Ceo. ,\ fvrther sup-
m » pK ot this new Music Rook, with patent
iiote^. received. furth.-r supplies of
tlie Hostiin .Voademy’s Collection: Carmina .^a-
cra, kc. I'ic.
Thos. II. Wright, Ksijs.
Rrown's Avharf, iluiii'r^"”-■
Sept. 1L», ISol.
TiMt A' SJicet-Sroit
Doccaibcr 6, I8i)l.
E. J. hale & .SON.
lu >■'
SrO'l'T vV llALl'Wi.N.
4 RE opening: direi-t fr m tlieir M r, ' ' '
and from newest jmjiori.itii,:;^, .-1 !,v -“
sortment of
Onilcnu'ir.s Wrdriiiic
coiiiprislii'^ e^ery v.iric ty of iiu^ille^'.-iii'i
Ci,:>t.—> be.iutifillly lilt. i;e«,-: 't •
l>e>it w orkmaii>liip.—Vests, a niniiln i li".'
of patterns, finest and nicdiiini .1^-
ever;, ^t\’e of I'lider t.i:irr.:!,-;it wi.rn 1>_\ (i
men. of the best nv.alitie aii'l im. 1 ri],|,r
cut;—and we would i-a’il p:ir;ii 'il:ir itirt:-"
otir Yok' Srui^i Shirt, the bi-'t !!nni; --'■
iHciit worti: mill also the new ;ui'l iH'.-iutilii.
of Drsiwerv. oiiI_\ liy ourselves
preparetl lo show up a most sjiieiidiil
of ('ravats. .''carfs, tiloves. Siisiieii'liTS N - •
CajiK. I’tc. \c.. ill all a complete v.-inei.v.
ni'R MERCIIA.XT T.U f. i> !•' f S''
rAI!.^lt:yr is eonducted l.y Cutter--t'fiiiin -t
skill, and all our work jrot up in the'■(•-t''
possible. tJreat attention paiil t*’ 'lie ii‘»f
and most .-ippniyed fashions, m' |
in p( of the montIil\ lU'!" r!'. •I:'''
fn'in Paris .md New \Hrk. .
Uenllemen visitin.i; W ilinini'ti'a "ill finl
|U!te to their advantage to ca'-l
tion to t.ake especial care of .'•j'irits lur!'' '‘'^
and other Naval Stores eoniniitteil in ln^ j
1 U* I i I V !.■' 1 * V I 1'he Warehouse is well know n to be ili«‘
W „ ^ place in town for the st.mi.e i---
resumed the Book ' L«nl, Com. Peas, .tc. The lower
1 ♦ Vf" Husiness at the new Store next on them four larce new sheds, wlier..'! '
divir to Mr. Reasley, .Icweller, where he will re- be safelv kept from the rain ami
ctMO and execute binding ui any style desired. 1 prepared to receive and ship. 1 r ^''1 ; ,
—" -j of produce sent to his care. He "ill
.advances when required. ,
j He bc^s to refer to the
R. W. Rrown, .John Dawson. *. I:*''' .'
F. T.
IS REMOVKD to the Soutli-Kasi * ■ ^
Market Sipmre. "ith il"'
nifichinery and m.'iterials tor makin-
-\nd ti do all kind of work of F.-i ’t"'''''■
Al,-«., RO,)FlNC, fil rTKRIN';-
of .lOf’IWNtJ. done on short imtiei'. :i,ii*
[lerio'.ired workmen. 1,.^;:!,
A constant sujipU'of TIN
at Wholes.ile and Retail. Coiiiitiy
and Pedlai’s can be supplied at
I’'--- ,v.
Se^t. leOO.
•J i;di'
p^ce tl
'^ai-1 i»
jear of :
for the Wi
'^lyaid in
j’ '
Las ex pi
vertisers a
f0^i: i, 'ind
Tii'^ I
(Jfjtnville C
urt W iit. I
hat now br
neit >essio[
M =^'1
i|A of ileepj
cr Miis'iii,
light blue
I'ifik I’.iiihl
flolk i r^. l",el
OM half ;ii [
tury l)ep:ii|
or II :‘ i' I'
pllg e.-iii talj
Gi«ek. or II
an Liii^li'h
m«i5t > ■>.
I'4i)lin." ii|
Nifcii!e '
raHitli. c.:'i
viUn";e on i|
tiw 'all be|
T. T. r.n|
J>ee. Ifi,
N4'. ,\ lil
tion will bej
at tins otlicl
^ I\A
^fi^iuits, ii|
I04lits. Pr^
M|pe. fJin;.
A#'e^. Clu|
of4h'n. r aril
Pee. l.'i.
OFl'l I-
t>. I'J.
4 UKV.
l^Dlwii to :i
for ne'^roej
}TCt 8U|j
p'J* 'I'll
1st .1:1
.Jeriiis a-
^liere ar
Ti|nge. Avh
.if II miner’
- Tl!
pik er eii^ri
7-?|> briek
lilt of
^^•it.i;r* to
*Wer m,inl
tfftir' doiiiJ
»^'n ' *
, i '.m
•e, SiJ
Wl-'k atiil
f^PlKT. V.lj
'•'■ id, i
3. to
'lie, ;in(]
jlleptly, ;
- tak
““ **'.oau .
pv'v. -u I

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