North Carolina Newspapers

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TH3 .nS&SS3D.;iK-;;-;
At Five Boltdr per annumKaAf iVsdvance
A A." v. A A ' A. AA '"-VA-
-v: : Any KkTiB km ents Ja;
Kot exceeding sixteen tines, neatly inserted three
- . times for & Dollar, and..twenty-fiye cents for
V everv. succeeding pdbfication t those of great
er length in the' same proportlon.UtCoMtr-
A jrtcATiass thankfully received. v.. LWa toj
1 - the Editors must be post jxudf . J l; J - i
5 An" Act making additional appropriations for. the
J ' auDDort of Government for the year one thou-
; 'sand eight hundred and twenty-nine, i; VL ,
, fef RejiresehtativesyJ: the Untied States of
lfoIlowihguo beJanU Jthe satn'e are fie re -
. V. vaanoAtivtfl xr ' Annrnnit ed for If fiA fifi-
.Vice cf, ,tte yearf one-.thottsandke!ght hun
dred and twentjjr.nibe m addition to 'the
'several ; sums : appropriated ' for v the first
V quarter or. the year one thousand eight nun-.
Vdred and ttFeotJ-ninebVjhe, act '-'of. .the.
seventh-January, one thousand weight bun
. dred and twent v-nine; that is to say : f V- r
v Forexpenses of she Library of Congress,
the Asiitant'Librariao,1 twotihou sand two
hundred h andsixty-two dollars and fifty
, cents. A A A A. A" - ' . -v.,;.--- ...
. For the purchase ofj bookstand maps for
the Library ot Uongress, nye thousand dol
lars. yA:fH''' ,:i
For compensation to, the President of th
XJiiiteq'- States; - eighteen tnousaud seven
hundred and fiftv dollars. ' !;
. A For compensation, to the ;Vice President
V mf the United, three thousand seven hun-
dred and fifty idol jars, v; V
. r. ror compensation to : tne aecrerary or
State four,thousana five hundred dollars.
: "Department of, State. per -sict.of twentieth
Aptily -one thousand eighth hundred ihd
.-eiffineen. eleven (ouumuu, nine uunureu
nd tiwpnt-five'dolIariW-.V '
' - Foceinbensatmri to;iKeClefks'in, jsaid
1 nf.AI
one thousand eigni nunureu ant .iweoiy-
' seven, three thbusand three' hundred dul-
; , - For compensation to the Machinist in
the Patent. Office," plpf act, of twenty-sixth
. of Majr one thousand .eight ' hundred 'Wd
.'twenty-four,. five hundred and trenty-five
tiollars j and, for, one Clerk, one thousand
Forbrocunhe'cases and fixtures, &c. for
thejtiodelsin tli'e Piktent.Office, three thou-
sand dollars. i- .
V" For compensation to the Messengers in
': the Department of-Siite including the
Messenger ,it thesPatent Office, n full of
: all allowances,' one thousand and eighty
. seven dollars and fifty, cents..,
i For expenses of procuring statements of
fines and forfeiture under resolution of
' thirteenth )f January, one thousand eight
hundred and twenty five, seven thousand
y liehses of the.Departmenrof State, inclucl
intf the laws. for. extra cbpvmk bf" papers.
. sixteen tbt)U&and one hundred and twenty
, fie dollars. if'ur : ' rfs4 :S ;t i-.
For.cjMn pens.itioh ; t ; the Secretary of
- the t reasury, lour tnousand nve nundred
'. dollars, 1-k 'lj i- -I . h
f ; For compensation . to ?he Clerks in th6
office orihe Secretary of thdreasury per
; ; act pi twentieth .ttt Aprij, ;, one r tnousanc
" - Hlvfr.' Kt mi rati rtrl ' atitmin ''savan'. Kmt
- sanreight hundred d o I lars. ;
-r For compensaiiob to one Cleric, in. :said
1 office, per act' of twe'nty sixth of'May db0
J thousand "eight hundred andjt.Wenty -four $
, of March, one, thousand eight hundred and
-1 wenty-seven nineteen hundred and twelve
. dollars and fiftjf cents.'; A,T- f, ..v f
; V : F. r coni jie n sa lion to the Messengers i n
Sttid'officein ful of all allowances, seven
.Ihu nd reel' and eighty-seven dollars and fiftv
' .ftents. vv ;.,;; , v i ; e I'r K':,i.
4 :. FuXcompenSatioti toone additional Clerk
;. on, Revolutionary claims, employed in said
t ; fficef from the seven teebilrbf May to the
i thirty-first Af December, one thousand eiisht
; hundred and, twenty -eight, and for the
;:ear one thousand eight hundred and tweii-
..iy-iiine, ,8iwc raie or fourteen -hundred
MtVnf v
; vForcpmpehsationVito First" Coni'pv
troller oYi - the TTe-suyy,vtwi thousand hix.
hundred. and Tvwerity?fiye,dbtrars. .s f
Foricoiupehsatiofi Vjo fhe Clerks in the
" ofTir.f Af fh'T?irt": flnintnntl
the twentieth of ApriU oneHhousundeight
hundred and , eighteen, thirteen" thousand
Wee hundred and eighty seven dolfarsand
mij ' cents ; and also for additional salaries
of 6ht;Cj.(j!rlfv act of second of Mrch
e thousand eight huneredand f twenty -
pr compensation 4 to the.'Messengen in
lii oftice,- 'ia r full i of, all5 alovvanct?n."
f doJlara per annuui, and also forjother Jcle
' rical sen ices in relation to the. said claiins,
- three thou sand two Hundred and sevenf v-
acn hundred hud eight :ieveri dollars
y.ltuuJitt tlu; iSecbad'Ciinb-
t roller of the IeastiryV tw6 thousand -two
hbnd red and .fifty dbtlarsJ r- r v4; : :
Fdr compensatioa tothe Ulerks in tne
office of the Second Comptroller per aqt
of twentieth, of April,; one thousand eight
hundred and eighteen seven thousand three
hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents
t For compensation :to1khe : Messenger ; in
said 'office in full of ali ''allbwarices,1' five
ho rided and twenty fire dollars:
For compensation tothe first Auditor of
tne ireasury, two inousaua iwoiiuourcu
sod fifty dollars r
ror compensation lo ine vierK m ine
office bf the FirstAuditbr. per act of t we-
Tietn oi April, onemousaHu eigni nuuurcu
anl eighteen, nine thousand; nine hundred
dollars. to ... r's i- ,4:
For corabensatioti ! to . the4 Messenger in
said office, in full of all allowances fi ve hun
dred And it wen ty five dollars. vr ;
. . ror compensation to tne oecong Auaiior
of the .Treasury, two - thousand two hun-
V-For conipensationrllo1 the Clerks in the,
office' of' !4he second I Auditor, per 'act. of
twentietn or April, one , xnousani eigur
hundred and eighteen, twelve, thousand
one hundred and fifty,dolars.;t :. ; , " ; ; '
For compensation to the Messenger in
said office, in Jfull'. of all J allowances, five
hundred and twenty-five dollars.;. : "
: , For: compensation tu t the Third; Auditor
of the. Treaspryv two thousand two hun
dred and fifty dollars.! , r : A j'.., .
v For , compensation: to f the. Clerks in . the
office of the'Third Auditor; per act of
twentieth "of April, one thousand eight hun
dred and e'ghteen, fifteen thousand six
hundred arid seventy-five dollars. - : .
v . For compensation to the; Messengers s'iri
said - office in. full of all allowances, seven
hundred ; and eighty-seven dollars, fifty
ceois. : .v 1 : ,, ,y , i.
For compensation to;the. Fourth Audi
tor of (the - lreasuryyl two thousand two
hundred and fifty dollars,! ; .-. J
Fpr compensation to the Clerks' in ihe
office of the Fourth.-. Auditory per act of
twentieth :-of -April,; one,' thousand, eight
hundred and eighteen, eleven thousand
two nundred, and ninety seven dollars and
fiftcents;;M-;;::-:Vr;;;v" :-v -;
For compensation to the Clerks in said
office, per act "of -second ; of '. March, "one
thousand eight hundred and twenty. sevens
one thousand five hundred dollars. V
, - For compensation to the ;Messengert in
said offit: e, i n f o 1 1 of a 1 1 a 1 1 o vva n ces, fi v e
hundred and; twenty -five dollars. V xf
, -For compensation to the Fifth Auditor
of the Treasury, two thousand itwo' hun
dred and fifty;dolIars.L ; i'V :
For compensation to the . Clerks in' the
ofttcH,, of the- Fifth : Auditor, per . act ,'of
t vveiiti- th of A p'ril, one thbusand eight hu n
dred and eighteen, seven thousand eight
hundred and seventy five dollars J -
For compensation to the. Clerks in said
office,, per actr of twenty" sixth of May,
one thousand eight hundred and twenty
four,- two thousand Seven hundred and seventy-five
dollars : and also for additional
salary of one. Clerk,. per act of second , of
March, one thousand eight 'hundred and
twenty-seven, one hundred and fifty doU
iars ! t
For compensation to the - Messenger in
said office, in full of all allowance, five
hundred and 'twenty-five dollars. . ,1
For compensation, tb the Treasurer of
the': United States two ihousand two hun
dred and fifty dol Iars. '' 1 : , . : i - ;
,For compensation to the Clerks in the
office of the Treasurer ; of - the.' , IJnited
States, per act of twentieth of April,; one
thousand eight . hundred ' and ; eighteen;
three -thousand tiine hundred and thirty
seven dol Iars and fifty cents. -, - - '? - ;
"For compensation to the Clerk 'In said
office, per act, of twertty-sixth of May, one
thousand. eight hundred and, twenty-four,
five '. hundred dollars.;! . I -i . -' .
: For compensation fo the Mesienger. In
said office, in' fUlLof all allowance's, five
hundred and i .werity -five dollars."
. vFor compensation to. the -Register "of .the
Treasury, t.,o thousand two hundred' and
fifty dollars; JjV ,;-t'-
For compensation to the Clerks irs " the
office of the RegisTer bf the, Treasury-, per
act of t Wen tieth(.of "April, eighteen hundred
arid; eishteen .sixteen. thousand seven huii'
dred khdsixfy-lWodoilars and fifty cents
and also for additional salary ol f ur clerks,
per act.of Vecond of March, eighteen hun -.
dred and twenty-seven, six hundred duU
ta-.r fr-:y;;1'':.j:'h:'-:'h- XI . r
For com nensation to ihe Messeo&rers! in
sfaid ". Office jncludingtheKi allowance of
stampingbhip .registersin full-bf all al
lowances- Vight:' hundred; and ;ixty-tvVu
dol lars"abi ;!if ty cerits'; "C';;V-s;i Vw;'
' For cVm nensat ion to the . Commissioner
of the General) :Land Office,, two thousand
two hundred and fiftjr dollars. , V
For compensation ; to the-Clerks' in the
General, Laud Qffiee; ,lper act bf c6nd, of
March.: eighteen hundred and - twntye-
yeti, fourteen thousand five hundred and
eigntv-jievtn uonars ami uiiy cents. ;
V For compensation ! to the- Messengers iri
said office, in full of all allowances, seven
hundred and eighty -seven dollars and fifty
cents;i f : ' Tk tV'ilv tx-
s ,rpr compensation to tne oecretary oi xne
Coni missi u n ers ivft the' Sinking Fund, one
one hundred, and eighty-seven dollars and
fifty, cents
Pnr 1mursin v fK ntrsnn om rtt Avorl in
transmitting pisspbrts and sea letters ; r"or
in the office of the Becretarjr of the Treasji
rX 5 f: J tat ion e ry ; fa e I, prin ti ng, books,
and all , other irtcidental and contingent ex
penses . tnVthe Trpasurj Department, farid
the seyeral "offices : therein including the
expenses of stating and printing, the public
accounts for the year one.thnuSand':eigliit
hundred and t wenty-riineand 7fbr, aq ver
Asjng'easaViidtjceV1 in Irelatiori :;tb ,ihf
reimbu rsement of certai b '? portions Vo( the
public debt, and in relation , to revolution
ary claims Under tfte act of the- fifteenth rif
iiay; one thousand, eight hundred land
twenty :eiht; thirty-one thousand two hun
dred and sixty-two dollars and fifty. cents;
For allowance (o the Superintendent and
four watchmen, emnloved for the security
of the State & Treasury build jns ; and for
the repairs i of engines and buckets one
thbusand ' fuu r h u nd red arid t wen ty -fi ve dol
lars! :-Lur': - tv.-l:.v i' m
For Compensatioh to the Secretary of
"r, iour tnousanitjnve nunureu dollars.
" For compensation to the Clerks in! 'the
office of the; Secretary, of War. Wr act of
vwciiucui ui. ;prn, one: inousanqt eigni
hundred and eighteen, thirteen thousand
three hundred and fifty dollars, h - j
For one Clerk in the bureau . df tndian
Affairs; beir act of second of March, tone
thousand i eigh t h u n d red and f t we n t y -se v e n 4
ru uunureq.anu nrty. aouars; , . ; ;
' For compensation to the Meseners lb
said office, in full of till allowances, seven
hundred and eigh ty-seveb 'dollars and fif-
4 tor contingent expenses of the. office of
oecreiaryor war, two thousand two hun
dred and fifty: dcdlars.; 1 :-f
: For compensa non to the' clerks in the
office of the Paymaster-General, per act bl
the twentieth bf April, one thousand eight
hundred and eighteen, two. thousand nine
hundred aud twenty-five dollars. I
- ,sFor compensation tb the'! Messenger in
said office, JhfulM of. all allowances, five
hundred amrt wenty-fiye dol lars..:V .V,
5 For, contingent expenses of -'said office j
two hundred and twenty-five dollars, r ?
; :Foi- compensation to the Clerks in the
office of the Commissary Generalof pur
chases, per act bf the twenty -sixth pf May,
brie, thousand !eight hundred and r,twcnty
four,, two thousand six hundred arid twen
ty-five dollars.-
Tor compensation to tner Mesaeneer "in
said office, in full of all .allowances, five
hundred and twenty five dollarR. t ,,.(1 ?
For pontingent expenses of said office
six hundred arid twentyitwo dollars l and
ficenis;', AW Z'4
For compensation to the Clerks in the
office bf ibe Adjutant General, per act 'of
he twentieth of A priU one thousand eight
hundred and. eighteen', one., thousand six
hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents $
and one Clerk per ' act of second of March,
one thousand eight hundred and twerity
seVen, six hundred dollars; . ", .. .;.
For contingent expenses of said rofice,;
eight hurjdred and ten dollars. '
. , For , compensation to the j Clerks in thfe
otnee ot the Commissary tieneral dt Sub-
sistencejper act of twenty jsixth"
of May!
one thousand eight, hundred
four, one thousand six hundred and twelve
dollars and fifty - cents ; and odeClerkV
per act of second : ofMtrch ne jthoisand
eight hundred and twenty -seven, six hun
'd rd dollar-, f :.5;i . -1 1 Y ;1. ,
For , contingent,, exnenses of said office
one thousand nine hundred and fifty 'dol-
For coiripengation to a the clerks in the
offlceofth'e Chief Engineer, peract bf twen
ty sixth of May, one thousand eight 'hun
dred and twenty-four, r one ; thousand six
hub d red i n d t w ei Ve dpi l a rs a nd fi f ty ce n t 5
and one Clerki per, act of second bf March,v
One thousand eight hundred and twentv
seven six hundred, dollars -' ' f :
; "For cobti ngebt . expenses bf Ysajd; o5ce,:
including tivo hundred land fifty "dollar
for arrearages of former jears, on e: thou
sand dotlirs;cy;::H;
.: FAr compensation to the Clerks iri the
Ordnance Office, per act "of twentieth : of
April, onfe nhousaiid; eight .hundred, and
eighteen;! two' thousand; tivoi hundred Vnd
twelve dollars andjfifty; centC; : - j ...
For contingent expenses of Uaid office,
six hundred dollars; : : ' : "W
For .corn peisation ,toUhe: fjlerk irithe
office the Sufgepn-Geueral, per act bf twen
ty;sixth of MayJ one thousand eight ; hun
d r fed , a nd t w e n ty -four, ; eigh t h u nd red .and
sixiyrwo'dollars and" fifty cents. f . j. v
ForjcbnUngent expenses of said'offlce,
two hundred and forty ffive' dollars
r For compensation toMhe: Clerks fo'.the
office of the Ouartermaster GeneralJ
thousand six hundred and twelve dollars
andififfy ceiitsV'V "'; !" iT,) lV".
r jt or vouiiugcui expenses cr saia omce
four hundred and seventy dollars and fitly
centsUr-PAhvaw v?: u,
For compensation to the SecfetarV'b'f ihe
navy, iour tnousanu nve hundred 1 dollars;
'' For comnensation to the ! Clerks .In: th
bffice bf theJ Secretary qf4' the Navy,' per
acv 01 iweuuciu ,-ipni . one yinousanu
eight hundred aud eighteen;; five thousand
seven hundred dollars. -A' J'v' 'A.'- -
For com pen sat ioa to the Clerk4 J in - cajd
vluwc, tycii ,ttvi,vi vjw cuiy ti ui iuay, one
seven hundred and fiftVilbffaVfcl-aViil afko
one; Cjerk, jerv ct of second of v March?
uiic vnuusanu eigni, nunureu ..and tweniy-
sevens seven Hundred dollar hhy cents.
f ForCOniDenSation tfKthff MSKnfr "in slrt
office,' in full oflfutfloVahcev' seven Vhundred
and eisrhty-seveu dollars and fiftvcents:: i
;For the cont jngents expenses" "of :said office,'
two thousand two liundred and Mt'ty dollars. 1 "
Fpr compensation to-the Commissioners bf he
Nayjr Boanl.' aeven Xhousutid eieht hundred, ind
seventy-five4dollars.iA''t" ';!!' -''' : h
'Jtov compensation to the Secretary of the Com:
missionersof the Navy Bdard, one thbusand five
hundred Tdollars. ! . k1: i i-' - K c - " - ,r
For compensation to the Clerks in' the office
of , the Com mission era of-the Navy Board, per
act of twentieth, of -April,;bne thousand eight
hundred and eighteen two : thousand sir hun
dred: and sixty-two dollars and fifty Cents i arid
for additional salary to one Clerk, per act of sec;
ondfjof March, one thousand eight hundred and
twentv-seven. one himdrrt nA av it.M -: iv. -
'Atpr compensation to the Clerks and si Drafts
man in f aid office, petact of twenty-siitfi of May,
one thousand eight hundred 'and 'twentyrfour,
three thousand dollars.', ;t ; r ,AA ,:
For coropensatioh'to'the Messenger In said,.
all allowances, 'fire huadred and
twenty-fiye dollars:' ' ; .. v v; ; ; . 7 ;
For contingentT expenses bfl aaid office; :qae
thousand three' hundred and fifty dollars. V
:Vpr allowances to the Superintendent andfour
watchmen employed for the security of the VVar
Jnd Navy buildings nd for incidental and con;
iinjrent fexpenses. including oil, fuel, candles,
labor, renat ring- oumbs and window in" nnMcr.
es,hitewashing balls and passages, for expeiisfe
Of lamhfi: and fTtni fn uritrhmAn fn.
, f. W . , ' ww mmm .VTA ' Tflll t limYll
day, one thousand eight hundred arid forty-twd
dollars and fifty. cents. y. . :.; . ' .r
''Frir rnm'nfhtiatinn in'tk. VfA'at-mA -'- iv
four thousand five hunrfr rlnlU ! .
v ' t'tfr .boiiipensation to the two Assistant Past-"
rilasters General, 'three thodsand seven hundred
ana nity dollars. : v s , ...L - ; ,
, For compensation to the Clerks in: thVoffict
of the Postmaster General 'ner act nftwntith
df.Apri.ftone thousand eight hundred, and eigh-
larifL ,.v.V- ..V,. v" ".
dr cdmpens-atiohtd the Clerks in said office,
peract of the twenty sixth of May, one thousand
eight, hundred and twerity-four, four thousand
two hundred dollars i for Clerks, per act'of c
ond of Marclw dne thousand eight hundred and
twenty-seven; four thousand eitht hnndrirf
krssij and for Clerks per act of tweaty-fourth of
"w muHsauu cigm nunurea ana twenty
eight;. five thousand dollars.' ; .-.t.-...r;
: ; For comnensation to . th UMonw
assistants in said office in full of til allowances,
one?tuousand and ntty dollars. -, .-:-.. - j
. vPpr the completion of the hew building for the
Pateht Office Vnd Post hffi. iv tn
hundred aud twenty-two dollars and fifteen cents.
For contingent expenses of said office four
thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. .n
Fqir repairs of the Post "offick oh, .thntieahtt
and thirty-seven dollars and eighty cents. ; A
v . jr or compensation to the Surveyor General: in
Ohio.' Indiana, and Mich Iran. nn'thmmnrt
hundred dollars . x . ,
v For 'compensation to the nlrVs ?n ihi.Affi'A
of;said Surveyor, one thousand five hundred and
seventy. nve dollars. , . ( i
, Fpr Compensation to theSurveyorv south 'of
tciiMcsscc, one inousann nv? nundrc-d dollars.
For compensation. to the Clerks in the office
of Said Surveyor one thousand two
seventy-five dallars. - . V ..;v -r
i5Pr compensation, to the Surveyor in Illinois,
Missouri. and Arkansa.! rn thnifoativl fitr.
.. i i " , M ' UVI1UU
dred dollars. - ' - ' vv - .' . . f . .:'
For compensation to the clerks. 'in fho offl'-.
of said Surveyor., one" thousand 'five
dollars, i' .1' .j- ; .-.A-. . U. .
For comDensation to (th fiitivnK Al.Ko.
mail one thousand fiv hunAA A - ", .
For compensation to the Clerks in the office
of said - S urve vor. one t h nii
and twenty-five dollars . . a-.
v , rpf compensation to the S urveyo'r in Florida,
one thousand five hundred dollars, r ,
For comnensation tn th riva nffi.
of said . Surveyor; -one. thousand fle hundred
doUars.'f - 1 ' " ! - ';"'".- . ,
For extra Clerk'hire in' thexnffiee of the' Sur
veyor south'of Tennessee; two thousand dollars.
clrk hre in the office of .the Sur
yeypr in Illinois, Missouri, ad 'Arkansas, tV(
thousand dollars.'. . A. - V .'"
For CODVintr the tftwrnch?n.ilntJr fi.l Wn'f..
in the office of the Commissioner of the General
t-d omce, of the surveys in:the State of Ala.
bama, the bnsrinuls havin? been dptrnved h v
firin the office of the Surveyor,' four thousand
For Compensation to the nommiuntipi nf
Public Bui Idlnf st in Wajhlncrlrr ;iv 4kw
sand five, hundred dollars. , -. - A : f ; J.
; J For Compensation to the ' Officers "nd "iniWv"
of the Min seven, "thousand ; two , hundred dok
, -For comnensation to "the
thej different, operations of the Mint, seven thou.
' i For incidental and CO.itiiifreiat Wnens and
repairs' t cost of machinery 4. for allowance 'fb
Seyeil thousand sia. hundred and Tnrtv'.ftnli'aMAK
,For extendinjr the Mint estahliahmen-And in
creasing its efficiency and seciiriiy;; by; purchas
ing the necessary vlot ; or lota o f ip-ound , ana ' Je-
recun uiereon suitable biulUins, by the Direc
tor thereof, accbrding 'to a plan; to , be first ap
proved ov the President of : .th- ttnifed StttHi
and procuring such additional machinery as 'may
be! requisite, one hundred 'and
dollars y noc'tq exceed,. .inthe whole, the sum
hereby appropriated.' A ' v V V .:".' J"--'
ntoiry,' two hundred and, sixty-two dollars andfif-
tycntsi AA J" -- yrferA .-A t -a
Vn nnrnntatin ..J i.;1..Z. i. it i r r
Jr Or Comnensation and mdeacre tn he irTrlrie Of Tratiort t-- and fnrfln. ... - .
of the Leinslative CountiL hav of theWftVeref
the Council, fuel, sUtionary, printing of thelaws
and jburtia! vincluding the sum of sixteen huh-
dred and thirty-five dollars for arrearages, seven
vMuuwHu jgui iiuimrcu auia niiy aouars J:,-:r
; For compeqsatibh Jtb -the Governor;, Judges,
arid Secretary of the Arkansas
dinr additional compensation to the JLutljes uni
der the act of the twentv.sixth of xrv.
sand eight hundred, and twe'nty-fbur,! and fr sa-
wry. one Juce appointed uoder the act of t!-
sere nice inn ot April, one thousand eJtht hun
fciuccuui ui vprii, oii3 tnousana ejgnt nun -
dred and twenty-eieht- f. the aeventeenth nf
sand eight hundred and twentyeightV'ten thci:
ind; one;irundred ;ahd seVenteen. dclhrj ana
twenty five centsv .: -V ; ; ":. A
urtu.iui &cni expenses ot aaid Territcn , tv?
P.ViJr"",. sixtn-twd dollars and fifty. Cents -Trot
pay and tnileae-e of th .
two branches Of the LensUturo nf ,iA p;f ,
including the incidental expenses cf theLeA
lature. per act oft went vFmrrth r ? ..- . A,
sand eirht hundred -nd twenty-eighti- nlcu. hundred :ind thirty dollars. :
- ?or ;compeiisatioh to the4 Governor.! Jud -e?
mg additional compensation to the Jiul'-es under.
- www V1I. -SL. Illrll I M : K rr' T fiFV V Inn .ii-l
" ? V - n,ytnm May onP thourind
eight hundred and tweny-loht; eleveii thcusacd
bye h u ndred. a" nd t w e nt v v A , M n
iFo.r cor,tingert etpenses of .the Florida,
.territory;; two, hundred and sixty-two dollars
ana. n.fty cents; -r. .;.-lV -. , . .
' FofV combensatinn
era of the LegulaUve Council bf said Territory;
- v. u lexw.e,nty:Jcurth of. No-
- X c,6utcc" "unoreaami twenty' -'.t, pay
ptofficeraand sen:ants of the Council, iue, itu
Uonary, printing and trao'spcrtation of the hws.'.
Including the. sum of two thousand one iiundred
dorian for publishing a revised .cccF all the'
laws f Florida, authorized by an act of the Le
rislative Council, seven thousand and thirty-two
dollars.;-",.- AAA-.,- A - -
,fror ,compei3atiorr'ta-the Chief-Justice. the
Associate Judges, and" District: Judges of the
United States; including. the Chief-Justice and,
Associate - Jud sres of the- n;
and' ilon Tn. '. t. ; . . '
eight hundred and twenty .four; fifty-nine 'thout
the . United States, two thodsand six hundred and'
twenty-five dellafi.; A;:', '.v.
ww xkLvuiiicj- vcuciai, sjx nundred collars;
f yupc'isauorrto tne Reporter of .thef ds
"rlhe Sup-renie Cotirt; seven huhdred'
and fifty dollars. .'.::-. v- - . ' ! - . j -
rf For comnensaliori . tn ifi. r;.: -4 ;
andtarshals, as granted by law, including thosb
m the several Territories. -eicht choiznd T.vm"
hundred and severity.five dollars, ' . 4
; .:F6rdtfraying the expenses of ihe-Suprirae-'
Circuit, and. District Courts of the United Stiles
- . .u. i j ibi l. l ui . . Willi vti ma lion. . n w .
Wuiit3cs, iu kiu oi ine tunas arism
from nnes, ;penaltiesv and forfeitures, incurred -in
the year one thousand eFe-ht Iindfd n,
twenty-nine, and preceding years Y and - for de--
vv vvuawa ui prusccuuons tor cnenc&s
committed against -the United sStates,' and for;
the safe kecDiner of nria6ner..-nri; inmJri .
ror. the salary of the Marshal of the Northern
iuuiwi vj uc pwic w Aiaoama tor tne years,
eighteen hundred and twenty.fbur, and eighteen
hundred and twenty fivei three hundred dollars: '
For the payment of sundry pensions grafted
by the late and present Governments twelve hun
dred and thirty-five dollars and fifty cents.
For hfe 'support.' and -maintenance cf li"";t-
uouses,- floating lights beacons, .buoys, and
stakeaees, including- the nurchase of nd , v.
ers salaries, repairs, and improvements; and cdn- -tingent
expenses,: one hundred and thirty-four 1
thousand four hundred and seventy-three dollars.'
For buoys to be placed on proper sites on the
norm ana soutn sides ot New lnlet near Federal
Point, in North-Carolina, one hundred and ixty'
aouars, r- - - . 1 - j r --
Eor placiner -,eIeven'vovann.-Wrorij'iti -
entrance of. the Ui-sSissirjDi -river 2" in t nhUi-i
ucmg iue oaiance or s lormer approprbtion for
that obiect. carried to the
thirty4irat of December last1 thre ,tTrvr;
thirty-five d. liars and forty cents. -. .
: tvi uicicpajrwi rrovmcetown barber, three
tbousaud five hundred ; dollar: hino rnmA,
appropriation for that" bbject 'carried to the'
eight hundred fcrtd twenty-eiaht. " .
river, between the towns of Yarmouth rd Dsn-
nis, one tftmtsaJid dollars: belner a former sn-m.
priationfor that ohieer. wlrffh mill k i
the surplus fund ;In ifarch, one thousand ci-ut
hundred and twenty-hide. .. A ; , A. . ,
.or surveying-the pubKC lands of the United
States in addition to the .iinen
forty thousand six hundred and thirtyreijht dol- -Iars
aftd forty-nine, cents, ' seventy .five thousand
dollars.-;;'..;- l-. ,,v" .'.''-. ;
' yj 5 f,,7uib uuu ciauns in r ionaa. -
ffni! tllm Airtn r 1. I 1 . 'm . -
'i. -w.MM-ij uu uuwuiur i, ,,s oiaces ct Uom
roissioners of loans,' twelve hundred dollars, -y
,-For'the aalariies of -the he
VfitlfliftnnOiinJ U.1..f.- ' ' I- m
chives in Florida, seven hundred and fifty dollars.
. rw iue pnyuieni 01 Daiancek due .to oCicerscf
the old internal revenue -and direct ta-r.' h.;T,-
appropriation Tcr that,
objeci carried to the surplus , fund on the thir- .
ty.first of December,' one thousand ei-ht hun- '
dred and; fifteen dollara'and eighty cents. " .
or me wuanta ot Kegiaters and Ittceivera cf
tiiu ututcs.wucrc iaere mere are no sals? one-
- ror allowance to Jbft Iaw Agent, Assistant
Counsel and District .Attorney,: under 'the -act"
supplementary to the several acts prowdi fa2
the settlement of private land clairrs in fclsnda.
hundred and 'twenty-eight, iuclud.nj contingtn
cies,:eight thousand dollars. v .. ..
3m m um-m w a mw . w w-m m wm w ariw at A Atmi ' k ... m .
dr; the discharge of such miscella.ieauscTaitr.s.,
against the United States, hot otherwise provi
dfd for, as shall beascerurned "and admitted m
dil e; nurse nf tt 1 mTit-t tit a T" ... i .. .
thbnsand dollars. . : - -x ' A' , .
For the salaries cf the 'Ministers
rans. niacin a. ti. reteriDur-. :-:.- r r
lombiH for outfit & salaryof a ! IA .ler, lr salary
of a Charge d' Affaires, to the Ilircf the : Nether
lands i for the salaries of the -e dJj ..Aires
:.t Stockholm, DenmarK, Cisbor, 1 -il, lfucnci
Ay res and Fen. for outfit cT n u r ? As"l f-.
Iars of all the missions :ahVirad K,,.,,A,j'
five thousand, eiht' hundred -v--ty.fve
dollars. - v , s, . 'A t : ' "
enurrseratiori of the
e expensed taking hetifth,
Ini Hbitants of, t?r United
SUl.i, t!.ue hundred &f.i 'City thcuisr.d dolhrj '
mericn -seamen m Urc. 711 count rAv thirtstr.
tbdasjnd seven bm..!red L.y dsikrj.,
, ,; For expenses cf ir.trc-ur. 1 with, the Barbzr"
Powers, ten thotisaud doll :-. ' c. A
f , . , ,
con and Pans, .three tLcu.mJ c'Dilars
I crthe rf t:,? ; --iT.ticf eMr f , -
...v -.ujut auuiuwua vuiupensanoii to tne Uis-i
trifet Judge for the , District of Missouri, unrler
tlie act of thetwentv-sixth of Mav. thA,ikA
J'Me, thirty-am cf .DtCenbv'one Uiou-I'-; . ' 'fCiulcdwk:? ure ':
fe5;V-- i-?'... a:-:-- - ;!v;-'-''v: -"--a-

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