North Carolina Newspapers

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' The
n tnr ftiemuei a i vu ; i csa
nf G'ur State Legislature, ,takes place
. ant
,"rhoofthc State on xouuujf
T a few counties', it occurs sooner, Dy
lk or fortnight, to prevent it inferferin
' ... ..i nfll,ntr Courts. V We
rrdbya centleman from
' "ii.tfiitfiatCouoty. miliam B; Sheph
plained a majoruy
PfrreS. of VOtC
, -jar v"'r". . :' v...
this crrat increase
"-Dhard tvill ensure hi:
'rrftfmle.Geu L- D. "Wilson, jSrayXiu
' e of the poU.: : For Senate, Wilaon-450,
,k; I4X For Common, 'Litlle 630, Bakr
613, Uil'nn 5l6, ; . -: -' "' ; ? 1
f)r. T. Halt received all the' votes : in'
- r!h Kihpridf-el iSl Heriiamin T.
j .-I.n. W.D.Barnard, C ' . V ,
Tiafmf an tvill nnfnr a fivnr hv i
, , rostmasterswill I contcra layor, by 1
' monday, -august 5. j
-forwarding io us a eary.a pmu.wu.wui i cannot oei.eve it necessary, na mere
. . ..u.fik'l'l.nrt 'n tu rQr are some considerations which would render the,
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xoanties. . : . , ; - - i - . r ,
: rpe Tear 'Rivtrr-Tlie Hillsborough
BccorJer has a paragraph on the improve
oentof this. River, from which M seems
'Certain that complete success will attend
tie efforts which are making to render 1t
navr'able for boab from Fayettcville, to
Haywood. The locks at Buckhorn Falls,
it which the hands "have been for, some
time employed, are'now completed, and
boats passed through them oh.the 20th of
Jul. 'Mr-. Jonathan Harrals
'wood, lately sent to Fayette v
Julj. Mn Jonathan JHarralson, of Hay-
?ille twenty-1
4U r r..i ,.ie t,vA;
boat in the charge of four hands, three ot
t i s 'j r''u -
. ' . . . , I
mated his. own atthepnccjhe gave lor
Favetteville in waxns,at forty cents per
tundred, the usual price rom tiaywooti
to Favetteville, would have been forty
dollars : thus exhibiting a dear saving of
twenty.ght dollars-independent of the,
f 1 - u. c ' 1 t-.'iA. V 1.
SICK , , 4 . r . .'. H- '.
The hands at worlc on; the River, have
gone down to Smileys Falls", and re-cbrov
luenced the work at that place, which. the
' -The j2dministfation-Some of the Ad- 1
ministration presses finding that the Ad-
tnmistration is rapidly losing ground in
the estimation "and confidence of the na-
bon, are beginning, their iendeaVors ; to
Wilrfl lirh 5 n Vk.ft 'a . 1 wmtntl nnnjl .4 txtia
u -w ii uuiu o.uvi i uuuu , assri uui is, i
respecting its popularityi Vwhat: they so J
percetye to be wanting .1 n poiri t of
fact, z It cannot, we thi nkj have . escap'ed
(h e no ti Qe'bf a n y atten ti vie obse rv e r, ) that
thetAdministratioi. rhas disappointed and
mortified its friends, and we give our read -
I I rs a sample of it in. the annexed- e'ktract
uia wie uosion uuiieunv a xnorougn-gi-in7ack?on
print. : The Editor is remarkt
mg apon a letter, published iu the .United
States Tel egra ph, w hi cK .purports to; have
been wri tt en from Boston, and professes
!. give a true ' account of matters and
ingi in Massachusetts; ' , . 1 -
-irwc.ii ..t:i.I . i-.m
' mtiTiiierfrom that noliticxf darkness in whfe!
has been enveloped, and trill soon tour forth
U Her naiive'splendor. If by this sentence,
I ac coirepoRlentrof : the Telegraph, Vwho, ; it
lit- presumed, w ould pass himself olT for a
j "wnd vf Gen. Jackson, means to asejrt that.the
cf the- Ai-lmTn
I Lh.i .Tter, racTB. obliges us 6 declare that
x '.I i-wi. vi nuionous, anu we an-
profji io every one acquamiea wun trie
I "le)f parties herl th. cnttrlnr. nf.fjMa!n
uct of certajni
?fa who ha? tntvortMly crept into the favor of
pntaenth& inspired the commanity'witli such
v,,, cigu that the 'Jackson party anl
I t lament tfkf nt-r.MvjtV u. liiU i-nmnVlx to civ
Jm 'lumtllcc within, the last wx months' to a
part iVf the policy of; these menand they
l ,.; wpaniieel a regular sv.tenv of olanocuvirng
II DV V ft - ---- . v a WJF V. Wl 4fc I IV-.ll T t II
I to V Mrtttptft, fbiMbis purpose
ia? VkI-,uTe,7lnient entirely in the dark, respect
K'fteir ostandinir in this commuuitr. Eve
iSrTlJual ati-convtrsant with tha present
Z n r l,aies in this cityr knows h o be a
act W rot,S1lt to the- polls ix;months agf),
la- , the number coud how: t)e,muntefed on
7 H'lestion in favor nf the Administration. Ami
V the "l.It se 'tyrtmnicuKtivache,
Vm.- rVeen coniided to their direction
; "Tw Una anon." ..
-tile Followiri w''c4 A A ''A .
V taster General.-Mr: ,
w llhe' victims of the present pro-
;lDV? P0jicyevinces in unequivocal
I5ehjs" opinion n tr iho fs:,r
Hi S1? 'hich have beeh' made.'
vnvte nT"t ' vhora thi8etter was
' has been ejected from rr"'
ryen bales of Cotton; in aboat belonging r- .I,arruon: lo "5 naiwrtai
:JA: tr. of fl.A thi-V xvith wlilrh-Mr.' Montalban, (Warren county,. Mississippi,)
Mebane descended some , two or three ,n Pe Dr- Vs removed. .
-.-ti,.-?nr.l fr. TTarmlshrt nt hia . : At Xenia, (Ohio,) J.1 IL M'PUerson.Eq
' U" ViPr. ifind . thp hnnt nf. trift .nnr.o.'' nf I 2
one hand; and-the whole expense of the the: exustmar hisi assistant, alio wiiig
-'trip- going and-raWnincluding..all' h"'aJ l,;c prints of. the office. v;
l6 . f v. 1,1? R. G.-Foote, Esq. has been reformed"
jhe provisions, was but twelve dollars.. , , 4 t . . . .
r : ". s . out of the nost omce if Malonp. YN. Y.i
lnf.tnissame lotton to t , f r. s . .: 7
approacn 01 inier iatr last season inter- watKins, on iiie,iniiictment.cnarging nvm
rupted. 4 , v v,: . .t , . with hayjngfrauilulenily embezzled. 87)50
' t )) .VVV- " - ' of ."the public funds-. This was the, case
CWV Wdratl place , and conseque i,ce by
aJr nd are'abusingr.witti.': a fifth hand the
notv.iths(r.ntUn liig.r testimony of
fered . by' Judge Til'Lcntr to his capacity
and fidelity; It seems,' that anticipating
. removal c:, account ,of his preference
lor Mr Adams, he wrote to the-Judge.
requesting his opinion as to ,iheexpedi
ericy of his. resigning : ' -'s .;;".
Cincinnati, SOth Jpril 1529-
master General,1 statin?,- frankly, ; what "your
course, en, and ask of Jiirn the- justice," to
inmrm you, -n, any: represemanons snouia oe
andl Have done enousrhl in a-oolitical point of
viw to howTrty 'pinciplesf of action. I would
-tc tQ the Po,lmasterGeneni, inyour behalf,
step injudicious,( unless tit were indispensably
necessary v v . ' , . : r. '
y . '. " ' i ' , JOHN McLAN.
v.. J. R..Tuhhr,' Portsmoutli," O. 5 t'
.f?brm.,,-Col. JainesAy.'Exum, t
be Marshal cd the Western District of Fiori
idaV vice Adam Gordon, removed.
Mr. JohnFily.gerald, late, the' Printer of
ile. Nashville jKepublicfn. has; been ar
P?ntea rostmaster at rensacoia, yjce w.
"m,.,,,i i . .
,lrS been-, removed, and W m :T. Starks,
;. , . . . 9 .
En ; s-appointed1, in- his stead.' The
i.u.f iho mis a tc ! d ftl f Si. ixiitK m
. ,.J- j t... - r . . .
.mil Daid Brewster, reformed into it.
.John Johnson Chief Clerk, of the Coast
wise ana Clearance ueparuneur. in , tne
Boston Custom! House, 'has been removed
by David Hen8haw(-(the Colfectnr; of the
Port) and. Paul Willan
- t " -.1 . t !
ard Clerk. of the-Sen-
Charleslown Mass.
appointed in hiJ'place'J'': . ;
...A hew trial has been gfranted, in th'e
rase'of, the United StatSs against Tobias
in which the Jury-rendered - a verdict a
few days since. I jThe trial on., the, SS50
indictment has, sincej occupied the Court
and the Jury,' and the; Jury afterxemain-
ing out 30 hburdlLwere, diacharKed; beihjj
la A. 4 SX x wx x . Mx frft m.1 'a ' "'Ix x ' m m x a
unauic iu uj;icc. uuun a tciuilu .iiic vase
seems as 'far, as ever from being brought
ton ciose.. ,-t . a .. . .
. v:- -::'yl.5?:::-'.".:Vvi'
, ;A few days ago, a negro belonging s to
I Henry JIowardi Esq. of Wilmington, iwas
acciuenraiiy Kiueu in; a scume witn. ano-
t '.-ix... r - "x r .,!, , !; 4 1 . f, . j-
tner, dy ins oacK coin in or into contact witn
the lejr of m bench.. . . - . ,A ;
- -..-'' - j . .
JLatestJjrorhEngl 'British
slip ;Jeaii-Iasier vatiNew-YbrJci frqm
Greenock, brings :Glasw;;persVtf.;;the'
1 5tli Jun ei i ncl u si ve. They con tain ion
doA advices to the 13th and Paris '-to the
intti Tun a t.
vThc" most important articles; they fur
nish.-, are .two Russian .bulletins-." ;The
first is dated May kl and only; announ
ces the passage?of the : .JDanube at three
different j)oints ;jThe " second is dated
from Ihecnipefore' Si I i '$ t'ia';. (Myl'2d'i) '
detailing the preparations Vwhic'-;are-.;'!ma-'
king to carry op the siege with the u tmost
acViyity.yi.Th :theeii-einy-remain,
quiet," and 'seldom disturb
even .the Russian outposts which are star
tioneu vai onij , ouu ;iuiuoms irom . ine
counterscarp ofttHe place.' The, remain
de'r.of the ;bulletinelates to -the advan
tages gainecJ,oyerihe iTurks 'led'-on by;
'theXOrandiiiier.j;-in person : who left
Sh u en) a v it h the -in tention of .'attacki ng
Prayadiwi th:vI5000 men,' and was rafter
wards .reinforced. withlO,Q0O .more 5: but
he was ultimately deiad: after;' much
hard and fuWous fighting, with. the loss of
2,000 of his troops .and1 was forced to re
tire to Shumla, The Rusians -lost 1000
men.- r- . ,
r -Tror tiling: CaWtf."VVrewerj9t annoy
ed before: the last e I btiion, among bthr
railing:' accusations b
ad m i h i st ra tion,vvitXa"c
occasional 'journeys Vejare; nqtdesK
rou s' to ; im i tate such ypTe6eden
vel ling" is occasional l-asnecafybh
private; bu sin ess Hand 4 for Crel axati on, to
public men as tounofj ciaKcitizc n 3 y'f But
it Isaircady'a jmatter ot the new
ofiicers are asjforiil of being jlocbmo;tive
as any o f j thjeir p red ecessbrsi I h ay e ever.
beVn.yAThe Se ere ta ry ; o f -Sh e.easu ry,T
si he e.jhi s; a p tfo'i n t hient-'i has ripe n t 'rl ea.r"ly;
two rnopths in PeunfylvanivThe Secre
tary of the '.Navy, has -visited North Caro
lina;- The At torneV General avraember
- , ,Dar sir :,i regret to see evidences of a more member, and as w;e suppose to- get' the
g (general change of officers than I supposed could name of the town ;of Adams changed.'
-m h. - - -
are in - be other day the Executive.- not with
Currituck, ministration. ux,;-'-?-r' J - V? P la,n publican simplicity of his pre-
ard ouruuties oave been lauhtuiiyperforme i.ucwr.u.ui jivu ail ine pomp any cere
; land you have not, I. am sure, '.used the" 'facilities I mn'ny attepdtnglthfi . progresses "at. kings
uucrwu,y ot your oince, 10 proauce a pout.cai enect. u f and emperorsveht on a party, of pleas
s. It is thou-ht ff s'inff " suci 5;oumldocnrA?ns,.ir?.yur con: ufe.'Str. - hairtke cabinet in hislri b. to'
. .- . v m ' I "nuance m oincc, private station isiue post or I ' . i, . .. . ' ,
;in favor, of Mr. honor. I hope you will not be molested, it jftfceiyelhe.hora'aM of the . good citizens
election. " - ' Imipht be. welt to address a letter, to the' Post- I r Iorlolk.;. Verily this IS a moYing cab-
... i aavise you, Dy an means, noi io icsign. uc- wouia llKe to suDScnoe ior ttie time: tnat
main at your post and continue faithfully to dis- Assembly, which is so deeply interesting
ity -r, ,.Sr to all, may sit.: To accommodate all
this; city,.
and went juL .;u nil ' u Ge6rrri:u -The
Secretary of State i3 a.bout to, proceed to
Delaware The C.cretaryxfthd ITivy
is. on a trip- nere Dy-water, inline . won-
stellatibn. , I ic tliU, who has peen- re
formed into au Auditorship.and Jwhbas
a-sort or an. appendage .' to; the . cabinet,
went on to WewrtiaraDshire as soon as tl
legislature was about ta.nVeet.'-.arf k Inhl
J inet,5
i TK
three.times a weeK, as .out readers., mil
wish) to h'ar! rapidly fromJVhe Cbaventiori,
knd s their prociedings will probably
occupy -much space-1 It has been suggest
I .i vii F. ' - ?w?II!?.bb ,
ey tothera, that many, persons ;Who are
Pwr to take Newspapers. by the-year;
such; we shall relax our rules, - and':, take
subscribers for the session, at the rate of
the price of. annual subscription, ;If the
Convention are in session two,jraontls the
pricelof the paper for that timeV ;wUl ; be
one dollar--Ihchmond Irhxg. '; ,.v
-x f r-, . - v . . . - - -- - -:
' Arhtntan'i political ' .History A,
berbf work! are now in preparation,
or on
4 the, eve. of nublicition. )':htvinr refe.rencV;tb
the formation." and adrninisirution of, our
g'lvrnmeni.v .Ajr. aiadison tievoies ni
ret.raieiit toa w;rk of this kind.' I This
memoir. will not bV'publishVtf till after his
d p a t fu - M r.. rfferson's ; 4" 0rf
Correspondencey: will ! bep. published
few months in six volumes, ociavb.
Washington' s (Correspondence; Journals,"
&c"; are in he hands of Mr.' Sparks, who is
preparinjj to:publish them.': The papers f
iiiv u c iur u.uuiii3 win. uu uuuji. uvr ci-
en tojthe world by his son, who will also
enrich the literature of his cOtihtcy"with;a
memoir :or his own times. 7 . 4 he Liife and
Correspondence of Arthur Lee is . about to
be' put to. the press in , this city j anil the
memoirs or Maior Woi- Jackson ot Pinla-
delpliia, are written and will be published
alter' his death. Bostm iraU
The Phoenix. Plough-Boy describes ;the
Kfil nmrt nnd d api-Tv imnrpsfiivp f.prpmnnv'
of B.aptiam by immersion of Mr. Henley
Taylor, an adult. . It-took:Yplacealt the
College landing, about a mile from! Wil
liamsburg, orf the 14th instant. "The Rev.
Mr, Empiev Pastpr. of the Williamsburg
Episcopal C hur ch , a n d Presi d e nt o f jWm.
& t.Iary:ColUge, was the, officiating: min
ister.; Ihis.ceremony is s a ye ry u nu sua!
occurrence in the Episcopal Church j anil
not only . drew. a considerable number of
persons to witness the ceremony,' but has
formed the subiect of much , conversation
ana commentary since tne uove.i event
Frit Blacks .tnOhio Ttseems from
certain publications in the Newspapers of
Ohio,!: that the Legislature ot that State,
at its j last session, passed a . law in rela
tion to PtF.R Bi.actcsI one of the provisions
of which ,isi" that every person ofthai des-
cnption, now or wno may nereaiter joe a
resident of the State, v'may be compelled
by. the Tiustees of 4 Townships, to give
bond with security to the amount of 8500,
tnat ne wui.noLDecome'CnargeaDie to tne
p aci sli f ai I i ng to d 6 w hi ch h e is com pel
led to leaye the State: within thirty claysw
This is a severe measure ; and is pecu-
iianyjstj in inio,,as nunerio mepoucy.oi.
that Commonwealth, has been totenqour-
age the settlement of Free Blacks within
its limits, and the emigration -has, accor
dingly been great from all. the Slavehqld
ing. States adjacent: Ihdeedi now t im
pose 'new, conditions of residence, ifter
holding out j tempting-inducements and
authorising very different ; expectations
gives rthe law- of. Ohio, an ex post sfacto
oearing, we nau aimosi saiu a treacuerous
character, which iust-rulers would be! loth
to i n cur th e i m pu tati n x f b ri gi ndti rig, -4
Howeyer, a- law,- with some - such hard
featu res as . abovementioned,, is at this
time about to kbe enforced'5 forthe Su-
premej Courtilofj Ohio having been'appealr
ed to-i that-tribunal has decided inv avor
'of )ts constitutionality arid now;no filter
native1 is left v the" Free" Blacks, bdt r to
comply, with its. provisions, or rehiove
from the. State.' At' the last dates we
have, they were holding meetings to con
sider vhat steps to take, as notices had
tbeen triven them the result we. shall
learn in due time. ret. .limes. .
-The following' portrait is: extra
from an Oration delivered by Judge B
win, at the summit level . of the .Chemun
so -'Canal." on :': the 4th inst. . 'r It h
froinlthe hahd of a master: i.A1 tho
rough and" reckless! party: man v becomes
absorbed in the sole desire - of-oppresing
nis opponents, anu irever a rayoi -piea,
sure crosses his sullen-soulit is "whn fie1
has, succeeded in the infliction -of ;Some
misery upon them. In; his -blind .e.tcess
be-neitherjoves himself, his party, Jor his
cou n f Tj'm ; ' ; He would', y ol u n tarily - i mino
lateHhose attPchments upon the altar of
war, the field of pestilehcei ori the.;ihe
tre ol ramineHe;cah.;de'cree tQ JVris
tides ostracism," Vnds to Socrates the deadt
ly .li .docktto, Adams the block, and to
Jackson texbaltcr, and the'nexi day vear
tne tnanacie or euner,-ii im .3 maua-
cles 'shouli but L3 jnaae oi jowiver."
n 7 (jp.'Jerdonli
holds t!:2 followini'lanr':
. in t.ib Cirirc
MIn all social and civil dutie. and in all the
courtesies .ana an me charities .or jue, tnere
suuuiu ue no uisimciion wnatever. amontj- myse
Avhbear.the differinjr religion s 6r creeds.-: A 11
civilities and all personal kihdaessesi Should be
a ucc is auuuunv uceu nut auu, tas uuruiai
and sincere) tb.those who disnifroro us,: as to
those, whoafrree with us.yAnd. besides the v e-
qtial privilege secured' by: law' to ,:all 'religions,
every Kinu ot aetere nee conceded by society at
large to the, S icred order, smndd be,- rendered
with entire equality, to the accredited ,c1ersv ofj
air.denominatioTw. -r Kot '. to .'allow C the1 rMfhu,
whether of be r
or decorum, to our fel-
low Christian-
iti2ens;would.ambunt to
Th e Al ni i gh ty b est o w s
the evil aa on the good j
one; andT lbves f0nlv: the
a species of
the sun and
though; He 1
rx t lion .
though . Wf. allow and Oppose
the errors of our 'mistaken .brethren," shouhltne
ycf dare ; to regard . them - with lesd ,fa yor thah'j
their and-our Father does eyn. the worst of liis
unworthy children.'- In tHe paruble df-ihe"gd
SAnaritknur'l.ord deikunoed the bigot ry of
refusing kind offices to those who dissent ;rpni
us in religion " but He - deemed it ho bijfotry to
tell the bainaritan.woman, vp'Iaihlyi ye . wbrshlp'
ye knowTnot.what, sahation is of the Jews'
Blessing t StdardLThi' N- York
J 6urnai;of ;Comm erce takes the; fql lo wi ng
n 0 ti c,e : of the; proceed! r gs " at Ch'arlesto n,
S. C, ; on the fourth ult:'"":. V.;:'
- Wj? perceive by the Charleston papers ; that
on the 4th of July . the. novel and sublime" pe
remooy of Itlestmgl a Military Standard, was
performed in, the Roman Catholic. Cathedral in
that city, .by. the Bishop in full pontifical dress,
wearing his mitre and 'carrying bis : crojEier.'? We
had hoped .that such mummery would; be confin
ed to countries less enlightened tlvan this,be
living as we do, that; our horses,- asses stapd-.ardvTtea-keitlics,
&c. are well enough without
being. blessed by the' Priest.-. 1 ; ,
' a k r.ddpeper C. H., fVa. Julv 16. 7.
'Jl ' Shocking 'tfcridentr,-rOnl Saturday
last, ;M rv1 J osephi vJa mes; a hfdy respecta
bl e you tig 1 gen 1 1 emai of Mad isdn , cou nty j
accidentally shot himself::- We learn, - at
1 her time this distressing occurrence: hap-
pe n e u ? ;vi r. a i m e s w a s s la n u i ng p n & . I og
of wood cimversihg; with a gentleman,
w itli l he b u tt;o f h is gu n on t he sa m e -h i s
right hand over the muzzle ofthe, piece,
I andJresting'his head upon his handv .In
this situation tne. log roieii anu in suaing
off, the lock,of the , guji came in contact
wiili the sid!of the loar. which caused ; its
d i sch a rge. a hd t & c on t e it ts e nWring a :
1 1 eb e 1 ii W; t h e-ey e. m ap gl ed his- ForeJi ead i n
the-most shocking manner, and caused, an
almost instantaneous death. This is only
oof of ,the.tuany unfortunate accidents pro
ceeding from car eiessness, which it has been
our unple.isan lot to record. .. Men can
not be too cautious in1 handling : loaded
guns for in life we are inthe midst of
aeatn." : anis is iruiy a uisiressmg acci4
dent ! j A ymng man, idolized by
reots, beloved aud .respected by all who
knew him ofte moment enjoyibgvlhe com
pany sand conversation'' of -a friendthe
next; a melancholy victim to his own : in
discretion i " . y :-' k
. Camden, July: 25.'
Meldncholu Occur rence.ftiei on .the
12th inat. ather, father's reidence,on Bea
"v erdam, in iCrsha w Disfrictv Cy othia, the
daughter. of. Mr. Cewis Hogon, in the'.dd
year of her aire. Her father. had? ot Yrom
a Druggist, otne .cobalt, for the purpose of
oesiroy lujj, nouse nies, some or -wnicn- was
nuxed c;with isugar anU wuterf .and placeq
for those troublesome little insects ?o sip
the child unnoticed, .got to. the plate and
took some of if , whi chv:in a few. hou rs, pu t
a period to her existence.. Every effort to
expel the poisou was unavailing : the' arse
nic was too powerful for oils, milk, &c. & .)
and the lovejy infant was torn from the em
brace df its doating parents, without their ha
ving it; iu their powers to Alleviate, for a
single moment, its indescribable sufferings
. . m y ': ; ; Jfew-VorW, July 52.
Attempted Stnciden Meilou, Esq,
formerly practising attorney at North Yar
mouth, Maineand recentlyCashier'ofthe
Dover Bank, who had taken lodging's at the
Franklin . House; attempted suicide this
morning oy opening tne mam artery oir uie
j-isht side of the neck. The -wound was
made,jivitha; penknife.'and in .a) skilful
manner.- f l)t. Perkins was instantly called
and succeeded in stopping the blood, after
a disch irge or a Done three quarts. Mr, Mel-
Ion was then left in charge of a nurse who
Watched hicri closelvv He declared that
he had ho wish to live, and seizing a fa
vourable opportunity drank off a' vial of ar
quafortis. He has been , removed to the
Hospital with, the: belief that he cannot
live inany hours. b ? Skj -U-
; 'Interesting FacL-S i 1 1 i m a n's J ul y
No. of the Ainerican Journal of Science
tid A'rtsiicontains tVo j letters from Mr.
J oseph E Muse , of Cambridge, M aryl a n d
iwntcn gives an account oi iiie resusciiaimii
of a . vaiuableHound,1 from' drowning by
means of oxygengas- The dog was cold,
stiff, and., to alt; appearance pertrcily deatl,
"when Mrv Musedppnedxa small stopcock
With" a long beak attached to a large blad
der filled ;yfith:.the gas, (that is -tbe pure
part of t.heratiw6sphericvair.) XA soonas
he had thus forced into "the lung a Cupi
ous dese of the gas, liiirtde a con
yul i.e and soliury yeipV tojthe full pitch
of ' '.usual and shriif voice in the. chase.
The. procesj was - repeated till Ithegas,
which Mr. M. happened to have prepared,
was exhausted the dog was uhen .wrap
ped in blankets,' repJaced by the fire, Frtc-
tion ya constantly appueu, ami alter a
grea'Cdeal .of trouble' and 'skilful manage;
menj, thehound ,was fully restored tothi
use of his pbysi'car faculties, in 0. orlO
ays.-. ' ,3. ysS, . 7 ; -: - r- 1 -n suggests therefire "a problem
of an important.. charact'zrii Viz. :how;"far
the inflation of tile luogxi with "osycn,. in':
steatl'of cocdmon: air is calculated to res
Vuucitata' drowned ; persons I.iay. not 'a
sufficient, quantity xf the air be' preserved
iinbsj bottles' with ground stoppers in in-
which he delivered qH tl.2 0t: -'ay last
to the Convention-of tl;3 Peniisytyania
Dioces-VM..vvV'-V'.v'-,v '- "
stftutio5..i;!,.x.'s r.rc f'iii-r.cj
covery cf ih" riroivnrd -.t::J
peritnent kizvj u . - '
- N
) rc--
A t i if , "
Iiv Unwan on th . 1 ut 1
to Miss fiabliel DicLson.
Lr. ba' lei
x In Ire'deircc'mf cn the 14h i:!f. IZr. " V
Mufclocfc, ift the Sptliye-jrcf i a-e.:- T:
gentlemm 1. .5 beeh.'fnarried ") ye;lrr, k
live"d ph the 'plintatiou Vvherc I;'e died f.r :.';c
65yearsx On tlie -7"th"julf. afitr sev :.a:
protracted' illness" Mr: Willi xr.i .
tHevSrith.yearof his agcvso.i cf L:
yard,-Esq'."'of Jredcll county." -
" Tract' D 6 p 0 i to r r ,
tIR ACTS Svon the Amcrici u Tr t
a also from-, the' Union Tract Sc : '
had in'anv:Ouantitv' at the Social v
. ff. m
forwarding orders, with the'Cashr '
1 V4
Kdltors in N '.C." favourable to the cair.s c"
Tracfs will confer a favour by -ivir','the cbov
M..ICW insenions in intiir papers, inose .wr.o
think proper to charge";foV -sa'doing, will ..r i
their, accounts to this oHlc for 4 i.) -jrtions.
Rale ;h 1st August, 1829. .
; ViSIdnasers.' Okie
, 4i- -Clasi 'Njo. 0V
; j : To be t . : i w n"l 5t hi A . t. .
1 Prize ;oF Si 0,000 :i:
.'.j , C C 3
x ' , x
,' 2,500 :
1 .
Besides many other valuablj PrizcsV
Whole tickets S5, Halves S oOj Ou-r-
ters 31 25. . -
Grand Consolidated Lo: :r f ,
. ---:-'-;lass-Nd;i6.;. .
To be:dr:iw;tr29tL Au-u;
1 Prize of S15,000 is
t ye
6,000 , - ,
4,0?0 -' V"
. 500. :-
, G,CC0 .
i xj , C 3 0
1 C xJ iy
Besides 400's, 300'sl SOO'si
Send your brdcrs'fpost paid) to 1 .
L .'-...-i'lucamond;
Richmond; Aug. J, 1829.
MAN AGE RSr r O ST17 JB? .
.'.'?:;:"-:J..'.'YSv;' k''ACGU5T lstV,lCD.
firiJfr.f State liott ; irf;
Disnial Swamp Caual ;C6pxiriy.
To be drawn at Richmond, on' Wednes-ay, lCth,
- . SeptembeM829.. '-"
60 No. Lottery-r-9 Brawn 'Ballots.
1 Prize of giO,00O U SlO,063 ,
. 2,500
- l,t)bo
; 500
c7 106
" , 6p
K" 50
' ; 20
10 f
i " 20;000
; ; i0,0C3
! ' V;ooo
: 6,000
' ,550
-- 15,300
JS7 ',375
x x
Whole Tickeis 5- glaives '& 50, C-rv
v. '--' - ;7 t-, ters 1 25.,':;. . ;' .
Send your orders (post pxid) tri ' '
;V..,-V;!:t1fATES&3i'IITYItE,- ;"
;?.VrU7-,:-.r' ii Richmond. "
S'' i - Just1' Received ; -
. , Saber's Difficulties of Romanism - '
. Scott's Family Oible, in 6 vols. 0vo. . P
. . The llistory and Mystery of . Mt tar-Iiit C
- ' piscopa'cVrf by Alex. M'Cai it. - '
;-A Defence of the Truth .as set fort'.i ii th
- - v History and Mystery of 3iIethodi-t 1 : 7 is-
'i.copacy;j by the same person. -.
' ' : JOS. GALC3 Z: f.C.;, -'
: July 18;" 1829-' -. ".slSS'--', . - : .
".NOTroE-. :v. ;
"to A taken up and committed to t!:2 Jail c?
.? V this county; on theJ 2d cf llirch 1 , -ts ,
nerb man supposedto !bea Slave, wb .11 5
himself SAMUEL WILKINS, and says t;..x. ha
Wig bound an. apprentice to Vrn. IIoeI, cl
iNorfolkv'-Va. and thatTie ranavvay f. 1 t! j rai
ilosely before his term of ap pre: lie:- " 1 1 adc;:
pired, .The said negro has he 1 in i county
.5 or years; and has passed during tl.-t tl - ? 1 j
"a free man ; , he is about 24 yc-rs cf i 5 f. . ' ,
or .5 inches higb, and coal black. The c
of said negro is requested to cor- 3 forward, j -. :
property and pay charges, or h 3 will b z t.
with as the law directs. ; . ' s
.- ".: -- v JAM'Es"pALx:i:n, j; . ...
u Wjndsorfc Bertie county, June 9.
:.:: Price adv. $7, 1 S '' "'
Lands in Lincoln 'Cc
, v f
'-f ' t&UxJx.j .. '
A ;GREBABLY.toth? list jill and , tec:
jTSl of AbraharprJCaharflt, dee'd. the iir !...
ed4 Executors to said will and t: tar..:. c 1
Thursday, the 27th day jof Auus, i.c .t, c.i the
.premises,-will expe-e to pablic sale, several : l- ;
joining tracts- of LAIID, containi;: j -r.c.rly sr:0 .
acres. twv ' . ; ' x ; ,
These tands are lying on the water j cf Ilil'.I- .
.an's Creek, a mile and a hulf 3. U. cf f len; Gra
ham's Furnace,Aadjoinin'j lands of G.ibi. , J lc-
dy, Lowe; and Dinkin, are eql ia quality "
to any land i:i the r. ;rhc !.
Formerly there vvcrj in operation ortthe pre
mises, a 'Jaw and Grist r. ..!!, andCotton-rrachine;
butkrp:c:ent enly th Grist-mill is in opera-tion--
-v-- "'"'' -;? ;'""",
- tThe seat. 13 an excellent "one fcr t,y kind cf
machHxiryY havir.j a' cottsideVabb full and good
water power.. - . ' ; K .f , . - -
Onthe prerrases is a pood App!i. Orchard
and also e. considerable quantity., cf ir.z-Zz r
lahd- .... ' -
Conditicr.i One and two -years crT.t 1 ap?
p'roved secrity wilt be required, an t. till to
pass at the i ;ymjr.t cf the purc'ia-3 ...r.ney. ;
? " 'a. . s. . . t' r - JACt)3 FOI.'ri",
' , .. T . ft' A t T ' 'r' '
i.a -:.... .-"Ai. -t .y..-.- : '.; iJU4k.ii.4' Jk . 1 kd n. , '. -
"S y'- ''-'-- 1 n : -Survivin,; Cx'r2
- Xmcolh county, 'July lCih, 1C29 ' -93" 4w .
: -: V'; V-iilHITIITa ,
Of Various descriptions neatly
'A ' , ' . xt this CZIc e. -
. of the cabinet, paid a yisit to
rv-,v '-'p'

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