North Carolina Newspapers

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. the lite Bit fop.. !,:-pJ J
n nrt '--if t a the Grave but we will uotde-
Here the- '.- .s V- t ? ;:- i
Thou-h sorrow and darknessncompass;lbe
. . ' -t-r..:
The Saviour passed .tnrougn us portais uciurc
' And fhs lamp cfhislove is thy. guide through
. .
Thou art oe ta the Grare we no longer be-
.:r; hold thr-, r: '
. ITor tread the rough paths of the world by thy
; . - side 5 ' : ' .' ' 4 v , :;
' MvBut the -wide arms of mercy are spread to enfold
thee,', x-' -v'-v'-v : Vv.v
, . ,V ' And sinners may hope, since the sinless hath
.. .Thou art gone to the Graven and it3 mansion
:':' : " ' Tbrsakin'v y- ; ;'"'v V;'J ' S'"-
4 TVrehance. thy weafc spirit in doubt lingered
:,r';v'7' lons ? 1 fr1 I"'; '' 'J.
13 ut the s'unshi r.i of Hearen beamed.bright on
-und which tLsi heard?st was" the
Se2pl-iira, song,: ;., f.- .v-'-.
. -.. r - " . i .rr- -4.- - "" .
; Thcu art gone to the Grave bat -'twere tain to
- ' . denlore thee. H ;.; ' .' --L : -
When God was thy ransom, thy giiardian,.thy
lie gave : ej He took thee, and He will restore
And death hath no tmg-since, tne saviour
-' hath died. S;- ' , :
r JOHN HAYWOOD respectfully an.
1 VivJ. 2 incesto the Public, that she is prepared
to accommodate Travelers Gentlemen & their
Timilies-Roarders bv the day. week, jnonthTor
vear--E; .ool children, for any length. time.-
,IIer House is situated la the immediate vicinity
cf the Capitol, the Banks and the several Semi-
; iri of Leamintr. There is a beautiful -and
. ' bi-Llv. cultivated Garden attached to' it ; her
" Koomi are spacious and airy- r She assures 'all
-" those who may honor her - with their patronage
: thaL no exertions.shall Jef wanting on herjpar
V ta render them comfortable. V v :f ' . ' .
: llrs. 'H. lias also a good Stable which shall be.
well supplied with, Provender for. Horsev and a
' careful Ostler to attend them. V. ,-c
." " Prices as moderate an those of any Boarding-)
house in the city. -, ; - 1
Kaleih, May 14."
JVctr?; andlfolrtifor 1830.
; " ; NAVT.CoMMissiONEns' Office.
; -; . ' ' v:f ? : 1 7i June, 829. ; -
C1 E A LED. PronoaTs will be received at ; this
' -. ofiice Until the first of September next; for
J- the stipply ofoOOO bbls. Navy Beef, &2400bbl.yf
sNavy Port, for the use of the united SUtes'Jiuval
S ervice. 1000 bbls-of Beef. & 800 bbls. of Port,
to b delivered at; each of - the IT. SUtes Navy i
Yards, Cnariestown,- Mass. ;Brooiiyn,y iSew
. York, t and Norfolk. ''Virginia ; and the whole
quantity must be delivered at each & every Navy
. Yard by the first of April, 1B30. The whole
quantity of the said Beef 8c Pork most bevof the
; best quality..'";. Tbe Beef must be packed from
'V well fcttted cattle, weighing not less than '480
' pounds in the quarter, or 800 pounds on thfi hoof t
V all the Iega, leg-rounds tlodt cheekt, kintt and
'Xi ' thetneck j each animal, roust lie wholly excluded
v :rom the barrel,' and the remainder of; the car
; ; 'casennust be cut into pieces of ten pounds each
N'vu near as mav be. so that "twenty pieces will
X- make abarrel cf 200 pounds nett weight of Navy-
' j VThe Perk must oe corn-ted. ana weil-fatted 5
all the skull feet, and hind lev entire, .must be
v wholly excluded from the barrel, and the. re-
-, - mainder of the- Hog must be cut. into pieces bf
I . eight pounds, each as hear as be, so that twenty
: ; - nve pieces, not more man uiree oi wnicn snail
shoulders, will make a barrel ot xw pounds nett
weight of Navy Pork. i ..-- X :r j-:'XX" r; :
4. -The whole quantity of the said Beef and Pork,
must be-perfectly salted in the first instance
with and afterwards': packed wjth a sufficient
'quantity of Turk's Island, isle of May, or St.
: . a Uues sail, ana i. oiucr,(vwxusurc its yicscrv-
Vi - u l . a i .
f.f- . tion. wjth five ounces otpure Saltpetre, to each
; ; " aiid eerv barrel. -vThe barrels in which the said
'w :' ,Beef nd Pork is to be packed must b.e made of
; ; - the best seasoned heart of.w bite oaky or. whpte
';'vV'v asH, free from sap,v with one iron hoop on each
f chine : and. other wise fully ' and substantially,
' r ' hooped and each barrel must le branded on its
head v Javy Ueet,' or.' Jxavy roTK,- wiu xne
contractor's name and the year, when packed. ;
XX; All the said Beef and Pork, on delivery at the
resnective Navy Yardsi' must be subjected to the
;1 test and inspection ; , of somewori Inspector of
: tne atate Trunin wnica io Bcucuvere.wno
.ahall be selected by the Commandant of the Na
X vy Yard at , the .place! of delivery, without any
charge to the United States therefor j and when
V - inspected in said manner, the. contractor must
put the barrels in good shipping order,1! or the
IJeef and Pork will not be received. h . :
(f , tt Bidders re requird to state' their prices sep
1 arately for. vhe BeeCsnd for the Pork, and Shey
offer to furnish at more than one Yard, then sep-T
arately for each Yard.;. They are! also,', required
$ -'0 trive.'iucir names, . vucii. i csiucjic, auu mc
- names ana resiaence. or xueir sureiies. minuie-
-V i ;j jy . and must transmit ther bids sealed, and en
' ; iv dorsed OfTer to furnish Navy Beef'. orNavy
. - Pork' for the year 1830." : .'!- U---'
The Commissioners of the Navy are at liberty
tolake the offers' of a bidder for any one YaTd,
r 'or for. the articles deliverable at any. one ?Yard,"
, worJn greater proportions, if such bids' be.tthe
;' r"lowestrf'--.,v.;r:1, ?X-'i ' ' !;' ''XX:?-'i'?:X-'X
Any bid not made In conformity to this adver
X iisement, or not received within the: limited time,
'.wilinot be pened-r;f..;.;-;;,.yV ;.; 3 X'-:
X v The parts of the animal to beexclacled from
v .the barrel will be particularly described indraw
:' ' Ing which will form part of the contracts;
J Person desiring information upon tbe subject
-v with an intentTon to bid',; may'obtain. it by sea
- ! sohable application to the Board. "
t June 19 ; - X ". XXXX' - : ' ' 54 vrtd.'
Mrs6 pie's Works,' complete in 12 vols.
Washington ; Iryiugs V hdo j lo.'
Byron's do do . m one vol. '8vo. embellished
rx .with splendid engravings. -U .w i ' K
; Barns vdo ; do in one !vol..8vo.-i -
.Shakespeare vol,! superbly bound. -
. specutor, in -yois. svo.i ;
'Josephua y do '- do. Xx tr 'X t- 'I
llxn of two Uvet
Two hundred and nine days on the Continent
r-airav tieman's foems elegantly, bou nd. .
' Ewell's Medical Companion, last edit r '
Alio,the 3d'voVof Gales & SeatonV Reiruter
xf Congressional Debates ': X '" ' ',v-
. July ln
, Scrx.itlrr. ya
I tTil n
1 t: 2 r."
t C:ITL1NG cf. every description.
1 1
cf Lc aerleft rt the . Bookstore of J.
Gales a Son, will be immediatelv supplied, and,
if tie red, delivered In the City, there being at
pre cnt a good hand, partly. seasoned.
C?" Tiie Gr'st-Mill is in fine drder ; and
ihthe driest seasonsiH ;f, ' j V; v
; Cleair llags purchased at th Paper-MUl or
Bookstore; : - L :
t V : :KOIl SALE !
IT WIST I td seU the place within mile of IlilfsW
JL borouirh oh which I notKr reside; There iire
205 acros about one half cleared.- ten acres of
Meadow land and therbalancef in' "wood. 4 Tbe
imnrovements are all new. 'and finished .in th
best manner-they co-: V Dwelling House,
containing eight root
passages,1 closts,&.t
and other necessary
vval never failing Sp.
the tract, and a large .
nlaces? besides
rn and Stables,
1 best water on
A - selected fruit
f I will sell tlus the ' nost .liberal
terms either for money on easy. credits or w;"
h;nVe it for Neirroes -'or iWestern l:nd!U
; State of tu:th-Carolina; : ,r
"SuperiorCourt of Law--Spring Term 1829. ,
',.r Jesse Barden'ww Ann Maria'Barden'. . '
; . .. -.c , .petition for Divorce.; v v ' vv
IN this case a subpetna Bnd alias having, been
issued; and the Sheriff of VTavne county
makincr return thereon that the-defendant was
iot to be founds .proclamation was duly made at
the Courthouse door aforesaid by. the Sheritf of
said county, requlringthje said Ann Maria liar
den to appear and answer as she was requite to
do in said subpoena I -and 'she failing to appear; it
was ordered Xy the CouttUhat publication, -for
threes months be ' made in the Raleigh Star, and
theTtaleigh Ilegister," giving notice to the said
defendant, that, unless, she ; appear at the next
Superior Court of law to be held for the county
of Wayne, at the Courthouse in Waynesboroughr
the first Monday afer the fourth Monday of Sep
tember"' riext and thent and there to answer or
demur ; to said petition,' judgment, will be taken
pro confesso and heard ex parte." . "XX . -
. ; sv WASHINGTON, Clk. .
: - Price adv." $5 g5;V.KT--T; -'-X 1 e&J'xj
- f
COTTON-TARN.'!.' T :li
IN order to me etj the ' exigency of the present
times 8c conopetrtiori on a fair ground Also, to
enable Country ' Merchants and. others , to .pur
Chase COTTON YARNS, xu cheap in Virginia
I ot'ie'r parts of,, the. Union I. have .concluded -to
sell mv Cotton Yarns by l tne quantity, ot lou
pounds and : upwards, - in) assortments . of equa)
quantitities fromo.- 5,-to 10 at 21 cents per
pound, with an. advance oi.tnree cents per- JNo.
ub to No. 20. ' It is not necessary, to : say much
about the quality , of these Yams as they are so
generally-well known, and allowed by all-wtio
have used them to. be tupenor, to any tn the Union,
Orders left or forwarded to Mr. W m, Clark, jr;
Petersburg s to Mr. $ Wm., Wallace, . Mr John
Wyse and Mr. Wm. Clark, t of Richmond, or -to
myself at the Factory, will be promptly attend
ed to and forwarded.: j .v . ' f'
; l am also, prepared; to ifurnish Cotton Yarns
dyed of any color, suitable for . striping .Checks
or Ginghams, at prices to suit the times. ... Good
white seed Cotton will be taken in exchange for
Cotton Yarns, or Ginned for the customary toll,
or will be purchased at the Factory and the high
est price given.V I have j a Wool Carding Ma
chine in opeiation at the Factory with a new sett
of Cards all complete, which I warrant . to. card
Wool Rolls in a manner superior to any other in
this country. , .Price for . carding ten cents a
pound, or 12 cents, if I find the grease.-. The
arrangement is so made with this machine that
a.- L' i r r 11 . '
wool can ue sarueu in wrinicr s wen as in sum
i' "X- y i Powhatan Option Factory,
Addressi.oseph Heywoodi Sublet's Tavern,
Powhatan. ...XX' . ; '
'Price of ffeyieoci. Cotton Tarn from d$ date, i
X. J By wholesale of 150 lbs. and upwards, - ,
No. 5 to 1U ; equal quantity. 21 cents.
No. 11
"t :
33 '
x.. is
By the Bundles
. No. 5 to 10.
i 23 cents.
-,32 '
- 41
o 50
k -12. ,
' irs
U 18.
July 20.'
92 4t.
v and Newbcfn Stages:
TOHK PKOPRIETOH of the above TJne. havl
TJL iritr.. lately procured new and cnmmni;mi
Stages, and added several first rae Horses, with
steady and accomodating iDrivfers, .and having
also obtained the best stands forthe comfort and
v.uu.viiih,i, w f uwiicnri uopesiooe enaDiea
to' give entire satisfaction to those who may fa
vor, him with their patronage. ' ' -?
The rates, bf Stage. Fare ares uial-i-viz ?
from Haleigh to Newbern and from Newberh to
Raleigh, seven dollars; and for any les distance
six cents per mile. Passengers travelling thro.,
wilf please pay their stage fare at my 'house, fur
miks from Raleigh ? ; Way P:seriif ere ( U h , iy
not pass my bousf.) wil 1 set tie with the D i X
in advance. ApVhcatioiis fbr seats may he n
. i ...
at 10 in the morning. Believing the "present to
be prefeiTibletb any previous arrangement and
tlm it will,: better than arty other that can -be
adopted, contribute to the convenience of trav
ellers, the Proprietor will usehis endeavors tb
give it permHiiency, 1 preserving; the Line . in
i present improved condition.
; Appucauon iDauu ujr icuer 10 111c u.u
seribefat Hillsborough. I, ;SKp
; -...a:., ;,v'V.,;.-.., --4,i.V..5Ai)EnSON.:"
- . -! , 4 V - - 4- 4 If. ' III." - . . . . " . - -I .. 1- i- V .
Usleig!i,4nd at Mr. Joseph IleiPs, r to mv'sta'ge
Driver iit Newbern This'Litie of Stages leave,
Raleigh everyfTuesdayat 10'A. il. aud Fridays
--r i.,aiuirrivts m Newbern onThutslavs
and Sundays, at2 p: M. 'X- Leaves Newbern every
U'ednesduy und Saturday, at 3 AVM. and vrriy'es
in -Raleigh the folio winir Fridavs. and
TTTrAVEllatelv received a laree and extensive
iOl assortment of iJn nd Ji dipine?, cpnsist-
Denarcoti2eii do.llefined Camphor, Cantharides,
Castor Oil, yitr, iEthenllatarium, Extracts? o
various kind; Solidified. Copaiva, Oil of r Black
.Pep'Rer; Iodine, koridoh Blue Pill, BlacH PJe f
Mercury,! Uitratca Kan ..--lormaKing ewrai.ijii-
ture,.Comp. Kxtr. Satsapaniia,;ilyar, r-pxass,
Brushes, very low. A" large .supply: ot .Paints &
Brushes of evrv description; Spt. Turpentine,
Unseed, Lamp and Tanners -Oil, Gold and jSil-
rf Hondl and Leather Varntsli. superor
niValitv: Wmdow-Glass, S X 1010 X 12, 12 H
16 and lb X 18. and Putty. 'u-:-X, 4"v
VTheir iassorlraeht 'comonses every article in
the- Apothecary's 1me $ the pn
which havinjf lately been selectetl
in Philadelnhia and New-York' with cash, they
are enabled to. sell to cash dealers or. punctual
customers oh much better terms than 'everi be
fore' ofFeredl in t this ? market. U Physicians (and
'Merchants will find it to their interest to call and
examine before purchasing elsewhere'.
RaleighMune 3, 1829;; XXr X, 80
Pij the Governor xof North-Carolina
Two Hundred Dollars Reward:
"CTTTHEREAS it haa been made known to me,
;.f r."- that a Murder has been committed in the
Town of Oxfordin the County of Gran vil lei and
State of iNorth-Carolina. on the. 4th day ofiNo-
vember last, and that a certain THOMAS MIT-J'.
(JiityLiU, jate ot tne uoupty ana state aioresaiu,
tands charged by the finding of a Grand Jjury ,
on a bill of Indictment, with having . perpe
trated the same on the body"; of "a certain Shel-
ton Hobgood, ,of said - County : And as
further!; represented and niade knowiv to
W1 A
that the said THOMAS - MITCHELL hath
sconded and fled) from the jurisdiction and lim
its of this Stated and thereby eluded" the arm of
Now therefore, to the end that the said THO
XIAS- MITCHELL may be apnreh"eoded and
brouRhtto justice, the above reward of, TWO
II UNI) RED DOLLARS will be eiven to any:
Person" or persons who 'will apprehend and con
fine the sWtThomas.Mitchell in any Jail ih this
State so .that:, he may -be" brought to justice.
And l!do,' moreover, hereby require,, command
and enjoin," all officers whatsoever,"' as well civil
as military; within this State, ;,tb . use. their,1, best
endeavors so" apprehend andtakeor ca(se to
be annrehended and .taken, the body of the said
Thomas Mitchell, and-him safely and - securely;
keep, so that he shall be brought to justice.
. THOMAS MITCHELL is .about 19 years of
look, little freck-
age, oi jsienaer j form, uown iook, . a iittie trecK
led, round shoulders and hasel eyes .was lately
seen byj a gentleman pf Granville County at New
Orleans,, where probably he now is.
have caused the Great Seal of the
3 k -w State to be thereunto am xed and
sup. Cro auuz, iHruAuui , uijyum aioresaiu, at uie iouri-iioasc. 111 ivicijiiiyi. 1 w iuc auun
bic, Calci Rlagnesia, Yellow. Bark; Calomel JJa. j 34, Monday in August next,; then and there re- his Hack, Gigsnd II
lap; KhUbatbC; Tartar, Sugar:d,-bpt,jXNuiteVyand plead toissue or ijudgmenrcfinal will t theHaclriiGig. vitb
ynrit.A . ttnl cr tinf htm. : anrt the 'nmnertv I and lforkei withmita
ny, Salpli. Copper, Iaquo'rice Paste, fee? U g I levied on condemned subject to the: Plaintiffs' alone $Ha day a?Gig
A' fireneral assortment;-of Patent;: Medicines, Teciovery. 'Witness, Beniaroin S". Kiner, Clerk IUleib, April 2. v
Furniture; iSurgeonsV Instriiments,-,uye: of said Court, lit bffice n ? Raleigh the 3d Axon-1 13.
rl- Hatters'. Trimmirtcrs ana. Materials, sucn flavin llav. 1890. , :mfr..r i t; t I ? xnecieci
Aqua) Portis QuidkMlyerivIgwoocU .Iow vu-
r t.t . ti . .1. . 1 k.i tti t:.ifc iq Ar t i i n ' j 1 ' . . '. ' -
ubscHbca the same, officially,' t the fectionary Store: Apply." to'
!m i "City of Raleigh, on th 20th day of i r 1
;XlX Xkk
By the Governor, '
Johit B . Muss, P.' Secfy.
NewrYork Consolidated No. 9.
To be drawn 5th August 1829.
Prize of 38,000 V is ; g8,0Q0
- 2,000
t r 500:
Besides man v other valuable prizes R3000
of; the g4000 priz payae in Albany
lands'. -X:T .''XXkkX kkAkikXtX
Whblfe Tickets g5Halves S2 50, Guar-
v H. ters 8U,25i;-;f;
Send your orders to k : " t
Ulnce tteaa.aartersf-..i. ...f
ate ot North-Carolina
Wake Countv. :X. - ,.
Qurt of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
May ,TermA.-D-I829J:J;t
v 1 rf ': Original A ttaclimentlevied
William Peck, ; I f . f to . . w - . r
' ttX X
Y ther ;,-articles ; f J togeth er j w it h
J divert persons summoned, as
Garnishees: XtXX, ;d XXXk
XT appearing to the satisfaction' of ; the Court,
r that the Defendant,- Daniel Peck is not an ih-
habitarit of this State Itjs; ordered,' that publi
cation be . made in the. Raleigh Register for six
weeks,) giving notice to the said VDariiell Peck,
that lid appear at the'Cdurt of Pleas and Quarter
Sessiorts, .to be held for theCounty, and 'State
aforesaid, f at th e C ourt-hou se i o Ttalei gh,r on the
3d" Monday in August next, . Jthen and tlere re
plevy ind plead to issue' or-judgment fipal will
be rendered up against him, knd; the property
levied joh condeni.ied,; subject to ZPlaiiitiff s re
covery' Witness, Benjamin , S.' King,' Clerk of
said Court, at office in Raleigh the 3d Monday
Stated N6rth-Car6Um;
i: XkkXm i Wake-County: X
'tl Court of. Pleas and, Quarter SessWns
XX:X-;' my Term- A: T.?1829.':T--
, l v'gnai . Atxacnment levied
jno.Buffaiow -ry ""rr , 1i,;lflc
v oi- uaieign, ana sunary otner
fatticles ? itogether with divers
persons summoned v as Garni
shees ' V c::-' h''f "v -;; a5
.-. . ..
IT! appearing to the sitisfaction of-the Court,
:j that the Defefendant Daniel Peck is not ah
inhabitant of this Stats : 'It s jprdered, that pub
lication be mad" in the. Raleigh Register for six
;weeks, giving uwtice fd "the saidiDaniel Peck
that h? appear at the Court cf Pleas and Quarter
Sersiohsi to be held for.the COuiity. andlState a
foresaid; at the Court house in Raleigh; on the
3d Monday in August next, then and there re
plevy and plead to issue, orjudnent final will
be rendered ;up against him, and, the ' pr -rty
levied on condemned subject to the pA. 3
recovery.. .Witness,, Benjamui S. King, ClerL
ot said Court, at office in Raleigh; the 3d T '-a-djv
in Mar. 120 ' v,
' -r
SlaU of North-Caroline
Wake Ci.anty.''.
Court cf Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
ilay Term, A. D. 1829.
Onnnal Attacii
.4 jevi a on 1 nouse u
it.-- .
Joseph Gales t Son,
in the City of Ralei
vsundry other articles
Daniel Jfeck.
' "...
gether with; 01 vera per
sons summoned a Gar
nishees. '::-itei-!4-:-'
.,1 Tjy.
IT appearing to the satisfaction V of; the Court, j ; - His Stables are good and will be v
that the Defendnnt DanielPecfc ; is notTait supplied With plenty of proveml on,t'Mlv
inhaBitant of this State t'.Itls'orderd.'thrt Y kH
vieks,;giving notice ti,thesaV3 : DanielPkpjorsUl b& a :doTlar a: day or eiU , 1
tliat he Appear at tlie, uourt pt fleas ana Hisr 1 uionm for a single pe.son. : ' ; urs a
ter Sessions, to be held lor the County and SUte hv ?HeJias a HACK, three n GI(;s and.tinn
Stale of; J6rlh'Carplinar
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
Attachment levied
s every article in r Ve,c i V" "MJ"v J , t"' i X - ; ?r; - -nrihcinaKDariof
1-?w,sec t of r Raleigh, arid sundry Tot her -1- " V
KvemseWes ll'f0'
i oh a House ; and Lot irf tlie City
-V; --' T, r .; VJT!;''; it to those ' who- are-afflicted with th .
. ffT appearing to theatisfaction of, the Courts disases whicirit is de4iP,t t ..i -?sl
-XthatitheDeftn is not an collfi(lehce that it will bfbund efficaciLW fujl
I inhabitant of this State ; ittit ordered, that puK ticiilarlv if taken iiTthe ihcitient ktJj0.
lication bemade in the Kaleign, Registertor six ev:WXXwXXX I k I i , 6 X xtlt
weeksi civing notice to tlie said - uaniei f ecic, pnr two Vears ns:t; thi iu;L l
that he appear atthe Court f Pleas aud,Quar- C;-n ;hft r,f iu;aM,t., M- bc
ter Sessions! to be held fbrthe County and State f Lf.TUU tU mALt i,rtK . K.en. 48
aioresaia, at tne v.uurv-uuu3c in imiciki, i nfFcl to the affl iMrA r.m 1
3d Monday in August nest, eiv th
blew andplead to issue, or judgment bnal wm j r0nvirtinh. that 'eitli
, be' rendered up against him,v knd the property 1 . hannv VesultZAmonp. it. tte
State, of North-Carolina
i '.,::.: 'May Ternv AV'. D.::1829.f ff i
Original Attache,
levied on ft House 5c
Wm. Beck," as
Auent, &c-1 Lot in the city of Ra-
i;leigh,sesundry other
Daniel Peck.
articles iv tojrether
with divers persons
I summ'tvd as Gam's.
T appearing . to the satisfaction of the . Court,
that the Defendant, Daniel feck" is
inhabitant of this State .It is ordered, . thut pub
lication be made iU the Raleigh Register for six
weeks, giving notice to the said Daniel 'Peck,
that he appear at the Court f Pleas and Quar
ter . Sessions,' to. be lield for te: County and
State aforesaid, at ' the Court-house in llaleigh,
on ' the ( 3d -; Monday : in "August ; next, Hhen and
there replevy and plead to issue, or judgment
final will -. be rendered . up agaifist him, and. the
property levied on .condemned, subject i to the
Plaintiffs recoverv. . Witness. Beni'n. S. Kine.
-glerk of said CourV at office in J?aleigb, the 3d
t ' BENJ S. KING, Clerk.
THAT Valuable stand on Fayetteville Street,
recently occupied as a Grocery, by "Allen
Sims, and tormeny oy jonn j? . uoneae, as a jou-
-Raleigh 20th May.
T7I ASY METHOD for acquiring a knowledge of
I the French Language, ""adapted to Schools
and Self-Tuitions ' . ' V, k' X-,X:XXXX.Xk--The
following.Works, by A. Bo! mar, Professor
of the French' Language in the High , School of
Philadelphia, are to be had at the Bookstore of
j. gales sc oN.. x:.MyXxm.x:xxxxk
1st. A Collection'of one' hundred of Perrin's
Fables, : aecompaitied by; a Key, containing the
text ; a literal and free translation, arranged
in such a manner as to point out the difference
between the French and the : English r idioms;
Also, a figured pronunciation ot the French,
according to the best French works extant op
the subject. ;, The whole preceded by a Trea
tise on the sounds of the French ; language, as
compared with those, of the English ; after. which
is a .Syllabairei or ctdlectibn of ;;French' .words,
with the English;. froih one to eight syllables
Price $1.
' 2Les Aentures de Telemaque par Fenelon,
accompanied, by a Key to the first eight 1ooks ;
containing li:e thev FKbles the text a l literal
and free translation ; intended as a Sequel to the,
rumen, . , , jii-ciL-.??'
f.JVayne County. .y
ti .May Sessions, 1829. r : r h ;. , , .
Benjamin Howell, Jr. jEx'or"1 .. '
. of Benjamin lio welh : ' j ' k k
" w.'' -1 Vwiirorno WiU'
Arthur Barden and wife and J. - y- X'
others.- I .. : - - . J 4 -1 .'
JN this case it. having een made appear to the
Court, thrit Lev4s PoweRand Nahcy his wife,
Robert Peacock "and Wealthv,his w
min W,Raifbr-andiNeedham Raifbrd, Heir's of
Philip Raiford and Sarah his wife defendants in
this cause, ? live beyond the: limits of theState
so that ordinaryprocess of law cannot be served
On them it is therefore ordered ! by ther Court
"that ad vertisement - be; made in the. Raleigh Re
gister for six jWeeks iiotifying said' defendants
that a paper ?!wrjtingA riurpbrting Hti 'etthe las
will and testaoient.of Benjamin ' Howell, dee'd
hast been exhibited ;. for probate at this term.; to
which a caveat has been filed by defendants," and
an issue made up la try the "same according to
law; Witness, PhiliprHboks Clerk of bur said
Court; it efface, the 3d Monday of May; Ai D.
1829. . - 1MIOOKS, Cllcl!
v - . Wayne County.
k ) yX May; Sessions, 1829.-
Bntton Hood," AdmTk. oi
Adm oi" , - . : ft . : ' -:
1, decV.. ; 1 , c . r s 1 i X
:k . . .V Covenant. k . V
on, AdriVrVI ' ' , I. xv :
;sj dee'd. ' J ' X V , . ' : r ;. t
. t
Sarah Bass,
Pearce Brogdon.
,01 Jonn as
B tnis case, . u navmg been matie to appear ti
the Court that,Uriah, -.-Maryi' 'Elizabeth, jSa
rahAnne; Keziah and Richard Bass HehVat
Law ot J no. Bass, decy defendants; in ibis cause,
live: beyond "theimltsf'the State, .3 that the
ior six ;weeKs, ior tfie cie t Jants to appear at
, the Courthouse in Waynesburo on the 3d Mon
days of. August next, theh andithere to shew
;cause why the lauds Tdc -cending to said' heirs
aforesaid , J shall- not- be- liable to the plaintiff's
recoverv. WitnessPIulin IIooi-. Clerk of our
i-ud Court at ofiice the 3d 1
A D. C129.
l llGw.;S, Clk.
.ordinary process of lawcaniiot be served on
them, it U t' erefore ordered by the Com tthat
advertisement be: made Li tlie Raleigh Tesister.
Public Sritertaiiicient.
fully informs the Public th l? Cct
..'purchased the Puhlip i,' :nat W
-.rt-K - Rr n ly occupied by Wm w J0rcs
ceive Travellers and bthe
rs anH lr-
1 Li
most exertioiis to accommodate' thm 418
esi nonce. II .-a
a d,v
e Rnv Si n - j ' tm.
a.QJV . ' n tf
PersHs hiring
gfrom me. : will t.-
to . re pair anv
Pjury doric to ,: ,c
leir possession,.
ill- J. it.
.y- .7, a- y a wuu
v vAi) nicsuitivc
, virt
tended withthe most
congestions ot the lungs by giVtng force to the
languui circuiaiiun. k it assuages COUglis. It pro.
motes free i4 bland expectoratioii. Itremovei
pain from : the'ehest; 1 1 , relieves astbriiatic nnd
difficult ' respirat'mn. It corrects obstikte ki.
tiveness, ami thus leaves the bowels ina ttsh
and healthy state: Thus, it is found: thifth
, painful symptoms hich; indicate diseased la
readily yield to this powerful remedy, when sea.
sonapiy .resorteu to, ana mat it restores the pi.
tient to that bodily vigour,- which that cruel
Vfis6rderN: ebnsuMptibn,i if left to its natural
operation' would Very speedily destroy.
4 Certificates respecting the virtue of jth?s Medi
cine Wilt accompany each bottle; Price6f the,
Syrupj f 2 50per bottle; or $24 a dozen. '6ffi5
Powder $1 per bottle, or $9 a dozen. -'mXXMfk.t
? ;FayettevilleV' Pel.; 1829r.;.-j kkt -X -53- ;
l:f(3b-ni:'Melicine,.Way', had at the Stareof
JV GALES.& SONRaleigh.
WTltLfAIS &HAYjvOODihave jast receiT,
-ww- ed a handsome assortment of French Per
fumery and other Fancy 'Articles which caq be
sold unusually low for cash. : - - , '
cologne w ater . . . ,..
Lavender k do . -:i .U ' , " ' s -X
JJears Oil,:lrf l4 ' X; ,A
Macassor do ' '. ' - X
.Cosmetic Wash' Balls -p '
'Emollient S bap , for shaving-
'4 .
. nose ;,,;o;?;, ... 1 v v-:;' ; - r ;f
Cinnamon do ":1 ; kk " ': . k
A variety of other Fancy Soaps, k
; Also genuine Windsor Soap in the original
package as imported. Xi; - v . ; June 1.
Wauken CotrifTY North- Cauoiha.
xX-Xkkmm-'X 'XkrXk-:k
KTkN the first day of June next, the houses (
Jr Shocco SpriiTsrsV fitae-: miles South ' of War-
rentbn and , three miles: from tfie Northern n!
Southern main Stage Jtoads; will be; opened for
,the reception of Visitors, The1 great advantage!
of this: watering place in most cases of. disease
abd debility; lia ve: been so often tested by tin
1 who have attended it, that to such, it is only n
cessary to say,v that all t he buildings lire h ex
cellent repair and condition f fhe accoramodi
tions,; in every respect shall be such as my fecit
effbrtis can eflect, for comfirt i and convenience
to all wh6 may c visit .the place. To those .vU
have not visited Shocco, it may be'ne.cesssaryU
say, that the buildings are sufliciently numerous
and conveniently arranged; for the accpra!ti,M
tton at
preter it. and tne p
spacious to"reyeive;ll who nay desire compaiiY,
and. where music and'djihcjng can be enjoyed b;
sucn as ciengni 111 it. ? V . 1 ,. v,
v An arrangement will be : . made to have J-r
-worship performed at. the, Spring on tlie Saiibata
day,, where such Visitors ; as may ; choose, can
tpnd rtrfswhinp witlumf inhnnveiilenCtf. ' -
In addition to the va
of 1 X lie S hocco ? Waters,
uuwiv .
it is located m a n io-
healthy part of . the' county surrounded by a r
lished society, where the invalid can be rts "
,lo health, 111 an agreeable circle
iMy terms fori board,
&c. will be the same
lastyertri: yizl; per ilay for 'each grown g
k Chi
.; y-w- , . T- 7-. ,
son i nr tnon n. or xo per wt
dren and "Servants half
per mopth, or ISO ce uts
price, t
For horses, H
per day. , . .
V May 28; 1829
lnOTrs HI'ATlONAJlV. !
miitE GALLAHKll & WHITE, J0 Ji
SiWSt(Miiovfcr Square,),o
vvuuur Mi.ivuaMV'i .....--.
r ... ... . iv , T . I ? .
. 1 si Ar a-vi3 r. 41 & 1 im:v Auii
M very low prices. , T
farge assortment of MMum,kDsntya u,.t
,tw. . 1A.
ter' Paper, 'which they
turers prices. -:':-
Will At
1 1
ell at tue
Ne iv. Vork , J illy, 4 829.
Tlie Ne-York Mirror.
1 n (V2
cxecuted 1V the best artists.! uie f--'i;
this Medicine, after r..
nes. ' which h 1'
t 1 1
a larqre -assemblaire: me private
s will afford ample retirement to tlise w
ibitc Halls are aouuu"v;
rijint. p4r;to;rf tHiie
iL- ing arrangement to s e the f New 1 -
which commenced on the
c'ay r in a splendid n?nen .1 fcf
with accompniiiments . far the, --pianu-. .
the'xnost :aki!ful.camposers i the ' We al;ty
beautiful, and the paper of a ?eri0jXv.c
In every department the seventh ,10.
excel those theretofore publiabeoV
'are pur diUzrs perntjm, W? '
- fj.-Subscriptions received the .
the 7!c !-ter. . t'.v1:".v- V- .- JfiJ
T..ellirrcr ' FJ -
WUlIaMtreet, Newark. A11cg ,
xtnt by isill tnuit bp post-pn
. 'iiX i X: s" ' -
XXkk:-,:-:;kr-cX--Xk y-k'XX'XX
' ' i,- i ; ' - ' "V-.-'i ... .. - :tA -1 A- .',.v
. t. - , :
h3 s .

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