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Niw EwotAKD Pumar BuuiareV 0tf
LORDS, Afcrri 16. Set Np. j6. J
O K U dinawicn in epi ooierved,
that the Factt which the Evidence
Julbeta celled to pro?? were fimpijr
theflr. fits fri T&s$at
were bred emy Year by .ttc bfitiUi
Newloundlaud Filhery ; that confe-
que tly in ten Year,, rwVry Twi
rW Seamen we re addrd to the maritime Strength
ot UMt country mat trm wat an urjcci 01 van
Coafc (Ju?ncc , anJ if ; the Ncw-England Filhery
crodcccd hardly atv e.?n;cn, it war too much to
sacrifice the marrrne Sm'npth .of England to a
People, who had tun mitred every Ou trar again It
ith Sovereign Aui ho; iu ot thu tru;:iTryiri.:i: ik
The noble LquL1 ui. ri , I,: it w:j illiberal to
Cat.l at the Kvid n r ; M- I was t Merchant j
with which Sir Huh VA6 wai intimately ac ad. of thrift ul..nnv inJ-.i: T M
of cucadenlu C i.'mw ic: 4 .,1,4 rtat -
VUh Jljrrrd the Imr.radiUpiliry tfpniuerI
Inj'Lir.:.! a, the stable Loul who ipke laU could
not te U 1 ut w!ien he qu. liioncd the; poWer of
Great'Iiriuin in jhiy.K l 1 H i lo Lr hcra the In,
Irr iotity of Number? Icing an (JblhuClion to the
Suctf. uf the hi Sh Tio;w the contrary wat
the seal Fait; 1 fcnutity of . Nuiubcri, however
paradoxal it nii;;t.t feem, would accrlmu bucccfa
there wa a proJi;ioji DiiKrcncc between difci
p!ia.d Troopi and ' .V muiti'i.dinouv Rabble j if
Via? (eft (hmiid be pu.l;! to Fxttcmity', the noble
I'trd for hit Part wowU with jy lu3rMTltu
'mrrieaaT 'iKf oid fake ihc Field, n I fdWcnce
-jatwmj 'riv i iheRealon wartliiiTTroiipi
-; raullhe iuba iuaf, thf (rratcr Number of Troopi
thtrefure, the rfia'cr will be the DiJKcuI-y cf pro
ca iitghubiittriue, and'ennfequcntly the-Country.
lfopU will fjfi'er ri cuter Dhtrctfei, whi.h will fmn
Ifil ttfra to fevk. that I rotcaion Irum a trgal (16
Frununt which tticy feel to experience trofi A
irthy and civil Iht' ord ; thui the Amerlnui
wdUM uuqatr thtmfelvei by eating up their LSun-
Bt wai tkii not likely ro be the CzU, the noble ,
ltd Lai to Son if Opinion of the Bravery of the
ilcericay 1 he thought them mere Olultereri, who
frit boli only in ro;tion ai Danret vvai it a
l)ilirin4 mhta u arptoorhed uuul'J Uy-Uuwa-
isru mcri. ir fcncm.uicM. ana run .i
th Sigt cf LotiiiKurrh t Far:y of thcL lrt A-
ctriaai wtrt empl oyed, they talked ol the woo?
4ttn9 Peati they jjld perform, aud tompand
zclrz to Jtmav bat todioj the Place likely
la rztmt Elsace, ihele fuaeu very coora reoafly
rra try. U4 tbaa they woiu4 co ca ever
caatrrm Danm at tfJach:J. V.tea at a
taact they would bU.U, rcfutvr, wn'x, jtu cil,
. With ntlpa 10 Tsdt.9t the leatue.1. Lord vh i
fpckt lii hai ca.;!Vi,at thj Perton whn thvMiht
" levels no a yranTiy. iofa danaun luuieu
eJtltxh it nwTtanay 1 lur it it wai Ty.
taasr tl3 wctt the raoft tjraar.itel uvcr cf
aay i'ecU caau lUarco, fr they , weic the muA
tndyuiri.M .
Lcrllclbsrfte lomSated ttt bill that : , If it wai
nrlat aiaCill wrrU'e thr i-wiei;, jMltimrnti.
ty Ai4 wai totally unficirn tic ri;ial ten
aatrvedtothr .;!(? )reprt!iirai weic uite
. t t if the htU a t ate at at a voiuir.ifwi.
aJ ItejcUtha, It lrrin titheTi rp t; to tk
el tie Adrian-- fa; mJ accivf to the EritiOi
tcwfmiaad irr. U Keaever the Rry tlaMuni
cf ihiacf at; c.hvr Cnnih cf-CatomcriC Ihould
czzJbzLtt that Ihiif, thete Wat no Doubt bat
flat Atmtisa oJd be ptd which the Miitudc
cf tit Qe3 re -j 4 'red 1 bat tSc oitte recol
ki a Vnur, who romparrd the Maiei
. t&4 Urtsmat ol Uninmc to the .4ui:ipHcity
cf t!as3 loptnepuble fiiri with which the Body
cf Men tbesairi. The cin uitowt Ccuria ol Trade
il was izjzZlU tdtraa throih the frvcral Chaa.
trlr, it tlzizi U kra of the haoan IntflUcI, at
ill tzst Fitmcf the Code cerea ed the EiploratU
. cz d d bria f ight 1 it retjttirtd therefore the
ucsm$ Acatio to obuia even a feperia
ej CtraUi c I ike car, the ocA tfilict at lafpee
ix o ba tJeubly coareifant in the aer. ...
VT Btfpt C to the f p pof4 A 4 an 1 1 1 f , 4e.
tint! 6t3 the BrttiQl F.lUrr the n-W Lor4
tru tct tuUaaHe to atritl ttt tho6 Ad f
O liJ uaUuti u a Biuch of
quainted, though it would have been highly!-indelicate
to have preited, him on tEa Subjccl. . :
1 he noble ilail paid the hi heft Cmpilmenti to
Uiwh Pttfifer, both at w Cowi marker an
moll (kilful Nf(Kiiir ) in the latter Capacity the
noble l arl had tried him, during the Time he had
the I ionour to bear a Fart in the AdminilUatiun of
,thii Lou n try." Sir Hugh had foiled the Guerchy in
fo many Poiuti, that the Frenchman had UcfaibcU
him to be l1 iur evtum eii LJ Chdthm."
The noble Earl capreifed hit furprize that fo
modi Atteitttou ihould now be, paid to t'uc New-,
fundUnd Fimery. AVui if 1 i eater Obicd than
that Bill the Territories of Newfoundland were io-
Abrd,lytt luthIniViuccuK
'itVe aiV Ohjraion-to thAt Bili.7 That the New-
. f 'undland Filhery meiited the Attention of Covrrii
mtn Lvai certain , lor lit wai an Object on which -the'Counctli
in King Wijliim's Time emploje'l
their Attention ; and even fo early at Charlei the
-bviimdrihe-Meafute of that Prince wcrt exc; rated,
bcuufe they weiv Iraught with fjch pcrricioui To.
Iky, a to permit the Fremlf to Cprc iu the New
foundland Fifticry. , The Heiju)atiOn, therefore,
of thit Filhery being in the Admiralty IDepartiocnt,
the pre ft n t A ct raa' iupcr li uout 1 bur if it was de
fipned to coerce the Americans Tinie would df
covtr wheilicr the 'Fide of Popularity ran agiiult
the Favourtrt or Oppofcxi of' that, and othci AcU
of a 11 mi ur, Complexion."
Lotd Suffolk, in Favour of the Billifaid, it wai
not meant entirely to deprive the New.oglanderi
of their Fiflieiy ; for the Faith of Parliament would
be pledged to reftort the Fifhery the Infant it
fhould appear tKat the Ameritam loA returned to
heir Ootdienee. " 4
Lord Radnor dedarcH he never yet had been able
to if.akc up hit Mind otf the Aftiirr of Amrriri, to give hit oic oh either Sid of the QiieAii-"
on j, but what had fell from the I aft noble Lord had
determined him to jive hi Voice eiiJl the Bill.
For if the Newfoundland Fidicry wa a moft valua
ble Btanch of Commerce to tbn Nation, he could
not be perfuaded to pledge hit Faith at a Lord of
I'arliamrntrfor the Surrcudcrot"tharTfid"to lhe
The Duke of Grafton, in reply to what fell from
LjrdCamden,lfaid,itcould not be expected that
L-rd Chatham V conciliatory Bill mould pafi the
IfouU, ai it fliu.k at. lha Repeal of no left thin
t AcU of Parliament foot ti which were Money
LiAnxQticM avoc4 hit ft If ihe-frqa
out Friend ol Ahuiic, Imwrver Appcararicet inihr
be :ga.ti!l him. lie wished to fee the IViSd when
tlcTa.tiin if Ainnica would be dfpenj'cd with,
ts an Amplitude of Taxet wa iticluucd in their
purchafe of Lrivlifli ManufaAurei. N
J.ord Abinvam faid that 'Reafon, )u!ice,' Con-
f.icnce, Principle and lollinct, all promoted him
to pronounce thr Bill a moll infeinaLand diabolic
Mcafurc. I low the Rbht Rev. Buuh reconciled
it m their Confvicncet, he wit unable to coaceive j
fir hit Part he pit hit Tro I iu the Almighty, and
iho'th he knew all he could wy wouiu avau noiouig
f aiuft a minirterial Maj'rity, yet he clammed the
l.i.r Jt .irairtl! InjulUie.-a in the judicial iGutioa
ot PiuviJence it gieially fell heavy on. the Hcadi
of th'tfe who phoned Iniquity. ' . ., .
Thai doled tK- Dclute," and on a Divihow the
Numbert aod thui, for tltc Bill, 104$ aaiiill the
Bill, 19. , .
one of tbnfe unhappy Invention!, to tthitli pi;.
raent it driven by ihe-Dinrcolriei which multiply
poo ui, from an obttinate Adherent e to an
JJff Ooreramiut. W do not know maiy int
iANtW--Kng land, ami the other Colon iev but we
Ikiaowuhe Jutent
it. wliih is kttktiLl, and iacludct all the Inhabi
tanti.l Amongft thefe many are admitted to be in
nocent and fcveral aie alledgcd by Mimilen to be
in thdr Svnfe, eveu mtritoioui. '1 hat Govern
ment ihich attempts to prefcrve iti Aiuljority by '
deilroyjitn the. Trade ol ttt SurjrcV, aid bv in.
ApKini the innocent and guilty in a corhmcn Ruin,
if u afi Irom a Choice ot ruch Meant, confeflce
hfelf nworthy i if from Inability to rind any other.
admit! itfeif Wh&lly'inid
w" (11 tt itution. ' :-r:: - .j; -r-. y ' - ,7-
viiij, ouiiviou, mc i,nriim tviercnanTi ara
auuilheu tvithtiut any Ouilrrrealirpretendfd: oft
their Tart. The People of the pioA riled Province!,
: though f.iilini; iu thrii Duty to iiovcrnmcnt, ojght
to le peiinitttd difvhaijje thtir Obiigsittons to.
Commerce: Without their Filhery tnat 11 'imraflt-'
bte. Tlie Mrrihanu oj Kngland enrei tain 110 Feai
their Debt, except Irom- the Stent which are"
atd robe taken in Their Faidur. Krght iiundic
vl houfand Pound vi Luglilli Property, belonging s.
io 'London alone, i, not to be trifled with, or facta
teed to the PrytJt of tin ie who have conlbintly
failed in every Kxprctatioii which thry have held
Out to the Public ; and who arc become more bigot
!fl to Methods of Violence, in -proportion to the
Experience of their Jiicshcacy, and the ntifthievoua
Lt nfequenrei which attend them. '
I niriy. BECAU.sE the People of New-Englana. .
IJtU th Yi 4ffui al LlMim or Mankind to the (Jilu
f Providence 011 their own CoaH, arc fpecially en
titled to the Fiflicry by their Chartin, which have
hever been declared lor lei ited. Thefe Charter w
nhihtr(noiwithltaiTdintK'eCohtcmprw which
. the Idea of public l aith hat been treated) of
material Confideration. -The Bill therefore not
growing out cf any judicial Procefj, feerai equally
a Violation of all natural and civil Right.
yltrthh,, BECAUSE we conceive that the At
tempt whidihaTU;enh?adcorBRl BBlhTNatioo"
Into an Acauicfcence in thit arbitrary Act, by hold
I fig out to them (by Evidence at the Bar) the Spoilt
of tht New-Lnglaod -Filhery, worth upwarut of
500,000!. a Year, to be a Scheme full of Weak
nefi and Indecency p of Indecencr, becaufe it caay
hi fufoeclcd that the Didrt of the Ccaimkn kss
w wr thht wea n , oscauie 11 iunpci
. . . 1 1 . 1 .r
!l O
D 5.
P R O T E S T.
il k K O V LOR
w ww
Pit SUrtitt tl Mori ii, I77J
E Order of the Day being read for the
I thud reading of the American Retraining
FtSery Bill, and for the Lo di to be fammoaed,
theftme wat accordiaily read the third Tune $ and
fevrral Amendmentt Uiag made thereto, it wat
amoved, ' that the Bill, with the Aneadmeiit, do
raftM which being objffUd to, afur Debate,
th Qoeftioo wat pat thercwoj it m lfioJo4 ui
the A&rmttire.
, Corittati, 7V
NoaCoattatt, ... ai
BECAUSE the Attriapt to coertt by We the
whUcBodi a the liJudatuu of Itat audpopu-
wkiiever it t.iLcn horn the Colonia .it of Couifr
to be translrirctl to ot ih !vc. We may trample oa
thi Rnlet of Juttice, but we cannot alter the Natura
of Thingt. Wc cannot convey to Great-Britaia
the Advitiitacct of Situation which New-England
fioTcflei for Filhery. lljhcValui of the Commo-
' iity (huold be eahaiiccd at the foreign Market!, by
the Excluuon ot lo large a ran ot me auppiy, w
pay ei'her greatly injure the Sate of the Commo
dity itfe!f, or put thr Coufumert on new Articlei of
Confumption, or new-Methodt ol Supply, , to the
YA Ruin of thole who, deluded by Avarice, have
CHOSEN, from tjic vain Hope of aa enhanceJ
Market, to dilloibthe nataral, fettled, and bene
aci;l Courfeof Tralhck.
Fifdlj, BECAUSE we do not apprehend that
the Topic fo much infilled upon by a Lord high in
Oft e, in Fax our of thit Project, nauiily, the
COWARDICE of hit Majcdy'i American SubjcOi,
to have any Weight Jtfclf, or be at all agreeable to1
the Dignity of Sentimrat which ought to chatar
teriie tail Houfe. We do not think it true that aay
Part of thi Subject of thit Empire are defective ia
Bravery. It it to the laA Degree improper to aU
ipon fuch a Suppoition, at it mall kighfy difgrace
our Armi in Cafe of Mitfortane, and muA taae a
wty all lioaour from them ia Cafe of Succefi. No
thing can tend more efedually to defeat the Pm
wolet of all our coercive Meafuret, than to let the
feoplf , igaioft whom thev are intended, know, thai
we think our Authority fouaded in their BaUne ft
that their Refittance will cive them feme Credit,
even in our own Fyei, and that we attribute their
Obedience emit to tkeir Want of Courage. Thit il
CALL for ReAftaac, a4 to PROVOKE RebcL
lioa by thr atorl powrrfal of all Motivet, which ex
ac epoo Mri of an; Degree of Spirit and 5IiUlirj.
-4 .

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