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"lioirs it mould ngn'in. read,the meflage ofdirectory,
..which Ihould uc priaie.1;. pulled up, and lent to "all
the admjitilirattons and thVariv.ies. ...
KINGSTON, (Jamaica ) May 25.
'Athf tever ijch .kJlWttL "IXUAi-lut-uto
"pTiasrliniifiinniiue$To Raffle th tit tl medical abili
ties, we thrtik it inctimbi-nt on us to mention, that
91 hoard one of the veliels where mint tea was giv
en plea.l.'Uly to the 1e amen every day, the whol
crew, with the exception or one boy, have recov
ered from the dread:ul malady.
Extratb-of a Tetter from the Mole, Feh 21, ,
" On the toth of this-mnmb; aooo fukly troops
arrived fe" iibr.liar -fome are lett here lot
.t'v; recovery of health, and the rell lent to Port au-.
frince tor the 'pur pule ot ttack.'.ng Lcogane. fcuch
rftrethe-rava jjesof d rfc-afe that it i 'the- general opt
pi93tbert yi uji bc2JQ leit in 3 months, There
-were a n iqt t'i - lamLd litre- 4 "trtotat x;t, cr w hiclr
they cannot now. multer more t tun able to do
.tilt-., ..! I 1, . .... kaan tn(imii.fl t..,- n Cmfitmn , - !...
' iiavv 11 ainui Miv U I'J. Hijvaijij ll'ttl
thev h ive buried 8aj foldicrs at tin Divt Airii
alt. . - Fwo day t here came a trlgatc. into this
.portfrom St. Milk's, where (l.e h .reported to hate
. buried j j men n three 'veeks, which 1 believe to
be capv as-tliey imprflrd every feamtn here
wjLia.,t.mjwiiJOj'!aiHy orcottntry.- I netmp suc
cor has no-or 40 luuve Amewiifri. which (he has
impreTe J t and among thew three or lour cniel
"jrtatrs a-iff anbtfeer Titan of wTr has got "Jo7"I lupv
prtfeTley Jiae miJe a fii.e ha il at r'ort-au-Prince.
firere ocintoat too fail "of American velTels there.w
.. The Tartar u arrived in die outer harbour i a U
a'K a Hritiin privateer brig or 14 guns: ' -. ,., ,
Since our lad teveral v-flets have arrived' from
t.urope. lliey bring no later news than before re
ceived, exfrnr. Thar lififrililii-S haco rrinmmrnrl
.bttateen the cich-4 Mri9n7nart,c-kxr
.uiois ui iKiimri ana wir nuitro-saiainin army
has been 'twice defeated, with the lols ot 14,500
Hy captain bhfpard, who arrived yeltrrday from
llanrf. 11 llirri. Iltrl Kti raniffiltartAn
whites are to remain tl.ere in tull polTeHion of tlu
r""fv,'V "v lu.iwiciii 10 niiKi, a iiu 111c
mulattors to be tried ior their lives, 'l iiiswas re
ceived at Dominica by a packet w luck arrived the"
uay ocinic tdJH. oncjlliartl laueti. . 11 was tnougnt
the BntiQ would lliortly proceed -eainit GuaSav
-vuw. . a
3 A L JE M, " June 17.
Extra? of 4 lifi.r i ec: it'Bil fi om a k u,outn bihuin
. ta th!S toii, aul d rcEled to his pwn.'r hre dated JJlc
.tf-Trjiic , March 2 J, I-9S. " . ---
-TThe JVfiile!iy privateer arrived here 5 days ago
from a molt iuccebtul. cruize oi" the Sand Head in
the Bay of Beiinal--au.i has brought in all her priz
es 5 the mo't valuable of which is the Triton Kng
lilh Ea.t-Indiaman frmn Madras for Bengal. The
circutnliances of this Wptfire are perhaps ibe moil
extraordinary tbat ever occurred,' and re as I'ul
laws the Modeiiy had at 61 tt but So men, and had
- dillnbuted the greater number on buaid jicr ot he:
. prizes : when the Indiaman. hove in fight, a Bengal
- pilot fnow (which was a prize, to the Modeiiy; and
which rhv tiled iiS-a decnt V-flii-n bar )duii m....
iuai ,iuituwi.,wiM aims iiiifl uiiiiiijnmc 4111 1
't 5 rri":ihlif an nnlv ttnt nn hnnl ami viihfii'nr,!
' and pilot in hand completely mailerrd lirriu .boun
j) iiiMjidt ins tiiui I'li'iu fiiu i ciii upcans on
' b iard, was weil armed and had taken 30 men extra
from Madras The Engli.h captain, and 8 or to
tnn were killed ii the action the relt run below;
and were lecured. 'They then captured another
Areild, -which the prifoners ranfomej, and bailed tbr
Mflr.ii. The irenerous 'Kreneh cant a in
z " . " 1 '
younj; hero 1 years old J gave, the palfuiiera.J
uiiivu wiihiii viv 1 1 mui., ii iucir prwate
properly. He foirght tbeitnglilh captain hand to
hind, and (liot him with lils own piitol. - u laem-i
", f ie Vlodslty wa not In company, at all and in
- "derd it would lia"vebeen a lad digrelfion from her
mnie, to have engaged in luch an unequal combat
". j 7 men overptiwcMfd 1 0,' protefted by40 gun, at
- hlU mouired 1-the. remaining 6 could not get on
biard. The Engtilh uriloiiflTi were made 10 paK
one by one, in irons from their owqi (hip into the
rnforiied veflei ancl fhe (nvincibie tars of olu Enn
land, ejclaliiied as they' paired, "-iJ n w.j ey?t.
- ,t T" 1 1,1. fftlllLII
privateer had only a letter of marque' commilfion
and went -oriiiMiallv to take,- ton le- (he is art Ame-.
rtcail bui t NelT l"iaftd.r.etoiij;fd ti't war to, and f.i.
e I from Ualrimorbfchooner rigedl.anJ,Avas ral
Jed the, Anteloue ii confieiice of this uccffs,
. fcr aovernor.hire hasVranted rr rmiffinn fn.r .
-t ,r m ir, j'i 1.
vateera to lail lor India and they are now e.tjuip
a ' ' :t , j
Aineric' produce is very- dnli here and frmo -
octiiauu. -wtii 4 1 , a.7 w il-1 jrer cent. lower
. than in America iLfeeiJs.riliajftlUilythe price
is iwviu-l dollars 'per facik of lOoVr'ench lb. and
fesre any to be bad at that rate. The governor is
NEW-LONDON, June 23.
Artived, bri Aurora, b. Wailiv.ot:i. ut t:-r
.ford, in 14 days from Port au Paix. Left there,
(loop t rifts', ( 00k, of Norwich, with moles ; floop
ScruhVVill iams, u( rMiddfetown r and a brig .from
Philadelnbia 1. all carried in hv Krrnrh nrivatrers
It was not pretended to make prizes of them i but
Their Cargoes were taker bv the ndimniflratinn at
itteir own price, and du bills giveatherelor. Thole
who go there to trade and thole who are carried
in, re treated all-alike. Capr. WadfworthTecciv.
td a due bill for ri,o6o livres,"
JN & W -ft U K K, June 14.
rrumtr.c iuuautjracxtij st? U 23.
Mr, Gat-j.gie nouce, that as the papers wfiich
he lately mon-d for were now before the houfe, he
fliouldoa Ttmrfilav ft
tne tendency of whah would be, if the hoult ftiould
fl!ref a direct inculpation, and afterwards
an 1 MPf. AC H MI NT 4HllaiT utc C i . r . . .. .
'7 - - . 1. lira ri Bffi'f
h isf ekji, lor Hieol mifappJication of the public
SlMEoil DE WlTT. Efu. of Al'bnnv: ti annmi'j.J
SiiFveyor-General of the United Slates IVir. be rViu
wi4.yi 11 voiiinuiiion ny weaneiday s mail. '
Another vtilcl I'ettirunl t KIU l-.ii u . .1,
flour. "" "Ft . -. ". .
The direftors ol ihe-Onio cunlnanv
edtRat the late f. P. tones was uronricinr nf'cP&i
4i-WiiM Lufcxhw-zciMi. juulu. i,nr,. f
irortn-ireuern temum n -.rim r n 1 Ct.,,.. . -j
1 j .. (.. wuii.u wiaivj, ti 11U
lelire. Jiishcjr or heirs, wboe.ei lite, ura'y br.'to ap-
rrfpefted. and the iflani is irr a flat e. of defence
bitihey faar a wilit from the Engli fli fleet. How
ever, it would le diffijulrto take the ifland and
- indeed altnnfl imnoffiHle j but the port could be eaTt
Iv blockaded, as the'Krench have only . few frigates
In thefe f vs. - r. , , ;
t There are fix or eight .Americans here, all mak
- JntrbacJ voyages,, "ft! we hear-nf a d zen more tx-pe--ter
every inomenr, who miift fink half their ta
,pitals: a fhip, rapt. Boit, alias Boyd, belonging to
Bodon, who came, from the north-weft co(l of A
merica, -by the route of C bins, and has made a luc
eafsfu) voyagr, fay the; Streights of Sunda are full
of American Ihips but he gives no particular names.
-3-Q-S T- O N Jan-a a-
'" Fridav evenimr la'K irrivcrl here ih rtu
preset, prize to the French privateer Tartar, rri6
pn'.- She was bound from NewiYork foi- Halifax,
and w taken within a few leagues of the latter
- - The Tartar alio took a brig laden with fugar,
-7 which arrived Jafe yiellcrtaj, '
ply lor the tame, at Mai ictu, in the fuld 'territory .
ri.efollowina orifapHi tranditeJ from a Paris
paper intvilcd ! . knii bs Lois, ot Marcfi 30. ,
. .. .The rondiK'f of tlieoniird Staves of .nmerfcs to 1
wards the r rmVli Hepnblic, deftriesib be U ked
into bv the 'gnvriinitnt.-t'nr it if.,d to cuiite the nidL M..tiv4'itng"(t J'.'.'-Noivwiil.llatid-irtgtbe
devei1uj poli V-Atthe Prelidi ivt and Semte : 1
noi wiihllariii'ig the iiattetiog ctiuiliuicnis lasifbcif.
on the minider plenipi tentiarv "A'tlet. w Ltn l e pre-
i.niiu in i.uuj!,iriviiir r itncii nag as a llrikn to
hen of Jin v, liieudffiip; it ca.n no longer be. doubt'
d that the Ptelident and Scn.te are entirely tlrvbt
ed t. England. W know not whether, the direc
tory has mamfefled to mat power whith tails itfelf
ouLally, and whi'h ho sever acU in a manner hmt,
fui 10 ou ii tiieils, hiw muciuhe f rench hepuFili:
cans have been fhocked at the v and ininf.
-tice.nd had faith whi .h dictated the lull
cd ill I ondon. bv the miuilirr of r;mr,, -k..a .1..
enoy fronuhe United Sta'esY-.'-v,'
V e know not'. whether they have remained filen'r
on tne fuhiert of thrrlnnli K nf iliur
T 1 he intereils of fc ranre am wantonly f.icr'lfiud.. and
me imi cjigigenienis, ipnae ner (tiamcluijv violated V
"VMii iiwu, niai ciautB Having if gifCTPd Tro'
thing hhhertd", to keep a happy harmonv befween'
the two KcDilblics. aiid vet all rlnnKi 1,.",., r. 1
ior the rxiltence oLth alJiaure betwti-a-l'ist
Walhini'ton, ought to take eflicacicus mcafures to
Kop the baneful edecls of this coalition.
, The nomioat'on of a new minifler pi- nipotentia
ry announces, on the parr of .the directory, a fiinilar
difnofitinn i therefore we' will A
-witb pointing out ativ af this tlmey but the United
v...., ...:lt r.i" 1 c .. . .
win uih !jj imure oe lorgotten in our remarks
relative to diplomatic concerns. . ;
Extruft of a letter revwl by a merchant in thit t'-ty
per th'jh'p Diana, in feven dap from' BkuJj.
s dated Mtblunt.
" I am forry to inform you that by the fliiti'T ion
whkii arrived a Jew day ago from" London,' which
fhe left the ift May, pofitive orders are received
from the Commlffipners of the Cuffoms, to allow no
We'L'tldia produce to! he fliipt 4rom hence to any
foreign port, without paying the foreign duties, anil
thefe .are (o high as toamonnt to a total prohibition
Th's ord-r has been acted up to fo ftrietly, that le
veral yellels which had or ev ions n il,- :.,-t. -1
the Liontaken on btard nf India goods for A
theFnglifb, by fickner and the fword, at between
2 and -poo. - -
xtrsft of a letter from a refptfbble "nitrcantile
1,,u,c t Gibraltar, to a mercantile houle in ibis
-city, dated the 9th May, per the ll;za.
tTlleTrnejiTiave'ftivtn tTii ee uiomhsTJr the"
United Mattes to accomplWh their egieenunt, which
e hone will be time enough. We have lome 5ur
of a rupture with Spain, en accouia ot lome un:
common preparations makir g at Cadiz whWn tLtio
lew days." ....
June 34. Cant. Kenzlr. lsf ihe 0!n ri:.. c
, 1 ' , ' f vim, uum
limerick,; was boarded by the Fuzzar Liitilh fri
gate. 'wh'ch imprefitd three men. '.
The Huflar is cr'uifing for ti e Infurrente,' French
frigate, which failed Jrom tandy-Kosk lalt tundar
night. , '
Vll xA brirr Havnna T
NeW-Ol K trl', Doke ihe Jchiiniu r .'n.'av'nf Unf.
Oil, trcttl PliiiaddnV.
.. , , r- -- niiu IIIIU HUH
the rrercli cruifers wm tilt;,. ,.11 a.; .
els in orouvard bound.' -
it is (M Pierce Butler, of Somh-Cirplina, has
rehgned his teat in the Senate of tl.e L i.iuti itatts.
fc.ur at januiica, JVmj-af 16 1-2 dollars ; btef
rj pork 18 meal ti .n . u r. 1 -
7 1 -rum 1 I'otfee 18 perbumiitd.
Mr. William Pinr
., j - '';i.uMj la ai)(iimcu
a commillioner on ilie nar r r ii, t j ' .
adjuft the claims tor Jiritifh fpt.lia,i0I1., has.
oenarture for knn am V
;are "elWy-wlormed-,if.ari, isthe intentinn
oLMr. Gardiner baker, keeper ,f the miiUm in
tjfcltv. 10 accomnanv Atr 1 ,
- 7 1 . f T V "niiwu 111 111. 1 10-
polcd aUenfion in the bIlooi). - ,
ennquence, the Aniericin trade wfB be knocked
7une ii. A rennrr(rvm RftAn i D.jr...i
i-j ., - ' 1 ".T-vrcirora,
fay'part of Martha's Vineyard, has been unudated
and funk. .?', ' ; ""
Confirmation of the taking of St. Lucia, is receiv
ed.bthew7 pt'oaoa. 1 Report ftaies the loU of
J lie oav be. ore viimui ii.. . .
, ... ... - j '-j n tiii .per 001
tomed lnip A.ount Vermin h I bound lor london, wjth a U c ,00
was taln .w., 1. '.. .1 ' - ., ' ... ; .
,h- "" aiicrtt.e j Hot kJtfter.b
the r tenth rriviiv 1; 1 11. :.. ... .'. :
Hd ,?.om I ee a tew days fiiue.' f p.ivb,eet's
men toLk every pe.h n capia.11 iii.d crew out ol tie
."k Vt,TVl " tm 1 " U,,,d P'"" d
H? , T 'PoHlwnsippHf! had a
l it of or fix AmriT:.ii ii,Si k..i......j . .
.... '" "nuuvili" in ints
port, wiicl. he laul he w as o camu.e
...i' A S. V. "l '- LXMiui.KK me
-iiir-t7 Mill I I'ljflll-'M ll'irr iT I 1 t W "I Vt jjysayar.'SBVr.'t.Tf
toil. .oni&iii. tt. fcn....:- . V-'V'y'-i ,
tl e.y hud not r (mirVrl- ,i hi: : ... .. ' " cane Fenlnn.n !,.! " 'J ,,le t"':" ,v ?
ibe v,Av " r?'y ,,1i,,ntna 61'crL "ir
obleiv.d the Schoo,.rr Myg r,fh abuntCe lc.we
r "'-"y uoieoownupon thm find
a "ior a.nd-oiderfd'tl.tir k . j .. i -1
, . i- i . , i . . ""', which n:,a
comi lied with. , 1 he hnai w i ti r-,. .-.r: : ..
-nd 4 ir.en went on boatd to know their w.mpilind,.
...... -..u u.c.rrrfiLtair.ct , 1r j., iva,f
-I.Kh lent theioat back will, ,4 a.n'.j
and u.ders to capt. Domini, k to U-n',1 ,he fl, ,
raprs, laying in the mt-an time that the fliip u4.
Wen h hi. naul (lores. 1 he c ,pi. 1R core' lu'ly
caired.liisppers wl.uh th, pnmeril,,,,,, fr
pnl.elhon ot, but did noY rxamine, f ut (l, k am! , e
ft.ount Veruon to be a e.u.d plii.t.- Ti- cfj.t rx-
poftuUted on tbelmr. rriftj ,jt ,l,.;r c, vcli't 1.
waids Anjcrtcan Ihip, 3d p , e,tv ol our ti. zcrs.
They replied 1 hat they had" good i.' to. m.ition tnun
0 e oi the hilt Merican houtts in I'liiladrnJ h , 8t
1 he fli p had naval llort- '.m bo rd. ( j,,,,. r,:nitk
the; pievoihd on them to en ine ilu' tn.,nilell urd
regider uRd t'.ry ppearf,l at lerib tu be .,'.,!.
ctd that Ihe was loac' Nlv-Vvitrarticfswhuh
were on board, vitoeur, n ; S,aVt
hilt-c and Logwood."- Their n!v pa then was
that fime the Jrfaty ssi.h C-tcat Hriiti., lie, , d
orders s,nd ere deiei nnake every nni'i
cjii vefirl bound to or tram Biit . rmt
fulpVotrot "j!M.g to th'em. Afier fr.cino tapt u
ai.d-all his fbip'a con.panv-out of- the fl,ip ;ilfY
ttnt them on board of tne Flying fifli. ' ' ' '
.1 his privateer ntoupta lt. .p.,i7noVr and has -c
men. . 1 he caDt. ant iiriiT i ,:. .". .
mj I...- ... h . " iii 'ftr is na-
-med I'ans, andttves at No, ?oo, n rth f rort ,
He tr,M capr D. that he h-. d a lift of H ips that he ' '
tnt ended to take. tit Aibmi.: n-:nf ..
and Dom.nuk Jerry. The reople helongirg t0 the
Monnt Vernon were put on board a pilot boat and
lSF? yiV" Veb)P Iadelphia
uouim 10 nrmoi, teing Intdrmed of this :
attatrj put bark,.. ' .
- By a gentleman who can e Upfrom below' vefler- "
day e learn that the Kljing Kill, by a:. aJlor ofF
.! td, ia it r riay mormrg, the toth inft.
I he pilot boatfailed round her fhe is lull of men
and iliey obferved fevetai Americans amoncft ,he
crew, fhe William Ptrin
Juf 4' " Yeflerday morning arrived the flom"
h' I'nHfnm i.,(.:i, j.Lr ' . r
: f ;w-ri"iii"iyiiKi, uays irom Lape r rar
U L vnArnnhrnic ih. M.i itil rr n
- vi ui iiiic r rewen tlret nt
COIS. wt
. .. - " ' " T- "vii urei ot
Iil)lll)tl1)hnfwrgri)IVhi i,U'...:: - . .
relt co st 40 s, and 36 gun.wiih coo Uools, end '
brought in three Bririfh prizes, and one Portucuefe
iiiipirom Brazil to Portugal, with bars of gold and -gold
duft, eftimated at coo of money . An em. -
bariro had hrrn lai.l .,n t.r. C. rn.. J.. 1 1 .
failed, in cooleojueqce ot Iom f xpedition in iraio,

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