North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. Ill
a r
JpprYear .;.........:...! .$4 00 ;
Six Months.
Three Month3 .............
One Month. ...............
2 50
1 50
advertisements will be . Inserted atf 1 00 per
square for first insertion and 50 cenisio? each
subsequent insertion. j , v -
Ten line or less, solid minion type, constitute a
square. . - - - . . -
. t
The public; are informed that W. Moore
lias opened his restaurant on Water street,
befween Market and Dock, oyer the auction
room of Messrs. West, Meares and James,
Mm of all kinds. OYSTERS FOR ALL .
jJUVM fc i
He hopes jiu wi II give him a call.
Business is active.'
I Rabbits, arc coming.
Scupptrnongs are scarce.
"Where is the tidal wave t
Arrests for tho week, twenty.
Thermometer seventy-six degrees.
. L ' - j
Lhave no time.? St. James clock.
What's in the wind ?" Why dust !
The cities that clash London and Wil
inington. i
Skiff and Gay lords minstrels
the Theatre. i
Mooie has opened
South Water street.
a fine i restaurant ,on
. Tl- Jl .t -i n rr mono o ra roforrprl tf ftn
.lleinsberger has a new guide book for
county officers. See advertisement.
I, , j
Selling fish by weight vide the new ord
inance of the B. O. A. Rather scal(e)y I
.Ex Post Facto ! The
Post's advertisement in
reading ot the
the " contempt
The man who said he saw the cobble
stones on Front street has been sent to the
Lunatic Asylum. : j '
r-" ' ; urn t j :
S.'VanAmHnge Sells the Market Stalls
tins morning at 10 o'clock; at
Cotcer, by public auction. I
He marvel if the astute,, gentleman - who
panned the laying out or the race course at
the Countv Fair Ground?, has ever seen a
race track !
TtTMl i T Mm 1 " ! Al I
win our citv atners Diease;open iueir
eyes to the fact, that Fifth street, near
Red Cross, is sadly out of repair. Do, gen
tlemen, please! 1
, . ' - r
The N. C. State Fair will be held in Ral
eigh, commencing on Tuesday, October 19th,l
and continue Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, 20tli, 21st and 22d. ?
Tic people of Wilmington and vicinity
are notified that ttiere will be a camp meet
ing at Rocky Point to commence to-morrow
and last several davs. The: tickets are for
sale by Mingo Collett. i
' ' r - I
New York had another monster j Quban
sympathy meeting on the' 11th inst. Will
Wilminston ever move in this matter ? The
gem Republic was one. year old Monday.
Surely she is worthy of our attention.
Havincbeen shmptcTinf nnsnrrMsfnl in
their last enternriae. the Committfio of Ar-
rangementst the Colored Ball lately held
at the City Hall, beg leave to! ?tate that they
win renew the festivity on Thnrsdav next.
21st inst :
Munson & Co's shelves are! fairly weighed
down by the numerous hats satchels, um
brellas, clothing lot all descriptions, &c,
m3 bland smile and winning air is a
treasure. Go and see him reader, if your
wardrobe wants replenishing.
The decision of Judge Cantwell in the
contempt case is to be regretted, as Mayor
Neff did not authorize the -editor of the
Post to convey any information but on re
vest, as to the authorship of the advertise
oient construed as a " contempt."
The ."Harnetts" have their new, boat
and intend to challenee the Smithvillians
to a row for th n. ar Cnn. Won't
some of the fair ladv friends of the said
Harnett 'rbovs in blue" oresent colors for
the boat? Don't all speak at once ad -
rcss Commnrinro "Rnn T.ftwtnn or CnTRteain
ilver, i
.1- - 1 -
Col. S. L. Fremont Engineer and Super-
"itendent ot the Wilminston and Weldon
n, .11 thir
iiwiviwo vAuiyiiuio vuafc mi u.
j - I 1
uasscu over nia Toan trp nr rnarfffi.
llie Port's wnrr1 in
- - - : . t ww . w & mm- ww uua
a2, has met with a commendable respouse.
If any of our Teadera desire their jaws
dislocated, or, are not over fastidious re
garding the position of their bat, they are
respectfully invited to Vide out toward the
.Cemetery j (The road is "'perfectly delight
ful. So beautifully smooth and hard ! The
County Commissioners , will especially take
notice 1 , -JZ,.
: .The Wilmington fPost editor brags about
his Sunday morning's breakfastrr-ZV Berne
Timet!. - ' --i--- --- j I-11-; 3
; Ah : you bet we do ! The inexpftssible
fragrance of the coffee I the delightful aroina
of the freshly broiled beefsteak ; I and the ex-
4ui3in; iuauiousaes3 01 tnose mumns or.
Brock & Webb. Gewhillikins I There is
no adequate adjective. Come I and have
some? '.: :
I utoiuen cresiea- uctoDer, : smiles.', onv us
through the mellow richness of fier'clustered
- 1 1 A -V "I-
tres. . - It is that - month &o congenial to
romance ; ?.so beautiful in thought ; so soul
ipspiring' in imagination. Oh ! it is so cruel
to feel that silfr clouded summer passes
from us, only to usher in the ? golden rodJ
of autumn,fas the courief avant of grim,
stern, and icy
winter. Still we must be
: Coroner Allen held an inquest yesterday
pn the body of Peter Smith found floating
near Blossom's distillery, who was drowned
at Barry's wharf last Tuesday week. Ver
dictAccidental Drowning. I
- I
The same Coroner subsequently was call
ed to hold an inquest: upoa the body of a
colored man, named Milton Larkins, twenty-.
three years of age, who died from suffoca
tion! produced by internal hemorrhage. In
quest held at the residence of the deceased,
Red Cross street,
near Second.!
Verdict as
There is nothing which tends
o build up
a city or town like a live newspaper. Show
us a place where there is no newspaper pub
lished and wc will show you onejof the dul
lest places on the lace ot the earth. Then
patronize your paper in some way, help it
to live, and in return it will advocate your
interests and the interests of your communi
ty ; but tor the sake of giving the; editor and
publisher an opportunity to keep even with
the world, pay for what you get, as you
would expect to do any where else. That's
the' only way to keep your conscience clear.
Police Items. At the City (jourt before
Judge Cantwell, Peter Martin, lover, bibu
lous, was the first to confront stem justice
yesterday, Fined $20 and costs! And we
say for the forty hundreth time -i" with the
recommendation that the Mayor and Com-!
monalty remit the fine on payment of costs."
Where is the utility of fining, if it is to be
remitted? This is "too much of a much
ness!" ( r'; - . : L
Robert Walter, 'not 44 the grey-eyed man
of destiny," but another, having llapped too
much of "Widow Cliquot ;'? was dismissed
with a fearful reprimand. j-
Another Robert, who answered
to the
surname of Watson, not having
the, beautiful tehchings nor respected the
self-denial of Solomyn, in regard to the
waging rine ;" inexorable justice waved
her wand, and imposed the same penalty as
in the case of Martin. Fiat Justitia!
Fashions. We seem to have nothing but
extremes one season a dress trailing in the
mud themext a skirt above two feet from
the dusty pavement this j year crinoline
that struggles for admittance to ian ordinary
door-way the next, the figure wrapped in
cerements as if prepared lor the narrow lim
it of a coffin we should sav "casket."
Wise men and wise women, will neither be
1. . j '
the first to adopt a new fashion, nor the
last to abandon an old one: for an affect a-
j : ' !
tion of singularity is only the desire to set,
instead of following the mode. As a gener
al rule eccentricity of appearance is the con
temptible ambition of being
known to those who do not know your name,
It is slavish to dress according to the judg-
ment of fools andthe caprice of I coxcombs,
and wemav be recarded asM when we
are singular in our attire. The Girl of the
Period in her outre dress can never achieve
any other distinction. Her gay
attire only
serves to prove the more clearly that she is
but a mere worm within a ruddy apple, or
as Socrates,! describing a coxcomb to Antis-
thenes, called him, "a leaden rapier in a gol-
den sheath." ! ,
Success in Life.: Dear reader, i is not
obtained bv snivelincr. lethargic inanition,
. - . 0 1 t
Neither can it be secured by traducing and
carping at the affluent and the successful;
nor by bewailing some crushed hope, or anni-
hiiated desire. Columbus would have never
discovered America, had he yielded to the
petty weakness of nature and given up
as beyond recall, his .seemingly futile ex
periment ' of western navigation. .De
mosthenes' oratory would ; never have been
a theme for historians and,; poets, uad ue
discarded the promptings of an irrepressible
1 desire to cure his;-laughable stammerings
and saueakinff voice. " The father of his
country" had he cherished daily bugbears
1 . -t
of British decapitation : vdemoralizei ar-
mies; a depreciated currency ; mutinous and
starved troops : and an unfavorable Con-,
or as obstacles to Micros Ppmp.mhfir
o . : , " j
I ivj ".:J mi. .
1 evuu iu vuc uiiwiuii uu vi a wiu. xuea udb
all im tn Vrork. It von . iirn k nimnU
- r , my m.
office-boy, work earnestly and
steadily. If
you are an apprentice, A always exhibit a
readiness to learn from those whoi are Jut
superiors in age anu experience. , it you are
a mechanic, nothing : is gained by melan
choly moping, : br,-; battling : for fancied
rights and against imaginative wrongs ; for
if you are a good workman, 'success is ' as
sured,'you need never fight for t. No matter
what ydur avocation, in the language of one
more lorcible, than elegant Dave Crock
ett Be sure your right; then" go 'ahead,
not forgetting the old, hackneyed, but ex
cellent maiim that" Where there's a will
there's a way-.'?V.'-;'iV ;:'V";
j Our Stbeets. If New York, which has
become proverbial for dirty streets, were one
quarter as filthy as Wilmington after a ram
storm, each and every citizen would incon
tinently drown himself in the nearest ves
Bel of water. Any other city would burst
forth in uncontrollable but deserved indig
nation at this exhibition of a thousand years
ago. The streets of Macedon three hundred
and fifty-three yedrt before Christy bad her
streets paved with stone chippings. 1, In
heaven's name let us be delivered of that in
estimable blessing of a dust begrimed face,
and the inevitable armor of doubly pulver
ized sand. We blush to record it, but let it
go forth to the press of the world, that
Wilmington has streets that are in the self
same condition, as regards non-improve
ment, that they were in the days of the revo
lution I There is no paliation for this wan
ton indifference! It is naught but seated
implacable lethargy, absolutely criminal!
Here in the land of the most beautiful pine
that ever sprang from soil I Here where
the world is supplied with the "Nich
olson " and " Bergen." Here, where the
manufactory, the home of wooden pave
ment exists ! Here where tar and sand can
be secured' for the labor only of handling.
Here where steam saw mills are the promi
nent feature ot the State; it is disgraceful 1
Other cities bountifully blessed with pave
ments, grow frantic in praise oyer a rain
storm, 'cause it exterminates the filth from
the streets by washing it toward their cul
verts to be forever swept away. Here stag
nant pools that emit deadly, foetid odors,
that "smell to Heaven with rankness," is
our special lot. ; Let no prudish fear regard
ing the expense deter'our citizens from pri
vately and publicly advocating it as the
Post has done, singly but beautifully alone,
until the press of this city has shook oft the
fogyishness of their clphantine hide, and
now only see the force and wisdom of pur
advocacy. Pave our streets, and Heaven's
copious showers shall be to us a blessing as
they are intended, instead of a curse 1 Pave
our streets, and thousands of dollars will
ultimately be saved, now foolishly expended
in rarungton attempts to "clean "rtuem.
Let our Rip Van Winkle friends wake up
to this issue. We will see it through. We
are for making Market street with its broad
boulevard and stately trees, the Broadway
of Wilmington, and for snatching from its
imagined security that fit emblem of retro
gression and barbaric taste jthe unsightly
pump which disfigures it, and seems to say
to the friends of progress and reform "Thus
far shalt thou go and no further." We shall
advocate the making of Fourth street the
Fifth Avenue of Wilmington, so that we
shall never be ashamed to take our friends
in review before its magnifice nt residences,
now mocking the filthy troughs in their
front. .
A. 8. Barnes & Co., of New York, have
forwarded to us samples of their National!
School Books, including the " Natidna
First Reader, by : Richard Greens Parker,
and J. Madison Watson ; " The Elements of
Arithemetic" by Prof. Chas. Davies, L. L.
D;, and the famous " Montieths Youth's
History of the United States." We shall
not attempt any extended review of these
ablv comoiled and prrfect works. To those
who have handled them'no econium from
- a
us needs be recorded in meir iavor; dui to
those who have not, we shall pass rapidly
over the merits of these publications. In
the first place, it is recognized beyond all
peradventure, that Prof. Davies has no
equal as an arithmetician. . He is the author
of no less than nine different arithmetical
It is not to be wondered at then
that he has presented one 01 tne oest, 11 not
the best arithmetic presented Detore any in
stitution of learning. - "it has oecome a
settled principle" tide preface, ," in the
science of teaching, that abstract principles
and their elementary combinations must be
first Dresented to the mind by the aid of
i , -
sensible objects." Prof. Davies has studious
ly kept that fact before him in the compila
tion of this book and hence the fully de
veloped -system he has given. Prof. Davies
is practical in his " analysis," lucid in his
J 44 examples," careful m his " formulas,'7 and
logical in his sequences. In regard to the
Reader," we shall be very brief; and in
doing this we quote from the " Preface.','
This book has been prepared on a plan en-
tirely new and , original. Discarding the
common mode ot teaching the letters of the
alphabet and meaningless combination of
letters, before the young pupil is permitted
to read anytnmg mat is mteiiigiDie, it pre-
1 ............... ..
sents a system of word-building that unites
all the advantages of the old method with
1 the new and preieraDie one wnicn com-
with entire words.
I rrk tf Vnnth's Histnrvn Riinnliea n. want
i - xuv - " -
nntr needed, viz: A history that will com
. u
I prise both a. pictorial and historical record
ol our country. lyj rj J.l w .i...
j Mrf Mpnteitu we recognize . as the very
naughty man, whose,, geographical cathef
cism we were compelled to memorize in. our
youthful days in pur ; native city of Gotham.
Then in our foolish, childishness we chided
right merrily the seemingly.' irksome Mon-
teith, now, we fondly cherish his good name.'
The history is arranged in an interrogatory1
manner, making it easier for: the student
and leads to a system, easy and simple; The
dates are omitted and placed in : parenthe
ses, so that the immature mind may not be
perplexed by their. ; tantalizing faces, until
the child is able to acquire the 'sense and
substance. . The history is complete in every
particular, and reads from the discovery of
America until the present time, not omit-
tinjg anything ot historical interest to the
student. . . ,Jr;r
B ooe Notices. The Initials, by . the
Bakoness Tautphceus, T. B. Peterson &
Bro. It does one good after reading, the
productions of the flesh crawling . authors
and authoresses to peruse a work like the
above. The scene is, lafd in Germany and is
a "simple tale of lov 5," jwhich like unto that
of Desdemona's "did not run smooth." :
The Authoress is weljl known, being no
fees a personage than1 the daughter of
the late Lord Erskine. j ''Inj her quiet, natur
al and unstrained way, ;she depicts life as it
exists. Nature in her true and moral situa
tion, never seeking for incidents of an im
possible nature or improbable effects. Such
writers as the Baroness are here welcome to
the society oiliterateursr And although the
profession is full, in th Language of Web
ster; "there is room up stairs." ':
JRoland Yorke by Mrs. Henry Wood, T.
B. Peterson & Bro., Philadelphia. j
It is unnecessary to go with any lengthy
review of this novel. Any j of our readers,
who are familliar with the soul racking
bloody torturing emanations ofMrB. Wood,
e. East Lynne, The Channings, &c., find
the indisputable and palpable evidence of
her monomania for sensational . trash. Mrs.
Wood must remember that aping the Brad
don, Sue, or Ainsworih is not the true
mission ot the novelist. That school has
been condemned, outside of a lot ' of lack-
brained, love sick girls and boys. We are
Very sorry for Mrs. Wdod and deeply sym
pathize with her in her miserable affliction
of fever a la sensational. -
Bailouts Monthly for November is espec
ially entertaining this week with its life
like portraits of " The Future Rulers of
Europe." Prince Albert Victor of Eng
land ; Prince Imperial of France, and Prince
William of Prussia. Besides illustrations.
Childish Veqiers, "The City ot Manilla,"
f Front of the Sultan's Valide," " The
Frozen Cascade off Gier3bach," " Hair
pressing, Ancient and! Modern," etc. The
articles we cannot concientiously praise,
with the exception of Alger's " Luck and
Pluck," which deserves special mention, as
a juvenile sketch. We would suggest in all
kindness to the publishers, as they are no
longer a " dollar monthly" to remove that
indicative sign. j
ZeWt Encyclopedia 1 greets us regularly
with its fountains of Knowledge and stores
of instruction. We welcome it to our table
as smilingly as our hot rolls, and smoking
coffee. I 1 .
Frank Leslie's Budgk of Fun Illustrated
and Chimney Corner $re all in front of us
with their bright pictures, and interesting
tales of romance. Leslie's picture of the
Cuba " now in our harbor, we can -. sately
say, as we have examined the craft inside
and out, is a faithful likeness.
Tne American Stock journal, ever welcome
to our sanctum, is especially welcome in
this season when " stock" mattter is the
most sought after. Every farmer owning
stock, should subscribe for this ably con
ducted iournal. ' ,
Watermelons have disappeared froni New
Berne. I
The Republican gains io Mecklenbjurg is
over two hundred. - j
Bivalves are selling
at 60 a 75 cents per
bushel at New Berne, j
Seme beautiful specimens of poultry
will grace the State Fair.
a' colored woman at Newport, N. C, re
cently gave birth to three children.
Capt. J. R. Thigpen, of the Reconstructed
Farmer Edgecombe, is dangerously ill.
i . ,
I Sales of cottori in! . Charlotte last week
amounted to three hundred and eighty
eight bales. i ' r . ; '
I H. C. Jones has been elected from Meck
lenburg by a majority, of 182. A republi
can gain of 214. Good for Mecklenburg I
William A. Cherry, Republican, has been
elected to the State Senate from Pitt coun
ty, vice D. H. Rich by a maioritv of 124.
The old North State is still true.
A company of Edgecombe have purchased
the books, material; right and title of the
North Carolinian and under the old name
will resume the publication of the paper at
Tarboro'. -
Oijr colored mends . held a camp
meeting atTuscarora last Sunday, on the
line oi tne Atlantic
' . jY
and North Carolina
Rail Road. " Everything -passed off., quite
pieasanny. .
jThe official report of the-election in Pitt
county gives W. A. Cherry, the -Republican
candidate, one hundred and nineteen ma
jority. , This is a Republican gain' of : over
one hundred and forty. , '"'W'1'1.
2 5l
-Pennsylvania. Elections. ' ; ;
, Philadelphia, Octf 13 Nobh. 'J,
A .careful comparison based on partial re
turns from thirty counties,1 including Phila-2
delphia and Alleghany. ashdws 'the Dem6-
cratic gain to benearly four thousand. ; - The.
remaining counties must average nearly two
hundred gain to elect Packer. Geary's ma
jority in Philadelphia is 3,3C9.
, v - .' ' .4 " n '
Both branches of the Legislature ' areRe-
I 1 j
. Senate 18 to. 15, House 36 to 17; giving 29
majority on joint ballot. All papers but the
Age give the State to Geary by from 5,000
to 10,000. : j '- u - v
CorciNNATi, Oct, 13 Nopn.1 '
Hamilton county "gives Pendleton 500.
majority and elects the entire Democra tic?
municipal ticket. . ' : -. .. . ,4.,V . .
Pendleton is defeated by a very smail ma
jority. . Y? '
In Board of Aldermen.
Monday Evening October; 11th 1869.
The Board met in regular session, his
Honor Mayor Neff presiding. .13 w.c
Present Alderman Kellogg,!: Rumley, .
French, Howe, Jones, Arnold : and Serross-
The reading of thoininutes of the previous-
meeting was dispensed with, oi
The committee on Streets and Wharves
neglected to report.-
Petition of Cornelias Jackson for reduc
tion of Taxes postponed indefinitely.
Ordered That all fish brought1 to Mar
ket, in this City be sold by weight, and that
auy perouu viuiatiug mis ordinance De
subject to a penalty of ten dollars for every
Petition of Benj. Lucas Jr., Clerk of Spe
cial Court, City of Wilmington, to bereinstat
ed in his former room at City Hall, was re-
erred to Committee of Public Buildings.
Application of Newton Fryason for posi
tion on Police Force of City, was laid over
until next meeting. ! V .
Application of S. Van Amrinrro for hirincr
j,- . : o o
of Market stalls from 1st of October i860 to
1st of October 1870. Granted. ' '
In regard to the petition of the Chief En
gineer of the Fire , Department, for the ex
clusive use of the horses of said department,
on being brought forward on motion of Al
derman Arnold, and the yeas and nays be
ing called, Aldermen Arnold, Ramley and
Servoss voted in favor of retaining them upr
on the street to work as cart I horses, when
not in active "service; Alderman Kellogg,
Howe, French and Jones in the negative.
OSt. :
Alderman Servoss offered a substitute by
striking outthe word "exclusive" and insert
ing "within three blocks of any Engine
house." Lost. v -
Alderman French moved to amend by in
serting "five blocks." Carried. Alderman
Arnold and Servoss in the negative, Alder
men Rumley, French, Kellogg, Jones and
Howe in the affirmative. . . .
The petition of Joshua T. James for re
mittance of fine of $100 imposed by the
City Court for drunkenness and disorderly
conduct was referred to Mayor and Marshal
of consideration, as a Special Committee.
Petition of John ' H. Anderson for per
mission to erect a wooden shed at No. 9.
North Front street. ' Referred to committee
on Fire Department! I
Petition of Robert Henning to erect an
extension of building and erection of shed
at foot of Castle street. Referred to com
mittee on Fire Department.
Request of Wm. Horn for appointment
on the Police force of the city to fill vacancy.
caused by the resignation of C. C. King.
Refereed to Police committee.
Petition of Henry Reeder for application
to retail liquors. Granted. . "
Petition ot W. B. and Charles Flanner
or the removal of the Steamer Mary Sand-
ford now on the shoals opposite, the Wil
mington and Weldon Railroad wharf.- Re
ferred to commissioners of Navigation.
Petitions of S. T. Potts and "M. Stature
for positions on the Police Force of city.
Referred to Police committee.
In reference to t3ie application of the
butchers of the Market, for renting of stalls,
the Board voted to pursue the same mode
as heretofore in rental, For, the motion,
Alderman French, Kellogg, Servoss and
Howe, Aldermen Arnold, and Jones in the
negative. ..y -d y-yy .' 'y;'?
Application cf Citizens for erection r of
Clock on Market House. Referred to com
mittee on Buildings. : ; t
'On motion of Alderman Servoss the
board adjourned. - y mm i -
Alderman Arnold called the yeas and , nays.
Aldermen Rumley, Howe, Servoss and Jones
in the affirmative, Aldermen ; Arnold : and
Kellogg in the negative. ;;.i ; u it ' v
r The Board then Adjourned. 1
c V v , Benj. Durfee, City Clerk.
A letter from Bishop Loughlin was read
in all the - Catholic churches of Brooklyn
Sunday, proclaiming a jubilee throughout
the Cityof Brooklyn from Saturday until
. - , m m . a Y
the close. 01 tne ucumemcat council.
Peaches two dollars and a half per bnshel
in New York. - t
tMb. Editor. 1 In Justice to all parties ik
connection $ wi Jihe recent f capture 7 at
Smithviileojf i the Cubanillin of; War, you
Washington; correspondenl lit his letter
datecr 9ctoben5thi which appeafed'in' thtf
last numberof the Post, : may be j excused
the important iomlssionin'- xnentionisg the'
names ot those gentlemen - connected with1
that affair, he entirely -omitted tciiaen
theame, pfur:actiTe ndi brare Inspector
of Custom, who alone and unarmed bdarded'
;!monsterithat;wa3 16 haredestroyed
jFsbejcliafe-inarinfl lromToffJ the '
8ea? i but unfortunately, The ' best laid1
plans of men. and lajto9, Qft 'gMi fcmy.-t:'
rMr(ELeggv- BevemieT Inspectd riat ithis
portt was the tot.tobofithtVVesirandl
obtained the assuxanceif :Coacwdore-Hjgi
gins, command4ngi,jthafr he 'wouIdrnotlTe-:
moye his yesiel outside,- ntilh shtiuldhear 1
from Collector.Rumley at : Wilmington, to ?
whom he at QQCffx9ffidall icohtinicated
the arrival and;i waal romptlyilvisited bv ;
takeuuin charge by authority; and
under.instructions,from the gbTerflment 'at
Washington, as4per affldayit and 'warrant
gnl by Allan Rutherfbrd.tJ: Si Comniis-
sioner, for the State of North Carolina;5 B. :ot
; - ':-y vbstiux
percejwas es
Ford is coming. ; '
1 1 Patti weighs- 96; ''
11 e n 0;
Hazel eyes , are true,r
Butler is in NewTorkv
j Fanny Fern drinkstea; : e
iNapoieoh isn! crutches '
Dickens will . read again. v -Peabody
,1a halt; seas-orer. ; -
Train drinks scuppernong.
Napoleon " shufta" ho more." ' 5 ,
(Jen. Thomas is in Omaha. r - 1
Clingman is in Washington. .
Somebody railt about coots, v;
Carlyle is growing very greyj'':'-''1
; f Jerry" Black is home again;
- GrSchon-eiainI."
Brigham wants to see Beecher. , .-,
; Avoid , wearers of blue ribbu I; l2 -.,n -
Judge ; Yerger is in Washington. -Prince
'Arthnjfk'a u crack'aHot U:'
Oranges are pouririg:lnto Gotnam5.7 u ,
Sheridan is kissing Wisconsin belles. -
j Buchanan Read has busted Sheridan I 1 f ; '
- McClellan is among the White Mountains;
' Seward is in Mexico smoking cigareUei.-1 "
' "Gov. ee'd, orida
FisOjpefa H0W19 ort $1,00,000, ,u-y
'.Belle 'Boyd "'don't itakel'-injoyal Calif or--nia.
'"J tixr.(i v 4 ..
:" ' -'J"f lv) '-dh'-i.i y'-' r,Y i, .;yi ; iy, v.i -i ' .
Ditrict Attorney Pierrepont ; will not , re
Early, Sheridan's Drotesre'1 is in Tjvnr.1i.
hnw. t - f . ... -i -. - . m .
; e-yy:'
John Fort, Esq.; has arrived ;ln Ontanni5
IX. lis v.4T;.-':-i tv
' r ?
" The Wickedest1 Mahn is '
down" 'on
J3towe.n .if -ilH-r ;r::--7$- -i tip.
Daniel Webster was' Fessenden's
Butler-says" "cold cramblers oiiJlit th,1fJi';
Counselor Lowrey says the tt Cuba, can't 5
be,held. : ';i-,M no iloihi 'u tnsv. c'
Brick 'Pomeroy wilt3-so6h"
AS v::-
hnnVuf. 11
. Collyer, the bruiser, is a Frenchman born
in Ireland. n?n--t.. 30.10 asni, strl
y Vinnie Ream
Hyacinthe. r
W busF iV
Koopmahschapp has cooped "himself In
New Orleans.
Billings-get $30 a week for WvioiHof.
ot orthography; tPAiTul hi- ly. v. s 'v -
The ; Americantlnstiiute ' Fair is
a pro-
nounced success.
Cannery, ye chief of the-jSgra&rin "WmIi-'
Minister iWashburne has been dined bv
the Stuttgartians;-;ih .iitjnidi'tp)'. fy
F. M.I Blair, editor of Hfae z'Mawnti 'Eoms
Advocate, is dead. ft tt.:) ..-u
Grant complains of haneers on' around
the White House.- Hr - rr ':, . .
Miss Middy Morgan is the market editor
of the N. Y. Timet". . , ,,..r
Mrs. Ottendorfer is the proprietor of thn
jCi; x, Dtaatt aeiiung.
Frederick Dent,'Mrs.f QrantV father '1m
celebrated hls4th birthday: ; '
' Etheridfffl says " only Gfod: or- the. Devil
can keep jum from the S. enatejT1 j .. .
u Johnsoti XI is expected in Washington as ;
a TJ. S. S. ; ' Forgive us. pur alna. -.
Chief Engineer King; TS. S. Kavy, is off to I
Mare Island. To find a mares nest ?
W. S. Chandler will assume 1 the' oosition
of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, .t
. pwwo .us Di wgr&uu a TiQuicauon oi ner -"
Byronici&m. 'Twill appear in the December -
" Gen. HarkeV; deliTer 'the eulogy on -
Rawlins before the Army ' of Tennessee in -Noyember.,-i.
Blackberry married Elderberry in Dan
bury, Conn., last week. "By their fruits ve " "
shall know. them.", r - r , ;, Jt J. .
. H.P. Sulhyan has ; metamorphosed tho
Santa Fe Gazette in name and politics. It H '
now called the Port, F

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