North Carolina Newspapers

vol. in.
no: 34
Office of the Examiner,
Raleigh, Feb. 18, 1874.
Gold open-.! in Nework to-day at
12J ; money at 4 ; exchange, long, 4S5,
nliort 4-Ni. Gold clod at L2.
Yttn 1" New York closed .juiet at
In the local market to-day, cotton was
a bhade duller tliau Saturday, tut is usu
al on Mond.iv. IU--eiits 123 bales.
Iy.w middling 13i',l.
Attention in ca)U-d to the adrertise
tiieuts of Mcs-xr. Wayne All"oU fc Co.,
and Mmsm. Bennett t Wicker, and
bankrupt notice.
ui:viutios OF
Sknate Chamber,
Raleigh, N. C, Feb. 3, 1874.
At a republican caucus, held on the
3rd or February, 1S74, the following res
olutions were unanimously adopted:
Itetolved 1. That this caucus recom
mend The Daily Examiner and Weekly
Em and Examiner to the republican
party of this State, as a paper worthy of
it-s confidence and support.
Hexolved 2. That all republican mcm
lers of this general assembly bo re-
ju-Mel to Hiibscrilto to this paper and
nil of their influence in giving it
irculaiion and support.
' s i m cd . St i V I R E T R I V ETT,
PrcVt of the Rpp. Caucus.
Ki'WAUD R. Di pi.kv, Secretary.
LOCAXj affairs.
Thk National. Hotel. Celonel
Brown opened this superb hotel on
yesterday. We bespeak for him a lib
eral Rhare of the travelling and home
Death of an Estimable Chah
t.ottb Lady. Mrs. Samuel Wolffc, a
;stor of ('apt. W. II. Green, superinten-
fioht of the N. C. R. It., we are pained
to learn, died in Charlotte on Saturday
night last, of consumption.
Handsomb - Sirm Tea. bet to
Speaker J. L. Robinson. On Tester-
day afternoon, immediately after the
adjournment or tno nonse or represen
tatives sine die, the hall was the seen
of a most pleasurable kind, for the
members were called to order by a rap
or the gavel or its chler clerk, col s. l.
Pool, wbo announced to the body that
their business was nofyet concluded,
requesting atthe same time the resump
tion of his chair by Speaker Robinson.
who upon complying, Mr. Edward
Jones of Caldwell, arose and delivered
a beautiful and appropriate address,
wb ich was as follows:
Mr. Speaker Robinson : On behalf
Back Number"?. A few of tho last
Weekly edition of the AVa awl Exam-I ir- P?aJte,r woeon : cm uenau
... J . .i.- r i.. wr I of mvself and m v fellow members of
mis uouy, uoairo 10 present io you
A. Smith to the general assembly, and
other interesting matter, can be obtain
ed on application at this office.
Another Death in the City. We
are pained to announce the death in our
city at an early hour on yesiemay oi
Mrs. Hansen, tno esieemeu wmow ui
the late Mr. Hansen, Professor or mu
sic at 8L Mary's chool for a series of
years. We extend our sinoero condo
lence to the family and her many friends
in their ailliction and grief.
Nkw G'old Leaf Sign. We noticed
the in-laying of a beautiful gold leaf
sign of Messrs. Wayne AUcott A L .,
upon tho windows or.tneir new place oi
business, the late stand of W. C. Stron-
arch, Esq. Tho workmanship, in the
finish style of the art, is done by Kraus
and Thompson, of this city. It will ren
der their store very attractive. Messrs.
Allcott A Co., are lirst curs grocers in
tho entire branch of their avocation.
Iti:i'l III.K A ltlOMTI(.S.
Common Schools and t Ik- Wes
tern North Carolina Kuilrond.
Sknate Chamber,
Raleigh, Feb. 12, 174.
The republican inenilnTs of the legis-i.ituri-,
in joini caucus a.-vseuiblcd, rep
rt ei. tin-, a they believe? too unatii-niou-,
U ling -f the rejMibiicans of
N'rt!i Carolina d
,v.w(n', 1-t. That the education of
th" rrliil'lrf-!i of tho State, so shame-
lie,; !ft l in the
K-rfoi uiai ci-
iat. i a
of which
obtain from
(1 u ty
general assembly, controlled by a
larun deiiKHU-atic msj'.i ity, and in which
c havu fail H but wo shall never co.vo
u: i tr rt-s to obtain tho sanic at tho
hands of the government, of North
Carolina, atwl we confident rely upon
the people to sustain us.
'2, That it is to the lvst Interest of the
people of Nort! i Carolina, that hergrcat
worKs of internal improvement shall
lo pushed vigorously to completion,
and to that end every available resource
idiall ho api4iel.
3. That trtief t ecouomy dictates
that tie vast mineral and agricultural
wealth of our trans-montane counties
ifttht lw nnKkH and jwuirttt ' Irit
the markets uf tho worUl, by the speed"
i!truetioii of both branches or tl.o
Wotern North Carolina railroad, both !
t Ducktovrii and Faint Rock,
and tho npub!i :i!s ea -t of tli
uouiitaiiis pledge themselves to
Immioration and St. Patricks
Day. The senate, en yesterday, rocon-
sidered their previous action i r re
trard to Father McNamara's scheme
of immigration and a proper celebration
of St. Patrick's day, the 17th of March
next, the Irish Patron Saint, by taking
up tho resolutions and passing them.
We are heartily pleased to make this
announcement and trust the conven
tion and celebration, as it will no doubt,
be a grand success.
Si'kciai. Term of Wake Siterior
Col'ht, His Honor Judge Tourgek
Presiding. The followiug cases were
heard and disposed of yesterday :
Ann R Lipscombo vs (Jeo Williams.
Verdict for defendant.
W C Stronarch A Co vs J Kroth. Ver
dict for plaintiff.
J L Labiaux vs Win II Matthews.
Judgment for plaintiff.
Sam Wortham vs B N Howell. Judg
ment for plaintdl.
Samuel Orendorfand son vs A N Up
church. Verdict for defendant.
Death of Mr. Voorhkef, the vic
Voorheef, the unfortunate victim of the
late gun explosion, died t his residence
on Saturday night last.from the wounds
received. "The physicians, after his
dentb, performed an operation and
found the breech-pin imbedded in the
brain near the back of his head. We
learn that there is a similar case on re
cord, which occurred in England,where
the wounded man lived for seven years
after the occurrence, but it finally re
sulted in causing death.
The friends of Mr. V. havo our sym-
fathies in their sad bereavement. His
uneral took place on yesterday.
this token of our appreciation of your
valuable services as speaker of the
house. The fairness, courtesy, imparti
ality and ability with which you have
presided, has been a distinguished
feature of our sessions. The dispatch
ol tho people's business has been ow
ing principally to your efforts and I
have no hesitancy in Baying, that our
constituencies wIllrecogrniZ8 them as do
we, and that in this presentation as in
all things else we have endeavored to
be their true representatives. May
the same success attend you in your
future lifor which has marked your
course in the position you have so ably
filled here and to which your qualities
of head aud heart so eminently entitle
you. In parting with you let me assure
you, sir, that you are accompanied by
the respect and esteem of every mem
ber of this honse, and when In the even
ing quiet of your home your eye may
chance to fall upon this service. We
trust that you may remember us with
the same kindly feelings that we will
ever cherish for you,!'
The service consisted of a coffee pot,
rWo tea pots, one milk pitcher, one
suirar dishr one bowl, one butterdish,
oue butter knife and one ladel of solid
silver in an elegant silver waiter.
Speaker Robinson, in accepting the
present, said :
Gentlemen of the llouse: This act of
yours has produced emotions of a pleas
ing, and at the same time of a painful
character. Pleasing, becauso I know it
to be prompted by impulses on your
part, which are kind and complimenta
ry ; and painful because I have no fit
ting words to express the feelings your
action has inspired. To say that I ap
preciate and feel flattered by this testi
monial, is not enough. To say that I
accept it, is an indication that you en
dorse my course, as your speaker, does
not tell it all. The feature, on ! this oc
casion, that will be remembered in after
life with most pleasure, is that, aside
from all political or party affinities, it
comes from friends that I esteem and
love, and will b prized by me while
life lasts, as a souvenir of associations
both of a public and social nature, which
can never be forgotten. I thank you
again, from my heart, for this testimo
nial of your approbation and friendship.
The LeiLfUnxe's If listed
The "Solomons" have all gone home,
The Halls are being dusted.
The peanut trade is all broke up
For the Legislature's busted.
They sat and sat and eat their peas,
And drew five dollars a day. -
Bnt what they did for the peoples good
la, what no one can say. m- ,
Ther. all loved North Carolina so
They swore they would protect her
The only Jaw tney passed was mis:
Bill Smith shan't be a Director.
Bill Smith he called them "Solomons,"
Which made them very mad.
For they had no kin of that 'ere, name
And swore they never had.
Now to their homes they're all gone,
The Halls are being dusted,
The people sing and elap their hands
Foxths Legislature's basted.
Metropolitan Hall
"Life as I'vk 8bbt 7t.'-
ojK'rate tvit!i tho cop!e
in any and a. I plans which will nccotu
pli"h this cud,
t AC;, s. sf.ymoi'r.
1- Pri't Republican Caucus.
FiCWAi:i It. Dfni.KV, So.-retarv.
:pt. TvO.
Evans (will deliver his unique and ad
' m iraMe lecture on "Life as I've Seen
1 It," to-night, at Metropolitan hall. Wo
trust our citizens will give Tom Evans
a lull and large attendance. Wo must
remember ho is a native among us, and
not let the old saying be verified : "A
prophet is not without honor save in
iiis own country." We read that tho
of the west . indies have greeted Capt. Evans with
many charming smiles, (no always uia
have an eye for them,) and in Milton he
was solicited to repeat nis lecture, ine
admission is onlv oO cents, anil doors
o; en at 7: 50 o'clock, the lecture to be-
fin at 8. Don't fail to attend.
TK' general assembly has ;ul
jou rHil.
TUm announcement will be hailed,
with joy by the people of the State,
without regard to color or race.
v "all the imbeciles and imprac
ticable, ever assembled in council,
this was entitled to the premium
for utter worth letterless. Partizan,
illiberal, narrow-minded, unstates-man-like,
it stands pre-eminent.
The distinguished democratic
meinoer of congress from the 3rd
North Carolina district, could find
nothing with which to compare
this general assembly, except a cer
tain liquor ho had heard of "which
was too weak to run down hill."
A distinguished lawyer of West
ern North Carolina, (not a republi
can) is rejKjrtcd as saying, that
while such another legislature in
Ioint of iiiilecility might, by hard
work, be picked out, that such an
one could not be obtained "by any
thing like a fair draft."
Another distinguished democrat
complained in this city, a week or
so ago, that he smelt the dead and
putrid camiss of this general assem
bly ail the way from Charlotte.
Klected under an unconstitutional
and disgraceful gerrymander, by
means of factious challenging of
voters and ballot-box stufllngby im
Iorted thieves, this legislature has
been a stigma on the fair name of
the State, and after an existence of
two years as a mammoth excresc
ence on the Ixxly iolitic it falls off
of its own rottoncss, ami a feeling
of relief is instantly felt from Cur
rituck to Cherokee.
"Sound the loud timbrel o'er Caro
lina's dark sea".
Tit k Mi-rray Burglary Case.
From our report of tho decisions tiled.
it will be seen that Allen Mcl'herson
and Henry Williams, who were con
victed at January term of Wake superi
or court, have been awarded a new
trial. The prisoners were represented in
both courts bv Messrs. 1. It. I'nrneli ana
J. C. L. Harris. These gentlemen dis
played much energy in the defence of
tho defendants, and we have heard their
arguments before the supremo court
spoken of as exhibiting research and
talent. They are rising young men,
and deserve well of the public.
The regular term ot ako seperior
court will be heard in April next, at
which term McPherson and Williams
will bo tried again.
Church Notes. We tako pleasure
in stating that the Rev. Dr. Mason, who
is ill of pneumonia at the parsonago ad
joining Christ church had much moro
favorably improved on yesterday. He
li3s the prayers of his congregation and
the w ish of our whole community for
his early and entire restoration to his
former good health.
All the churches of our city were
well attended on Sunday morning and
Tho ordinanco of baptism was admin
istered on Sunday afternoon aU4 p. m.
at tho Baptism church, to three candi
dates. Rev. Dr. Pritchard officiating.
A large number were in attendance.
Prof. Grotz, of St. Mary's school, has
taken charge of the organ at Christ
church Episcopal) and a new choir has
been organized.
A member of the general assem
bly a few mornings since came into
the commons hall with exceeding
red eyes, and on being requested to
write out a committee report said
" Oh, I can't do it. My brains are
all gone to the dogs." His friend
simply said Poor dogs!" and there
was silence in the hall for the space
of a minute thereafter.
A good deal has been said about
reformitrg the drama. It is time
to say something about reforming
the patrons of the drama, many of
whom, just as the curtain is ready
to fall at the close of the last act,
seizo their hats and rush for the
doof as frantically as if they had
just received the startling intelli
gence that the only saloon in the
city would be closed for the night
in two minutes and a half.
Thk New Episcopal Conorkoa
tion. This congregation, as p.evioiislv
stated, held their lirst scrvico at their
place of worship. Tucker Hall, on Sun
day. We were highly plaesed to see a
largo number present, amorg whom
there were many strangers. Inline lat
ter respect this" church will supply a
desideratum long felt in our midst, it
being a free church for all, and moro
conveniently adapted to this latter class
of personages, w ho, we havo cften w it
nessed, however much they desired.
were at a loss to avail themseUes of, and
this congregation intend, as faias possi
ble, to embrace the term " th? church
of tho strangers," and fill this long de
fer red vacaucy. A welcome is.we learn,
especially extended to all Hose who
have heretofore refrained frou church
going, of whom we are sorry tosay there
is an innumerable number inthis com
munity. The Sunday school was or
ganized by the election of R. II. Battle,
Jr., Esq., as superintendent, aid opened
with forty scholars. Rev. Edvard R.
Rich, the pastor elect, condirted the
services both morning and evening.
Bishop Lyman was present anl assist
ed in the morning services. Tie music
was of such a character and so 'enderoa
that the whole congregation eaily and
earnestly Joined. Prof. Schneior pre
siding at the organ.
Supreme Court. This court met at
its usual hour, all the Judges being
present and the following causes were
argued :
Joseph II. Etheridgo et al. vs. Milford
Vernoy, from Bertie. Called and ar
gued. " Smith & Strong for the plaintiffs
and W W Peebles and D A Barnes for
Commissioners of tho town of Hert
ford vs F E Wiuslow et al, from Per
quimans. Called and continued.
D A and L W Humphrey, ex'rs. vs
It W Wood, ex'r, from Onslow. Called
and argued. Smith & Strong for the
Elaintitf and Buttle A Son and A Q Hub
ard for the defendant.
The cowrt to-day- wilt consider causes
at the end of the docket. y
Opinions were filed by the Justicos as
follows :
By Pearson, C. J. :
W P M Wells vs F Gluder, adm'r,
from Buncombe. Judgment modified.
Joseph Keener et al, vs Finger fc Kee
ner, adm'rs, from Lincoln. Judgment
reversed and cause remanded that the
facts may bo more fully found.
By Reade, J. :
N II Street et al, vs Commissioners of
Craven county, from Craven. Judg
ment affirmed.
State vs Allien McPherson and Henry
Williams. Error. Vtnire denovo.
By Rodman :
J W S Luck vs P F Patton, reversed.
Judgment for defendant. dusk vs
Clayton, from Buncombe. Judgment
By Settle, J :
State on rel W R Cox vs N Peebles et
al, affirmed. John F Logan vs J C
Plummer. Judgment afiiruied.
By Bynum, J :
ESP Lippard vs J C Roseman et al,
from Rowau. Judgment affirmed. H
B and M. L. Arm field vs J 1) Brown et
al, from Rowan. Judgmentaftirmed.
Horrible Cruelty A Little Boy
Ten Years Old Roasted Over a Fire
by a Fiend ix Hutcan Shape. Upon
facts coming to the knowledge of His
Honer Mayor Whitaker, in the capacity
of justice of the. peace, he issued the
the following warrant, which read:
"State of North Carolina, Wake county,
to any lawful officer ; whereas informa
tion has been laid 'before me, upon the
oath of Can d is Hinton, that Joseph Ma
son (colored) did, on the 10th of Febru
ary, 1874, build a fire, and over the fire
held her son, Sam Hinton, a boy about
ten years of age, and seriously burned
the body of the said boy Sam Hinton,
in Swift Creek Township, In said coun
ty," Ac, Ac. The . prisoner, Joseph
Mason, a colored maa some six feet
in height, and about 30 years of age, was
arrested by the officer and brought be
fore His honor, when witnesses were
sworn, and the following facts elicited:
Sam Hinton, (colored) the victim,-was
called, and after being questioned by
the Justice concerning ins knowledge
of an oath, said he did not know any
thing of an oath, but he knew that God
bad made him, Ac; the Justice then ex
plained its nature, and he was sworn,
testifying: I am about ten years old.
and was living with Joe Mason, the col
ored man you have here. One. night
about two weeks ago, because I wouldn't
study my book, he held me over the
fire and burned my wrist and back.
(His mother here raised his shirt and
showed to his honor, the burns which
were quite severe though somewhat
healed at this time. I was put on the
fire, and more wood piled up on me.
His wife was in tho room. ' . . . ,
Sidney Hinton colored sworn 'and
testified : One Saturday night I went
home from Raleigh, the same night
this boy Sam came to my house, though
he said nothing of being burned; short
ly afterwards Joe Mason came having a
big stick in his hand and took the boy
away, dragging and striking him after
getting him out of the bouse with the
stick. I was too unwell to Interfere t
I would have done Ac,
Jim Hinton (colored) s'orn: I was
at a festival when this little boy came
there; shortly afterwards Joe Mason
also came when he whipped this boy
home. I never heard he was burned
before I came hero..
No other witaeses being present tn
examine, his honor informed Joe '
Mason he could make a statement in
his own behalf, though cautioning hint
that any thing he might say injurious
to nimseir would be used against mm
Adjournment of Mississippi Legis
Memphis, Feb. 15. The Missis
sippi Legislature adjourned yester
day and many members left for
New Orleans to participate in Mar-
cli uas.
Wife murder.
Philadelphia, Feb. 1G. Leon
ard Warabolt, kevper of a beer sa
loon, fatally shot his wife last night
without the least provocation.
Funeral of a Prominent Tlau.
Charleston, s. c. Feb. 15th. A
great concourse of citizens of all
classes attended the funeral of
Robert Stuart Bruns, a past grand
master, and one of the brightest
masons in the United States.
Items from the Metropolis.
New York. Feb. loth. Chief
Justice Waite. is now here. He
leaves for Washington to-morrow.
While here he has been visited by
many distinguished citizens.
The gold exchange has opened
subscription list the relief of the
poor. .
?Iurder and the Whiskey Move
ment in .Yew York.
New York, Feb. 1G. Ten wo
men and two men organized here
yesterday for tho crusade against
alcohol. They will devote this
week to work and prayer for an in
crease in their numbers, inereis
much feeling on Long Island
against the whisky trade, and it is
probable a movement will be in
augurated there.
In Iloboken yesterday, David
Bowie was shot and dangerously
wounded by constable Johnston.
Citizens who saw the shooting set
upon Johnson and kicked him
about the head, fatally injuring
him. No arrests.
lion. Alex. II. Stephens III The
Howard Court Inquiry Nomina
tions. Washington, Feb. 1G. Hon.
Alex. H. Stephens is ouite ill at his
room with neuralgia of the kidneys.
Night before last several physicians
were in consultation relative to his
case, and agreed that his condition
was serious. He was somewhat
easier yesterday and to-day.
General Eaton, commissary gen
eral, was retired to-day by order of
the president, and General Shiras
was assigned to duty as commissary
general, ana General Ames Beck
with was assigned to duty at Wash
Ihe Howard court inquiry meets
the third of March. Tho following
generals compose the court :- Sher
man, McDowell, Pope Meiers and
Holt with Major Gardner as judge
Nominations Fabius Stanley to
be rear admiral in the navy, and
P. Clayton of Georgia, to be consul
at Valparaiso.
Wa .. Allcott.
Ij. It. Ex line.
Grantl Dinner by
sia lie
The Utopsjr of the Twins.
Phildelphia, Feb. 15. It is re
ported that the band between Chang
and Lng has been operated on, and
that the report will be made to tne
College of Surgeons on Wednesday
next. It is almost impossible to
get a cine to proceedings, every
thing: beinsr conducted with the
greatest secrecy.
crm nrl (Unnpr
mnjr by
X Proposition to Abolish the Test
Washington, Feb. 15. A sub
committee of the house committee
on the judiciary, have prepared a
ong report in favor oi abolition of
the test oath in all cases, and will,
this week, present it to the full
committee. The temper of the
house is in favor of such legislation.
The bill will relieve pensioners and
deputy postmasters from the exac-
10ns of the test oath, and totally
banish the iron-clad oath prescrip
the Czar of Ilus-
Petersburg, Feb. 1G. A
was given last eve-
the Czar to his imperial
and roval visitors. In his speech
his majesty said that the Emperor
of Germany, and Queen of Eng
land and Emperor of Austria and
himself would preserve peace with
me worm, xne iTince oi v aies,
was the representative of the Queen
who bowed his thanks, and the
Emperor Francis Joseph responded
ating the sentiments ot the
London, Feb. 1G.
has dispatch from
that the Pope will
-The Standard
Home stating
hold another
consistory in June next," when eight
more cardinals will be created, in
eluding archbishop Manning.
Fresh Garden (Seeds. We direct
tha attention of our readers to tho ad
vertisement in to-dav's Examiner, of
Messrs. Edward J. Evans A. (.'., Nur
serymen and Seedsmen. York, Penn
sylvania. Their seeds and plants aro
The Quincy Bank Itobbcry.
Chicago, Feb. 15. Nothing has
been ascertained so far in regard
to the bank robbery at Quincy yes
terday morning, though several
persons have been arrested on sus
picion. A reward of twenty thou
sand dollars has been offered for
the restoration of the stolen proper
ty and the capture of the thieves.
Among the bonds stolen were one
hundred thousand dollars of Adams
county bonds, numbered from 221
to 400, inclusive.
An Insurance CaneJury Award
$'20,691 Damages.
Philadelphia, Feb. 1G. In
mm pruts Deiore Juage fenarswooa,
the jury in the case of llobert Fox
vs. Pennsylvania Mutual Life In
surance Company, which was a suit
upon a policy ot insurance cnecteu
by Mr. Fox upon the life of John
Clark Lee, the jury this morning
rendered a verdict for plaintiff for
twenty thousand six hundred and
ninety-one dollars and
cents, tho full amount claimed, with
Old NoitTit State Minstrels.
Pomp Bryan and Charlie Howard, the
energetic pasto slingers, wcro out in
their zebra suits on yesterday, posting
bills for the above company, who will
vary tho monotony ofijuiftand dullness
of this city, at Tucker hall, Friday eve
ning, Feb. 20.
They promise man' attractions. Ad
mission 50 cents, gallery 25 cents. Go
and see them by all means, being pro
nounced by competent judges, a lirst
chiss, refined show.
L9b UlUll I
Mason roa- 4 cold that the motlifa&wsers
of the boy told him to whip him if he
didn't study his book, which he would
not do, and for which I whipped him
by the tire, and he laid down by the tire
and got burned, but I didn't know it
until next day. My wife was washing
his clothes and told me of it, and I look
ed at his back aa he came out from the
cotton patch. I have whipped him
many times before about studying his
book. I did not strike him as stated by
one of the witnesses, with a stick, I
slapped him. I only done what his
mother instructed mo to do.
His Honor remarked to Joe that his
story was very thin and that in some
states they have a law for the preven
tion of cruelty to animals and its a good
one too, but he was happy to know
that while we have no such law here in
our state, still we have a law to prevent
this cruelty to children and I will bind
you over in a bond of $500 to appear at
the Spring term of Wake superior court
of 1874
Wo have no words further to com
ment upon this horrible affair and trust
the perpetrator will receive merited
punishment at the court above mention
The ISrealtin&r up of the Ice in the
Troy. jn. Y.. Feb. 14. The ice
In front of this city broke up sud
denly this morning. Seven men
Who were at work on one of the
niers of the bridge took refuge on
two barges moored to the pier. The
ice piled acainst the barges, cut the
vmjicJi Jieiu -taemto. jno
pier, ana they were iorcea Dy me
ice and carried down the river to a
point near Albany, but the men suc
ceeded in reach insr the shore. After
the ice broke up, the water rose ten
feet in as many minutes. The water
is now receding, and all danger of
a freshet is supposed to be over.
The Centennial -IUr. Kelly and Ir.
Waddell, oi' North Carolina, (Speak
Increase of National Jia.nk
Notes, &c.
Washington, Feb. 1G. In the
House Mr, Kelly, of Pennsylvania,
offered a resolution that, members
of the house and senate will assem
ble in Carpenter's hall, Philadel
phia, on the Gth of September, 1874,
in centennial commemoration of the
assembling of the delegates from the
several colonies and provinces of
of North America on Monday, Sep
tember oth, L 74, and that the speak
er oi tne nouse De invitea to pre
side over the meeting, and Vice-
President Wilson he requesied to
deliver an address appropriate to
the occasion.
After remarks In support of the
resolution, Mr. Kelley yielded the
floor to Mr. Waddell, of North Car
olina, referring to him as the de
scendant of one whose bones rested
in the old Mennonite church-yard
at Germantown, having fallen at
the head of the troops from thesouth
of the Potomac. Mr. Waddell made
suitable acknowledgment of Kel-
logg's politeness and courtesy, and
sustained the resolution in a speech
Tyrrell county, in his place in the
senate, at eleven o'clock on Satur
day night, as I am credibly in
formed, made, unprovoked, a gross
and malevolent attack on my per-
sonar as well as my , official charac
FOR HIS HOME by the early
- ':
Commission Merchants.
Wo aro now located at tho eld well
known stand of W. C. StrcnacLi, whero
you wi'.l find it to your interest, to pur
chase the Lett goods at tht lowest prices.
Wo are daily receiving choice brands of
the bent groceries. We' aro determined
to continue the business upon tho pa mo
basis of excellence of quality, prompt
ness or shipment, strictly tho samo
prices and terms lor all without varia
tion or discount in favor of any indi
vidual customer, and with thoroughly
fair dealing in general and In particu
lar. Wo shall always keep in view tho
ancieut finger board, Kiutiug out tho
old way to success through strict econ
omy, fair dealing, business entorpriso
and clove application.- Thaukinjr you
heartily lor your favors in tho past, wo
hope to receive a si. aro or youx patron
aire in the future, and shrill ever do our
best to make tho relation to your ad
vantage as well a-s our own.
fob 10-3in
jS&O-Offick Ovku Tucker's Store.
E N N E T T it WICK E K '
Corner Martin and Person Street",
( RALEKJir, X. C,
Opposite Ilaptist drove.
This is the cheapest and most reliaMo
source to obtain honest, sober, and in
dustrious servants, for wo inako it a
study to understand their goi.eral char-
actei lbticsf in onler to establish a repu
tation for our ofll'-o. All orders sent to
our ollice will bo promptly filled.
vo wouia uesire ot persons rorolvinjr
servants through us, upon their dismis
sal from their scrvico to send usanoto
stating conduct, capabilities, Ac, thus
not only protecting themselves, but
others from worthless no-account. ser
Cooks, Nurses, ITiambeririaids.IIouso
girls, Dining room (servants, Teamsters,
I'orters, Ulhco boys, l- loor boys. Clerk.
Salesmen, Mechanics, Laborers, Ac,
supplied at short notice.
Particular attention paid to rentimr
houses, &nd families desiring to rent
houses would do well to c ill.
Contracts mado for brick work, and
house, sign and ornamental painting.
Copying ot all kinds taken and bills
Persons desiring to procure white
servants are requested to call and ascer
tain our terms. A good white cook can
be had by applying at once. Also a foiv
first class colored hou:-.o girls und
nurses. i ,
Particular attention pfviclijiwoaiiui:
rarm lauor. - ' .
train this (Monday) morning.
Vessel Abandoned.
London. Feb. 16. The schooner
"Lida" from Wilmington, JS". C,
for London, was abandoned on the
10th inst. Crew saved.
L v Li l l'll All tl Ol,CVtil IT i IT I
lluded to the honor- 1 iun th,rcl,!lt unpolled,
til us
New Boards for the Insane Asr
lum, Penitentiary and Deaf and
Dumb Institute. The followiug are
the new boards for the Insane Asylum,
Penitentiary and Deaf and Dumb Insti
tute :
Insane Asylum: Weslev "Whitaker,
Anderson lietts. Dr. E. lJurke Hay
wood, E. W. Pou, J. M. Pool, J. D.
Uzzleand G. W. Brodie, of Wake coun
ty ; T. Geo. Walton, of Burke; G. W.
Stanton, of Wilson ; Wm. R. Myers, of
Mecklenburg; Dr. S. G. Coffin, of Guil
ford ; Dr. J. G. Ramsey, of Rowan ; W.
F. Faircloth, of Wayne; James B. Ma
son, ot urange; ana peter it. J-iaraon,
of Alamance.
I'eTiitentiary : John R. Harrison,
Jacob S. Allen, John M. Coffin, Silas
N. Martin and Stewart Ellison.
Deaf and Dumb Institution: John
Nichols, Albert Johnson, R. S. Tucker,
Charles D. Ileartt, J. J. Nowell, J. W.
Cole and Handy Lockhart.
Meeting of Trustees of t!k Uni
versity We learn that, at thsugges-
tion of Kemp P. Battle, Esq., atrustee.
Col. A. B. Andrews, superintodent of
the Raleigh and Gaston railrhd, and
Raleigh and Augusta Air Line Uilroad,
Col. Talcott, Sunt, of the R. rail
road company, (N. C. division: Col. E.
R. Stanly, president of the AA N. C.
railroad company, and Col. HL. Fre
mont, of the Carolina Centrah-ailroac"
company, have issued orders' for free
return tickets to all trustees oflhe uni
versity of North Carolina, attehing the
meeting of tho board outo-mopw (the
ISth) at Raleigh. Frobably th officers
of the other railroad company of tho
state will do the same, i
Informal Meeting of the House.
Previous t the speakers' calling the
llouso to order, an informal meeting or
the rei rsentative of the house trans
pired, Mr. Scott, of Jones, being invited
to tako the chair.
Many members made brief congrat
ulatory speeches, with tho best good
wishes fr each others happiness, Ac.
Mr. doorkeeper Hill and our friend,
the one armed man, Carter, the assis
tant door keeper, wero called out and
responded happily in the same vein.
The best of good humor prevaied, ana
the body exhibited tho utmost delight
at their early return home, though with
yomo sadness at the severance of friends.
Wo wish all of them a safe, pleasant
journey, and a happy re-union with
their families, friends and sweethearts,
and tho same to the senators.
Messrs. A. C. Sanders A Co. This
well established and reliable firm ap
pears in the Examiner this morning in
a new advertisement, and the particular
attention ot every one into wnose nanus
this paper may fall, is called thereto.
They are wholesale and retail grocers
and commission merchants, in botn
branches of which business they have
established popular relations with their
city customers, the people in tne sur
roundirg country and dealers at a dis
tance ; and they maintain their standing
with all who deal with taem.
Messrs. Sanders A Co. also advertise
themselves as the agents for the highly
celebrated star ammoniated superphos
phate, a standard fertilizer, and dealers
at this house may rely on a reliable ar
They are also agents for the Graves
cotton planter, a native production,
having been invented in Wilson county,
where some of tho best and most suc
cessful planters of the State have fully
tested it and speak in the highest terms
of its merits and complete success.
The Examiner commends the house of
A. C. Sanders A Co. to the patronage of i
the local and general public, and to the
State institutions situated at Italeigh.
Petition from Colored, men asking:
to be sent to Liberia.
Washington, D. C. Feb. 16. In
the senate Mr. Frelinghuysen, pre
sented a petition from colored cm
zens asking government to detail a
vesel to trans port them to Liberia
and aid for construction of railroad
in the interior of I hat country.
lieferred to the committee on
The Mqnor TCovcmciit in Ohio.
Cincinnati, Ft'b. 1G. A special
dispatch to the Gazette, from vari
ous parts of southwestern Ohio, re
port that about eignty out oi one
hundred and forty places where
liauor was sold, have been closed
since the beginning of the temper
ance movement. These reports
come from fourteen towns and vil
publicly to brand the said KD-
ARD, unworthy alike the attention
of gentlemen, or the notice of men
of courage; and the people of his
section were imposed upon when
Fire in Norfolk, Va. We are in
formed by that gentlemanly and polite
express messenger, Joe Drummond,
Esq.. that a destructive fire occurred in
Norfolk, at an eariy hour on yesterday
morning, at the corner of Market Place
and East Wide Water street, which re
sulted in the destruction of several fine
stores. As be was coming over on the
ferry boat to the Weldon traiu,he learn
ed that the gallant firemne had the
fldirips iindfr control- A hosentan. Mr.
t Pumphrey, we were sorry to learn, had
ascended the roor, which was or slate,
on a ladder, fell off, in consequence of
the slate giving away, and was precipi
tated to the groundbreaking both arms
and seriously injuring himself otherwise.
Messrs. Wayne Allcott A Co;-
This firm makes its appearance In the
Examiner this morning to announce
itself at a new location. They are
heavy and fancy grocers, and general
produce commission merchants.
Mr. Allcott has added to his extensive
and well-earned popularity the name
and strength of that excellent gentle
man. Captain L. R. Exline.
Mr. Allcott has built up a splendid
reputation in the business circles, of
our city, and his increasing trade has
made it necessary to extend his busi-
nees and add to his facilities. He js
now at the late stand of Mr. W. C.
Stronach, to whose business besucceds.
Throughly reliable and scrupulously
pains-taking in every transaction,
tkn fiirwAf KT annn All r"f f At fr
maybei mplicitly trusted, and whatever
paomise they convey to the public
through their advertisementstbey will
The Examiner confidently commends
them to the patronage of the people of
the city, to the trade at large and to the
pulic institutions of the State.
ITIartial Law in Havana.
New York, Feb. 1G. A special
dispatch from Florida Bay, of the
14th. says :
It is reported by steamer iiarga-
ret, which arrived here yesterday
from Havana, that martial law has
been declared in Havana.
Volunteers to the number of
7,000 have taken possession of that
city, compelling the captain gene
ral to take refuge on board the war
ship Arapiles.
they placed this DIRTY FELLOW
among men of character, standing
ami honor, in the senate of North
Reception. Mr. Lewin M. Barrin
ger and bride held an elegant reception
in the parlors of the Yar borough hotel
on yesterday.
A large number of their friends called
to pay their respects with many good
wishes for their happiness.
The Graves Cotton Planter. We
call the attention of our readers and es
pecially of our farmers to the advertise
ment in to-dav's Dxaminer of tho
Graves' cotton planter by A. C. Sanders
A Co., tho agents.
The Hop Last Nioht was all that
the "club" could desire, both in point ;
or numbers, elegance and refinement,
being given in honor oi our young
l i . i . 1 . r
inenu aim mguiy esieemeu. citizen,
Lew. 15arringer,Ksq.,and lady. The din
ing roomlof the Yarborough'was resplen-
eant and dazzling with beauty, under j
the sparkle of the gas-light, while the
beaux in neat black, were as gallant as
Stanley's trio furnished the quardrille
music, while the Itallians, during the
interludes, performed Straus' latest
waltz. "On the Banks of the Blue Dan
ube," and other charming schottlsches
and mazurkas, ever so sweetly. Dan-
ing was continued to a late hour, both
old and young being brim full of en- ;
joyment and pleasure. Decidedly the
nop or me season.
Xerrible It ail road Accident in Penn
Allentown, Feb. 1G. A terri
ble accident occurred this morning
nearStatedam station on the Lehigh
and Susquehana railroad, between
1 and z o'clock, by which two men
were lost, a large amount of proper
ty was destroyed and several per
sons sustained serious and perhaps
fatal injuries. A freight train, heavi
ly laden and running at a high rate
of speed, ran into a land-slide, which
had completely blocked the track.
The engine jumped off the track,
and hangs over the bank pf the
river. Eighteen cars were thrown
from the track and piled on each
other, smashing freight of all de
scriptions, which was strewn along
the road and hurled into trie river.
Not one of the train hagds, as far as
we could learn, escaped without
some slierht iniury. The body of
engineer Doul Shounan was found
under the engine considerably burn
ed : Otto Shouman. fireman, and
and Frank Ryan, brakeman, were
badly scalded and burned. Three
other men, unknown, are reported
The British Iriinister at madrid Con.
term With the minister of Foreign
Madrid. Feb. 16. The British
Minister had a long conference Sat
urday with the Minister oi For
eign Affairs. The subject of the
interview is supposed to have been
the case of the British vessel de
tained in the Spanish port.
in which he
ble history of North Carolina in
the war of the revolution, and in
the great political events preceding
it, particularizing the destruction of
tho stamps openly and publicly
long before the throwing of the tea
into the harbor of Boston by men
wearing disguises; and referring to
the original declaration of indepen
dence drawn up in Mecklenburg
county, North Carolina. He wound
up by saying, let congress then, on
the sixth of September next, meet
in joint Convention in that venera
ble hall, and let the orator of the
occasion speak with a healing pow
er which will arouse the slumbering
spirit of former days, and which
will revive a faltering faith and un
seal once more that fountain, whose
waters, however,hidden or obstruct
ed, still swell up perpetually in
every true American heart.
A motion to suspend the rules
and pass the resolution did not re
ceive the necessary two-thirds vote
and the resolution was subsequently
referred to the select committee on
the centennial.
Among the bills introduced to
day were the following :
To provide for an increase of na
tional bank notes, and the with
drawal and cancellation of an equal in a position iorcing his association
amount oi united states legal ten
der notes.
Imposing a duty of six dollars per
ton on jute butts.
Abolishing the navy yard at
Kittery, Charlestown, New Lon
don and Washington.
Abolishing pension agents, and
providing for paying pensions by
post masters and collectors of inter
nal revenue,thus effecting an annual
saving of half million dollars.
To abolish the revenue marine
service, also to abolish certain cus
tom houses.
To repeal the special tax imposed
on dealers in tobacco, and manu
factures of cigars and tobacco.
A resolution was adopted instruct
ing commissioners on contingent
expenses in tne department of
justice to inquire into the judicial
expenditures, in the western dis
trict of Arkansas, since 1871.
Mr. Lamar of Mississippi, offered
a resolution which was adopted in
structing the committee on mili
tary affairs to inquire into the pro
priety of a sale of Horse Island, in
the Gulf of Mexico, now held but
not used as a military reservation.
The -senate discussed a bill to
equalize the distribution of the na
tional banking circulation.
Cameron submitted a substitute
to provide for free banking under
the present national laws and to re
move all restrictions limiting cir
culation. He supported the same
in a written speech followed by
Pratt and Logan favoring the sub
stitute, and Freelinghuysen against
Buckingham moved to recommit
the whole subject to the finance
committee pending the debate upon
which the senate adjourned.
-1 11 JLU
C MM fit v
labor, by using tho G raves Cotton
Planter." It sows tho seed without tho
trouble of rubbing, and with much
more regularity and precision. It will
sow from 1 to 7 bushels per aero. It
opens, sows and covers at tho haino
time, and requires only ono hand.
We refer to a few of tho will-known
farmers of North Carolina, who havo
used this planter:
W. H. Hollenian,
T. F. Leo.
j Wake Coun'y.
Gen. Joshua Barnes,
Goo. W. Barefoot,
Wiley Sim ms,
W7 1,1
A. B. Williams,
B. D. Rico,
Borden A Korne;
0 countv,
Agents, Ualoigh, N. C.
A N T E D TO P U It C 1 1 AS E,
From six to ten acres of JiANl), init
proved or unimproved, near tho city.
Apply to tho .intelligence vnace, corner
Person and Martin streets,! opprslto
Baptist GrovO. V
A N T E D !
A fow good Travelling Agents to can'-
vass tho State. A commission oi lorty
per cent, will be paid. Apply at'. Intel
ligence Ollice. t
Raleigh, N. C, Feb. 16, 1874.
At tho Insane Asylum, a good ciiri.'n
ter, wholo time required.
A good garden hand.
Persons will apply at the Institution.
feb22 Iw Steward
Washington, Feb. 16, For
south atlantic states north westerly
winds, partly cloudy -ad clear
weather, somewhat higrjye4temper
aturo and partly cloudy weather.
on the 10th day of Jan., A. D., 1873,
a warrant in Bankrupty was issued out
of the District Court of the United State3
for the Eastern District of North Caro
lina, against the estate of Ileniy T.
Clawson, of Raleigh P. O. in tho c unty
of Wake, State of North Carolina, who
has been adjudged a Bankrupt upon the
Petition of his creditors : That the pay
ment of'any debts and the delivery of any
property belonging to said bankrupt, to
him, or for his use, and the transter of
any property, by him, are forbidden by
law : A meeting of the creditors of said
bankrupt, i to prove their debts, and to
choose one or more assignees of his es
tate, will be held at a Court of Bank
ruptcy, to le holden at Raleigh, N. C,
before A. W. Shaffer, Register, on the
3rd day of March, A. D., 1874, at 10
o?clock, A. M.
29 3t Marshal as Messenger.
Bcsbkk A Bus bee, Attorneys.
O It
L E,
Ono house situated in the Eustert
Ward,, in good condition with Itight
rooms, two kitchens In tho yarn, aero
of land. Price $1,500.
Apply at this oflice. i
Choice Flower-seeds, New Seed Corn,
Seed Oats, And Seed Potatoes, Hedge,
Grass, And other seeds; also select
RANTS, Strawberries, and Other
Fruits, by Mail
(postpaid, to any post office in the U. S.
Enclose stamps for "Illustrated De
scriptive Priced Catalogues."
Nurserymen & Seedsmen, York, P
Twenty colored families to work oi-
farms near this city. . Tho host of wagoi
paid. Apply at Intelligence Office.
feb 14-lt
Kettle on uncleared land in Beau
fort county, N. C, and In pay for tl:a.
same u have the profits for throe years
of as much land as they can clear. Six
barrels of corn can bo raised to the a-.'ro
without even ploughing, tho owner of
the land doing all the diu-hiug.
feb 14-lt
Cabarrus and McDowell Mretliy
kinds of work in his lino, wllh neat
ness and dispatch.
Raleigh, Sept. lth, l7 t. ' 1-
I mil t

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