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    ton. Au*. IS.—^hrwd-
I JbMOTelt toOny •Igand 1«a>
TMtorlax all ponsloa
9ta irbieb th« IbSS oconoioy
Wok sway from Tatarasb ot
;^ntab Ameiieaa war, the
riAelHoB %•« tb« „ PblH»-
ot restortac the beaatUa
Milmated hr the ratr
’fte"’Aiia>loa roll*
■T- J^^nlS^nomjr cats in the «eon-
act bar* been nodifled by
^er laws and rnllDnu.M
The Spantsh-America^ rcter-
aaa wore the tint to gain restor
la f atioB of the old pension rates for
all tbelr members, bowever.
Washtngtbn, Au*. H. ( Aat3.
caster)—Congress *111 stick a-
' round 'Washington long enough
iitohuass the new taxjbill, but how
Id^ Marriate Gwm Oa IQ« new MUV aa^r,
Rocks} Imorca^Is Filed Bineb longer than that Is any
Los Angelii^g.-^'ia.-^e
heralded "Ideal* ®*“**®*^
coca widely
marriage of ioan Blondell, viva
RepreaentSitlTe who^, really llkoe
marriage oi eoan aionoeii, rira- ,— v_
elons screen actress, and George the Ux bltf as ^
' AW. xtAssM /InmmlttwA on WftTfl
the House Committee on Ways
and Means. It^ls a case of going
along with |he Pwaldent for the
4 good of the party.3 -
Bren Mr. RooseTOlt’s most
S. Bamee, "ace" merle camera
man,, was. brought abrnptly Into
dlrorce court today. .
ea eeiuua»«a or see Tee- Mtresa sucd and listed
^ nlaraed to the rolls nnder the ^ P”ts and ^t he of^n js^geeury Morgenthau, n
uroTletnna WMnw. nt war automoWlo against her *“« ITCasury morsou »
- — lug.
MaroAfe Licensee
WltSd.OOO annually.
■While ♦he Prealdenfe pen
st &34Ms«*e swept away one of hie
•^Mjor ISSS economies, officials Licenses to wed were issued
■ ““'eBongh of the economy act during the past week from the
to maintain savings of office ot register of deeds for
’■ flfg.f00,000 anncaily. Wilkes county to the following
' They referred to the fact that couples: Herbert C. Wall, Char
—*•“ war veterans with non- lotto, and Pauline Llnney, Wll
kesboro; Albert Parsons, "Wllkes-
boro, and Clyde- Combe, North
WUkesboro; Dillard Carroll and
Merook Gentry, both of Cham
pion; Noah H. Blackburn,
(Greensboro, and Ethel Truitt,
Roaring River; Walter Brewer,
Pores Knob, and 'Violet Erickson,
. Reins-
Wilkesboro, N. C.
Phones 85 - 223-M
CDUXS, Acid Indigestion, Head-
■Ae; Neuralgia, Fatigue, Mus-
«rihr. Rheumatic, Sciatic Pains
Mi other disorders due to an
SHMW-add ccndltion at the body.
Wheeoalgesic, (scstvl ssHfylsts) le-
■bvss pern. The sikaWssrs help to
1 the canm of thoes peliis 4ns
i Add.
eng iSe seekam ter I
fc te a drink a Alka-SeRaer at
V vvibl -AlhALIZf '
Travel By Bus
Three buses daily are now operating on a schedule through
North Wilkesboro to Winston-Salem and Bristol, Ve. Buser
leave North Wilkesboro for Winston-Salem and points east at
9:45 a. m., 3:30 p. m. and 7:20 p. m.
Leave North Wilkesboro for Bristol 8:30 a. m- 2:30 p. m. and
7:00 p. m. , _
At Winston-Salem direct connections are made with Greens
boro, Raleigh, Rklnaond, Norfolk, DanvRle and all pomts
North. At Bristol connections are made for all points west.
Leave North Wilkesboro 9.-00 a. m, 2:30 p. m. and 7:30i p. m-
for Lenoir, Morgantwi, Marlon and Asheville. *
f?^at bound buses make direct connection for Statesville, Char
lotte and psints south.
Telephone 216 North Wilkesboro, N. C.
Enough in one bottle to serve 6 thirsty guests a tall glassful
Tested'and Approved by Good Housekeeping
Bureau 4897
Fun Quart 10c plus 5c deposit Also in Orange,
Qjiape, and Linie Rickey. Keep ...
In yoor refrlgeratv for your family and guests.
Distribnted by
Two more pure bred Guernsey
heifers have .been placed with
4-H club members of Polk coun
ty this month.
North Carolina, Wilkes Coun
Under and by virtue of power
vested In the undersigned by or
der of the Clerk of the Superior
Court in a certain action entitled
F. J. McDuffie, Administrator of
the estate of J. W. Dyer, deceas
ed, vs D. V. Triplett, et al, and
having been appointed commis
sioner by the Clerk of the Su
perior Court to sell the said
lands described in a petition fil
I will therefore on the 14 th
day of September, 1935. at the
court house door in Wilkesb.oro,
N. C., at the hour ot 1 o’clock p.
m., offer for sale to the highest
bidder for cash the following de
scribed tract of land, to-wit:
Adjoining the lands of J. W.
Church. L. N. Triplett and oth
ers and bounded as follows, viz:
Beginning at a ledge or rock on
L. N. Triplett’s corner, runs
down the creek to the mouth of
the branch; then up the branch
to the mouth of the spring
branch, up the said branch to a
wild cherry above the spring;
then east to the big branch up
said branch to a large walnut
stump, runs north to a small per
simmon, runs eastward to a stake
near the sta.ble, north a marked
line to Z. W. Church’s line;
then with said Church’s line
various courses to the begin
ning. Containing 50 acres more
or less. Excluded from this de
scription is a tract of land deed
ed to Lillian Dyer in Book 147
page 586, and also a tract of
land deeded to^ J. W. Dyer in
book 147 page* 584, leaving a
balance of jipproximately 23
acres more or less.
Done this 12th day of August,
9-5-4t “ Commissioner.
was quite outspoken last Winter
on the necessity of Increasing
taxes If the Bonus Bill were
adopted, politely but firmly re
fused to make any comment
whatever when the Committee
asked him for his opinion. He
didn’t say yea, and he didn’t say
no. Ho stood pat on the perfectly
sound technical ground that It Is
solely the business ot Congress
to enact laws and that the only
job of the SecreUry of the Treas
ury would he to collect the taxes
under any tax law that they
might pass. The taxes levied un
der this new act will not be col
lectible until 1937, and a good
many things may happen In two
years. A lot of thjngs have hap
pened in the; past two years.
Othe^ Legislation
It is about 50-50 whether any
of the other major measures on
the President’s program will be
adopted before adjournment. Ad
ministration leaders, disappoint
ed at the refusal of the House to
Include the "death penalty”
clause in the Utility Holdings
Company bill, would Just as soon
see that measure lay over until
next session. In the hope of
building up public sentiment for
it. The new Banking Bill, with
the limitations upon the Govern
ment’s control of the whole
banking and credit situation,
w-hlch were forced into It by Sen
ator Carter Glass, stands a good
chance of early enactment. Whe
ther the Social Securities Bill
will come out of conference com
mittee in a form acceptable to
both Houses at this session
seems a bit doubtful.
The President has not yet ap
pointed the new Labor Relations
Board provided for under the
Wagner Industrial Disputes Law
for the surprising reason, so
is rumored, that he has not been
able to find good, men willing to
serve on it. It Is understood
here that he has invited ten dif
ferent men to take the job and
each one of them has said "no,
thank you.”
Politically speaking, as 'Whsh-
ington always speaks, the Ad
ministration forces are building
great hopes for 19 3 E on the ef
fect ot Postmaster General Jim
Farley’s “swing around the cir
cle.” Mr. Farley is. regarded here
as possessing a peculiar kind of
political magic. There are those
who doubt that he la as good a
politician as the President him
self, and many who are certain
that Col. McHenry Howe is a
still better politician.
The Farley Plan
But Mr. Farley is Chairman of
the Democratic National Com
mittee. and those who are In his
confidence say that he Is build-
on the belief that he can line up
ing his campaign for next year
the West and the South solidly
against the East.
Party leaders are beginning to
concede that the Anti-Adminis
tration movement in the States
east of the Mississippi is gaining
strength. But they are figuring
that the President could lose the
whole Eastern seaboard, down to
South Carolina, plus Michigan,
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and
the remaining states, if they
could all be held in line, would
elect him.
This combination of the West
and the South has been the
dream of almost every liberal
Democratic candidate since Mr.
Bryan, Mr. Bryan came very near
to making It. Mr. Farley a*d his
associates are confident they can
do it in 1936. Barring accidents,
it seems quit© possible to the
most experienced political ob
servers in Washington. But no
body knows better than Mr.
Roosevelt himself that aceldents
1 do happen. The Farley plan
would not permit the loss of even
one important state, such as Cal
It is pretty early for political
forecasts, with the election still
15 months away, but it Is not
too early for the politicians- to
begin laying their plans, and
that they are doing most thor
We wish to thank our friends
and neighbors for the kindness
and sympathy shown ns during
the sickness and death of our
dear wife and mother.
Copyright notices on the last
J page of a book nail and TOid.
[TbBf. must be pla^ op-the tit'
or the one tollomli^iL-
&h«dtik of 12 Gases
OiPFmr Next Fw Weria;
Ohanpteoidiip GaaMs
. .„ 1
With softball gaining la popn
larUy^throughont the nation
** Wilkesboro softballers aro
to start the baG rolling
with^-'a big leagaa aehednie that
It expected to attract eosalder-
able interest and .famish. some
tiret class recreation and ph>9l-
eal exercise to the participants.
There are fonr softball teems
In the North WUkesboro league.
Home Chair Company,- Hosiery
Mill, the Cassel aggregation and
tbn Oilreath outfit The schednie
will be divided Into first and
second half and after .'the oche-
dnle Is ftnlshed a three game
series will decide the champion
ship between th« belt" winners.
Following Is the schednie: . .5
First Keif
Aug. 12—'Home Chair Co. vs.
Aug. 14—Gllreath v^. Hosiery
Aug. 19—Cassel vs. Oilreath.
Aug. 21—Hosiery Mill vs.
Home Chair Co.
Aug. 26—'Hoalery Mill vs. Cas-
Aug. 27—Gllreath vs. Home
Chair Co.
Second Half
Ang. 28—Home Chair Co. vs.
Sept. 2—Cassel vs. Hosiery
Sept. 4—Oilreath vs. Cassel.
Sept. 9—Home Chair Co. vs.
Hosiery Mill.
Sept. 10—Cassel vs. Home
Chair Co.
Sept. 11—Gllreath vs' Hosiery
pf atf,
and Mrs. BdtCilimUHMi aa» kla
(that. Cwl, it; w«» f^^J>;
• I •' '1 v"' •Fn^wii II
- f. :■ -
Here’s tiie news that is awaited annually by
diousands of thrifty people. This store joins with the nation-
^^wide org^ization of Heatrola dealers in offer
ing worth-while dividends^to all who look ahead
a few weeks in preparing' for winter comfort
Summit News
SUMMIT, Aug. 12.—Mr. Bine
Beshears, who has a position in
Boone, spent the week-end in
this community with his family.
Mr. Fabin Church, of Benge,
was a visitor in the home ot Mr.
Henry Beshears Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Church
and children, of Pattons Ridge,
spent Sunday in the home of
Mrs. Church’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Church.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Klgbt and
daughter, of this commilnlty,
Mr. Floyd Simons, of Ledger-
wood, spent Sunday visiting
Mrs. Verner Greer, of Boone, and
friends in Punear community.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Churcb
and children, Mr. and Mrs. Coy
Church, of Pattons Ridge, spent
Sunday In Brownwood commun
ity visiting friends and relatives.
Mr. Noah Beshears, who Is sta
tioned at Arden„ in the C. C.
Camps, spent the week-end here
visiting home folks.
Misses Ina Church, Ruth
Church and 'Vetra Church, of
Pattons Ridge, spent a short
while with Miss Rosa Church,
Sunday evening.
Rev. Joe Wilcox was the din
ner guest of Mr. Henry Beshears
Mrs. Garnett Greer and chil
dren, of. Brownwood, are now
spending a few days visiting Mrs.
Greer’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Lee J. Church.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Mikeal and
children, Mrs. Liza Fleenor and
children and Mrs. Martha Mikeal,
of this community, were visitors
In the home of Mr. E. R. Mikeal,
at Todd.
Mr. Chester Church, of Benge,
was a welcome visitor in the
home of Mr. Easley Phillips,
and sale of the 1935 models
of the. original and only
genuine Heatrola Heater
It pays to buy the genuine Heatrola, because only the gen
uine has the Intenai-Fire Air Duct, the Ped-a-Lever Feed
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especially well to order it now —while the great annual
Free Coal offer is in effect (500 to 2000 lbs.,* depending
upon the model you select). In the 1935 line, there’s a size
to fit every home, a style to please every taste, a price to
meet every budget.
*On«-h«If thn* cnioanti If bard coal U fnmUhad.
A •m*U deposit now it tU thst it rtqairtd; rt^
uitr ptjmtait do not aterf aatil yoor HoatroU
it iatitUod tnd ibt Fret Cotl it delivtred.
FREE COAL with the Estate
Everybody knows ^e Heatrola Heater and everybody will
soon know the splendid new Heatrola Range for coal and
wood. Ic is a worthy companion for the Heatrola Heater.
Come in and see it. You’ll be delighted with its many con
venience features; with its smart, modem design.
We’re offering a supply of coal with the Heatrola Range, too,
(one ton with the DeLuxe model; one-half ton with the
Standard model).*
*On»-batf tiWM qautUle* If bard OMl la faroiahad.
Rhod^-Day Furniture Company
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