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. ^ - . •-.*'^**» *fc.-— •• t'-o».-.*f.-. • :^
Pfaiite CMMti'knb 11
.;^ T«ttIieUk, Kent. BnsUnd, Deo.
A BelflRB airliner, its
' ^ iKlacn (lo^ed vtth ice, embed In
a valley today and 11 persons
were killed in one of the worst
cItH air disasters ever to occur
in Great Britain.
. ■ - .I ■■■sa^nisamataniiiwgiM ^
VOL. XXX, iWVffi. ■, Piiblahed
For Trial On tli£ Cbarge of Throwing GO ON . SA1£
Jim Cheek hto.Vat of Boilii^ Slop
Inflatloa Advocated
VVlashlngton.—Billions’ of dol
lars worth of idle gold and silver
stocks in the Treasury should be
pnt to work paying the soldiers’
bonus and easing farm debts,
^Beimtor Elmer Thomas (D-Okla)
• said today In a pre-congresslonal
- . statement.
May RetHiild Triple .1
Chicago, Dec. 10.—A predic
tion the AAA would be rebuilt
within the framework of the Con
stitution if the Supreme Court
finds its present structure un
constitutional evoked applause
today from delegates to the
American Farm Bureau Federa
tion's annual convention.
Clemson Fletcher
Is Taken In Ohio
Deputy Sheriff H. C. Kilby
Goes To Circlevillc, Ohio,
To Bring Him Bach
Accident Fatal
Raleigh, Dec. 10.—James Ed
ward Ormstrong, foreman of the
^Raleigh Gas.Company, was in
ti jtired fatally today at the com
pany’s plant When he fell 25 feet
EDMONTON; Al^ta, Can. . . .
George F. Dalsiel, 27 (above), is
Canada’s first subarctie trapper of
the air, using an airplane in cover
ing his trap lines.. "The Mad
Trapper of Amtie" just landed here
with $5,000 worth of pelts.
from the roof of plant, where he
was repairing concrete tile, to the
’ cement floor.
Pet Dies, Kills Self
Sacramento. Calif.. Dec. lu.— |
Homer Lee. 14, wa.s found shot
to death in his room a shotgun
at his side. Nearby lay the body
of his pet, a black and white bull
dog which had died of old age.
Wm. C. Pearson
Dies Suddenly
In Wilkesboro
50 RE.t .lobs ApprovtHl
Washington, Dec. 10.—Fifty
resettlement projects costin,g ap
proximately $50,000,000 were
disclosed today uy Administra
tor Rexford G. Tugwell tO have
received the approval of Comp
troller-General J. R. McCarl.
Widely Known Contractor
Succumbs to Apoplectic
Stroke Tuesday Night
.John D. Takes Rides
Raytona Beach, Fla.. Dec. 10.
Return of "summer weather’’
the Halifax country, winter
home of John D. Rockefeller,
was marked today by resumption
of automobile rides by the 96-
year-old millionaire phtlantlirop-
Find -Ti-ea.sure BuruNi
Clinton. Conn.. Dec. 10. Two
bags containing old coins having
an estimated face value of $1,000
and a real value believed mucli
higher were found in the home
of Albert Marqtiard by workmen
installing a new furnace.
Cashier Robbssl Orange, .V. J-. Det. U>.—
-Miss Eva Steffanelli, cashier for
the Metropolitan l.ife Insurance
company's office in Central ave
nue, was knocked down by two
negroes and robbed of $2,469 in
cash, $2,152.30 in checks and ,
.$3.5,50 in hank coupons today.
William C. Pearson, for many
years a pi-ominent figure in
Wilkes county, suffered a total
apoplectic stroke at his home in
Wilkesboro about ten o’clock
Tuesday night. He had been in
apparently good health and was
suddenly stricken.
He was a member of one of
Wilkes county’.s most prominent
and best known families, being a
son of the late William Asa Pear
son and Mrs. Elizabeth Smithoy
, Pearson. Many^ftieads and acr
I quaintanecs thrcTughout this part
of the stale are saddened at the
news of his passing.
P’or several years he w’as en
gaged in the building trade, be
ing associated witli the late John
Kenerly in the contracting firm
of Kenerly and Pearson, contract
ors. He also devoted consider
able alteution to farming, he be
ing ow'ner of a Brushy Mountain
apple orchard.
About a year ago be suffered
serious injury in au accident.
Both his legs were broken when
bo was hit by a car near his
H. C. Kilby, Wilke* deputy
Hlierlff, ha* gone to Olrcleville.
Ohio, to bring to Wilkesboro
demon Fletcher, negro charg
ed with throwing Jim Cheek
into a vat of boiling slop at a
still in tile Traphill vicinity a-
bont a year ago.
'The negro, wI»o wears a num
ber 13 shoe and ha.s a frame of
correspondUng proportions, is
alleged to not only have
thrown Cheek Into the hot slop
but to liave held him there un
til he was almost scalded to
death. His bums finally liealed
but it is reported that he was
permanently disabled by the
injuries recelvetl. For several
weeks after the Incident oc-
enred iltUe hoi>e was held ftn*
his recovery.
Sheriff W. B. Somers receiv
ed a inessagte front the itolice
department at ClrclevUlo .stat
ing that they liaU Fletcher In
custody and miuisition itapers
from the state of Ohio have
J>een piepared. The dispatclies
from the Ohio police stated
that Flercitei' is a dangerous
character ivnd advised ample
precautions in retunilng him to
this slate.
His capture emi.s ,a year’s
search anti w a .s affected
through means of a $50 reward
notice lliat was circulated
tlirongiiout tlie country.
Tile negro will face trial in
Wilkes sujHTior court on a
charge of assault wltlt intent
to kill.
This is till- ,s’cond still slop
case in Wilkes county during
i-eeent years. In the first case
a Blowing Rock'man wa.s sen
tenced In Federal court to
three years in .Atlanta prison
for throwing M. H. Phillips into
a hot vat and nearly causing
ills leatli at a still in the Fer
guson 'oinniiinity onl.v a few
niontJis before the ailorcation
in the Traphill vicinity. Mr.
Piiillips was aidin);( federal of
ficers to raid a still and niTCst
a number of moonshiners.
AUTO pants
Time Moved Up From Mon
day, December 16, to Sat?
urday, December 14
On License Plates For Pas-
sender Cars; No Change
in Trudf Rates
Automobile and truck licenses
tags for 1936 wIlL go on Sale
Saturday, December 14, instead
of Monday, December 16, It was
learned here yesterday from J.
C. McDlarmld, In charge of the
license bureau located on the
corner of Ninth and C streets.
It was made public here early
this week that 1936 licenses tags
would go on sale Monday but
the date was changed in Raleigh
and moved up to Saturday.
The law allows the new tags to
be used by December 16 and
since the IBth will be Sunday
this year authorities deemed it
advisable to place the tags on
sale Saturday.
The 1936 tags, which are
substantially reduced in price
from the charges last year for
automobiles will have chrome
letters and figures on a black
Attention is called to the fact
that the license charge reduction
of from 55 to 40 cents per hun
dredweight does not apply to
anything but passenger cars and
that truck and commercial car
rates will be the .same as last
All automobile and truck own
ers are urged to buy 1936 tags at
the earliest possible date in order
to avoid the rush of last min
ute buyers during the latter days
of the month. Expiration date of
the 193B tags will be midnight,
December 31.
Issuance of 1935 tags in North
Carolina set.a new record for the
state in a single year, there h^
Hobday Slopiion H9Di
Ynletide ApjpeanMo^
» stale in a ,
1 -In* fhore tbair fi IT.DOO iwurt^tfr
motorists to date.
Red Cross Drive
Quite Successful
Total Membership of 847 Dol
lars Reported to Date; Oth
ers Expected to Join
Tfidiga, a real bad ladi^ Ut Broadifay tU*
Ugh. He had'a rhbber skla
NEW YORK A ^ ^ -
week, a giant some nine or tea building itorict Ugh. —-—
and was full of helium gas and wae escorted by a great thnng of strong-
armed men holding tow ropes. When s partieniarly brisk brewe caught ths
red-skin at cn* comer, he almost get out of control but was finally tubdnod
and continued to featue a toyland parade of a .department store here.
Federal Officers
Arrest 2 Men in
Distillery Raid
Dallas Bishop and Ward Hes
ter Taken Monday In
Boomer Section
Health Report
Shows County in
Good Condition
No Eipidemics of Communica
ble Diseases to Hinder
Sdiools This Year.^ ,
I home in Wilke.sboro. and only
I recenlly had recovered sufficieut-
^ j ly to be out of bis borne and at-
aiid * 'u business affairs, except
“ ' for only at short intervals.
■Mr. Pearson was also prom
inently connected with business
life in the Wilkesboros
“Old Officials
Get Town Books
Mayor Harris and ‘Old Board’
Now Wilkesboro Govern
ing: Officials
S|>eol I'p tVP.A I’ay
T,.nc"Trd“‘'L;di*'Stockholder and director in the
eliminate red tape anti speeu i
r“ment of works progress [ IH-posU A- Savings Bank,
administration employees
Mayor \V. K. Harris and Com-
He was j niissionevs K. K. Reins. C. E. Len-
(lermun, Jop R. Barber and L. B.
taken here today. Complaints of
delay in issuing pay che‘ks have
come from practically every di.s-
trict of the state. George \V.
Coan Jr., administrator, said, and
stopping of relief work last week
brought the attention oi the
state offices more forcibly to
-M the situation than ever before.
Minister Suing Church j
Elder J. C. Dunbar, of Mount |
A.iry, well known among mem-1 wese. Anatvalt,
here of the Primitive Baptist Leonard Reavi.s, Mrs. W. L. How-
ch”rchL. instituted suit in -Sttr- eU and Mrs. C. E. Sloop. Moravian
rv county superior court for dam- 5 alls. , la ..t
of $25,000, naming .1. lAT ' Funeral services were be
Members of his immediate
family surviving include his wife,
.Mrs. Blanche Neal Pearson, one
son. Joe I’earson. who is asso
ciated with the Goodwill store,
and .Miss Ruby Pearson, who;
holds a responsible position with I
Spainhotir’s here. Also surviving
are two brothers and six sisters as
follows: Joe M. and Bruce Pear
son. -Moravian Falls; Mrs. J. E.
I’ardiic. .Moravian F'alls; Mrs. C.
,M. Pardue, Hays: Mrs. J. L. De-1
Va.; Mrs. | Mayor
Dula, known as the "old board’’
during the lengthy and lively
litigation over the Wilkesboro
election on .May 7, are again the
governing officials of the town
of Wilkesboro.
On Tuesday afternoon Judge
F. Donald Phillips, now presiding
over courts in the 17th judicial
district, signed a judgment at
Yadldiiville ,jeturnin| funds
books, records, etc., of the town
back into tlie hands of the "old
J. Bad-j the
North Wilkesboro Methodist
Creed Arthur Taylor, B. „. - ( —
^ « G J Key G. T. Jones.! church this morning. Burial was
’ Badgett end Press Stone (Continued on page eight)
^Sejrett -
^3 defendants, alleging that the
defendants conspired to have him
excluded from the church and
have his preaching credentials re
voked, subsequently succeeding
in their conspiracy.
New Sales Manager
At Gaddy Motor Co.
(tf FHA Coming
L. L. Carpenter, of Durham,
Succeeds Joe Wellborn
At Local Firm
, Marion Brfick Will Be in
Office of Attorney W. H.
McElwee Monday
Of interest to many people in
Wilkes county is the announce
ment that J. Marion Bollck, field
reprweutatHw of the Federal
Honsipy Administration, will be
in Nprtk Wilkeeboro on Monday,
Deeen^ to assist home own
ers in aBPljrlng for Federal Hous
ing loaoa-
Mr/Bollck wUl maintain head-
"?*"'«turters in the law office of At-
'^ toniey W. H,-McBlwee and any
Mho are Jntorseted ia seeing him
t®that date. ...
.Mr. W. F. ttaddy. proprietor of
the Gaddy .Motor Co., announces
the appointment of Mr. L. L. Car
penter. of Durham, as sales man
ager to succeed MT. Joe Wellborn.
Mr. Wellborn resigned his posi
tion in order to take a dealer
Mr. Carpenter comes to the lo
cal automobile firm with splendid
recommendations, He has been
iengaged in the automobile busi
ness for twelve years, recently
iiavlng been associated with the
H. & H. Motor Co., at Durham.
He is well qualified to fill the
position to which he has been ap
pointed. and Mr. Gaddy feels for
tunate in securing his services.
Mr. Carpenter was active in
civic and social affairs in Durham,
being a member of the Rotary
Club. Ha has a wife and ooa
cRy in the vtmr fature to rdiide.
ilanis and the board
resumed their offices
yesterday morning ancl P. L.
Lenderman. chief of police for
many years, has resumed his
work. O. F'. Blevins is town
clerk and treasurer.
The judgment returning Uie
funds and books to the “old
board’’ resulted from two deci
sions of the state supreme court
reversing Judge J. H: Clements
for ordering the ballots
cast On May 7 canvassed, and re
versing and remanding Judge
Phillips in ordering the books
and funds turned over to what
was termed the "new board.’
Tlie unnnal Bed roll ciiB
ill Wilkes county this year has
liee.n mni’e successful than in
prior years, despite the fact that
the work of securing members
was a week late in getting under
Rev. Eugene Olive, roll call
chairman, slated yesterday that
the membership so far totaled
,S47 with additional memberships
expected from a number of school
The Red (boss membership re
ceived a boost when the manage
ment and employees. 550 in num
ber, of the Wilkes Ho.siery .Mills
enrolled one hundred per cent at
the beginning of the roll call.
In a teachers meeting held in
Wilkesboro Tuesday afternoon, it
was reported that teachers of
Mountain View central school
and Pleasant Hill had enrolled
one hundred per cent and many
individual memberships were al
so handed in. The canvass in
some other .schools which are ex
pected to enroll unanimously had |
not Ivsen completed yesterday.
Any who are in the county and
who have not had an opportuni
ty to join may do so by mailing
one dollar to J. B. WlUiams, at
North Wilkesboro, treasurer of
the Wilkes county chapter.
Dallas Bishop and Ward Hest
er, young men of the Boomer
community, were arrested yester
day by federal alcohol tax unit
investigators in a distillery raid
in that vicinity.
In a preliminary hearing be
fore J. W. Dula. ITnited States
commissioner, probable cause
cause was found and bonds in the
sum of $500 each for appearance
at the •'^lay, 1936. term of federal
court were filled.
The federal officers making
the raid were J. C. Fortner. I... L.
Kiiksey. C. S. Felts and J. T.
Jones, accompanied by W. B.
Sparks, deputy sheriff.
An average size moonshine still
and considerable quantities of
materials for the manufacture of
illicit liquor were destroyed in
the,’ raid.
County Teachers
Meeting Tuesday
Held in Wilkesboro School
Building; MLss Devers
Addresses Group
R.R. Clark Dies
b Statesville
Will Present Play
News Commentator Stricken
at 71 After Doing His
Daily Work
“The Magi’s Gift," a colorful
operetta of the Christmas season,
will be presented by the North
Wilkesboro junior high school in
the high school auditorium on
Thursday evening of next week.
A small admission fee will be
charged. AH are invited to at
Special Junior Meeting
A spactal riMting of the North
Wilkesboro Junidr Order council
will be held on Tuesday night.
There ■will be- d^ree work a,wi
npmlnatioB* of ■ officers. 'Bve^
member is especialy urged to at*
tend the one to
be held before the hOHdaya. .
Statesville, Dec. 10.—U. R.
Clark, widely known newspaper
man and editorial writer, died
suddenly this afternoon at 5:30
o'clock at his home on . North
Center street. ' _ .
He was in his usual health to
day and had just completed his
editorial work for tomorrow’s
paper when he suffer^ an attack
of angina pectoris- He was 71
years old and‘ha4 bto» OOGve In
newspaper work for A^ly' six
decades. ‘ 4-
• ■ j : ii'.
■i, .veanor ' n^' A***"
IMaiecnal> ebniM, Sundtf
sTm. LScW. Hector, ia cbotge.
With teachers from the cen
tral schools and representatives
of many of the smaller schools
present, a county teachers meet
ing was held in the 'Wilkesboro
school building Tuesday after
The main feature of the pro
gram was an address by Mias
Nancy Devers. of, repre
sentative of the state department
of education, on the subject of
"Health.” She gave a compre
hensive discussion of health in
the schools and during the pant
few days she has followed up her
address to the teachers by making
personal visits to a number of
the larger school units.
Various forms tor making re
ports and other materials were
distributed by 0. B. Eller, coun
ty superintendent, who presided
over the meeting.
Rev. Eugene Olive, chairman of
the Red Cross roll call for this
county, was present and enrolled
many of the teachers as members
tor the ensuing year. W. D. Half-
acre, superintendent of North
Wilkesboro city schools, talked
briefly about the Junior Red
Ooss in the schools and a number
of teachers'expressed interest In
Junior Red Cross organization.
Report of Dr. A. J. Eller, coun
ty health officer, for the past
month discloses that the county
is in good shape, speaking from
the health standpoint, and that
there are no epidemics of com
municable diseases to hinder the
Since the liegi-ming of winter
weather there have, been no new
cases of diphtheria reported, Dr.
Eller stated, and again urged
that parents lake precautions to
see that their children are vacci
nated aganist the disease to pre
vent its spread. There were a
tew isolated cases of diphtheria
during the fall months.
So far there have been no
cases of whoopin.g cough hut
scarlet fever has been nearing
epidemic proportions in one com
munity. No measles have been '
reported so far this year and
ver.v few children have been
forced to stay out of school on
account of colds or fin.
Reports from the school indi
cate that absences due to sick
ness have not been as frequent
as usual. The health officer asks'
people to take every rea.sonable
precaution to prevent spread of
any communicable disease this
During the past month Dr. Id
ler has spent much of his time
inspecting school children in tlie
various schools in the county.
With only .^n shoppinK
days remainiDg before
Christinas, a Ifvely interest
in Santa Claus being re
vived and the Yuletide Spirit
is beginning to prevail.
Christmas shopping is ex
pected to boost retail trade
tremendously and the streets
of North Wilkesboro
ready alive with^ shoppprs
who are eager to make ’^ly
gift selections and avoid the
ru.9h of last minute shop
The postoffice is beginning to
notice an increase in the volum*
of mail, affected by those who
are taking Uncle Sam’s 'n’arning
to mail early and avoid possible
delay and congestion during the
last days before Christmas.
In anticipation of the holiday
trade. North Wilkesboro stores
have stocked heavily with the
season’s newest merchandise and
in qquanlity buying have effected
savings for the buyer.
Particular attention has been
given to carrying stocks of mer
chandise in sufficient variety to
fill all demands from people in
the ever-increasing trading area
of North 'WSlkesboro.
The mercantile establishments
have decorated beautifully with
decorations that are reminders
that the holiday season is here
ftnd that the human race is once
more on the threshold of the an
niversary of the Prince of Peace.
Clifton Wheatley’s
Home Is Destroyed
Resident Of Huys Conun unity
Loses Home .^nd Contents
By Fire
The residence of Clifton Wheat-
ley, together with all its contents,
was completely destroyed by fire
recently, the damage running in
to several hundred dollars.
■Mr. Wheatley has many friends
in the community who were sorry
to learn of his loss.
Schoolmasters To
Meet Friday, 6:00
Wilkes County Schoolmasters’
club will meet in its regular De
cember meeting on Friday eve
ning, six o’clock, at the Wilkes
boro Hcliooi building.
Prof. W. L. Ingcld. superin
tendent of Taylorsville schools,
will address the schoolmasters
as the feature of an interesting
program that has been arrang
ed. Dinner will be served by the
home economics classes of Wil-
kesboro high school.
Jay Anderson
To Give Recital
Local Girls In Play
At Greensboro College
.Many North Wilkesboro peo
ple will be interested in the an
nouncement that Jay Andersoji.
local youth attending Wake For
est College, will render an organ
reqjtjal^t the Wake Forest Bap
tist cK^ch Sunday evening, sev
en o’clock.
Quarterly Conference
Firt^ quarterly conference of
the Wilkerttorp Methodist charge
wRl'.tp fold'at'iiUnlon dl^rtSi ..on
Sunday j '
i Rovr
he preeenL u^
Wilkesboro Methodist
Ladies To Give Oyster
And Chicken Supper
Ladies of the Wilkesboro
Methodist church will serve an
oyster and chicken supper at the
Wonder Cafe in Wilkesboro this
evening, profits to be applied on
work of lenovating the Metho-,
dist parsonage.
It is asked that tickets be
turned in and a quilt will be
given to some one attending.
Mi.sses Jane Whicker, daugh
ter of Attorney and Mrs. J. H.
Whicker and Adelene Jones,
daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Jones, both students at Greens
boro college, will appear in the
Christma.s cantata “When the
Christ Child Came’’ (Clokey)
which is to be given by the
Greensboro college glee club
combined with the Meistersingers,
Greensboro male chorus, on Sun
day night Dec. 15, in Odell Me
morial auditorium. Miss Jane
Whicker is secretary of the
Greensboro college glee club.
Vesper Services
At First Baptist
Begin on Sunday Evening;
Young Peoples’ Meetings
Wednes^y Nights
Masonic Notice
:The North Wilkesboro Mason
ic lodge will elect officers in a
meeting to be held Friday night
at the lodge hall here. Every
member is urged to be present.
Beginnin'g'Snnday evening. De-
(^ber IB, weeper services from
, BveiTbodr is to attend
s^^pl^pppey to be gitoh Dalon
fofodi at Cycle, m 8atard«,»!:
>1. mUkm *«rai
« the sale of-plwi a» a
of the program.
five to aiz o'
the First* Bap’l
of at 7:40. An
vesper serv^
ter months 'was
by-^. Eugene
During that pe
kervicM are held
yohog paopfe’O
hold their
dpy nighu.
•k will ibe h^d at
church instead
leeaaht of the
tlie wto-
this weak .
Ive, pastor,
the vespw
five o'clMk

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