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r in*eS^K Of North Wlttwsboro'ii-
fWJj AnBlromrr C^l*fcT»tloii
e^fceoatlTo Cdnmtttee. -wo wlrii to:
ttta opportnnlty tp thank
"tho spoiaora. mombors of com-
catttMo, m«ht^r« of caat and oto-
rr aih that gtrre their time and
l%ltorts to make the celebration
1|ie huge sncceaa that It waa.
. * Ton have rendered your town
^a xeal service by taking a part Id
celeA>ratlon, and yon are to
be ^bly commended on the
>irondwful cooperation In helping
to midce the celebration a memor-
«Ue {«t« that win go down In the
ii|«ni’8 I'tetory as the greatest
datahratlon that the town has evw
U will long bo remembered
^ h greiU gesture of progress to
;ih» future posterity of our be
loved town.
tie ettliena of North WllkM-
boer have always been known tor
thA cooperative effort. This cele-
btadoB has proven
doubt that this kind of spirit still
W* now pass o'l to the pages
of history this mumorahle occas
ion and every one that had a part
in K will long be remembered for
IbftT efforts In giving North Wll-
koaboro a real birthday party.
Bsecntlve Chairman of North
meaboro’s 60th Anniversary
Brecutivo Secretary, North Wll-
keaboro’s Commerce Bureaus. Inc.
$7^.00 In Public
Assistance Funds
Paid During June
S68 Aged Persona Receive
Aid But Many Remain
On Waiting List
Needy aged, dependent children
nnd blind in Wilkes county were
added In the sum of S7.354 dur-
. 4ng the month of June, figures
Mleaaed today from the office of
»tha county welfare department
.jts during' the moi
,8. Thev receivad
'TPhs euA of »1.840 wee paid In
‘^ Brants to 148 families with 328
dependent children.
Thirty-seven blind received
Records also reveal that 129
aged persons who have been cer
tified as eligible to receive old
age assistance and whose appli
cations have been approved by the
county welfare board are not re
ceiving any assistance due to lack
of funds. There are also 133 ap
plications pending, which have
not -been investigated by case
workers and have not been pass-
^ ed on by the welfare board.
During the month of June the
welfare department received 488
applications for various types of
welfare services and assistance. A
toUl of 76 5 cases ecelved sur
plus commodities from the ware
house in this city.
Red Cross Fund
Reached $137*65
Fifteen Donations Are Made
Since Last Report In
This Newspaper
»aS nOBTH WlLBtetioBOi'n^^BStlaY, TTJLY 'll’ IMP iia« m 8TijTa-4S.ilffOfaT OF
. ■ -
City Clerk
Is Vot(^ By,tbe
Eight-cent Reduction Made
in Debt Service Fund; 2
Cents More for Schools
. .. -r.:...:.. .. .. ........
I. H. McNeUl, Jr., city derk
and treasMirer, who today re
leased budget esthnates and the
teiitative dty tax levy of gl.lO
as fixed by the city board of
commlsaioners. The tax rate for
thU year Is six cenU under the
1939 levy of gl-M.
The North Wtlkesboro board of
commissioners have tentatively
adopted a budget calling for a tax
rate of $1.19 on each hundred
dollars assessed valuation o f
property for the coming year, a
decrease of six cents under the
1939 rate pf $1.25.
A reduction of eight cents was
made in the levy for debt service
which calls for an expenditure
during the year of $37,183.74.
During tke-^5f year bonds In the
sum of $35,600 were paid off,
leaving the bonded debt at the
beginning of this fiscal year
8267,600. The budget for tne
fiscal year beginning
for bond maturities of
bond interest In the sum of $12.-
983.74, revenue anticipation notes
of $5,000 with $500 Interest.
(Continued on page eight)
rior C^nrt
180 Cum On Dm^ket
Criminal Term; Jwlgw -
Gwyn To Presido
Here is showp, the North Wilkeabor® Lknv aa H
bratim paratk- last week. The navement^ orgjM^.i
^p£.% ^52,Kil Si
Valuation Increases
City’s Fiftieth Aniriversary EvenMo
Be Made And Kept For Refereke
Will ConUin Signatures Of All Sponsors and ParfcipanU;
Pictures, Historical and Cunwt SkfichOa . nd
Many Other Interesting Itiiims
Aged Mm Kaid ’^11 o p e r t y
Monday Night On
Highway No. 268
Year’s IncrdjK
in Valuatik Is
About $360,000
Hit By Pickup Driven By C.
E. Jenkins, Jr.; Driver
la Absolved, * -
Funeral service was held Wed
nesday at Rock Creek Baptist
church for J. B. Poster, 78, who
was killed Monday night when
hit by a pick-up track driven by
Charies Jenkins, Jr,; on highway
2j68, seven miles east of this city.
After hearing evidence Monday
Day It Elected
Director " State
Merchants Group
C. G. Day, president and gen-i
eral manager of RhodesrDsy Fur
niture company, was elected a di
rector, of the North ' Caroling
Merchants association. at Its an--
nuat, convention held this week
at Blsibeth City. Hr. Day will
represent the Merchants Barean
Aitvi uk»ia«6 rOPrUBeilh WHO xaoiuumiMpe
night, a jury empaneled by Coro-« ^ North Wlllas^ro’s Commerce
T \Mmre%va aiKA/sIvAsI Tanlrina as.,,.. A.# «9$wraAtAs*a
A historical
the. city. Hbtertiiirr-
sketches and pictures.
th WllSesboro’s 60th
verstT?!^ celebration held here last
week, will he made and placed
In the archives of the city gov
ernment, It was learned today
from a committee of the annivers
ary celebration organization des
ignated to supervise the making
of the scrapbook.
Some of the material to be
contained in thr^ scrapbook will
Include siignatO As of all spon
sors and partiahants in the cele-
Several recent contributions
have swelled the war reUef fund
raised by the Wilkes chapter of
the Red Cross to $1,107.85, a re
port teday from W. Blair Gwyn,
chapter treasurer, showed.
C8BttrM>utkMi8 since the last
pubUahed report were as follows:
Prevtoosly reported $1,012.28
Mr. and Mrs. Z. V. Stew
art and sons
Mary Morehouse
;ary and Elsie Nichols _
rs. Pat Williams —
Hampton Sheets
Sherman Jennings —
Mrs. Henry Moore
Orpbeum Theatre
Employment Division
First Baptist church —
Mrs. L. G. Critcher
R. 8. Ogllvle
Grier Mills Employes _
North Wilkosboro Jdeth-
odlst church - 1710
Mrs. W. R. Absher 100
TOTAL — —$1,107.86
Chapter officials point but that ^ „
the need for funds to aid war over Crook: ®-®>
sufferers In Europe continues o^er Behelman, Williams
" „d urge other, to give as 6-4 over Steelman. Halgwood and
[^ly a. poralhle. Contributions Faw, and Coffey and WUllams
^1. .» » 0 W. BliUr
UW3rn, chapter treasurer, at the
Bank of North Wilkeehoro.
•UoQjsg for a few days at aatchee.
I week. /“X-'
of the celebration and many oth
er Items which the committee
deems worthy of preservation.
The book will he attractively
bound In morroco cover and will
be appropriate to commemorate
the celebration event.
The committee in charge of the
making of the scraipbook is com
posed of W. D. Halfacre, J. B.
Williams and John R. Prevette.
Lions Cluh Tennis Tournament In
Progress; Many Players Entered
nor 1. M. Myers, absolved Jenkins,
voung business man here, of apy
blame for Foster’s death. ‘
Coroner Myers said the / ^1-
derce was to the effect that. Jen
kins was driving toward North
WUkeshort>:'»d wMJ
—- .4u»
ing when the pick-np struck Fos
ter, who was walking on the pave
ment about three feet from the
side. Jenkins said that he did not
see Poster u’■-til the instant -when
the car struck.
He and a colored man, Claude
Vannoy, who accompanied him,
picked upTFoster and brought him
to the Wilkes Hospital but he was
dead when they arrived.
Foster who lived near the scene
of the accident, Is survived by
four children: John Foster, Mrs.
Mamie Combs and Mrs. Thomas
Brewer, of North Wllkeshoro;
and Mitchell Foster, of Raleigh.
Bureaus on the board of directors
of the state association.
Junior Order Tp
Officers for tho' ensaing six
months will be Installed at the
meeting of North Wllkesboro
council of the Junior order to be
held on Tuesday evening, 7:30.
There will also be degree work
and attendance of every member
of the degree team Is urgently re
quested. Every member U asked
to be present and visiting Juniors
will be welc^ime. Refreshments
will be served'iollowing the meet
The North Wllkesboro Lions
Club tennis tournament Is now In
full swing and promised to be the
most successful tourney ever held
In Wilkes.
The tournament, which Is an
annual event sponsored by the Li
ons, has a greater number of en-
tranU in all divisions this year
and it is expected that all avail
able courts will be occupied dur
ing the next several days as the
tourney progresses to successful
Men’s quarter finals will be
played on Friday and the spon
sors are contemplating some night
games in orde.r to allow tennis
tans ample opportunity to wit
ness some of the tourney high
, (penses of the tournament.
In the men’s singles, which 1*''=
have Garwood, Cooper, Gwyn and
B. Brame seeded in that order,
the results so far have been as
Williams 4-6, 6-3, 9-7 over
Craiwford: Gwyn 6-2, 6-2 over
Tomlinson: McNeill 6-4, 6-7, 6-1
over Coffey; B. Brame 7-5, 6-4
over McNeill; Hubbard 6-2, 7-5
over Johnston; Bundy 6-1, 7-5
over Hubbard; Halgwood 6-3,
6-8, 6-1 over Blackburn; Cooper
6-0, 6-0 over Allen.
In men’s doubles Moore and
Gwyn defeatedN Hubbard and Al
len 6-3, 4-6 anl 6-4 In the first
match of that division.
In junior singles the competi
tion has been fierce with the fol-
lowwlng results: Halgwood 6-1,
4-6, 6-1 over Moote; Faucette
6-1, 6-1 over Finley: Faw 6-3,
6-2 over Half acre; Crook 6-2,
6-0 over Greer; Coffey 8-6, 6-1
be played on Friday afternoon
and night. Beginning at four p.
m. Dr. W. L. Bundy will play
Bill Brame on the Gwyn court.
Immediately after completion of
that match Albert Garwood, de
fending champion, will play Mike
On Friday night, eight o’clock.
Rev. W. M. Cooiper will play
Mike Williams on the Pearson
court. After that match Harry
Pearson and Blair Gwyn will play.
A small admission charge will
be made for the games but those
who wish to see any of the
matches can save substantially by
buying a season ticket good for
all games in the tonrney for only
50 cents. The tickets and admis
sion charges will help defray ex-
Presbytery Tc
Meet July 16th
Thirty-Ninth Seaaion Will Be
Held With West Jeffer
son Church *
To Bes^n Re^val
At Cricket School
A series of revival services will
begin on Sunday night at the
schoolhouse at Cricket and con
tinue with services each night
during the following week, begin
ning at 7:45 p. m.
Rev. J. Q. Yates will conduct
the revival, assisted by Rev.
Glenn Huffman. The public has a
cordial Invitation to all services.
Detailed resnlta of alt matches
are kept posted In Brame Drug
company window, together with
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McNeill timee and places for tutura
The men’s quarter finals yHU
New Rural Line
Will Serve lOO
Dehart And Haymeadow
Brwch Power Line To
Be Conneicted Soon
On© hundred more rural fami
lies In Wilkes county will have
electric service about July 15,
when a fifteen-mile rural line ex
tension is completed Into the
Haymeadow and Dehart commnn-
ities, it was learned today from
Robert iS. Gibbs, Jr., manager of
the North Wllkesboro branch of
the Duke Power company.
Mr. Gibbs said that the line
may be connected the latter part
of this week or early next week.
The line Is one of several major
extensions constructed or iwrov-
ed to be built In Wilkes this year.
The thirty-ninth stated meet
ing of the Presbytery of Winston-
Salem will convene on Tuesday,
July 16, 10:00 a. m„ In the West
Jefferson Presbyterian church, of
which Rev. John W. Luke Is pas
tor. The retiring moderator. Rev.
O. V. Caudill, of Elkin, will pre
side and preeent Dr. Chas. H.
Nlsbet, of Charlotte, who will
conduct the devotional exercises. ^9 attend.
During the morning Dr. J. P.
Proffitt, of Maxwelton, W. Vn.,
will deliver an address on “How I
To Finance a Country Church.”
Dr. Proffitt Is a native of Banner
Elk and has spent the years of
his ministry In Virginia and West
Virginia where his achievements
have received much •publicity.
During'this session Carl H.
Stark, Jr., of Lansing, will be re
ceived as a candidate for the min
istry from one of the Florida
Presb'yte.'des. He will be examined
with a view to ordination.
The following committees are
docketed for a report: on Chris
tian Education and Ministerial
Relief, on Schools and Colleges,
on The Assembly's Training
School, on Bible Cause, Sabbath
and Family Religion. 'The oom-
mlseioners to the last General As-
semMy nre also to r^rt.
In addition to the ministers of
the Presbytery^ an elder and a
deaccm frcnn each jjhnrch la ex
pected. The vnbUc is invited to
aitend. The church has recently
Kiwanis Club To
Meet At Lenoir
Fri4ay Evening
GsJn Noted In
AsaoMod Valuation Of
Real Estate Property
4raolMtantial Increase In real
estate valnes boosted the total
taxabl^’''assessed valuation o f
property tn Wllkee this year to
iSbre Umn fifteen miUlon''dollan,
Infomatfpa tody,^r«b
Although the figures are pre
liminary and subject to slight
variation, the total for the county
this year is 815,056,558, as com
pared with the 1939 total of |14,-
’The gain was registered In real
estate valuations, while there
was a slight drop In the total for
personal property. The disting this
year was of January 1 while
stocks of merchandise and sup
plies were lower than In former
years when the listing was of
April 1.
Mr. Poindexter said today that
payment of 1940 taxes to date
total approximately 820,000. A
discount of one and one-half per
cent Is allowed on 1940 taxes
paid during the month of July.
Tax payments for 1940 are be
ing accepted ,'j.t the rate of $1.05
on each hundred dollars valu
ation of property as the county
wide tax rate, which is the same
as last year. The rate for North
Wllkesboro township, which has
a special railroad tax levy, is
Acjpft term Of; wui&'nB«r-
$ov co^ for trial cl ' crimiMt
... ... will convene at the ctHirt-
ianee In Wllkesboro on Monday, '
Aufnat 5.
Judge Allen Gwyn, of Reldc>
rlltai reeident judge of the 81te
jndlcial district, will preside over
the term and Solicitor Avalon M.
Ball, of TadUnvllIe, will prow-
cnte the docket.
Cleik of Court C. C. Hayes said
today that about 130 casee hav*
been calendared to date for th*
term and It is expected that other
cases will be added before court
The Wilkes county board of
commissioners In July meeting
drew the following Jurors for th«
First Week
Charlie E. Brown and W. M.
Royal, Mulberry; C. T. Johnson
and Arthur Mastln, New Castle;
H. it. Beehears, Jobs Cabin; Clar
ence Myers, Mulberry; Carl Trip
lett, Beaver Creek;. V. C. Cleary,
Wilkeehoro; Floyd P. Hendren,
Brushy Mountain; H. J. Carter,
Eldwards; Joe Mahaffej^ Swaen;
Clarence Fletcher, Wllkesboro; L
W. Triplett, Elk; Roby Hincbw
and Bruce Dearman, North WII-
keeboro; N. C. Mikeal, Jobe Cab
in; J. A. Holloway, TrapWlIJ Ja
cob Bare, Union; J. D. CentfU,
Rock Creek; .Archie Fairdillda,
Lewis .Fork; Turner InacOra.
Antioch; Call Anderson, Wllloea-
boro; M. R. Wyatt. Walnit
Ototb; C. H. Shumate, Reddien
River; A. R. Myers, Mulli
Wriboa Carter, ^ ^wwd*l.
Bllaiirir -8«e|,' '*■
The NOv’th wllkesboro Kiwan
is Clnb will meet with the Le^
noir club at Lenoir on Friday
evening Instead of Thursday eve
ning as stated in this newspaper
Monday. Many members of the
Hher:O. Wood, Rock CMk;
Lester Walker, North WJlkdikryt.
boro; W. V. Stone. Rock Creek;
Onvllle Warren. North Wllkes
boro; J. W. Blackburn, TraiphlH:
John Adams, Walnut Grove; C-
W. Haynes, New Castle; Q. A. Me-
Nelll, North Wllkesbqro; Clifford
Nortnan, Edwards; J. C. Rhoades.
Mulberry; John Cranfill, Beaver
Creek; Gordon Souther, Love
Second Week
W. B. Elledge, New Castle: M.
D. Byrd, New Castle; J. H. Leck-
le, Wllkesboro: W. M. Segraves,
Antioch; B. F. Norman, Edwards;
Carmel Gentry, Edwards; W. M.
Prevette, Walnut Grove; R. F,
Parker, Brushy Mountain; L. M.
Adams. Brushy Mountain; N. P.
.Myers, Rock Creek; W. C. Brown.
Edwards; J. R. Parsons. Reddles
River; R. M. Elledge, Rock
Creek; Tom Ashley, Union; T. E.
Gray, New Castle; Rex Kilby,
Mulberry; H. H. Warren, Trap-
hill; R. V. Garris. Edwards; John
W. Prevette, Someis; J. N. Dur
ham, Rock Creek; B. H. Waugh,
North Wllkesboro; A. G. Ohurt*, ■
Lewis Fork; D. E. Luff man. Ed
wards; W. A. Porter, Reddle*
River; Curtis Johnson. Edwards.
WHEAT .,f sttena. me vnarvu •»>
The domeetio wheat supply for lisA n«w p«ini installed and the
,fa Ml : _ _
the 1940-41 season now seems
likely to total abont one billion
b^sitoiSi abont the same e« for.
the. cnmnt - msricetfng season
fig* '
w.ill8 and woodwork'Itate''Htoein
decoratW, The ladlea W ib»
elrurch are' making primnrationn
to serve lunch Ja tee . finnday
sdhool rooms to the . detegatoa.
Monday. Many memoers oi me Tuesday July
North Wilkeehoro club are plann- OjPbeum Thea , y.
This is the first of a series of
entertainments sponsored by the
troop to raise funds for their an-
nnal camping trip.
The troop, one of the largest
In Northwestern Carolina, has
been very active In civic affairs,
recwtly cooperating 1 n many
phases of the 60th Anniversary
celebration, such as the pageant,
police duty, ticket sales and pa
Now that they are the sponsors,
they would appreciate any as
sistance that could be given in
maUng their first venture a suc
Legion Meeting
On Friday Night
I P !■■ ■ >
The regular July meeting of
tee Wilkes county post of the
American Legion will be held in
the Legion-Auxiliary club rooms
on Friday night, July 18, at
7:30. This meeting is to be held
In place of the meeting scheduled
for Friday night, July 6, which
was postponed, on account of the
50th anniversary of the founding
of the town of North Wllkesboro.
Delegates who attended the state
convention of the American Le
gion held recently at High Point
win'give their reports at this
Wilkes Midwives - "
^ To Meet Monday
Mrs. Bertha Bell and Miss
Heldit Rlggahee.'’'-tQunty health
aufgaSi have announced that alb
peiteba serving as midwires In
WUkSB cohntyjmust go to tlih W. P. KMU, MaontlT6i.?secro-
eoopty heatth otfloa in 'Wilkea;;
boro on Mdndnir. JuIf 16> nine it*
a., fw a physical examination fieslns retotfre to date M the an-
i^::ilnatnurtiona. The etaito law ' "
attondaniM at tea meet-
Troop 35p B. S. A.»
To Spo^r Show Purk^n^eaSiig
Baseball League
“An Angel Prom Texas,” at the
Meeting Commerce
Bureaus Pos^;K>ned
Dne to the fact that a snfficl-
ent number of the members to
constitute a quorum were not
present, North Wllkesboro’s Com-
inerco ^raahs did not hold teeir
annual meeting Tuesday night aS
announeed, > - £!! ..•
iary, was designated to canvass
the memhera and ascertain their'**'
Defeaied Monwian Falls 11
To 8; Other Close Games
Are Played
Purlear edged into the lead in
the Wilkes county baseball league
during th© past week-end by de
feating Moravian Falls 11 to 8
at Purlear.
The game which put Purlear
on top by half a game margin was
decided in the tenth Inning when
Gwyn Nichols hit a homer with
two on, his second of the game.
In other gamee Traphlll won
over Fairplaina five to four and
Clingman defeated Rock Creek
four to two.
This week-end Purlear witt
play a double header at Rock
Creek Sunday, Falrplains and Mo
ravian, Falla will play two games
Sunday, Traphlll will play at
Clingman Saturday and Oliagmaii
wBl piny at Traphlll Saa^.
The standing of tea ste-tasaa
lesgue 'was announsed today as
lldnulna FsBs ..
_ a ■
_____ 4-
rneeChu, time '4-
for the ensning year wiU' CUaiteMh IL.'--.—v |.
brwSiltelt. ' Roek Creejc 1 *

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