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    ES^^ FQR
Protnitet Reich
Bomb For Bomb
Britain today pledged “no truce
or parley” irtth Adolf Hitler or
the Nail Teglme and Prime Min-
later Winaton Churchill for the
first time promised 'that Cermati
cities would feel a"^ weight of
bombs equal or exceeding any
thing suffered 'by the British
. The pledgee made by Churchill
came at a moment when Berlin
asserted her forces are '’■^“enine
through the Stalin fortifications
toward Leningrad, Moscow and
KIot—a claim qounti^ed by a
Russian declaiation that there
were no important changes in the
front fighting- lines.
Churchill spoke in confident,
aggressive tones. He revealed that
“in the past few weeks” since the
start of the Royal Air Force of
fensive upon Germany a weight
'of British bomibs equal to about
half of all those dropped by the
Luftwaffe on Britain since start
of the war has fallen on Nazi ob
» This weight, he promised, will
grow and grr w and grow as
Britain gains greater strength in
the air with the arrivai of more
and more American-buiit long-
range bombing planes.
He said Britain wanted mo fav
ors from Germany and if a truce
on the bombing of cities should
be proposed it would be rejected
with indignation by British civil
ians who are determined to see
the ravages of London, Coventry.
Rotterdam, Warsaw. Belgrade
and other objects of Luftwaffe
fury repaid on German soil.
Britain, Churchill said, will
bomb and bomb and bomb “until
the Nazi regime either is extirpat
ed by us or better still torn to
pieces by the
Osborne. Joe Mcl^ean
tier sui. .O.U .o Elmer
German people Reeves. James
Scott Leonard
Riddle Claude McKinley Royal,
“no truce or parley” Piaceu m ToUiver Shumate, Allie Lee
common language the. joint dec- Arthur Calvin Woodruff,
laration of Britain and Russia.
'"Te'prTme Minister’s pledge of
"no truce or parley” placed in
For UuitaalfmdYi
'do your in
Wllke^lxm, tb« tnuiuuai
■ WwoSiMdiif^ijiii' ijr-- uTi
41 Wilk^Boys
Enlist Ttte^y
In C.C. Camps
Welfare Officer Says July
18 Will Be Another En-
, listment Day
Comii^'To City
Forty-one Wilkes men enroll
ed in the Civilian Conservation
campis during the past week and
there will be enother enlistment
on July 15, Charles McNeill,
Wilkes welfare officer in charge
of selecting men for enlistment,
said today.
Those enlisted during the past
week wv e inducted at the camp
at Laurel Springs but will serve
at whatever camps they are need
ed. Five colored men were in the ]
group. I
The white men who enlisted
were: Robert Ford Adams,
G-eorge Robert Allen. John Eu
gene Brooks, Charlie Hrggie
Cardwell, Ernest Church, Edward
Furchos Cleary, John Roscoe
Cockerham. Carl Cohee. Grover
Dillard, Claude A11 e n Ellis,
George Allen Ellis, George Ed
ward Gambill. Morris Hamby.
William Marshall Handy. Clar
ence James Hendren, Robert
Wayne Hendren. Richard Brant-
son Holland, William . Edward
Holleman, Barney Clinton John
son, Jr., Leonard I.,enderman
Jones, Robert Andrew Johnston.
John Wesley Knight, Jr.. Percie
Paul iMcGlamery. Howard Ray
announced yesterday, that they
would fight to the end against
Germany and sign no separate
He declared that the sympathy
of BritUh hearts goes out to the
Russian people “in their valiant
Heavy Losses Are
Admitted By Russia
Wood. .Arthur Calvin Woodruff
Garrett Elmer Wyatt. Linney Lee
Spears and Barney Allen Roten.
The colored men .irolled were
Charles Edward Brordus. Wil
liam Ous Colbert. John Franklin
Reddick, Keltz Edward Watkins,
Nathaniel Bozo Williams.
Moscow.- Rus-ian counter-at
tacks on the vital central sector
protecting Moscow have recaptur
ed from the Germans th" towns
of Rogpehev and Zhlobin. while
Nazi offensives on the Baltic and
Vkrainian sectors have 1) e e n
stemmed w'ith heavy losses to
German panzer and motorized
units, an official comm unique
.said early tdoay.
The communique admitted Rus-
su n losses in three weeks of
fighting of 250.000 men. 2.200
tanks and 1,900 planes and as
serted that German losses were
at least 1.000.000 men, 2.300
planes and 3.000 tanks.
Tbf? claim of Ru*^sian pains on
the pivotal cenln-1 front, the
‘‘Road to Moscow,” came a few
hours after Russia and Britain
signed in .Moscow a new pact
pledging each other ‘’support of
all kinds” against Germany and
promising thcl neither side would
make a separate peace. A Soviet
apokesjuan said the new Londou-
Moscow pact made the 1 nited
States--pledged to give Britain
all-out aid—virtually a partnei
of Russia “for the inevitable an-
nihilation of German fascism.
The Sunday nighl communique,
describing Saturday’s fighting,
said that in the northwestern or
Baltic sector heavy fighting rag
ed all day Sunday when large
Nazi meeha.,nized and motorized
units launched a large-scale of
“Stubborn resistance b> oui
troops held it up and the enemy
suffered heavy losses,” the com
munique said.
Rogachev is 35 miles due east
of Bcbniisk. some 145 miles
southwest of Smolensk, and
Zhlobin is about 12 mites due
south of Rogachev.
2 Draft Boards
G. R. Andrews, for the past
12 years In business at I^enoir,
ha.s pur‘ha.sed the Somers’ In
terest in Yadkin Valley Motor
company and will move to
North Wllkesboro soon.
Andrews Member
Yadkin Valley Co.
G. R. Andrews Buys Somers
Interest In Yadkin Valley
Motor Company Here
Mrs. O. Vf. (Red) Felte, of
North Wllkesboro route three,
Wid b^ annoyed 'by t*'- ’'-■as
of chi^ens to a Mg chicken
Imwk so long that siie oeclaed’
she would put a stop to It'—.,
she went out and caught the
On Wednesda.v while she was *'
engaged in canning' she ,'«w a
hawk fly into the chicken
house. She foUowed the Itawk
Into the house and closed the
door. The hawk was doomed.
In a remarkably sliort time
she caught the hawk with her
hands, in much the same man
ner as she would catch a cU'ck-
en, and put the hawk -‘-into a
strong box to await excnnition
by her husband when lie re
turned from work. She did not
receive a scratch.
Her husband, who is a Imrber
in North Wilke horo, killed the
hawk when he returned home.
It had a wing spread of 20
i-'ches and Mr. Pelts said It was
•' “ largest hawk he liad ever
Several people In that com
munity who have bhen losing
numerous chickens of
tlie hawk’s big appetite owe
.^Irs. Pelts a vote of thanks, or
a reward.
G. R. Andrews, for the past
twelve ye.-r.s, en.gaged in the au
tomobile business in I.kmoir. has
purchased an interest in Yadkin
Valley Motor emopany in North
Wllkesboro and will join the firm
in a few days, A. F. Kilby, pres
ident, said today.
Mr. Andrews, who will assume
the position of secretary-treasur
er of the Yadkin Valley Motoi
company, purchased the Somers’
interest in the firm. The addition
of Mr. Andrews in the executive
personnel of the company will nm
^ personnel ot the company wm
nel"t*onl'C otherwise affect the orgauu^lp^
July 1 Posted By
Board Number One Regis
tered 106 and Board Num
ber Two 138 July 1st
Lee’s Rides Here
All This Week
I,ee’s riding devices, a well
known group which hes Oiled en
gagements in many towns JvHl
L at the fairgrounds all thn,
rides are here under au
spices of the Wilkes
American Legion,
share in the proceeds, and the
Lhglon will appreciate all patron-
rides have some of the
newest and most thrilling rides
fcjn use, as. well as the old favor
ites. Thi highly popular Silver
* Streak la one of the newest rides.
A total of 24 4 Wilke.s men who
reached age 21 between October
16. 1940. and July 1. 1941. were
registered in the second registra
tion under the selective service
act on July 1. according to lists
posted (by the two draft boards
and furnished this new.spaper.
The list of new registrants for
board number 1 follows:
Joe James Horton, Henry Shew,
Jeb Royst Souther. Herman Max
Johnson. Carl Benjamin -Ander
son, James Charley Wright. Wil
li;'m Johnson Mas^agee. Lloyd
Elmer John-ion, Charles Richard
Joines, Reroy Love, Leonard Paul
Clearv, Jake Lennice Cox. Ver
non -Martin. Jr.. Lee Romulus
Minton. Robert Seth Anderson.
Noah Winfield Adams. Mack
Jones Eller. Qiienton Arthur Gai
ther Hendrix, Paul Testerraan,
Charles Edward Broedus. -Tr., Al
bert Lewis Shoun. Raymond Clif
ton Mash. Norris James Summer
lin. George Garland Marley. Er
nest Moore, Edward Clay Bishop.
Montreal Howell, Vernop Ralph
Marley. William Robert Church.
Zellis Fidell Lhvette. Calvin Rus
sell Hrrris. Walter James Greg
ory Charles Worth Hanes. Jr..
Phola Garland Pardiie. Doctor
Roland Walsh. Gale Gaither Pre-
vette. William Brice Hayes
Charlie Anderson Cain, Loyd
Worly Parks. Ohrrley Raymond
I^ne, Garlan Alonzo Hamby. Her
man Lincoln Laws. Ray Ernest
Nichols. Willard Marvin Johnson.
Thomas William Jone.^. Robert
Glenn Mathis, Raymond Larkin
Brmes, Frank Dee Weatherman,
Jage Icenhour, Jr., Hardin Jim
Benton, Kermit Smith Earp, Paul
Monroe Privette, James Altar
W’oodie, Donald Frazier, Lonnie
Preston Somers. Addle ^larvin
Triplett* Hebert Hendrix, \irgil
James Cockerham, Janies Lawson
Parker. Charles Hedley Canter.
Cyrus Worth Yates, Lawrence Lee
Mack Daniel Treadaway, Egdon
Soka McNeil, Robert Lee John-
3 0 n, Albert Sidney Garwood.
Lawrence Edward Andrews, Col
lie Odell Wagoner, Joe Horton
Bowles, Hansford Lee Bentley,
Dewey Monroe Blair, Canner Gil-
ing management in all 4^pkrl
inents to render the high type
service w'hich has characterized
the business.
Mr. Andrews was reared in Al
leghany county. He is a gr-'diiate
of Sparta high school. For sever
al years after completing higl
school he taught in Alleghani
county schooL, working during
evenings and Saturdays in the
Bank of Snarla.
He seciireu two years of college
training at Appalachian State in
Boone, and then went to Fort
Wayne. Indiana, to the Teachers
University of Commerce, where
he took a complete combined
commercial course. The funds for
his education were earned after
graduation from high school.
For two years he was in thf
automo'bile biisineiss in Alleghany
county, going from there to Le
noir. In Lenoir for the past eleven
years he was connected with
Smith Motor Sales, Inc., as sec
retary-treasurer. during which
time the firm has been highly suc
Mr. Andrews and family plan
to move to North Wilkeaboro as
■0011 as’ a residence can be locat
Annual Wilkes county tennis
tournament sponsored by North
Wllkesboro Lions club will open
on July 21, club officials said to
The tournament has been grow.
Ing yearly until it is now one of
he outstanding sports events in
seotioil. . .
James R. Church
Is Bound to Court
On Liquor Charge
James R. Church, resident of
the Idlewild community of Ashe
county near the Wilkes-Ashe line
was placed under $.600 bond fol
lowing a hearing before J. W
Diila, United States coinmissionei
in Wllkesboro.
Church, wlio was captured ii
„ still raid by Feden 1 Agent
Reece and Gilbertson and Deput>
Marshal Ervin, was charged witb
violation of the federal liquor ta>
laws'and will he tried at the No
vember term of federal court ir
Watershed Laws
Being Enforc«*d
Inspector J. V. Baugess hi;
had warrants issued for severs
parties for violation of the sani
tary laws on the watershed foi
North tVilkeshoro. One case wAi
tried before C. J. Jones. J. P., Sat
urday. The defendant was taxed
with the cost, which amounted to
seven dollars. Several other case-
are pending.
Martin Child Dies
uewey --- Funeral service wrs held Fri-
lan Davis, Talmadge Samuel Cur- Baptist cemetery for
ry, Howard Russell Segraves
William Reid Minton, Charlie
Haggle Cardwell, Asa Ralph Ham-
(Con tinned on page eight)
J. Alfred Martin, two-year-old son
of Enoch and Blanche Pender
grass Martin, of near this city. He
died Wednesday.
Tennis Tourney
Starts July 21st
Annual Lions Club Tourney
For Tennis Players In .
Wilkes Is Announced
Wins Again
Ri^h^d Jolmtton
Coinplete» Triunlng
At Camden, S. C.
Richard Johnston, youhg busi
ness man here who enlisted as a
flying cadet on April 30, has!
completed ten weeks of basic
training at the Southern Aviation i Of Junior Cham-
School at Camden^ S. C., and has
been assigned to the airfield at
Macon, Georgia, for his second
period of training.
Mr. Johnson
ber Commerce At 7:30;
'Dance Will Follow
Final rrrangements were made
son of Mr. and on Thursday night for charter
Mrs. A. B. Johnston, of this city, [night of the North
was one of 32 out of 54 enrolles
who was able to meet require
ments end remain during the
training. He has made a good
Cspt. Eddie BlckenbScker, who
won many victories as an air ace in
the World war, celebrates his new
est victory. This is his first outing
since injury In plane crash.
Order Land Sale
and Other Levies
Draw Jurors For
Almost Session
Directed To Levy On Per
sonal Property and Gar
nishee Wages for Taxes
„- - — Wllkesboro
Junior jChamJber ot Commerce to
be held on Thursday, July 17.
It Is expected to be one of the
outstanding events In civic ac
tivity, according to the plans out
lined In the meeting of the or
ganization Thursday night.
Dr. I. G. Greer, superintendent
of Mills Home, Thoroasvllle, will
be the feature speaker at the
Dr. Greer Is one of the south’s
most outstanding orators. His
addresses are invariably inspiring
and interesting and are enthus
iastically received. The commit
tee expressed delight in being
able to secure him for the ban
quet address.
■Wilkes county board of com
missioners in July session direct
ed the sheriff to advertise for
I sale as of August 1 c.ll real es-
Wilkes county commissioners
..... J-4 #vn Onfiiw/losr fho TCXla I
'hat entries inay m»w be made in
ill di.'.sions with Trady Church
or Bill Brame, wbj compose the
nomnilttee. Trophies will be pre
sented the champions and runners
ip in men’s single, men's doubles,
junior singles, women's singles
snd mixed doubles.
Mrtches will be played on the
Cl w y II. Finley. Pearson and
Critcher courts.
Dr. Wra. L. Bundy, defending
•lien’s singles champ, and Mike
Williams, junior champ, are a-
mong the early entries tor the
1941 tourney.
The committee has announced
that entrance fees will be $1.00
for men’s single:?. $1.50 for sin
gles and doubles, 50 cents each
player for mixed doubles and 25
cents each for juniors.
Many tennis players have been
practicing for the event, which is
expected to attract a larger num
ber of players than any tourna
ment since the club initiated the
project several years ago.
Jailed For Taking
1,200 Pounds Sugar
Three colored men were given
a hearing in city court today on
■barges of stealing 1.200 pounds
of sugar from S. V. Tomlinson’s
warehouse one night last week.
The men bound to court under
bonds of $750 each were Clifford
Watkins. William (Bill) Tidline
and Mar.?hal Dowell. Police Chief
J. E. Wflker said the sugar was
found in Watkins house near this
Play For Jaycees
in session Saturday drew the fol
lowing jurors to serve during the
Wilkes term of court to convene
in Wllkesboro on Monday, Au
gust 4:
First Week
John Jrrvis, Lovelace; T. E.
Dancy, Union; M. O. Faw, Stan
ton; A. S. Billings, Walnut Grove;
R. L. Wyatt, Union; J. R. Hix,
North Wilkesiboro; Ray Moore,
Wllkesboro; S. L. Blevins, Mul
berry; C. E. Brewer, Mulberry;
T. Lee Greene. Elk; W. H. Can
ter, Reddles River; Frank Tid-
liiie, Edwards; T. E. Blackburn,
Mulberry; T. A. Petty, Edwards;
Johnnie Sheets, Union; Walter
Jones, Union: Roy Osborne, Un
ion; Worth W. Vannoy, North
Wllkesboro; M. J. Beardslee,
irttx Wllkflfiboa*; I- Sheets,
Wllkesboro; Mrnsfleld Parks, An
tioch; Conrad Forester, North
Wllkesboro; J. C. Adams, Mulber
ry; T. R. Hayes. North Wilkes-
boro; I. T. Hendren, Wllkesboro;
W A Church, Elk; Ray Caudill,
New Castle; W.’ S. Soots. North
Wllkesboro; R. Claude Andrews,
Beaver Creek; Lonnie Jones.
Union; T. E. Blevins, Walnut
Grove; R. J- Johnson. Walnut
Grove; C. A. Hamby, Elk; Merlin
Ball, ’Brushy Mountain; D. B.
Holman. North Wllkesboro; L. W.
Felts. Somer-u C. W. Gkorth.
Somers; T. Y. Watkins. Mulber
ry; W. M. Gambill. Walnut
Grove; R. D. Parsons. Boomer;
J. D. Watson, Joibs Cabin; Frank
N. Colvard, Wllkesboro; C. S.
Walker, Beaver Creek; J. U.
Gregory, Rock Creek.
Second Week
R. D. Parsons, Boomer; Sara
Triplett, Jobs Cabin; W. H. Par
sons, Booimer; Jeff L ’
Boomer; John W. Hall. North
Wilkesiboro; Harrold Hartley.
Reddies River; R. H. Greene. N^’
castle; J. C. Reins. North Wil-
kesboro; G. F. Hubbard. Beaver
Creek; R. V. Dry, Reddies River;
Jeter Royal. Union; P. M. John
son. Lewis Fork; T. F. Saunders,
Beaver Creek; Millard Frazier.
Boomer; F. H. Crowe, North Wil-
kesboro; 'M.' C. Richardson, Trap-
bill' W. L. Badber, Wllkesboro,
S. V. Tomlinson, North Wilkes-
boro; A. J. Lovette, Reddies Riv
er; F. W. Norman, Edwards; H.
C Coleman, Somers; C. W.
Brown, Traphill; Commie Pruitt.
Traphill: Roby Williams,
Grove; Vestal Baugness
hill: Luther Morrison
to use means to collect taxes oth
er than those on real estate.
The sheriff was directed by the
Also present will be three rep
resentatives of the State Junior
Chamber and one from the na
tional organization.
The Jaycees plan to invite a
number of civic leaders and mem.
hers individually will nave wives
and friends os' guests at the ban-
commissioners to levy on n^rsonal j After the banquet a dance will
property and to garnishee wages i f>e held at the Legion and Auxll-
Kennedy Home
Chorus Coming
Will Render Concert Friday
Night At First Baptist
Church In This^City
Kennedy Memorial Home Chor-
el club will render a concert at
the First Baptist church in North
oy lilts xviiiife —
Wllkesboro on Friday evening, the Wilkeaboro Methodist church.
Uiiv 18 eight o’clock, the pas- and small admissions of 10 and
fnr Dr John w Klncheloe. Jr., 15 cents will be charged^ I will
I. ’ ^ be more than worth the admission
^^e "club is reputed to be an price just to see some of the well
rox'cPDtlonal result of a laboratory known^men of the community ap-
In order to collect unpaid person
at and p'jil taxes.
The resolution follows:
“Whereas, under an Act of the
Legislature the time for report by
the Sheriff of Wilkes county of
all uncollected taxes has now
passed, and no report has been
filed, notwithstanding this fact,
however, the Commissioners are
advised, informed and believe
that there is a large number of
taxes still uncollected, and where
as, the Statute requires that the
governing body shall order a sale
iary Clubhouse with Jack Y.-ncey
and his nine-piece orchestra fur
nishing the music. It is a widely
known dance orchestra, being en
gaged for Graystone Inn at Roar,
ing Gap. Old Town country club
in Winston-Salem and other well
known places.
Tickets for the dance have
been placed on sale by all mem
bers ct the Jaycees here.
Lucas Speaker At
■e« haWm . .
Is required to (be sold by the
Sheriff of Wilkes County on the
first Monday in 'May. or in any
one of the four succeeding
months, and Whereas, the Com-
miasioners are of the opinion that
in order to hold a valid sale the
same must be had within one of
the four succeeding months after
the first Monday in May.
‘‘It is Therefore Ordered that
C. T. Doughton, be and he is here
by directed to advertise for sale
all lands on which taxes shall re
main unpaid as of August 1.
1941, and shall sell said property
on the first Monday in September,
as by law provided.
“And Whereas, the insolvent
tax listed has been increasing in
“It is Therefore Ordered that
the Sheriff of Wilkes County be
and he is hereby requested to use
due diligence in levying and col
lecting on all other property oth
er than that referred to above,
(as taxes on real estate) and to
levy on the personal property for
the tax due thereon, and to gar
nishee wages or choses in action
due those owing unpaid poll tax
in order that the burden of gov
ernment shall rest equally upon
ai! of the citizens alike.
“Done by ^ 'der of the Board
of Commissioners at its regular
monthly session July. 1941.
“The Secretary of the Board is
directed to hand a copy of this
order to C. T. Doughton. Sheriff
of Wilkes County.”
’Problems of Security” Top
ic of Address By Duke
Power Co. Executive
Beauty Contest”
To Be Given In
Wilkesboro 17th
TiOcal Men Will Partidnate'
Hilarious .Affair At Wilkes
boro Schoolhou>e
John Paul Lucas, Jr., of Char
lotte, an executive of the main
office of Duke Power company in
Charlotte, addressed the North
Wllkesboro Kiwanis Club Friday
noon on the subject of “Problems
of Security.’’
His address, which was well
received, was mainly about social
security rnd personal security.
The latter he .summed up in skills,
traits, habits and knowledge. He
said personal security could be
found in the way of thinking
and believing. Between the ex
tremes of the pessimist, optimist
and radical can be found the hap
py medium, be said. “The funda
mental soundness of our people,
our towns, our all. depends on
the .soundness of what we be
lieve,” the speaker concluded.
The program was in charge of
D. J. Carter, who introduced the
speaker, i’rior to the jirogram J.
B. iMcCoy distributed booklets by
Rev. Lawrence A. Watts, of Ra
leigh, on the subject of rehaUIi-
tating those who return home
from serving prison terms.
At the meeting Gordon Forest
er was a guest of Robert Gibbs.
Captain A. C. Knox and Captain
T. G. Hearns were guests of J. B.
McCoy, Adolph M. I..ang, of Ohio,
was a guest of H. H. Morehouse.
Paid Osborne
Heads K. of P.
Fun and merriment aplenty
will take place Thursday night.
July 17th. 8 o’clock, at the Wll
kesboro schoolhouse, the partici
pants being well known men of
the Wilkesboros who will be
dre=sed in women’s attire. i
The 'tig show will be sponsored
by the Young Ladies’ Class of
Officers Installed In Im
pressive Ceremony Mon
day Night At Lodge
New officers for the Knights
of Pythias Lodge were installed
in impressive ceremonies last
Monday night. Officers installed
were: ChanceHor Commander.
Paul Osborne; Vice Chancellor
Commander, V. E. Jennings,
Prelrte. Paul Church: Master of
W’orks, Pr&fley Myers; Keeper
Records and Seals, George Ken
nedy: iViaster of Finance, Clifford
Moore: Master at Arms, Tom
Story: Inner Guard. Paul S. '
Cragan: Outer Guard, J. B.
J B. Carter received his Com
mission as Deputy Grand Chancel-
Jack Yancey, who will br'ng
hie nine-piece o'-cbe^ra here to
play for the Junior Ctiamher of
Commerce diartcr nl^t dance,
which will be at the Legion and
Anxiliaiy clubhouse following
the banquet at Hotel Wilkes.
of vocal music over » ye..,-,* — r—■ -- nussiwu »=
six years, where the theory that tent judges will lor of the Grand Lodge of North
anyone in learn to sing is put that every “beauty’ gets a square |
deal. Next meeting Is tonight (Mon-
ftetter be on hand early if yon f .
The chorus wfll consist of >22 ftetter be on hand early if at which time two
gl^ and ten hoys. Everyone is want a seat to ' candidates for the first rank will
oorJlally Invited to the concert fun-making and .^e presented. '
and no admission wUlhe charied. event. ^

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