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Six Months, $7,000
Fine and Costs, 4
Years Suspended
Phintp Yates, Purlear man who
heavy fines and a road
jtence In Wilkes court Friday
he entered a plea to pos-;
lion of over 600 cases of tax- j
lid whisky which was seized ;
from his premises June 1, stated
that he Is through with the liquor
Judge J. Will Pless, Jr., who
passed sentence, reprimanded
Yates lor his attitude toward the
courts and told him that he had
been a "one-man revolution" in
Yates was fined $5,000, taxed
with $2,000 court costs which in
eluded $1,800 for the September
special term, given an active sen
tence of six months on the roads.
« received a total of four years
d sentences suspended on con
dition he not violate the law, that
he not engage In liquor business
and on one two-year suspended
sentence a condition was placed
whereby he must. If summoned,
appear In court to testify in any
case Involving any of his asso
ciates In the liquor business or
any case relative to his liquor
dealings. He must appear at every
December term of court and show
good behavior and that he has not
engaged In the liquor business for
;. a period of five years.
Trial of Yates was scheduled
tor the September special term,
;h was called by Governor J.
Ifoughton to try Yates and to
try W. B. Lentz, of the State
^Ifhn;^ Patrol, and Agent Guy
of the State Bureau of In-
on eharges of larceny
about #0 cases of more than
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ATTENTION Gasoline Deal
ers!—B2 and Cc coupons is
sued by the War Price and Ra
tioning Boards beginning De
cember 1st are valid for 5 gal
lons of gasoline. B, Bl. C and
Cl coupons are still valid but
are only good for two gallons
of gas.
All motor vehicle dealers
must register on Inventory
form R 578 between January 1
and January 11th, 1944. If the
dealer is registered with O.P.A.
a letter of instructions and a
copy of form R-578 will be sent
iirect. If a copy is not recelv-
fed they can be obtained from
the local rationing office as the
local boards have a supply of
these forms.
Limited eligibility for auto
mobiles — Due to dwindling
supply of cars In dealers’ hands
the following steps have been
taken to tighten eligibility.
1. Eligibility of salesmen
has been revoked.
8. Mileage test on present
has been raised from 40,000
«,000 miles.
Applicant Is required to
Show immediate need for a car.
Due to the Increase In the
county stove quotas, those per
sons who were rejected for
stoves during the early fall may
apply If they are still In need
of a stove.
SUGAR—Book 4. stamp
good for five pounds, will
plre January 16.
GASOLINE—Coupons No. 8
in A book good for three gal
lons became effective Nov. 9
and will expire February 8.
SHOES — Coupon 18 In the
sughr and coffee ration book
valid for one pair of shoes has
no expiration date. No. 1 air
plane stamp In book three be
came valid November 1 for one
pair shoes. .
p^OD—Brown stamps. Book
8, meats and fats, U, M, N, and
p, mlr» Jan. 1. Green sUmos
Stook 4, processed foods. A, B,
•xpire December 20. D, B,
T valid December 1, expire
Isajaary 80.
- JPU»L OIL—^New No. 1 cou-
4 sheet, good for W
-il unit), expires Jan ‘
No. 1 coupon, Class 5
for 60 gallons (8
’Balts), expires Janusry 3; uew
No. 1 oOBpoa.
good for *60 fslloBS (36
«Uts)« .sxplre *• ■ ,
-I. .
.‘Vrthup Howard Osborne,
Navy boatswain's mate second
class, recently received a com
mendation from Navy Secretary
Frank Knox, citing him for un
selfish courage and endurance
when the merchant ship on
which he was serving was tor
pedoed and sunk without warn
ing by an enemy submarine. Os
borne and other men In the gun
crew did not desert their posts
despite the fact tliat one mem
ber was blown overboard and
another injured, hoping to fire
on the sub in the event it sur
faced. At the last minute after
the captain had ordered all
hands off the rapidly sinking
ship Osborne and a shipmate
made, a search for wounded and
rescued a merchant seaman
suffering from severe shock,
placing him In the last remain
ing Uft boat. He was also dtetl
for courage and endurance dur
ing the ten exhausting days on
the open sea. Oebom j Is the
hnsband of Mrs. Helen Riggs-
bee Osborne, of Wllkesboro,
nephew of Bx-Sherlff P. E.
Brown, and brother of Paul,
James and Archie Lee Osborne,
all of Wllkesboro. He graduat
ed from North WUkesboiw-hlgh
school, attended the University
of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill for two years. Ho was as
sociated with his nncle, P. E.
Brown, and brothers In opera
tion of the P. E. Brown lumber
Industry here before he volun
teered for service In the navy.
Christmas Seal
Sale Receipts
Over $500 Now
All Urged To Send In Con
tributions; Excellent Co
operation Commended
Receipts from the sale of
Christmas Seals to finance the
fight against tuberculosis have
passed the $500 mark in Wilkes
and many reports are yet to be
received, Mrs. C. J. Swofford,
Wilkes chairman, said today.
Response to th5 mailed out ap
peals has been excellent, Mrs.
Swofford stated, and any who
have not returned their contribu
tions are urged to do so as early
as possible In order that the re
port may be completed.
Some school reports nave been
Girl Scouts sold bangles on the
streets here Saturday and added
materially to the fund. . Mrs.
Swofford said that the organiza
tion promoting the sale of seals Is
appreciative of the cooperation
received from merchants and
from other business men who
have aided greatly in the cam
Cycle Man Held
On Liquor Count
Winston-Salem.—Fred Turner,
Jr., of Cycle, was given a hearing
before U. S. Commissioner Charles
E. Ader and bound over to the
spring term of Federal Court on
charges o* violating the Intenial
revenue act Thursday night.
Turner was spotted by local po
lice on Underwood and Glenn
Avenue and the chase led them to
Walkertown. Turner attempted
to make a right turn and over
turned his car. Officers estimat
ed that the car at several times
during the chase was making 80
miles an hour,
Atout 80-gallons of nontaxpald
liquor were found In the oar. Tur
ner’s bond was set at $750. The
car, a 1939 Ford coupe, was .al
most a total loss.
Carolina Motor Club
here, which" sells auto, license
tags, win bo closed Friday after-
BOok and Satiifihor this-week,
“V” NickeU Used ftxt
$25 U. S. WaT Bond
J. Robert OyMl, of Wtikesh
boro route one, Interperte the
“V” on (rid nkricels to mean
“V lor Victory". He saved all
the “V'’ nickels which he found
in the conrse of trade at Foree-
ter’s Nn-Way Service during a
period of a few months and used
toem for the porchase of a 9135
war bond, wfai(di he bou|d>t at
the North Wllkesboro postof-
flce. Now be Is ^saving “V”
nickels tor another bond.
20,000 Na2is An
RejwrtMl NHIed
Navy Recruiters
Render Program
At Club Meeting
■ ,Tw6 Reach Eagle Rank hi Boy
WAVE Msury Blackwell and
Specialist J. E. Huffman
Address Kiwanis Club
North Wilkesboic Kiwanis duo
Friday noon had an enjoyable
meeting, which featured addresses
by Specialist First Class J. E.
Huffman and Yeoman Mary
Blackwell, navy recruiters.
Prior to the program Secretary
T. E. Story read a report recently
made by Bid Williams, sponsor of
Underprivileged Child Committee,
on the matter of providing proper
recreation and places of employ
ment for the negro people of the
community. President J. R. Hlx
asked the members to consider the
suggestions In the report and stat
ed that further time for consider
ing It would be given at a later
Secretary Story, at the sugges
tion of the president, read an edi
torial that appeared In Friday
morning's Winston-Salem Jour
nal concerning the North WUkeq;
boro Kiwanis club.
Program Chairman L. M. Nel
son introduced Joe E. Huffman, of
the U. S. Navy, who spoke In com
plimentary terms of the support
the Club members has given him
In his work of recruiting reserves
for the Navy. He came here In
April of this year and has recruit
ed more than one hundred 17
year old boys from Wilkes for the
Navy Reserves. They belong to
the V-6 department of the Navy
and will be in the service through
the duration. They are given
splendid training in tbeir choice
of 55 trade schools. Mr. Huff
man stated that now about one
fourth of the boys In the service
are in the Navy In some branch or
At this point Mr. Huffman in
troduced WAVE Mary Blackwell,
who is here for the purpose of en
listing girls In the service of the
Navy. She stated that there ar^
now only six girls from Wilkes In
the WA"VES and that there is a
great need for many more girls to
Join. She says every time a
WAVE Is enlisted that another
man is released from some pres
ent duty for active duty on ship.
There are 16,000 naval trained
men now on some sort of duty In
the city of Washington doing Jobs
that women could do. Many of
these were trained at the Naval
Academy. She says every girl
Joining Is given a $1500 education
in Hunter College, New York,
where they may train for any
service they may choose. They
are given the closest supervision
and training. Only those young
women of high character are ell
glble to Join. Miss Blackwell’g
talk was well made and appre
At the meeting Friday Rev. A.
C. Waggoner was a guest of J. B.
Garter. The program speakers
were guests of L. M. Nelson.
Russia’s first Baltic front army
has cracked German positions on
a 60-mlle front to a depth of near
ly 20 miles, killing 20,000 Ger
mans in a powerful five-day surge
toward Polotsk, key rail Junction
near ;he Old Polish and Latvian
frontiers, Moscow announced last
The Red Army troops under
General Ivan Bagramian were be
lieved to be within 40 miles of
Polotsk hacking their way for
ward over frozen land In a trian
gular area formed by Polotsk,
Nevel and Vitebsk. They were less
than 70 miles from the Latvian
frontier when they began this of
fensive which has netted them
gains of 18.6 miles, the bulletin
Five hundred villages and ham
lets fell to the Russians who also
captured 2,000 prisoners and In
flicted staggering losses- on the
enemy In men and equipment, said
the communique recorded by the
Soviet Monitor from a broadcast.
White Christmas
Service Is Held
The annual White Christmas
service was held Sunday evening
at the First Methodist church.
Many generous gifts were given
by members of the church for
needy families. The gifts Includ
ed food, clothing and liberal con
tributions In cash. The service
was held under sponsorship of the
Youth Fellowship, of which
Shoun Kerbaugh Is counselor.
This- organization will deliver the
gifts to the families to be provid
ed for at Christmas time.
Also at the service was observ
ance of the holy communion. Rev.
A. C. Waggoner, pastor, ^s as
sisted in the service Fred
H. Shinn, pastor of ,'Wllkesborb
and Union Methodist churches.
Cold Wave Passes
During the week-end the cold
wave, which had kept people in
this section of the country shiver
ing for several days, moderated
Into milder winter weather.
On Wednesday of the past week
the mercury sank to about 10 to
12 and on the following morning
temperatures were reported from
zero up to six above. Since that
time the mercury has been grad
ually rising to normalcy. This
morning It was 40 degrees above
Now In North Africa
Latest additions to the Eagle Scout ranks in North
Wilkesboro are Ralph Church, left, suid Pat Hunt, right,
who received their Eagle Scout certificates and badges
in a special service at the North Wilkesboro Presby
terian (diurch, sponsor of troop 36, of whidi Church
and Hunt are members. Ralph is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Rufus Chuixh and Pat is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mur
phy Hunt. Rev. Sidney Crane, pastor, was in charge of
the service in which the awards were made.
tot/^riosn troops btoks through
to Hw Roman VaUsys ysaterdsy
OBptuiiDg San netro and driving
o& tl;res miles beyond that last'
Nasi monnt^ stronghold to with
in five miles of CasslnOr,which is.,
only 7(1. miles from the Eternal
Saa^Pietro, a Iriazlng shell of a
- tq-wn,' fell to Lieut. Oen. Mark W.
Clark’s American vanguard late
yesterday after a bloody, three-
day struggle in Its streets and on
the surrounding slopes that culmi
nated la' one of the most singnl(i-
eant Allied victories in Italy.
Swiftly following up their
i triumph the Americans cleared
away the mines and booby-traps
^that the Nazis planted In tbeir re
treat, and today drove on along
the Appian Way northwest of the
town to the area of San Vittore,
three miles from San Pietro.
Lions Providing
Christmas Cheer
Members of Club At Meeting
Priday Evening Agree To
Treat One Family Each
Members'-of the North Wilk#e-|-|
boro Lions. Club will provide
Christmas cheer for approximate
ly 26 famlllee In North Wllkes
At the meeting of the club Fri
day evening the members present
were given names of needy fami
lies as furnished by Mrs. J. L.
Clements, city welfare worker,
and each member agreqd to pro
vide for one family.
'The club enjoyed an Interesting
program Friday evening, which
waa given under direction of M.
B. Bryan, program chairman for
the meeting. He. presented the
Damascus choral club. Which ren
dered several numbers In a most
entertaining way.
Truck Operators
To Call For Their
Gasoline Coupoas
Truck operatofs in Wilkes coun
ty will not. receive their first
quarter gasoline coupons by mall,
rationing officials said today.
The coupons for the first three
months of 1944 will be issued
from the rationing board office In
Wilkesboro and truck owners may
call for their coupons there In per-
I son any time after December 31
1st Baptist Christmas
Program Wednesday
Mrs. M. D. Phillips, of Dalton,
Is here visiting her daughter, Mrs.
O. T. Mitchell.
Fvt. John A. Bangnse, son o,
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Bauguss,
of North Wflkesboro route two,
is now in North Africa. He re
ceived his basic training at
Aberdeen, Md. He entered the
army April 22nd, 1048, and
went overseas after six months
training. He says tell all his
friends "he’do” and write him.
The annual Christmas program
at the First Baptist church will be
presented this Wednesday evening
at 7:30 o’clock. Representatives
of the Sunday school and Training
Union are planning a program of
Christmas carols, music and reci
tations. At the close of the pro
gram the annual Christmas
“treat” will be given' to the
children of the Sunday school.
During the past week
hundreds of Journal-Pa
triot subscribers have paid
their subsciptions in ad
vance in order that &oy
may continue to receive
The Journal-Patriot after
January 1.
Due to increasing circu
lation Mid the necessity of
keeping the amount of
newsprint used down to a
nJiumuita, it b mandatory 
that a strict paid-in-ad-
vsuice policy bo followed
on subscriptions.
During tha past s^^wl
days statements have
mailed to all subscribers
ynhue, sulpaaiptions have
expired or ^hich wiH ex-
pjare in' haSfurf, ‘ Tonr
prompt '^klentifm to the
matter will apprariati^
and it
that ’ youir WnatiiNi''
this office before January
Due to the fact that
posting the records on
many rmieWab entaQs
much worit hud thid^ tibe
liniitad'tffic« force b an
ticipating a larga number
of renewab-^dbrinf the
closing days u# tha month,
we mge that.yon brfaig or
■d your renewal ai ear>
Six-Pound Turnip
If yon want to see a really
big turnip, visit the Journal-Pa
triot offiM. Here we have one
which tips the scales at six
pounds. It was grown im Joe
Hayes’ farm at Purlear. It was
not the biggest one he could
find, but one of many Urge tni^
Mrs- A. M. dtureli,
Sr., Dies Saturday
Many Scouts Are
Advanced By The
Court Of Honor
Much Interest In Boy Su>ut
Work Evidenced By Num
ber Before The Court
Funeral service was held today
for Mrs. LlUle Cornelia Staley
Church, age 70, who died Satur
day night at the home of a daugb
ter, Mrs. M. P. Hunt, in this city.
Mrs. Church was the wife of
the late A. M. Church, Sr., who
for many years was a prominent
merchant In this city. The sur
viving children are as follows:
Mrs. M. P. Hunt, Mrs. J. Q.
Adams, A. M. Church, Jr., Rufus
B. Church and Mrs. Claude R-
Johnson, all of North Wllkesboro.
Also surviving are seven grand
children and four sisters and one
brother: Mrs. C. P. . Byrd, Mre.
James Combs, Miss Mary Staley,
Mrs. George Stone and W. G.
Staley, all of North Wllkesboro.
and Adam Staley, of Winston-Sa
Mrs. Church, who lived an un
selfish and devoted Christian life,
had numerous frimds, who are
saddened at the nows of her
death. ••
The funeral s&rlce this after
noon was held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. M. P. Hunt with Dr.
John W. Klncheloe, Jr., and Rev.
A. C. Waggoner In charge. Burial
was In .the Baptist cemetery.
Number of advancements pass
ed by the Wilkes district Boy
Scout Court of Honor and Review
In December meeting Indicates the
high interest being shown In
Sconting among the n}ne troops
now in operation.
Prom troop 90 four were ad
vanced to rank of second class
They were Linville Jen
nings, William Jennings, Jimmie
Billings and James Lovette. Three
others were advanced to rank of
first class. They were T. C.
Plexlco, of troob 36, Gene Mc-
Niel and Dick McNlel, of troop
And three reached the rank of
Star Scouts. They were Lewis
Mann Nelson, Jr., and Gordon
Finley, Jr., of troop 36, and Bud
dy McGhlnnis, of troop 35.
Merit badges were passed as
follows: athletics, Phil MHchell
and Buddy McGhinnis; cooking,
Lewis Mann Nelson, Jr.; path
finding, Buddy McGhinnis and T.
C. Plexlco: personal health, Billy
Bason and Lewis Mann Nelson,
Jr.; poultry keeping, Lewis Mann
Nelson, Jr., and Gordop Finley,
Jr.; public health, T. C. Plexlco.
Dlc^ McNlel, Lewis Mann Nelson,
Jr., and Billy Bason; safety,,
Phil Mitchell: stamp collection.
T. C. Plexlco: woodworking. Bud
dy McGhinnis.
Wilkesboro B. & L
In Annual Meeting
Directors and Officers Re-
Elected; Reports Shows
$49,000 Bonds Bought
Patrolman Ratcliff
Is Stationed Here
Wllkesboro Building & Loan
Association purchased $49,000 In
U. S. bonds during the year, the
annual report of Wm. A. Stroud,
secretary-treasurer, to the stock
holders In annual meeting, show
The report further stated that
the association had enjoyed a good
year’s business, considering war
time conditions, which have made
It difficult for anyone to carry bn
bnil'dlng construction. The 22nd
series will open on January 1.
The directors of the association
were re-elected as follows: B: J.
Kennedy^ J.. H. Johnson. Wm. A.
Strand. R. B. Pharr, J. H. Leckle,
6. K. l^itltngton, George Kenne
dy, Cbariie'Howard, Dr. M. G.
BdFcords, Edward' Hdntyre.
OharlisB O. McNeill and Wm.,. t.
Long.>*■ ■■■■ ■ %■ ■ *1''
SifC Johnson, van' rerhleel^.
pr^4ipt> xBd the other.
who Vreta dtso re-«leef^ by tq*
dUtotoM^gre as faUo.k(8: J)r.. li-
G[^Sd4la|{lB,.'riqe prealdent; J.
'l^enderaoa, attorn^, and Wm. A.
secretary treaimrer.^:
A. Phifer wm' a bWi
pjasa victor to Rglelcn -bat week.) BUY MORE
Lamar S. Ratcliff, who recently
received a medical discharge from
the army and returned to his
former position with the State
Highway Patrol, Is now stationed
In North Wllkesboro with Sgt. A.
H. Clark, who assumed his duties
here some time ago.
Patrolman Ratcliff Ijad seven
ydars experience with the patrol
before entering the army. He was
injured while on maneuvers and
was discharged after several
months hospitalization.
V ■
Round Mountain
Hotel Is Burned
The 23-room frame
structure, erected some 20
years ago on top of Round
Mountain in Rock Creek
to-wnahip, was destroyed
by fire this morning about
9 o’clock.
The. large struetare,
erected by a atodc c»»-
pahy of^Wtlkea citize^
WM .oorapied by tbrto...
iamOie^'and WM farmter-
propeirjiy of Ji^
Steamaii^of Statesvfiiii^.
^.v.The bola! properif^
'now owned byji YVlasediie^,;|
"Salem" . ■ .wbohe' ^
na^e eould netbe learndd
hwe tpday.

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