North Carolina Newspapers

f W ftrh below from a uasn.parary, a synopses
of this dMMl fct lb benefit of tboa who do
B9 dasiie rod tbo alir mmrnngt, Which w.ill
I found at lengik in tbia lasti. ,
Tb arly portion of this rtunarksU document
an Samply raoaptlaUtiana readily Admitting
of eondeoMtioa, bot th lung concluding section
consisting of A historical rtropct of tb alarer j
tjoestion. Bint b read ia ex'ense by all wbo de
I lira tdlnow the opinion of President Pierce oa
this fBomentoiu qnseiion. So unflinching an ex
position demand and will repay an attentira pe
rusal. '
rutinaj rrAin -osxaT astraiis.
The OoTernmant of tha I'nited States and that
of Great Britain are Mill at issue witb respect to
the true interpretation of tha provisions of the
Clajton-Bulwer treaty, with but little hupe on
the part of the President of a satisfactory settle
ment of the controversy. The reparation deman
ded of (i i eat Britain for ber infraction of ourneu
u trali tj laws b.i. not yet been acciaded, tot Con
tinues to be a aubjeot of dieoaaaion between, the
two Government. '
Tni sot an duas. '
On the question of tha Sound does the Presi
dent baa allow the I nitetl Mate to be
represented in rtie Convention called by Denmark
to atljuet tha difficulty, but baa expressed to the
latter a willingness on tb part of the I'nited
ruues to suar- iiinjriiiiy who outer power in
eompenantingDenmark for any advantages which
commerce shall hereafter derive from expeodi
turea made by her for the improvement or safety
of tbo navigation of the Sound ur Belts.
Our relatione with F ratios oontinua to be of
the meat friendly nature tlie difficulty with re
spect to Consul Dillon baring been satisfactorily
arranged. '
Greece has made the amende honorable for the
sequentration of property belonging to the Amer
ican Consul and ethers.
,. " ; ' SI-AIH.
Spain is slowly making reparation for tha ex
cenes committed by the Cuban authorities.--Oompensation
has keen made for the seiiureand
detention of the Black Warrior. .. Payment ia
promised for the injury auatained by our citizens
through the sudden revocation of a decree pei
initiing the importation into Cuba of curtain spe
citied artieles free of duty. But satisfaction for
the arrest and search of the steamer Kl Dorado
has not yet been accorded, though there is reason
to believe that it will be.
- NtXfCO.
It has been thought judicious to defer urging
the claims of our citiaens against Mexico ou Re
count of injuries done to their persona and pro
perty, until the organisation of a stable Govern
ment. . ...
The President regards it imperative on the
finvernmrnt of the I'nited States to interpose its
autliority to check all lawless irruptions into
those distracted Republics, and therefore felt it
incumbent on him Ui adopt preventive measures
to pmicot tho State of Nicaragua from any un
lawful intervention on the part of our cit incus.
' TaiATias '
Treaties have been formed since the last session
of Congress with the State of Nic,iru aud
with the Kingdoms of Sicily and" Hawaii. ..
The receipts during the fWnl year ending
June SO, lrto3, wereof,0tl3,H.10; the expenditure
for the same period, exclu-ivo of payments on
account of the public, debt, fjC..".oj,'5!!l'!. The
amount expended in redeeming the public debt,
including premium and iiitnivet, aaeKbs'i.&..K.
Tl lalanee i i the Treasury on thr 1-t July'
ll.'..'., was SH,!) ll.'.l7rt. The rervipts f.,r the fii'st
tni.irier mh.euucntly and tho estimated reeoirtl
tor the remainder of the year, amount to IHX,
iWd, which, iucluaive of ibe heilanra In Mre Tress'
u y.'will give, as the available res nirees of 'the
current fiscal year, the sum afttO.KItk.T'Jt). The
I'-pons,' of the current fiscal year nre estimated
t t51,2C6,4'l. inclusive of the throe million
ilue Mexico, and "t7.7,VI,(K.N) appropriate.! on no
ci not of the debt doc it. Texas, U ,i . ! i' till esti
tio'te i Lithn ce in tl e 'I ienuv ou the 1m Inlv.
jroo, o, i-l l,U-l 30O41.
Th nmmint of public debt been
s.nre the cooiiuenotMietit of ilie i r
t e i . .- , . -
.war, I rum f W.S-M.to1 1 to Ira than A iit.lMaj.taxt, i
v van r
of an irly
f du 1 ica 011
The pr ipri.-tv
o 'f :ii l.iriif
revision r"b
imports i. A.ivt,tii-
'I 'te naaae of lawa proviilinr a retired ;.t f.,r '
tb.itiUJ ,aVer, and iiu-reused coriieit-aiiur for
S. ers 011 active service, ia recomnieodf I. 1 he
re.-iiiitneiu itiob made at the opeuing f t, j
.ion uff.'ungrras far a psninl teurgauiz.iti.n
of t;,i Army, is renewed.
The House is reformed to the repTrt of the Sec
retary of th Navy for details aoaeertii-ig ih
arm uf the aervie. The six stream friga'cs nr-dr,-ti,
be built, it is believed, will U remly r..r
rly io th onniing apring. An appro
priti B is r sinmien.led for the cvu.lruoliolt ..I
six a'eam alo ps isf ar.
mat orrjtt.
Th riw xrtenditurea nf th Ite,
nseai year was .l.f.Hj,S.J4": in.
wilsU J7.34i.l:f eiossM of as'. .11,
lis 1
ruceipU, 2,l.ailJ6. t
rilhu "r'f,Vm-- f PW -U do-
ring tl,.4. fc-al year, locate with military .
TIZS U1"" BP r.
r roads, and selected aa una Un.U 1,. ki
n.ittio.. .. '
nsraiiT or con-sau.
Tb sttenti.aa ofCoogre isaavlled to prariding
'"' " "aster.! aad asml iuteveela tbo L.e
trict, including diKati-n,
nssiTusiss oaaoni a wtsaiaoros.
Indiaa hostiliti prerail ia thee territotUa,
bat BiMrM have bee tales to reprm them,
It la hoped that tb act prejadicwl to r wl of
W wbaah bar esn ailed ia kaiwa will be seT
tleal wulaeit th laUrpitioa of tb Federal a'
tbority. Th right of tbo penpl h. del em. In
h r sea d smeelis loriluti ,nj i stmr-ly afltr
H ed aa ly sarvey and MsbltbMM of tb
Nsatbawm bssndary of tb Territory raia,aa-
Th.r.f tb. g.
' " aiaiery qaestioa. 1 a j
Pnaideet take high rVrn there geuaatls, aaai, tat !
or hi saaaiflMt l.i,rity la hsring benfifoe. j
aiai4e4 amafurt ki tha tWeib.i. .1.. 1
n-rrw, kit preeei.t pntig, 1(,,t U b-Aed rt a !
Wlalia fHBMrrissrrf
r-IMIf eiM.tioO. the dial-. ... I. L. 1
ery .truer w..b- TTlt'
- ' rees-
.... i
OeasUawat as Mr. riw.
I - '
hat last arnseeol ii. v-.,.... f I
b Alturaay (ianaral of th l aiiad Htal aaid a '
' MHi-aas) Fi I'taeideaTrai-IeJ Tek.1
a 4-Lr7Lft . 7 . " F.llaiara,
BOaeelaresi had bft la hie ofte isvaik of th j
"ibt4U.f.itj, ;
rM. anon... trrJ s
. I
Peatk f Kea. I. M. sWrtaa. j
!. Jaaaary U-Itua, J. M . IWtiaa I
died keee . f 'efoek tk .-... '.(V ,o 1
aaa Ml a i
' I
--a. Braatoa Br.,, of lb Arstilt 1,
railgaat ' .
Ota Balattaai witk
ous sat Jasma. .
- , , , - ....
. ... Auraauunaaioi ivanustrM pulU tiea i
in tei tatinf letter frooA i'hin. isi wkik th
writer recite tha iadicnities wkkl ar. , . '
our-baorat. Chin. MJm j
quibbling of tbeJapauaoe in regard to tha recent
Ueaty saadrsjiih tha Iniud States tbroarh Com. !
Perry. Ha attributes aU theM diScultic to '
tb e:W of the American Government to keep '
a strong naval "force distantly ia those waters, f """T B'l ''Kht to bars the mesaajre read, in or
and urges llie neeewity of chant of poliov i ' '' U-"Xy Vnuw what tby are voting
; ,
mmm. a
Hevaasanta af Bpacia.
n,,.; k. -. tin,, .
ow jvarut iroa mere was t,'
d at New York 1 10.721. G.t7 ; I
(inisiud for Uie same time tl ee M
f - v i. , , r
trow flow York m.i Btiatoa, 42,450,0H5.-In I
r .eu.
1854, the receipts were $53,978,01?, and the ex- i
ports $44,302,8-13,
Theamount of specie nro-
country the past ,
jcr, it i more man probable, exeeed the amount
TMrty-Fourth Congres-rirt Sestiou.
WAHiiGTo!t, Dec. 31, 1855
.. '
-"v ""iiaiacametoiretlioriJie
" . ",,.
. "; annual meisaKe VM rec.iveJ b ,ne
hands othia private secretary, Sir. Sidney Web
ster, and was read.
After the reading, Mr. Clayton madeaomo re
marks relative to the treaty of Anril l'J, 1H0O, in
lenr,th "rT ve"y,U " iht lVni'"l th.
strength of the position n.....j n.i govern-
,,.y, niuim aurorai Amen an att:ur,and the
njusiice of the position taken by Great Britain
with regard to the construction of that trentv. '
He agreed geiiernlly with all
the President lius
statwi, and contrasted the pacific character of
this country with the aggressive policy alvraya
pursued by Great Britain. ' ,
Mr. Soward inquired whether the ymond taken
by the British government rcirnrdfng the con
struction of that treaty namely,, that it was
merely prospective in its operation, and had no
reference to the actual occupation by that country
or territory in question was the understanding or
the government of the United States, when the
treiity was made, Mr. Clayton then being Secre
tary of Slate.
Mr. Clayton replied it wns an entirely now con
struction, something of which he had uever lie
fore beard, lie had never dreamed of -ueh a con
struction being Kivento the lnngnaee if thotreaty.
Unos any man auppose, said Mr. Clayton, that'l,
in the posseasion of my semes, entered into a
treaty with Great Britain to allow her to remain
in possession of die whole of the Isthmus, merely
because she hni been in possession of it,and then
aij-netba treaty to prohibit my own countrymen
from taking possession, leaving her to remain
What molivi) could no
American Senate have
ad in voting for it f Is it pi,iho any man can
elieie for a sini-le moment su. h ..;
ui. ,.ipiaiioii i,y n:e negotiations, when it w
agreed "neither ill occupy, roloniie, firtify or
exercise domain" in Central America. Occupy
means, first, to t.iVo poacsion, and secondly to
keep possessin. Great Britain n,-ro,.,l , A.. :.
it Britain agreed tado nci
y would not exercise do-
ther. Hirreeinir that ii,ew 1.1 ..... .1 . '
r- n ..... j - ,,vs siAViciao UIS- 1
01.1111 there. . - . . I
ed by offerin-; a resntntion !
of copies bo printed fori
y the printer to too Sen-
v mi inn conriiniefi ny onerin
10. 11 uie usual niimtier
the use of the Seimic I
ntn f..r tic last Crcsa, at not exceeding ;
th oe et:il,lis,cd by law.
Mr. tJass expressed his entire concurrence with
whnt had fallen from the lips uf Mr. t'hnton.and '
Ina cin"iit;riiiinn ut (he c urse taken by tifr I'resi-1
but. rind the vie i oiiuh iti by tl'ie mesaaue. i
In the whole historr of the iiio-t'i,.rtii.,n., .Iil,u !
niniy then' e as lloih
X to be found at all coin-! villi Hi
II Itie , ..". nij u,:.,:..
:r.o-hon of the Clayton and
II.Z tl.C C'li
lieniy Mini I eniMI Ainerionn tiii-urs. j
.Mr. Wcllei - i-niiiti.endnl the me. hc. lie Im-,
iieve.l tl.ln eoctitry e .iild never :ihainh tt the poi-!
ticai she had tif iiincii rlh.tivcio t eutral Ameii-'
ca hoaxer the p. . pie ,,f i,fl ( nlied Stntca 1
wet d ,.ied oh jti'titi tlf ib int 1 is p.,iey. j
u war inciiaieu tlieia Ihov won I.I ever
j be t.und acting in hitrwoiiy and ttnanimin. Tbo I
j oift-iij; HUbt.Le jleutm.ccd br ptaudo pb"i!an.
. .(tiiMpist. bit would meet cordial response !
,' ' ,1 fvery friend of I, lie ty and lover of the ooustito- '
m .'.liii 1 ... ., . .
n and of the I no.11.
Mr. .e .1 iioiii.iineni that be was prepamfo
to stand 1,1. and sui .n the t'raston and iiulu.-r
treiity 11 .1 it i.e. , I 1,., ,1 1 Bri'ish troveniinent '
c iii 1 1 1 t i l j. I., tl at iresty. l was n-a W to 1
go further. He en. ready fi th asfertion" snd :
prei lical nmintrtiat ce nf 'tl M .nrt 'dmnine.
Mr CLyton's re.luiK a to pr.11 t the suesssge 1
a a a;rei-d to. i
It v,s ulaoofleiel that five bundled a ldiiion
al i pies of tbe animal rep..rts of tbe Secrelar.e:'
. f il.e iirn.ury. li uri. r. War and Xavv and
I'oslls) iler Ornetul le f..r lb i. f
th . l'. prfiiet.ts;sio aim Sial cp- ' ,
ies of i lie nx aM.e and ducuinents for tbe u-e of
i. i.i Uiciiepanuii iiL aad ol
eral. '
Jfier aa eerutiv seasos tbe Seoseatj,,nrned
to ii.jid:i;.
..Mned.atel, uf.. r tl. read.fg id" tl journal.
.uTL .,U: f;l, ,'r"rfta ""uf
w . I ,1 . J, M ' Uf (IIB, 1 r,fl..l .M a I.. l.aa.l
'''"emeut Xaa ..loerd. ..,kl .1.1.1, l. moved that it U read in order to hear
tl... tb. Ure.d. ll.Vaid Z
rea-ling till tb. )!,. t-,j i
' l''R" '1 know wh.t' th. -.., '
J.i;,i . ... ,i , i. . . ---- .
M was n.s....,ry, lo e aimi.nicai ia wining.
The Ool.aiiiule n gives bin, H,a ti.riu.
Mr. Camplarll, of tihio, e. ,toi,4 that the
reading of the message la Imwriini ImsitMsva,
ai d hoi ling that w InteiMM ran b Iransaeirsi
antil tb in.guis4, the se.l,ne of (,e
messa.e In iilianr of aa orjuiiniu, n
Mr. ( li.igmaa so'ij be was perfec I r willing
that (ee.leuira shall divide on a qaeetiua uf or-
Mr. Orr raid that tb eBei.tiluti.aa ripreasly tl.ia boly a. h II mm, esyii.g that
lb ll. ae of J(epre.ei,utiv sl.a.l rle.a their
Speakir si, I mher :Wrs. ila u. l . .L Vl.
1 . . 1 .11 . r .1 . " "
" I " 'uns, rie HIS (Kiini t.ia .
aaa re-i , tf ta lbs 1're.ient rbt lb Jsaaeae I
sic eld I -a read. - 1
Mr., of Of.X rrpHed that it wns at
At r. hri'wa ui.,.u that tj., ) I ,4,1,1
" "'' "V" eot.bua snail of Uu ports ar
m. V km"" , ,
tr ' n".e.aiainM w. k it till it or
.. S"' ''"'V"" m ' "! t
k JrtT..?l'r. rUm"?!- jUaA-taa, la
...a , kiiiiii sa lis sn.oils. It aaa aa el.
iepie,i i.amaicai ss lire pfrUr e4 th.a f,m-
- -- . , iw
tsawiaaaieia al.r gt.J I . a .1.. .1..,. ,. ...
wee Hsrtesnaui , ia i ree. leiil I ,
' - a ,
""" Llli, (lr. U.l tvusiM aui sail b.u luaaV,
rV. , '' ,
m'".r"'rl 'U .U.i a,,,
" ". I'taJ, ! t. tl.. abu,.
fo'b dori, g abe'b Mr t?f sa.4 that ibe ete ;
''" ' b.. n- .. .BMrts.!
jHwI.t-l ta. P,4,at w to. i...r-...,U.
',, 'r,',"? " " '
lr. Xar-kall lU..usrt ik sleabj L
re..r4 and U dua ll.a bU. I..S ll. lluaa a. !
'''u"' i. . " !
' ''vmm seeadaog. f lb aoseare
". ,, . 7 V' ' Aeessafy, ae4
Hr. l-rt.kiks..Mll.HlUIIMUn
sauegk le eetve f e leo k. '.' d Il k..i
'' te ll'.ae aid U
' '"wa efsnhl re,lulij ialbeit.t thai
Ik. 1. J.i: ,
red tw tfj t'Wk this aorinf4 tha lre. I
be retaraed by the Cl'rk to j
- I "aTO
purporting r. be a
ideM is) the House
U" P"1. preatiiig the swa, as the bou-e (Ua
-nSc " " ' '
Mr. Iavia, ..f Md, moved to lar the motiosj to
roeeive the aBr..a!o the Uble. Whea tha Huoea
"'e"" '7 g"ln"a a move to take
JUr, JTorJea, of Ten'n. "and fr. Orr i.i,d .1...
The elerk read fffm the maoual to the erTect ,
when tberradinrln appr iacnlled Hir.amd oh. '.
iectinii'is aiade, the question ni'Wt be put to the I
"'. I
M'r.GMIw :ii,lth H, ,,.. 1 l.. -i t
' M'r.Qtinw' said That tha -tatwr Lalt ' at the 1
thws'O'l'Js'loe.llen it "Jiall it U-cciv- I
I-...LI :. : , " ,.
. iwtnoiss xcwiuiav eon can n,r
too readinc;
Af,T.rurl'er fier delate and parHitrnmitnry
TrV.T d,v';"1'!l ' ?f ?J
w jeap iiu ioe Hietf-iire a hall not lie
1 he hole subject was then laid on the table
hi' ": majority.
The House then ailjiurned until W. dnesday.
WAsHisrotinx, J.m. 5, lSfifi.
The Senate wis not in r.ion to-ilav.
Hocsa or lUl-nTATtr. Mr. fiiddinc '
...,.: luiiugiui euon to amciia me jocrnut
; of Monday, aottiat itnight appear that the Presae
j ident'a mwiapi was BM received bv the Uiaiae,
but was announced and handed to the Clefk, by
private Secretary of ttii ' I'roeiiiivnt, without por
Mr. Kniiiit. after arizini the imnortanee of a
aiiee.r)- oraniivion of the floosenTere l a reso
lution providing for the election of a stieaker by
apluiality vote.
Mr. I'bclps moved that the resolution lie laid
upon the t iblc; "which motion was airreed to
pmm lit; iin,a l'io.
Mr. -ii-ike aiila,iittel a reaolution. that the
nfol the President of the I'nited States, to-
Kes,pr w''h the accompanving documents, Vc
reccivnd: and that the me-aaao be now read. But
thia resolution, on moth n of Mr. W
Maine, was laid UDon tiie table.
unburns, of
The llouse proceeded to vote, rt'ro rocr, for a
Sooakcr. Mr. Banks iwuved 103, Bichnrdaon
"i. Puller 32, Penninetim 6, scattering 5. Whole
number ut votes Illet. Xccesaary to a ehoiio
Mr. Millson moved that the President's mea
eommunio ite l to the House on the 31st nf
lecniber, be liken from the Inhloabd now read.
Jt wastu bia jujjjiocnt an ailuiirable and exoel
ent State pis per.
Mr. Stanton raised a point of order, that the
messnfte can neither be received nor read until
after Congress shall have been organiiod. As
to the mctsne, it was, in his judgement, a iiil
disreputable publio document, falsifying th
history, of the Government frtim its organisa
tion down to the present day, in every particu
lar. Mr Mace moved that the wholn subieet lie hid
upon thetvblc: w!ii -li motion waajdocidej in the
aflirm:itive -yens 11H, iiaya PI.
The House naain nrue'eo led to vote, with the
following resiihi Hanks lill, lliehardsou 71, Kni
lerSK, Peinington 0, scatter! ng .1. Whole nuui
U rof votes il l; necessary to a chuice 107. The
llouse aojournej.
U asiiiniitoi. Jan 3.
The financial report of the Secretary of the
Taurv was rceeirerl
Al r. Mason moved that 10,000 copies lie printed
"7 he rr,n"r to the Senate of the last Congress,
A '. ensued as to tb power of th
'c"H'e '"ke such action since it would,ns was
e,,"l'leJ on one side, be a violation nrevaion
of the law of the last ression relative to ibepnblie
printer. The resolution; however, was adopted,
M'- l''' remarked that be was not in his seat
r-,,en ,,lc rfcsiilcm's annnal Jlesanj.'e cninc In,
""'uM ' objected ( its tvorj.ti.,11, na
irrcjularly sent here, liewould not nrctenj to
,,H! rer" "" why the Presi dent took such an
Yankees ure alio
.... ... ,
wed to ies; .iril tie wouM iv
110 means presume to say that tho Piesident has
taken thia ..pjMiitmiiiy to go down on bis
1 1 the Smith because several Southern Stnlea are
to hold IVetnivr.vtie tVinvontions about the hth of
January, baiijjhter.
If that Waiie.ue,tiewaa sorry til President
had taken so much paitu lor iinlhinr. f ir thoif
"Ju"t nurb ehanoe foroneof tbe Senate's
r?.?i, 'n"Oiin.y1ed Tor the Presidency as for
Mr. I ,er,e. Uuhtef. The Picident takes
MB """'u "fb n,eai,e m talking alsmt Central
viBi.;.n na..; I... 1- I, II. . .1 , .
Hit he (.Mr. Ilale.l tlx nirfit
l .crewas a pl-e in th central p ut ..( the I'niicd
Siates on which the eye. nf the oi,le are turned
null va.ily more aliifnti.Mi namely, hnnaa.
He iut,l,un the autliority of .Mr. i slhoun, that
the M.aiir., doct.ine, o much talke.1 about, 'was au-j-eated by the llri'ish rV
Tiuo, a-aaid l,y the I'resolcnt.'u have h. nrreil f
in l tnas r .nirary to .,i cder, nut tli I, ml
t .ken place by b.tiit ou of ihe Preai.lent." I bis
i- u I the Urt tint tlsf IVshlmit has Oeiirer. d
aiivure t.n slavery. It a iuw.lting to the
liii.ii. nty of thia I. uh.ii bar tl,e Pre l.leol to ssv.
e0-t, that men who diiwirree with him ei
tint aulijeet are ,,eiii ies , t t iin C insulation. Mr.
Hale sternly r bulled such nn iinimtatinn. tliel.
f r punishment of nor sins, nr tb hu
liiiluitH n pride. permits Mr. Pesirc
to rriitvy th Presidential chair; arid (to eoiuos
d.i n into tli arena nf the ibmvi ue, a-rlppcl
d every ihing which M.uld cloibe loia with
torutive dignity. I l.auchl- I
,Mr. w ;,-,,
nter. calling ou ,h.
I a res, hiii in, which lias
th President for Information
in Kansas.
The Sena tlien adjourned to Moo lay. .
Mr. Moo oCcre I a ree.i ui, B that tb acting
tfoorkv. fair of tins llouse be roqiieId to Itsck all
thed.s.ra n.tliis hall iuatauter, u d keet.
ihfiu securely fastened till a speaker be eteeied,
aiilva O'ietH-,1 f .r tb adutiaaioo of alateut me na
ilers. jl.aughter.J
Mr; Mac said b at tbv had e.dasiaetil
i pvwsdmit for this ia tU mcetu .4 a P .(,
, lighter. w asuvoed I lenient IV, ia luuti.
1 1 lerdiuela hd been for nearly thiee years
1 "Id t. gr ..a tb a suis-nuV. siad
; wer oa the fiint d'brenking up. al.aa tb
saagiatratea 4 11,., by advic U St. liii iutain.
, (hut tb gateau, ibcltjfockiii ua UicAliuaJ
Uli thei sststd.
II aaa a4 so maehef a Kaow Kmhing a not
ta acn..w We tb Uading aullx.nty u4 l.ns
t.rSatsr.tei.1- itail.fa.t ll .... .1 .1.. i
! bo ad.,pt,, h lei.tured to ray that tlieaalUul
BAturewWJl U audi. iU,er fr rrfieel.tuent or
; "tberais. lU4hi.) aa to here aa ia
I let. b..i.. I VI. I
,1 .. -
hi aaotk uf Mr. ih.vie tb resoluli a aaa ta
ble.! aed tb lluaa s-ain pruee.ted su v,.a,
Itai.k liti lifcarjaBa, Jj. rullrr , Peoele..
too, ti, na: taring 4. .Nr.sp.aerv to a Hsoir 1 lo.
1 a s-b.,i.xis, vuoa vara lata with tliesesue
ree It-
Mr W. ler. i ,ib tl, vsra f aaitieg lb .
sarvaiive .uienU,gered re.Uuli.-u oe.t-ieg
i Mr kr. rer.lwg loia ,,,M,,
i '(Oa-.-eo .a4 a l,..,,4 team part ia toe Uov
'"J tbe.r sUsi, and tUrelor. b a a.
, cl.aed to sorreaoer Mr I allM, wtol. (W sue I or.
! p "f . r,-S !..,.
M. teojunsayaJ to .aWtital. lb. aarai a
.si r.'Sa. k,l dalsuaasl Ike 1.
etatiblbaUis ft
Mr ,lker,sl.aere.. seei.eesit.ia ea le ..
. -- - j su ssissih enei mi aarre salt la
: '
, ... r tWC-Sl.
i Mr I ut... s,., .i.A u. tl.L j r.i i. ...
"" t!'"o.l'e. ta eirraaislieee.. Te
eeeare ., Ijf i. l ,.,e
be .... -evusl u.. aaae. .T Mr. leaaseg.. (as,
Mf. h.gae4 In tail lb. rae.,b.tbs Maw
i,''v' ' . feailes-aa
tk lb. ..f ie d.UM ll.. p.,u,.,
. ,lfcwailbaalabea-.iall.ays
"i. ' 1
Mr. I .vnde , feres a re I oil a li st ftesa aaa)
mU" fWa.J.y m m af tb.
ean.led la .e... J,l, m. I ll a ha
llasaiha.ei anb
laarboee aooal
a,-, ws ."O IBI.t.
Tka II mm lb lb. vyt, al biU i ntH k. t Hl vtl- ko. e.eard le.tre.,
.ll"atp.oentti Hanks ll Ili.UiJ...:! f.t'll aed iw o.od t. ,o oa ... .a.. , a.i ..
ler :.n, I .
ftoa O. ttlafih, t
lieoeoti a,.beia
Th lltahsatbta luised.
Mr Bays
Vamimotow, Jaouary 4. 1&6.
Hub'S K.
aaad a peraoaaj expls' T n. tie
aU frtqaeaitlT excr. .b onin-
tk.iCht, and
tow, that .eircusaaiancca were I .og to a
disruptioa. It was with prof 'i; .vgrai b saw
a great party fcraaed A the Ntrtb, baaed pon
the single idea of boatilitv to tho institutions cf
the South, which parte huUsavfreedoai to be N'a
;,...! a i " , i i . .!
oapjsrry v-euilociai. Villi! tu ine same
tint the Constitution rec; unite slave rv and tt
formati.m of that instrument was the result it
Imrmony, concil'titiuB and compromise. If that
part, e.erobrandpoa.ion of tb. tiovernment 1
and be thought it wnuld.diaunioo ill be the re- !
. He did not dsira this. Ovi forbid it. j
Mr Allison said be bad no dipoiti. ej to vrar ,
on alavcrv in the States, but he was opposed to '
ira vclm,i, - . I
't extousion.
The lam-n then proceeded la ballot fur
er, with the foUuvrinic reeulti
- Bauka, , ItH
Kichardsoiv f ill
rutler, ;,4
Scattering, . , 1 S
No choice,
Mr Dunn urged llie Mausaeliunetts incriilB-rs
to sat i ince their persounl tceiinga and Vote for
Mr. Leister.
Mr. L'lldurwond orTtre,I a resstlulUin llvtl IIia
Plirst meinbar on tbejist be put intioiiiiati"m"a'ii
1l"ted for, and m on till n Speiikor is elei'tel
rwuuuon w
AnotherJiallot was licn token, which resulted
preciaely, bke the alkiva. Aad then tin llouse
! jtirncd. '
r I t S li . ri t it m
l lilt, Ji, v nil Kit I,
RxTmsKatwiLY rva Tin N. C. St.vs, v
MhrJr.'ak Omw-, : JVitYinfi'io Awl tTbrnnunon
Urrrk&nft WiltJ H'-v.
Korfolk. Jan. JTho inelemencr of the
weather for the naat week has onerated err nineh
vi!':il',',t m,t ''or transactions and buaiues has
6"1"." '"""ed i:
in conenueuco.
Fl.ous Is in fair demand at S93 'th 10 for S
F.; 101 (ij 10, for Kxtra: $11 (,t 111 ( Family.
'otto . Some few tranxuetiuus at t j 9e. for
fair to choice.
Xavai, Stoxss Continue dull without truwac
tii na of note.
Wilmington, Jim. I Tt-rVTie Further
sales vesteitJuyofO'.'S Id I. nt $'4 ,W for yellow
dip and ?1 30 "for hard, 2H0 Iha. This morning
133 do. changed hands ft same figures.
Simrits TtRt'SSTiNK. Sale yestcrduy of 100
bbl. at 39 cent l pnHon nn advanoenf loent.
Xo sales to-day up to closing our report.
Hosts Nothing done.
Tab Is firm at qotation. Sales jsstorday of inns, ar iviu rv (m
Cotton Sales yesterday of CO hales at eta.
for low middling, 8J cents" for iiiiddling, and KJ
cents V tti. for good niidJIing.
Salt 1,0"0 aacka Liverpool ground sold this
morning on private terms.
Petersburg, Jan. ,4. Wiir. vT th market
to day was more active. One parcel fitiO bushels
nriiue whit sold for $203. Prim red $2 to 2 03,
Medium and eoinmou qualities range ss in quale
Corrosj We quota at 8 to Rio., with" aulas to
any at uutn or these qtiotations.
ion vera jsotnmg na lieen don at tbe ware
house for th past ten duvav The stia-k of old
leaf ia very small, and la wanted by aianufuotu
roes at M to , f Jh old I .iirs simable for work
ing $(i to 6 new leaflet to 8, and new lugs $4
v o.
Ftot a City brands of extra tinj to 10. Su
pei hue J'.IJ.
tjuxo i "jj to 50, for Peruvian.
Fayettsville, Jan. 6. Spirits Turpentine 35
cllow Hip Turpentine ?2,00 per barrel.
Sr.: ape " . 1,00
Flmir not so brisk,
jttayorj Uffioe,
ItAi.tii.ii, JnimryC -7 tli, ISofl.
,.y v
fWI UK Citirens of Raleis;li are invited to
at the Mayor's Office on Friilay,
the lllh
insiani.pi l oniocK, r. .11., to appoint delegates
tn attend llie Southern nnd Sou I bu etc: u Coin
nicij inl t'uiivcntion in the I'ity ul llicliniond, u
tlioutllh day of January, Ix.'il't.
Raleigh, Jan. U, l.s-u. 14- Ik
To&U and rveiy ot-ewhoowe ci.
V f w bate Bait arrait.tii.iiis, le eoaaaieree
bSslttess, dnreglha eernlns e;rii.r. In the i,irth wast:
at ibe nttra tin,c, ratlin- en nor eel obrrs luttaa
titrwaid sad settle This rcjoest kss haea atu-nded la,
by only a ftsrt. and lite tursranuHtHl .tll dee is t Sr.
ait I ateottf .eii! reeO-'r it'ult-'y nreesasry.if they
" ' " pen etttoro teir e,'aariure, , fiisrr do IS In lh
HBat(,ii nor allortacy.
ltk nsitic, w bars i;rui;tetl every ie'lel
aaaa lor lty oat rt liters l.toa... i.ranlof
ki,a.:v cbsUng u)t our bsafinii la lk; tit. reader, ll
infa.n.ttrao s te eE!l oyt.n tbrte as s An r. e.
K. I iMbblNO;
1 f). The books ef K. U H.-.Huir Willi., rkssrd Jas
let sv,S, sad sll seessBDIs staksd ready fnrftsyaieeS.
-fan. , lltA. ' A At.
at. I I. IX. Or f ATi nr fohVaV.i.
Vise, ti INTK1B ISIUMJ IPllli irnKn
la a hn tteae, tb rr.aeliitter of eer Wn ler
Vla.lble wilt keetald at eeat f ar t'ask. Thsea eke kaee
not sHiihrd tbesiseivea aoaid Ao wt II losisMlueeair
-. . KJNU A IHiiiii.
KsK-iib, Juo. I, IrwtA. -3l
P. R. All ikeae Is I, bird te a. a HI itssse (all SI eer
sad dare ikeksaeeoents, ky cak a ante.
(iferrassora a Hefts, T-flaf t I.V..)
Maasraetarrrs si.4 keleeafa !se(rrs ia
eaeaary J, I',. t-ta.
'pilF Wttryli. J It J n.iw ,.M i. serslkreark
J. lbs glass, aed 1 e.4 reorsrsl likalka Uons
t)vi an ii ,s o-ar... ie mt,f l.fl.i, H ll u .M Iwm
llao to.h el ll sill, r I '.to, ll a., lrf doly.,,)
le 14 eaatly .e.l it ta ieteetvleaa so w.trr. sir se
eeti, are keel b aia. Mtiwajair-. toll..
. t , . J.HAVllk. iMsemkey, IJtk ...A. . ,
T "wantedT
IMVJtXl-KI. ASU ll.LIy yTIIITFiri.b,
J nBibrs taMiiLs w, llNivririn, t. la
I... ef i, l,t fosinly Virginia. Milla v I, iSei
Is desd sad left t Kmiaahasl A tilllste kilAeld
twe aegnsss, Addn a.
TH. miip,
I.aaia, Warts t , Mies,
f In Fruit TrcciJ
'Jfl (UWi '"'H TIIIM W Iks larst a.
tVJ.AItl k eds. aalira ae4 IU,(e,ere
esfeet .af - I; J,s. l.lal.y, sl.e 11, ,.!,,
I.eilOard t'e., (' . sod lhr.e U. lb f. alt aaa I rrah,
1 I Sll.. a , St. f ,, eoKstri, ,af A fi ), pre kse.
At.-,, leiintax sad Ct .tta . I'.t. aa. eeetia.
Ttssa wilt sA . te d. t tk. ssaVs. la, i...kse Lisd.
ky, Xea Wereris, etneea J if.. sea l'ra-ak
j'"fii a i.i. pi rr,
! Uani.ri.
"e. I, 144, l.a
ffafrtilu till Ciilfsrt! fc.aaU.fiml (inlrit
ilk Xirvtirt,
It'Ot l brerpe'fHyti iha'ee sf f
f amfker ait neks to kis eelrel r- llretle
ante end awitsnalrd erUt et Prail Tra -s, eta
braces aeeae to last lra. .ril.. b lb-wie .art.t
yi.i Arpl. Per, l ae-k, 'iaa. Af prierl, t kerr
krrtstloa, A I e . M rk"Ue ssserls sut
Urai-ramys. IS t . t .ittme, ele, ete.
A l er Is... -.. -, s..,. I e ik IA re-k. win ra-
t" r"l s'Wn , i il sires, aeell. peeked !
i.l iliati.lit,,! i i . ,.( ike aeeeirv, j
-.far a I .. al si te see !
ase-pM4. f
"s al
i Cats l-oj H sr. O tow , o. d .-.oar. I o 0.0.1
I HUM mini
faaasal,.! kiae.kol, -l. A,
g-rf IV, X. S, II... t, o.
to ax psuwi on vas
WAotaaJ Orrn-aer Twa Nmusi)
Ittsius, Baltimtrt, l-e, 2, l65.J
ins Xaaarera af tka U.nuA I ,i . i i v-j
: -- wis ,iaa al ttravisjt IL
IT.. L.. i
TZZZSJSttZTX - ' ' '
1 i
On tho third SATURDAY In ajjrju Mouth,
Clou 5,
T" b Jnwu U Bslliui.,,.. M.I t. is I
140,000 DOLLAHS
H U U 4ntiil Hh4 ary diff to Mr .M?ei May
e mjiifnl K-Kiot. '
20,000 Numben!-1,000 Prixe!
emir payable is tviLwuuiit dl tios.
rains vo r.vKsr SO nracv.'n4
I PiIk ,d . $4ii,u I u
1 " .' 2i,Hiu
1 " ,iwii is
I " 4taais
' ta
I'rlljM of l.tlWare
M " fun -
- luo-
- siai
sua .
0.IMH "
t .)iir.,luialiun Piiiesol 2C rs
4 I
' ' , hj -
h ... lava-a.
Jll "
" at
Sbi.maiing to
I.WHl 1'rii.a,
The tare nrceedfittr anit the tare sMaanM.linaa -an.i
to llnaw aiaalne ll.o Oral KOU I'rl.... ... ...oo.j , I
asi'l'tvAiuisuiai riiiet. ns aleva.
j ns pjuiiii i4 nil Trite, ta (luraulaed bv the Slits
1 ZMsryhm.l, , I
AU ti'-IO't l tf S T..,lt,rl.H .,.11... at. d,l l.aa .1.. Jl. I
i lonr.itilHI. iMtir tin' lllli(,nei:i.liol sivnul,,.. ftt OS'
X." liHKNAN, (seaenil Agen for th Cuntraetor."
Then nr. to,IH'Tlietr. wilnhsnal fri e. t an .
-. TUere an. I,aai Pnic: Tk nuaih.m IV,.- .
Jo.lXitJeo. esniMuling wllti llmw uu ika twlirtM.rii.ted
u wimrntu niipsot p,.,mr. are relii-U Hi aiol rneiieled
w.ta small tut lubes anJ plwnt in the Urvl. 'Hi
tMht Aisjuuxitaaiina Prises sr ivcid.-d as aln.v.
Alt' r evotvuig the aheelt a tuiubrv Is ilia j out of
tha aheei l uumlvers, aud at Ihe tmt tlntj one I.
drawn l''ae wheel by W. aha are hllo.llel-
ac.. l ase e up.'OMl suit ruhilntnl te tha amiknee
Ul MI'S Magi eredited lo llie u.u, arses I.. lh
Ctautaoiitn" r. i its oi.irallun I. is-twateJ U.I sli lbs
Prires are ir-iwn eill.
rcrsoas sii-binir i-srlh-nlir mnnt,.ra'Biit.l sn.l U..I.
erilera farb, with iioh-ucliniis vrli.t tu do tu tu-e tbcv
The aiaeing will'.be pramptlji sent te all pen baters
. rKK'K OP TlfK ffl.
Tl bolm tl"; Halve. I; Qnsr. ,I0 ; IVgl.ts t,JJ.
. AUibaas orners t,.r Tirkcu te -
HaHimare. MJ.
The Brillih Priitxlifuli ihil ttir firmrr'i Coltle.
cheat nEjrcTio. v tiik meF,
Or Till kAITKR ri'llhlt ATIoN.
L. SCOTT t CO., NEW YOUR, coniii:oe io
publish tlil- follow injj leading Urillah I'ttriwdieulK,
tilt -
estv a........ es.uxrry ((ViMaYrrufirn.)
the I'Miltnrgh Ilrrhte ( U'ti.j.)
Tht XvHh IhUM liai, (t'rtt Chun .)
The Wentmiiiitlrr Heririt (LHwal.)
Htartraod'i KitiulmTyk Haflaliht tTbry.T
flllTo great and inijtortaiit vent lleligioas,
Political, nnd Military how agitating the
ealiuai.ef tbo Hltl Werld, give Is fl.l slloo,
aa inlarret and value tkay eeVisr kt Inre (aurora, a.
i'ttay eee.y a atbidls gruuol batnava ike b.nily
eritirnnt4s.ll, at., rretle s.,-t!elii.ii., abdH.Uf ra
BMtr. ol Ike S'Splsster. Sltd Ike Haul, toes loHaootlke
blstorias, wrii'ta beg alter tha lit lug liilm.l I
Istla ke reetssia ball have faesetst easy. Ike
Is Ike
gross ol ikl sr I the ba.l .eslea a larne snare ia
tlar.f (,s Jrs. Kvary ssevrateel Is rlo,rly trilotsrA,
I, lb.. ,ii Hired t ot lo, end sll si ert,tiaiiei,a bar-
b sij uiaii.d oat. 1 ss ivuor fo.ui ika Critaea aad
froie Ilia liable la His. k eoed'. Jt-tirutiar. Iron li. of
it nest noitelsr e,.otriletrs. il.s , etere loir llisil.U
I reiislilr nredonl U lb ea.rttl. ol Ika errat
helltK' i reels rail . bt ttbrre 1,,, Issied. firbellral. shir rae-rsrel th. ikrre arret ee.
lilool ...llirs of lir.ol lttitria .H kis, Tjry. end had.
trair let ptdillr. banjaoult As listers tdiheir aeer-
Selrr. As firmans id tba ioot ims'Ii 'tnd ertttra.
s.-ln re, l,h. r .lure, sf. rallly. end l rl .io. tkrv Masd.
aa tbry aver Save slte-d, o.,r,valbd ia Iha eer, d ef Ut
ters, ketes ebeaulfrrst indirbraeehle l.. ika a koiar and
prior, si.. sol man. Wltila le Ika lio.llnral trader et
every .I... tkry farn.rk s mora ..rtrn-l aed satisfaet.
ry rrr-ird i-l Ikeeerveel iitareiurt el Ik doy, tkroeik
osit Ibe aurid, tkaa raa be toeil.!y oMaieesl trot any
tiller aoatsj.
ISAHby rilPIKrl.
Tke reeeiitt ef Advaaee a keels fVasa Ik IWItlsh
ptiMlsken gtv edtbtHanel vsltu le Ikare Rt-irtat, re.
p. r,iiy aering iee rresval earltli t stsla el Kensjieea
afslrs, toasete' k ss I key roe ., ke fatserd ia Ibe
sanli at abseni-ees slo al aa See ss Iks original sdi.
Trim a.
Per aaa.
f sy ass ef tka f.-us ltrvleaa.. ,jl a
bl ) leoef ll,. f-nr Hr.ltws .. US
Ktr aoi M,rr ef lb f-aor lliiba..........rt.. Se
fur ell loareribe tti,ws...aa.....-.A a
Fi liiaikwuod'. Us-siid. ,.. v-,,,,,, n a as
Hisrkw-Had sad Ibrse Ka.ires ......a. ... t'e
far Klerkeaead and ika low. gnlres. ... HI t
' Segment ta A' aitWa a nil is. a Itt (rotary,
M-mf tstrrraif In tAsr .Vol. wkrit tmd
WlJl A IXrusef af lavr,
Ctl lllllMI. ' ,
A dtsee ef twrelT-Sve ry erat, froaa lb skeve
seteesatb k klteere la i'teh. erdmog f.-or et.-rr
eefrle ef ey eae er eaere t Ike M-eo werka t .at:
tawearve of lllaark eod, ae ad ewe kr, .. o, alii ke
eeM le eaa aO ltts hat tr l-asr eeese ef Ike Mm ll.
vises sa ilieakaeaa l-e t - sd ae aa.
1 ll vrlnalt el rilisa leenealkea aerka all)
k alclissr., Irseef t'eslef. aiesslky eseii.ika
Paeta., le sot yen .ef Ik t oilad e,ll ke kas
Tojeeay Me? liat, a yrer f,sr -ltle.Seoa4." eaa) kea
yeanae I eats eyrei I" sea sd Ike hat a o a.
77; fa n mTTu'.s a viuf.
TJ ICiMTUU, AkU I dAClUlL A.illli I b
era- 11 r,
tit!....'' it.., r. k a, of k, ,,,d iw
isla J, P. Kfcllaaa, PraafrSOaS. f trS,et. Vs. .,,0..
la si. I oll.,e. lla..e. I - . tt l IHa
e. IMO kafaa, sd ta.tsl Wood sod koel
1 Sas a r a,:. IS dir. tke seeel saattal Is Wt.rk Ht A fit
.:.. .re... j o,.tt k d. od te evo. to f . r 14 e 4rr
.r,lll. Ikr o. ...S.ts I strl.ra.Utd t ratter tkr
fst-t to
tu K tti'l I. Ada t'l II' I Taii VOI.I sit A !
tka srrrl k)ss , n-,... j " lo I .'.t-ro.. oed
'arf-a fka -re Will ko f '. f -a .rat. .,--. of
lk I a . Bod K l oaraAa i I -atJ. S, ftl Tfc
sa.tote u.l'isal.lil, t-tm"
h'e.iHssaaa f fo a ad . S' -r.O f. Wa ak-eid
alea). ke eddir.a, 4, .aa. aaa,... lo loo l a- i'ah.,
ll.itsAAU ri HIT A i ti,
Ho, .1 U..4, !
W. II. UI.. U,
Commltiloa Mtrtcbtnt,
aa, A tuts ivr sysirv,
yHaUfcUa. k.
t lllla.ll Ut
At, .ot a , -r ,e
t'l I t. Ill I 1
-a ,.4 I,.,
1 ll b?
fat, -.1. A A.
nilllr Hl.t. il ,k (U i -l ivoiers
f S.aoeaar, or so la
r.s.r-oao.,. a a r
,9. 18 5C.:,
Book! Books ' Book I
TT'JXXlg AUITk Re P...kase. e eai'v
' reara ta tke far a set. ke lUaanCartaaa, ,
KkssieHi.ias, kv Is-g teeny.
f-et f Htse.iks. ky lenUdtew. ' ' . ' '
Beery Hae4 east ktrbeaaet, ky AkkatV .
)rake,ki UaaailtaaAi'eleeael.
MsMir. e( CmikariiM, ef kaasa-a, sad bar
Tgvertive, ky tlenrce eead.
leewoa: or tbe l .rl.k Htvy.
RefareareiMlre Wusaaa; Fnta B tke Witkeftke
Fir.!, w, u,, mMkn af Iks seeeea A.lm, M tv14
witu Nisaeirl ef Kein tka Rights, sTIus' itadaad bis
e...-sa, bj nsrbers.
Tks l'ieeicv's VIcUss, er IseldseM ef Aexrieaa
fiarerv, auk
Tbe kletrk ttirb Or Life Seeaes as tbejr are,' will) lllae-
t aikart Manly Eierelseai eentsleiei IU,lee. Bail.
' Ruling. I'nviog, r teetac, Uuua sail rkoatiag,
sissv's rilagy, lUastrated.
I.i A of u e yurni e( Kitjlsad of tb Boa of Man.
nvr. by Pr. II. lioma.
Memoirs nf Pr. Sampana, lata Ferltf tke, tales
, r,'ttKii-si ecetinery.
Wheeler", history of Serlk rsndlns, lllasrratatl,
Ike Arrk tlobov,. Koatsoi.iain lbs tulles titates.
br Ortiila 8 lloluls, lllvstntetl.
T!. Amriraia Cettegy lovkctrj Baok, sr BeaMkeep-
ir Hoots t.y.
"-the Pro w of Pcsee, er Traths Ifer Yeaag DUolpla.
by a
Thr l.nsf cf the Forest and tea Ysttcsm er tkoagbts
aaa bbotrhesa tiering an KmsUt Pilgriaiag te Homa. -k'eelr's
sketrkra el Virf inis, 14 tbtnea.
What is Pifaibvlvriaaisi. kv tke Hav. Dr. Codee.
The ntoral and uatallsetua! divonity ef Bases, by
KsH A llsti.
Th. linlo Kp.KaaUaa, er tha Child tsagklby tbe
i river Dttes. .
ts'. nB. t.r ky tka Ptv. Kokeit fteath. D. T.
Tb eit ll.... otCreaiine; a Mriaa ef Fsouliar Lay
ters, frota a fslber te but rbildrrn.
Iiaby nstl rorresrionriencs of heartel Pepys, . '
Juno i ilfttnl, ky a laawjr.
tanlrv .nj MMMWakllaMM of Ink EvaWe. V. S ft.
llisfirieal a4 t.eaerittis 8keteha f flurfulk ami
Vit h,ll, lllatsfrsletl ly W. tl. Poira.L
Tha pitetry ntt mji.Ury ef Drams, by Charles 0.
UOIiSUil, . .
lt'rlaker, Travels.
Voysgrs Hound the World, froa. th.doathyCar-lais
eon (o tae presvnt tlw.
rotaahih, U.D. Tt'RNKR,
. S.C Bookstore.
Rsl.lgh, Iteo, 1844. " ,
Greenaboro' Temaltl College.
rft HJ'tSirmg aessloa of Isart, will aanvnieaee on'thc
I Soli .b,y of liaeemkay, 1 .'. Ther wlll'be n
vsraHsala rVliitr,xeept a ft days for teereatloa at
Anibtttb.tiartieeatseftSsfnstltutloasraeti.r lw6iltll
with Pltbittut aett ikitbfii! I'rttfesacrs sad TsSakera.-.
Tbo krst etasa. has Wen diviilod lotu two aei.aKii , for
the nreoiiiniuilat.ion of tbosa svhu desire to (iraftsr lat
the rejiahtr tollfira at.nrse.'(f 111. aotler 14 ye:vr ef ag
will htfrttaAcr lie received bite tha In'bititien. Circu
lar will bo asnt oa snr-iieathta, te sll rtereons destrlitg
full Inftriua'dtai la refersaea lo rbarges, eours ef
study Ae.
, T. X. JONGS :
tlrsen.i'oro Teerinbcr, If55. 4T et
ltlcbniti.i.l t'bibtinn Advocate Bjiirlt of tha Afe,
Xewlteni Xce-, N ileiiaeten AiniBirrcist, Fayettrville
Obaamr ant! kllltoa t'brontele Insert I, -
Louisburg MalerAcademy.
fllIK Trasvees tsir plossars ' Is "al.oevVTB'fftgio th s
ptiblle, thial they have armred th. istrvbHsa f M f
Mtltbck tl. Ilnvla yeeng insa who kssan gkla
solid .doi'Slion, wilk satresa rv fsraare So tha kst.toe.
ol lestthiita,, ana has eaieoi.d it, aol as aten&leg
alono se -u inker ealb kul aa nana ansa! rolesaioa.
Mr. iioTis i. a groiluela ef tks binvoraity el norik, slid aa itratarcd for CollKa rbirAy ia tbe
&obot.) ot whirlt ka has aow beeeni. tba Prieelftal. Ws
have bad, Iharrfuri, every otiportanity ef kaoaieg kis
o,ttali.rlicnsi and as aoafidenily saawra those aks
ssny frel isrbned I aslrentss tb arkoo, tbsA thai
Bill ad la Mr. laviaalaehr te wkesa ikey ejoy wok
romlurl aadauatldrnre lolroat Iks sStsrsl and aiaalal
Mabiing of their vblidirn. '
llusitl ran ka bad in Iha villa . at llo eernottth.
Tuitloa F.nitll.h lraarlieiit ".on
balis and ilrark . ' ' I'.e
Inrldaaial asro-niles OOAA
Th nrvlrrs.1,1 will et-staanea Ik tad Monday
la Jasaary ISiA.
Its order of lb. Board,
- A. II. ,KAT, Pssainur,
IIASU b . HIM., ArrVy.
boslsborg, b'ov.Isih, 185. 45 da
K hsv la .tors and will sell below biwrat sssr.
1 ki r
send Harks "JafTrejA-A Hsreey" L. B. Salt
Itatu do lirewnd Alans Halt,
1 1 4 Iti.l. Il so.d i;m.brd Sugar,
lu ale CoAae,
... Wl llalf lroAU-s Loafgagsfa .
s) bss lli.csoe.
4MI hosss 1'ata oep, '
da lltoea do
list do I k"telri tllva r),iel,
yBbls M.C., Ilmas Hrrrings,
3.11 do do t'al do.
Iln-Mtis b.trkrla, VI r,.iii, Psaar, Twist, Attfs
Hosr ..sat Powdrre, Uh.e till, Cbeo, lata, Casdlrs,
M.asld, Adsntanlin and rtrrva, toelker wiu.aU ni.
eh'i to ta foaad ia a wholesale rotrry.
.. a A. M. M. I'll bbl kH A A 10.
Ae. A, lUsaoke N, Kerfolk.
N. B, Partaralsr sllenlioa Iil rs to sales ef Plow
ssd Ziorlkl.ardia tr-.rks -seiwrelly. Order for Li.,
I.uta.t, ir. kllrd ol lowest rlcr.
' I'rrrotl,,'! In, IftSA. AA-tC
'6000 Fruit Trees,
Or tht F bH -lrr. 0 R K ! U X m.l K A tTX K k f n
tut mi Ist-rtr way by Kail Hm4 to Hl rb
lurttttja mwi i htT.ft mm.
Vnf wantiHK irM ia pkmmi lliU fcniin k,t
M rirttT l Hall, In M il-i.U, m i Unvui l.-hrj tr( h
ot."!, M ikti rtmrnif, art my f hU t miva mtUrn
a4 siaiett-r Uvet fur we, iftr.H( my aW
WT U.t ME OKTKnKD 0 PALK AT 1 t'l.l'OM
an4 ralM t Kpya, skawt r4 af atiirii fruta in in
tVeMH ti U I. a4 rkataiatnr H Vltvtitnl HiMtrt,
tA4 twt4. mn4 tttta 9rHHm4 tn la m4 mml 4mm
rr lt. ll.ri e.i-rtrf- ;-. I UU ary liH!, ai
WeHfJkAkf Aa ftrssTttlt, b tHl hmfntm 99H, Ti
ll rr. f'-t ffsk ar araa4 m4 f MfnUabta
ai v la r M a)
$b a ill I'laaa U Us- ftrTAfa.
I. J. Ti MUHl LU A-rtV.
IUIe.4lk ! IW. - tl.
1 aT TIIH Ahll. eeelkrv lot of ine 0,n
ff llo.irss. t'.'als,, be. Also a frv4l
ul t I.." a. I sed V..i, to ka Bud. te ot l-n ell
of nkok ei'l ke eeM tew f-e cask, fan ...e end
oo iii yaraett. a4 Aoa'l f rgH.e krvngik wkiaa
aiih. klku A Mi. ha.
b.bltk, Mo.. It, l"M. t-At
K. R -Tboae btd ttrdt S Bill please ask. a,
of sonata lo arlllr ee. ef krfne. tka Aral Any ef J
'rv. s S, sa saw of ika Are. a.nlsw leee ia
Slot si tkel liar.. Tbaae wl.o due I eaatorly Mk IA
,! ,f a - i !i al ta ll ke Belled o ky eel.
tlsl.ijh, oe ISo, lt- As J .HI,
ST tlf. ft' amain t Mnl II .--' i II IT
II It I III k ft -( etl of flaes aed i, -an, Aa
aa-aaa kart V TrrSa, I S-A,
Ao 1 toy Aita-lrot vs Mokeal tMivraot elf, (tot,
It saftse, ika kaltsof ft ae Arw-lsA, aVe' Are.
alro.i aed - Areaetred. o
fl aft,eater o Iha asl' fossban 4 Iks faatet it a ike
dra-easM-a le aor ore i .too a f Ikl tt.
fl ie ti rf r. rtat. rrd Ittol aA.aetraareoel te aa.ato sis
wrattte lbs btl tk atoa. e eer. eolv-k. la in
1 Mr of A. tat. A. t-e ao B-s is..4eta to eear a. AaO
..... t.r.a. ol lOaa tao'V le bo kaid Ibrt saaotr ob-re.
... ia... ,t.r o.'-.. I At sk tor of katooery a. il al tt.
I et M -oar te Pi'ta o.V l.e and te eereao
1 '.e ta a. eer tutil f. t-H-e -a t so roes. IS he keaed
atiatie rd )d.toat lot re fm mmh ..satao a, fBwoa.
Hrteooe W r 1lUsr I ore. I for eaiS I assay OS ot
fa lie sos oed of .. A. I'o I -si, aad t tke
atk oer ef Arr.eea le.t.'orsWoa.
W . r. I A I I.1 1 H, ! V . i:.
L'.nitloij FesiAU If i&lMry.
f 1111! Ofaer S.a.a be ! eill
Ik. d
A lUaao.
t.-ara t a. oed l.,kia 4. for elAiiiseaJ a.
arsaa, eti-tt lo , ar olor, ood oia sj. ra.
, r-ios-t.
tSaa-SaUf, .1.
- - -
4. ,1,
( ll,n oaf atlaaVsi
1-0 a, 1 1
fiat A.- A Soa.1
X 1 'aa, ltf )
t'l 1 I - A Solae MoewW
fart l-e ' "
I vim IT A PI' l.
Wo H, areoa
n4 I'd. I !.
. loaSos
T At.. I tt rn A .1 4 af ae Mom, A
ttrae. a lea V aw'l'a. f 11.1 -. eaBata-aV-ea
lit. I '
iW rteaAar A flrr. tii
ApfdrtW, Bsllditg Ut 4 US Brosdaey,
. Bcan-rrtw BROTERaiircir
tsrosTtss, AK DKAUSA ia
Dragi, Mnii, BJ rtrftmrrT. It.,
ITO WUliasiStraet, IsewTerk,
ISV1TE tb attention ef ft trad te their lore
ryif "CkU,S' P'u,i K'bb i'aHoie. ,
livaOtHUea to thah- raglw hajaemtloa. ,ft.
pie Drags, tb.y are alae reoeirin,, inH nrK
soaro. of predaolloa aad esonufsolare, nphn
of Tooth, H aih, aad N ail Baesa ss,B0ase.c.,as,
MoRTau, Brasoss. Faasva and Koun.. i.
ar, Li sis's blvaAoTa, and auwy otb.r srtvcle
asoaily embraeed ia Irggi.u' slocks, which the
re else a sbled . sUor oa tb atost advaatagaeaa
Order, rather la parson or by mail, will eel
prompt ntuntbia. It
dans xo, 18M. 77,. "
Bwoklyij-titT Stem Enjiai tnVu
13 wath srxssr,, ntw toac,
D. P. BTJED05 (k Co.
nANINQ reeaatly iit.d ap the eatab
Jahawnl tt ths a bora named pUee, w ars
prwrd to Bisaufsetur all kinds ef 8TKAM EN.
01.NK1, liollara, 8,,gor Mills, Saw and Grist Mills,
--r- uoenog lev worsing Mint, HhsfUag
ralleys Ao.,and art nrerared in furnish r..,,n ...
wry deecriptio. a wnvy u .
ntvmra t'lsiiters rmrtknlsrVy to ear goes, KiWt,
Having parebd Iha ntir tltock of .'attorn a.
ttom th lata Ina of U. H. Martso lltloi M. 7,
ws ean safely asy that waaaa tura eat a Mill wkieh
for sfreagih, daisbihly aad aeataes, esaswt be
xoellcd by any establishment fat th Beat. A
bong sxseTtoae ia th buetoeaa reader a compe
tent to aiecut. any or.lrs, aad a woald dvis
the ia want f Maebinary to giv aa a oaib Ka
glnts hut Ikilli lion power alwavs oa hand,
D. P. llL RUOM
; h h. coM,Lii,
- . 8. B.CllSRLI.N.
' i . . ' . 1273ioa, ,
Tint PrrmlBm toldStdalfleM-Fartti.
i; SIEIH WAT ft I0NI, 1
ASir0Ti;sr,s-, Hd A M wauia srirtv.
;, .'.... sa SSOADWAV, sw tosa, ,
Respeotfallyeall the attention of tht pahlie t
tlirir silsndid 'earteat af semi. grand and
.uur pianos, which, for vnlams of ton. iallei-
y oi itnioa, uesuty et Buish, and ta skon yry
thing that reader Piano parfoet, ara aaawpas-
sed. They were awarded ths Drat preniiaia-for
both kinds la eoH.wtitbia with the ntoat di.tia
gislid aisksrsfroia IWstoa, Phila4vb.hU, N
Vork, and lWtimure, .
" : KEW TlillMPHl " '
fvsixwAT A Una. hsv just bea awardsd th
riUST Proaiiuai HOLD Mb UAL (overall eomr-rU-tnr.)
at th 1st Psir of tb Anerioaa lu.Ulut
Crystal Palac. for th BE3I Piaaofort
C. ITEAP OAS UGI1T.-TU Bentol flaa Light
J t'onpany are prapared t furaisk Portabl
lla Maeloiitt. suitsbi for Naaufaeturies, tHiarea.
Basiling Houses, "tUsamboat., Hailroad Sutlona,
A. Tbee Machines r aarra'tted to giv sails,
factlna. They ar saaaafaetured antler 8. T. Ma.
IbnigaH's Pslent, and ar th only ones that ail
operate well la cold weather. The Lifht frodured
is ens half cheeper Ilia foal Oas and lea tkaa th
eoWBnanrst Tallow Can. Ilea, Tkry er easily
tnaaaged aad Ira Asms danger, and th ericas ti
per seat, lees Iha asy other sssahines eved. Tka
I oetpsny oiler for set ttiata and Caaaly HighU far
11 lbs Htatoa. AH enlera akoald be .tdres4 ke
8. T. MulAJbflALL, Ageai fur U Ceaioaay, .
0.1 iiaoAUt, jvsw loag.
Helelga, Ooi. 10 l&Ui. lll-im.
S3 Maidan Lana, Haw Tork.
aowned Halaavaider bafaa , Peak Tsalu,
Italtlmnr Dpet, US Pratt,
Uoato llepot, II Howard street. " .
lot ly.
foii ins 1,000,000.
(Caosoui $105,000.)
M.StM Br4y, av slker M. New Tee.
Ar prrpsred ks xat all ordera frsr Mantle,
Tabls Tops, Calaiaae, I'edeatiaia, Pilasters, aUeb,
. la IrallsUoa of Hsraa. HrvxtauL. Pn-aaaea.
Neapolilaa, aad aU faaey Mrbt aueei la
etraagU, keeaty, aad durabilily u reel Brkl
ad ta aoaaa reapeeaa snpeeaur therete, aad al lea
has kslf lb et. Unit k rkeiiaed Irua.waed or
slau, HI. wkoily fre froaa All ebjeettoae wkich sr
argd against am ewrfae work, akar fsiet, .
pat yaraiea, a, reeva ta taatpeyary asdiski aed
keenly ef Ika artlciat Maalrl frost t te AeU. Ur-
der fraa IMIdeva, Cabtaot Maker aad outers s.
Ilclled, and ntislaatkaa gwAraaleed. Ageal iter
tks priaein! iuea traatad with.
dustra Lams, . fits Bsnia, Peea,
Levii 0. MlcxLas, V. Pres.
Kalilgk October 1A64.
rfTbe ahoy eaa be ssad la eeory tear i
.. tr Ibroeikoet lb I a lea, by aagair
by aagagittr ia tb
tssBUteelur se.l saw of aa article aea akh.fe, tot
a anliey ef 10, eae theesaad atdlar a yr awy
he Bisda. Tb Article I on. of aniverea! dang
aoaaump lb, sad a that has pniiled kh keoms
ef a., in. uf tb. moot eadaent pkibatoprr.
It Is self vidat Ibsl ll is aeatiaed te beeosa
one f lb Must eeeessery ef tke aareaaltle ef III.
Ik srtirl. Is eae that a ill hav ss ready sed per.
SAaaeet aol. toar.
I all particular aili be eai try kail, ee tbe re.
r'.t ef l.'l eeale, ee a -wivobat In Poet neioe
staler. fareiiBens seat bo feotrs,l. Al t-oa
jAklkd T. IIUKM A Co., Hex iM'i. Isoet nil..
sw t oSS,
Rsl.l.k Oct AO lrx."J, , Ut lava,
locking Oiaasaa AXid fictar !'
Tlna tf H V. a..k:H n-W.
I I ealaa 1 t .yit atrael. kea trek. Me M.
V. ha Baold Soil Ihs atlrSlleB of MroeffrrO Slau eg
tke etly, oed ea rrl slly Ikoap oa Ike I aa, to Am a s
teBsie H s.evoooao aad Maaaferfay. to. .-
arealoa ef eeasjoellod teoilllore, ke t. aaeklod ss r ,- ,
rot aU erdero oa the lowoe. eooolMe I roa. 1 l-o
Aelreoaaaa. ars fapare. aHb okorre aeartosawo ael
fell latat! laa. O. ad Vok (tldlO I all lla Wao. Aao
SBOWlallOff , lark gilt, VOe BOSads, BoS, BM1.. 0000
oed mekaf-eey, ta every yarloly se eowetosoe ua
lHd.aSa.oa sll perls ef eka Pailod Atalra aol faa
e-tea aseootod aok proaaBlBaaa, eSa atk Ik
grael .at af sera -
A ukooal dlseoaat slUoaad to fka Trade
tl, f. i..brit.
At, AT, SI, aad 1 1 I -rat is as , N. T.
A, lU. A
Tbo Hani ScvLng llacLIn.
isirnvi ss I a s.a rsv.av err
r. i. iKiiiii i i. i, nr;:
BV IH.VS .IRI. A t'AVIK, rKtU"?.
fl'ltia .sl a.iv SAW a, asoe Ws a airv
I li.res.!, I btoode l .. o e 0000 . ee teAra es ...
toe tel. ef lk.ook a. a. k, e Mfc-ot. are o tooe. lie
SO tat. Sao taataad tl., - .. I fcA BO a, tht
, .... 1 1 A Ik. r'H 0"0 .4 ti 't O'.'- lata
,1 ..lot ho d-.' r . .4 It. a k a I e. lie
wt I, faaefor a.1 wok el kaO a. It aa tka 01 .1 !.
etolo koisaad ae-.'! a-fa,rte . , Vr iV, fe .1 1 ,4
eae!., af H a it -1
ItsMioi' P lls. f . lt traedee. h I.
frtrrs a,' M4eelo alt lj si.las.j? ...... o !
k. I'-- "!
ri'iirt ami an a. ati it i. ...-. .
J laa 4
I thr.
fe Ilk, .
Its aaAa m takitt ta ma 1 tk-l 1
la it Hip'MM' ' i 1 1 1
T-f a- ak.44 tt f41 I ( I H I
fill 11 Lk. aj tU4 mm 4 mm- a
lifitif mi k m4m- am.1 u surk a a t a
a- r ( mm 4aka t) b ia m la Mkoa
tOi.UI.tUTr.Jl. ri H t riAtlLKT.
IV Ittim ffsrf laa
AMI Urji AT 'It
tU mmif ml M $ tai f a-
, a.
) a.. r,,S . . m-mrt
Ware.' a.'', I M ' V ' i I'Al.
i'imm, '- 4 ifeff a

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