North Carolina Newspapers

rturk .i " : .
-$mi'mm ar
aairoa iiDnoniini.
If a aid strietly in advaace, twe dollars par ae
Bata; twe dollars and tiy tuit, if paid withia
tix moo Us j sad three dollar at the ad of th
ADrEBTlSKXSXTS tot exceeding sixteen
IN Till b inserted sat time for ene dollar, and
twenty-fre cents for each subsequent iaWrtioa.
Those ef greater length will be charged propors
tioeally . Court Urdera asd J adicial edvsrtisement
will b eliargea 25 per cent, higher than the abov
ratss. A reaaoneble deduction will be Bade te
koae was advertise bj the fear.
Book and Job Priutirg done with neatnes an
deepatou, aad oa aeeommedating terms.
Vfm, Dallas Haywood, Iltt endanf, ot Police.
Eastern Ward. 'Ktdridge Smith,
'.". A. Adams.
tliddlt Ward.C. U. Iloot, .
" Ml. Buttle,
G. W. Haywood.
Western Ward. A. JI. Gorman, .
II. D. Turner.
J. J. Christophers, City Clerk,
n. it. Battle, Uity Ireoa.
PiVy Guard. James M. Crawley,
" Jackson Overliy.
Cilt) Comtalda. E-lward Harris.
" William Andrew!.
A. Adams, Waighmaster-.
E. Harris, Clerk of the Mar-
The Ftiprtme Court of North' Carolina ! ueld
la this jity scml-nnnually, on the second Jiday
in June, and the 30th day of December
Judjei. Hon. Frederick Nash, Chiol Justice,
11. M. rearsun, Associate uoiw,
- W, II. Battle. "
Edmund B. Kreooian, Clerk; Ham, C. Jones,
Reporter; J. J. Litchlurd, sr., .Marshall.
The Uiutrd SlaUt Circuit Court for the Dis
trict of North Carolina is held semi-annually in'
this city, on the 1st Monday in June and the last
Monday in ISoveinbor.
Judge. Hnu. J. M. Wavne, of Georgia; Hon.
Henry Potter, of Fayettnvillo; District Attorney;
Robort P. Dick; Clerk, Wffl. 11. HaywooVSr.,
Marshall, Wesley Jones.
The Siijitrior Court for this County, islicld on
lie first Monday after tlia fourth Monday iu
March and September;
John C. Moore, Clerk.
Jos. B. Bachelor, Attorney General and Solic
itor of the fourth .Indicia! Iiatrict.t
The C'o.iri of irtt and Qiuirlcr. Samm is
bold on the third Mm Jay. in February, May,
August and Noremlier. Jeff. Utiev, Clerk.
Ch xirmtm of llu County Court. William Boy
Ian. County ftolicitor'K. P. Marriott,
Sherijof H'ii County William II. Hinh.
Corunt-r Willis Scott.
Uiijinter. H. Ilutson.
Hank nf tht Stat! oj' Sorth Carolina, incorpo
rated ls:iil. Charter expirm in 1800. Capital
$l,5tf).tKK, divided into 15,0(10 shares of which
the Literary Board holds 6,027 and the L'niver
itr 1000.
Principal Bank at Raleigh.
George W. Monleaai, President.
Ch trie Dewey, Cahier.
J. II. Bryan, Jr.. Teller and Notary Puldie.
W. E. Andcrsuu, Discount Clerk and Notary
Jordan Womble, Jr., Clerk, .
This Bank has branchneat Newbcrn, Tarlioro'
Fnjettevllle, W itruingtun, Eliuljoth City, Char
l.ttto, Milton, Mrj;aiituu and Windsor.
a iiirb'T.::s.
Oaie part of the Stale : D. W. Courts, Pnl
lo Treis irer, ex-nflicio, L. O'B. Br mcli and W'
Jt. Pode.
On the part of the Stockholders : Wui. Boylan,
Win. rWo, J. II. Ittvtn, J. B. G. ltoulhac, Al
fred .lone and 11. F. M-wre. l
Dtforiug urtd Uencival day Tuesday. '
Diaciuut 4ay Wodocsdv,
Domcatie liill i aul Bills of Exchange discount-
1 every (lav.
Business lioun from 10 till 2 o'clock.
ltatrijh Itranrh of tht Hunk of Hit Capt fear
William II. Jones, Cashier. .
R. P. Finch, Teller and N jtarr Puldie.
Diatcroas. Ge. W. Haywood, T. II. Pelby.J
8eth Jones, Go ire Little, Dr. Thos. a . Uo. j
and C. W. l. HuU-biDss.
O Turing day Miuday, Discount day Tuesday
tahiij awl tfiwoa ItaitrtiaJ Company.
R. A. Ilnnilton, President,
W. W. Vass, Treasurer,
J. M. Pool, Assistant Treasurer.
C. B. Allen, Depot Agent,
Mail train leave at 7 u clock, A. M., arrives
at C P. M.
North Carolina Railroad Company.
Chas. K. Fiher, President. . ,
C. P. Mendenhall, Treasurer."
1. T. West, Freight and Ticket Agent.
Mail traia arrives 6 o'clock, A. M., from the
Eat; and doparts 10m. after 5 o'clock, A. M.
Mail from the West arrives at 32 aifnute af
ter 4 o'clock, P. M. Imparts at 20 luiuutes Iw-
r a ..ii. i- ti a, w
sore s oiuca, a . m.
Wiltiaa White, Sr., l' -at Master.
Office bours, oa week day, Irora Sun-ria to 9
f. M.
(isaiviL txa urisTias or luu at aaLitoa
Through Mail elosea daily at It a. a
Way Mall at p.
Arrive daily . at 6) p.
The Cars leave the depot at 6i a. as
' SOUTHERN MAIL (Br Twe-aoa-i Ilara,
Close daily at J p. an)
Arrivew daily at 6 p. ai
The Hack leaves at 7i p.
WESTEKN MAIL (Br Rausoaa.)
Close daily at 9 p.
Arrive daily at 4) p.
Th Traia leave at 1 4 y.
OOLDiBOIlO MAIL Br Ra.i.aoaa.)
Ctoesa daily, at 9 p.
Arrives daily at ft a.
Ths Car Waves daily at 10a after 6 a.
TARBOUO" MAIL (BrTwo-aoaat Hmi.)
CloMsonRun lar.Tiiea.andThnr., at 9 p.
Arrive Taaadnv, Thurs. aad Sat,, at T p. as
Hack tevon Mon. Wed. and Fri, at I a. m
riTTSBOItrt' MAIL (Br llara
CI.mos oa Tuewlay aad Stnr,Uy, at 9 p. as
Arrima ea Monday and Thurwlay, at 7 j. as
llaek leave oa Sua, aad Wad. aUut 7 a. as
8plndld Stock efGoeda!
r 1 are ao rveolviof lb U'f at aiarh of aaoe
aW atarw d'p pwdd, 4a, Ca-a, Kkoea. C r k .
a4 U raeartea. thai haa nee taa aeeate4 to)
RoUtf. va4 a fehey baeba nwwffbi eeflly tvhey
WiU be f lb awe4 aWMiw-rmiaT laenta.
We ahmll be pi nd to ehw thew) to an oo !
jbiaa! 4 the pebaM .if.lle.
W, li. A. -1. TrrKRB.
MOV KewM. Haey WatoeweW aUwto, flewfwa
. H.w.ef Rawiiae lw jwrrawwt, wee iwil awto
kVaanaa, A tp nVwaaa.
LAllaC W
eihiag Kke-m. i-adiew Cwaeea ate,
Mil if Riiwjta, RUHl m4
Q4m.t ....
Th a... aaataaH aad fbM .III W sd .
as WwoM saawbM Mm tall aad eaaaalM - a
M. L. a i-.
vn.,is, )
Appleten's Building Se d Ui Broadway,
aroKTias, hid biAuat la
Brngi, PaiBli, Bill, Byu, Ptrfnmery, kt.,
I7tl H liUaaMrM, Mew York.
INVITE the attention of the trade to their large
and varied etock of Drugs, paints, Oils, I'erfuui
ry, 4., Ae. :
In addition to their regular Importations of Sta
ple Drugs, they are also receiving, direot from the
sources of pmtuction and manufacture, supplies
orTooTa, Hunt, and N aii Bnijaiixs,,
Mobtahj, SposukS, Fskmjo and Ekuiisit.I'XBri'M
bbt, Lima's Extracts, and many other article!
usually embraced in Druggists' etock;, which they
are atse enabled to offer's the moit advantageous
terms. :
Orders, either in person or by mail, will receive
prompt attention, y
June 28, 1855.
Fint Frfmlum CoIdStdiilFisno-Foftct,
. MAHBiiua. ataa, 84 4 8& WAUtaa-atazaTS.
asaa aaoaowar, iw roaa.
Respectfully call the attention of the public to
their splendid assortment of semi-grand and
sijuare Pianos, which, fur rolume of tone, elastici
ty of touch, beauty of finish, and in short every
thing that renders a l'iano perfect, are unsurpas
sed. They were awarded the first premium for
both kinds In competition with the most distin
guished mskers front Boston, Philadelphia Kew
X orB, ana isaiumorw.
Stsikwat & Boss hare just been awarded the
r 1KST Fromium UOLB MEDAL (overall coin net i
tors) at the late. Fair of the American Institute
Crystal Palace, for the DEST Pianofortes.
7 tf.
33 Maiden Lane, Vtw Tork.
Downed ttdamander Safes. Bauk Vaults,
Baltimore Depot, 145 Pratt
ltoston Depot, 11 Howard street.
; 27-ly.
The Wonder of the Age.
no pay!
T F Dr. ToMa' cvlf?l.rated Venetian Liniment doe
X not cure Cholera lyr-ntt'ry, Jro( Colie. CmiRhi.
Itj-fpcpftB, omitin, Muuipk. Tooihaohe, Ih-a-lacL
f.happi'd Il tntU, Cold h'utt, Morquito Ultima IiifcpI
StitisK, Chrciiic libeumatiria. wtl!i?ir, 0I1 r
uta, iJtiriii', Lrunes, and I'aiua or . enkneu m Uie
Liuibit, liat k and Chest.
Dr. T 'b?a Ima warranted hla lint men I for elht
ear a wiiiuttit ever having adetuaDd made far the re
turn of th money nil tiiai ia stked i to ufe it at cord
ing tn ttedirei-tiona.
After once usine- it. If you do aot find It tetter than
anything you hare evtr trtea hefor.
jMr-ThouMiiiU of Ccrtifieale bare been rtv eive.l
tpoaknig ifiU rare rirtue. hum a day it la tb to ail Uie paper with certinrntM fr
ktfown pircu by thoe bn haTe never uced
tb medicine now ir.Tobtaa otTrra lo tir
1,000 I)OLL kk S
tb an one who will prove that lie,evr ptihtiihed a false
eertificnte during Utvtiiuv be hai I. id hi medicine be
fore the Ful lie.
titlloa tbe asent and ,ct a PauipMvt enntaininc
genuine ctrUfitntt. Am wroti enviiua of thelnrf;
ule of tht r (n't tint LtniMuitt have M,.h.i it in injur;
bue to tnke it intmiUy. Dr. Tliti ha luken Lhv UA
lowing OATH,
I, ramafl' I T jbWi ;-wf the City of Nrw YHr, hnr
duly oiU ilo dcoe thet I rouipi'tint! a l.iiiUutnt
culled Veartisp, aid that tht iiiefMln nf of nbii-h it
1 eomironfd arepeteetly haruUrt to tjie liJli-tiiaiHy.
eren iu Ucubie the quantity namid in the Diroution aie
conrmtiTiiia; each LtaUlr.
ftw lark, January t-tftfl:o.
8. L TO LI A?.
Sworn to thi day before inet
Fernandu Wood, Maytir,
PHe ti k 56 eente, old by the rirucirfela and I'ateot
M'Hiii DfttUr Ihrunghout the I'niied Haift,
$'r- it nth In-. Tobiai llora Liuiiaent la
pint IluiUea at h& turn, warrauted ruperiov to any oih
Dr. Tobiaa (, feiCourlland St New York.
February 2s. S-tS I Jy
144 ChAsbart Itraat, N. 7.
Two tloor weat f Hu'Uoa Biver Railroad Depot,
Xr rKIUS to Deal aad Ceaaaaiera hi aelebrafed
hraada of Fnatk M indow blaw favorabic
term. Parue wihiag infurinaMoa will be furwikbed
with prieee an rwriiH of their addree. Ulaaaeewt toaay
ikiirwi paitem, ana pacaea ire of marge.
April in.. 17 ly
FOR THE f.OOO, 000.
THE IJ. . P A T E R T MANB 1,11 CO.
6H! ThoBMMMi eta, N. Y.
f AKUPACll'RKRS of Mabl WantUa, Table
1 L Tup Cwlnteaa, Pieetola, ., U ieuta. Urn
eaieile, aad ail lUaiaa Uarblra, Tbia artieia, wbith
la a prvpa4ttti of Marble Dat, ehaimeally eoaabtned
wlrk tfftaerai ewhwe-, aw-wa-tw-aw ainwl4ed tmtm any 1mm
and ewlor, by wbtrk marble eaa be aaaanfaciwted at
kaa U-aa haff the nnH f theeoanaoa aaaiertal, while it
aseeia Kiaoaranniiy ana aaaiy. i ana aaarnieiaesa
Irwa aad blata lb ere hi ae eurfeee work, the avlur me
nine lata th um A km taster.), while raraiab e
need La giro a wforary beaeiy la th ewriW, Mb.
Ul ft m t 1-tJ. Table -ps a-..eimeily aheap.
It i tli U ft the HnrM4areaad t.4e of aboe f.jf th
. d IT ii jjtf'ia, wni a will eawre twraa to
th- latemftiig tw.elf mm. fwnybd
apHiticiio rfe 1 Kit nh.N H rr-tir-t er
Jaaaea l.aa. Iretarf. ltW VoUK
April IU 1-, II ly.
0. 4t CtifSt., .Via rr,
1WP0RTf.US AND MAMfArTftirPsll' A
tenia, ('bane' tngHah fUrel, Crown and Cn
ti I'tate window Ciiaaa, I'lutel glaaa fur Vky.ligbta,
Urnllaea,(H,,art. i 4ore4,(fiiAjente.I.tpti.
edand M irwaopW glaa. The LlWvaud alawchea
law .Ute (race Way'a Utieh poiiahaJ ptale far
4ore wm-bwa Ae.. Ao , lioutb glaaa foe iowra
and akt-liiht.
Atuntiow to laeitead l th aboew rariowa 4a.
aeriptinM ftf Window alae In wa fc mofwa.
Dweltiag ! aikwr pxtrpoaaa. Th awalitv of I haa
art tela le In fori t m arrepndinR 4eeHp
tins, ad In many rp-x-ta tpertr. Owrlthewt
tilaea will w rnd better thaa th fraaicb ill It
fre int fron Hi am, Rwet, Ae.
Being A?nt for Iwa of th larra4 Tilaoa Maa-
fartnrera In rurtipa, we are enabled ta Ser al
er and tbra wr j a trentajre in priowa aad large
ataekft. rri MU will be ftmbed 99 anptiea
Uow, April li4, 1 , i-
y7 ilrrwp; .V. Y.
tlirUtelrwiwf A. - O. A. Arawwa haetng to-a
X i ttW let iwet A
Arwsaapt, ie
, aarvfit,! , fa, haa aee'sd w tta htMrf bit
mm WILLIAM, fato W toa to Irw) f te par m
tjf eaWliMieg the IbMtwtM sm aavaa4 TatUare. 1 U7
iff tale U( fi l. af ttrajdUsef, atwealbe
PPbbeteeaa4 kinf ihwf M . wbtew hara
ateititM aewtm. .aHis j i aad
V of tbe jawea e'r1'.
Ow w aee aw aaM that ewe aaen wtft We to -
i waerfieatia watk h-nf yei mmmUn W.
at aaet4 tae aae pevrwaiei a4 Uai ae
ean4Mi ee Will be 9 bae ever gr . ai e to
awtoat-jtffijto aad wawi , twaaat be
". f.
Sewing- Machine Spool Cotton.
Superior Improred Six Cord 300 Tda
VTTARR ANTED Cold t No. W iaelaslve, being
V V I No, abova other Thread sold ai Cord: 4
Cord to So. 0 inclusive, 10 No, above other thread,
aad Cord front W to ISO,
Full assortments of rati superior article, fwhtrh is
now' preferred by those whoa.e nEWJtl MACHINES,
for both Upper and Lower Tfareed)Miret received ai,d
f-r sale by the ease of too dm. or paeksres of sow dos.,
No. t Pine rttreet, New Tork.
Oeneral Agent for ORRS M ACNAt UtlT, OhMgow.
Sample for trial gitei free to buyers.
unea,inco,' . 23 lm. ,
T and Qennin, growth of 155 for sals by UKN
UY D TUKHEK, Bookseller, RaLuaa, N.C. -
AipartvjHi, .Citron, for preserve, .'
Large Giont. ' ' 'Jfaeftsral,
, iSiU,
(Bushor Fnan ghorts.l IBrowa. .
Early Six-Weeks, or Early! Okra,
Mohawk, Oaua,
Red Speckled Valentin, or -ilver ftkinncd, r White,
Ked Marrow, iarge 1 ellew Btrubarg,
Brown llfceckWa Talehtlae,Larg' Bed WelhemhelX '
Hefuge, or Thouaaad-to- "P or liiiifoa Ooiou,
One, iWhit PurturaL i
Red French, Yellow Hatch,
Cranbery Butb, Uanvers Yellow, new,
Eatra fcarly , letoria, lr Red,
Kovat Dwarf,or WhiU Kid-jEarly Red, extra
Key. Vartlrr.
ICnrled, or 1
China Ked Eye, or Early Plain or 4ingle,
La ree Lima, or Batter Reaue'Swesr.
Carolina Sewe or Caha. illoilow Crowned, or Can,
. lit. i Pram.
Extra Early Turnip-ronted. Laudrelh's Extra Early.
r.i,j iutri;i,rwicii neu, r.arij rraane.
fOnjr Blow! fted.
Karly WaphingtoBf
Karly May Ae,
Knrly Charlton,
Hiahop' Dwarf Proline,
Dwarf Itlno Imperial,
Sitebian or Hupar,
Manoia V. ur(y.
Karly Orange d(
Kurly JJiitf Long Blood,
French Amber Sugar,
Early Dotsrh.
Karly Yorfe,
Lnntiretai'a LtrRe York,
Early 8ufrar Lo,if
Karly Jlftttrtn-t,
Karly Drumhead,
Oreen Curled iSaeoy,
Lsriro Dramlu ad Saror.
Koyal Dwarf Murrowlat,
Illue Prut fi an.
Knrly Champion of England
Large W bite At arrow la t,
Large Bweet, UU-haped
louraio, or j-iat, -t-herry,
Cnyonue, or Long,
Ilcd Dutch, ffor plekftng.)!
i.srp i,ate Uroaihentt,
Flat Itut, h,
Oreen Ulaxed,
Long OmftRt', ,
Knriy lloi'n,
AitnnirliRUi, or Field,
Large White, oe Field.
White Folid,
Red Holid.
Trergnvn Nnr,
Sweet, or Hnt-ar,
Karly t nnaia.
Co nion Field, or Cbee,
Long H-'arlet bhort-top,
Long SHlreon
'White Turniprooted,
iHeil Turnip-routed.
iVvllow Turnip.rooted,
tiSumnier White,
j Hhnhnrh, or I'ie-plvmU
Sulrijy, Ojfftr-i'iimt,
1 tmnk.
Knrly Buh, or Pattt Pan.
Laiiy Apple Ruph, or Kgg,
iwOitg ureen Vrooknaek,
( 'Hah Crookneek Samncr,
A Ja' Ly t h Hummer ficailup,
! white.
Early York,
(Dutch buaatr Ptallup.yel
Early Ainue, (Imported.) Coeoa-imt,
LaU Dutch, Valparaaio, ar Porter,
fiVuM 'rtiper tVm J 'immk
llrot wti Lrte Purple ilmind Huoy.tHved.
i,ae, J.8fge w bite tape, Prb kly eeed.
7uMtf, or LmAnvi
F.trn Kariy liu-tlun,
Knrly Frame or Tueie,
tihort PiUkly,
Karly Mreen Clualer,
Kaily I rame,
Kbmt fihort Ureen.
Lare Red,
Large Yellow,
I'ear-ahapfd, .
fmrmtp. '
'Karly Flat Dutch. Strap.
1 leaved,
'Red top( oj, Strap Uarod.
Karty Htorie,
Lafc, Norlidk,
, -Larjre H(l,
t-ll.iw Aberdeen,
St otrh Vellow,
Huta Dagai r H wed Ubt
Lottg Gtetn 'f urko.v,
L'.ftff tiren ( K rene'i.)
iSrniiU Chikio. Torptekh"
t.i?g I twit, vf Jletinjttit
Large l'tttple.
Early Puiplii.
Eatly CurlM, or Cut Palad, L.-,rendrl
Karly Cal.bai
LeiHuti Italia,'
Hutler l.4t(tKP,
lirtmn Duii li.
f'a.ory, Continer,
- Winter, .
iSwect Ran 1 1.
wefli Marjoram,
woet Thyme,
J lirmm RretH.
k Ry the pound ar bnahel.)
Ke4 I h.rer,
WhiU Datrb rterer,
I wrtrn, r Frvneh,
Blue tJraea, r -
llerdaar Red Top,
Titrothr v
I'hiUtptna Cablare,
Curled ItMiia, or K-e,
white Cue,
tirvei, Co,
I'lli -lUie,
Ward'a Nrctar,
I'Sa apple r PerMan,
hkiilman' Fin Kettled)
lieflitri i, (eitraaae.i
Cam' in water.
Mountain howt Water,
Canary ttoad,
DfhMey , at X watatn lweet,
.ew Oraaa,
And a grew vaiie' of e4 t Inelnded la thi ad
vsrtif emoat. ,
SojHrior Tea ii the Irirlnal Bilf thfiti,
g9, of f, f, 1, Z axf 4 ptmnU.
rot tatvi T
JE1TEI1T3 be CO..
o.iynaL isvasroas r ni aavaiuc via ran.
tVBelavals Sealara la Taas aaly.
A. W. Cirmr it mil mmd A..i MrMM,
Jrer-Tess la M.t.ll.e 'aek. pwl.p la halfCbHts,
r.,oiaai( a variety 4 sik Hla.k aad l irwa Ss nut
t'rtoted II. of ftea,Twms, a.-, Nralihed by avail
as an wl. araer uem.
All Tea. .arrested la pleaM a. saie.
(lo. .atl lb saia. rte a.4 letBM S. alLsad
Halt rha.U W BWfk M'aia ilaM It a-MWda, am) of
Ureea Itatl e p-.BO. ew s.
Marvat li, lC II,
Hats. Hat", IlaU.
Rr-VfJlllER f.r T' "rrlsg styl Beta,
Ya ao. vi.rt lit kf.K A.
bEMEkillER Ibetf pric ar la ,rportiM U
the qoa lly.
lUsaeaaiar Ikal their llals ar aaappresibatil
laboaaty, style nH aiiralimv.
kamWr at tbvir .t.t,liabaw.t yw will
sor, of (.tna, s , 4 arlirl la to. U.(u..ef
in. tiw at naii s rata-.
Are.ter' teeallea W. H A TITtrt.
f w.t.Hwvr. and atraagova! 'B.a.ewb.r' Ibis. At
ll.tH 8. tacker's, ya eaa ,rl tlmi aey.
April 1st, Is'id. 14
wast m rrnro.
1 T I. a aae4d Ibat Mrai.f irM Oh4s
A alwav. .- to
aod I. tbia, ..bat. said SMrtKiaM attoalM
l lb. aVfnak - ,
IW snl, w. ka.S VMetfed MrUa eWeA f
lb. aMt 4,ai I. rna. b.a.!v i
Sl.l Qui. ( l4k MSkl.a mw.
Uiarb w mtl lUaaoata liia.a tmmmm b-.ehba.ifc..
IUvS ( a at... ( lis. kl.'S Itoioa. Tymw k.a.S
I l.l lk,,MU4.r
kid CllMi tnark l.tofkam. ..4 Ia.b.
Uedie may be mhw. ta.y a a. aatt4.k
a m. A. . IltkkH., III. . I at
ItfaV, Money wtea Taw Ctl t
fflll SoSwIWr. 4lr. s tb. a4l.l44 at
1 . A-.l a - f mt lb., t
a4 at 4 a.. a... aa smS vot1
i m a.T,.HIk.i rta m mmmtry m a. ,
,13 ..rlMlaea of lb. awaae. mt iW baa
N a. g--. kf 9Armt lb .iislla. a4 bo
ardrt, UM fH I a. mmmf
l akl m ItX. I
lltTHT HI I'M 1I .- m liblswaak
I H4aw nr; ,riwH, mwiomS . a.
aa4 l.if .elioi
a. owr owmm,.
ris t o 4iL;.
laJ. tk r.bewy 0. tut
. 20,000 IN OM3 MONTH.
Br Caretlaie Lre llents.
A LTHOl'on bat a stnirle sweiK haa passed slncjs
the arst copy of this bnlliaut book was iasoed. ret
so great has been the demand for the but and moat beaa
fal work free the-pea of iu lamented anthuteaa, that w
are now printing th
Hh an unabatf A tleitmnrl itilt ptvs.Dr Bine th
dv of tlt Ld-nipliffhtw, tVmk bMuld m riidt7,
or become to nb.rerMiljr popelar, -- , " ;
Col, Fall-T nf th New York Mirrr, In one of the moat
eleftuit article everpenC4t(Inrf(ranl tuauthtm or their
ptXKiueaiung, una the following iwHiuitul iangai
, Krucwt Unwood
- "Doelh darken hit e;e, unplumet hU wlnj, .
Bat the veetcatt long U the lat he ing.'
Xa the volume entitled "Kmiit tinwoodajust Ueued
hf Jewett dfr Co of Ho ton. we here the dying Mug
of tbe elepfan aid)rtrted Mr. CHrolme Lee HeU.
If oarnfuliy sweet like the eigh of an hollas lyre, yet
deep aad oracular a tbe voice of tuaor water. It vmM
to hare been poured forth while hemottl Quated down
to th ocean of Heat. Od alntoeteftT wge w can
trace the ihadow of the death-atigfl, who lu. hjr away
whes hereon; wa euded. ' iMynterlow j leaiu from
beneat&tbe Mi'liriin veil of Bumt-iaiMl eta re a we
re4. . Jh bw li a btroad-VtV tXreweU-1 i"'g?r)ijg tim eM we lo4U li we atUtiitlrtaU iu
iiureeive paMaicvK are reveUtitrtii ef the movr iil'e oa"
Uie moT-woDtjermHjf rind and abidrbing. tecatue
oiidenully real.
We will not at to Mlow out, la thUuotioe, the
thread of an iaituitaMe tal;i o doig wevhould only
anticipate weniinJ eteuta. which cuiuda with beauti
ful Unking and fine effei.befure th? eye of the reader.
Yt e would not rot the book of half ita charn.
Pweet v.aKrir'lla Lvnn will tell hr own tonr.
kUL. rubliahod by JOHN P. J K WE IT 0., No.
117 V aahinirtoB Hlreet, IVtfton. Yr aale by all Book
selteta. Maixh I85J.1 ' 13
I The Kuboricra have junt received front
New York, a fi 1: asst ttinoiit of the below itemed
ooas wbtvh have been selected with great care
injiu iiemu.i picwii importations, emoracius; an
the newest styles of
Collarets and sleeves, in sets to match,
Chemisettsaud sleeves " u
Lace oUareta and sleeves "
Lace tritn'ed collars and sleeves, 1
French worked Cheniitetta and sleeves, "
Lsoe trimmed French worked Collars and sleeves.
Kmhroidered Cambric in setts to match,
Euibrnidered He Is, on linen and linen Cambrie,
Thread lsoe Collars anJ sleeves to mateb,
Mourning frts, in both black and white, '
Kmbrnidired llsndcrkerchicfs, in great variety
and new styles.
Etitbroidered Skirts for open dresses '
Embroidered tfwtss aud Caml rio Flouncing,
Embroidered Dimity and Jackonet Honda,
Muslin and Cambric Edgines and lnscrtinp,
Real thread lace ilrrthas aad Collars,
Thread Laces and Edgings of sit widths,
Wide ltlack Laces foi Umnees, Ae.,
Together with many" ther new and desirable
goods ailopted to tli, present and approaching sea
sons, such as
- Flounced Bilk Dresses, In great variety,
' -. Orgsndis Musline,
" Jackonet Muslin, -French
prints in Hobes,
Flounced Kersgs Holies, a great variety,
Chene Milks, strined and figured, new style
I.iht plain Bilks for evening dresses,
Colored Hilk Illusions
Dlack Bilks iu every variety Ae.
All of which, together with a complete assort
ment ofstasoiiahle goods both foreign and domes
tio, in fancy sad staple, will be oflertd at the lowest
prices to csih orpanctusl dealers.
W. ft. 4R. 8.TVCKF.R.
April 1, li' jfl, " 16
fpiiR f ubacriher deslrf, to give aallce that be
J bus tur sue tle ii liowiiiir new and atlr.ct
iv Colored I'rints, wliich arc tally iqual, if not
.upi-ri r to any that haa faeretoti'i-e been issued.
From Paintings by A. F. Tait.
THE riUSUT --.-SI.ett 1 30.
Representing a aklimlsh oa the I'rair. A Moan.
Ud trapper iu full pursuit ef aa Indiaa Chief,
dckd in his war paint aad plumes. The savsg
warrior seems urging his horse to his ntmoet speed
ard attempting; todo.lg.tb. impending bullet fr.m
tb levelled pi.ui ot kit re. In tbe di.taace, the
rest af the baud are retreating hefor the rifles of
tbe hasten.
The unerring bull'! ka Irousht th irim ar-
rior to Ihs grooat, trom which h partly raises
himself to givs Ihs last death veil ef delance to bis
enemy, wboseaud oa biesaddl with the diacharg.
ou (.i.ioi aim in Ms nana, estate in regard bim
with a look of mingled ily aad bat, lhe aery
maatang sUd ef tbe ladisa.vildly endesvore U
break tbe Usee with which Ike Trapper holds kiss.
The posttina of the beautiful blood bay bora of tbe
latter, is particularly tue, ss Is regards Uie ftllea
savage with starting eye, ear laid back, and f re
feet braced, as if slmdderit g al ths aneartbly soaad.
IW Fiiiilrd lUuttnMtioHt tf Amnican Lakt and
titrrm JVeorrw, la H mUr. .
M.l.K MKWTi.NU "wa Hi Sliatl.ra." Sis 23
Twe bonier la tb AiregrtMtad ar (reaching
behltd tb thick cedar barb, aae of tbam aiming
km nU. at a aobiebaek which with twadoessaam
t have earn, dowa I lb side ef s small
stream la-drink. The fr.h anew a tb ground
aad fillea trosa, broksa aaly by the kanters fou
mark., la (nely represealed. sad tbe whole sera
a that will, delight tb y, at vary "lover of
aaniiaa. and woou crart.
llU'CT UMIIM1, (ihrougb L It,) oa Ckal.
aarwy lk. hiss 2d s .Hl.
Ua lb froaoa ewrfaa at I ha lake la th front af
lhe picture, Stands aa alb.aia.titdiseii le tf haak
Waitoa, who, throne-a a b'lrrl la Ike ire, I.
pallia p t la Tr at I be added la th gvwap at
noaaim at ta asms sun," vaua r lying aa
tb llewilork tn.,tl.a bo.ide kirn. la tbe ba. k
,roaa.i u .en tar awe eappaw mill, sad mid way ;
tae wwtry aiaat air la la n,ai sal la a eland I
aafare II. Tbwi. aa exirwaMiy ateaatng aad aat
arai pirrar. ta all Ita detail., aad gives a vivid
i'U mi war vieies anbevw wiater,
TUK CAKL.1 OF A t A VH.Y ?1 t 0.
trumn lie thijinnl fsiWnil. 4. K TAIT. taUim
akil.iltd at lit tMa A'aneam, aaad 'I la
Aafaif Aradtma tf Uwm, mi Sim )!.
A ry ie,aal aad t.umtu-, pietore ef a graw,
f tfbeil aa-d )Mg. (life sim.J Ik. ...'- bird
aaMalad mm sm growa b g, .lib bead erf.
aad eye latrtii aa lU waleb, lest daait, .ball
avowees bis sk.rf., sad lb amber Wbdiag d- a
with ope tseaik, epparaatly sail .( her ,k l.lna
ta gaa.1 a Hay By iMIlbg lie l i. III. ,. br. '
T.ef lb Uill. I.d,lag. .r ri i.i liig srnh
keM I war iba aa.H tg a.or..l. lb oli4
tad ef lb parrel birds, aad th lie-id vlLer ef
tb yrg br4 us ,...i.ll la ikn Wamilal
gr..p la a whwb .litii. al mi tb. aiair
slloa aad symiil.y af lb tvrr, aad ... 4
awoeomd ally Sf ai la lb f..rWai.t-r af lb
km, sprbmaa,
' a. it. t t n 1 1 1.
. C. .k.t-e.
tawlgbHsy, IV,, a-U,
8tbblna, Morsta A Allen,
40 r urr tvassr, at tu(.
Drogv' Dyta. Cb'aaieaU, Parftnery, .
It Ctl mrmm ikt bw k. Im la. A
I 4 .n... mt frmfm awk.NI aWd, H.a ,1.
--a., t g,,.. i.l.nai.a a. ta .. .I..I,
I ."- mt .. , a eai. Ik-y
My . na. e4 mm mm ,iai s.ll. swam aa .., M.ia
bwa. I. ik .wi.trt
.if, a as be aaail a S lk
S.4 -.r.! .i a4 mr fmmrnmimHf 4ill
axv y W...M am mt aWo4t t.wa gaJSa
ateaamaau s
Health of Aaaerleaa tVaaaaa.
Miss Catharine lleeeher's excellent Wkhaa
directed aonae attention to the subject of th
health or rattier ill health of oar country-worn
en. A spicy article in llarnere' for June dis
cusses ins same natter, aa far as city residents
are concerned. It i. unfortunately true, however
that, delicate and fragile as are metropolitaa
ladies, oor country dame outvie them in this
respect. This, too, 'in spite of th purer air aud
the early bours kept of necetwitv where titer are
tew puWio amusements and laree assemblies: in
spite, too, of more active household omp..yrait.
i ne causes, inn, must li somewhat diuerent,
wliich yet produc Uie same remit.
It la true Hint a portion of th physicalajuOer
ing nf city women who are exempt from labor
may lie due to the want of mind and "body, and
to indulgence in indnlent habits. Rut th daily
saunter in RroadwOv. even tlioue-h the fiilr n.
dostrian be hampered with half a doxen skirts of
whalebone, liairelnth, moreen and flannel, or
swathed and manacled in other fashionable mon
strosities, is favorable lo health-, while her intel
lect finds. If not full dsvelopment, a little mincing
xciteniont enough to kecjfTl from stagnation
in eoniliinationa end cooitiarisons of dreaa and
shopping, and the snisll gossip of her circle of J
V ibould tho niot of the matter, sud
assign, as the rhk-f ennaa, tb want r.t nrnrwr
devaljunent in fauej and chtldliond. If mothers
were bent on having tliels, nfTspring grow up
sickly, deformed and imbecile, they could not a
dopt a surer method (if ofleottng the'pirrnose than
(h prevailing system uf training., r'mni their
birth, babies ar excluded fnita ihealran.l light
and kept in overheated apartments. As soon as
they can make their wants understood, their in
tense craving Kr lhe blessings f frwii a and
sunahineara manifest. Thev nlcsd. snnidieat
and weep fur what rHtttii-emn'dceential to their
vigorous growth; hut in most canes it is denied to
tho little wailing innoeents,
Almost the first word listied by a lmle is a pe
tition to tie taken out. But this earnest voice uf
nature is stiHod, and the victim coiiTnelled to sut
ler iiupriPo.iiui-nr-Bs a general rule tliougli,
perhaps allowed the smnll relief of an hour every
plessatit day of doors till an unatural mmditiun
ui me system is superinuiiceii, ana tne child ao-
luauy siiriiiks Imni, ur is niiired by, the atmos
phere out side of th four walls. :" .
e knew a hiily who would not atifler her
children even ta slnnd at the closed windows
Willi out Iwintr muffled "The are aura hi taka a
culdi" she wuuld say aud so they were; fur hah-
iiuni ronnnemeni Had iiiduced a morbid suscep
ti bili i y hardly to be overcome.
Too pieva'ent in the city is the custom of keef
ing jouiig uiuuren in Uie House, ur, at Hie best,
allowing tneni oui parnaily anil occasionally th
free use uf their limbs in the free air and an
Biiglity and nndiflu ar th evils, witlu.ut anv
uiixliire of good, flowing from the praotiee Ihn'l
it cannot ba too often ur too forcibly pressed oa
public attention. Several Reiilli men in this city
have constructed gymnasiums in the Uniier pari
of their house, with every imagiiralile cunirivane
fur exercising all the liuba aud iucraasitig their
This drop to th ocean may answer the purpose
tor their families in inclement weather; but noth
ing can compensate even to them for th want of
tb invigorating process devised by nature's self
-in ths stimulus of pur air, lhe Wight, juyuui
sunshine,, and perpetual variety sights aud
sounds; ami good aa gymnasiums may U, llior
aim poasiuie way m ineir general Introduction.
No contrivance, do devir uf man eaa prudiie
suUiiiut fur the pure air and exertiisa which
nature demand, and wliluli cmnmun bens.
teaches as ar necessities lor children.
How will In Whig Act t
Ths New York Commercial Advertiser, a Whig
journal, thus eipre,ri in Dplnion on this head
There is ti nt in th platform of th tlemocratis
National Convention hick ahould make cunserv-
aiiva Whigs tie use er ihsy join th Iienncratio
raitaa. ii la, 111 uur diiuus, uie great Qrawuaci
to a nomination that otherwise would have led
men of all parties to fed a firm confident- in tli
well being and praoeliil prosperity oft!, country,
whelhor .Mr. Fillmore or Mr. Buchanan should b
elected. We tefer to the latent tililitnteri'in con'
laitiod in Hv resnlutiutis on foreign ITuirs.
These resolves, alike from tha tuirol aleluant II, a.
" dui e and fiota their sentiment, bar awaken.
eo, anu inuai yet awsken, iMitiful aiinreheBsioua
la in annus ot all conservative eiliaeiis. 11
many conservntlv lemoerts, ven, they art r-
rar.led as a drawback lo Mr, lluchanan n. ml
nation ; and bad they been followed up, a il Htm
at on lim genera I v reported that thev were,
by th nomination ef lien. Quitman, nf filibuster
uobiriety, winild propahly have proved fatal lo lhe
success of lb ticket, le any true Whig diajaaed
to go iu lengta oi tlioa resululiuas 7
Il cannot Le denied that aotne V higa keaital
to avow tlieniaeltrasuprairieraof .Millard rilluHire,
broauae they entertain discouraging views id h
primpeet id eloeUun. It luu been tlie policy of li
m ist violent opponents, th Kopublienna, lo sa-
ourag this gluutay view id II, fiittir. and cir
euiastanees hav perbap favored their aiiarepr-
senutioos. m suspaet that uma w ill show lh
his pruspetoTNcass is by ao means diahearten-
lug. Al any rale, il aillb th course of true w
ibm to wail Mr. Fillmore's return In lh t ailed
Mates, aud lhe fuller devek,nwnl uf Mibli sea
tiin.nt thai will be mad when all tbeeandidala
ar befir lh e.inlrv. Th party which ni
Bated Mr. i is knwa to te at only aum-eri.-ally
strong, but pern-el in organising, aud
adroit ta IbecaMiduet ofeletliuncering eaaiign.
VI ar.SMured by leading memlra-of that parly
thai Mr, 1 illni'xe's pn-. Is ar guud, irtsapae.
lit id th Vt big and other uaaertiv upport
which it ia ipa4d hewill teeeiia 1kamign.
lleioa si pre th belief that if lh bifa gaw
erallv gite biia their aid, his sleet Kia will b a
raied , end lliey add Ibal ere ag sij dewoa
ilrsla ne will evbgrsa tbUaaaaraac.
Il la very (uf mlleatea In talk alatai thoa-
sends of W higadswrtiaglbeir standard aad their
prin'iplea, while darlaimiag kefure a parly I
hiM thev have Itiewteelvea demmed ; but ia ear
bam bis J.4 fin.. I Whigs generally ar mad af
'k fsiil.le .tuf, aad da aol readily er abwly
go llimugh wb IrantBMtatbdis. 1 b Urge er
I) of Ui. hi( aad ef.-ia!ly such as ba
sti'lmi during rerent liia'tuf il eireuaaialMwy,
r a4 erne mrskrra. They a-k ae patronage,
and aVeir aa reward Wy d lb eeaei.i.a.e
ot bavmg rf rsn il.r duly aad .erved llwwr
coantry to Ibe beef nf sUlity. They r not
ear, therefore, lo le of ll.e rnij ai 4 do ant
daMrrt le tbe eaemy a " n a tk.y perrn.
tlMmaelvae la ll aaiiwritv, Tl.ay arefey iu.tire
I. tptieairy, aad kow.r f.r they , la.
driva Iron '. . td pear, will v4
dlier la fieineipl. M h 1-1 il..ref. r. lUl Mr.
1're.loe .--.e wiilmul soibtir whew be mail
the declare!) .b fc reili. 1 1 iu-rali (' .iienia.a
kk-b ehrilod appUav ( as (la'ler! Itetaeiera,
ad that Mr. I II. i.,f, and . Mr. rtiM-b-anaa,
IVmoeral, w.ll iwi,e tb Usdy of Wkij
Vote tbruagh lb I a. ' '
Paaaaalal a swearlkg,
la laU rt fy ia a L.maa Cail- i. Ilrvwa-'
lorn ha lh foil. .w ia, ghinraat vraraphi
"t- J "oed Ht lam4 iea,is lria(
awr Cirruil t aart, sums f yooy ( ail. ..Ik aa.e.
gr aer .e...(l. Isisrwl by Mr. M A bai.
lhe Allorhes tfc,.l w lt,fy ia .as., af unlaw.
fad gsmteg. and raaaihiag af i lllla-.. 1.
Ilitl w sw tm ' I' Keyipii;,
aaxi e.ery aae id li-em .wuse la, I V Ike lawt.fy.
log Ut i key kti.w joat aoib i ,: 1 k. Aumnmy
layal lba peod.,H I etb-li ll.l.U, with a
Crmt am lis Lerkaaa-l tbaaa eiataiae at, sew
tls mm . 4 II. .y A, mi rr.4 a,e Ike
wae t fmad I'-ey knew ! t mm ''rM "!. I su4
fee Soth mn In be ea"id lata , nf cr enwrt
e (lit y eel Ib.m ' ft,, V
Allen Induenre la th I nlied mate.
Snm one ha not inaptly deaerildgreatcitiea
i 'sores upon lh lody politic." Thi is a
harsh and not very elegant expression, but there
is, douldlcsa, a great deal of truth in it.ccpeciiiHv
i.u ra.i.m. i iviMiym w ihhmium. j, ia a
nyular fact that so mmv of the annual emi
grant to the shores prefer to settle down amid
bub and obsenntv ot our mti cities, rattier
an push forward to lh otiea land of lh West,
huusands thus suffer end starve, who atielit
otherwise lira comfortably and rise In respecta
bility a mecliauioa er tiller of ttio soil. There
acems to li a natural affinity between th great
body of emigrants ami that kind of degradation
l.l.l.! v.. ... l e i j
wiiicu ia oniy iu ue lounu in uonaeiy poptliateo
town. Bui even this is not sn great an evil as
Ihsune which, under our institution, naturally
flow from its ' . .
Were this vast annual accession to our nopula-
on to be scattered over tb land, though their
aggregate strength might lie a great, their pow
er would be neutralised by such a distribution
f their numbers; while, by swelling th rank of
voter in uur large cities and towns, they soon
reach a point where they hold tli balance nf
power, or els control, by numerioal strength
niniie, the municipal, and, to a great extent, the
State elections.
In order that we may be fully understood, wa
;ir below a table showing the relative number
of aliens and natives who make apths population
of our moat important cilia, according to the
ensue oi itsiv, via
Native.-' J. foreigners.
130,4X1 35,42
88.SHU . 4G.C.17
23.GU3 15,083
0,a"i8 61.541
50,470-' 48,(io
277,762 2:i5,K33
31,162 Ao.m
11. 655 j 8,',7
7.1UI 12,782
25,059 12,421
28ti.34tl 131,694
Sll.629 38,SH7
26,501 12,3-iZ
Baltitnor -
ltoston ,
Chios go
New I r loans
Nsw York
Albany I
Ib-truit I ...... ?
Louisville :
St, Louis
Newark, N.J,
It will be seen from the abovs tab o. that in
must of th cities named the al iena enmprise more
than one-third of the entire papulation) in New
lura, ami jw tirieans.tueir numbers ar near v
equal, while in Saint Louis and Milwaukie, the
foreign population considerably exceeds th na
tive portion, The effect of tin Is readily seen.
Th election, of all kinds, in the pldce named,
are unquestionably conl rolled by th alien por
tion m voierB,eiiuer uy llicir poasusslliff sumomnt
numorical (trentli, or by holding lit two great
political parties in audi positions that on ur lit
other, in ordor to be successful, must icoedo to
any demands limy jutv choose tomnke.
The elect of aiiy political movement or enter
prise, In any large city, upon the political action
of the 8tat al large, La We ' well known to need
uioi trail a paasnig reference, l'eoiile in lh
country town ar apt. to te influenced mora or
lees by the fashions and customs nf lh great cit
ies uf their respective Mates, and this prineiple
appliee aa well to politics as toeverythiiig!.
I he great thing t be reared I this; that, aa is
now the case lo so great 'an extent la our larir
cities, thi foreign Influence will becom para
mount all through lh land. and th rein of rov-
emuient be finally wrested from those hands to
which they were originally confided by th fra
me ui omr consiiiutinn,ana rrom wnicn it was
never intended they should pass, vis: thos of uur
native-born citiien. The evil having gmwn o
great, a is plainly evinced by th foregoing table
is it any wondor that our patriotic aititona are
aroused throughout lb lenglb and breadth of the
land, sud that th popular -wntuhnord lias be
som "Nun but American shall rule America!"
Amer. Organ,
Mr. Hucbauuaa1 Weak
Th New Tork Kipr thu xpse Mr. Hu-
cliartao's weakiiai
Th measures of the Pierce administration ar
alrnadv endnnted. Mr. Ilunhanan kaa held,
under It abroad, and be has, in adrane, announ
ced hi adlierance to mrasuroa which he before
condemned. Ii ba tuud apun tb Miss uri
Comproniis flat foolad and iii hi recent declare
tinne baa aenniesced aad approved of its repeal.
lie nas a record ainst in xtensioa of shivery,-
and a record against arresting the sitensionof
slavery. II has a lUmoera io raeord and a
Federal record, as rsd and blu a Lucifer him
self. HlaaiitrcrdeBta as a politicise srs of th
worst poesibl tor, and nf o mixed a cast thai
it will lead all cautious men to mistrust him. II
has le ii aspiring liar tb I'rraideticy for twenty
le year, aud a publie aian for forty. II ha
ball Federal certilLete of aleel'inu under lb
worst regime l( FederaJi.m. and licmoeratieeer-
tifiiaUm ofelciion sine th lim fortune fir.l
fax icd Andrew Jaektoa.
Ho has been sn sittam parly aisti, too, and a
such waiiliug in ataguauiaaity to political nppo-
nenia. as witness bis Irsalmenl ol Henry Clav,
and bia atraaks on Julia liavia, nf MnsmTiuaeila,
lur i Mii.g uis laeiinaielMry aud want of A
sarriranism In regsrd lo Anieriena labor. Toe
ambitious to I e.,u.i.isnt, to liuiid to b ju.l
snd ver I be all thing lu all men, "fif
ty four forty '.mn by profeaaiuoe, a "forty nine'
man by action. Very Engliali In Lngland, very
Amerieaaia Anierira, vary free tredish in ibe
L'uiied taele tenste, very vtctise ia I'rnnsyb
W hanlly know man againat a lice politi
cal prolea.ioi ana acliee wnre eaa le said.
This record, of enurse. ia to be mat fairly and
fully, wot or ankindly, we b , but j
neverlnelo la lb lull light af aa
manly eanv, W BaiHier like Mr Huchau-
sn's antecedents, hi fadiiira, hi prinriplea, as,
Ui platform ea which the Cimo unali CmiyenlaH,
base placed bim. He wanta greaneaa, eunsi.ien.
ey, (air.., lie wiU, feosa the siereaaityof lhe
. le eniled to walk lu lh fuoiitevs af tb
prawn I edrnwiatraii'in, and w pray kind I'riv
nlettr In sats as at least from eucli atiblie.
lamity a this. '
A PslbrTtgk arUiry.
A subaeriberof ears, la Miaaouri, a Ka. 1
Irisb.ian, lately bad a hair bread ib aaoap frota
beavr, lb details af which adventure h was
giad enough to send as. Il appoar, b I. ft bom
alih-iul a aasf-a of tay kind aad after itro-
eavdmf a. me dielanee, aata aw Drain, who
put alter I'airi. k, and a race of m at anle was
lb 4ieet,eaevt, Al length our friend Uteata.
eeavineed that be would have te call nptaa bis ;
"wtls" for aid, as his legs aad wind fast
failiue. a. Ibkinaoff kia aa.a. mm l.a mmm .nj ma. 1
kmg I r a sloal stamp, which hs ssw i the d a
tan., Ii. bolt, iie-l il tm II. stuaip. and ela,f nig
ka. hal aa tb b p af il, at.. I. of, keeping the
.i ..... .. i... ... t. r mA ,i - i it .
ee.1. "V bea 1 turned waind to see if 1 ' wa.
.or t - .
-tiu aitav ni., mere re was, witn niaiwopawa; Tfa. b
r 4 Ibe at u nip, striving hi La-k ukdfr i. leaf ksm.
of any kat. biaawfiaia, 1 .opt,-., . ..i kii. l ol a
mti.-intl I t.i. Th k l-t lu tU o-K and ,
la tbadaikoea. aball lo d.Hns my voaili..n. Ii
l.m . h-me a. I .ating, b.ld my
a.,.I.U-' kl. f.... .b....:l ...7 l
m lo tm my kai and e-.t. I did ad f .rf
a- V gwa thi. H. Vt had hn mh lr.,1 ,
ioding n.1 lb pUee, end liter aa Ik l-r,
bargmg ba stamp, a fr-ab a. wk.a I kfl boa,
grMtkt.g l-rr I ty at it. I ,.-,... he ll-.url.t 1
e.v.s aad aa Inakmaa aojilooj wearing an
Inabmea'eroei. as bard k be.i ( to 0- go and.
isi uvi i. ti ns1r. r,t.-li
ed kins. I'. putliBg a r.rt. ball ihe-ayb Li. mtu',1.
Batd I ktlliaf him have la. cheer" ot bavk.hut
ia tbe Utuw lsof k giaaaed. Jl y a. l . a. a-
ibt.g lb sum te baiog ia bi. as aas ail a tl.l,
kwlaay bai I. uaad aa M-p I made aaa..l
k4 asp of In n.a,, wktek r...ol a
II Ifatl
I ha kai nat aeaa-.swaier, Ul
! asl. u. tit i
at related
I awh lrn-r a tle um
Mew Committee Iteame.
A visit" dav or two piuee lo thetwn n-. a.
the Cnribd now in procesaof building suITkc I ta
luroiau some tuea ot toe manner in n iiu h ibae
noble suoctures are intended Iu 1c decoiated.
The room in Uie extreme n.n... r
North wing ati oars t l yerv nrailv hi.,ab,l
and the work in it liu been d ,nc ia a miai vlab-o-ate
and btautiful way. Tht floor, in common
a iti. tli'-iaeof tb whole suiteon tbe snuie !;nn.iid(
al ., is ialaid with lt,Uao paTeiueitt;
but the ceiling i. will ehi.t'y sin, e !!! at
tention and draw t ot th adoiita'i. n of t;,e be
holder. Th desiSnf..r . th o-ilin,', which ia
freacoedreextreniejy ricl;,Rlinoat t.. etuU-r me:
in fj', l! eye be.-omea atej nigh hewiebiet
with lh luxuriance of ornauirnt pieseutt-1 :o its
,nie. Beautiful tli eint of tins rwaa is by j
daylight, yet one percehea that uiutei the soften-
inj uVil ufajralaay of gaa buincis itili it hke a '
veritaUe fairy tempi.
One of the rootua of the Soi::!i winj: is aUo rear
eonipleiittii, and is well calculated tn.-itoni-h the
lisLer, especially if it hia not Iwn his fortune
lo hav gone th round of siht eiiig.i.n Europe.
Th South and North wall arc ilhwatt-d v uli
large sited heads of Wiishincton and 3. uVraon
rejotively, in which lhe liVcnc-sea seem to I e
remarkably well preserved. Oiithe Eastward, "
just below the cornice, is a scene in fresco repre
senting Cineiiinatus at his plow when called up. a
to becom tho leader of his people ngniusta
mthlesa foe. llirectly opposite to this, on tb
West wall, is a seciia from A uicricart history pat.
aliel lo that of Cincinnati! ; that ia tu ray, 1 ut
natw at his plow lweivlrur th inteUiga'-ea id lh
battle of Lexington. Above, on the C' iiing, ara
spirited emblems of th four seasons, tlvu done in
fresco. Other ornnbienta dewrate lh rootn.-
Whilst passing fruni this raini, whuh ailjoin the
apartments in use by Copt. Me gs and hi a si,
taots, we glanced at ailrawing of tfe Capi td n
it Vrill b when compluted and surmounted w ith
the- dome. The sight- was enouxh -losweil ihe-
patriotio mind with honest pride, such are Iba
magnificeiit proportions and surpassing beauty
of the American Ca; itol at it w H, hy Uod'a
blcsa'tiig, shortly lie. . National Int iltijcHit,
.field aad filter luth Woild.
A Hussian Counsellor uf Stat has reietitly pub
lished a wotk styled, "Void and Silrer-i-tlieir
origin, and th amount extracted from all coun
tries of ths world, from th most remote time till
tlieyenr 1835." The following particulars are of
interest t . . . ' ' '
" TU amount of gold and silver annuall y taken
from th mines of KurAfw, including llu'ssia, ia
2ti,iU,kiUogriimmes of tbe former, (27-lU pounds
tu tli kilogramme,, and llH,44t kilogrammes of
th liter, vulue4 together at $i(K)0,iMai. ....
" lu America, including California, the annual
prfMli.ot : 15U.834 killoprammcs of gold, and "li,
1H0 killogrsniiiii: of diver, worth, in nil, $H6
ooo.nco, -... - .
"In Atia, th annual brinlu.:t i27(X0 killo
grnuimes of gubl, and 1 10,000 of filter, amount
ing in value tu -J.lHHi.lilHJ.
" In Aiiiii, no silver mines ar wrought, anil
only 40'JO killugramine arc produced, Valued at
$2,600,000. . . .
Australia, too. vields no silvsr. but the annu
al product of gold amoums tu 'J'.Kl.oOO kille-
grsinmes, valued al faiMSKi.tsai. .
"isaa total in all pan. of the world. 510, TO ,
ktllogrammes af gold.and 1,026,1.24 killof;rniiimea
of silvor, valued together at 1,'S!,U m.t ,-iju fumes,
or over t307.0t 0,000. The whole sum extracted
from Ilia enrliet time up tu tue present will
amount to 15,314,r!43 kiltoraiuines of gold and
234,410,170 ol silver, wonh together something
more than $2ii,536,tK O.OOO."
The annual production uf lh precious metals
at the preaant lims is enormous. At tins present
rate, we gum mora in fifty years thau our mure
tors did lu BTiy rciituries. The annual iucrease
of gold and silver fur the .eriod uf three yeare
ending iu 1H.M mure than doubled that ol any
previous year amounting to fUl,IHKI.tMH franca,
nd in the la.t four year ending loj it ha in
creased nearly 150 per eent, and now amount to
1,5U2,-631,65I francs, or f 3ld,.'i27,3 10.
America hat furniaiiud more gold and silver
double the aiiimint than Euruiw, Afi'u-.v and
Auatrulia put tojz-ll.ur.nml .Inly iji.lhM.IKJ I less
than Asia hss furnislied from Ilia beginning of
It world. .
. v, " ... a . '
Iteautlful Passage.
In Mr. ll.onjauiiii 'a reccnl speeeli in lh I'niied
States !uate, ia the Kansas debits, tli follow
ing fin passage occurs ;
What then is the principle that underlies that
whole principle of our cmuum uoicrniiient and
ulii. h w should all instiuctinly leil lo have
been uutragitd by such abuse. J it is, sir, tli
quality of ili fir and independent Sulfa which
that wstramwil links toeeihoi in a comuo n bond
of union snliie, nlMoluto, eoRq-ir., oitqiialiiird
tualily equality ssaut ereliis, equality in their
rights, equality iu their dulire.
This wss the spirit that pre. old 1 over tl.e form
ation of Uie C"i .lilution ; lb. a is lbs lit ii.g spirit
that br alhee thruugh every line di il ; this is th
object professed by il of b-riinn- "a uior jiertuti
luion"-- . .
4ieaat vmllil Itiourire, ar. 1 slMav tb. ai'aU,
UI loose wl,o Irauied in kiab UvLel.
Tli. Immortal iMtpa. ol b.v. lii.t t. ia..le
Oor bur krtmd sitipirs eixe is Bui.
Take away Ibis ea;n of love convert It into
a bond of distrust, of suspicion or of hate, and tb
entire fobne which is I oi l ingetlier ivy that ea
avent will era nib la tu Us esnh. and real Alfr
ed ia dishmio:td froments upon the ground.
Cms Muse.
Tb following iuciilfiit we had front a friend
who knew tire parly : Ib o n l'..nit.. k, i f 11 irt
fiiTd, Coa.,is well kntii aalicin provide I villi
an euornHius tiandle to his soiimi ,,.i:h, irt lb
shaft nf a h.jre iio-a, in f.wt il,i. ioui iriabl for
lis ;re It leiigilk 8 hit itr.ioii, wl.en Inking
up a Ciillet iioa la the church to huh tbe li. tieoit
Lelotig., as be jod tl.r uk;i I e a.iirivatn a
terv persnu I, wlf.ui bs pt-.-. ol.. I toe baj
, V'' j ' -e,.i. in be p.aea-d Ly a u. I en u4 un-m-m-elhgatil
andjl ,ru.lJ, de.iie b. hn-h. T o low ,n did not
know ehat lo aivk id it, lis had a.lieu i-a-. I
ruand Itef v, but iw satch sflitrls aa tkee had t.s
ever before wini,-l. 'i'ii so. ra, b,wt-i'I
leaked oal. II had been aiHtt-ird frail. Tor
tttoeMba . irftli, Bl.vl Spta-iolHge, sn 1 b.ll
plueed B small pie, a of .In-, t. pi ,aier ott-f ;t.
I'uiitig tbe mot U.l.g of II, e U-i, iu qui ato n lb.
daatf bad drof p I ..It. ao I l'.a d - o o i a-n n
as fas st.u.ed"ii ll.e Co r. n ir 1 1 i. c an . s ... k
It oa agvin. Lulal.s f.r n.e i w ' fon i n
maks great laLtttli-, be pi, k 1 up n. t. ., i v ,.t
Ibooe pie.-e tdp er w inch tha m tool i-ei, of
Spvad o.jtloa paslontl Ibreml ot t-tor, m;-.i.
which read :-l arrauied to h-.l I o. i '. y vr.l,.
iSuch a r.a suuU a n sy w is en - i ;U t- a( -t
lb gtatttj t.f ve.i a j ur .1 in cjo - r - . m.
IlifaiSi ee Lad Mriik. 1 a) t at i- :i
Anvrisa - (itswueraii' . 1 ,t -i
wt titiiay .f ps'pb .! I vt tf i,u, ff.t J.
H Hk aa titr ite t tree ut r. f i I
(, uati, e4 tte f" y, aa tla .' t t , a
1 .Neihi teti !fl.ii.ri I i Joli U f '
t'fM aad tl"f is.-. tw jtti J, m4 Urn W
j ,i..l'Li '
1 . 1 M, p a,
. M. D.
A t lV" It A b'I
H-kad, a ly Um ..ya rt.-a.u mt ta
r" ' i ' '
T k. ri- ii-.'. Np-s t Or L f. la (" ij
i F' ! '''.,mm
h ? a a i T y i
Jm m i .t l ao- " . 1 1
o ; k,.t
I .' i A k i-l
I t" '' i
... , i .
i . j
. ; -i I
N.-i. ,,
s '
t.S. ", in
f- - -
i It. r"ria V. .
rptir, ...... .t I ...... , d s l ba
1 U.i r , r . H
1 i 1 f r a.
b I

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