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hv Jame3D. Hamnton. one Uoor above
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f neaie, ;that Kb has i aeuired a practical knowl '
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He has on hand s iwnall assortments of Jewelry
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i i ife' ta'thiakfat tiast cntam aa still solicits a.
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tnrday February 6 1833.
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iVriS uoticni thatishe 4iaa, JJctcl liorsrll
in tUe Tuvvn uf Salllbary, next dajr to the
DifioT:thftVciigaaUi whwo she Is rcaly to
wobitelall wdoM iu the .alwve line of business-.'
llflatlif' leailn.tnfsldsiTiess, in tho' fashina
UAf nlbffneriiryd ha? iri hail much
lie- in -iririhia iMfsi j P is pewuatlcil f that
!f Cart fjiye satisfustibhfUjch as i may cjlibose
1 e.nn!r! her, i Sho will receive rezularly Iruna
4iidehKiian4 .ork; the g latest t asu
till IDlu pKfce on tho margin of tKe Ni
agara rweryvwaajCiciisive plain; wnck badbocb
beerl wertd wttii,ne larms: but noir, I forsaken
be liftantioa "desUatadt by? -war, iVcx
hi)ted aparreii ; waste, .The rirerat tuat plaee Ite
gihji tq acquire some;of the terriiick vf:!o(aty4tith
,wbib,lt rushes oer the awtal reij4ce three
idiies bulow.eatinW ne of tiei.uest natural
coxisitlcs in existencer the notse tf the? cataract
I is urarti, anu vuocuiuuuiw.ttaui uuiagity; been
fr4trlhe battlel ground. 'Orl4h4wtrjiue the
nehi is boufuied by aUtic far&tjbut &ejpLun ii
self presents a level satooth sqrCace.i tmbokep by
ravines, and without; areeor bpkivNinteirubt
the View, or an obstacle to unpedc thou4temenis
Qf tlic hostile podtes, : or. to afford toet titer party
an ' advantage Fni this lain' tbe Ameficuu
canrp was seperated by a small creet.l lit th full
glare of the summer fun tm, the fifth qf 4ulyl the
British troops . were 6een advaucin towardstour
calnp, - acruss ' the destined field! of sfi.i iheix
waving plumes ana scartet uniiorins, exn.oi t a gay
and gtjrgeuus appearance. - Their inarlial niasicic,
their firm and rapid step, indicatipg elato 'hopes
kudiigh ctjurage. The Amencans,! tiiferibr in
number, were hastily; put in motion t tneet the
adTncinglje ; they Crossed a smiUolidge,
theilonly cutlet fronpi the camp, Mmlcr a hea
ry Ifireyf Uhe f enemy's artillery :j laqd ;mov
Wif steadily. j io th spot , sqlfctel ffof ; the
engagement, he spene at this injtKaeui was
beautiful ariil irapqsingi The UrtU4i tine.giouig
wiili gold and with crimsoii hues; wa stretched
acrtk tho plain, ijap'ieg by pieces of njss ordt
nance, wjpce.rapta auxjiiarjso v.T"
and sonie Who implored a few?2iinuipi ylr"a of
HfSUc'Corarishsts is! bodily com i conftssica of
Qnrrpeatc3 cruses burst frost the souls of many
in .heart rending accents'; while! I some as they
gazed apon the tsi flowing!: crimson torrent;
niuM-u uic uiid, icuxoiiRi 01 oream ia - ojoraiiung
apon the shortness of life andf careless ," prodigal
tycxisti!ae $ . r V :'3Ui"lfii:
; ny. gallant .spirits thai were on. thitervi
sanuiocd plain, who prayed. silently ) and some
who dared not pray , and yet kcorned to murmur.
Theijr compressed lips bespoke thiptrl firmness ;
t!teir eyes wandered wistfully 1 over the bright
scene that was tiding before them; and they gras-
pea leryenuv me nanas 01 tnose; wna mourmully
bade them farewell." i , ' j I ' .
"T :vr ( . ' if I . ' 1 J i
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From the Winchester VirgmianJan. 1C. l
to his friend in j Washirigtoo, his beeariaa
1 1: JXaLLil
PrbvTdcncciJair-CisasI :
rWith! that pwt of; New England which I
have seeii, Vam dejihted . Though my
japroey lias bea rapid,; yctl aye. irisited
ECKno of ilia pnbqpaj manufactories, and am
ireablyi sorpclsed to, find thera in - so great
a fetaie of perfOTlmt -If aril distressed
to discover tho lively anxiety felt by all corn
ccrnd in tliero:fqr the (ate ofr ther sTariff
BUI now befard Coahcss. IlAll thoso. with
wiom rhave conversed give it 'its their de
vpimuiifUiai, ute- proiCCUOU SW1U)
diwh rnost 6 tbee esublisiments I roust
languish Bickcny and finally , Hie; When I
behold the effects of Ihelndustry iand - en-
ktSltrd wilt keeplPaltcns for salt to those Hyho
;aay;vjsli io" Wtk4 ihelrjAwa' dress?s.She wiir
iikew'iicl kef nHahoiarffsw : '.''I :- ! '" -1 .1
the'lield arid 'filled ": the-atr with ! rliyW W'te
!tKbl(Mids- lof cmoko cnycioning each extleioity ot
the line, left the centre only exposed to'tha eye,
anil extendmir on to the river om tho je baud,
atidltho forest dm the other, filled the wljole oack
ground oftftd landscape. The toeriQahs Were
advancing lin wluiu!?. iTheso.'we n4rocrdits.
now. led lor the 'first time into action and fxcept
a ltv officers; none of that heroicibn4 Had eer
before seen tho Wanner ofar.jc. lUut tijev inoveu
steadily to! their grmmdruabrokeri by jiijgaliui
firp aud platoon after! platoon wheeled) juu Uu
wjt tbe.wur graccj'ql ' accuracy all jpaloeakni
wh'h marks the of option of the tooly
uittil the wlui'.p co.uaia was displayed la one ex
teHded tni-ii; tq ofSjcen( carefullyi?iiresi the line
We have been furnished with; the fjllawinv
particulars from a fracus which occurred in Mor
gan County, on the 29th ulti Jandl which rfesu;
ted, as wilt be seen, ttf the death of the naxues.
A year or twbazo aa unTtttunate matmnonia) ! terprize of these Debbie" brrarht intd action
connection 1 was ' froaw d. ot ween a man; named ib consequence! of tho policy i ot tho Gov-
-ynm- r ' , : " v ' t !vrpucm eoaangprea, as I tear tney axe my
of tlie counties of Berkely or Jenerson; andi aiKW & iZ AAiH- Jw-.u 1
daughter of Wm.- Thoralmrg.Hspectablei- 21
CtzeS of Morgan - ? u.h jru
The parLos hved together; S some hort !ttnii a? If abounding in many; of the means of
wnen it having been ascertained thatMageei uwuMiwurwgiae roaucuons 01; otner
had aaothc vrite liTing at the time ol hb second parts of tho Union, nothing but the? most
marriage, they seperated, and the deluded object iirtiai, afld oppresstye character of the pro
tdy thd
nope in
: W -
vmisuMiuns wnuJtJi5ui ouugunuo uwfijeaiQn ueretotoregiyen.-wpull ius
action of her father's rof, but wasjnot long J Qbverninfent in! i W tvlthdraiali ?l
d roittted to remain in the undifcturbed enUvt 1 Z , ... 4 T IM: n! f
heot of it.!h f Imi' nrior tJ tU' haWnlW; IHP? il5 TO J?Jte ' i 4 I
th. .;t'kA 1 .'iv-i.i,. iv JLCa: lil wishnnosti sincerely everynerson who
i represents
loruburg had occasionally seen Magee lurkuig
the dawn
if any
on advancing a few paces 4 he
Stt one without a
4 JitrecttStates4 acting Kf t theW
f the grt JTPi thcsoRM
city we allada Li th r.'Lt i.t-2i nt?hy tbd,- coaruts!ioa!kAn ? lk
Ptopeny , tne jate VUlumVGU5erV I cart,and nad, wh6lly efT&zm
f T" W29rw; i-peoaaaciaid bo-tlte rerdict of thir
shuu;si 44e property in iiuesUbn. was burrfiasedf ieeh f su-ILs-. ii-.vTi
sold t(
estate remaining inMMiMM f rra" I compact that lbev desired trmirrt
ag et esumawa 1 upwards or iw.uuo 1 "gww inn cpnrusion and diulcultics 1
doliars Omerrmjpcrtyy inthe trpper part thirteen di
V;;l J T HT?" yf";. "w:gmies,tnai they sought refW
vu4,p r 00 a aruj i u luaeaiiua or union I r - wpiw iota
the march of our city is 00 ward, and is not, to be I tdtton fvorse than that in whieh they'stood
'"rw" y, fUKweoa oreTenwoifoiuinary oc- 1 v, wbmu .vvuicuvrauon. . ; 1 1; -. ; u .
W-.inagniiade.l FFaptrt 1 He bad tn)rema'b''maJre: Wliethl ' '
1 ... 7 1 n.- vwmiuw ub me rescu ola ieueral Com-
his opliaonjA! pciat . pJrfect(y finmaterial for
whvtMv intended to Dosti vr not, it was ratified r
by the People wth altthe formtlitiea neeessarr
to make it efficient in iU object to give peace and
ccurjT w u American reopie. lie contended
that it could be shown bv a olain cnn&trntlnn r
the Constitiition kecording to its own provisions.
"i :a -
I Friday, Feoruartf 1.
1 '.
,.. 116 5cnato . proceeded to consider the ..well as cpnifmporaoeoos coostructions, f that
bill to provide further for the collectibn of he waa ny one provision tahlishing thartt
the duties on imports. i f . , was the work of States in meh so vreiga character.
any noruon ot Uiei VYest, could uc uues on imports. i , fi - l1"?."' wwwvojmmpuxxzcicT
about msnousc, aud suspectiug that , he was on have even the Iimitpd opportunity I navel !eUnguysen said
Confederation, haa dki
Under that system.' evenr
with Vthe 1 notion of its so-
ii Jill iiHrni iij i lmn.iutf. - ninn - mrwnn w ui I . i miiviiiM r jirnrni p m . k a w .i.J. 4. . iaiirai . mn i v i r
saw tnree men.irT ii rrr .1 """ 1 ',:rr:: "yww urs : , s, ttmm.ut-r'jr
. I j, .1 ' "... .- I . --' I nunt fMnf it iMfviaeik
whooroved to be Masree. itard f trana pt an uuio tmliei. freeing oi.tuo umtea states. HO Has in that Mes- r.r" 'rr
Darkesville,and John M. Uur oi! Jeiierson, ? Wlioargumente rbuld be fnecessary to sage distinctly represented to Cbnirrcss the TJP: i1:-
leaning against a tree close at hand; who immo k cqnytnee !us ofi tlio policy of -ifostcrihi the state of things in the 1 conntrv Iwbich has fct&JSttiZSS. Til
Mrs!C '.ffceli rcw&lenf l tM she! I can suit; the
taste of this polUh?d' community j she,- there-
lore, ak.ot tucm a tnai; m ner skhi. -h
lir All iiAhd Ct6a iUoicountryjsihall bo dili
jentlylklfilTcd.l?:- I i 4 U
diateiy made towards him., lie attempted to
regain the door to secure it against their entrance;
but so rapid was me pursuit that before he could
accomplish bis purposo, ue was seized by Brown
and detained, while the other two forced their
K t ' .1 I il i ill i it r. -
way into me jmuss ana lata noiitot Aiagees
ciiilar. 1 hy nrere 5t3Jy i resisted by tlrs.
Magee, and in the scuifle alilow ilOied by Hurst
atv'Vra jiac;ees hea-J ith the but of hiS Whip,
was waru&i od' by Mrs. Thornburg who; recei
ved it on her haha, and but tbr which it is thought
it would have proved fatal ; to her daughter.
While liurst aiid iue females were thua engaged,
Taornuurg 'wasi . prevented, trom entering ihti
house by lirowii, who stood before hi.ft : With a
P4W1 presented at his breast', threatening him
With instant death if lie attempted it until
seeing iiurst drajrzino: his f wife ! towards tne
door, and threatening her life, and hearing the
cries ot his daughter tor his assistance, ne broke
hi, and seizmg nis nne, , lustanay uot, uurst
e shouiuers
quota. Some of the States could notror did not,
manufactories in Ncf rather lian those of) rendered it impracticable;- witlibut t!ie aid
tD LLngand.! Among th0 rrtanuuctpriesTi j sbrnef means beybndrthosd which axe I pay their gmrxirtions; and hew-e arose diiScul
txecute the laws. He has, tHereforc, as - n3P th. Ute pnde, this everlasting
dutv fftntiirr nim in dkimnfiMt -"W folate $mbitMo, wliich prevented tho
autyrequircs mm to do, applied to Con- access oflthat Confederation It is, said Mr.
f to strengthen the Executive arm to en- p. that pernicious sph it which I fear 'h now at
wiyi leconit ai u, -".' i through tne boiiv the ball msmi th
rdpsnenw,aoo: - : h lUe iun e wounded
cfclofftrM u.ui.fivlealng hif hold of notaUirg; M
jow tnei tnusjttn: oi
Seminary atattsvillc, -
N; coiwquchef of !Mr?iCaJdwell8 death'i the
exercises or; the cmalo bemmary in otatos
ViU.', will be suapdnded until tlio; lUit 1 Mohda;
a January., j t v .- . -1 j
nstracthin tin ithe Piano Fortc.hy Miss .E. J,
always been
re a number
Sblurjl, conse
vinr to the
naSier. ? Some difliculty . ha3
Ibund in procuring hoarding for so li
i yona; aaicsw attenq tnra o
eaehersj If fiomo Gentleman of strict i morality;
would orcn a hrivato (Board ms-lldusa
lccominola4oivUJt is
) louse coold bo obtained for
- .-a
e a
1 FMi
gario rauw, pvuniig uu, ,n off the child.
oursrani.i ;,9uu noi a ir ir'v'r pursued uv Tuornbur a
p was hearpl on oui; f WyJ drew a plsuj, i wnicil tc
.u,, 'r-r.T"- .jT Jffi -.'I hornbuig knocej m
iiuv mil i.Tiu nnnor ir miiii i li .tiriiii- ilia avi-c i t
liil frStlv lUlv VilVV ""Si. - r ; 7 J ' -I
fl;in !r tb 11a n a to si e that aji w as
is steed into the rear
of the troops nd gave itbc command; tj 'hre
in tne mean time Magce hid succeeded
Uo was immediately
nd on oein-r overhauiea
inately unsding tiiit,
at uowu, eauea ,iur a
rope uu arcured a uiarisiriie was inen
seni tor oy 'i i.brnbur. who ( there being no Cur-
licia au:
iu'iuest upon
tho dead
upon. a
then passed frdra flan!rto flar
a4 le wished; ho" wheeled hi
Aoice was ..tauoediaie y nearut in jue umu i fll ltti9rntr ji1A t.PiimaiV wwithat Thom-
rankssuppoppd tobe that of tueir commaudet-- fau jj deceased in delence of him
exciaiinin; "charge the t,aniviesi cnarguio um-
fate ra'liUa! charge ! cuargei" xne. juwipu
self and family. ' We learn further tiiat the of-
hctatm magistrate thought tliat it was so clear
!ira mi ornrl tiis men "sunuori arn i i t..rv,;....i
llie British rushed forward wild baypufs charge bU(j would beSi subsejvfed by
ed;'but thy were struck witn amaifiuent wjien Jintr order any ;utiicial investigatu
the? benem tnose wnom tneix comnaiHicuu muu
for their
purpose I this
Statmille,Niv. 14 tfIS
.fc J;;"--' U:4.t
Uli.: ----- 4 1. : i - -U- 1
IIR Co-cartnrrshtP. heretofore. Lexistiner le4
a w twfiji tbelSubsriUersi, in thej town of Mor
afwlMarM: tho Mercantile bust
thesaifirntatoiraiferrecl :W Bobert C
mrson-lwitW lwl!trii It l is desirable ' that tl4
!shotdd;r:lSaid .either by
Viviachtornoteja3 s ion as pracucawe. -; .
BilCf PEAltSON.i
uhgly called rnilttia, Standing motionlcsf as stat
utes: tiieiil iu!Bketirerect. their arms foIdM across
Uie r breasts, gazing caJiply at their hostile ranks,
advancing iujiousfy witit levelled bayie4sj. It
wna a 'refinement of discipline rarelr exnjhitednd
hro altogether tines nected-Th Aineri810041
until the bnemv aoDroached within a tHv pices;
until" the fotsuen could ce tho fire dashing from
uM cf nis adversarv's Sfice ; then Idefioerately
ai was the word' given, the Aijtenfanf levelled
fV.i;r hlp.Ara HnA fired --and therwhole the en-
hi'taed ! Manv wire killed
w jj o.jiu-3 c.t uv4-'""- ; 5- , -
manywdunded, arid i? rts;1 rwra wiui
n powerful momentum,1 fell ovdr th; &,;5ira;c
cdinpanioriSfj tr were thrown down by th wejjjhi
of! succeedinr combatants. In; otie m$taat the
ground occupied by , that gallant line Waa covered
by flying; li" tons; m anotber; a secu nau
advanced to 8ustain-4he contesi; while te broken
fragments of the first wero rained ocmnd it.
The Buffalo mintia were charged with fayonets.
'lea it wastliat ihcfyoung AmericatpcMets,iwho
i the skill" ot .vet-
that the ends ot
ration j Into
Thornburg s conduct, and that the decision , has
been so universally approved that' ho measures
itave been taken to-pr.cure Jus arrest.
ISrown aud Mageo were Ukn lhtof custody,
and being unable toUnd surety tor appearance at
court were committed to prison. : "y
The unfortunate inuividaal who ;lost his life
bv fennoina- in this rasu uiiair was a loan ot
respectaote connex.oua, ana in general, of harm
less and inoileiisi ve ueportmeut, but much aduie
ted to habits ounteiuperauce i and it is presumed
mat he must have oeeu uiaer iue iniiuenoo oi
these iiaoiu iiroiu w hien ue was seldom cxehip
vuen ne lent himselt .agee purposes
'Tiiornuurg -i a man of .expectable character
ann rrtmrK? Hf wduuoss aud amiability of
his dispowsiu. j- ' : V . I
700 Aim ravr Irfaw. i Tiip have a mnrhtnn I ahh
wftli which the heap or hole? of the Axe to put down the resistancb against - the Unt-1 bottom of that which obstructed the
informed, and ready! ior the ! reception of ted States, which is meditated bV one of the I under the old Confederation. We
io steel, after but nlew strokes of the hand 1 States of this Union. With a view to . the
nave Visited, none has occupied so much of within the reach of the Executive arm nlnnn I tu which impeded the progress of the Govern
rny attention asthat;of Collins & Co six- to execute the laws. He has, trterefore, aslnia?V- ,t thjsjsute pnde, this everlasting
teen miles : West of parttord, at Canton.
At this place the finish from' the bar iron
9 fP! . 1 -.w 1
; : iiei uavK a inir.mnH biiih nimrn mpm inn nroepni ATiffAn .hi i kA ur.ii !.:. j a: 1. , ;
was at too
buffht to bo
instructed and admonished by the result of the
tiammer. 1 iiey arojtortnea m this manner better understanding of the situation in Z. - k- .T! i ?" V wuu
U f..:- J. 11. :a hM.Ui.l..nn I u..t. r t.:u if! i ...:n I : w iounu pcrtwr?
fvr u,7"1 . pMtuw m "'v "f w tomakeanefiort to amend ithe CkinsdtudorL
was fcommenced less than sixi. years ago: read fsaid Mr. Frehnffhuysen) a sentence hn itfi,Wti,Jtk. t'0i r.mM '
iLL.. ... ..i.k lnik.n i Art ka.sAo I r i ; 1 'L I i j I ... . . " . '. . . .... " .
Mforu am iiu w uwi muvji ivoa imtu nuuovo lruiu ins picssagr, wtucu w in iw iwiinu in i enaoie it ' tu resist tne . oangenMis collisions : er
all occupied by the workmen all having the 5th paragraph on tho i7th page, which I these Stat sovereignties. Delegates were char
the appearance of .great neatness and com- follows a descnptian in detail, of the cir-1 sen to na a new Vyonsutuuon jjui mey meet.
cumstanees and acts adverted to-i I,u iU? t .
' - . i r', m - . r . - - & i K-
,-Under these circumstances, and tho AZJeE?
CHOLERA IN MAINE. provisions of the acts of South Carolina the these delelites came fresh from the Peoria f
imti ri .i j t Ji.' i ' . I. ...i I . j . i I : J : r . ... ?i . j. . . -
l e roniuna iopner ;saj s- inc : ropui . execution o iawa is reuutrcu nuprmo-1 they did wna they came to do in the name and
tliat there has been' a number of cases of ticable, even through the ordinary ; judi- f by the authority of the People ; and when they
malignant cholera at- llollis, in York county cial tribunals of the United States." li: had completed thtir work nd returned to th,
nbocars to be confirmed. ! Dr. Clark, of this In order that the subiect should be pre- People, the rery rorm of words to commence tho
City,twuo nas yisueu several or .tue i
kavs the symptorns a agree perfect!
those ho witnessed at New York, though to the 3d section of r the, 2d article ot the tWe, the People of the United States, in order.
he considers the disease pf a milder form, 1 Constitution, which defines, in tha following to form a more perfect Union," &c. It was no.
and says it yieias reauuy io meuicme. i words, the duties ot tne rresiaeni:;; -tie i ver areampt wen inai ui consuiuuoa wmsiiore-.
shall take care that tho laws be taithluiiy ex- I aiier w oeei up as we uaao wor vi iao
tn TUt U In Hntv. Tha dntv of Stales assDyereghties,
VUUIV . M. w ' J : I .JL rwm . . .. .. . .
n l Uh miAHM-V xnesDsoyereigpuesrereaii inrown oacx ca
uugrc u. Fy-- -r. the elemeats of soeial existence. The peopla i
ness in ie eignin secuuo. ;w were thence ordy warehrnsi i It was - an ex..
provide f for calling tortn; tno milita,7 c.lwcs31oaofci(i aixiet Justice Jay : tho only
spinisn ong, i i nis is tnetr outy. ; I sovereigns; eruieUnlted states are tne people;
Out of tho elbven eases which have oc-
i . ; - '. - ; i . . 'r.'. k.
burred there this month, six; have prov
ed fatal. The remainder wero recover
iSr.AVEn Captured. A
wit!ii394 slaves on board Was captured by This brief allusion to the sacred charter I and they arc sovereigns without" subjects, inas-
tlus British Brig of War, Victor, on the of our country, and to Uie message of the much as tacy hav only to geyern themsejyes ;
south' sidoof tho. sisndoiuuba, ana sent iresidcnt, be cons.derea as .uttcem to ,Mr-rrT72SS;
v . ii.. jii. . I . i - . . ihf tAiomn w - ' w - ; ;
into tavana on uie iui uu sustain oun a uiu - Was it seiitKbr ratification to the States, in their
in the lustory of the country had arrived, capacj ?. No. There was foo much
; Some time ago, say about 1829, some w hen Congress has beenj informed by . tne 3 arfd prudence to trust to these sovereign
merti soul at the eastward nominated' Lo- I chief Executive officer that resistance to l They, had ilready given the 3overnmea;
The Constitution' was sent incJtWth People
for their sanction, and they sustained it. - ton-V
the Legislative brandies to execute their k
itid fulfil the obligations imposed ttutcs-and for what purpose?; " Was ft?
them by their staUon, toenabie ntra to f t;fi-,iion as States? No. It wsri
-that he W uiirty miputes cecmeu the circuit. Dreachinir up the "peacelul remedy
1- n v 1 l -i - w , . a, 1 . fi riFOTi. 1 1 11111 a. m . t1 :
in 11OT retiring lOO W PURuvo xut J"T .kQ,r I,v 1.,, ml C.nnn Stieiefies
None wno saw, wUl forget the terrifick hcauty of i 0w voluo-
this scene; thp noble arwranca; ot ff0 ea wherever their 1 doctrine! his
wasting the treasure 1 of the
preparattucis all this has been
: wtx, liht-rm his friends ind the public.
Kvill Aihtm'tio;tl arry :on the f bustness
KSntitok that he w just recetved, and is receiv
last a general asaortnKnt a everyi J branch of his
Tiiit is a. tMiiLittii eoiession. tioui the hue 01 a
iNullil ver. in i oroer to e .uis ho people to
arms ainst a wise, a free aad rational syslem
ot Goverukentithe i uhhiers have, tor the last
i' 1. . i ,i In.' mitt nr irii
ltd that f?alianr. nost. uisciayea -uieians oi ; ui . M..l..i.i.Lr,i;J,
ernstand thence, oftt.JeSsuWLefcn worth ""r 1.
31'eil, and llinraan,: were given ineirj country
tii aflfim th nraudest baorc et its history . I? ive
had public dinners and made public speeches in
every nook and corner of the State 4hey have
had their leaders ana chicttains . oonsiauuy. on
in? w uasujejaand by iius, linremMtea sitention ui urcaouu precision i ecij , jt,
$:h$yty$t;wa$ Chefpacs3 ofrfis Uoods.he fc fury qf the battles-its taiai severr I Stat0 jQ
lAs tlie victors returned from th puret of tho
1 1 v I S Ml iit .AomV ;&Miid of. intense interest was
'I ' i ' '. 1 i I .. . t rrfi t-imul ik fiM uhirh & lew
3 ! IW1.W V. .w.., . ; - - ...w- ....
U 1 ?ay anilorms anct waving oanu?ia,
! . i . I .... ? : i tha ujiiii-ntea fit
oor,IW W rr.tTrsd to acUon. I! There .had
; i U:-J;;f. . ..I.tfeli' 'X?wo . ,.r i - ; .m: hearts!
i . . : i Ft . t-! i- .t -i ' i ivn iimiiinir 'uituurs ' - s." ? . '
Isihistaseit'haymjbeca taaa,e,arr.ute t !ir:rr.r?.C'wUi rtth SralrwrTrknd
terrrpegstuous chiel, Icmu-
if MOaobcrfTenrt?A:D. S
tili'- ', miii'J Lf: "1. ! I ." :. .!
uuant urecn ii; i - h
.fr -4t
fci 'i: h-' lit . Li. ? ! I i
crtdrt atijtrbhcatioh bo bade In the 4Caiolina
atehmaUUaM in the North-Carol ma Specta;
S isihitasen nayirig oeca mau aprt re -tt-- "T,imed with t
1kt4mU tUC 4iat the defendant Ker l.frT? ? i f
I s UiHtithcWUnary broccsi of tho law can ' not 4t -.aionsr
. t ....!.. 1 . . . -i 1 1 l .i i ton! m ixiH'.nasuiuj'ui(u . i r- tt .-: o
:tKf3r-'ZE tii h04A k.; ahcre,b,spmu
flii. and is how doin. in coitsqueoce! ot a
doubtfuljnfractih of the Consutution. Aud yet
the Union Jfarty are not to bo excited when they
have seen their Constitution trampled in s the
dust the dearest ; rights of freemen, tho right
of an impartial trial by J uryi the iifieethMi(f
the Judiciary, the right holding office, Ithe
.ti.rxi nrnnitHrt. of franchise, shamefully polluted
by Test Uathaand rerjunes uie aeiricuwjwt
their Ckvernnient attempted and preparations
uukin for the establishment of xuiutary iJespu;
tinrn all this i the Uniou party are to wuiss
.D.t till hftn,.iet! Yea. more, they are ta haveH
their pnde insulted aud . tneir patriotic 41660028
and I woucuea j; wo rjw j t
. I firv. and bti calm, in UIW ... uuuuu,iuiue
- I Tzzr ' . 1 . .
Btirih" siffhta and sounds than aiLtno ; fye
.tor andiWwterr iulvsruser for tliettrntot three ."K-iSb ehtraaced JJW-mnsi TM77T ir
faontl feOUfriagld tl Jh tho-jdou. rf.tyranny lt
4t aUox i iSlnaVj W1 fictS cflreeuu U harsh and unple
iSSSSIfa5iI i tw "rJm-t llitii iu tifcments j)dueedl: NowittoAneld,wasL awew. Tyrants-i-But u is a yuca i which often
PiiiiSI ttis j&'f
felt SISM -TMV
renzo Dow as a candidate for the presidency. 1 the laws has assumed an attitnde so formi-
Sliortly afterwards, Ajfr. Dow wrote to us a I dable asto prevent him from carrying them
request that we would publish Ids notice 1 into execution, and compelled liira to call
declining the honor. We complied, and now on
relertto it with a view of showing that oaths,
thh writer had something of the spirit ol f trnon
prophecy about him:: dismarge his own cansaence and to pre- fjr the pur
if To the Pcdlic Having noticed a serve the peaco and integrity of the vho shoutd be -. chosen from ainbog th Feople.
.1-If:i.i.5i. MAra rninttrifi rounds it: 1 i This foctdwould be found ttnrjcdied In the jri"Sw
WCTL n" Tlin..., k rnski, to lution of Congress of October, and bynhe,
nomiaitmguy , - 1 , xxe nap oui - .m" -r "7""- resorutionl ofpternber l7th which directed8
(bt 'tha next President of United tllcwhole of the charges, whicl had been .3
States,&c m made against the tnends 01 wej urn to to theQvetioa .for. the inweo ?;of ; asseirt.
i-ii. cT.nll not offer mv- intntmR r rn to war acrainst S, Carolina..and l n. .tWihWUia People themselves. If ad'
self as a candidate for the Prcsidencyf-not to urge the country to the brink of confusion it been sehtto the State Iaturerf tlicmip r ,-.
S'riduratandi ared talents disunion. Alii shaUay inrpJy tnthese I'W tht- -
IS?iito narhmPdwfulh ti- .h,r JW Mr: F.1. that wo are legisla- hered totM Confederation. Could rt thep , h,.?
, .- - - v M . ' , to ere- be armed that the States, acting as oiaies, cou
Ung to enable the Chief cSeresent frarne of cerornent?
cuto tbelaws according to uteobIigauo fgg TaJt bad contcndeot
nf ni mth. Wc rrtako Jio tjrar against . . ri.;fif-titM. WM bT the States. It nad-
- e rr.-' "Ls
South Carolina: wc provpue v 1 5,, 4 th!lt sjassacnuseiis came mwa o
wo do nbtnin further than is required ta I and ratified tho Constitution as a State. Hero
ivinit nhrsclves of the duty we owe 10 our-1 Mr, r. referred to me language w
SSli-SS cntm and our jMakcr. If by .IfavsacluSelts and . the. other States,
selves, to our country, ana uo j tK.:.. irk nftheM ratifications "it de-
it,a en'A hut examine una um rr-r v j .t h
dequatetothe approaching fu
porionf station front '33 to uiougu a
public cnaracter iot jwub uv
litile nehuaintance p rden andlhings ex-
pcnroenuiiy. 1 Anu 1 u. w "v ,T
Ivfee Ciitxm willl9flerrwho is noi jully
inmtifitd for that w$ofanl M' that pe
4 I
'4 t
hod of time!
December SOtli, l$30
HI Bv Printers throughout jthc
stt will nleasc irivc the above an
Uohi 4- !; ! ' - I " H - r
) frhe llet. Mr. Dow, as we learn, has in
ferred from'an exammation 5ftIietprophc
ciesiltliat Uris? period Swill he'onef cencr
al Bisttirbahces in the moral 1 , and ; pohUcal
1 tth.
I. i
tho said papers be r
; . - ' . 1. i. 'MtnratM .swi u a aiui a av -r . r . . tttarv aa s w - ,; .
mToncr.somcrwr itosp"?". J"l ft 1 57- l Ani nmish j the comuumts 1 - r t r 7 - t 1 lj wili
f Ji I. ..T.ln-o 1 that tho JLklltoratOI 1 wuwhwwj",' -T";.., , .; -i I tnmtv tit nav tne CilV S3V.wuaW;
t; W V vi :
rwara tneir frJJ rTIlthitA iieasiKlr J js-1 Ie2e -a jail WM. W wa uwas
.saidT thts Mf
- Hf-! i iPtHreda beloved name, coiiscrateu ... the tensUtiire for Ue sn.o
pecp.jr- r- f JeadiJlcSmUaUlloan Uompuiy.vj F iH . ,
j S6 Mr. Dow was not considered a can
,1ft from his modesty, whicli
iras altbgHher commendable, ho may now
" ffc.. lYS. ;ttA',tias a rurkt Io secede, and thereby to
dtsM the Union, so tar, as sne (owihc
Kh exorcise it ki onetime as well as ano
ther he may exercisp it aa well when f hero is
no ! uncbtisntttitonal or ;iropryei.;
. i,kn thp fJ L She may exenuse it,
wnen a oeoj ot; low numw uu& - .
eral goremmeht, iaciirred Jyi ajust jw, :fr
JeneeofthehaMoiat CJ4? t
lier quota of that debtj as oll aa wheu the na
tian Las an overflawing treasury ' She buy ex-
it in !rUQ nftnrii well as neace. -Sod. m
ii tirr Kkttir Mates uio; vexy.ioruuu
- ,L I .Inrf rr.m lhA ivHTinrimtr IO UIC CUU IUU 1 " w
care, they will find that uirongnout tne by Je Feo5eV It was all done by the
whole of its provisions this .JgJ8 aooSf pff
stcadilylcept in view to enable: the Ptesi- the FeI,Je Bift we have been told that all this .
dent to f execute the laws. And I am yet m jone by thef soveftign StaUss-4hat it wa
toleanLlconUnnedMr.P. whethpr an un- the workhouts f JtZ'
authoaizfed and tumultuous
Jmii.idnsk. whether actts of themselves, twn of ew Jersey . .SHZ;
t hit it waa mo worn ot ints wvavo u ,
r tin .lArthn authority ofia Statel whose ob-
ject isJiostUe to the Conslitutiori ot uie
United States, ana totne . vms"
and to the laws, is not 1 to be put down,
without inclining -the charge of making, war
ir Biri 'iall loiiow uie
of the State; icdng in its sctelga capacity.
Now, there was nothing in iw rw
New Jersey of iny the other States to saae
tion any such ir?rion. : T .feS
against 4 State. : If . wari siaii V;r, rrclldnies. Other-;
mcasttrerthns adopted, mu reborn "-f-ff '17 ' rbautted W the
kttmce. Uat ,7-1 '
their eemrate eommuiiiucasecaasit
, ...l. .uAr KttM the voxv. forunca- i
Rations erected, for ithrf -ae JW?- fthe Gericral Goyernmentin whcaebpos
sucli! rtghtHotudgefor and tn-t
" C , i ; il "lf-jP,v,T ; ? I - :
.t:- r ,n nortion of iho Senate, i01 PWl .t
uuuibnv. r7"li I. IteiPW,W "T-r-. tha mml L1
h4ll rorrtsiii unsiaiucu. i f I:. .Wt rorcnunv, ... T-rr-,.
of things results uom tneuitu, ui r- ahttttte4 for ratlC-
u;,?lnf the Union, any legation XjMfSL
- :i.;rtA !rf1 Rtateauthorit and Itioe to tho
of the reserved rights of a I must
ca a httle further back than the gchBanen
who haye maintauierinai'Uns Union,
mere federal compact in which
r,fi mntnlirr of the COOTPact W
ih exfent-of obedieiiee; due to Cxe
y&aof ted Cpuncilaad fthellows'l
AseaUri to nie peofuo i-cnus .
Sinliies. wEIiUil t!rs fionyj
EJyy were ebosea' for thepose stated
& dm simple pWpoof deliberamng on th
mF3 thewutution Ind mdywg : jt i
Tneedi etleci the TeWatio o? $1
Coovendoti of $787,whieh H.dl
"ILuahtd. That 'Uie sirng Vontrt3tioii
ilerc were those wno p).utv r " ". : r-.
r - Hi- . i - i 1 . 1: 3 ! if .
S -
i I
I t
; ! i: i if; r i
i i ;T "I ' s
i i t : x '- i s
i , i ! : . :: i . i
' j fT" : ;S ; ' ft. I I
'SI It ' I f I . i i J i - ! I
J ' i" i-. j : l-! th ' . ;
; n . :M j ; ! , : :
: l ; .. ;.' i . jit
h :r ' if : j lU ' , ; 1 !
1 ! ". i -1 in '--ii; I i t . if r- '; "r-? 4

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