North Carolina Newspapers

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fttSS linW Mth? i1"
TWii caluable upprpvements
p," 1833 ,
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I SeptmhFf 5th, 18S3V$
Sip .have ihnjd the hmrto riire4 nA
ta larii:rhhol iesynt,fyoiire of -the DtW
J-T. persona who hare intrude upnn itfie
d-d lamJg. ft bwlwea.gfitedi that the huusw
cfthe fndiaftf latIiftrclb5;telLett4a8s:
on or, anqimetiia hurjrt, 4;the ;owinpr$
dnrco int tfiop4i, 4hai ihwffTelds and ipp
prof cmentshtreiheeo" wtested fr:heja:4attd
picd;:bjf;;rhS( jJeiMnBthat'gravated fei
june have been njitteApnniti? persons oiT
h Indians, and 'thittlieir" horses attlej.hf?;
aod other property have bei forcibly' taken' frohi
theOTTiie'Apealif, tbe'Che the Gov-'
Crd teir.peopU pratectifm have been . repotted
and ftrctbje.; JTliey reprrsent that their' cnp4
have been frotn them, anl they Uok it
tyardto a state ' of starvation, irmjess Rne de
cisive BteD kadonted in their iiavor.-And fti
addition ;to all! this the Depot Marshal irPfMrta
that there are' fear irandred persons sell io AVf
Key t the Indians opon the c1ed.ian.i3 , If
I a nai xnis state or mins reqnires a chan2V
cannot bedoubted I. Surely 1ioorh would jexpH
tli4 (Ivermceht A sit still and witness ruVIj
J Sssion8, witho'at any ef&rt to prevent tiienr
-You iget, that the -liw of Alabaran, pr.
ttxreiherU witU
TncyJiiavV Ivse
ateattmtioh due
I TlOinCT . till thfl ff hfiT I rkf inftir.lnrj .tiAn& I III :
,t ..i.. r.i, . l'?r reible entrv and d. tainnr. w mhi be f'ii!iJ Hkwi
TOfej4encd;MhtehThas6appe'oe4 in. W 8,1 CI?? r tn prr.tuiof0 f'Hhs.anJtbCw'
f3n wiiinal ,ia imirtfi in W i r! PP'pusu that proreedih js under itMi-mld be adr.- Ah
WhemHhJtcircuniRtonces veTe such 'tnlit?4 M11 that Toth.s frajtion,lha:r;Al-.i
S'fel tavM th honcir to acknowledge
letter Ibf the &4hluTtimo
McoC)paiin docurnJenU.n
examiotia witu the ueirocr-
ito-.theSiaiibiecl to whidrf
;Inrtrae bfthe20th Angrtst dierthjects I
bad principally an view, I were to surest to
;.Pcjiltni4c 6f pircecdtWfbi: the
andrfnor infnralCtothe
spwn 91 pur insmauon that m send
io pilhis aUehtion tath4 irrtgulHtin
serjarIlroi it! einrontlin e&culimg
tM stfpuliuonslpf thei ;fly,5oC wHiciilhe'
, 1 lii'kiUlvIllUlUCCp.
Utrs,kupon sact; ."parts' of
torv" aa were not incliir'
of the . I hdianai nlor aU
rfttouval, you rfer to the act of ffmnmi f tL
i Marwi. 117, and tike Ca granted that n
all caet if settlement npon , the p1iUe land, the
wpiujmeui sn vwiixary force sxnay be resorted
j w w. , .u icvi(aui persons irata set-
tJinw th public land3. who had nbfW i
lent claiois, which lndmdoals as well as' coaapa-
,4T? UP lanpa wacis oi land before add
at Ue period when the acn&uw
eI, vriUfinoViio difBfn1rv-nM.t.L
the pnncipaif : not Anjj, purpoao;oflon:Tres
was to prevnf them from obtaining pplsIii;
uj wnicnincy;expscuxl to givef strinjhh; add
falulity to their cfaiais: The& 'parctw
effected by a fraud nler.t ftintran Ah vt.
of Geortrja; embraced thirty-five Jv!lioh ol a
'T, las Mvd by, the intere$iedv
" contract, that they ironli be ta alsitaaiioo
xitend;wtth Uir-Governmenl, Nvith betr
-oi success. . tney could sncceedlm nia
""j'raj H conferring opbni aetUa tn
valuable privilege of pre-cmptibnr Their
ahoa beyond dispute.1 tht during this tnd
SuPyithKpnbUc lansVthst ! Ais claa bfoti
PpflaUoa1i3iaJwiyabc higbj
robs, yan thefexcIttsrVeht tK
f Pr! private sal has Ibeen extended
totBmf'tiQ nderttibnl bf,' and as a nT
wardj for the aezvices they f have Tendered
"rfetnenmteMini toe" ValuJ
ana productiveness!- of the; soil, ahd in af-
g faciUues 4o. parchascrs te cxaaiine
Tljee actlliaTe
tify thelacisno for roe to jadjro. ft i$ he
earnestwishfofthnpartmentr the force!
emolovedl ln:!thisinpileaantdaty shall 'beaivl
plie! i as to .prodoce the desired result, withy the Esutire, and.
m - t . - t t w : a ; i - m . -.fci a
Ueen passed with
excepttoa of that of 1800, subsequeutiy to ?
oH fc oe a crime o .cuitivate tue
public fandT the government has suborned
oar citizens, to its perpetration, by I ooenng
thein llarge rewards aiid conferring on thcia
,ist, lfae treaty expresaly provides a different. leavtKireiore.itri
mo" ua mereiore leaves no aiscreiiua wi.n
ine leasw pnpsioie injury mj iiiuivHju&ig ana.'itiri 21. i nere is every reason to tear, that -tlw; ti -p, . VYltrTrr irns
the sfreatest foroearancej and such will he fonods rly puned out, would, if ad
to be tne,jspim oi aii ine insiructiona Wxjich WholijMi
have rlen issued. 1 H "I"' V: ; '. ; 3' it nr"
fltnnt . tru4m2 with Undiminished
pof revewj PI wiewiiQie
iviiv suite at law. ind d this lhi. 1 nds of.the Urnted States, u not ua4
letermined to Vacejhetrlvea ; in 4e atii ' awf in itself, aprdinTr thespmW troo
of defehdahts. hv I intent and raeaninT oftho -ftf 1 rO
of country in which fine county cT 5!adi I President cannot Dronerlv excrt'tfia dieJ
, ill ase-
SlS&to te knot deiraMecontn7
I- -
! lion
used ;. for prepann;
fSatrf Lmeoln which arey
beriiinaeU;r uiuivwuai
&T&&ti with- Hbe
StHajj: Meckel ur, 1
u iitZkJ RiniCoinberland, Wake
teafid joMttf the;W U es othai
.fcem :'ltpip p?1 xH
Artnfliw forthei cntefpnsi'ig t-J specu
tntlii&wiLiiiU i iwrfecuv useless, to
f MBooFill t CXpecwa wuuy
a mtftnentt obsvaiHiiilllv bctier
4. Af U SiMm'bf the taowivement than
tjn wffiriteiiL t Thoseiwtsftifj rt
'VI "o vyiwu. lliuians in i t,a ,r.e ntvin tflirf lh, initirioa ihon &,f- WniClliJ am COnStrainii liKi lAr
iiTT'rf- .i 'T x w ineir,3 terPd and are exposed to, the dihu tv ot DrOuJ; oi uncauea torandnnnAfe&ta'rv
in Alabama, contained this stipulal h Wtpm HpUv whirh WAntiktini ih! S.:1-"!1 IifJk-imr ..r, t.i: -i r if .
t 9
ial,dAVotiie'l5dir o(t&e-SVatchr.
k4'Ullwe.ft, da;ya, and rt
!-t4twj?lil j to ;nhe au-
1 :
tne prutociiun proausod coaid in this way Del tnai the oeterminatiou to" removo i them had
insured. is j : I been produced mainly r if no exclusively, by
Yon o iustice to the feelinU of the PreaJ 8
in statinij it as your I belR; tbaH he is ! f?K ' ftM Julyandj;Au:
dispoeed-no cause the treaty ,d be carriedinto STffS1
ffent bv.'Sflch mearift in v a ar Hoari ntKnJ. 1 rwVrrf"" TiwiB oi nie nicis 01
ized hvthe Constimtion ann law 'Thor. Jo tne eemter last, are if'! date interior
, u .:u .iJ t r.::: . to your coinaxunication.lootti
aware ot the harusbins and inconveniences j ia r. r ' T. r . " T y--v5
which frontier ; settlers are i exposed, and ev-
5. .. . i
lith nf
nexk, iiflb till continue three j
Aiitttrn i if cuolt n niimVior dT dnit'ci on1 n- I fiirnicKinrr Ym nlilm jLi.l ' 'ii-... .
i'WrT- ii I ,fltn,d,T?1I1?on l,h 6 aotnmnnity,which ciuld not but be upon which ion. did toe the hocorlto encloaetomy
',?ffbf H""!1 be removed therefrom m the the would be in vain to expect jthat irisptfctioii.l was at oncerWtoMhe coaclusidn
law from other pubyn lands until the country'.
is curve jrju. tiuu ut? piecuons maae; excepting
wiio Hye mde their own improvements, arid fl1?nt
not expelled the Creek from theirs. Such net-
sons ma remain til,l their crops are tathered
Alter ipe OTuwy 19 surveyea arm tho selections
madej this article shall not operate upon s that;
part ofit not included in such selectiofts. Pat
intradpiaha)lf in the, manner betore described.!
bn' temoTcd trom the selections, for the( term of
fire ttffrm 1bfe, ratification of this treaty;,"
until the pm are conveyed to white persons,",
ilt'wdlBe seen that by this Article, the feotM
eTwnent Ruined i upon itself the oblijjatiou pf
removirwpmtruders from this land, in frc jsanfe
manne) ynt'rjide8 btty be removed by Uwjf ror
other pnbt'C lapd ; The marine r" herein jrcfet
red to fprfcribe in the Act or Oorrresslptli
sed Mtmi, 3$ entitled, An Act to ptI-
vent jwttllments belnb ma on lands ceded to
the U n ten itate unt;l authorised by lawi!
This Ac?t provides for th interposition of the
M:irs!alkpd he employment of JllfiUtaryorc
uner!i orf?;rs of the PrfVident. and jfurnish
es diff aiii-3rity,-. tyirAUe of wVich the prbeeft
dinlif AI9aiha. in relation to thief eje
bavo taken nlace, i ' . it M
Tbihrei, are two limitations to this obliffjittorl.
One esetptsTpm it operation, Hhnse white pe
son, i h pVe made their own inproyefpeatl,
and ofit aoeled the Creek from theirs; fsncfi
pcrihs H-iy rfcmnin ; until their cns are ; ffatr
erd.V tAi the season ' herein al!uded to hafi
passetl avVay,p andi the crops been gathered
tnis pr jvwion yi no longer appiicaoie to any set
ur' 'iH "'r'i 5. 3 ; .j
ourpelegatiotfjn, Corw
' ja., gmcg per
wrlo obt
ble possession of the lands oni which : thev live
oit reasonable allownee sLaujil be mad, for TrJ"?7lv3 T V35" T f" feT"
their position: Wfcen there' other'obli HS! I W$M
hgatws in-tttM have esiemied; ftent mTSSSimWWS
mot tUf niihli landt:. without innmvninoi . . , ,oi't" I lup" HJ
Government. But in this case the rights of oth
ers are eoncerned , and the executive is called
upon to fulfil the obligations of ft solemn treaty.
I do not however see that the treaty, by obvi
ous construction? permits settleirients upon any
of the lanus cededf except jreservatmns"
has adopted the plan jit seeifis, of repdrtihzto
ui LriHuuuBi, iiiuiviuuai rases 01 intru
sion, and whoti they are jill Jsumed up, they do
not amount to any considerable number. i
;ltis true that the tt-nor an comtlexibn of his
letters are calculated ta makelan unfavorable un
-"KL.'ji. r.; -i n '.. ... 1 he otuer limitation is to t!i riistnct nf rann
v-s" iHiies a years 01a ; 1 - "r j , . .- , r .n''.
UUibiisi A ja2.lkk- ;t"'u . trv. confintn? the 'jobltfrationa of the Govern.-
The stipulation is.that iniruiicrs shall be iw- mS-Z. f J. "S: .
eJ form the Wle.l Uha,, W,re the US&.T'.i!1
thef Ac" "e.00i9.: ,h,'9 prov,S.o shall not.op- ,.f ,ni!(a,B; iS J' from
3i;ntr tlvjr s jr.rcc. ,lf jou hayebeen lod to'funn
from the letiers of this gentlelnann unfavorable
opimon oflhe great body of those people) I beg
itaive iu: assure you mat, it u uttr-riy erroneous
and u.-jiist Nino-leuths of itheui have hot in
u'rierreo wiin ine incians and in the uppt?r
cJunle4 ;vhich are the most populous, not a
whisper of dwsaiisfactifn lias! been uttered.
lhe country id qiiejitjon, is you have been
advised has been hud ott'iqfb nine coUnties,by
an act of our Gerieral Assenibjty, and organized,
so as to iwt : ihe eutire machinery ot our State
:j ' Ti?- i i uuiiii v Tjuwer pnniffrmu on rum tr raj
V J he act of 1S07 was fitrned to IconnterVct the movif of letUerfwii J
I ing the policy of the goVernJentaa tadicaSS J! W PPPS th Acts et t : r
1 in the rules and regulations establishedby Con- .Paj :3he ptiblic do 2- ;f r!
States. 1 -4 j ''y .rutanrulolionrr
jSThi'riew i confirmed-hy"tho!.fictVhata9 tory bfthe XJStatesNothihcf tiiisind 7 :
often asthe settler upon whooi io v act fvajuto has been done by oar peoplel who have s"t- I 1
oratewe t!ed "J devby ihCrecIn. J' f
verted to, and Jhe severest penally denounced. a- - Itri:' k i ? 1 1 j -
galnsvthem the forfeituiebf these ciaiaWyl 3'if!X biTS s
iiAU persons :who had made.8ettlimenUreVti he0W;1 ot?tVnvt.t' aoni:
oosthe passaTO ofiheact;are ,fpinnitteJt to iavBSuy.v,nttioav )Vt!inld it frqa . ' .
remain, proyided they; vUlst aiiaTatioa any".prspnor'persp!is. jihb nij.rVreuaso.' ' j
that they do not lav aov claim to the land, and the U.' States. TrHir onlv olii rt'i ia 1 !-
donot 3pyjb!ewmbj, unW the
AUrshalat anVtimelafter the first of Janoam Pnu wh! uPPn pUWie; lanws wjth
and after hrea fnontlw-riotlcei; islaathorBeil td UP Qtgn but to; cdtivata .; thcD, tslpot Ijy
rA.-hitVA thou," 'ritm1aJ kJ..I.tAr I milifarw frTf '. - f i .' .-l-: - :i i
Sthrl ' T TTS A treaty act or,. Congreis, is ftlii
six months.MThe evidence to.t bdlfurnished :.;.J. .f .uj.L jni i .1
rvhhmay betndictedJ amon other
things.! the certificate of the Wister. that their aa5.1?. P COOSlitution oi
4ouiuin'thtKnaiK;'t,'iJt I th.e.-.u;i bUtc. tt lut trenches nnonthead
tou icuusoxteu anacoaumaea iov tae ijBiieaH iuimwjii v om,w itwam uio
HieilnSidtJsediiviz fr A f I . menVtoheiooye intruders to the tracts locates
1 .i ; i - . ;.i. : it . 1 r?: -. : r m r i . r-
In. tr-n'- f i.i:.-.Lr:- u, , : . i bv tne inaians, -aiierine country is snrveve
WiMmm ' inens made - and leaving Ahe J dujyl
fetingtbaH'ah Turner i"8V are mpled,
lLii' B . fTn !1! T " . ,u" '-Tha i ertmitr m nnw stirvpcp.-l. hnt thai
irU.t tfll'mHI. itf-i rirr. - fill., k.. rl I ' ; J . wv. ...w ..-v.-,
uuiiwii a ui uy iii t . ? - . . , ;i
ri . . ' i . ; . ..! . i . ' w" inna dtp rit upt mnflp . anrt nn9i(Iamnln s lirriA
i j90U te(reeiir itV -hobe uwire ox , ed to accbmptish this object as speedily as pos--
laic;, oan iroin repwis wmcn nave oeen I mace,
thai Impositions have been practised upon "the
Agsnis.empiqyea m iaKtTg tne coosus, ano mat
more ttian tyoinousano names rsons are re-
i rat6 upun that part oi -jinecyuntcy. not inciu
aoa to tne seiecnous. o fHrmssifn to set
tle is here granted. Tiie Government did nol
indeed stipulate with the Indians that intru
ders on lands rmhx'ated sIiouEd be roa.oved, but
the ordinary provisions of the law still apply ta
all persons living upm bccIi land, and the
prescribed penalty aitac hes ti Ahem.
Your Excellency suggests 'that 'encourag
ed by the treaty, by the laws of the State,
and thoexpre8 mission if the government
to; settle upon and occupy them, population has
hension upon this subject .which I trust the enchv was adoied as well in cokformity with the
geu d.)cttmint3 w ill reoiove.; No person has known views and wishes of the President, as in
moved upun this land by the permissiou iof the parsuance of the constitution 'if the tate of Al-
Government. Settlers without; that permission abama 'Several of these counties contain a po-
have taken pbsrssion of the country, and the Gov- polatibn ol'siXot eight thousand sonis, and "the
erbmeht in this as in all other fces, leing desi- aggregate amount will nut be short of tweuty-
rousoi luiiuiin iuiinj;'auuiis w uu as 111110 in- i nvc tuousanu.
Cxinvenience to lte ; citizens :as possible, ou the
ay. 1800. ! each persoti manner -from these selections, fpr the tern
of the act! shall lave e- five years fiom f the ratification of Uie
t a prist mill or saw mill treaty Stc Therjndians they, re
f- !' .rV Tnia Hi.
j . . .... aai.
r ?rec fjf anything.
. ibeseAwi Aiajs iare firrning
1 : .The (rreat obiect of the snit! pre tkia vM, K
application of the members of Congress trum AI-t w mse a sodeixe oflcorn and other pro
jama and others, consented iu December last, vlsiuW) to supply1 the watsbfUie pes t season,
that the settlers upon the land might remain' till ,nd to obiain'the
1 . Tf I v wm w M
rr m ire xpeftedto Amount to an oh- wrnep upfipe usw wno arc no; ;titiea to -re'
rt-Vtspirteat Afhepath lslfine in all wea-i servationsi aria from the consequent necessity of
w4iiai diet nidef i- i rijrid exaWinition.s well as from the nature zndt
t i i lBf 1 MarAi-i trtii, Ii f!r.Tta exeni ofAJte Hocatin? out
fMPblenfneion informs
ffif recelvedi the present
r!PAimiOKS io.n Corres
Stl1 i wiUildespKtcht ' Her house
tenWi'm the fashiona i
Sb&U as ii oiLr fashiona
.ar-Mfs1 PiispersuadetLthat gucli aa mav choice
'ahei will. u r v At:.'
bo latest Fash
IsaM to those who
Jiweirnvroi.tessea. &he will
vMWBfais. -r-t;
tS-'shelcaiBuit the Uate
ies, it is evident,!
this business twill occur.? some months ; 1
Jt ia obvious therefore, that the treaty impel
see npori tb Govermnent the duty ofreraot
ingAn4er from these lands. It hl ejuall
obyious A bat; the mode of TemovinJs prescri
bed An that Instrument, and U specifically piro
v'uled by an Act COTrrep; and I tnay -add
tiie fact,; that the-whole subject was fully ex
plained i to the Creek Chiefs, previously to the
the locations were made. A his was uooe, as
the instructions will show upon the presump
tion, that the country will be surveyed and
the locations made, before it would b time to
'. " .1 1 !!.. f. .1? . a '1
pux in anoiuer crop, ana aiso in me oeuei mat R
inconvenience on injury woui suit to the In
dians. In b ih iliese ex 'ationa there has
been a disappointment. The country has in
deed been surveyed, but tie locations havo not
been and cannot, fur some time be made, and the
complaint) ot the Indians are assuming; such! a
shape as immediately to call j upon the Govern
went fur it interference. Itf Ibecornes therefore
necessary quantity
tie, hogs and other -stock. t is well known
that the first business of settlors in afcew coun'
try, to exchange' their transportation ior the
nieahs of subaistanoe, and this has actually been
done py tne greater portion to the population in
lb Creek Nation. Their wagons, carts) horses,
&e. re gono and very many cannot r possibly
leave the country within tho time specified in
your instrnci ions to the larshal 1
The agricnlturaUaborsof 1 these people have
been cowned with success, and their : crops of
cum, leaa, poiatoH?,ic willpplace theta during
the eosuiug year above the difficulties produced
by tbt scaroit; of the 1.: I;.i -"U . fc '--tv
imaguie, tr a moment, tHe almost . total de-
crops, the loss of most of the
1 boss who nsalf e setUcmen.Ut after; thj ' pas? lean impose no obligatiorL on our people, anal
aje of the act,nat Ahe discretion of the Presi-A wUl bo declared null and void by the leallr
ueu, um, mwxvvs i aey i constituted autttonUes. ' n
fnrfAit sill tit! tii whstPVPT rbixM thfv min ka I ... s
which shall be vested in the United States, i Sc believed to be the chiractec V
A recital of the several acts of Confess pass- toat part of the 5th article of theCre
iM laiiAn fA;ruano wWa WairA nM n1 I Tfoar K wFitnh flfomi mnnf imm Mftl
cuUiyatftd th public lands, will oottfirm the o-1 dertaken to remove byiorce all intruders:
piniou still mare conclusively, that that! body upon the occupations of tboJntUans, wa.
did not intend to prevent their cuUivatiop, and gantry is surveyed and the selections
that thia vvaa nnt tha evil s.Hitrht ta ha remedied . .' i ,i "
j- - o- - -- ----- imacanu aiso to remove tnem in tnesam
y" juL irink r inn ! Lrn manner -from these selections, fir the terd
mJj kit: at,, vi tviiu .'i.j
who before the passage
reeled or besnn to erect
upon any if theiand herein dirwtcd to be; t..UI, j tamed iheir character of a Tribe, had 'an
shall be entitled; to the preemption trf th)& secf- ooqua&fied,' in.defea&ibleu;rigiit:td''tlieir Vm.fjl '
tion including such mill, at the rate of two do!- mediate iuiprovements.-rThe second article!-
larsperacre.V . i j -it of thejtreaty not 04 U confirms this riirhtioTl
lly the Ac ot the 5th eb. "tevery i possession until tne selections Are midcbt
person or the legal reprerentativeof Hvefy per period to a f iSlinphs Utle xThV
son wno has actually inhabited auo cu article referred t; requires that a -census
tract of land lying in either of the districts es P . V- u i ; i. 1 ' r
Calico for Aisaleef the p-olie lands,nth4 f these persons shall ;.tak Jjnto
lllioois territory which tract As not clauded by direction of the President, and the icleo-.
antr iher iroonJand.who shall not Irave vemov- tions.sball be made so as toy include the
ed froai said tertitoryjevry such Arsoh and his improvements of each pcrsen.ft'ithtri bis se-
legal representatives, Shall be enUtW to k j lection5, if the same can be tmde, and if net
ferenee iahioanilRg purcha.from.tfte C then ail th persons belonging tobe aarnj
btates of sacH tract oJ land at private aiet . town entitled to selections, and Aiho cannot
. Rtr tKa ActaJ 12th Aiinli 1814. every per- 1. s ; . . v - . . t t J
;v-v i ' r ' e i mawciine same -so as to inuac uiotr i.ti-
son andthe lejral reprefntativescif every per I "1 1? , , .Tr t
u .r.i..n .u,Ktt .n,i Ati5.tpd 1 nroveraents, shall take th-m. in wie bodyjrt
EKNl WKU 1W3 atmail j iiiuuiniira . ri iJ. S J
iractof landlvingin that part of the Slate of a proper lorm. it uen rnonj pMons .reime
louiiana which comDosed thef late territory i in a town w nciguoornw wmc-
of New Orleans, or ! the Mississippi tecrhory, I ceivo their complement of, land at these
wnicn iract is notnguwuiiy cwiuiFu w puces a portion oi : mem win remain ana
ther person, and who shall not ihaye temoyed the oloef8 wiil receive aheir allotments io;a
fromsaid state or territory, sliall. be entitled to Ww herorVam that! in every inkancd
"-t i. -T -w
- . .. i-rii .;!! iL . a-L.1v.I. l.'j
execut on ot ine treaty ana urai mev were oa: w .v -D armed force' is maldb? incursions arnon Z7.1u,.l .U;., .. l.T:jrJJi..TL
ine mnaoucnta wun avtew w seiumg cisputcs of thousands of women and Ichildren,
and. you
necessary to terminate the j qualified permission
3 which has been trranted to residents-. l A A-
.Your Excellency- RUppo44thathe Marshal, I atxuciion of these
what were the legal powers of the Government
KttVZZJ? 2L -1 between them and ibe Indians, i . V . - will have ataithtul picture o
dfntrlv Mhioous that a stinnlatuwi almnld- be in- 3iariai,or me pwitary eetacnmei t your orders, 11 executed, UUM
(Tiding for the extension of the inter-i " A . Via. rMr
iusiiim fT! . . t IKill i --- t V. ml .,.., rnr l,. mn, 1 - J J m :"T""T 1 , , " I ; T ,
thus ivastingithe, whole jurisdiction in the Uni- "If rfw-- upoat tne ( rieaaeni, w avert irwnhiuis, Urge
. . 1 That- a, niuin tk MiMln l.n;la Ftir thai! mV..,;( -ij .1 . - X .. .. .1 . JL i. t. : H -
Wfafrvo M., II, 1.. ,. J iL.ll -r aic oia.iuucvi uimu .nc huuiiv mu ioi .it v i wullUUUik f &u U1IC hliu U. CI W UCIIUUILT a. ; raiaiUI
the Predecould not and woold not assent " SefSl i i t I y- ? " WW e fT"1
i" iwu " ussuuk'u ja-uic vreeiv .irea-
iderations oi
the scene which
spread vver ; this
obligations, resting
to thb.lju that the land by the cession vould
individual settled iupori the ceded lands, who has ( wuich have
eunsu iWk n-rtr W ih. iT;t. i,. .ti 1 tne slimiest leaai; claim lorauam-tnere. , i nere , tyv -.i jeasi they interpose:
3 t'!s j. , . . !- - i nrtA VI' ho hilCt nnt hv t n I A ft 411 Rplllffllfint I aJfitiril: ajL'ikirrtf' I cliiitlt efruva ItSlh ' 1 1. . l..r
intruders irom u snouia oe removed, aa uiev i " : . . . J jr .7i i v0.- . -"- iTr " .v"
mav blremdyed j from other public lands. In Pd nf 00I5 WTf' w 5 w.HW Pf P
the country will
iHUHi Aii -.
be dili
Mth .?
rttor raeiiinin additioa to the
tySw.f vteVfmeiit 4ComiTvonly
rSi f t le ad
fIEMatr ia Alhis iinnhivi f.
Cm ??soon as hedi.:
CTW M 1 title-tccor:
4W ne camiot sue the seller
ltfr h Purchase, by
this, after some time, and
ance.! they acquiesced
witu some leiucu l
pecific penalty j Tbee are ho disputes; I ligatkui uatil the rrrit Ane. i
i the v,arsii9;aulho to adjustA ; u 14
to a s
a matter of favor, and
the mhl of preemption in k the purchases there;
of," 'A -; ; '!' .1. ;1
15y the Actot 3tt April, :15, " evefj P- ,kA r ?U tifiaJ
son or the legal representatives ofi.every .ersoa.
who beinc either the head ofafamily, or fweat) l -iou,,.Uo u.i, -. r
the possession of the improvements contin
ues with tne Indians, not subject to me coa-
one yoars of age; did ori or before the.first day of made, and afterwards, indefinitely,
niiar. ift.actiiallv inhabit and b cultivate a 1 nArohvious therefore that these i
-T'":- . v j u . ti...;.t. I " ; ... . . ...
tract ot land, siuiaiea jn ui ?riwj .,r,7 ments are not public land, ana it is eq
k;k trsfit is not riirhtfullv datnied by aayoth-1 .a t,w .r Irv
...... -- ---- -o . f - -j i ciear ww icj;hm-iwi wi,.!. ,iv ii
iOTaJ-535S 4-tJ twa--. m
nerson. or his or her legal lepreseatauvesj coin? interest m sucn 01 tae stiecuons as win ip;
prised in the lisf of actual usettlers, repjted to ucie fmprovement3.--They aretne priyati
I th cumniissioner of the cneral land ottlce, bi.lnr-. of the persons in possession;-wht
the-register and rwiver ire, in1 no respect whateTt
son Court House, in the - State jf tMississippu pcrSssionof th
under ihe authority of an act if 5 Coogrefcf euti- !JlJjnT
i!n;i.niiKihavinirany its-enjoyment, lfany
1 have the honor to enclose a copy of Jthe opis. j lhat
90 of the j Attorney General,; by which you wfl I .
see tbacthat omcer considers it the nsrht audi t.:.i -i fJ:.i
of the President to couse these removals i M.
to be tjaideK indeed am not avrare.that! the
uuna i.utioniiiijntvi ue acoi congress 01 ht int,rierence buiUd IstayAproceedin
Aiarca t sraiff louiior. preTenun? wiucmein. t '. n.kAn,.le. ,,Jor ,ii- h5o :c,.,j
4jpon the public jands. has : ever been called an tioM mtt8'lbe hadj I can liot, therefore eoneeiTO
rr,uH.,w y.MHM-.,.vM., w.,..Cv.v. what qlHtflio08 in tbT caaracter strictly and
i aurv y iitvtuuc nrr, , 1 eu, , lelbre the Marshal.
' f " J W ; : . T -rr s-; ' 1 m
it. 1 i j ; . - ' i. ; f.ff
t Allow me to reneat. tnat the President is u&4
hii ri,Vrvf March 18 19. did actually inuaaii i ot WS people, enuueu w wave
aud cnltivatea tract pi iana in oa umv- : fuoa iroaauH-.iwpwwwuw,iiwa. -
douhtfttV that, the JJatrict uon, : or tee
Courts of this i State wouWialer their
upon the matter.
k a r. v i 3 i
! nere tnen w r pusmTe u m ao ac- rely desiruus of carrying the Creek treaty in
k? I Coiiauiutioual authority, retiring, w eflfci;; wilh rcveT. .
the interpwtion.;f the President in j the; .case VisheV & feelings of ihecitlxeiia of Alabama. ' I
undr consideration Are mere any en
rrjl Host this disposition has;been fully manifested
all the instructions that have been issued, aud
remarked, since Srour letters to Col
country, hsdl rmion KA Pstr!l nf lnefi acU Wbrac&! teu!ers in a to, regulate r .klTTrr:
tA'Duntil the elecriiiiii Vera made; Tha lf r . '. i. .. trol rf ihftje' laDtemenwrt"; ll
von si v Was ii ven. as it doubtless waa; t upon
tne presompnon mat jne, .iuiuy;wouia:j. ne sut-1 p.
pAEacli or tneseacis ..cmarecoa acu.ep . ;t. rr-w,ti?i,if tfci i0l
I ees so imperative in their character as
I !- . . fa "I ' If i: .lli. .
tisnegic pi we oigauooj,, 17 rr I cannot hat hope that the propriety IcTremoviag ."f 7 M M3! Tu t y
GovernmcnUu the: Greek, treaty? , , l'thecedlan wUI'he generaUy 'feUaaS'
Jn urier, nr,r that yon may Jiave afullyiaw iknovvie. jiii h f t ... ;?,;i:sj Uie itrst 6iui of dAsaraent.,be niatierirf
oil this; 'fprilenclo I Verr1 tfulJyVl r!sii, your' -ahtf :!J-W
r:at -0a-liai" n'.. r I ous insirucilOuS ano.oiuer paira u iiijj twr ' 1 RcrTanl. - 1 VA i4 . i 1 w'Jt,M wuuk.u iinnM'a
iPferthe eemmone Sl i K CAK. j l'aOTtyOT
fSA&RfiW' 'rTpresehtolbave been mide to the Depart ; J.Tcal r hereby lTr
r '!'-liiySJ,S- J ibepubKe Ageut;by respectable m'di A c - ' r:i3uSIer fe- y e;w : bamoyed o
AI r f idiiaia, wd'by the Indians; that grS- and win-- " i5EV V othtrjiaod, inul the wrey
- 1 . .v.., t.
disappointibeat-q r 1 - y ,,f; -t ?J?w : r:.TV7ii If citizen .pwrx".-""
possession and cultivated any part thereof, I the dauso which declares th
in the year
load of
landa jnayjierroij Aru,W -ZjXii-m nf tan
rtiorutoJnclude to ;imprpvement opo. ifo u 7 br
Lr:..': .kn 2 4,vAi1tv minimum Dfice Alter tow r r T-i.
LTOr T theirtracts, 90 of whicnare to conum tt"
r? rrrr-t!niial Eacccilon cliicts CfO- adf o-acxa i v ..'. -t
1; '
tr w mmw w irmW mm w- mi w- w - w s . . k r s

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