North Carolina Newspapers

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THE 7 f
gjijirercW had M
liiij fWm Cftnis ner iear. i
H Mf etwWri..-.. who; will
inWiifclka'iinrt':a the :.'ame cias snau
0mrnai&I thesAm of
WKBHfe W tnrw ghall cootintie,
Tin:iiliiVi U charfed'ai other snbscn-
il l " I
JL that
q'lilifiotion cf Mi?3 Baker, which toemine&ilj
rfit Her to ipthii' Young1 Laoiesiii
creased pat rage of her JSehooI, will jastil)r
jshouidl resurae specie
in the year
lestitt iLese. eie-
iq Btltiruorei Jind a half jniUtoa in
hprefeirbj her papec, sstemMlQWLDer ex- RicbaondanK t . , t
Sustain the rsnmin lihlr in
tjcptapmutelj lUriW es V ci its Vi- tase tlia risurjjiooj brought tbeia iato dif-
ocodW;1 ncr doubtVit while it pledge
, 1 jie paK; at me same' time imborteff.- at
A i. i . ' " - - ' t ft
gant aecorrtRltehmenUKaw; airea
ilfe iseon tinned bt at lb op-
ciEO W&i::WiU be charged 2a per - cent,
iu44 thft above rates, t A deduction- of
SlStlam the- rppalar;pTices will be
1 .
he; inserted for less
contmned until orders
v i ill- ?:
i- .1 .IV !
i t
i Biegff&lpi !b. 13 a SO cts.; Brandy, Ap
iL lilliliaCdUotr baling per yd. 18 22 12
ftiif!;b. tm:a 18 cts; Castings per
'Cbuori jakri, jrura No. 6t to No
Itf hi I 00 cin: Feathers per lb; 85
Wn'KW'61-?0 vvbeat pr bosh $1
ir(Mkbtbushel $0 cts j Corn pr bsh.'-55 ctsj
worth; the Un&lejire of the State; It refflaiDs andjdutiogirtha
to oe nown :.! wietner soe
' R 8. The Second Qntrter
tvill.coinmrn'e t the lt
Jmptts AH&8 Baker will commence
ttons. itiFf-li
Will OB BUSWinei I UCCI UllCtlCV U ocuuicjiu iito vuuiihj lug
of Mrs; ttjScQMjfrcl circatalibrrf ert liTngtitAltSbtcitJU.
Lcf Janewben;; 8he tlf n'rtote stwavs porteriihla iiito
J Ker Dfrttc- tKei. J4-I tiioS th'SJK - cnbiriclirKtlcVt is'
aafelor'fbleriiule . and that: we should nhw
return' to it at xne ntscxnitim,ent ;ii: cao ;je
4one belmanehtl flirHtbis J pnrttoss t the
fireiLfforts. ISinw the suspensiofJi in !51ay
sf!,j if ijas bought and fCdc4 1 tojita faults
.1 it In. . . - .. - .': i w , j.
mHEPropV etbr of hii Esubi sit vm p8 iuf r
up at wridMM JW1 W,lhia C8P,tal M-Wttth
bfter SpajfiHg more
tirt 'and will? have it read v fur the receniioo K0ns. ta,notes to ctrculattoQ irtsl.sij:ioH-
ot eotopany oyitne uino may. jit lssiiaaiea ? uons, wnue us epecttr,.
on the crreat Jbastein aod estern itoe ot ota- than! half a million to the
ses from Saliii)urYm.I.mculriioQ tq Ast-ev iue,l the United Sta
c. (a Mage passing th6ce every day 0r"e 1 rkilli
wccK uui Uiir 17; . i n mu
and 'proTerbiitly heahhy
t turttuf : K lha til; Hi
ii:,mluUrn tk ifii.m.,r iniidi andl nreparatiuns would iustiff i it and if we
-uthers ; towwjs7 this , plaveV i Its proximityio j werf at all; tiedeaf 'itiiluWticed ffi the fpoot
tins and it has eight or ten fjaillioos tof
;4nd besides the miner! lP3Vi 1 V.u, F..g.f
ry the clieapnpss of living-;
f the'Wighburing society --ihe j
ame-ioe ncn neia auurneu tu
the loVerj
the exetllenc
utwndafe of
science e$i)eiallv ti aliieraWy ant Jpotany
are facts fiot;b be over Uwk'id b't the travelling
world. But if is in the minkrai. qualities
or tub SpbtOs that the! GatAT ATTRAcariow
ambition of dtuns what others cannot srio o
idily ilt)f '. the pttit pv&cer diciVl.. .jp tpfitr
lus by tile disasters of others, the occasion
wouia certaini ue teoipttng. ; ,iui : me
lidnk off lite United States makes cotntnot)
cause with the -other Banks, arid the cbar-
Iroriper ltbi!acts; Jad oer tb. 8 a lucts j
MoM ef Md 621 ctff j Nailsper Jb 9.i a 10
ca' BfeprUp a O ets jf.Baco.ri per, lb 124
cylj!ttiitrj)1b : l5 ctiiLard per lb 124;
$ i &hpl $1 25' I 50 ets; S teel, Ameri
caa bfi9teiper lb. 10 cts ; English do. per lb
c&f UaBf rtl per lb 25 a 30 cts " Sugar
p?j $j lli tl$cts ; Rom (Jatrtaica) per gaU
tl jjtaiiieei floJ 1'; Woof (clean) per lb 40
eili TaTlofv er IbilO 12:i"tsiTow-linen! pr yd.
lrM It i!a il! 75 cts :V Malaga. ( aweetV
. tl J JiKpy per gai; 4a cts.
tfifllnrliet peflb 6 Tcts. Bacon from
irtslLa 131 i ?l11a'ma do. 00 00 ;' Beeswax
?wi?0iictr; Basrtrinjr per yard 16 a 24
iffi$ie,mjp;ppr 10 m a lit cts ; UoHe pr.
4 i - 7 '.. i- ' . v., i m. fui
. ,
i m nm Icr brl i 6 50 a . 7 50. from slow
!bill()la?15it fVnirnor inn lKa nn . ; fen-.;
tf faitfia a ou cts ; flails cat assort
I (im Abmt.H-frsPAfi WKStlt A.. nor IK in
If it fxiii iddlbi$i7 50 ;Rice fr 100 lbs $4 W
I ra'iJPffl M a 124 cts; Saltpr
W-nif ft'PV per Whef 97i-fl j Stel A-
r?'V r1-,8'il,5lW4U ,KM ; t Jl allow pr lb 10
t?W.a,Tltb $l a 1 71 cts;
f ) b m$ rkili; 25lcts-; ; :Toba
;rfd;i (6 ib ail-5 cts.. if ;.
i-i;-t-:fl--;iif-A.5Li-t-l.---: ---' I ' T -: "- ' -L
iinr tis tun
l-.iHvti rril. I TT
ttTOW$an85.a HO V
fit?o1; !H FV-at
obacco niano
Nasses, 35 4 40
Naijs, cut 74
Sj23( biowhi 7 a ft
f .unip, . 16
v .v'lS.a 20
Salt, V 75 a l
ackrS325aa3 75
1 obacco leaf 3 a
Cotton baff; 16 a 25
7 18
8 a. 124
tuvvards this feikft consists. fl he Proprietor has tio acter and proBpenty ol.'the country are deu-
ex&iFtrerattd i tUts of cures tu present to the pub-1 tiqed with ita banking system 1 hey must
lie, for he has ju9t taken possession: nor would 1 stand
be deem it, a compliment either to the good taste I porta nee that the bank should . act wuelv
or aitciiy oMpe pumic io; prescoi bucii, m uc i apd ,ct harmoniously; -Mod above all lha
nau lueui. i pgi ne iiiis inp, assurance ui auiue
uf th h8t scientific Physicians an Chemists
i1- 1 -1 - i ' i., " -a a i 1 ' . ' 4 f . a
a to tne raret and vainaoiei pioperues or me&e
Spnngs. ; lot 1824, Professor Olmsted' (now of
Yale -College:) made a strict, analysis pf .this
W Ki amI' niiAniinAtii i la litfi3irTn InrrVAilrAnl t l
f i aici ai:Uii'iuuvvuvcu luicixu iiiiivm w
Jijefntherecan ever 6e waniin;the means reached tnty Imillions.
H opposing the bans. Tberejil Itliete- tiis staternentj olir: copditit
and i two
Corn ja re with
itiod Hon,
orernnient agreed: to receive
Babt of the
notes are re
ihe Govern-
thai Banks
Ab The . credit system tf tlienUuited now it is atnving to destroy them. ; Then it
Stateis ani the exclusively metallic i ay Ste to, I Stabiisned ;ja-ftiewf arid igorOut Bank capi-
e aiivuiriy tn the fields face tofae with 1 Ul-rrnow . tt rcjfases 16 Create a new Bank,
the usperision, snfflciejnUf remote tci jus- forlall thptnotes f ihe
tiff a tbangev aocl the mot pfbijaent ladse lltuted SCateanDwlalt banfe
rcimatns :im;taaeasedibtfiiisity .1 'Acto-tp-1 fosfdrand:ds.eedUea-ltTheii'
tnifr A '" - .-''.! vMHwl'A I 1 meni endeavored 40) sustain
' t .11 si . ! 11
eaca otner., uue or piuer
can 'e no oltreriiue.
those ; in existence.
?r .mist fan: II vCh abdeeka tS cribble
It is not la' auestn1XhW.we ii;iwb hundred and sixtv Banks
oi cbrretiing orlreforthg abustbuttrif nbw wejiaye
absolutedestipction:v kpt which lhalt ctinU u In sbortJI-whaLreiiaace iiate ike Banks
uw nun IUB u,lct.UtllQ IIU9UIS tU lliCUf I
nai protection lite yiafol ilie late tiank
qiicr, but which shall jsurvive. l!he. pres
eikl atruflgle-i'lcottiust "'.be' final. ( If the
banks resume, and ara able, by i eacrificing
the 'commuuity to continue' for a few months
it ,wili be conclusively employed at the next
ectbns lb show Uiatibe, schemes) of the
Executive arje tity , ay jdeslructive aslthey
wM prove hereafter. ! But if ther - resume
v l Lv- : LT I tit j ' . ' ' ,r
dential aent fa England to rr
great ieommercial and f reccniarv
o.uatry ;Tliii. secbef ;
propejf tuncuuri. It waa thus t!..xt
to discharge it dnty to the v. he !
Ii way thuav to4 it could thov i:
to Peiinvlvahi3. bv aidins?
provdmen'4 -bjr keeping tti hi
PcPPc tn copparattve eae. cjr.
ferintfhhe nrosberitvof its com!: f
ital id be prostrated 'ohicts thr
irnpbijant? than! whether it r?c
i Sulphuretted Hydrogen
- Sulphate of Lime, 5 -r
TStllpfateJof 'Magne9iaf
Murine pj Lim'i. . j ' -.'.,
cal lt port utjhir h Carolina, aot hgtised by act
ot A8i5i-mb:r, pages 129-20. space w(IJ not
.- .-; .1 ;.' 'it;, V..tti.L-.- - Lr.l- r
this Gentitmanl botany oie at all'' acquainted!
won 1110 uijei cannot nep perceiving toe po
cttltaTdabiiat!rn othese minerals ia thef disor
ers 4hatu3tipreval in ibe -South.. 5 jf -
f I In Pfc)iniejr can only j superadd his dr.ter
miuatiun to merit patrunage by an unflinching
a'tt'entioc. H tbe:l waius, wHhes and comhprH ot
his visiter?! i''he inriitsj ate now, anti will.
be ihrooglioat the year, upeti lor the'accorhmo-
uauon 01 travellers. . : - c
IVIarch 24, ;i838--tf35
E TMOtdenCoor
Ctitt ls toiji J Merc ry , A og 1 a .' Ctm sfiiotiobal is 1
MiUerfgvijl:e'vBi;corder, Spvanqah Republican'
and Cwfuntiho Ehqmer, Wll insert the above
veklv. aud send accounts jo Cal
j. wi vi:
they should not sutler themselves to be
rasq and hazardous etite rpnzes i 1 he great
prologs live of strength i i'not to be afraid of
doing tightrrid it belcngs to those Iwho
have no ear that pruder 1 counsels will be
mistaken for timidity t j examine calmly
whether jibe general inu rests ol the coun
try lecomtneud the voluntary resumption of
specie payments in May next I, kay: the
voJuibtarv' restiinutioii, becaose tliere is" not
nowjj norhas tuere ever uoeiiaay u-gaf sus-
pusiuii vi specie Pay roenis .as 'tuvr.wa
fjinore, thanf twenty jjc ars j in-England;
- r . . '
pf the United plates, bare tbey to Abstain
ibem r f JN one whatever. :r I i s: i
The only circumstance not wholly uaja
orable in the coiuparispn, is the low .rste
A exchange with , England.-1 But nothini
general or permanent can be iofeired from
Jtnd again arev compelled to Biispend the ctrcurostaneej whicU Treqdeutlf curs,
Eiecuttye will rejoice jat this newf thufnjpn, -"d 00 the present Wrort UfioilyVacjri
un.l i they nwiII! fall in the tnidst ofja unjv?H- dental iaflfew Yorky fforrif tHejunitoiat
sal outcry gainst thcirl weakness." TVhii is ppnditiod:"'.iiitb -w hich: be measures of ex.
perfectly bndetstbod, aid kccbrditigly all the weine. ngtji hatre 'i'drLveo. every j thing.. If
tnuence of tne Executive is directed ! to bud ordjaarylcircumslances, while other
drive the banksXby pfopular outrage j and things underwent q depression, exchange
cinior, into a preoilture ' rtsumplionDot on Ehglandl sliould decline, it mtght be in
a busintss resumption, general and ! perma- fewed-. that Englarid owes Ho nhe; United
bent, but a political aodJbrced resumption. n,0fhan ;we bate yet drawn from
which mav olace tberil atthe meicv of those But iifc not exchange alone that has
in power. They whofhaye special charse I fallen. Exchange on England has npt fallc
of these interests must the u te wire of, be- o M feWiYork as much as the internal
tng uecoyeu trom tneir piesenveondition. 1 iiouga vi oiuuivo vi caiaic, wr uuu?c
They are' now safe and sirong,xiand they !renl have laUen -'1 bis lact seems decisive
uc rcfjunieu a tewi raonias sac;;.:.
terf;i:4r;:fHM;h-rt:;'iH- i
Tlleinjurjoot efXectsof a contrar
sre sen in ali: tho reUuons t
Take Il0r tbstarice iliedebts ltd U:
to;1pmf4dasf4 v The debts; xe r
ly ItcBniracieiCwlieri Nthe": currrr..
abundanU f Thev roustlnowrl e r ;
?Vry J state; pf the co 1 r t n cy
necesjsary 1 1 proceed with extren a
when! the relation of the dehor to !
ditor ' Is chanced br levents whicli
coiildj control," because of t1is cl.
not nadfe. Very gradua
tne same time au the
to ihl same standattl.
or pefhans ruin on the
er,' Columbia limes.
Wheat new $1 a t 0
Whiskev 45
VVool,! . 20 a 25
tawba Sfirijigs.
f Ej H E Ilaces over the Salisbury Course n tli
;,-! comniarice on AVednesday SOih o4 ;Alay,
andlcoatinbe 4 !days. ' - ;; T-'" h.
k "lfit Uajfi sweepstake fbriS year old coti;and
filiea,' :mil lieajiI&niranie' $50r half 'forfeit
To be kentoperied until eventritr before the race
. 2nd Day -Association Pu7sV$l50mile heats.
1 3d Day lssociation Purse $200, 2 mile heats?,
free for an thing, except tae wincera the pre
cedirig dayij-; f-::n I . I i ' ,!, -,.
j; 4lb Day j-Ifdrse of flOO)'.: added to 1 jie d
trance ano gaie money 01 tne. week, mile heats
handicap, tree for an v thiaor. I 1
juunince oneucii oi me purse aays win oo iu
itn is
The suspension is whulii convunlional. be
iwcon iijo uauas ano me coinmuuiiy, ans
.from their mutual cinviction that fit ts
their mutual aenehr.
things will ; happen liieir notes will not be
received by the Government or tbey will 'ie
received. If tney are not received, ItbeiGo-
ferbment, trtiie extent of the revenue! will
force the holders ot the notes; to diaw fpe
jfcie Irom the bauks to e 4leposited jwith the
clitctur.s ,(jihe. revenue, or the clitifalr
treitjctweelrrthe revepve-axxdlheWxpehses,
the Hem merit .will issue Treasury dotes
iu. wiuiuvi uauk iiutva, auu cuuw t'ricu .in
to! soecie.ahJas the disbursements are inade
- . E . : 3 - . . . . .
preliminary only preparations for an ex-
pension by -the Banks ot iMew.i otk, whicn
is .tpvrestof e ease and confidence. W ell,
the mbmeut this ease and confidence return,
all mines will rise, and exchange of course
am'ng the number. Besides this unnatur-
oonditiou will work its own remedy as
all irregularities are cured ty their own ex-
ly so is to I .
Other relHtir..-
you Ibfiict i;
debtor, h v
that Entfl and continued !her susp' s, ;
tweiuyfive years aniTiVact of l:ir,
je prr,
gave se vera I years notice ct it
lesu motion in order that all
of de TOunVryHahbuld bjusi
apnrhachindchanffe n Of the f lu Li
sdddln movemetit,we have before ts
fttngpnatancei It apeirs by Ithe
statqtnentj 6f. -lie Banks of the city
YbrS: that since-the stisbensKirl to; "I
185, they; jh a Ve; reduced; their jl.r
anujfiiscoums i,rom loriy; six ni
thirtjr mi U In, land their Icirjru lat!;";:
ninefjmillion i to:txfbmUions-an r
dimfbution from fifivfrlve millio;.- t
iT'turee miiuorts. 11 wus, or n:
Heaii this,! be the j reduction,
coniequencQt !!Ai' man who
debjto the Birjlts in Npw Y.
cesses. Tb-ll
nothing is mipract
glish have bought
to spare we must
eWtfryi thing,arwl tQ;biiy
cable, and when the En
all the.producewe4bave
of course buy from them
per Cent, ob the'amount in stake 2 which
believed w(ll bamore in each! case than!
atatW, but by ?no means less, The track
vo pu in ijouo aconqiiion, ana ine Association
promises tne silliest attention to nrder.
1838737 I'. -'.; !';.:.
ril 7.
In truth the banks
but the mere agents of thai cotnrHUiji
jThe have no tbiidl not already lent
to th pdoplei of whose -property? land-.'
uidustiy they ale the reprt sentaUves; They
arj pnlyj filler t names for the fauna,: the
commerce. Ihf . lact(ire, .iml tin nt,tm-
luiprovements of ihelcountrv aiul the un-
lliry whether the tianks afi read tti resuine,
is only auther1foriii of usUin avIh tner the
Ipesppie are ready to pay iheir idiots fto? the
banks i . :. t . i j l il j .-
j H'iie true qbestibni then, after all; is,
jwtifcther the , time lias ainved, whenj the
jbaii ks shbuhi anuounre that the i-aboes of
Jibe Isuspfiifioik, which ihen satiafictl the
jcriiuaityhave; ceased to "exist, and that
tne suspension of Usui, with all na neces
jsaijy attendants of resjtriction,neeU no longer
bef coi.ttnuW--4To that enquirv : now pro
ceedi;; and :'H' -J-; 1 -.M ! I HU
jWbatwere.t he cause jo: the suspension?
- wer the specie Ci ci la r, w hich for
iabe.tbe jcetpts Sof any thing but gold or
silver ai:tne ano aices tLe mismanage
inebt off tlie deposit; which scatleied theta
to the rroiltie'ra the clamoi raise dDy the
Exep'ujijre agaiust bank m les, winch alarm
ed the people for. their saf sty, and caused la
luu upon the bunks t Urfsjecie JNow has
any.ono' o'l these causes ceased ?' Un the
HNt:iPAEl E II -
Mitp:nfrpm Phifad elpbia, with a
VSj'f S'f It "f 1 fa!hifl & a f assortment of
M--xiWfV 11 P"'or to any in toe wes-
abes and clocks repaired as
j'WWWtelvebnthf v
usual ,
tilt ii ni
? - r-'' '.i r.--- -. . ...'.
ki. . nitiuuaami tiienuDiic. mat
Win!r ty" rtnerly occupied byJ-ry
Nbwf 41iiiile villaB of Mecks if
l tr "rul 'oeiview oi Keeping
'ed with ih. best tha rmin-
teJUrt.W stored with the choicest
atk..iltW,areextfnsivi and :ar;
ilt" K t-roviader; and atten-
iiobiier. -
. a.
4! UST OE LETTERS Remaining
'XMr Post Office at Siatesville. Iredell c
Worm UaiiWinaIst April :1838.
AAlbea Lframberry; Alley Howell, Averett
Wiliam-.2i!-; ,:-ilur; h- I : i - ,1
15 Urooka Ann, carebfjA Simonton,) Bi-
wei iainaniei; Uenson James,- Burgess Miss
Saiihj Berry RubortF, Bell tloratia f
i Q--CorrleliaaViHiam. Catnibell JamMUt:
DUdvts mUs Clarissa. Davidson
Fl-Fall Tbenpfjilus S.
r.iT- ait inerpiiiu3 3, j j ; x
Hudson Thomas, Ita ye-Robert
f J Julias Jobri, Jones Alexander, Jor
na4Reli:4 a : - -' -T M r"'
. i:. .... ?, ' .-'. Li . ? . . .
jura Maria S
ones Tho
Irfjwrey "Mr.,
K Kii'r James A. Kerr
'j-l uu I UiU. I VNIWUUU Vi
LeUis Elam G-iyJly--; it A
I M iielibUv Frederick. Montyompr .tmiiM.
Morjisun Ebraiqi, Mushat John, McHenry ien-
PiPrrrif laaPIyler blttiiif
fHReed Viueenf , iledman Htzea. ;
:t? St S ti mai in li M. i bhi nrt J bsefh 6.
Isaac, Speck Daniel Shaford and Turner
roet.lixabeTh;;i; ij . . I ,
1 Sum
contrary, have 4hey hot pccjuired ten fold
foiej? j The Specre pirrnlar i? hoi repeal
edw! Ob the ccntrarvi it hits beenextende4,
for! bank note's are' proscribed; not tnereiv
Iroib the' land officesv hut Irom all pavmentB
oi every description to the icoveriiment.
Tbe diainbotion of the surplus is over, be
cause-there 53no longer any surplus to dis
tribute f but the great dtstiuiseaients on the
Sobtjiern and Western frontiers operated, as
liijiiriously, ;by requiring the trahaferj of so
biucli revenbe from the points where it is
cplielctejd. Lastly and mainly, the alarm a-j-bod
ti bank holes ; prop&gated by ther govern
mebt has- been deeply spread tbroughoui
thecountry,Uill what was if first passing;
butcrn baa! Settled into an jmnlacatif hoalili
itr;n Ko man, I think cari doubt for a moi
places-at. col'fejctiou, wilf notfenirn lofthe whi mabujtareaipy 1
uks issuing u exceut vircuitously. ijiui
. . I ,1-.. . - - i.
ii iite notes are received, tney will not, as
fo merl), be deposited ib banks anit dijiwii
out again, so as toenUr into the circulation,
leaving the public creditor his choice ol' jk
cih or noioa, but they will cull on Ihe liinks
tor specie to pay the public creditor, scj:t:t-
lulg, oi co.ns, the bank oil whutn thfy
wk'il draw a cording tut its servility or (Oppo
sition totbe. txeeulivp; and I tbulij plaihg
theiu all 'under, ins control. ! Now, uider
ch circumstaitcus, is 111 wie for the Uiiu'ks
lave to spare.
disarm themselves id
enemy ? - J
111. The-' disorders
too deep for superhcial
the preseacM pi tlien asis'-of theJmeTa
soon 'as "the prbcecds: of our .industry
uie realized in EilglanJ tnhite we have
giraauauy exnaiisted our supply ot t.Dgusn
goodst)ur own merrhants will convert
their property intb fresli sopplylo be broU
over ; or if process be too slow, the Eog
Iish maniifacturers themselves i will send
their own goods for sale. In either case
tne.exciiange win recover its cqtiiuonum,
and of i ourse will j rise here, fr between
too sue! i countries as America and England,
a permanent; inequality of exchange, as a
tic currency oi citner, is
means for. tl
ed one third
finds his , ability to
e iaymentU)fahat t!c! t
or neariyi pne tia
say the foliar Me (now pays
f t:
is ec
to one and a half or almost two
wh pi hetborr;otferi it beside$ the i
onm a process! pi reduction, wo-;
beelrstvholl.inpjlratilpvir thie citiz
nolliescaped from it and spuiht al
Impossible !
of the currency; lie
remedies,; and these
v. rercemng
the Government
lion, let iissee if
nothing i.n the conduct of;
6 jus.tifv an earh' resumpi
there be any lhing in the!
nlllliitLVrs liriltR iKilhAnt riinn.i
ald OUgrt alouevcJoiappladrV .M tl?h recommends N
iif Wn.i Mr itiu.i.Ji.o llJ. ini i-.,u- Now what is thb condition of our affairs $
in! 18 l b. is even more in
1838.1 i'For the
intt rests of the community at large,1 sid
h, 'as well as for the purposes pfj the Trea
sury it is essential that Ike natioh should
pans elawherb. ;;) But !if :the ot!
had followed the example of N,
E; made similar reduction the w h c :
trwouIdfhaveJsuDk un it'.'pr r ,
iljliesp inequalities between r..c r'
thsanie eoiiimbnfityj became; morp ; :
wen applied toJengagemenu betw:
tat partsjothe Union!.! The At!;
tis - for T instances! i vere creditor
sBbthern afir;isterrt! .Stales f,
Spates, or iii ' thej Atlantic cities ih r i r
ire nicies beipg sp- nciarljfjlhe Isime t!
e;:cbange Wouldnpt cost asjniecli ;
ibere trant por)ation jbjf jthe specie,
tie day ofj payment arrives ; the rr
cjity suddenlyjinakes: 'an artificial f
til its ow,n cnirency lenders t.
The suspension I found us with a lieavy
debt to lhe Banks not less probably than
five hundred millionswith large balances
ironv tne ooumern anu y estern oiates ,toi
pdaess a cuirenc) of equal yaiue, credit, u,e, u?nc Cl"ef 'Z00 w!1" a y,con8,u.
use, wnercvei it may circulate. The Con- V';"1 " .. !i :.Z1 VJ
.wiiungjtuW'pay , -jaimosi an i were aoie a
-12. . 1.... ' r.,u l . ?
I . ..f ' ' . '" ' i V
only it horn i in-the currency' which jthat bo
dy Ua.s yet made, is ihp issue of; ten miU
Jions cf irredeemable baper9 abd proposal
forten miliioos more.r Is-it worth while,
then, so long as Congress fails to; exercise
its Jegitimate powers, to wastelthe istrengih
of the country in efforts to accomplish what
we all know to be impacticariie?! (To; re
sume now without some clear understand
ng with the Govern ment,seerns to be tbtow
log away the benefits! of experience, and
the Ussons of. misfurttihe Ve hke gone
through all the mortification and all the in
convenience of suspension. Let us endea
above all, after snch a convulsion, tlfe :"gre
restorer was time; time to settle; time to a
sacrifice ; time to bridg.-
to pay his debts. tft.
to market i Itimel
eriylwith j the least
out his resources
mcnt that the Executive of the Uniterl
States seeks to maintain his . power br iexci-4
l'g pbpuiai; passions against tbe credit ay a
j-uHf .: ine.-wnoie inuuence ot the
iVWnftif employed to infuse into the
mmds of the people, distrust antf hatred of
P r this ipurpusei the most lo-N
I BUI. ilfein r.M 1 J Jiv 1 .t i" ! . . ..ii i . !
fr " " f "t F: .. tpinf; cupipuyj
15 M "Sf ant, wuo are; taught; tbati gold
WeMt6 the! only true! richeltkhdla
bpve all, that ibesecshrewed
ebie wstovutiiit the Mper!dallnessf of!
feJ i3ir. mid lately lobli of these
Tr-Trotms a Henry , Tbomaa James 1 BV I Ehgtan
V Walber , Adam!. Weafer Aatos.s Wood-i aLk ' L,- rj ;i --..s .f.-H -t-wt . I
iiSberiff bf Iredn jCounty:k Secretary bflftlt. Jhadel k AlifaotJgh'Eoglaod lil; a
ll-J. f 1 I M : i
iiiorpa xoqge K,,i -t - t?
3 3S--Price ufAdr. A 50
Pi5?umrrt jet if w were exclusively a
Vnr In liruhl Km U... . C .1 li. 1
v vb w wa wub u w luriu iii iit ivibb. ihi urn nn i i . a
i . . . , -t ,-r ""if" tienreciate tne Tame oi our
some solid oasis, havejiome guaranty of the j0g them.ccoW ngly it
u.M.T .in. me cuirency, ana not set 'ever v ,i.,wrw t.ft ..,inainn
all fhe large movements of human affairs,
in me operations oi nature, me great nw
gentleness- vipience is tne iasi resources
weakness, j'hel-iaeaseof'-tne: counti
vras an overstraihed and distempered enejrJrf
gy. The remedy .at repose. ,lhequM
tiortv of thie cuiiejrcyi though importaJ
was only WonaaVy. The .first coBce
was t pay oor debts, and especially npfltf
B L r - L . .B" 'Ja i
eans pi payrf
jbo n ey it Will f ie ce y ej
Inaccessible to itsidebtor reducir
iaroetim the if es of exchange, ;n
prices of every thing. ffhis .'rigor; i
jj! recoils! pn tki creditor. If puyr
tnade in thleSoiithernjand AV estern 1
the -Atlantic merchant? lofea tie
epreciauon in ine : exenanges. i i
oe mane in tne Atianuc t
sendsi produce to pay 1 i.-
he scarcity of money obliges ..him t
:ifiee ttif he sends the Bank notr
country they sink lib ajeTenty-fivs :
in value i and he loses t,ss differ:,;
he brings the stpcki'bf bis State, i!
ci ty of morjey renders their n ego t i ; t j
possible. I jOncJdisappoinieid in i!,
he sends no more produeeho ;
notes and. thej
more than Ij the
lay. v
So in respect
i dual diminution of
' irfvatr vetvlne bazards jof expansion while
Afl ?f reatraint o specie payments was remc
thing afloat itfn jh&uvkM this!eountryl was
we mar-be rinfie.l R -i-U v-f.i'H ,Pi . f -i. - m
. IV. Compare the situation1 of the banks
at the last resumption and' bow.! lAfter fa
suspensioa (or nearly tJiree yeaVs, (bgress I and io prepare for the resumption
applied all its power to! nersuade. and. to as. I .tiiinni ia ihUmm
sisi the banksm their efforts tpf leeurfiei the several! bankb Jcbuld chrtail to mikf?
1 hey passed theresolu too ol 1816; Author nn v;.dnt harvea in the standatd of vaitil
iti n rv -b n at - a a b. t c i. - '
.uc tcucipt oi ioe juoies oi specie-pay
eemed to mu
begin a gentle and gr
loans sufficient to ptiei
but Wth
i hi a
amount wnai'iii
in banks, iJuMhts; alone Wai insutecienti
and at the same time! they'' established
Bank of the United Sla!tesJ with e cinitai of
and give time for a settlement with foreign
ers, and among ourselves, ha the r same iojr
nearly Uie tsamelbalsifl oppn f;whichi theip
mutual engsgemeita were contracted leij
jAsajpall theirjflebts to thb do?ern-
tnetalie country, we should
U I Out j intertoursa nh
:- s a r H
make more, oat
hetj lEAhdl why
j ;2. Discount to those, who bad ipayment
.ake l the Government, the Ha hole H-moM-nt
ol jheir bonds ; and tn additloo.l i
.- 8 Discount to those not indebted to ibe
Gpverumect, two millions in4 New 1 1 York,
two miUioms Ja PbilaiJelpbia, jorie 1 and
rress. would have; been easv and SDontaiie
lus. It wai intl u;8piri! that the-BatiM
f the Untied States has not diminished
ten ner cenVof iti loans--while it added
about three millions to iu specie an
iare given the necessary facilties. for ship
)inff the crobs of the South and west
hlv tiruen or twen
tiUiorni ofj dollars!;; placing its own con """"" . f (X
creditors in turn
by u:
to foreignersj
larffe debt to Fran ee and Enclan.
should we lesirbr I ihe yalue of fur
meent: of ..p'jayihgjit We enpay, it
in cash, or jprouce'oeck i
this debt was icortiacted in an
currency. jBr iliis!'t artificial scire,
money we are bblpged tojpayf it i.'i
rency more aluable by one half c-r
third. - Even at Hhw rate we can x
borrow the money, rior raise it by
except by rpinous acrifice. Vie then
pay it in prod'ucepr,-'in stocks,, but t!.
scarcity sinks thpl falbe of both. A
contracted rheni cotton I was ct t
cents, we hie to pay when bottcn i
cents a pound. ! jlf wh propose -to I
stocks these too! have jsonfc per;, :
percent,". on!th.iV;.ipce last yijar. ! 0 -sources
theri areimipifhfd in 'zW
our debt' i! incrieaiingby interest,
operates injuribbaiy -jtcf both panic? ;
domestic debtor by reducing his t:; e
payment to; lhe foreign 'creditor ly
delay and the hazard i of his dett, 1
true if be coeld npw receive hi 5 P('-x:
would remilHt h?P l a ow
then the same acaicjty jwhicb lowers
rate remittance,! prejrentshis feceivir
thing to remit apd;so far from heir :
terested in 'the eayi resumption, tfi- j
him Essentially, because; the forced ri
aiion for it byVcrpabiag t the jresourcc
bis debtors renders tnem aue u..
.1 - . 30- J ' 't. . v
US .1 It ES i "
I :
1 1-
- E
Ml 1
1 --'
. i. . L ..
m i" 'Am-:, n . T.

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