North Carolina Newspapers

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MftA Imay berrMter be had
liiBlfiftv Cehtsfrer Year,
f 1 M ifrfroW n6 w su fwrnaers fwpYi
M f $ chargWps; oter subset
SlliffftlW' ' 1 'not pay dialing the year
V4SV ,r . t' ; V.t- lo than
HJltiBiffU itiacnntfoued butattbeop-
afessill 4r?argf reaid
?MltIli m iJie Editor must be: post
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HR-J3Sill be inserted for less
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nnURNEli & HUGHES wonld respectful
Ja jy bftll kUe' attention" of gentlemen . f the
Bar. to thje following fcatalogne.of New: Boots,
emoraeiiig aimpsi. every iegai o" muhu. -Theyihivej
jilijrWito, had it in their power
lo offer Ui the UfcUesb crnpfete a LAVyl LI
BRARY as it rjey have at present alt or which
they offer at 1 a very moderate advance on rpo-
Ii3hersVrtceaHiriz:t; .. 7;":;..-y -'Ji v:
Antrt Ijtj "Arpfia )n IGorporations, Araencan Jo
kir Murji Aricribold's ami Lhnsuin'a
; (A?iTri Reports; American i Plea-
ikrit i Anitent Ghartera f'ArcbbuId'a
Cnlleciio i All t Kod's Kisi Piias f AiebWd'a
L.i.:-J -i.v.i,mJ r' iuj;nna! n in.
and left for others f I will retd a few pas
sages Trom it.v lo five days I have return
ed to tlie post DfCce twenty leHeri andihre
nairiphltts, enclosed tohe pbuirtu Auditor,
ollhcse indef.tijsaMe feform. lhl, ,elter iUeftf :5Ir KendaiU
fof the purpose, of. building
neweparr, nd the fSdftane
Fi ancfs Pr;BUir,' another
Jackson man, whom he; had
mil, uwau a.ort uu. :
The late eminent and virtuous Attorney
General. William Wirt, did not; escape
1 he censure
era I Ho had tendered tomd professions
eartice. in which the' ;. United States were
fifMiwfilbe conlinnedintil orders
lttTifKD ihem whfere no directions
T! . T ion ITT? Iv '
lHn: 4
i CftllL
rt . - .A
55 a CO
8 a 9
25 a 30
thon's ltadksfe ; iAbbolt on Shihpme new
Edit tn j j.dini jor jeVtpenirnexicao jGI ha n-
eery 'Digest;! .rr)can.;Gm8HtHtionR; Anll nn
UmiiatQf.krb)l4?8 Sivil'PrcadrnjZs; Apgelj
on Water Cofei; Bosanqnet and PullenVJ Re-
portp; Barka$ie!riffj Bay ley's DigeMwl .Index;
niJBilJBBradby! on Djstresse?; Bijtfow'e
-Vimdenre BearnJ Pleas tn Eqoity; Up
Nt Exeai: I Heccaria on Crime Binwha
nfiiiey L i CallFs iRePorts Cooper'r
Pleader d CoKeH I Irmotes; Coke o
ton; Lue lt?pouj Condensed Repr
preme Cjiiuri United Slates; Condc
3irs8t il Camley iPracticaNFurma ; C
Chancer Crich'a! Reports; . Ga'
Church's Dic;es; Collyer orv Pat.
tv on Bills; Constitutional Reno,
Csrolina!;iCohjf n! orii Contraets ; Datuo
port?; DaVieV Criminal Form?; 13urnfor '
H,asr8 iteporis.;iJ'ge8i 01 jevr ioik n.j
Suffer, hrJ
10 a 12
loafj 48 a 20
-SI 621
iTallbwr, f 10 a 12i
Tobccb, h 8 a 20
ToTl-lineh, 16 a 20
Wheat, (bushel) $1
qv-': - : . : '
WhilVeyJ 4& a 50
i S i;-.-B-'"-iV ''5 I
n. '. iJ-: r-
il(f a 11
12ia 131
6 a 8J
00 at
-ri, .-si:
::$si a 7 50
iLE. !
Molasses, ' ;
IM 8 IS, CUt, i
Sbar biown,
35 a 40
7 a 11
. 16
18 a 20
Salj. J ' 70a 75
I ' Sack; . 43
tToaceo tear 5 a 4
Half rope,? 8a 121
Wieat new $1 a 1 10
n, is Key :4U a ah
20 a 25
j 5'H
? ti- : - -H
icut assor, 7 a a
Wrought 1G a 18
Merij lf I2a:20pats BuaheL 40 a 50
5 Jd,il Gs.f 2 4l-::isp . $125-
Wiilb510a;2tolirisced llO.a 125
CcSci f IS J e pprk! 1 00'lhs . ' C a 8
bihe5al8t)SugarJ lb mv10a-12
CM7lSaItck 13 a $3 25
r!l!'Siri rfilteel UmerJ 10 a I2i
y:.45a!50::v,v.; 12 a 14
If. I jltM flSjTea rpe. 1 25 a 1 37
ihtetested, but which were not such , as liia
oHicial stationcharged upon him. ? For this
serviceman inconsiderable sum wa paid to
liirm ut its propriety was qiiestioned. The
salary of the : AUornejrGencr,al was ihenj
$3,500, andfhe was allowed S8pp?for
cjlerk llow Jtands the eaW now-? -Thci
Salary of JNIr Benjamin F. Butler, I ie pre
sent At tornej-cneral , . is 4.000,i a(df m
j 183 4 he; w asf paid $4 , 1 50 j 9 for compeu
satmn, besides being allowed $ 1,300 s for a
'clerk! and; messenger, and $560 for the con
tingent expenses of his ofiice. : The (sain
afdjt!innal alloWnce and. ch8"". 'amount
;ipg togeiher q $1800t is r-ASa1fd
JWirfniargea? pri
wierice torr
an exce? ':r
, up ,the Uiobe
of his friend
1 element hjhnur
1 1 from
his former residerico at Krankfoil, Kentuc
ky) sent under his frank; to jKeutuckyy and
perhaps ejsflhere, thio prospectus vfil this
newsDSDer h ' '' iiV I. ' Ir'J: 8'"
Intbat same lctterMlCendaU,alsbsa js: J
rrr; r-
But, iUr Speaker, no man better knows
al! the nses'of oiKe than Mr. Kendall.!
hare read aJpoITtical iractwrilieo, 1 thinkV
hx Dean 5wift, Entitled aomewriat jn. thir
way : The eanyeaiehce ol 'a place at Court,
or a sarf-robiifproTidtjg'g foT;i'
whofe fahiili?-''- Mr. -Kendall-afrAr ft.
find, by that jdebatie.that he said it t3 -
kriowii- IntH;)-; J":- I '
- 'That -wheriijalynan ft'
4nce, all the tVSjsti passion; pt- lit 5 r i
are-enlisted Pojrthe pnrpostf ol t c ta i : r
The(1tffice-holileri Ttati! ho are t!;
nsieu aoiuiers t that Adnii.iistratjrn
' "T CO.:;
:i t'
cs i
Mr. Kendall appears tu
iinrfavatinil1ltA (ft mmm rr m ifSJiMiMWi 1 Hf al.! I -6
""T. uw v i - - 1 "! which they.are stitained.
Department exlahiu hs father-repair; and
Wjanill O; a? disappointed, Ipej is E still left to t'.
!,1y 8nfrlJ00 im and bearingdisai!ointment wi p.ti:
nchidinghi. owrf ahiry.p But Mr. K?n- they know wU pjesetit a new! cliim ta
flail I. nivt o1 ..IK ..1. i. I- - I .! ; V
. M.jr vwun wuu ,uius ce ,t a luture time.
.a ar i - i . i a f . - a , i
ritha note to eaclr:
la a copy
of Which the follow-
.'1 ,!!': ;
March 24. 1829:
; . J ' . -:f
am authorized
with 'subscript
J S otuer publications
me in the discharge
percf itring
nce from ! your
ais of the jU. -5 1
lit 1
Upon?en(enng this rffiwlm' Monday! ?"?1?f f jowtt;nouaetoia.. ii provision Thii passage of Mr. BuchinanV rr
last, one of Ha first bhi-fecty i'wh ich-'lr.i'rk or i".,s W?: e-I.ueWr.1.- . . VC;1 oroTes" hiiriHd- Kite been, - bhscrtr
,nyeewasa ptleto7apaierso l,e win oe loumi-intiaeis.v Mterresi hiehnd thtns and familiar will, lbs
ble,l:.Amop themV 1 eoUi sikteeiPi en ' h,?f ? ,5f,,?h: 1 feaTe ling principles of h.imaW action. He
ferent PMWall offclrllas MdilwW .mentioned, df $1,500 8 year. , e M the consequences of, the: selfish"
8UOsrribed mr.brthFoliriHAudao and f ,IC indoced thee
dcuiriaryoi inr i reasnry nas a cemfiwia- woma, provide a soitah
ble anntjity of $1 400 in he Navy DeiHn?! lenUernVn U'l
men ; Jnother holds the appointment; of Ufithote 'polii4r parsons' ! Me?cribcd !
"rrfcer ,n 1 "V wn a salary of Mr. Randolplij hose TracUces' Via
,uuyyer year resiUea eiiijr President of corresnd with his wccentl.' It is
c uiy cm, ufu ui inn city ; ana a on
is the JUashier of the Franklin Bank of
that city, which became a special pet un
der the pet bank system.) These gentle
men4 would all make excellent Sub-Treaau
1 ' "I.
tain that, under l
of the gentleman
ie favorite- Admirmtta'.i
and JiU friends, t!,e
fice-holder br; received new life, in :
of a check.! iBui I roust vet point oni i
other discrepapcyj between Mr line Inn
proiession anq pracuee. in tne sna p
amrppjrt La w Reports; Rss'tV Rep.
PleadinarHriEspinasM's Reports; ri
hsh Ecclesiastical Reports: Edwards on'i
Equity Draughtsuian; Y earne on Rernair'
Fonblanque on jEqoity; Francis' Maxi
Eqiuttdl Fell 'loo - liuiuaniees; FellV Tis
Griesley's EqullyVEvidencp; Graham on e
J. r i tfisfi ! Gpw prnrart neraji i p;: UoiilJ ' plead i,ng
Hairia land M'Henrry's Reports; TiamntortV
Nisi Prius; Harris Modern Entiie; Holt's Law"
of Libel;! lloberl's Reports; IIurTman's Course
of Legal jbiudy; HrTmans Legal Uutlroes;
Hardens! Repprt6;;IngersoM'a Abridcretnent, lln-
graliamlonj Insolvency; Johnson's Chancery Re
ports: JohnsonTs Report: Johnson's Cases: Jack
son on Real Ac ion ; Jacob's Repoiis ; Junes un
Bailmeiit ;! Jabob Walker's Rf porta Khffii
i0tume;niaries ;; Jjivermore on Aenry , isna-
lord aod Teoaol, by'Cooayji ; Law Mislianiipst
by Bfacksnndge; Law of Infancy by . IJingbaniJ
Lilly s triefe; Longjon oales; Ljwsi ot Ftfird:
iuj; Lawverls uujJo by lienny; Montague nn
Parinershrpi jMerivalV Repor;s; waul Sel
wyn'a: Report?; iMnnitflore'sLompennom; jaat-
Ithew ! Presuimpttvei JCvideace; Military Liw,
Moieaii B tJiffesii Moniagne on iren; Merivai s
ChaneeryrRepoif8, jrto'rrtefiore's Mercantile LWw;;
Martin ooi Bcefq torsi HannlD2a: jiDiarU Mad
dock's, Chancery; Montague on Set Off; NorrisM ,is ro examination .' In do time, strl the
point as t
Sional opini
Mr. Bond said, when the proposition for bate; he reviewed with censUe;errrJ
" "-i v- "v.-""'" ne loreign . misyinns, inai xa uussia in
in 1823, thefriends of Mr Adams, by way ded; and particularly condemned anv Pr
-f.-provin? that he . and they desired every tice allowing a minister to return after
si economy ana reiormt pointed to'liis yearns absence.' Uisj language h: 'If f
.,( ,ruM,ullls u. now were a practice ahould pretaiL our! ministers
they, answered T Why; .sir, .Mr. I rig-. violation of :tbji spirit f the exiting 1 a
nam, wno soon auerwarus was.raade &ec- receive: bv adding the outfit the en!
retary of the Treasury, said it was indeed $1 8.000, instead! of $9,000. for one ve
true that the Message did recommend it, 8ervice! 'I am.laaid he airainst the r r
but he vnteil to see more practice and less lice.' ThisM r. Speaker, was his prcrr;
3 " ......v.,. ..v..v. v. iiu nut, sir, inra oriei space oi iirae, aiicr r.
, sPf,c!c reiorraa iounu in me Message; demning andaying'I am agMnst: the pr
he couhl only find there one of those tor- tice we jee ft him takev the ! bounty, r
mal recommendations, which were as un- become one of trie 'enlisted soldiers wh
ral Jack?
hippcned t
conenn ab location jfifl-iftis
Way. a ndiie'xpresseSd an opinion i fvn thy
same point, requiring, a terim i nation, if the
road which lha cof npa ny did not wifi, anil
which Mr. Butler had advised them! they
luted not adopt Gn. Jackson was fiifriMhed
r . . . '. l. . . . ' i - .
witu the opinion ct the Attorney lient'ial';
but instead ofiyielding, he endorsed frn ii,
i Mrl Boiler has not exsminedUhis esse with
Ins usuul care ; let this paprr be referred
to hifnJwith a of the rhvifcr. for
meaning, he said, aa the words 'your hum- he had described, and ffb on a foreign rr.
hie servant' at the foot of a letter. Mr. 9ion to. Russia, whefe, after staying 'a I
Randolph, in the same debate, used this month and -a jjayj he pocketf thej 01G,C
iniuage, on the suoject ot retrenchment
vad reform.
instead of $9,000, for a vear'a crv:
and comes home!
Peake; NJ York Caes in Error; OliM's Hon
-veysnce; ricktrinjj s KeKrtS ; reterdort J A
bridjen)e,n!t (jP4ers, Reporis; Park on Insur
ance rierre ' Ifiaiips , . -Reporis. reaii) sjfyvil' ; iWrjslrBniai State fl'rials Presorf f-
on Absracis of Title ; Rtevo ! On Deeenis,
RepHts cf CtK'?lt Lourt of United States,
Second Crcnt;Ri4se)l on Criote, "Rim!lV0if
ports;Ruscoejpn Kvidenee, Rawle no S Confitsi
t ion, St oryx's rjfadio'sj Story's Jaws of TTf
States S'trylstDoiroinentaries on'eonflict jf M,V!
S ory,'s C np att i a ries'lrtn the Ctris t i 111 1 i on , a r
k i' lepmrtsl $el oni's P ra t ie 5 j S s y 'a, Pio i iv-a I
Economy jJ efgneats Continjtninal Tfw ;
At oev General nfrrrw tvith the , President
and sfivrs I an; :inii?f ' in cnitforiuiilf . with
that whirl) ieo.
'I'd ! Acrvftlns,
J"f kaon . had
f ;
tveif nep
tons. I
i ..- o44..w... iud: con
tigu penlses oFhis )rB-j for the lst;
year. Do you think we shall find any sub
scnptions for newspapers there paid for;
put of the Treasury .?' j Listen to a 'fewj
iteiins : . I 1' - i - 1
h.Vhe surpjt.ed . at the absmtd tipihibn o'"
Mr Butler, given ns a fojiivlHioi)OT)usldl- '
cation for Gen. J-kin tn ip-wkci tiiv bt
epaliiig jjbe;TrHn!ury 'nirt'lu, fijndivhich
had passed Ifoth-J ises of ('itfjp?s;5ilmKs5
py. accrantaiion. ia or, 1 tinge it. .(imii.
Sfotlirn Literary Me?ienjjer
Nf'WvYork Journal if Oomnifrce'
Alirrg-tnny Democrat
PeniwvlvinMn !
lo!dnn Bitrp!tv
M l r m l i 1 a ;i M L' z" n n
L hrre ruoif-s i f the Dailir G!bhe!I!
oiiuiotui Ki.qnirrr !,. .
kiinUm Hi
Schoale Lefri)y4s ReKr; aoo?ers', Rejiprts;
Si.ory's Comrhehtneson.BailrriPisi; Saoipsoi nn
Coinmonaw j Sugden on Pr ; Sutfdfh 00
Venders; olajrpO t on founder ; Nai.:. e 00 Lvl
denee;-Tooihhi f.ijjDictionry;, TomUr's: Irf--dex;
Tauritooia Reptirta ; Tpm'1in Djij?sted
Index ; Thorna8 !Cke ; Trial of -lodge Heck,
Totler's Law! of Executors;, Ti1linprratV Bal-
lemine; vatteiu'er ,or -Rations, v?wir
Chancery Reprtsi;Vesey's S piemen t byi
endVn: V eRejslJoniior Repon?: Vffer &;lieanie;
Warren's LajwS '.afaities; v alker's. introducnin
to Amerjeanj itiv ; , Wil-oj 'on Cor nitrations;';
Whealon's K?r
illiams-on Ee
ituiKPo: sintf j, m i Action of t-rtn
I ..-... . . . . ..... .1 t. . M 1 8 L '
1117 uMi'iiiMit tn nnv I'junitMi tij v'ili1''11! ?? T l
fie ?ufiui iaye- napjittnn. i giviron.-njaer
eiu Iroinw Ii at he
frten3sancitlie puWicL that he Vyheaton's lrnationHl Law; V
house i fyrrierly occupied by fHirts Watojr's.)tgaii j WilUai
yin the village? of Mocks- tors; AV?nt worth qn Executory V
; with ih view of kininr I port?; XaylorsiKeyigal Hawks Reports otl IS,
(I Will LJ-1 w - n:L t r ' - X Vroloa,! ueverepx neports; uevereux anui paT
lll?Bl?lrf aUWUt " i HPiH ..Oigesti Laws 4 -orth
. ?-'! " " r " -"J... r ..1. fit .. 1 T - . . -.J.
.Alan oisliu-
towri. rhefaubscrlber 1 we vised tatuteslofi Mt)ssacbiis4tis,
exeruons ioi reooer satisiacliorf
? best ex:erti
Znmm-m InHiKnl MlisTaWe shall
T'JraWWPUfa Wit the best the coun
tfWf UM Baxtbrdd wiihj the choicest
r:nW4il!f extensive and safe,
jiF"Vi .v Ew ovmder, and alien-
uie, r;fD a. J33a tti28
5 i
l ConrtsSher
Raleigh, Apxil'28, 183343 .
st :poalished a new S5une
' , 1- ' t i ! .it-,i 1
. r - ' - i; it -r- -; . : , ... i' I-
LL'nersohs indebted to me. bv notes or ac
counts are requested to fall and setthf the
supposed the
'wanted, Ji : '
l wish now,,w m-iKC a icvV enrpme;ns!on
too proirss.ions an'i jjtariice 01 imi,Atnrfi
Kendall, lal'e Fonrlh Aodilor, i 8rH rtow
postmaster ''General. T ce;itfenftn, you
jk'nowti, was' -as eloventh-botr sirkson
5man. Ho however, was arnrno. tbe firs!
Iwho goj ofiice ; ,and tnifjid atelyi after Jhis
iappotntmuUa letter of his is published! in
which, alicri holdio h'tmseif -a'tidl 1 a lew
I- ' -; Ml ' 'I' 1 ', . ': ii St s ,
Itrie-ndfi upas havifif; Jiten pfrseced,j he
exclaim; wbat. has Heaven done ?Sflis-.
pujeu )l events, as to rniRn isarry (Htms-
. io
j 6
i 8
This seems; tojbe an appropriate tim-
compare the precepts and. practice Of T
Sdndry others .which I will not slop tonirnHr- l)rfl,?p,s .
tlie: whoie n n other hnrvti 1 tni nr i.wan4 ! Was jtho reeommendation in Gen
i .. . I i :s .1
and' the tnia! if sobsrripjion
" l 'Pll l'roIlrl rlll M.nm and 'ilmm
in one f those1 lofty generalities with
which all winona, political or religioua. Randolph who eid he too, 'Was; for h
abound , which might he printed in blahk I jng-at the'practices,and not the precop '
line law nrocess,Ynileaas oecasions might the naraon.i nolitical or leliffious- In !
.require. JJut sir, (said he. I am for loo game debate. Mr; Randolnh iaid he" cc
inc at i the practices, and' not at the I nntrnermif anv motion'cohnected with
precepts of the parson; political or reli-I division of tji spoil, to mingle I Willi
4ioiii."; - exertions. fe would pot, lie said, givi
Mr. Bond said . this rule of Mr. Randolph I his constituents!! and the rdeastlre ol
- T i . Mi
was perfectly, just, ii-was thus shown, too home; for a iclefkship in the War Oi
to be avowed', hv thiajAdministratioh, and or a fnreiffh iraissinrt,: or even for. a I)
he :w willing tijodge thembv their own nartmenl of Statie. jLJc said, 'there
role and thought to this thev ought not to been an improvement in the plC wf
6Hjfff. He uinuld leave to the Hpnse and ing ministers ali03il, and pringing I'.
thej .eMjrle to t'ay whether the 'practices ol
.thi Administration 'had conformed to their
back, when they Have nnisfieu tneir
hness 1 Mor': saiUMne. nney are nov,
at a
v. Mhin a ; ema
H fr igbtened
of lo ih wjpapt'rs. but h r.n'nnw take
211 -at a dose ! , Cn it ho ; posfVle (hat .'8
Hjsn,who. came intopth :.e decUf itijj, like the
Pharisee of old, rhal lhr was ml like other
.:iilfi," and woinM tvrn tithe, mini, and
c'jinmin.V begwtf alrloady; o j negleft thi
weightier -,jtiers ot the ?' Whal be
comes of his n:flitd promise lo-rove'
Mhi-it his declarations h-id not -been Jjoljow
r I..' . . . . " .
pretences r U" wnnt value was n decla
raiion made inj his lelter before refer fee! to,
arid in which be say?, Vkin 1 may be,
'pr(oud 1 am, tliQthe Presidjent has"! given
:me .an -opportunity to aid him in proving
that rtform is not an .empty eon nd. arJ?
not to Rpply ;merely to; jiChange of men V
ler uencrai, mysen a inrre nurnwe AUd-1 vVhv. sir. I o toto as a re dvi to theseinnes-
As to Mr. Barry, no matter what e- 4,Ln -,,ii 'i-
d -Jther Officers, lo
r orow and Pleas.
I for 1 Aitornies'at
lmrs. Cdnstablea'; a
Media varfc
lil lbet found .
"f.lRfaola'ittha-mMI vaSaahlpI UttU Wn.tra
wii be fonnd almost indisnensahlp t
liS'wasygexi 1 ihlr duties. 1 It is the
:lht!tbe cabscriorrs know nf. vhere
i ad tie; anr
I ap37c!W,r)Jr it ! trip : rroclsimaUiins to
I jiVlfn esses. &ts' ibeinivU hf triin-
0iTW&r'i-PWl caes. the various
Mansion Hotel. Salisbury, D.c. 2. 137 ilOtf
y9 1
. : . un. n r..- . .
41 Wdrk not only contains ...J.l' I Ji
rtiM Mh with rapicuii, tho duties S,J
fnai of nrnrx In: nco,l k ..k .'
IMVWliof imrafrtant instruments of
?JLatfull Iffligth, which are not
llw pricbelieving
: be anxious to "pro.
10 oe exainmeo. 10
ll & HUGHES.
t returned from Philadelphia, with a
assortment of ihe above aiuefes
of an entirely new tVhiott a large assortmnjt d
superior Razors and; Knives. ' He can safel vrsay,
that his assortment us superior ui any in the wiM
t ! . . ...... ., .. i . ,.t; I! ;
ern part of the Mate. Call and see, 1 ' v f
N, B,LYalehes and clocks repaired as usual.'
and warranted for twelve months.. i I
Salisrryf November 4. 1837l-61tf1 4 j
tori sale: At this o ffice
vents' mHOenun t'simasiei uencfai we
fktipw that undtr his , management )ht ide
pattmcnt was derangvd and rendered insol
.vent iiir.h. . , : . i : w -.n . ' h
But now for this r 4 humble Additcr.M or,
as Irotn bis own question, r.e is sometimes
called, ? this Heaven "Hv n Amos, i If Jiis-
tory does-him justice, it will be found that
he ctsired oftico under Mr ClV which, rt
not; being in the power of the htWlto pip-?
vide, Mr Kendall espoused the cause, of
Genetai Jackson, i 1 1
I In this letter of Mr. Kendall, he siys
1 V I feel bound by . my obligatioris to my
country," and lift he pledges sn cflcn.
peatedihy alr.the priocip! men of our party
to proincie,with a'lpiy talents and friduftry.
the refoTmslwhich th People demand, I
will prove that our declarations 4; have not
beejn lioilow ; pretences. Besides I hold the
inference of Federal officers with State pol
itics to be improper in principle.' j !
Fr the reform under ibis last paragraph,
I refer you : to Mr Kendall's letters !apd
toasts sent to vanous political meetings' and
dinners through-out the country, for a few
years past, n- the eve of State, Elections:
K When Mr. Kendall entered upon the du
tieof his Auditor's office, he caused to be
published in tbe United Slates Telasrapb,
the then official organ, a letter, in which be
says, "The interest of the country lemanc
that this office shall be fijjjd ; with men of
ousmesSf and not with babbling politicians.
Sir, the whole lettej wahe work of t'bab,
"("S J Ppltiao, ' express!?' designed for
j'ifHijl.uieal atj demagogue fhds, which the
' ?Mtler,in the same breath, said he had ojuit
tiens his on n words, in another passage of
The world will know him
assign him tits true rank '
Truth 13 omnipotent, and public tusiice
his own letter
at last, and
val ot ihe nuu in
em f
the State hanks.
certain Senator,
, y . ' 1
the U. St a
oiji tt syster
Among Mr IKf nrlalPs reforms mar be
mentioned his leading 8cVney in ihe lemo
nepositp from the Dank ct
Tiv fffweti this, he carried
billing and ctiojngl with
and in the languago; -oi a
(Mr Benton) deuaurhed
s-on's : inaugural address one of those 'lofty
generaliiies just spoken) of, and defined by
Mr. Ra"iidolpi? Tbe. 'Unit Cabinet' must
have? lost the art of -reading, otherwise 're
form' was norrpiite so Megibly. inseibed'
ns the Genefaljmaeined. That patronage
ofthe Federal Government which was
aid toi be brought into coi flict "with fire
freedom of State elections has greatly in
creased, aod is still unrestrained, itv. the
same conflict. M :
The g?ntlemari from Temagssee ( Mr.
Bell) has for years labored to bring Jhis
House to the consideration i of ajjill to se
cure the freedom of KTectinns,ftnd tus ear
ry mio, t rTect-the Tecommendation of Gen.
'Jackson's inaugural addlrjess.! Able as that
gentleman, is,; and uhtlring as he has been
in his eff-)fts,the measure proposed by him
has received tlie frowns jinstead' of the fa
vir of the Adrhiniratmn. t He and the
veperale Senator from 1 the same Slate.
(Mr. WffiteV.were the early . andvdevorcd,
friendsjof General Jackson, and s they still
desire to carry into practical effect the
-principles which they, tviih-GeneralJaek-
son, profess to he governed by 1 hey feel
and kriow-4he imrmtient
is the
1 j
danger which
the increased
strenlh snd patronageiof office. They see
and wej all see, that the. office-holders are
'abroad in the land For a description, of
this, grpwingplialanx. and its powerful 1n
rcntivei to anion, 1 will draw on high au-
thnrttyj. A namber j of the Senate ( Mr.
; - -
Yes, sir. debauch is the word '
apply it to the Government and hanks, tho'
thle ISenator thnbghi the; People had!. been
ifitha nrhi r,.i mUA ,4
ttjis. work of jdebauchV phjeh proved o Griind,;eeousffnd of General Jack-
crnnno , uraA ttrh-tK .n.mlr. iHia s.nfet 8O0..1I1C BVUMlCe OI WHICH M3B pceil dnw
KtHlit I An tfirtllarL rla
oecasmned miieh of ihftlembarassment tirl- I an ofiice-hooWlineTferirig irt elections, it
der which the country riow ltiors. lo gt ! "purred to me that he was thinking ol
d m - r, a -Ji .iL -L iki p..i 1 his salarv. and is therefore, an unfit advi-
jp. v u? ivi tj.Miiir lots in tut j v uv 4 . i'i
: r- - ' ' ' ,r
ATr 5n.ater!that which OCCU.. tO MlV
riot a curse the try, lifts !ag4l I cvufce of which has-been afrea- 'Va,
semploveld thirty-two davs, and piid for Jy g'ven in his own words, held this Ian- .ilheap!
isservice Ithe siinv of '$310 1 1, bing-! gaSevwn m, 10 dovr? Ihf Am.. WickhrTa alijaiksor
ut ten dollars a day fir a jobwhir)i his ! Adiniiiistratjy ; AV hen I see, (satoV pWtmned arich pW
lie a hard -working laborer fijnds it difficult
to get his dollar a day. ; But stili, Mi Ken
dall belongs io the democratic: party,' and
whilst he received his $10 a day for that
iWnrlr hfk alsrl. roraivaH Ihn ronlr aniirv nl
h s ofiicet i This appears to be an establish' have str.eni:thened raihefi than pairea its
Grtindr no doobi often Recurred vi you
iho '.ami. neriJ The niorition is a
..m, ...... r' j ik .. y
Terv. natural one, and 1 think r ent e
abroad on sleereleas errands, that they 1.
come backre tfecia to pocket their cir
.11 ments.' ' 3i'-j.j$pejak,er, tle. Greeks :
Romans briifv hieldrit to be a highly ucf.
but exceed injglyj iditTicali, rnatter to h ;
one's self.! Moderri hisioryi, and our o
times, and new jforce to the truth cf 1
position I do noj ai all question the
feet sincerity of Mr? Randolph when
uttered the ;entSment; but great; as he 1
have been, and Silfijl as he professed 1 1
and no doubi, was inb9..rpoiiyes of I.
man action! alter event -oved ihow Vr
he knew of himself Lj, we soori f
Mr. Randolph givingup hisjconstUucni
leaving all theasted endearment of ;
Mrict, for ja (prciin misMon tr Ih;
' wnlJrVso. far! f as (janyj pnblicjl adranjage r
suited from I tf lie emphatically went r
sleepless rraid' jind came bark re I
fni to nocket his Emoluments ! Itn!
this mission to !Knss!a jecrns to have I
specially Yedicated by 4 theparty' to '
terms of six jihdj twelve rnplvtbs, for ll.;?
vantage ofom of lthe ienlisted s.ofdi'
deacribedClMjr Bt chinart. Ir this t.
the cost of ih&l mission has been tnbrd i r
tf increased laBrd it is hig .time, that t
drain on theilicTreasuryjTor nn? stD
nefit should Wcheckecl. t y Ji '
Mr Bond aaS:;J:waVfit;to.M''2i'J 1
many of tbe pjiitlcians r .'engaged in t! ?
bate and strtf pBe titr to ivtiieb he hz '
lodad, h adrt been lao rpn. f ;i daj p !
by event whiebpon fof' A 'singular
change of" posjj'' ' has;! cebelweco '
of th geoile ,n'iVin we tc trench
resfibtiort was"W.lcuseoYa frjfnd of the t'
Administration, Sir. Pjeee, M Ukoda I'
took ground, not n inmt but iomewhii s: -ti
that now avirj'd Mi praetistd by. the t!
lpov, belong to the iiC
IcsoaVf former, denied
rbt.- Ve iras arinf ."
member of this; Wjfbroend ;rfbrra f
miner, , ri; r. , it'
.'er. Mr, WktbfN -
carry out the pronpi-v
the co-opperaiwr;
ihe party
the re'
ed usage of this 3?ilmintstratilLs ! The caio
oji.tbe torney General; is already, mention-j tbe tiouse whilej read hat 'antf thefy
ed The reports ifiomtbe Departments - linguiihetl friend of General Jacky
snow-several! other cases, tnougn I win . wnen iceoanug- -mt? sni'jrvt .
now onlt fM thnt rf ihi r!iimmiiionpr : bf l.-tnent Slid .reform on this flovr
iLj:.' .Ai . . ' k .'I . ;' ' tlL-a-
iiuiau nuairs. wno wis ior arvn e rnru
Secretary ofl Warjaad furmj
drew the salaries of'
rate of S9,fJo
'Iff mimanm
:- .'fir

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