North Carolina Newspapers

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BHA-RY a iheyi hare at present aU of which
ihey uffer at ery moderate advance bn Pub
lishers priced ; viz: ; , '; '.! " - ij ir: - f
! Ai'? & U ,rnH on Corporation, Ametaran Jol
isr, A tfwniW s" If uirs, Archbold's and Cljlistiaii
RIa litoi.r -i tUfii's Ileporte; Mroerieao Plea-,
der! i Assiski nth Aneieni Charters ; A'iibold'p
Colleotiunsk Aihon's Nisi -Piiu? j Atdfcbiild's
PraciieeJ'A r bjbild Crimlnil I'feadio ; An-ih-tn'Sf
ilJIafe ;stie ; Abbolt en J 3hippiRrf nev
Ed i t in Aq roai on; Ejectmen t ; A aiericao C han
ery Digest Araerican ConsiitiiHonsjAiijell od
JJniitau&n. ArchbuldV Civi! Pleading; n?ell
onWatpr .(lc Boganqoet and PulMnfs Kef
portsf BaVkh ' Sheriff; Bayley's'Digetedlrndexl
Byle pni Bil: ; Bradby un Distresses; BiJ-elow'jg
Pife8t;rot iebrojuhs Virginia" Jlepoft; Burf
Umaqne onNatidnai and Political LawyBunbiir
Ty's lteport; Byley on BilU; Barton j Equity)
Blake's jChai reefy ; do. PracticeiBacon'sAitidg
rncntj Balleji ine's : Limitations; Bnck': tlica)
Jirispftidene ';lfjearn Pleas in Kqoityjj Beam"!
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Infancy ; c 0 a ll's Bports Cooptt's Equity
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Carolina ;(4royri
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poitsDviiihnal I orms Dornford and
Et'BrUf iDifff'st of New York BeWis
Eilgliih Coipmurj Law Bejort?f; Esif8!HiNmj
La vens ori PJeadinP: Espinaspe's ReDorts: aCnl
fish Ecclesiastical llenoris: tTdwards oni
-Lqtiy Diajugbfsman; teafye on Jierhairdrs
Ffjitdanq'ite on :Eji)ity; - Francis' Makirqa hi
Eniiiiri' Fe! : LoniH iiuaranteef Fell's Treatise
Cr(f slew's fcqu)i' ; Evidence; Graham on Newj
Tr Ufa; Gowj on Parfnershinj GGoIdVPjeadW&f
Hfiiris and I Ic'Henr y's Report?; HamrnonV
Niif Prius; parrls' Modern Entries; Hfffi'sLtj
of Libel; Hqlert's Reports;.' Huffman's Goujse!
of.jlieal. Sitjdyj Hoffinan$ Legal Qulljnesji
Harden Rebprts; lnser8olI's;Abricr2etnnt,iiR
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. ....
gjaiiam on insolvency; Jotmson's L1ianc,eryUe-
ports; Jhns6p,s Reports; Johnson's Cast f; Jatk
Fon.on Real Action i Jaeob'sReiKiiis; Jors on!
Bailmeiit ; Jftbub! 4 Walker's Reporu i Ktntfs
Commentaries; Livertnore on Ajrejicy ; land
lord and '1 enfaint:; by Corny n ; Lawi Miscellanies
oy rac!ienncgeV! 01 tniaucy By lin!Uam; i
lillysEntrils; Dong on Sales j Laws ofPlad 1
mj:, jjBwyn j Mu,uc .uy utiiiiy, Juoniapuq on
Partnership? Meifvais Reports ; Maol 4 $1
vyy n's Re'porlts; jtjtontefiore's CompendiumHiat
thew's 'Presumptive Kvidence; Miliiary 'Law,
Metca!f'8 Digest; SHohtagueon Lienj's
Chancery iieportsi Montefiure's Mercantile I Jaw;
Martin on H.xecijtorf; Manning's Dijrst: Mad-
; Noli
oock's inanceryMoniacroe on net Uti: iNofris
PoifAr V.irV itflCM in Prrdr- Hliei, fL.n; 'Pnniyjlinla.Swt J'rbla
on Abstracts fot JTHleirReeTe on Descetiis,
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mm A$ "FOSTER i
MS; his ftindsand te public, that he
n f Pfmcoun y , lth tbeiie w of keepiOg
l !BiaSS Dart if tlii t-J T'l'U i.
3?i " If 'If " 10 ff Rdt" satisfaction
t . ; iv ti !. mjis i su n snail
ffliVTJ1'' w,,n x best the coun
ter 4'h he choicest
Vdui fi l$ hre ctefsive and safe,
ffi W h good ovjader, and atten
iJ first rateilnvir' I ; i
ts ;
. "MJe,Frb 3.1dSS iHq
nna vitUkable II ork.
gsprjbers hare lict lnnMrl,.i 4 new
CfMirttf. Shpr-
0lftaUa ard fiber Officerstq
Staffs StorytyCtJmmeo offaM s;
glory's. Commpnuri4s oVilje Cor$:itntion'fa r
kiS'a Reports;! Sej jor's; Pra-tice Jiay ! Polii leaf
Emnomy ; ppijnieat,s Cotistiiutlonai Lap ;
Scboale & LeirovFs Rpiwfls: Saunders Reirfrts:
Story's Cemrptntriejs on B3l:Qen3;;ampM orf
Common La;:Sugbenon VJivei ; jSuden oil
venders; Starve, on slander ; Siarkielop Jivr
dcnce;'TomliM8 Law DjctioVikry:' TFtim's Inr
Uex; "J anntonfT$ Reports ; 1 omlin's
Speech ifi Mi $Ionc!.m::
This same paper iookjocpasiori otJ!qnV
jsmce, to quote froni some rtraarka jhjch 1
lad thq honor lo make jfcLtbiaf Jlposel aCiM
ntlft 9tf iiaifpta hnrt- -f' tVhwJ M ir r s t'hf
groFs ca I u m ny Jieaped Jbj thtQQhbf. the
iajorty;6f the,. Senate,;? bot ;ashrtjtjre
since most be familiar-to latLflj IiHi.; ooff
pffen d so far as to read Itrfoise ; sfahdelrs to'
the House. . The official! Qjrgan tjypttsj -ppr-eool
abuse of.the ; Senators,; and repeated
alumny . of tibeb0dy,'diil' mordthn Jire
the intimation alluded tpJ l!)id jnot the
ninfiA ctt rf tho SnatA tht ii its irtiiTmit;'
m Mmnaired'r--' Us' character
consideration gone5 that Its justice j Was
doubted,' an5 its power to barinf My its
most matked censure contemned end de-ded-??
; Ye?r jsir, this wnsl tfis 11angkiaWe
held bV the Prpsideniy ptBcial prfssl to
wards the Amican!nate:ai :ot 'tiat
same, press nbw has the tfirojnteryj tjo j ilejiy
that itevt r intimated that tlio Snatetiwas
a useless body. 5 F
H Buti M r Spealcer, in ptirsti
Ttdual slanders of the Globe,
a brief sbacd of time wa M htm
rounds of the court sdcietyatti Washington,
jrjtfr Blair tia iM
GnTierntnenti patrphagv ho wiHt dolall trfis
aadpp man (would be justified in ijalludipg
jo or5orjimet$g:i:ilt is4 bigii prertv
gative of every freeman to do vith his otf n
as bepleaes. j But( l r Srreakr, thf f sud
den changeln he fortunes bf ir BIair cofe
sed a little frorri thy promise
fipff'j thf indt--
I nave oigrr-
. toJshjttwilija
!lic,Govei nment press ; Va!sj j a wholesale
8l'derusities,ahd'.'''tbiofrs its fploisohfed
shafts at masses of men yes. sir, at I the
great body of the People themselves. - li beg
leavernoW to, fid that -part of the if article
from th Government prets jrhich -be(bj'e
aijiidfd to. announemo the result of the Se
riatonal eecJioh tlien fejcently i hl4 in
Ooio. ; Referring j to thci jchstriet btHi"!
have the honor to represent in this' body,
the President's official ortflri slavs i if , !l!
I Thn hank -helif immrns nnwor fin hts
rriy district; and exerted; its money er in
liuepce in aid rof.the Federal E party, ! tv neb
iias strhriger hold'in that quter;tharihi;a--nyi
pirt. of OhioJ ' it ; succeeded by a srpail
b jorily in" electl ng 31 r Bond the collt'ctpr
of Sts.bonds there. Ha may. be looked .up
on as the feprcsentative ot reprieved debt'
.After the vile slanders whidh ithe ii Gov-'
ernmeni jvegs nao wantonly ijieapea upon
many oi tiie most eminent an i justly ois
tingui?he puhfic men vl thei country,
Bond said an humble indivifital fike
self should not complain.
honoied that
rathrr feel
himself, person aUy, he wulcp.say nehiii;!;
but for - his ..district his constituents--for
lie was 'thus i noticed.?
the People, iho hail honored hiuij
trait, ofi phui
Ac man, are
their con fid en rp, nnl made ' him their, rep
resentative here, he had mucn lo pay jlle
coiild not, perhaps, express ail the j'fst! iiir
dignajton that he felt. My constituents,
sir,! (said Mr Bond ) in every
ratter whwh can Justly, enno
not second to those of any member in this
1 1 vMjpij ii lit? a uiriLi, iuu I iit-ia vi
riglil'arrn.Ujiey have been the lniUfeis of
llitiir ovh fortunes. In every sens.they art?
virtuousi.inteHigeiat? and irldf!ppndent free4
meti y-Jio know their T?g!iUr, nnd, know
jr.g, dare maintain them.'-' They lovcMhcir
tirtintrv, nnd revrre its Qoiisiitutioh't but
thej "have never yet 1 bo oi tho knee to
Baal;1 and because they Will''! hot, the edit!'
or Of this vile press bloated and swollen!
with Government: pntronajjJ,! sti matiz'-f
them reprieved (febtors ' Air Speakri
should this hired j scribble Fraiiclis Pi
Blair, ever. ehture into that district, ! do
not belifeve (hat the People, ,Whom he! has
thus Kasedy slandered, would consent 16 de
file their hands by touching him ; but, they
would cast upon him alscoinful S uitlierine
joofc of honest and just indignation, vyhich
, would gjye'to his vis.igo a more, cadaverous
j t.' ; i.'-L li.--. . if :
uifui it even now nas. tsui -WOO is
this man who thus impudently airavs lhim-1
rx,rts; WheatVds.iimaros on KkM W . 1 I r V'r !f 1
iors; wentwoirin on executors; Yrlverhm He- f ; t" w. .v ( v,
IHirtsv i aylor'siRpvisa!; Hawks Reports of S Ji0?wucn ne is every oay - reviling, j Ua
Carolina; Dev'iereuk Reports; D vticax arid Bi W ?ntlenie rrVqiiire proof ? The files dfrthis!
. i -k . ... . ... '
liesitepoits; Maks Uigesi; Laws of IVoritf
Carolina; Revised f Statutes of North "Carolina;
Revised Statujts of Massach.iHeits, Man of Bo
sinss, Form Bok; JefTerennis ;lanial; Laiv 4k
brary; Clerks Alssistant; Ve!thakcfPutiiicaf E
Hvholc, sir, fthink bisjease most stroosly 1
iuatrates thebecessiiyjof pasjoftheesolu
ti$n now underj cpnsideraiidiQ;and- lit posli
blermakinga!t6taj seiarati(lnjf the ! newls
paper press from theitoyejrhrnrjf. : f"
At alf events if thishalbi fbuhd irp
practicable, jvejea li least Hcstroy the Jpfct
system of exclusive fiyoritisni, by inviting
Competition; and giving -the jcopract 't: te J. S;8QG50fi r-
lowest bidderp'j ostncl reprjnipg reptrt bf ctce!
"f 1 SirlS of f cleric! anl .Se.JeO" j : -re
nort on ExeculiVa ati-rtnsrro t . I l - . J. J
.hv fwiy r F-to" Js,,a
have inleryened since the'sessioalQf Con-
gress vast-deferred toel report sleens ub'
i'ee'dji.ijB-ihie'a Bentoa!
the way oif Itbe tivjer; whicli has ipiven1 him
uptrafds ofj 64.000 more than Mr. Barton
felt authorized to charge uhder rthe1 statne
: e: t-vlt:, i k .
"i j 4frh7Vec pf i-hefcomraitteQ' re
ported thatjlhe privilege of newsnapers -"to
the. members ouglt ,lo jbeLatTTgliediand:
th st the practice loo ofien indulced in; by
the House f. voting to themselves copies .of
bopks teht to r be discontinued:, vThe
pnynege an)4 praciicexominue, ana witnout
con li n gent e x p enseaof
reported ' to extravgabw
Durltithfiiyej.r IS29, thijast of-MAd-
am', they j;amoontedto
rrfrinf 1
UIMf . J
Precept The
Uiis'IIpuseL were
the gentleman from fiRTew ; York r0ani-
,ureicmg aod nis Iriend
6le to believe would -'be
retreochrneht resolultbn
the famous report already mentioned were
under consideration;' the friends of the then
Administration dented the existence p any
abuse, but invited investigation, and the re
solutions passed almost unanimously. I Wovrj
however when thieformers are in power,-)
uuu an invesugauori as proposeo, ;ney , ad
mit th e, exi stence of tie ei i far rcfcri etj to t rr
tije'. resolutipna.ul: . eisif tbf ''hquiribe
cluse, a& they allege,! tb!e ahuse canhtt be
corrected !-; J- . I" rgillijj-
J J The gent emarififonj ; New lampshirlj
(Mr Cushman) may deem this impractica
ble. I do riot, f td!d;rejr!lolh3vt-thV
example of the gallanj Col ! Miller,' (of the
gentleman's own State,) who,iwhen order
ed on a perilous service oh the Njagara
frjantier, during the war of 1812, did ' not
say it was impracticable, b ut said 4l'il '.try ,
sir, to the commanding Geheral . Ife Id id
trbt and he I sncceejied. J Thet! 'acbievraent
DurHige . . y ee 1 836, , the.
njjjt only rendered essenfjal iiScr.yiee jajha(t
crisis, but honored jbfs ciuhtrv's iirmantl
elevated his own fame f -ihu -F ::t-;':l::
In the attempt which the! resolution: un
der consideration pi opose$J 4 ino danger
ajiyaits us;iit a gret civjd tnujriph may! be
omainea py u,- j inriie incgeaiiemamtrom
NiewHampshire to; adopt the;! words of his
satlant statesman, ard, instead o(Vjhikin.
it f impratticahle? Ictihim fsar i P,ir try .
Btit, sir, we have been greatly ; disappotn-
ga'rdert tho public prirjiinr. and the Execu4
te paltrohgft oft the press j And, to est'ab'f
Hsh this, ! will stnle ibrii flv a few terms
contrasting Xhe pfecfpi wilib the practice hi
; me rfiormers. liiuttiing toe example iou no
I in! the report allutitii tb. l may be best un4
- - if 111. ' i ! :i
arsiooa oy a oivision? oi mo suoici inio a
t; vy prominent rieads
: 5W i
i r 9
Index ; Tnoiafs'JJoke ; -Trial of Jdge Pf k
Toiler's Law(if Lxecutors;, Tiyioghastls Hal-
lhtine; VatJelji'siXaw .of -'NatiW; Verrtrftj's I
Chancery-RefoortsV y esey s fjnpl e meti t by ll&v
ennon; y eseyMJ un'.ar Iieports; V'esey fsr lJeaqie
Warren's Laj btndirs; WalkerS introdoctlon,
to Amriean jLawj; Wilcox oh CorporaUois;
Wheaton's InfernaiionHl xLawr WheatonV'Re-
that report. J
shall now exhnus
Jy opened it '
at this time loan
syst tn, to be fol
last VeaFoi the Jiicksou feforht Admlnts-
A2 10.000 !. 'Hhis
way QpwhrkingJ
in the footsteps of jhis i I
sor, tuese esuenses are!
must be the. 'magician's
ini the,rpIe ,of reduction -it. was 4 certainly
- Preceptir-!Phf . com rn iit!eerr plT ghjeh :I
again- rcpejat, thei gehlfemanV'tr.aiNew
York (ilr?OAMBRrjLExor) was a 'member,
reported that they had obtained information
by! which they were satisfied that by a ju
dicions sysjtem of refor,nstituted by the
Executrve jpffieers themselves, at least pnet
third iif the thehj present nurhberof
cirKswiiBe oepariments uugni oe-reuucea
witb safety to the public interests.'
Practice The . hummer of clerics has
not been reduced in "any one ofthe de
partments, but on this contrary, there "has
been a considerable increase. I willprove
it. i l lie-jate-; Department, in the year
18.23, included the ratept" Office, and the
wiiole number of clerkylWas sixteeiri : the
salary and compensation of the Secretary;
and an ins cierks ano messengers,, amount
ed to 827,750, -fU:- ' s
V The whole mimheTII clerks . now em
ployed iutbe State Department- and the
Patent Office is fort v. 1 1 The ioint sala
ries and compertsatioh amount1 to 50,-
' i hei PatientOfficeJ in 1829, was man
aged by a Superintenklenlk wiih a salary of
tYd in the failure; of this promised refbrui in j SlpOlinU two elerksi and a messenger,
man'v oihrr rrsiiirts hesinVs tlnit whiph rUT ivliose foint compenstion'was $3,700. It
is now unuer tne cnarge 01 one oi tne ite
formers ; the title oftooperintendent is
the exchange for thatjof Commtssioner ;'
arid with the change of titles conies the
change of sjalary from 61,500 to $3,00u!
The number of .clerks is increased from 2
to 21, and the cbrnpepsation from $1,800
I Butjihitlie lanuagf uvvv$. ana not.cpntent wiur one meg-,
ffar frorli i thinkina senger, and his old salary of $10,0, they
provide a salary of 55810 lor j messenger,
pensation is: ',59,225
In 1823, the iay master! c
eel 3 clerks whose united compear: ,
3?goo:.u u k -Fr , j - '
la 1838, the f alary of the sae i !
of clerks is 4,290, Resides the kz::::
Jarj';;?!fi:l.,i',--t'- .
1 l23,l!bdre been unstlo la C
any allowance for clerks lu the
terjMeneraii !,!t,-;-i; ;F --4 '
' io 1838, fhM officer employs in t'.:
fice at W ashington .jy. clerks yhOi 2 ?
compensati on ia j$7.300. j
: - "j Th:: 1 828, ftwej IJrtl nance: o(B ce c ir. ;
threelerks Jwioseoiuaalary ras
-1 i J T:
uuisars. 1 1
I In 1838, tiie Oidnance office cbr!
erks, besides a messeuier, ivnd '
aggregate! cipranenisation is 0,223 . i
r8..;':.;:i-vj,FF;;:!n4i.. '
j Iri 1828, :thfe Subsistence ;I)cp:.rt
ejtnpIoyed4 clerks,; whose jpiut cp:nf
tlon ws2ao. iF
Jin 1838, ; thn Subsistence ;D4cp:ri
employs 4 fourjcleik?, and j a! njk-?cr
whose -joiotilclpensatioa is D!S3
tar.-- F:T-4,;:j i -1 j.F -:-F, Ml.. .
.'I In 1828, the Surjpeon General v. r
loweda clerk, bit $IU 50 per year.!
' Iri 1838,'ttiV urge;oni Central is!:nl!n-,
a rlrk, at l.liGO and a racssenscr,, the 'ju?i:ncss of i Indian r:
was discharges iat tl e war ITeparlr:u i,
someone orji 3f the 17 clerks which! ;
mentioned, i " F,; y ;;'F -:j '
lu;l838, tlh Indian business apprcr
constitute a jgrapd divisipn.FVe;iiNov 1
of! the Indian Department, : with a c
missioner, whose salary is $3,000, a k !
clerk, at $l,6O0aridj 1 1 clerkslhd .2 a.
sengers, the joint -compensation, and r F
ries oeing iiv4uu. , I
1828, there wasone Superinler.u:.,'.
whej Avas paid C;1,S
agents, 4 sub-a"enti :
Indian Affairs,
year, 21 Indian
39- inrprelew. j
In 1838, we
of (Indian Affairs, with salaries of
each peryearlt 11
with salaries f frSO
commissioners ana
are naid from 5 to
i ; . i.:-
four siiperjnt:n
, Indian sob-rw
dollars j per-yenr
special I agents,
davi rtnd
t I
lllfl tllliHil'I'l I clisll tlill'U
llpretend to hothinfrWori and then gave him an assistant, to whom
. ii 1 1 1 ; i -t !Tiine- J r. ,' .
tt Ia the foundation of 4
lfwcd up and completed
hereafter' by, the people. Fj J j
The pro!onged e$sion3 jof Congress
formed a comsptcuous chapter in the botl
reform. The: cothmattee denounced 'thd
. V ' i . L T.. 1
u?H!e as one of
tending Jibe natio
lib nips l serious ev
a jegjslalohU)jj' the
ils at
is also paidil5pl5!per rnonlhr
The5 Secretary of die Pre
year 1828, employed 8 clerks and a-mes-
and the
messengers, amount
His salarv.
tioii of the clerks, and
eJ S 18,000.
Theipresnt Secretary of that Peparl-
conomy; Wayja'nds Political Eonoroyrt
-Raleigh, Apilil 2, l838 'j
1 - vurcj
IlikC?? fraiietv- T.: Firm'. ami PIm..
aor Atiormes at
iiU.i' -,;'4'" . I i-.-- .--i -F" . f
iVUD.IU I n A Mmm. I . I I ITh.V. VL
'.Cfc vJa 4i te lajuaQiB nine v oiks.
JLuP P,r Vf"M-W !r thd .UKK-ers abovi j
W! iH2hi.r..:Fl 1.1:-. t
UL tJ: "Wbr!ibersiiibw f)f, w hele'
iS1 adjoorc.
u n , rrociamaitons m
c) the tnde of araiffninir
rs Jt canii&t tlases. i! rinniit
ft:r f,UU 7- - v-HBsiauies, yc. Willi
iSrocess rbbk used by eachk
5st itJifm? t Mtnportait inst'romcnu' ot
SllS-T NMerih. which arentit
the coil nf1111 Va"a1ie .was-aen irom luc opuy ui
hers, durino the first session thf 4ach Don4 ls ; audwo.messengersr
A similar result ! will be fuundi in
e i reas-
ury Department Buf, by way; of introdu-
,Lu i'w rw I Ar!..iUl fnent!hasyetbeen
iiiLinirci, iw nuiiLifj: (lie wif, M :iMCiuvvl?)j . .. , . i' Ji f ..1 l ,
did himself actuallkiisl andUoie aVImstl redaciuglhey have, increased
the measiure.
Ka rf.,f' olWo,t lt, r. tt,r. Ul-. 'tf
place fiorn the yaribus,and arbjtrary: manner
in whicli rnembersjcslimated their mileage.1
This abuse1 was smtained !tpi have been
lt at a
HfTiT.f1 w- oetauxioUs to
: IStfl
examined, to
1 ' : -L -. ' t
LiL very fine laoTtmerit of the abitve iartiells
4 un eutirely riftw fashion a ItTjje ssorhjrrR!tf
soperW Razori jainl Knives. Hi'can satfly say,
thit hisassorjujint is superior U any in the' wts
tertv part of thpState. Call and seeF ) ' "v
,B. Watchesan4!e1cksrtpaired as usbaf
and warranted ifor twelve months i. s I
Fbahsbury Nbvertrr 4. 1837A-6ttf
practised by.t
anv! restraint.)
le ri formers themselves ; and
they J)3ve continued the practice without
4 pressure ef the limes we shaft
ihereafier stjll at t b ' folloning.price'l'"
Common bar IrIuh $c'Sco!!up at1 5i ctsperlp
ntlenierreqoire proof
! House furnish it. A o;?ner reported or fil
JedJy one ofthe committees. jff. this iiousef
jshpvvs that this same Francis p Blair, who
jwas brought hero froni FrnfWri t in1 i thci
SState of Kentiicky,! owed tli4.Barik of the!
jUv6tate the Isnm fSp.ifi 36.: i- t y
ftme iliat only part of this sum was Ills own
debt ijftverthcless on hisFownF account,'
Jand '.as.secbfity lr otheis, hci! was debtorr
to that bank, onf the; 30th day if ovf mhifj
jl830, ftir the vvhoie amount V of fthe um!
I u.-r:. ... j t-vij 1 f
viiit.u 1 uioe mtnimiipu. tJta no- pay; ll, r
No, sir Does he !yet hwe it ?.f !Sfol !?ir.!
illow was be discharged ?t lie compromis
ed, if the terms on) which he was trejeased'
jarp justly entitled to be called a j comprO-
Imise. What wero those terrrb ?1 Why hel
M' a iderkVlee bill, :amouhtihjtFtcr i S37
42, and a note on a gentleman by the name:
which he gave up to the bank! and was re
leased Oora $20,744 36 ! j Now sir, 1
tfcihitrapcis P Bjair may justly Pencilled
' reprievedebtprf'' '",;" A :F H' H; $ 'F
ouuu a &tuii'uieni proves? 1 pat oialf was
luauivciu 91 tne, ciose joi me svear i
Joyv iniijnapifepcj was occasioned ;'
biisfbrtue., bejshould be "?pitjyedratheri
ipan, condemned UiaVaccbunt, f Of the ! lonij charged $939 BOt whilst ! tr Benton
mcumstarescfiiis laifurenajn gnbrahtJ charged ,344! .'eiflMr. BaiUy.. charged
reierto Ps msojteocy lorwbat I; esteem f, his mileage MUhe great mail toute, pier
J ! reformers, w ho made; proclamation from
th fcenate iamber;f employs -nueen
ejprks ; atidjtwo.messengersF Ilii - salary,
reks. be re'duceW to tWoSddllars hef dav! a"9 thrir cqmpensatioii ampurit 10
froin and after thd first Klonday ;ih Aprilif r100 1 A f'"1'1" rc8fU ft1! fuf
Congress shdiild it beybpd Hint time. This r0" lh pre.sehta kviljr fhe
wai the prccep how r the practice. iThe! state of' several sid,disihnof the
sessions of Congress,' so far ffrom being'
shortened, have besn prolong(jlj ilpO: rrae4
dy pplied, and th4 People of liie country!
ougnt to koo w inai me gentleman irom
cing economy 4" despatch: in the Treasury
Department, the committee "proposed to
siniplily tlib forms of business; and lo re-
New York. (Mr Canibreleng,! so early as "5rga",ze- snooruinaiej rancpes,
March I836,lwherah alteiru)i dispense with onefourth, if not one-
ca'rly tntc. effecftrl remedy 'prated' id thoi hif f ffiV K:,lh iffeasurjr.
'uL. ..r .zLzJLl,1 c ' Jliuw : SirJ n reorManiz;atipn.of the Depart-
' i". u . .1 ? . . Mi -i j i j mni 1n ri KoAn flitmtpn.i Instead ol
w increased the 1 number
j of iifilcerr;! ajidihe forin$ of business hh
j der tlie! new: mode of simplifying, have be-"
j 1 1
1.500 to $3,000 perjyear ; 15 condi:c.!
and enrolling lagehts at 3 4, and 5
day ; 2 Conductors pf- exploring pnit:.
at 3 andS5 peri) day !i.' 2 valuipje. ., z ? r "
at $4.each per;4ayi 8.collecting E-t:
at 2 50 per jja) eaeh i 2 if suing 2 -cr.
at 1 per dayl jeajchj 1 'disbursing cc:
at 5 dollars pfer ay 10 'assistant sc: '
at 3 and $4 pf.t day; and from 500; to 1 ,
20$ each pet year ; 31 Hhterprctcra
agencies,' at SOOUloi ars each per year ; 1
'interpreters, in the emigratioh pf lndi::
at 2 -50 and 3 tjollars per day ; each ; 1
physieiaris,' at Salaries varying from V, t
5, and 0 doRars a day to $84 per! mc :
1 if 'clerks, (jothier than those ini the cC
at Washington,) Iat salaries varying frc:.,
anti 5 dpllarsjpeiTdafto 40:?ndf50 d(F
peftnonthandOfJlad $1,000! per yc
53 jblacksinithswith salaries varyir ;
240 to COO dollars per year ; 20 fan
and assistants,' t2j3f5;ahd jC00 per y
18 Ueachers wikli jyarious salaric?, fr
50p to 800 dollars per year; 5 'rriil!. :
with salaries of jfiOO Sahd $000 ; 1 surv
or,1 at 8 dollars per dav ; the whole c
eluding with & 'miscdlaneou? agents, i
salaries of ito pd day, and C00; dull
sinner of IudianlAriVirs eny? the list ;i
en by him ih iKBiuej Book jis not zri
raleor completed lie paves rbcm id at!
alter. Here.iinqeed is a. display or ;
we not IP D& asiom.:!'. .
find this Bte;jr-!tKiDc'iindr
istration whose s
shocked at amul
re-puhlishe(, in t
'I 8,vr7ou sir, an illus-
trat on, which mayjjnot be thought inappro.
priaie. in ine oays i promised retorm
.LJl.1 b " l : r-L ' Li V.. J i i. ..4
Small lire 4' ttur joled . Iron;
Mill Irons.
May 17 1838;
' 7doJpd
: ,Si do dodo
if I
the two Senators from the State bf Missouri
who differ in pof tics; ona f 4heai,thc
great reformer, Mf Bf nlon; ife Other, Mr
Barton, who thought the 'promised reform
jwasj a:.mre hum hug. ; The first session of
the j 20th Congress commenced the 3d of
December. 1827, ai d ended on jtjic 26ib of
MaJ, 1828 cleJnUemeri:se
tended the whole s ssion their per 'diem
allowahce wis ;; $41400 each,) jSethg '175
days,iat $3 per,da; but for mileage, reclc
oning $3 for everyl twenty milesli Mr Bar-
fipejids i professed t
i plication of oiiiccj, c
le report" of this lit.
in 1828 the iftrarpih of the Chief -
frale, who said: f Considering the gen r
tendency iotmlllilojlftces dnd depint
ciet and to increase; expense to the uliir
terra of buf4enWhch tlie citizens
beajr, ueJihoesius to avail ourselves
Avirv oeeasiohFhich nresehts itself I
come so jcomplicated thaf the gentleman 0'ff : tHelfofcna'rW Fit! is 'appro;-:,
from Newyrk(Mr. fimvKZLEsad now - if -nowi toTrejr gentlemen to the c
ch-airroanj ofJieidmm Ways and whichMSt4!eport cast on the Srcr-
iipni i rciarcu nnc. uu 111 s uc
'ssgiont' thafa Iter 1 5 years' experience -as
a member of this House, he found it diffi-
fiili to understand thesO I reasurv acceunts
and the manner in whieH
Annual Report on Ihe
terf 11 'iivV
Next, a to the War
ihei Secretary a
Finance is sta-
' - ! '-I - i
, i I: "I '
Department, Ip
1828 tlie Secretary of Wr employed aj
chief clerk, besides seventeen clerks anua
I messengers.! His! salary sjnd their com pen-
sanon amonnieu u ciow. ,
ness of Ihdiahflatrswjs Uren-rnana
CpepctlyJst tUiseyndi Ian4 but Mr BentoKwho wasjrailingut
biro brugbtt9.:8shingtpri ;i counted nnf" Irt 1838, th
ropfoiea -alj We crohisjand turd! ind Jortu- j Jowed a clerl at 1200.
0Jobe. ;:r1mcUT jl? roideihM Goreriitne"ht ouslwindinirrbf th U rVtiWrnoriand Ohio SQ0 P?ryar.w
presL'fOlVeiocasee streams bf natronarell rivets 1 Mr BaitnnU left at fhome htZ-W In 1823. Ithe Aili-itant
:9Wtiigjn'o& Eiechtivelcanse he dfd riot hpliv m!the ironnetv of ' erhnloved 3clerksL whose' Ioint cdhlpensiV
! ' j. " "T. f,5i,""5'" ,Mv viiaiscicf-wiir ooq inioz ana praciisioz aupiueri i uvu wss
1", fc"?"ww atc t4
kw himalnF-Tn 1838. the Secretarr of
thar Denanment emolov'sriincluuve
Ihcian busiiiess, abiot 40 cler!
messengers. The ioint salariei Sc
satioh iof thl!:whoJe, amoiint to $63,810
' In 1828,' we hear nothing of a Comman
ding -General's Oiiice. with its clerk and
messenger. v - ' F o-te-n ;.;, -.
irig General is al
and a messenger
,; 1
renerars Office
the Commanl
ihe i business cl l
ry f War in jl8g,Jfpr paying
addiuonclerk ftirein the b'i
diarSrAffairij;- ' j -
' Mr' tfiad ,,hetvias iWe'te'tnjifed to r : '
one; or'twd ffiiJesih particular, F i
seem to have!Seetf n-ated Ffof 's'perei f
vorite:oneof bv; r
iliprising thi Preslderjt toin j
te n ii' hy ih-agf b t j j in stead c f d oi n g i :
heretofore in person. If he could net :
irh to da this! as Mr.: Aams c:
his predecessors jelid, then it ivould I
hnhttrth tlisrienss with tfeji::
i;u Hi- i
written hv KlJ nroXY,
Si written bv some clerk in the Lir . J 0 7.
and he; whole s efvjce of the proxy err:
consrstsio hi;wriiin4 bis own n.:r.
Forthis he is paidtlSOO dollars per srn
The! place is held! jbyMpne of jlhs IF
dentfs sons, and; itiisW Yndlreci rncJi
increasing the , Ft esidehl's scl-ry. . .
compensation is tdo .bth, under zny c:r
comstances.' i For ) service requiring r
....i.loni mrl mnlovin' a irv
tnd'Mr.IaAWiebibed to Vlrectabu' In I838,the Adjntinf Generators 7rnall por&oa. of tins r-
:S':::F;:L''m1llf ' :' Fu
V ." -V'i: .-:'. i. ; ; .'I li '.. :'' ' 'F ' '..,
V .-.I . F. t-! : -!' : j if F;-.; 1 '
i!! . .;'; :3 - -' ' F"." '7 :. f ff : -: . , . .
..,.,;ff;.f...-ii,' " .'- h-A',-.- : F. , -1
a'ni?wxii iiwyf
1 ' .: i . t ! - ' F - ' . i li- i
F... ! ' :.F ; Fi' i F: i-i IF
: ! " . : 4 F 'f ' ! T i i ' I F i :
,! " I ).; j! ., i 4! ' f-f - I .1 i'i: ! I
vilify F-'FF
Kf-IF-V.! ! .-: 'i .;-:F.. -.; ;t
FV- ' .4 f. ! .IF F t

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