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! Tobacco, .
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Whiskey, 45
Wool, (clean)
.Molars, 35 a 42
Nails, cnt, 7-i
Sugar btowD, ,7 a 1,1
Lump, lb'
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Salt. 70 a 75
Sack, . .2
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Cotton, bag. 16 a 35
U!erope. a 12J
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Delivered before the liy o Literary Socieliei
of, Raodolprt jMaccn. College, yune iy,
18S8. Br1 tto- JohiiTylcs. vf
Gentlemen of ike Franklin end i-f
plffakmion Literary Societies T
I amiiere this dat in comnlianre with
request froth the Franklin Literary Society
that I woald deliver an address before your
tvo societies jThat request haihg been
urged upon me jfor the second time since
tins College; has gone into successful ope
ration, beferotd to ieny to rne the lib
erty - of opposing myl persona! coneninre
to ycmrishe$ I felt myself highly hon
ored by your repeated call, and resolved,: if
pospibfe, to meet it. It is no small matter
of self-congratulation that I have been able
so as to master my time, as to be with you
on ibis interesting occasion, I have fell,
from the firs a deep inUreEt in the prospeif
it? of Handblph-Maron. I have !earned
with pleasure, the rapid strides she was ma
king to extensive usefulness ; and the spec
tacle which she on this day exhibits, is hon
orable to her! .foadders, and indicative of,
the elevated rank which she occvpies a-!
moog the cblleges of Virginia. . She hears
name which is well calculated to recom-i
meod her to our Ufiections. Or, more pro-!
perlv to speak, she unites two names in one
and blazons; Cliem forth upon her eBcutcli-ij
eon,l Those Wames are identified wjth high
intellect l and! jdevoted patriotism. It was
my good fortune to be! personally acquaint
ed with both ihe distinfiruished citizens who
have been selected as tho tutelar saints ot
thishstilution iTo the first, was! given ft;
Genius snlendid and brilliant above that of
his fellow -jmleo."'- I have often felt , thbj
warmlii of itsraysiA been spell-bound under
its influence, j Wheoever John Randolph rose
to address either the assembled multitude,
or tie legislative body, all eyes were eager
ly bent upon liim, and atl ears were open to
catch every word' and every syllable that fell
from bis lips, (Few; men ever lived who had
so perfect a command of language. Every
, word useel by, him, L was precisely , the very
w ord best suited, of all others, to express
what he intended, t His mind was the, c4
Dacious reservoir of knowledge, and when
it poured forth jits treasures, an intelkctoal
repast was ; furriishad to bis, auditory, rich;
nd liixutiousi The. stream of bis elo
quence flowed on so clearly and smoothly.
that through ltd shining mirror, you beheld ;
in the depths below pearls and gems of in
estimable! 'value. In speaking, he could
not be regarded, j'a copious and Ciceroni
an,? but a very word sparkled, and every
sentence burned. It is true, that in much
he was eccentiicr-it could not well be oth
erwise, fof: his mind was never at rest. New
speculations and hew-theories were contin
ually crowding about him, and in chasing
theui over the fields ;of space, no wonder
that he should sometimes hive departed
Irom ibis orbit. 0a one subject in particu
lar, be was remarkably uniform, and from
the early dawn of manhood, to the close of
his life, consisient. He properly regarded
our central government as a federative sys
tem, tne result. 01 the voluntary adoption
of the several plates. ; He saw that liberty
could onlyi be securedj by preserving a due
balance between the Genera! and State Go
vernments, He believed also that the ten
dency of toe system was to consolidation,
j : iu j..r.h!3-. . . .. - .'- , 'i
f filled w&th; thechruliair chintie, cr;thc
christfari virtues.
Such fwlere the lw$ men 'ho& ' naea
have-been adopted by. tlits Co!tege and tare
cnnstanl) reminded of Ihe fame axrd glory
which attend, iuvaiiab! jf 00 intellect highly
cultivated, and on the; unceasing practice of
virtue. A model of almost absolute perfec
tion, if properly blended, and .successfully
imitated is presented. Wit, gijius and
fancv. are Dlaced in close connection's with
a judgment so inflexible and S terect'J as
rarely ever to have been shaken. tThe first
adorns and beautifies, j the last shelters from
the storm, and protects from the btasti' The
first spread over the earth a carpi?! 5 enam
elled wih the brightest and sweetest flow
era peoples each star, and fills earth and
heaven With harmonious and dulcet bounds.;
The last isees in each floweret, arid every
blade of ass as well as in the :, glorious
nmes yoo have adopted is the represehta- whether to attempt to Dasa it. The ffloom
lives 01 your two socieiits, veri&eo in lueir i was deep, and the pathway narrow, hot
uvea ujb cnaracier ana reruns wnicn 1 a ave i iruio siooa on: the firm land and beckoned
cescnoea as proceed iniTirorn wett uisciDiiaed ! ou 10 1 01 low. Atrsin
onited into one. There wasisdoraidi-f minds. vUeorge Washington and Benjamin 1 lied- your pnrpose and resolutions a-
nlaved in the adoDtion. loa. and al ooi rannun. eacn jin ms anproariata spire, ligam became rtxed- the mora w nen-
have pfScededii and ail;wbo may come aiWfrin the race which waVietj belwitn,and 1 eu-ated, its diuliiea were overcome, and
you as Alumni of tbuj Ihst:tutohiaie"thus terminated his career; in glojry. Vbe fret; j you stooJ onr; more on the firm land pre-
a,der heaven, gave to hts.coautry freedom, pared ui encounter futsre difiKiiIiies, aod
aii assisied io open that heretofore sealed 1 in like manner to overcome Iht-m Such is
Dock, in wnicii is wruten the rights or tian, I tne process byj which the humau faculties
The other taught to iPhifosopby how les-1 develope themselves Thpr aSnmher in
sops. & unfolded more fully I be great book j our infancy, they wake up by slow degrees
01 ; HBiuic. Loe oe snaicneo in- roa irom 1 as we auvance in years, uow pleasing to
trie nanasoj oppression and brofeej it-fthe 1 witness their devtlopemeut. The infant
Other grasped the thunderbolt a.nd deprived j slumbers in its cradle almost without con-
tbe lightning of its f wrath. Around f the 1 sciotisness of beintr : its eves nnen m thm
r r .L r (L . lt-t. .! - . y . "
lempiea ux um one was eniwinea a civic 1 ngnt, anu mmu lorihwjth basins its work.
nrn3T ri ripnpp ann nrinniap ann mr vsioni n miut- nun. rnA..i... A I. . i. . 1 r -w
beavenstievidences of a power
finite fn 'wisdom, and boundless in beuero-
lence. The one creates, the other preserves.
The ooe embellishes and adorns the judg
ment seat with the gayest ind brightest gar-;
lands the other holds the scales with an
untrembling hand, ami weighs Out the de
crees of good - and evil to mankind.- The
one if I inay eo speakf is the capital to the
pillar, trie other, tee pillar itsen;, wnicc I1?
holus the edihee.
look for an exemphtr bat U thje meek and lowly
Nazarioe? v Lt the rhiropiof of infidelity in
iheir iofniale r at, declaim as they cay, un
til they shall have furnished ttt w. orli ujrr.e
tbiog better than their idl ravrujs they biTe .
yet done they and their worls will go 'down in
darkness to the aabe Te. roey have atritf n
in vain to shak tbe edifies "cf ehrUtiaa fxitb,
bai it fmti4tioMrar Uid deep in tbe a feet ions ,
a-d tbeir ass.ia!tiriae ended irmly ia their own
destruction. Tb- bannrr of infiJetiiy has been
trorK d .vn to lhe duf, while tba Cross ha
been wi in the altglorioashfavrnt.
Under theiafinenee of these convictions, gen
tlemea.ypo are destined to ebterapon tbe the
atre of life.' iYou will coso ai an eventfol peri
od In the history; joT man. Tht gloom of the
goihic ages has Icing since passedway, and io
ullect has gradually awakened its energies. Sci
ence has now lighted up all her lamps, and at
ner altars-are iouni innumerable votaries. Na
iore so long veiled in mystery, exhibit herself
in all her beautiful proportions, to the enraptured
gaze. 1 he chemist is at wor in bis laboratory :
anil nhiliKsstnliA k!. . 4 J t: .l .
footprint is seen amid the early dew cha- has burst onon the world, and i thiW. hrrmLm
sing! butterfly, or it watches the (lower as 1 hid Iron? tbe observation of man. are now taiJ a-
in the :orniauon of man, lnexoressiblv i " yy uu sueicnes out its hands to ffath-1 10 Ul T"w 1 ne ana intnctie ciiaut
i i, r , j. 1 r ; it 'PI.. r ? . . , I nr mm (nil aFLi ic in
naeriui. i 1111 tne 1 vt 1 hb 01 i inquiry w lenglo t 7 , . r'Tr"' Vi ruir.
.uina is (uos 1 puwenuu at wotk, and no wht u
had before adorned the brow of the proudest time; the child delights itself with the fairy
conqueror. The othef wai the darling child world in which jt has awoke. The bright
of philosophy, to whom nature disclosed and fleeting tilings of earth attract Ut its
her most secret mysteries
There was a wisdom and power exerted
creat. and most trulv wonderful. I In the 1 er ; 11. ipe spirit of inauirv ai lencrih
0 ' . - . . J i 1 . -i . 1 ...uL r - .1 o
anatomy of the physical, system there is j WKt;f possession oi this beautiful boy ; he
much to excite our admiration. 1 he heart, UKS'" 10 corapaie anu arrange'; he is no
like the ocean r at' each oulsation oourioutl nger aaUsfied with merely behold the
the bjood through the arteries, giyingj life oeauues 01 creation He regards them but
and activity to whole riiechanism. The 8e"ecis springing iroracuases to him un
Known, xie goes in pursuit of causea :
God his most wisely endon-ed the ' hi
roan mind witn various lucumc-s.j toe
imagihatibn springs fofth like tjio falcon 1 in
its) wpwarli flight, seeking to reach .thesiin,
while reajon, by restraining corjds, fdifaws it
baclc again to earth ere.its wings are sewen
it I ftO xn I ha 01 no t v a rt 1 ana vniiaAloe e
vf tuo viiivit 9 iU uiy iiiuoviv9 iiaj
iid fibre, perfc
us appropr rate function, and concurs in
everv hone and ihrpa.t nhd fihr. nprforma I 8 cnange Has come oer his feelings and ha ae
... . : ; 1 . - i . I tions : tbe bauhle no loiKrnr Wciirriii4
r --- " ibuio , 11111,1 OI
is it moreactirely engaged than in this, oor fi
therland. 'What heart can fail to beat with tie-
light at contemplating the mighty results whit h
are transpiring aroond s ? ( Irnprorement meet
us in alltmr walks. The mechanical arts aro
ceaselessly eagaged in moulJing existrvicies inn.
new lurtASartu new shapes, and the creat ocerfi
Dears witoess looew tiiauiohshchnTfd h man''
ed. To cultivate these two
that the first shall not attain the
the trueisecret of successful
acuities, so
mattery, .is
rTO0.i1rie4ds" and the public that he
. pfakeph'et '-.houle forcneily.- occupied - by
Jr3flyiii te visage of .tMocks
pjlaAtyi with the riew of keeping
n. lhe subscriber;
exertions to render satisfactini
1? lf-vSppliw:Witb 'tfce best
t i?f T& M-stored w it b ib
ill " 'Pn1!3 ire extensive and. safe
t f Mrf$ :tgw4 Proviivler, and alien-
the tow
f it QrtV all nn hi.n II!a TftKU ck.ll
tbe coun
e choicest
-.!:-.-( -
n hive joiit
1 ortc.
published a new
tP'flpWtoCM'of Courts, S
tabi'es (aether Officer
JtS.t-tPi Ji
lt ni' vk;h
flsrabl?s andother Officers, to
N. variety V Torms and Pleas
no osciul lor Attornies at
most lnaW littlp Wn k fl
ei-llSlaiioal flor thsl ;Officrs above
uio9Vindipenfiaole in
firl duties -It is the
I ? "-M- V 119 fti'UW Mi
Uk$ ajlf tbe proclamations to
IrtialDTOV? ne UiodHof arraigning
tei-iH'W n eapUa1 caes the vatious'
lfPWf- Firus o&dinVrent kind
tfflHJWtlihi-Work not onlv contain
fttt.fM W$ Uh' perapicuiiy the duties
. MT4:'t0''ffl8 by each ;
hsau vMl ;'tnjpirtaat instruments of
W Wrhtch are not;
i V.Iiif11 U low price. believiLff
fHifffltHPv rfe4 .to'be- examined, to
WnlS ill5'1- XlUCrlJCO.
The rhind is thereby matured, and ftl ener-
gies are Drought tortn, as requirei, into pen
clictali action. The man of mire imigina
tion is almost useless inlhis da anener;
ation.j He lives m a World of his dwn cre
ating,;and peoples it of his own . tiiitirncd
conception. Man is not the cieaturej tbat
God has made him, nor is the earih ! fitted
for huj ieidence. Mijitj nor the ejirljip ac
cording to bis wild imaginings, arej dteitlier
suitedtotheir appointed destiny. J w eith
er eleyatfs man to n equality with jis Cre
ator, or pinks him belpw the eve jf the
wild bieat9. The realties of lifel piture
end distract him. There is nbthii;ip;hm
of I harlmclnji nothing of beauty jva 0 frame
of ihei universe. Th s goodly frame, the
eanh, seem3 to hioi a itenle prbmOjilotoiy ;
this most ; excellent canopy, tne itr, this
bnv ovcrhaTtying huuiimcnt this mftjeslic
ap;ie.Us no
nd pestilen
;wy lawn her.niysterioua rite3;he sees heir at her iaboratyrj, a wi,e J1 ,0 D explored. A country
ten His aDd ,arns i&e. processes which she there adopts. mu8t highly favored by haveo. with every direr
.1 Hi3 a votary of science, and at her alutrs he ,,f ul1 anJ climate, will demand your aid
a i iVm h.lM. r 1 S - . . I invunlili.. onlMi 1.' ....1 1' ' a
nrOducinir and nresprvin that mrUi inev- i i ,wwu6 mm, and he turns 8'., ! ,u,c nu fF ar aim. si
proaucingam preserving that most inex- of ex ,the a2eu4 .the philosopher, and flies Xo "nibilaud. The most remote parts of -this wiJe-
r- . w. ";i'"i fMi"i ni-. i ine naaes ot tne academic grove ; he seeks to I Pfa coiiracy areorongoi near to each
upon tne lorm divine ot the youth who is converse wHh the learned and the wise and to er' and l,ie dweller opon the distant lake. U
Hi the act of transition from Duberiv to tnan I hear from their lins 1pssnn nf I made familiar with the inhabitant uf the &pm
hood; his blood runs frolic through his veins, I now enters the temble in which nature perforins bott- lch, however, remains to be done, ami
and the deer bounding over; the uc
is not more agile or airy in his step.
. . a a - a ai a ! i
eye ana cneeic oespeatc tne varied emot ons W(irahina iA' fci. i ":,t7J"; JTi Tt e veneration whoh has 9i. -k th
which ar se from -ti ml- t ti.h n hi. hi.t 7 r . iV-V . ""r 0,0 "ww BW"UCU .-. 7. 7-.?: r ' '" '
. ana nitj mm!J lg gl irpj.guri f wmwh wuich 1 passing, will comnui lo lhe
His voice is attuned to harmony, , and the knowledce A. new theatre now awaiui him- tb nao, U those whosre to succeed, the task ot
graces of his person, and manliness ofi his groves of the academy aie to be qtmted ! and he I mPtorinS adoruiag- and preserving. To ymi,
form, vie with each other for excellence, enters urjon the wor In husv 14;. tt,, " common with others, will also be entrnntt d
' i; i w "I S " " J m a :UUrW 19 1 . . . . .
are now laoe reduced tooracUc. snd h ha m lormying mu prouiciinr civujioerty
reaa pai 01 a new volume, in which are written "S"'" In" nucn oiay oe maus upon it.
the results of lbs passions. He has heretofort nawa laak offeariut difficult, and will re
stqdied iheir anatomy only tbev are now to be I?1'? T,8,,aoc8 ine mosl onccastiig. I he spirit
exhibited to connection with the daily business m mm ncwe. a uftronsreatj-
bf life. He is nnw m hot iK. ..t I nes in 'he affairs of men, which hurries on with
harmony of society is broken by their direful 9ua"J "P" Pac evil to good, and from
conflict. How comDletels nn nf th ninn S00'1 to evil. The past tells us many a tale cf
r 1 j r. 1 1 !.. 1
He would constitute a model worthy
chisel of a Phideas or Prasietles. 1
full of life, and beauty, and majesty 4hat
youthful form, out how much more to be
wondered at and admired the human mind!
How mysterious its operation how asion
ishing its results ! The body, however
beautiful, is of the earth, earthy; its sphere
often obtains the mastery over all the rest how
of action is limited and circumscribed'; it ambition swallows up patriotism, or avarice dead
has speed of feet, ; but ho wings with e,,s wun 118 faucn "I1 mTe noble and gener-
wlachloflv; it mav reach the summit of ous L m2i w he most noble and gener
roof, fretted with golden fire.
other thing to him thanj a fool a
Hal cqng legation 01 vapors.
hke another Phm'on.riraouM the than t.
snatch the reigns fromithe hands ofjjpolJo,
He! won Id
Blind &
and every advanN in that direction he op
posed uncomprproisinoly. Neither hmors
conferred, or Mojajsrs ' fcxpectwl, could win
turn tcotn ins allegiance to iiis pnnemkia-
The last act of! a public nature which hf
openly advocated .'bears testimony to this, &
exhibits his chat aeter in n attractive lifhi
Of Nathaniel Macon, 1 cannot well speak
too highly, i Tbre was a beautiful Consis
tency in bis course from the moment of his
entering public: life, to the moment of hps
quitting, it., Nothing sordid ever entered
into bis imagination. He was the devoted
patriot,! whose hole heart, and every cor
ner of bt, was filled -with love of country.
He was; a moralist, who set forth his pre
cepts, not in ponderous volumes, hut in
bis daily actions-uot icmaikable for tbe
brilliancy cf his intellect, he was most dis
tinguished by the. solidity of hi3 judgment.
( by the btate of N Carolina to a high
noiitica1 station, he presented 10 bis person &
1 -1 if .'-is ,
conduct of a true type of the State and people
he repiesented -holhing gaudy nothing
glaringl no fre jork or curiously wrought
Mosaic but til about the building beioken
edslrenjglhl and J enduring strength. He uni
ted in bis person tine meekness an. homth
ty of the Christiana with the calm and un
pietending dignity of a philosopher. In
th& House of Representatives,' be was the
firm anjl unflinching Republican, and in the
Senate Chamber f the venerable Patriarch
the coieoiporary in . fact, oi Washington
and Franklin, and most worthy to have liv
ed in the same century with them. He bad
nO regard for those forms and ceremonies
which consiitateithe pageantry of what 19
called bigb life, j They appeared to him an
unreal mifcRpry, ml mere .show 01 lriendshi p,
the shadow ojf social tntercnorse , and the
plain republican! who bad been, reared amid
the realities 1 of Ithe revolution, despised
tbem heartily. ,Aed yet I doubt whHhr
there ever lived a man who possessed or
practised more of the genuine hospitalities
ot life, or! whosa heart was more entirely
he creature
"ctedi - has
Whit, if the
early iipeh-
of ; be-
rptn the
PJ4' I .
end drive the horses of the sum.
infitnated man ! aad yet he 13
of education, and that! misdi
overwhelmed him in rhjsrry
volume Bof nature had , been
ed to hi3 sight -what,' if tr,e c'fain
line had been traced iout for him
merest atomite to the iihninteiy great
all-gloiious Creator Iwh at, if he h!?brsen
jtaught thep adaptation I of the parts to ; the
whi?lc--what, if man's! posittcn jon irjjmap
lot exis'"inc:cs had been pointed out to 11 is
eager and cu Hons gazej what, if mind, it
elff and each and tverjf of us eemna hpd
been exposed to hi viewWwhatr if he, had
bf en instructed in a know ledge jof ihei hi
man pasiens, and the jvolume ojp' hi)i troral
duties had been opened, before him be
would have arisen from, the instruction jarj-
tlie loltiest mountains, but , it can ; rise no
higher. But what can circumscribe or lim
it that etherial essence the 'human mind?
Oti the wings of the morning it ; flies to
meet the sun at its rising ; follows it ill its
course through ihe heavens, and watches,
it to the moment in whichiwiih its last ray,
11 bids the world good. night. And when
ons fcetiiigs may themselves degenerate; into vi
ces. Ueuwrosny, prudence being dethroned,
btjcnmes wasteful extravagance & prudence it-
t t !' a . - .
seii,UDeraiy. oemg silent, terminates in poof and
nariowiessi parsimony, rear, the instinctive
puiiciple by which danger is aToided,and human
p 1'fe jwi;served,auempis 10 osorp the masteryover
couiage.ami in the stroggJe the first degenerates
1 & i . . .
iiijuuvriraicf, nu me iaai into rasnness, ana so
M fitllil ll ll ika rcoli' I t. L.I. Ill
..:,t,4 .! 1 1 ., u. z, b"-" ""ii no lcsmis ui nisyuuianwi
u.fcui M "tnot now uojost noon him. From his knowledge
follows earh star alort? its nartli of lifeht.
m . :o 3 a - o
numbers the myriad host, and chases 'the
cornet in its ecccntriel flight. 1 Urued to 1: made up withont all the passions; that the
" ' ; !.-! : 4- . i-1 . - . . .
earth, it penetrates . her darKest aooues,
ooks hack upon
the future, j Ii
all jaround
oorncd by
tree5 jhtwe
pearl vi uew
walks among her hidden fires, plunges in
to the dephts of ocean, aijd makes com
panions or the monsters - oi the deep.
Mandmg on the present, it
the pas:, and couteinptaies
holds conve rse with'the mer. of other davs
It sits bv the side of the! Pioletnvs on
the throne of Eyp; tehods Achilles in
his wrath, and Troy fu flames; attend E
neas in his flight t6'Ila!) ant! with the
;tvvin brothers, lays the futt sione; on the
walls of imperial Rome ; ,it holtis con
verse with Socrates and Plato, ami is famil
iar1 with the academic 'groves , and with the
j Philosophers ; it isjjif the assembly of the
people. Demosthenes, or in the Senate
Chamber with Cicero- it listens to Pin
daric strains, or hears the tuneful Maro
sing. It follows the coupe of Enpires
jand of Slate, marks rdike! the causes! of
tSieir greatness, and of thVhr decay and
downfall. Loaded with the riches of the
past, it goes to work for the present and
future it conceives, it plans, it executes ;
chains cannot restrain,; or dungeons con
fine it. How mysterious and how grand
its operations. And yet, if! we are lost in
astonishment at the capacities of the mind
of the strnetofe-of h hiwaan rnind.he well un-
ders'.ands that man jwoofd have keen irooerfecttv
sence uf any one of it hem would have left the
woik --unfinished. That4consfquentlj;to permit
any one of ihem to slumber, and much more, to
i yield the mastery over all to one, is to produce
Hliat very !elpeiive rrangnent whieh ;man,as
a free agent, may producbtit vrhich God oever
Idesigued. To preserve weM their balance, is lo
lappniximaie perfeci on. Where this is done,
each passion discliargHS its appropriate function,,
and conduces , to a j slate of blissful harmony.
Keasidi sits on her throne in all her supremacy,
holding in koltjeciiof) the complex rnechasism of
stnan, with all Ma emotions, passions and desire.
No idols are erected by tbe senses, or false Gods
set up to be wirshipped Ansulute perfection,
jit is' lameniably troe, is rarely if ever itached.
lA-i the hurricane or earthquake disturbs the quiet
of the natural world, o some onruly passion
frnm time to time bcrsts forth in its fury, ds
ihroninjj reason, and shaking most terribly the
annirnal system. In view of this, the ancient of
other days hong his bead in despair, and the
over of his species had almost ceased to hope.
j let the truth be confessed; resting o poo our
; own unaided resources, we are like mariners on
j the stormy deep, at the mercy of tbe fitful winds,
I and unsteady wavesj without chart or cerapass.
I jVVe are driven we know not whither; no peace
i ful haven in vie v, and no friendly star shin-
ng amid the darknes, by which to steer oar
piirou se. There is oni one band strong enough
1 io save us. i Our Creator must be onripreser-
freedorn won, and of freedom Inat. Nations have
grown up in strength have flourished, & have
passed away., Ihe mighty ones of the earth
nave long since gone down to heir graves, an t
are forgotten; The tide of time Las rolled in is 3
resistless coarse over empires and states, lea? -ing
no traces of their former renown, but broken
pillars and fragments innumerable. In, know
ledge of these fst, wer who are now actor ou
tbe. stage of life, torn to our colleges and univer
sities as to the arks in which tho great cove
nant of freedom it deposited. -There, history -pens
her volume, in which are recorded the cau
ses which have leJ to oationafgrrarnes, and in
which are tiacedont, as with a pencil of light,
the causes of their final overthrow. ; Thore, re
ligion and philcsophy preside over lhe paypjra!
and moral world.; There, ar (aught those grpnt
principles on which government should proj erly
rest ; and there, tbe youthful nind is early in
bued with a lyve of liberty, andjan abhorrence uf
tyranny. Oar own system ofgovernment; ap
parently complex, is explained in all its parts.
Ver from the dangers which threaten. To him
of man,liw absolutely inexpressible become 1 aloie we can raise our eyes in hope and col
our thoughts we contemplate, as far as the fidem-e. Ri-posingr in him. our frailty is con
rinite capacities are permitted the infinitude ; ertd into strength, and tbe storm rages barro
of mind possessed by the great Creator. The j j'J aroand os- fn his infinite goodness be
i,..,, ,. k..i o .rk Jr .i, cAm l has depmed among as a divine teacher, aod
li u man 141 1 in. ?wuGieuai47uv-nisu 1 1 vn r , .. j i , - t l
us 111UUC111.C ui iiib leaguing, un wiw
of all light; cy yet, I repeat, bow wondfciful ivi!;zrttionfrum igoorance to knowledge. Be
its conceptions, how sublime its operations. I re his coding, mati mistook rashness for true
Such, getlemen, are "the high gifts pf ! Moorage, snd a rude stoicism for virtuel The
body and of mind which we', hive received clad -in his armor, and trampling with
Wj2?ti ion done
Tbe resolutions offered to the people of
Charlotte. disaDDtoviniT the doctrines of
If ' M I U a : UI lJVtl 'm! aJ ' li-Vjaa , WSJ
other and a better being1; he would ! then
have seen order and hitmonj in
him. Each little flower that b
the way side, as well aa the lofty
top aspire? to the clouds : the
diop. as w,ell as ths broad ocean iisei (i t lie
lowly ar.t htll as well as the snow clad
mountain; the , smallest insect, 3 ;v
eagle 4w hpu towering in his pride of place
iiie glow worm, as welj as the brigiiJlncT
golden sdh ; all, all would have amted in
unveiling to. him, the ftce of OrampOterjce
He woulo have learnedjlhit orer was ilea-
iMrfpi., in mfei -i.h f. .he ,una . emiba from .he cenire JW.T'iUt'A
m nia nniica in nta naentz a n n ttfnna r
written or) his heart. Love to man iwilH
have arisen as a necessjtry convue;nj?e:Qf
love to G4d. The copious stream jbf jhis
mciral duties would jhate floWedl llrom
ai knowledge of bis Creator; his bpffom'
would have swollen with a desire to be
sire to he lustful in his day and gi?neratiori ;
apure ambition would have possessed hm?
an ambition to be distinguished ampog the
benefactors of mankind: True glory wonM
hlavo waived him on to that high eminence
on which .stands the temple of trcblfaroe,
ahoV he would have, aspired to immortality
on earth, land endless ireward in heaven.
Vbat, if dangers and Idtf5culiies hairi ny
Urn e heset his path t what, if Dersaeutioa
and obloqhy attended his footteps ; ) what s
if man, fhr whom he labored, 1 mailnedS!
hin, and society, for whom he toiteMdis-
ownea mra, ue wouio sriii nave persetered,
and j persevered to the end j; his name Would
uUimatelj, have been inscribed oW!tte!pt.-4
lars of tb4 temple, and' its tablets would
at the hands of our Maker. But the gifts
are useless if they be not cultivated -and
improved?" From the first, a decree de
bts heel 011 the fallen W8s esteemed lie chief
among men and the varcry which was soond-
d orer every , land affnghied peace from the
signed for man s happipess has gone forth W man. but the great enemy to tinaselfi The
as uic accuujpanimeni 01 niese ingn rapa- i DS1,S ons i fear fur conflict. A new sur
arose in the heavens and there came healing 00
its beams. Th sp'rif of anger, ihe darker spt-
paniment ot these high rap
cities. They must be 1 brought into action
by onr own exertion the gem lies burled
in the r.nvt nf rwrnn.ttA il wn.iltt thrA ' fit or i ruTSnere hatred. With US' kindred and
forever, if efforts were1 not made 10 rescue ! gloomy host was rebuked, and love and charily
it ! from its pearly bed; Yoo have ben 9Pr? tbwmanjleovw Ui. trtb. V we
laboriously engaged during the 4o!ie?ite .-ZT'
A political orrery;
bow the Slate
cbristiaa doc trios ; 10 the charity
J.rfttWO. .WWw W1 f WW W W W ' l..iMlf.Ml.: n Ih 1.
ii. J -.i-i -i: 2- 1 1 .. . '. . :
' .1 : . 4 . V. th. Ina lAllh It IflMIMlM
wnicn II iracurs, ,
The Bible ia the great osoral code whose lessons
ebrated Proclamation.
work of improvement.!' Under the; direr
lion of wise instructors and watchfuUguar
dtans, you hare unremittingly pursued'
your studies, and many of you on this
dav. will mnoiwa ih hnnnrm tn tvUlrh Viiiir
J W ..... . W WW 4 W 4.4 V. IIV4.V4W ....--W.-77;---, . . . ..
exertions will have entitled you. The 1 ny VTJ ffwb 3&?m
1 viiur iusiui.HVa -! 'fw r J
address themselves with resistless power to the
heart and to ice uodersuiJdingv Where, amongst
Ihe blasted philosophy of thescheols, shall we
bear record to his noble virtues. ; Such
would be the results offawell dircti!o1is4
Urn of education. Tne; two rjien whoso
road over which vou have travelled was
crowded with difficulties. A morss, ap
parently deep and penetrable, often ; inter
cepted your oroirress. 1 With weaiy fotit-
all th-tr proud wUdota, shines with ao bnliiaot
and yet m mild a lustre along tne pain way n
life? What so elevates the sod to a sublime
rnn.nlinn nt -h altnhntM of the DettV ? Ia
steps, you lingered upon its brink, in doubt' striving to attain perfection, where shall
is deve(ped,j which ;.fcricvrf
and Federal A Government.;,
like the son and the planets, may each revolve ia
its separate orbit j, and may rn.lqn forever with
out danger of collision, if the people be wise, .nr. !
their rulers bonesf. Who, iheh, ran feel othrr
than a lively interest in the prosperity cf ecc!.
aod all of our literary institutions? Who, wtr
thy to be a legislator, could, fur a moment, le di
late to increase ; their pecuniary endowmcr;; - ,
where necessary ko extend their usefulness ?-
Aod actuated as they are, by the same motive:,
& impelled by the tame high cosideratiocs.ho-,
unworthy, woald they be of their exalted callir;;.
if the base spirit f envy or jealousy could I
admittance within their halls. I c me to tlechr
to yoa, .Masters and professors of llatidulpn T!a
cun, that if such ppi;it has obtained entrsRce i.','-.
other halls, it has no abiding place within tic
of tbe venerable college of William and Mary
It ia known to you that I hold a seat at her vi I -torial
board, ipd I bays full authority there f - ,
to declare that she witnesses your prosperity wi: ,
f'llsasure, and hails you as an ally ia the cat ? -iterature,
of nciooce, and of freedom. . Ycu
fight under tbe same banner the banner of ire!
aod of justice.! Yoa war upon lhe cane ctcr.:."
enemy error ia deed, aod - error in cpinir :i
Your trophies are jlhe sajne the trophies cf tt',.
gionand philosophy. Voor labors terminate a
like io tbe good of yi'or country and of man.
And to yoa Students of Randolph Macon, r : r
mit one, who, like yourselves, has been the i
mate of kindred hills to those which yi.u hv
freqneoldJ, o extend to yoa thei right kan J
friendship, and to lexpress to yoa a Jew more 7 r
tiog remark. The race of Woe glory Iic3 te.L r
you. A close sud) diligent application to c
studies, and a ready obedience to the aJvicj
yoor instrnctors, will best prepare you to ia i
succafully . Lite the racers of the Ol) n.;
games, you will keep tbe goal of honor ever;:
in view, and strain every sinew in order to r.l
lha prize, rlo after life many of yoa will r
Inge t her io legislative halls then will "be; re
vived Ihe recutlectionj of your. .IIege life, h:
under tbe influence of the lesions which 3 .
will have there received, the only rivalry c
moflgstyoo wiU a tnulstioo in ; Ihe ''
cause of ytrur cotiniry happiness. To
country, in every calling of life, yoor useful: t
may be matoifestedj Ai the cooncij beard, cr
the ploegb injtbs; seriate chamber or in t!
work fcbop, yoor light made usefully 1
shine before men :j for, ia the Ubgoage tf 1!
mora! bard of England, '
V Honor aod shame from no condition ri. r.
', :. Actwell yoor part, there all the hoocr Uts.''
Your doty to your country, no matter what r ;
be year ultimate destiny, will remain the .
You will keep yoor eyes steadily fixd ur j 3
institauuos, and will be prepared to ; stand ! ,
themioweal arid woe. Yoa will
that free goveTcrnetiui have been mote fyi -ly
overthrowa by fracd thasrce. lco L
V'-.L; -.H'St
'.' r). "' -''.; -, - ' .''! . i f T ' L-
;' ' :";;' !' : j '. ' j 1 ,! ! .. :
l .H. ,; W ' ijl-ill?' I -:

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