North Carolina Newspapers

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; . caraltelt Watchman,
' tfij'ciivl may 'faerearter be bad or
I forsi' tOi Cents per y ear J
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TiifihetlW WhIdsafa atonenaymeni,
Jw.ribsrwho 4 lot pay dating tSe year
- cb-iVrelliihiree p.illars in all cases. '
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lViu Nili?JtfVjire charged 23 perceni,
Er-r .tlyS a1)ve rates. A deduction
pir ceat f tJ'Jt U4 Regular prices will be
iotlioseiflMftiseby the year.)
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v Cents. !.
j;B; vDfai !ioi
j - peach, i33ff)Oi
Molasst;55 a CO
Nails, cf 8 a 9
Oats, . 25 a 30
Pork, ;$"6 .- J
Sugar, br. ,) 10 a 12
Joaf, 18 a 20
Salt,, $154
Tallow, 10 a, 12i
Tobacco . 8 a 20
pijii in seed jinnef
r -cleitr'a 91
Tow-linen, 16 a 20
Wheat, (bushel) 81
, 1 - ! . J -,
- L.t --. : -1 .
WhiskevW 45 a 50
Wool,1(ciean) 40
Molasses,. S5 a 40
Nail, cut, 71 a 8
Suar blown, 8 a 12
Lump, 1J
Loafy , 18 a 2
Salt,-; i 73 aim
-.Sack, $21 a $7 ?5
Toba :co 1 1' a f 8 a 10
.? Afile
5J4 a M
Cotton ba-r. 16 8 W
8 a li
fellWf'' Wheatr. ! 2i
iiW-H I'iUl 4$ Whiskey
mmnmm wool,
a a I .
Whiskey 00 a &0
20 a
IlWi,:S11,s? cut assor
7J a,9
iP-Plirid wrouglit l.U a 18
s; 50
75 a $1
? $125
10 ail 25
Affone 1 J a i i i n s e
a i
6 a.8
ice 100lbs$5
ilJilt sack1 2 75
HJStecl imer. 10 a 12J
S f'. Erifilub !- 1(4
H3i4tf!al5.0n:;v: German' 12 a 14
S'3lJ 4l2ria impSl a Sl37i
r jaboiit the last of
subscriber, at : that
Stokes Nj
-CfoJu& ;.my ..Negro'! man I"
l'ssi;.liMiir''ir ar .a?:mv
v M a'iti i
ionif llts II iShoeraaker iy trade, has
itwiy he$J ! of hair, a thin visage is-
-ouiii. anafvg,n9 irom idd 19 14U pounds.
NjQrfrMl"4r4kcar-, uo'.' one of his letrs
Mf.ntel;6ei,ed' to be on tfie-iri?ht lei
tSi;a..ror :Ssiy rm just below thtr elboW oc
tm J'Iia : heels have been frosted,
scars b pun pnem. uoie
? TT'MCtkL-4 iree womin i hear liiaifiv
. i - r .
that he may be
ny persons believe
ahitrt mm nirnoil
Ll"1NiWlpft the neighboxhood about
4k K .-.I'll i . .
i-- -F ' 5 '"-Win give a re
''$tyt MMti to any one who will de-
irT H near urooK ieai in uarop-
.'"llJ-tta'8rl'iSni-l: tvkiini ' ii-"- --' I '
1 EaiI ilimi A RIJ O VEltSTEET;
'l' Wil hid '! Mnili.vUl Inn 1 'uf Kr J n I.
?fMf Wfeipreliended "'tbe Slight
I 'Vf Sft 'H- Wurst consennenre iinawinpiL
lilt arfF1' supposed this disease
4 ! Ht Y "l'?ios.I par'icufar regrbns of th
. iir -i? O PIF'So. o. iei-t:ae ortrjaicav-
5 'S-I"
ftt3?al sj mPtQra flatulen
fTLL frlfhalr ;bowelsacrid eructation.
tP1dPain9.2d:n dimness
fM!t,nti, and often an utter inability
wMtian uDon anv subieet nfl im-
:-lf POS: w 'W Jthingt that de-
:4tfipfW-f?f0,f-,-r Also lansaidoess
rllW !5Companied with
utgi and peculiar triin ofqideas
m t-F.ilJSVMliuauon.' ana ;
I till
m tun n nvn
the jadgment exhibit an infinite i?iTersity. , The
wisest and best of rot n are as open fo this a dic
tion as the weakest. , L ' v . !
A sedentary life ofjarijh iod, 'especially se
vere study protraetedj to a late- hoar in the eight,
and rarely relieved by sojcial intercourse, or ex
ercise, a dfssolute habt, great excess in ,veatjng
and driokinz, ihe immoderate : ase of mercarr.
violent puratives, thje sbppreesion of some ha-j
Dituai discnarge, cas, ine oDsirucuon oi ina raeo
6fisV)'or long continual eruption j5 relaxation or
.1 - ' '..7.!. ' ' ... . '
Dfrtyiiuy oi one or more important organs wunin
the aSdomeh, is a frt-r jabt! caase, ' "
' v trcItv EXT. f. "S .
The principal objects f treatment ; are; to re
raovfl indigestion, to strengthen the body, and
to enliven the spirits, which may be promoted
bv exercise, earv hoJrsJ rennlar meal, and
plasan( conversation
being carfu!lf regalatid
of a mild aperient.; "We
ralcatiied to obtain thisf nd, than Dr. William
E.van3' Aperient fills t-peing mild and certain
in theii operatiort 'Trje bowels being- once
cleansed, his inesiimabJleiCarrumile Pll!s,(whicri
are tonic, anodyne! and ami -spasmodic) are, an
infallible remedy and without dispute have
proved a great blessing o the numerous public.
Some physicians have 'recommended a' free
use of rnercory, bat it inould not be resorted to;
as in many cases! U wijll greatly aggravate the
symptoms, 1
i?ead - the -following inter eslin
) or
and .as-
. . lOTttsung- acr
Robert MoUroe, SchayTkilJ, afflicted
with tbe above distressing malady. Symptoms;
Great langourjflatu eney. disturbed rest' ner
vous beadahe, difficulty of breathing, tightness
and stricture across the breast, dizzinesssrner
voas irritability and restlessness; could not lie
in a horizontal position
without! the sensation of
impending suffocation,
distressing rough, cost
ach, drowsiness, groat
the nervous energy.
pal pi la I ion of the bear!,
veness; pain of thestom
debility and deficiency of
Mr It. Monroe gave up
every thought or irecovery, ana oire despair sat
on the countenance of eery person interested in
his existence or happii ess, till by accident he
noticed in a ptblit paper eome cures efTecled by
Dr ,Wi EVAN3' IVlDICINE in his com
plaint, which induced jhim t purchase a pack
age rf the PIU8, whicn resulted in rompletely
removing every sjjrmpibrri .of. his disease j.' He
wishes to. sav n is motive tor tnjs declaration!).
that thfA afflicted; witfi the same or any symp
toms similar to ihosejfroni vhich he is happily
restored, may ; likewise receive the inestimable
benefit., " ' Ij
Mrs, J, E J4hn)iij wife of Capt. Joseph
JohnsUl, "of Lynr.VMass. was seveifly afflicted
for teny ears witb; 'Pis Dolerenx,; vfolehl pain
in her heail, and iviroiiirtg with a burning1 heat
in ine swui'icn, anp unaoie to leave . ner room
She eouJd find na tejielf from the advice; of sev
eral physicians nor fioru medicines of anyt kind,
until after sh liajrlfcptr moored usinu.pir Evans!
medicine ot too Uppihamsieet, an from that
lime he began Jo rbeid and fftels Satisfied it
he coniinue the j tHedicine a fw days longer,
.will be perfect llcli jet . Reference, i-an be had
s to the truth of the above, by callirt' "at Mrs
Johnson's daugUtefd Sjtore, SS9 Grand street,
iCJMrs Anne R Kenny, fSTo 115 Lewis
street between btaMoij and Houston ss", jfllie
ted for ten years !wM llie following: distresinir
symptoms: Acid drubtatiori, daily spasmodic
pains in the heades of appetite, palpitation r
of her heart, giddinpss lai.d dimness of sighi,could
tot Iieon her right Mide, disturbed rest, ntier in
Ubiliiy of ngagingl jin any thing that demanded
vigor or courage, sotneijimes a visionary idea of
jin aggravation fjhr disease, a whiaiaicaljaver
Kion to particular parsons and places, groundless
apprehensions or personal danger and poverty;
an irksomeness and weariness uf life, disconten
led, disquietude on every 1 slight occasion1, she
conceived she could either die norlive;t,he wept,
lamented, desponded, and thought she, Jed
most miserable life, Ineyer was one so bad,' with
infrequent mental rjaijuciinations. j . ,
h Mr Kenny had thfj advice of several eminent
physicians, and had recourse to numerous medi
cines, bul could not obtain even temporaryj'alle
tiation of her distressing state, till her husband i
persuaded her to make trial of my mode of treat I
juent.. '-,;:,.:; " k J 1 ' :l " :-c -!.', - j
She is now quite fe! ieved, and finds. herself
not only capable of afunding to her domestic af
airs, but avows that! she enjoy as good health
at present as she didj ut any period of her !exis
tehee. ' j ' r K
i J.Kenny, i! husband of the aforesaid Anne
Kenny. , -. - -j' v : t
' Sworn before me, this 14th day of December,
1836.x w.Ji . ;. i ,..-,: ;
j . Peter Pis :eney, Com. of Deeds. s:
ICP REM ARK A h I ;r n a s 17! n vk r. f tt v
RHEUMATISM, fin, an Afiect.on of the
Mngs-cured . under the treatment of Doctor
Wm. EVANS IQp Chaihami street, New
V ork. v . .Mr Benjarojrt S JarvisV 13 Centre 6t.
Newark, N.J., afflicted for four years! with
Severe pains in all hiji joints, which' were always
increased on the slightest motion, t thetongue
preserved a steady whiteness ;.Ioss of appetTte,
dizziness in his head, the bowels commonly ; ve
iy costive, the urine tiigh coloured, ahd 'often,
brofuse 8weatidg,un! ttended by reliefJ- The s
bovesymptom9 were also attended with consid
erable difficulty of hrieathing. with l senie of
lightness across the best, likewise a great want
Of due energy in the;! nervoua system. .
i The above symptuns were entirely . removed,
and a perfect cure efiUted by Dr Wm Evans.
., ' , I BENJ. J! JARVIS.
I CitycfJS'tio Tojt,;M,L'. ;: 1 - j .
Benjamin 8 Jarvis being duly sworn, dotb de
. pose and say , tbat tbe facts staled in the al
bove certificate, subscribed br him, are in all
respects trhe: i! RENJ. S. JARVIS. j
Sworn before me. this 25th of November, i836i,
! WILLIAM SAUl-, Notary Public. 96 4nas-
Slu street
Sold bt ther following Azents.l ' r
GE OR QE ' Vl BltPTV A",' -Satislttry; 'JV. a
JOHJVA IMG LIS( Bookstore) CherawS. C.
J. H. AJSDEHSOm Camden. SC i I
EaOlLYHUGGTJVS, Columbia. S. C. i
.V. JlLflSOwY, & Co.
Tho Iw.ivaTa ril o.wti et. I nof i.f hr arm Ir . fihfl WOUUI flDDeai l. HBVtJiai JUa
Sirs': Susan D. Peridlcjtbn;
JZillinergz Mantua-maker
I Near.tiik Apotuecarv Stoe:. lli
rBlHE Sabscriber informs i he ipoblic, tjiat she
1 Hi has Just receied throogh the NoKhern
Citfes the latest and post. approved ; ' v ji
Ab4 is prepared to execute orders Mnurte mist
fttvltehand satisfaetorv manneri I A&to tbe man
i . . . . . .r . . ... -ii' i ,
tai lu several u:
fWork gpnt from a distance shall "be carefully
put up and turwarde J. I ' ; j
BfeP A feur Bonnets, - Caps, Tarbaos and
(other articles, will be kept cn hand for sale.
Salisbury. June 14, 1839. - i i j ;
nPlFIE General Assembly having authorised
Jh the Governor to procure on complete set
bf - WEIGHTS and MEASURES, as Stand
nrria for each county, .persons disposed 5 to con
Iraejuare invited to make theirj terms known,
ioriiHihtv to the Act for that purpose. Chapter
MaHpU nf ihn weiThts can be seen at the
Executive Office. ;
Ipril 1839 ' " t
Sthtesville Female Academy
fill HE Subscribers are happy: in being able o
ii announce to the public, that they have ee
cured the services of Miss Tabitha Uakkin
in jhe Female Academy at Statcsville as Th-.
torlss,' of whose high qualifications they have1
theni9St satisfactory eyidence. j - i
fhe next session will commence on -the; 1st!
Mopday to August. ' Instruction !will be given I
in,Reading, Wriiing.Aritiimelick.lSnglish?
Grlmoiar, Geography with the use;, of ibe'
GUbtts. Natural Philusophy, Chemistry, Histu !
ry,Bjtany, stronomy, Rhetorick, Loick; andl
GeihWy Pujiila of sufficient age and advance )
Mosie and Painting, with various' species
of prnam-ntal Needlework wilfalso be taughti
v Termslof '"Tuition Ji!IH
beffinneis ner Session of 5 mouths I 46 C
T S i " . ' .. . i : - . . ' ! t 1 ' , ;
OuCinien-ing English Grammar ana
i j Geography,; : r 8
Abve with History and Natural i
! Philosophy, ' ' " -r ! j 10
v with all branches in Literary j i
'j--Departotentr.-;;r .; i' ; !! 12
ilusic $20, Painting $10, Contingencesj 50 ctsj.
N ;B. Bearding can he had in respectable
leS at $7 .00 per month.
tilOS. 11. M.-ROR1E,
Jurt 28, 1839 lm48.
JrflTHE Subscriber being desirous to remove
the South West, offer's for sale hii 'LAJVU
;Wltp t,he appurtenaoces in ihe coki nt y jjarie",j
op llie! main road leading from Salem tli .olatysl
villi, ind about at an equal distance frimieac!i
piarfe,! and 6 miles distant froin Mk-vileij-
Thre.are about
i i l
1 ! S
whole lying all logether,but irl
Is. --The whole place K well imiroved 4-
fertile and in a high slate of cultivation wit hlall
J 1 the BUILDINGS entirely nwliljhe
0fh DWELLING HOUSE lis bbdi
ifasiilS. There is a large quantity of meadow
iiiULJ land, and god ORCHARDS of! the
besftrijits. luchof this Land Ijies on! j)uth)
mail Creek, which furnishes it with a &ood deal
of the lies1 hot mm. There is a SAW MILL i
.MACHINE on the premises Possessibrti villi
pe given me coming tan ii saie is.maaesnortty :
lf rlotihonly , possession1 will be- given: in ilhej
snrinvi The sale will be made in Lthrels seveial
ardjelsf if it be desired, and a good esience!
mavi oe uaa uo eacn, - 1 ? n
! Terms made known on application to the Pro
piieiorj, jui as ne pen uri lavoia
hie ierms, application had best be made prlyi
!:l " i . ' LHOLIM
OaW Grove, Dav ie co. N . C.
Jene7 1839 3m45 J"
AS another new supply of Gold
WATCHESi- Plain English and French
uoitoid fob Chains and Keys. Fne breast
Pins and Finger Rings, Silver, fiattet Knivls.
raient and pJatn Pencils, Tooth Pck,L Fpb
ynains, spectacles and Thimbles.ySiefl and gilt
rob Chains and Kevs. 1 uill
''i-".- S? l
. ... . ..
by different 'makers, and other articles usually
kept by Jewellers.! AH of which will be 'sold
low for iaA, or oniy six months credit, alter
. . . r jT ' a : t 3 ..y'i 'il
which time, interest will be charged.
done, fa 1 ih fully and punctually,
j Salisbury, May S, 18S9 tf40
ihia, cnmmnnilv. who bave. lately lis
1, -x .w ; ij
i C. B ii C. K. WnEELHR,.i
AVE just received aUargeaod fresh supn-
rplv of l--t - Afj -!v ':A-i
; l' ALsqy i ;;i;r n
rj,-, . j PERFUMES &C;-. ,-;( Jr
sAlsn,VaTuos kinds of j Wines i and Spirits Jfor
rneuca) purposes. ; All ofj which 'will he sold
low for cash J or on. time to punctual customers.
SaJisbory,;MayS,1833f40 : .
Martin van bure and john y.
v -fK EDMONDS. I- I "
These gcnl'eroen wefe the Lions of New
iYork, dnring the last tep days. -The for-
mer is riesiueni pi (uekuinteu oiaies i. j ne
latier wai selected to tender tu :the Presi
dent the ittention aBd cvilities of the Corn
mercisl Emporium. It has excited consid-
lerahle sunrise that a person so little known
to me cimens oi ixew iorK. snouiu nave
. It- , f . T i. i
been selected to represent them on the oc
casion. Wio is John VY, Edmonds ? was
thj general enquiry. 1 The: correspondent
ol the Hostor. Atia3 has, answered it very
satisfaclorily We takejthe j liberty of eup
ptfinc an ilerr or two which! will serve las
finhhing loucitd lo lhe, poilait of Mr John
- a V I I : S i
vv L r.nmot as r ..
. it . -i y
We pass ovei certain
Sob treasury bpera
t Ions in the Hudson Chapter and in lelatton
to pTihtarv fines) for the purpose of reacji-
a Law, Case r?portedlin 4th Crow nj page
vntitleri "ex parte Jtaats." ! ! J ! I t
Mr Slaats leli a bond Iwitb LJohn Wi m-
mninds, as an attorney, for collection
mcjjney was paid to Edmonds without a suit,
whin neglected to pay itloyer to 3taiats, t$ot
T.epeatenly rj
. a t - j h' m i w
to 'do so.
' LTnon these facts 'J. L'A rriore ux, fmpted
tor a Knie that tvtmonds snow cause wpy
ah attachment should net issue against hiin
! E 'monds himself opposed t he motion!
i - S. i ' 1 (
lirfip.i;ourt oeciaea as ioiiows: l
; f,Ctria;l---The motion must 1 be granted.
It plain that this bonq was left with M
Eclmonds n his character of AttorneyL tb"'
noiijiDecirjc directions were tven to brine a
suit. It turned out thee was no need of a
suit. The money was paid in i and the e
iator is entitled to our tjid in obtaining it,
in the same manner as if collected bysift '
I It will jbe recollected that 0artottVi he
forper Cashier of the I Gorftmecial pak,
plaved Siib-treasnrer toitbe tune ibf $160,
000. Bartow had been jextensiyely srigHg?ed
in jptnrk speculations with Messrs'. Ketnl.Je,
Bisjhop, arid Edmonds, j(ibree leidin an
Buren Senators,) which Vaulted in his elope
mjnt and! pi loss of lb.OQO 6 the ba)k
Thjie bank has a judgment against Edmonds
fbrjhis share of the "spoils-" . M
?he Comme rcial BankatTair commended
Edmonds so warmly tokhe General Govern
mrit triatjhe-was immediately appointed to
a'flndian Agency " Thus clothed with I u
thor'lv, he solciteo and obtained from bis
friend-', some $10,000 which was to jbe In
...- - 1 - i t I ; 1
vested in government lands lot the joint
benefit of Edmonds and the geptlemjpn
wbb advanced the money. We presume
thai this trust was faithfully exeruted, J IT
otherwise the Slate Tr.i titer, who is under--istood
to have bad a i ye;nture'Lin'lhal spei:
'ulajion, iniobt explain all. j - ' '
furh are some of the incidents which
distinguish the history ! of John W. :Ed
niohds, who. next to Air Van Buren, is the
great man of the city of New Yoik
bariv Eve Journal. - - j.
We have heretofore given extracts
the New Bedford Gazette edited by the pre
sent Van I Buren Editor of the l Nashville
Union, showing tbe rapid abolitionism of
that strentioas supporferj of Mr Van Buren,
whi st he lived in an abolition region. The
Nashville Banner, having obtained a file of
the paper edited by his neighbor when
down East," continues to furnish extracts
rqu klly conclusive of the abolitionism ff
the Editor; and the Anti Southern and lAtifi
Slavery feelinps of Mi Yan Buren. L; j
From tbe subjoined, t appears; that trie
developements in relation to Mr Polkas orU
ganj have, as they should dp, excited the
attenuon pi me good people ot 1 ennessee:
From tha Nashville Banner. ! J
.il l'" 1f'fVDOSES.T i, K ii I
; Gentlemen from various parts of tbe State;
hap pening to be in Nashville, have called at
our office to see with their own eyes the
Neir Bedford Gazette, fwith; the came of
the present editor of tb Union at its mast
heid.) from which we ha ve quoted the rab
id abolitionism that wejhave held up as a
-Looking Glass" to Col;Po(k and his Vib
Buren co-operators in Teonessee, 10 order
thatithey may see truly what they have done
andiaretill doing We ar6 gUd to find
the honest and highroiqded j I ennesseeans
takings lively interest in Ibis matter. It
concerns them. v Any gentleman I RomJ the
1 -i - 1
cbfjntry corniiig to Nashville, U respeifuP i
ly invited tojcall at the Banner Offices and
examine the docutnenlt for himself. Geo
tlemer from Lincoln, Rutherford, Maury,
Williarnson, Wilson, White,: Jackson and
ScnithJ ! ba already 'called.). They pro
nounce it a clear case. bo do Van Buren
men of this city, and yet "the party are sus-
timing him? .
i Th dose we adduce to day is a-small
but strong one.- Here it is It consists of
an array ot air Van Buren i votes in!' oppo-
sition to slayery. which the editor transfer-
- j. !c t T .i 'it. e. at i
red tqh.s columns et,denlly to benefit Mr
Van Buren :
Fwm the New Bedford GazetteL Nov. 2. 1836.
i '1
Cv Jeremiah G" Harris r.
Ilri 1821: Mr Van Buren voted that Con
gress&ad the Constitutional power to abol-
- . 1 1 . - : i ' . : " :
isii Kiaverv in iiir i prrnnrie. nnn , insirnr-.
led the New York Senators in Congress to
I I Ll " " -f '
voiongaini iiiq aamtssion or .uissouriJ-
Iq 1836, he says that Congress has the
constttutional power to slavery in
the District of Colombia - i ' '
Ir) 1821, he voted to give freo 'blacks
the rights of suffrage. . I. ,
; fin 1822, he voted m favor of restrict
ing the introduction of slaves into Flouda,'
This case viewed in two aspects gives rise
to reflections equally discreditable to the Van
Buren parly. The fart,that the leaders of that
party guouia select, to put at ine neau oi a
leading press at the capitol of a South rn
Statean individual, who through a series of
years had been an active and open mouthed
c-aujuiur u ii.o .uuiiuouwu wiuu u s.aiue
inp people oi me ooum. ana mase tnem
distruEst the sincentyr these men. Why,,
. a & l. " - L i . f .
ii tney were nonesi in ineir i opposition to
abolidonism, did they so 20 to New Ens-
land hnrl seek out notorioiiq nhnlitinnit
-nt nn'i in h.rrro np, nr'i IK,.K til.
uuu tti. ih:iiuii;v uiviia ninvil lull
. V 1.1 i 1 . . ui r 7r
hopef would controUhe pub he opinion! of
rrnt i .Snnlhprn Slain ' ' lVt Ihrpinn
- ... ..w
nicuu j iu - uuuoiriu.iusitiuiiuua uiiuui'iiuui
the limits of the Confederacy, who could
be! found 'worthy Ttd edit the leading Van
liuep , press in lepnessee t was J. U
Harris,! ihe abolitionist , Editor of the New
Bedford Gazette, their only alternative? It
? a " " - ' . ' ' . -!-
can scarcely 00 credited, i we presume
there! must: be m the: Van Buren party in
Tennessee atone, many rheui identified in
feeling and interest, with the people of that
State, Who are capable, of conducting a po
litical itiurnal. Why were they over look
I ti i' ' - e 1 i'.L
edj .U a champion .of abolitfonism promo-
tea to :tne important ana legponstoie P''St
bfc4ndiicting the leading organ of the Par-
ty f Can any other mofe plausible reason
ne a?signea. man mat tney expected acces
sionst and sought to conciliate the incendi-
ariesjby honouring and rewarding ono of
ine niliars ol their cause i , . i
Biit the conduct of the Van Buren Edi
tor h)mself, in denouncing Southern Insti
tutions whilst at the XMortrr, and since his
soioqrn in the South, inveighing against his
o a comrades. fth Abolitionists) and cham
ml Southern Whitr with "d Ulitinh with o r....-;io Ur tilo v
iiiwimi , ui (iiouwa a ian ouwv iiui. ui iub I
r t r i , T y k - .
"Ti'T V.T r
1 iviist ui piiiiiipie accoruiiigo tiieir inter
; aic icaiimiru uy uu icgai u
trutli, no sense cf justice, and no sentiment
ot rriofalily, in the pursuit of their ends.
They vieed ihe people as fit suhjecls for
treachtry and deception!, and he, in their
f 1. 1 ' . 1 r ! 1 1- ,"
estimation, is the greatest statesman, who
cap make most by duping and betraying
theni. They (lurnnur the passions and pre
j'idirfes of the community th'ey ate in, and
are a, 1 1 things to all men- Their admiration
01 every nation is inproportion to ine inoi
vidual they chance to address.
Aecrj the Dutch character is the noblest in
the world ; to Monsieur, tlerei
is nothing
to co)npare with the "Grand Nation"---to
Saichey, Broad Scotland with its oat
meal; steril soil and industrious people, is
without a compeer, and St.! Andrew is ihe
god f f their idolatry to om Bull Merry
England" is the land of every j virtue, and
1 - -
to poor Paddy. Erin is the birth-place of
ine generous, tne ctiivairous and oppressed,
anil St. Patrick is the best Saint in (he Cat
enda. And to every jsect and parly, .whe
ther religious or political, its peculiar tenets
are fpunded in truth and wisdom. Hence,
while Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists,
the pope of Rome, cjc. are courted and
flattened, the Infidels are assured that they
are s good as- the best of them. And,
heticb, too, when the Abolitionists are vo
ters, jAboIition is tbe eience of all religion,
as ts of all Democracy . a&d slave-hotders
deserve to be'treated as robbers and murders.'
, I'' - 4 j . .
The Party which thu3 appeals to the pas
sions! and prejudices, and backs its appeals
with (the charms of money and honours,
tni (hereby seeks to undermine the basis
of all virtue, should combine against it ev
ery honest, virtuous and patriotic man.
Onp of bis neighbors once went to Nassef red
ding and solicited the loan: of a rope. The
Kbodjab went into his house, and, after a delay
of several minutes, returned, and tolJ the bor
rower! that ihe rope was in use tying op flour
Wbajt do yqa mean ?' said the neighbor ; how
can a rope be used to bind op flour ? A rope
may be applied to any use, replied the Kbodjab
when 1 dm nut want to lend it. ; U. & ;
Thirl w no truth in the story that Mr Can-
brelfnvha taken up a pro tempore residence on
the eastern end of JLonv bland, in order to be
elected a member of Congress froai hecce,
si- - 9 ... r- . i
JProm Sir Jtnca"Alexaodera Life t tl;
' ' " of Wellington.
uThe breaehins battery, on the mornlr t
SOih, was opened on the bastion. Uj-'j
tlnd of Mty, another cattery was esitt'!
in spile of the enemy's fire, and rlyed i-
u"m,a :if r,Sni; ufiu,l, 'th the su:
battery, kept up a terrific cannonade, iht' t
dtr J whpicb pr,verbem;d lolldS ar; :
hills, and seemed to shake bulb the fodrt
the camp. as the shock fell heavily u( -
walls ; and, if to render the effect 'con.r'n i
described by an eye witness. a magazine if
e,ts suddenly blew op in j tbe f rt, enj..
nrey devastatia.far and wide. V
J flames, bursting wuh the loud crasli,
I : . . .l . .1. .1.. ?i
1 . otaun, . y uuiuhom
I k .-... l-.l I I .
be lure darkened heavens, and bhoour
forked lisbinio'S through the war-o!ouJr
Upon the 3d of May a practicable breach
at lengihannounced, 10 ihfausse Lrac
and wu the night of theuthird, the mauna;.
became a heap, presenting only a yawnii ,'
Uii the morning t the 4ih the troop c .
for the storm were placed in . the trench cj
fore daylioht, and all cmtinued silent fur 1 :
time wnbin the, city. Th tour fixed vy
the assault was during that sultry, over-";
ing heat uf the afternoon, wh'n repute tec
almost a necessity, and the extreme l i3 ;
peculiar to the! climate, creeps over a!
uses. ccanng iauurs anu ail other tuut
the asszult had been early provided Lr ;
hat tcaa-e jntense, slumberous silence
"R.B ine . y t;f inft lur,re
i wiiie, on less awiut, was pressrveu in t
lrenche8. ,. w at lWa moa;ei. ihe t
s,r D. Baird, addressing the men b wa
ing to the .storm. cried, Now, brave If.
a . - . .
moiiow uie, anc prove yourseiv a worth v t
name ot British soldiers P Asuddeo rush f
I the trenches broke the pervadir.ff culm : it
thal tf the forlorn hcpe as it hastened krwa;
; i . ,. i .
opeu the way, fl owed with equal a acrttv
.e coiumQ dJeslioed Ut il9 8aprl ' -Vl,
l : r . ...
,oa iuckj coanaei 01 me,uauvey, 113 exj
i ui s not ore, ine inopeneei oreach, added to t
strength of tbe place and the courage an.)
o-'sdefendeisJ presented obstacles, auch
ly the force and courage of his men could Luv
justified an able commander in aiterjuptin to
vercome. : But j I regardless of a tremenduus 1. r
the troops, rushing through the bed of t he r;v -
reached the opposite bank, and jn less than 1
minutes the British colours were planted on 1!
summit of tbe breach.- In a few mure, it v..
thronged wiih men, who, filing off right ;
leu, oy uenerai Baird's directions, entered u;
the ramparts. In fact, tbe fort res 3 was V .
1 ieaotime, 1 ippoo dulian bad displayed rfie -at
f lhaQ skilI jPuyhaJ- cs
eCted to cut a trench o as to insulate the an
Ufthe fort in which the breach had been eflVcu
and the ramparts were soon cleared. Ti
- 1 morning ue naa risen eany, as usuat, and u
to visit tbe outer rampart, from which he c
observe. what was passing on both sides . Th f
he remained till Loon, when he took his c
tomary repast under a pandalor awning., Hat
ing left strict orders with Meer Goffar, a fan r
iie officer, to keep a strict guard, he hid scare
My Jelt 1 be spit before he was informed 1
1 Meer Goffer jwas killed by a cannon bail
- e repiiea. 7 Meet uonar was never
d of death lf and directing ifcis attendant
h'ad his carbines he instantly ordered the ire
mi j I . i
.1 under arms. Hastening towards the breach,
met hii troops h. fl.ght, anjaaw the van of t
- assailants scaling the walls He tjied to nil
iu i me iflgiuves, ooin ..oy nis voice and example, r -
I peatedly firing on tbe troops as they! moum
I ne nreacti. Almost alone, he retreated to t
n0r,n raraPar,8 where surrounded by nuc.h.. r (
his bravest troops, be continued to dispute !
.1 a . c inva "tio oi'Pl aiivuisii amiicu li v Hit r k.
filadiug fire from the inner walls. The hs- :.
anis were compelled to hJt, until lh IJ:
crossing the inber ditch, took him iu tlmk ; tv. !
he retreated, filuing, towatds the gate ui
inner fori. Here, he mounted his horse ; c: !
tbe British passing on, he made" fr the t''
followed by bis palanquin, and a number cf ; .
cers and t roups. Here he received a mu!.; :
ball in the right side, but still he kept hii ; i
till he was slopped half way through tf. a:, '.,
where he was Htruck by a second ball, c!u. i
the other His horse being also wounded ';r,';
undef him, and his tofban fell lo the gioo.v !.
He was raised up by bis officers, now fat faliir ;
around bSm,and placed in his pilanquin, wf. ,
he lay exhausted til, the Europeans rush : r -in,
one of the soldiers seized theSuIians s..r j
belt, wvhich was. Vfery rich, and attcmi trd ;
poll it off. Roustd at tbe indignity, the r. i
ed monarch made a cot at tbe soldier, whom !
wounded in the knee,' and at the same tnt?.r
was himself shot throogh the bead. He i -stamly
expired, where he lay surroundtd ly
hear8of the dying and the dead. Maj'.r All : .
was tbe first to summon the palace, which
rendered after a brief parley ; Geo. Baird v.-:.;
already at its gates. The sons of Tippoo v. tr
browghl into his presence : terror was 'unfit : I
upon their features; and they had not yt hi I
of their father's death. They knew the suf
ferings which Gen. Baird. when a prisoner, 1.- !
ondergone, and tpat several Europeans, ul .
during' ihe siege. Lad been pat to death. V-:
.the just indignation of their conqueror gave way
to milder feelings as he beheld in era trc;;.',' '
before him, with their eyes bent in tears a; ;
the ground. 1 He at once soothed their fear?, fi
gured them of their safety, and bade them rely
oo the promises of protection which he had j:ir
eni General Baird now proceeded to the north
ern gateway, where he was informed that t! :
Sultan had falleo. W'heo tbe i body was t: :
recognized amidst heaps of slain, the eyes Ktu
opined apd it was so warm, that Colonel Wel
lesley, who wai already on the spot, was du t
ful whether he did not still breathe; his c ui
teoance was in no way disturbed, but wor z :
appearance cf a fearless calm. His turban. j3 ::
et and sword belt were gone; and an fficer ' -w
present, with ihe leave cf Gen Bird, v. r:
off from his right arm the talisman, which c 1 - p -taioed,
sewed op in pieces of fioe f2jefed e ! V,
an amulet, and some magical characters writ's .t
in Arabic and Persian. Tb? body was p! i c J
in the paljoqam, and conveyed to the cart tt
J the pa lace--whence he bad only, that xajti.u
issued still the Sultan cf ths My sore,
.a-i - -'. VIC'S!. fv
"I t-hm &i-'iiVi' 1 1
iff it' MSS" i-1:' "
1 1 1

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