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ritV is certain stale of the .nind.
M-umiinied by ind.gesi.on, -Therein the
vSairfienH r apprehended upon -he slight
iMMVilrflKe worst cnrq.ieneeS imagined.
?Tr il.-- . this diasp
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lit cllrtJ'h?P"cnoiiuni mcn
l1lii,I'iilv.n,!l railed hVPchof.driinhl
fij: t, a ft , ----- - -i i
jj , ,jMy rr-: , aiddinesi, dimness
i - . i 'li-n nl tor in ahilil
law M PTO MS
isyl-7M- --- . acrid eructalionn.
buM-ftls. acrid eructations,
pains, giddiness, dimness
nd often an utter inability
t uf im-
thine that de
sll'? Min n.rrfipctpd. acoiotnyinied with
?IM i 'he nervous Uatem -
iyii:eelW.and peculiar train u( ideas
I Jfeiiliit exhibit n infinite Jivernty. I h
to this auiic-
tre as open
tiM vnZ&siil men
lm& iH:f eakest. ,:
IPlfctaWlitVofay Ikiod,
especially 8-
late hour in the nihi,
Tiif&nered by social Intercourse or ex-
ioidirgeas, the obstruction of the inen-
'.LU-i.'i-i.aH.fitrnoaI eruntion relaxation or
I ft.' . y .3- If TREATMENT.'
tf Erpl ejects of treatment are; toref
Iteilndi Jllion, lo strengthen the body, and
viifirPi!earlT hours, resolar
Janihtetsationr The bowels (if costive)
kffleariujly regulated by the occasional -use
H,ai!dlnlrilnt. : Wekiiow nothing better
oMiiiii obtain this end.'than i Dr. VVilliani
tilttsiilllienVPill3 being ' mild and certain
kMTiti Oration. :1 he bowels bem once
Jedvlpinestimable Camomii Pills,(which
U Wnic ind . ami-spasmodic; are an
hpayibla remedy, and without dispute have
i lreailblesaing to the numerous public.
f ie stcians hate recommended a free
MmerMM bat it should not be resorted to ;
i&Utrn swe.asea 'it will ?reatlv
EDiTdns and pnopiticTons.
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rtiblishcd U-ccUtj at Tico Bolls, and Fitly CuA l
16 VOLUME Yin,
. WHOLE jvo: sso.
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lom 'Jii LouistUlc Literary News Letter. I
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Astonishing Facfs.
iiifllilltfedsfiitsr w J Jli
jy; 0 U-tyUbbert Monroe, bchujlkill, afflicted
titfi lbeabdlre distressing malady. Symptoms:
f I at tinour flatulency, distoibed rest, ner
lain '- -svL -'.i:m...l... -f k.,;ni....
.!ijilttHctw jacross the breast.
breathing, tightness
dizzines69, ner-
OUS If lltaQl lij au jcsnessiiBss, vuuiu -uv 110
iiliaflioimjijW -position without the sensation of
mnendioif suffocationpalpitation I of the heart,
SilitMskiflir lditi?fii costi veness; pain of thestom
icihiMrowsiness, great debility and deficiency of
Alefvao$enefgy. Mr R. Monrpe gave op
rf;iho1ii!t6f recovery k and dire despair 'eat
iiiiolatnante of every persoji interested in
i3xisttvcl! or tlappiiies, till by accident be
fcfed. i d i ? public pa per' some cures effected byj
pmyMlRANS' MEDICINE ! in his com-f
ilatjjil4ndu(d hira tu putchase a pack
i 0(Wtti8. which 'resulted tnf completely
rtrioTin4ry symptom of his j disease. He
s la sn;v ms mouve ior wns uegiaiaiiuu is,
ttU'Uhosli ifilicted wilh the same or any symp-
yi;mpnfo those: I
from.' which he is happiir
likewise receive the inestimable
1 i
' I kaevUhey would perish !
This beaatiful flunrersf
As th hopes that we cherish
In 3 oath's sunny bowers
I knetti they'd be faded 1-1
'Tlibogh with fond gentje care
Their bright leaves were shaded,
Decay was still there, j
Soallftbat is brightest j
Eir! first fades away
And Uijeijoys that leap lightest
Thfe jearliest decay. j
The rjeart that was Dearest -'
The widest will rove, j
And tb friend that was dearest
Tre first ceased to love. -
i J 1 : - ' - ' ! .-
And tjhe potest, the noblest.
Tbp loveliest we kuow
- Are ever the sorest, ; ;..
I The jsoooe&t to ga f 1
Thej hids that sing sweetest,
Thl ifluwer most pore j
In thir; beauty are fleetest,
i In ibeir fate the most sore.
. ; ri if - ; j - '
: Yet still thoogh thy flowers
Are wiihered and gone,
TbeyNyilI live like some hoors
In memory alone.
In that!halluwtd shrine only
3 1
bleep things wevroutdjenensn, j r
Pure fenceless, loved-lonely, I
,. fi..ii i.t-u ! i il
'.jjjjji. .. ;
.Then JMl monrn ye no more
Ye' pale lea ves that are shed,
. Though your brightness is o'er
. Yoof: perfume is not fled ;
And tike thine aroma U
I Theispirtt of flowers-1
. Remembrance will hover;
4 0 erj the grave cf past hoars.
1 -
M -
it t s
"Aa lamos bftm silent with unconscious lfphf.
So modest ease in beauty shines more briglit ; j
irtaimtrtff-charms with edge resistless fali i
And she who (neans no mischief j does it all."
there, that will dohow 'beaolifafly that
music- sounds that will do just fight
tbey are promeoading, by ihe sound in
deed Mart you will look prettier jhap af
ter all that blue belt contrasts very pretty
fvith your neat white muslin. won't you
have one bunch of these flowers ? let ,me
fix them in your hair how beautifully
white they ire why you look like a shep
herd ess I am sure, Marjr, ou won't need
to feel awkward" and jhus she kept talk
ing, partly to encourage her Cousin arid part
ly" ro suppress the risings of selfdiiappro
bation which she coold nt altogether avoid
feeling for having accepted her cousin's of
fer, -v- ; ijj If ': -Prepared
to descend, the two cousins,
who were jet in their teens by a couple of
years proceeueu wiui uuiiering nearis, aiong
with' the brother of Isabel, (o mix with the
assemblage belnw. Each Was attired ac-
cording to her own taste, notwithstanding
the misfortune that had harmeijid).pThe
simplicity of Mary's drees suited the sim
plicity of het sweet expressive cm Isa
bel was dressed for effect: 6he sparkled and
glowed with ornaments ;J while Mary; wore
a simple chain upon her neckt andj thp white
sprig of flowers in her hair j -The beautiful
form of Isabel showed with peculiar! grace
through -the light transparency that: envel
oped it ; ner cousin'9 was not less beautiful,
zoned with delicate bide.; The! one was
fascinating, ihe other was lovely.
' The world was fresh to both. , ;J hey were
yet inexperienced in the-iHisivenes$'of its
tninds j$ j ike the
er. ; Between the
visions. Ltle to young
landrflnn In thfi tr.tvrl!
spot on which he stands and the far off out
line whichflimits his vision, there are ft thou
sand bright objects rejoicingj in theisun, but
w hen he bas passed beyond them al, and the
Hay has gone down, bejlooks back! on that
landscape in its mantle of i'mist aii4 those
thousand bright objects' are turned into
shadows. J Such is experience, j- ! j ,
' And thus lay the world before ouryyoung
heroines. Yet tbey saw it in differehtrlights,
according to their different tastes. jand the
different manner in which they had been ed
ucated. Isabel beheld it in the brightness
of a May morning : tho more chastened im-
down, among the lost weeks of your
You have been learning by 1 experience
what 1 learned) by precept. My mother J
has often remarked to me, that the world
will regard us very 'much as we regard the
world. It will
which we fit oo
feet the society
assigb us to those (ircles!in
selves to more. If we if-
of the gay if we assume) a
dress and manner to attract their admiration,
it is natural to ; expect that we shall make
tbem our companions ; and as the t linndol
ators of dress and fashion gather about ls,
the truly refined will lea?e us to out coq
genul associates. How many mistaken
people, my mother is accustomed to observe,
by adopting an ostentatious style of living,
and by educating their sona jand daoghiers
with a view to fashionable accomplishments
rather than a true elevation of character, at
tract to the acquaintance of their families
those who are JaF from being of the beat
class of society, to respect either to eulli
vation of minder. true refinement of man
ners. Light-mioded triflers become die
companions of ftheir sons, and! fops flattier
their daughters! And in proportion as: this
sort of people become familiar aty our house,
your most valuable acquaintances will grail
ually fall off You may invite them ever
so sincerely and make j them everso wel
come, yet they jwill hardly j persuade them
selves that their unostentatious manners are
(congenial to. place .where adifferent sort of
people axe so free to come."
' Your 'mother replied Isabel, us a
happy exempfification oOier doctrine.
With the means of magnificence, all about
her is simple and plain ; and I aril always
struck with the goodness and good sense, of
the conversation in her ratlour. Evely
body js charmed with her society, ana feels
a consciousness of elevation in' the ctrle
of berfriends. ) have alwavs respected her
good sense and jrevered her .worth, while'; I
.my owr
It is getting latej Mary, and I will bid you gdod
oight ; and when: we next visit the Springs you
shall wear your fine things yodrself.' r ft
' And have.yofur fine beaus too, at my elb6W,
f suppose replied Mary ; I thank you indeed.
agination of her cousin
contemplate in the soft
setting sun , of autumn.
A week went by, and Pleasure had flown
pt. Joseph " So here' We are," said Mary Uci her and serenades and dances, When Isabel said
;ly afflicted cousn, as they entered their chraber at to ber cousin, as. they ittired to the rest of
'ii:m A C
Miw ill EiCjMhnsitii,i wife 'of Cai
joKii?onuf Ly rin , Mass. was severely i
SfTfflr1 l reuxfioient pain lhe ena 0f bur ftshionable tour 'did you
ana vommog, imi a uuih...S uwi lnn nirn. It,! 9nd it tal
pillars clothid to the top with woodbine ?'t
1 scarcely noucea tne piazza,':: saja ist
ahel (1 but really, tbey" looked quite! brill
her round, her round
was accustomed to
but rich luslie of the
tf gay assemblages
a; tier iiea'Oi
li$!iefstfr6ahrrnd unable to leave her room.
Hiplcull id no relief jfrom the advice of sev
erlfinlivlicittns, nor frooi medicines of any -kind,
tLfiwj attersje naa commenced using ur t.yans
qllicihl"! lOO Chatham street and from that
J ii; Blifi K a a 1 v i amend, and feels satisfied if
tljfcunniilli(7 medicine a . few days longer,
4flMbee fccily cured j Reference can be had
stp th (rlflh of the above, by calling at Mrs
Jljsona.4bglltet'8 Store," 8S9 Grand street,
! 4ifi'wH!Anie afi'-v'tteniiiVi No 115 Lewis
srtf-H a4itit 'Mahton and Houston. sis., afflic
iijfor ten yVars wilh the following distress! n;
; symptoni? 2. j.rtCMi -eruciaiion, aay spasmus
i pjtfjs in?tDC bfad, loss of appetite, palpitation
; tfipr l?fci giddiness and dimness;of sight,could
Dot ilie mi Jferlfiaht side, disturbed rest, uiter in-
fx. '4-.':L' j.'i! - - -' J: j 1 1
their chamber,
1 am sick of this place, t am sure, Mary.1
" Sick ! cousin." W
ing belle of the day
hy you are the reign
Indeed, Isabel you
are quite the centre of attraction, and the
liant in theidrawin-room, ss we passed up envy 0 half the tine ladies here," (
the stairs M l think we shall need to appear " I am centre to nothing but tony, " said
in our smartest, or we shall he overlooked Isabel, how could brother George mtro-
in such an Imposing company." - j duce to me that frivolous joung Dr , B. of
i,. i w . - ' j i . . . w m. m m . a i. a
"And I hope we shall, Isabel, myself, I Aibany ; who nad no omer c:airo upon nis
mean.nsaid Marv ; I came but to see, voti 1 notice and none at all on mine than nis
know."!)! II! : " ! !l having been one of George's classmates ex
Why. hot to see and be seen cousin ? pejled loo, for dissolute conduct : and what
ui ma&o me
iskered tri-
iseculed and!
i - i
thought her plan of education not quite u hap
Bat I shall learn to make her imodehmy ownl
ssing This i3 a place where one would wish to should Dr. B do of course, hut oj
?odc 'appeaVtd'a'iivantage.'' :' : I ' - it ! the acquaintance of all tie whiske
lon ?f " Isahel knew that she was not destitute of tiers of the place. 1 am petsecul
mnrtlA I .. i.i I . i r 1 i I . . . . - '. I ' , ! II . I
the graces of form and feature and the def- vexed with their attentions auovean wnn
H IIICUI IICTCr USD SU ilUlth l 1 viui , r--: j-
There isa sequel to this story, which ,lhe
lapse of several years enables me to add. But it
hardly need be told, especially since the morjj is
furnished in the above conversationT; Our hero
ines returned to their homes, ' and i Isabel, t :do
doubt, was soon forgotten of all her fickle ad.
- - , j fl' f
mirers ; and would have been glad to havlas
soon forgotten them.r Nevertheless they bad
taught her a lesson which! it would be hapjy if
other young ladies would learn as well as she.
The two cousins returned to the Springs!; the
next season Isabel as bride-maid tc'Marv
The happiest of brides she had reason to be, if
excellence of heart and mindstill more than the
grace of his manly person and manner, cpuld
make Mr. L. a partner according to her faney.
- -: " I - i ' - " i
i it?. ' rr i r--: . v
hbi ifkitrri.ffrteis .and' weariness tf life; disconten-
14d disiissjue on every slight occasion, she
c6ceit4heCouid neither die norlive; she wept,
lr(enifdi j desponded, and thqughtT she led a
n3ii insrale life nevet; was one so bad, with
fil4w tftnial hallucinations. IK
jlrHipy ha the advice of several eminent j over, with
;ician, una iiao recourse to numerous medi-
Why did yiu not contrive to re
this evening Mary, from that irk
. . . .' r '
cerly turning over the contents, apparently some. Mr, Vt- " stood up peiore me.or
in Kfiarch bf someUiins missms : H Whv. paraaeo at my sine, uw wane wwiv, uu
they mustbe io yours Marjr, prayjpnlock was so assiduously' polite that there was no
.1 koan far hahinH I' I !
Hioy cau lino.5 ifci Bkiiiuu . , i
Marv's trunk was examined ; 11
contents' dfithe other were
lincreasing looks jf conce! n. But
iha missin!? thincs could not be found.
!SPlw4 not obtain isven temporary alleviaV Tfa fotn done upj and with aObieotH
1- flll W8!rjnff;;f. Ull hea' husband per- cr ornarnul articles, were overlooked in
I itIeMAwlnuile relieved, and finds herself packing., i , .i . I . fi
InliMpa of attending to lier domestic af- The prior; girl was actually, pale tfth djf-
iijtjvos that she enjoys as good healthjat appoinimepi iao e.pwwnw. -V,9Ui
at any
"I did think of sending George to beg
ned ; ihen the you to join.our pleasant gtodp in the corner,
againj hauled but you seemed quit hajipy io thjff society
pieseaj M
? i J . Kenh
h owo,r
,t t i - -Is
of Mr. Q. I saw your smiling very gra
ciously in reply to his attentions.?
c3miles are not always nappiness nor
complacency eitherji I am sure mine were
not, for I was tired but of measure.'
' He seemed a man of fashion.7
How I longed to be quit of him !
neriod of her existence, of the heart at! this sudden dissipation of he stood up before me all breathing of per-
husband of the aforesaid Anne I her dreams' of display, as overwhelming for j fumes, and entertained me a full hour with
beffjre me.ihis Hih day of December,'
fijrER Pirckmey. Com. of Deeds.
the moment as if , some real calamity bad nothing but 'E'lipsej, ant) the great jhorse
happened'j'to darken her prospects jfor life.- race, and his water-dog and span e!, and all
Was tiiere ever any thing.?' she fetclaim- such gallant nonsense besides die Iprelty
IMMiAlATlSM. wiih
- i r. U , f .
ed .sb Vexatious ! why, I can't sty here, j compliments which
Jt--". C UA Aan tall ; I ..ill. il '1
1 c n . n . i mart, i suau i oo u. iu us ossu. i wuh .
auui? auutk :l.lfij.n .LLi ;r !
an AffeBiion f t'h-1 serviniiw cau orutuc. u. if i"-
I to mix
rul - .nndr ll .-.l nnt hnihle to desDatch la messeocer al
WmJIEVANS' 100 .Uhaiham sueet. Nw. tertheih "1 - ! r Hl v
York, J j.Mr Benjamin '3 Jstvis, 13 Centre st. I " What! three hundred miles, Uabe), for
!!' afll'cie for four years with . f-- fine: thincs to wear a week ?ltButne-
The compliments were foiyi$ji,jI sup
pose : the rest of his! discourse was incense
to himself.'!
Mere self-adula
fj' h .fi 8' W. -'!? t,w,t ver miiiajyou shall wear mtVbite latin and
McreWd ooithetightest motion, the tooBue. a ...,uLr aJL..lA
eWf (I al steady whiteness ; Joss of appetite,
lls jiji his head, ilie bowelscommonly ?e
I J cUi'ifij lie urine biab ' coloured . and ofiea
r,ffl1 sJiHfogunatiend a-1 ownarirjare superfluousj to me I only bas given no proofs
f!fJWohis were also attended with consid
Mib idifficalt. nf hroihin,r reitS sense of
Jinued Isabel, was ail tne wnitejenjoymg
the, conversation of i thef intelliglrti Mr L
lace-dielsl jand my wreath ( of flowbsand Thai Mr L. by the jwayj, is beadffitng quitH
whateverjelse, I can inrnisn to supply your partial to you, i perpeive. j i
eUCienfieS , luey Will Ul jiu a mcmos juui i - t uu wusi uo f j.iovwifii ivi .
ion i and yrju," con-
of it.
PH8 cross the chet iTkewise a great want
4t1eif?',iii the nervons system r ,
"" "Jill t -j'ciwuafncio ruuiFii , ismviv.j
$Px t effected bv Or Wro Evans- !
; f! f r- . . . . . .
44 A, secret to you it natorallyi may be,
I il iftiivirlanl'tn mP.Wv. Ii ; r Hi I
MtyfflXw .York.
:-'iJi i'b'-w - . - li ".--
W ,hU facts stated in the a-
yfjV - 8 sublPd bv him, are in all
respects: true. r : ftpvf c iVntrie
1 i tf . 'i.t Fi"uV'JOHIIWt
before toe, thish23iU r v ,k-. toi:
' .' SM by the following j?ffenf.''
and generous you shall wear them yoor- But his eyes follow yon
self, an3 iiahe continued, making an efr do not why you need not
fort taoejgay, y will get into a coiner and I prouder of bis
see the1 admiration whicb yoo will attract ; pfa hundred socbaccbmpl
From the Genesee Fen.:
Sctool Tenders.
l TccrjtFaroishing the s?:
sand Americaa schools with well q r !
V 19 perhaps, the most iar pot ta c i s
dimculi aubject connected with 'lit i
and tnoral -character, and tf cout'3 r
erties of our Republic. Ai J,n 3 1
verr other article of 'commerce, i ' :
best market, men of high iaie!!ecic!
attainmeats cannot He rttaintd h
twenty fite dollars a ' month, while c:
aiuna t fat four limes the salary, ui :
the; labor aod drudgery, and twice the
bilily. No matter how many Te ar!
oarh-s are established, or hbw ritbly
and how great the nomber or the r
of teachers, tbey can never be ret;;.,
mOO Schauta, tin tit thav ,r. rm'J . i
.ten as this route has been follnwrl t I profession of teacnincr siand as l,i-
travllers, and numerous as have been the sl,a,lioo a that ot law, medicine" i
pictures of these places, they-Fliave never i-u most u 'wcted on t:
Sidon, wearing an aspeet
of Italian ele
gance ; Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Joppa, aod
other spots of hallowed ground, f
. . . trod by those sacred faet . I ,
That eighteen hundred years ago were nailed.
our reuempuon io tne outer crosa. ,
rcuresentea wun ffrinrt-n i .i 7
adeauam i ih.l- 7 r.''""''- P"w' no han tbree-FourU s t '
Buwiiwiiy. , LiTCir One lrt Kl tm.t.Aa ... l.
musi nave ion now tusutncient have.bep-i I wives. ,
tne pictorial notions given of -them anil best fitted to
and no higher praise can be awarded to Da. best fitted for the interest of oar fie
vid Roberts than this, lh3l he satisfies the ?.iew of lhat faci, no one can douit, Y
demandsTof theTi magi nation. Words ean 'IMcieotffic farmer may t .
Sri ni!;dr ' rm' d- &j:b"
tails, the massiveparts and the elesant en MltinJLjM. uL , .
sem6e of the Egyptian temola: the ,r.n. iCi L'"!' .
Ueur and naroiooy of j their proportions are I winter profession, for a coarse il
commensurate, with their stupendous altU I made far better teachers, than are e:
luce ana vast extent ; so that the whole. sloaeoi or a college, or n medirai, !
when taken in. by the eye at a distant view ,la,,J ,,oden,s ho DSe icachirg es ;
has an air of classic beaut glowin with C$ V" ProM;d iWm mt
a hall aupported by rowsof columns nearly frVm the afuden.. mentioned, it ,9 ev (
the height or the York Column, but of larg- they mo8tau all the emtmras-rr.?
girth, and covered with paintings of the aod other evils which eannotfail toar:
most brilliant hues colours so intense that xperienced laborers f 'andnut inxperi.
they beggared the artist's palette and he ,T 001 tnose makirg noaicniau
may have an
of these temp
itraves are sea
a L s . j - . I -u .wv
ruw ill iifiiiKPS in nnp ni nnr nmrnv nn. I .l. . i .
- w. -v. guiiiiM, j uic waoi oi sa-.aries ana experier;r:
and the eriect of the fallen columns may be measure, at least, be removed. Ti
compared to a row .of millstones resting I could not affoid io teach in his our
- - - . - - - i- . . I .1! I 111 . - .i r
against eacn
crag for the
inn wnnnpr1 nrt nsroo
fifty dollars. As with the aid ia
Hu..0 .wuum. uTctuiiow sucn - ponuerous h'.wm;nkki..'M j h...
heaps of stone, that seem as if they form- ,y the assistance of biswns witht-ci S
ed part of the foundationsof the earth, he might attend to all the winter t
iiAcij uwiuuieuuwu io insect size oeneam
their towering height; and their lateral di
mensions are proportionably greater than
their altitude i j I y "
It will not be wondered that these sketch
es should give such new and grand' ide
oi me remains oi Egyptian greatness, when efforts than a kind of interlope, 1
war ui uuuu tuai nooeris is me nrsr eapeo irom another prolession, just J. .
painter who has depicted them1. The arch- to secure zjev dollars to help him on t
itectural drushtsmen who accomnanied respecuble calling. The former wo. .
Denon have given miniature delineations the alert to learo the modes of teac! i
of; .them, and amateurs havlketcliid them.; fef1.1?. ??V9$?? V0.' "
but nartistpossessed of skill and power
wuc -,'M. V. ' 'ucai " 'er enormous ways do meet, any proposals for sch
m.gimuuu uau uiiueriu essayeu me oimcuit t ments. with, 1 have not lime to allc:
idea of the scale and splendor M o acquire eniier expui.t
les: Fragments of the arch- yoS jnersadopt,ng
k . r- - i A fession during the wioter, for a couim-
ttered about as big as a whole .-a .kwJ k.-.ka.. i .
9 iimiciiu iiiauiuiuuiiiu. r
io a row .ot millstones; resting coid ihh anoid io teach in his own
:h -other, supported by a huge 4niHJ dollara a month, for four mentU
i capital, j How1 they ever fell is ihta one who depended tni;
no power less than an earth- ii ?J-Ty!
farm, ia addition to his servicts in i!
- It is evident that a young (ztn.iri
teen or eighteen 'years of age, shai. 1 J
shaping his course for the bWness t
as profession, though ft might fc bui f -ter,:,
woo Id act under Vert dilTere-. t
and . consequently making greater
- . a a v
as l musi seep along witn my class r,
or I wish to be admitted to the bar r e:
year, or to a license for preaching cr
medicioe. '
To my mind it is evident, that a p
mer, who has also the science and ih
eoce for teaching, may be better qnahf
acaiing farmers, than any person u ;
teaching exclusively his firofessioti. 1;
ting his pursuits oi science and read
brought! them to Pratifv aunt Isabel, who
would; have U9 to be diessed alike.!7 V 1 but it is evident to me.'f if r
She thinks 1 am never so pretiif as when j He does not, aii leaM," rejqihed Mary,
I look !like"youL replied Isabel! buj 1 h attach ?himself tofm.e wherevfjrfl go, like
can't roDtou, &iarv vou are always so good those yon complain otr
" But nis eyes lotiow yon tnoogn nis leet
colon; cousin
.company than
see the1 admiration whicb yoo will attract ; pfa hundred such accomplished jtriflers as
1 nave met wim nere. ; lie is so intelligent
and cheerful; so maply atid sincere, that one
rannot help being'conscious of pleasure in
his society .The tohrs maybJl beaus, but
he is the true senttemimSl j i 111!
If The; courts of folly," Mary remarked,
sometimes become the school of Wisdom
Theywill prove ao to joti, Isabel. The
week yon nave spent here though you have
I shan't! be quite lost to the part v. for I shall
serve toleet too off to advantage, ff i
1 Ma$ tjoweier jrisistedf and indeed de
clared that the articles should'temain in ber
trunk urless Isabel wore them ; and the lat
ter, y leldmg to ber cboaift generosity; and
her own. reviving anibiUpn, accepted herjof
fer but1 half self reproached and thua
they betook 'themselves to; the toilette
dont you think we look burnt with thesph?
Prlv Shelp me fix these curls! alary I not experienced all! the light bearted happi-
ness yon anticipated from it, frill not be set
David Roberts has returned from
East, after an! absence off twenty months ;
with invigorated health and ja prjrtfoljt) of
(-ketches that will'furtiish ample .materials
for pictures to enrich the exhibitions for
years to come : meanwhile the I sketches
themselves will be the talk of the world of
art, and the grand attraction of the conver
sation for the jnext season. , ! By the kind
ness of Mr Roberts, tve fjiaye be eh favour
ed with a aigol'of themintlWery .'ijigb
gratification ii was; astonished at the kvon
drous scenes themselves , was divided, with
admiration of; the artjstV skill. Never till
now has tho magnitude of! the stuperdous
remains of Egyptian art oeen made evident,
to the senses : the scale of all pictorial de
lineations hitherto has fallen far. short of
the idea conveyed by measurements! and
descriptions ' The platesHn Denon I are
toy-like in comparison. Indeed,! the sight
of the realities themselves j could hardly
more im press - the mind ' than fdo these
sketches, Tftey are mqs beaiitifiHy.drawn
in pencil on neutral tinted paper, witrS the
neatness anq ' preeis)oni of ootlfjhe of an
architectural idrcghtsman, arid coloured suf
ficiently to give local truth of detail land
indicate the Ipeculiar ecta of the land
scape and climate. The Style is jpure sim
ple, and elegant ; and tne ellects are pioad,
chaste, and harmdnious.l L I ! ."11 "
The most remarkable subjects are Cairo,
with its narrpve streets Iresembling fissures
in tnmp hnrrp. nile lromnosed of superb
mosques of red-striped stucco with richly'-
carved minarets aud domes, blending the
Saracenic and Byzantine architecture;! the
Temples of benders andj Carnac ahdwing
iKe portreous colouring ; ua.. covers- ineir
walls, columhs, ai.d Sarcljitraves ; the
pie of Ebsambol,wtih4rta! coloslat s
half hurled in sand ; jthejtyr -raids of
zeh; the buit of the Sphynx looking like
the head of Some subterranean giant thrust
up to gaze on the pigmy race on its surface;
thetwo statues of Memmon, sealed eternal
ly Cith placid, benignant faces, like images
designed perpetually 'to admonish mortals
of their littleness and tranaitory pates; the
desert city of Petra, jts rocky pinnacles
towering to the sky, and the lice 6(1 ib
perpendicular diffs 5: perforated i with holes
leadCig to the dwellings of men ; the - wil
derness of Sinai with lU awful mount;
Tennessee may boast of a conqueror of the
beasts of .the forest -her leccentnc, her la
mented Crockett ; and New York may boast
an explorer of the raightydeep her unfor
tunate, her ill-fated - Sam Patch ; but to old
Rip superannuated fofd 1 Rip Van Winkle ter, with his farming operations in
is reserved tne honor or producing a son I would not only make education i...r
who wrestles with the monsters of the Ocean I farming more scientific, conseq
'-. and rnnmipra ihm in T.i. Kt.t I prolessions woo Id be benefitted Hi
i o
is it a. bull on their own ground.
Frotnfiie'tVashington (JST. C.) JVtig. '
' Some few. days since, Francis Dixon, a
pilot at Ocracoke bar, who stands five feet
six inches in his stockings, whilst on a fish
ing excursion in Pamlico sound, discovered
some large specimen of the finny tribe en
tangled in one of his nets His compan
ions, four in number, on closer inspection,
discovered that the intruder was a well
grown shark, and in dismay fled to their boat
and plied manfully the oars to its sides,with
a view of intimidating the scalv bull? from
approaching nearer hallooing the while to plan here propped Jor supply i
ri.Vw- r-.u .l- would have at least these ad
Dixon (who was wading breast deep on the
and experiments in geology, botany, .
chemistry, natural philosophy, i .
raade for the benefit of his pupili in :
could be applied, during the sncc
mer, both by teacher and pupil uyun r
Experience folly proves that sun.',
which are composed principally d
small boys, are most prosperous, urid r i
of ladies, as are schools of small r f ;'.
season. If a farmer should have char
in his own district for a coursa of y
the winter, his sister or as the ca- ?
his. daughter, might have ih!ss3rLr
ring the summer, whtn he wouKi
kind of double interest in its soccfs-.
It must be evident from lhfs vi-
now pursued, viz : it would
L' -t. . I. l-l.. ....L .L U..i Z.. J
their surprise when; they sa w that, instead of j giT scbools the adraniage pnr:
following their example, the daring pilot was Ury. It must also confer opn )-:
making his way towards the scene, rolling j vantages which a-ould be lot, if tc
up his sleeves, and swearing 14 the d d
cretur should not tear up his net thatfash
ionV Up to his word, wjtb clinched fists,
cxtlusictlu a Droession. viz: the r
experimental knowledge with thf ry,
young children, and to girla ad vane
lion, the advantage of ladies tt thY -ir t
In connection with the s)siem t
" circoit schools, Io be held r. l
monthly, and aitended by teacher? c; I
who were familiar wih the sier- ' ,
plied with apparatuarand apecimer.s f
ting them, would be highly impomr.'.
in aiding yoonggenilemen and lad
fytng themselves lor teaching. Akr
said on the economy, and power, t ::.
system of itineracy, whether conr.t :
liion or education, bot the preterit t.
not permit it. I can oniy acn, 111 i
he pounced upon his adversary. His Shark
ship, though conscious of bis powers, seem
ed unwilling to risk an engagement on the
shoal, and made for deeper water, which in
spite of his rider he reached, and commenc
ed his fight by plunging and rolling over,
(this fish turns upon his back when be
attack?,) yet his antagonist with his left aim
and legs retained his hold, aware that the
loss of it would be certain death. For a
while. the chances were in favor of the
shark: be bad the advantage; a blow with pecifully, and always yours.
the hand spent its force ere it could be felt
under water ; bis neck was too slippery io
allow choaking; his eyes too well protect
ed by bony gills to render gouging of ahy
avail : he was in his own element and had
unobstructed road to the ocean. Dixon
could not livevery long in this plight, and
whenever he should be compelled by fatigue
and weakness to let go, his business would
be settled. All these rr flections s rved on
ly to render more cool the too daring native
of terra firrna. At length, as a dernier re
sort, he felt for his knife ; but what difficul
ty in getting a wet hand into a wet pocket :
he did however, and opening it with his
teeth, dashing the salt spray from his brow,
he look his aim, and buried it to the hill in
the monster's throat, raking him down tb
the tail The tables now turned ; relieved
of so much weight and rendered resistless
bj-this operation, the sbaik was easily tow
ed to the shoal. 1 Ue companions, mini
J. Hci
ed bv t'e example of the brother fisher
man, plunged into i the sound and swam to
him, but their aid was not wanttd now ,
Ladies Riding Sidacays. The L
inroduction of riding tideways by v,c
land is attributed to Anne of ,
Richard 11. She it was (accoreir j
that originally showed the women 1.
ly and conveniently tbey might rl
back sideways. Another old biyun-.
ting the new iaabion of Richard t'.
reign, observes Likewise oob
osed high beads and corronet, a.: i
irams, and seals on side saddU c ri
bf the example of the respectable Q
daohter of ibe King of Bavar:a,
triocfd ihe eusaota inu this kir.2,!
fore HOirien of every rank a"
OrtCM i a used in China a sp r
re used in civilized cominuf.ui s
intoxication, or Ibe Indians say, t i
coTie. The Chinese aqthnniu s i.
ted its importation into the Easpir- f
penalties the opium to be eunfiVaU .
i Hi purlers to be capitally executed.
Usury. The New Vorkers ars -tending
tor a repeal of the laws
2 'X.
. 15!"! i
. J
I ; - ;.; S . . f '..--- - , -
-.-?; -. 1 tHi' -t ! 1 P -----"' ' - .!-' - ' ---- ,. --J.:

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