North Carolina Newspapers

    , ..." U . J. :"'i"'. 'f',"tf "'. : "
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.frem ffta oafcritfe Banner,
Can anv of the akcaus" democratic
cubs btVtht present day tell who that ttattiis,
who, io looking over bis political life, m to be
found alone Jime, strenuously opposing Madison
and aiding-the Fcderalisia io carrying the, ote
of New York against bim J another, soppott
ing Madison and denouncing the Federalist !
at one time, supporting De Witt Clinton -ol
another-opposing and traducing him at another'
Hill approving of all that great maoV eat
Works lot one time the friend of iht United
States Bank, and petitioning for branch thereof
tube located at Albany at rnibiher opposed to
the V. 8. Bank bat in fa or of a National Bank,
such as Gool Jarksott might furnish an outline
cT at another stilt opposed to any kind of a Na
tional Bank, opon the grounds both of constlto--tionality
and expediency Vat one luna over: bgad
and years la lo?e with the State Banks jsjjjjrfae
safest depositories of the public money at an
ttKtt denouncing, with GenI, Jackson fbosetjve
ry State Banks as traitors and swindlers ! at one
Unit most ardently opposed to the Sub-Treaattfy
Scheme1, and atrreehT? with the Globe, that it
Would ! be D1S0&GJUU2I56 tod RETOLtTTldlt-
art, subversive of the fundamental principles of
our Government and its entire practice from
1789. down to this day." and that "the effect
of the Scheme would be to bring the ! Public
Treasure much nearer the actual " cuatody and
control of the ? President " than it is now, arid
exnose it to be olundered bf a hundred bands,
where one cannot now; reach it "erf ! another
resolving to sink or swim with that very Scheme,
persisting in recommending it even after the Peo
ple hare three several times pot the seal of their
a ' - J ' -!-! . Ll-i i i al. i
coocernqauon upon ii, ana proclaiming tuai ;uo
salvatioa of this people depends upon its adop
tion f at one time supporting all the Tariffs-tff
anolhzr opposing all I of one fime going beyonn
alhMher? in advocating aaystem of Internal Jmj-;
proveinents by the, General Government, even
voiini? for the erection' of Toll Gates cpon lithe
Cumberland Road at another the uncompro
mising enemy of all kinds of Internal .Improve-
ments uy the uenerai uovernmem i ai one time
.hand and glove with the Nullifiers, goinj a
monjist and courting them at another, rejoicing
"at their beintf borne down bv the strong; arm of
centripetal power, and also . to the doctrines! of
the Proclamation ) af one time pointed at by; the
aiders and abettors of Abolitionism at the worth
as having strenuously opposed the admission of
Missouri, as a slave btate, into the Unxm, and
ss being! far more the friend of Usiversal
Em AKctipjmojf " and the bights "I of Ikhe
New Bedford and all other Voters op Col-
T or" than either White,! Webster or Harris
. at another pointed out to the people of the
South, by the very disinterested guides, as Mjhe
Northern man with Southern feelings!'? at One
time thelzealoas advocate of strict and rigid , In
vesication, bv the People's Representatives in
to the condition of the Federal Departments-rot
anoffcr. niggardly and resolutely resisting! jail
such investigation, even when defalcation .are
taking place, in quick succession, and of such atn
' pedclous magnitudes as to make the whole land
' pale with astonishment ! at one time zealously
I advocating a retrenchment of the Govern
' ment expenditures when the sum total : is $k,"
000,000 a year at another resisting all attempts
at retrenchment, even when the Government
expenditures reach the 1 sum of $40,000,000
annually ;!. at one time calling-loudly and jre
aaenlly fur a reduction of the Government Of
ficers and their salaries, when there were three
the Custom (louses io New York and Philadel
phia, and the Federal Departments at Wash
:inton, with an aggregate salary of $346,317
at anollier hushed as still as death against any
reduction of the Government Officers, or their
salaries, even when there are eight hundred
and ninetv five Clerks, &c- in the Custom
Houses of iew York and Philadelphia and he
I Federal Departments at Washington whose ag-
'. gregate salary is $780,794 1 . j j
r Such is the Portrait ! We leave the , reader
M to say whether there be a man answering its lie
j. noeations. t r . '
1 he uanviiie Keporter says, that a gentleman
oi inai vicinuy porcnasea 4uuu oaus or ine
Morus Molticaulis in February last, for 1 whjch
he paid 100; and that, although the necoliati
tie of ilieseason were such that not more than
half of them 4ame op, ha has lately sold bihn
to the amount pf $1500. And still estimating the
buds aud roots on hand at the prices obtained for
. the brnds already sold, the clear profits of bis
specnlatum will amount to niore than $3500. f,
Hie Morus pUulticaulis Market. A. Connec
ticut paper states lhai the following sties of Mb-
i 'us Muliieaulis trees have been made within the
i last two weeks, viz: 30.000 in East Hartford,
I at SO cents a tree; 50.000 in Wethersrleldjat
SOceHis ; S0.000 in 40 cents:
J 2,000 in Berlin, at 37 12 cents, and a gentle
; manin Farmington has paid 45 cents a tree for
i lot. : , . , i L :
I Moreover, 300,000 trees have actually" been
L sold this season in the vicinity of Hartford. 0f
j these, 70.000 have been sold to go to PennsyJ.
r vania 50.000 to Michigan, 20,000 to New Jer
ty, 50,000 to Massachusetts, and 10,000; to
I New York. -4- :; - ' S
There are two individuals of this name, who
enjoy some celebrity ia the Sooth One a pale
i face, with a Scottish physiognomy, above the
j middle size, and on the wronsr. side of 40 whae
: piratical doings in the Bays and. Inlets of the
yolt of Mexico have made him noforions. H is
r not quae two years since his deeds of atrocity ion
I Fish river, and Moblie bay, furnished more than
i one article for the newspapers. ! ij
; ! The ether Paddy Scott is an eminent chiejof
;the Creek nation of Indians, who during the dis-
turbaneesof 1835, proed the stedfast friend of
j the whiles, and probably did more to save the
; frontiers of Georgia than generals Scott and Je-
MP- He is although a red skin, well educated,
-1 lich, and talented. v - ill
hj B"1 to return to our subject, theirate Paddy;
I' '.:.'J It appears he arrived in this city, four or me
days ago, from Mobile, and was arrested last
Drgni,near tne L.evee, in the first municipality.
j A. Orleans Courier.
' J Fac. A physician in this city called' a
few days since o see a yoong man who was quite
sieki and among other things he left a blister piak
ter which he ordered to be placed on the youtfg
man's chest. He call! the next morning toisee
his patient, and inquiring how the.blisier had op
erated,' was informed by th lady of the hdi)e
that a? the yoong roan had no chest, she had nit
the blister on his trunk ; and sure enough, there
the blister was, stuck opon a largpwoodeu tiaak
by the side of the bed. Paxrtucket Gas. II
Jlnti Temperance Movement. Sixty-one ap-
flicatiooe were made to the Honorable, the Cify
looncil, on the first of October, for licenses to Ire
fail, endorsed by one hundred and twenty-two
substantial freeholders ? Pretty well for one
day. This loot
the batfle wit
lemperarick Convention
fliis cooriiiif jwas cotnpcseS' of, Rev. I from he Ilcme tswcbjajr 5
MrjScbcck; Reylj rrhomas S. Campbell,
SititBun. Wede.d.nNo. 0, 183K .1 te !robjt tfi ,-jlintillg v!lpeeia Agent.
A T.ffin.nne CneiltlOB CPOpOtea 01 .jf; i"L
ririri itiAlisafne was read. consid.
nit r- . Hoontv .and Aaz- I : j " j ..'ijji' i r...,t,A. .nn.
iveiFgwj.uM.--w;- ri . . k r,.i ereq anq P "WW""IU".IUU8,U ,..,1 n' ut,:U .Hoot
iliary Societies W P ' erat on of the Report, the Uonvention was lonuwiug cMu, , u.vh --r-
permitted to remain nnrepeaieo. . . -
3 ESSE RANKIN. : , v
i;- I nomas o uampoen aucicm
--t - .
vestern onn iar- eration of the Repprt,
olina, assembled injine Jueinoaisi ipis- iddccgea by Dif iRpbinson, Mr. Campbell, Jiz
copal Charcb in SalDuifi on vveaneaaay, Mf penj.kf MrlrjStbecfc, Mr. Johnston of
-r' At J .in(Vori lif tils tfPmsw I i - i ; 5 .- W J i
igreed to have a
Harris of Cabarroa. Secretariea .
, ?-' ....... t.,i
Theioitowtne ueiegaea wwp friW, nVloefr: R JW
to attend this Convention: - mL .Ihyj' .r. - Li-j . i
RQWAITY. procdea!:tqi!lMwiiess, Capt McCollocb,
Rowari County Temperance Society still presiding as President pro tern.
cm.t ! t Amti n a. riji. Kev. I Tk. rn r , pnmminaa
lohn D. Sehk, Kef. ThooM S Campbell, I In l(litloD to h Uppoinlmem of . speci.l I pxooio!.Ur u ttWfi
M, JohD C P,lmer,MtBen iFFn y. Agent, .a. ,,b ke" P. considered .nd ? IWffi " ;r .
Miami t. . - US i I " .w f'Trr
The Committee bf itrransement announced
and ttev.
RnJrf j That we cordially and folly ap
prove of the jSontb Carolina Temperance Advo
cate, pablished at; Colombia, as an able and well
conducted Agent of the Temperance reform, aod
earnestly recommend If tbhe pa troo age of Tem
perance Societies! ia ihls State, and , especially,
to those represented irj thia JDonvention.1 p :;
RevJ Diniel !Ai enilaToflWred the fbl
lowing Reolotibn, jbifcb was adopted, m:
RfcerfJThat JwI eatnestly recommend to
all the Temperance Societies of the State, to
Imi a n in shallow dish-1 h received
; Hpnth half an inch, or an inch : and ficent steamer, tt
when hardeneJ to something more than the over in about 14 t!
consistence oi a jeiiy, pu i wjr ' i ded change iro n
ercd jars, witnottt anj otner preparation, lhoaoh wethink t!
fdt-daily ose. f . . .
1 Should it show any signs of injuring,
atjd Bore salt, andVexpose the jar again to
the sun.Tbis, it la presumed, will seK
dota be necessary.; a specimen oi wnat
was prepared for my family, more, man
er. I ne corn crt ;
wa9 supposed to t3 '
Cott&n has of late
of England had c
6iderable portion of
IUUSIU inil , r.--B r . .. . -i
t;.K nf nilnf. I. el rice cooked with meat dence at Windsor.
nr hatter, or a soupfor a large family. I eral ol bis relaii;
tenptuously stj!
Dr. Benjamin Austin, and Mr William adopted
rntort Tsmperanc; Society Key. Sam
uel Rothrock. and Mr yilliam Walton-
Third Creek ChtfcA Temperana Soct
et Koberi Johnsriia. j
facA ere Temperance oocieiy.siir
for wcunng 5lVeiTe.??!w"c?! DpJnick. WCibar .. nd A. H.
geni ! well if iMeiklenbow, tbS dd,es. the Con-
?J?.!?Lra.2PJS nt.rin and cilizenilbiifwoiog at half past
utfi dii iny ra v vUiUt.. ll, : ; -S- Hi ,
-l -a; a- . ' a . I J :. I I ClJa. V I.IWWtV.
lion is ineir iimiieo lime wuuiu permiu aut i i . n , ."L.u.i
t -- r 1.1. n.- A V V t, I ... i ' : . .a.' n: I UDilDOUan OI r 4.i?MW
JUUU f i ilUUViaiGi uuaivi. am. a w - rCCODUDCnO 111 I! BUUUIIUU VI IUC tUiiUniug
Resolutions, viz :
The PresidentrMr. Dl A Davis, and the
7)hoftrfl TVmperince 5oeiA-Ref J Resolved, Tha a Committee of seven be W. ffCDJanlD '
D. Hall, Capt. John McCulloclH Mr James appointed n Salisbury snd its vicinity, to which I uei L.emiy,; were; apDoimeu m uui w
Silliman, Mr Williatp Gibson. WaPWMm
i?7nii ctno! Franklin' Temperance Sodi-
ey Messrs Samuel Marlio,Jesse Mar
iin, and Jess? Kincade. . ;
Cabarrus CountylTemperance Society.
Ret Philip A Strobe!, Mir John Phifer, Sen ,
JSlnolrork Elections.Ve are not yet able
The Was Cc
ter contains the j :
I in a great oucibtr c
We. are sorry that
with the reqa? st t j
say, tnat tee !,.
ny, and that their
all opposition to tr
awake, too, and it ",
main vigilant t:
a Pigmy may er :
tbe'stronest i3 r.:t
should be banish ci,
the performance cf
la our next pap; i
irusa.w uw "V?"f.M ?"v.crIWNirr .""'f-nZ! Z:. L to ive the result of the elections in this State.
and immediately forisucn an ageoi, aoa 8 wwo ga ,8burv and otneripaprs iwngij . . , . ti. . nroceedins of th
as it baa been ascertained that the means of bis Lp Tln;.nII:1tyDublish the tame. lUtough it has been j 10 orll days since the proccedin so. t.
''w t k . r a l- . - :
support shall have been seemed, to engage his
services and direct bis operations.
2 iResoftJed, Tliat! all ihe Temperance So
cieties represented n this convention, be reques
ted to hold meetings! between this and tbe 1st
D A.
it 1 Comnuffee oj Publication.
motion of Mr, Loickndge, the Con-
election, was completed. So far as we have
heard, however, the Loco focos have succeeded
by a small majority. The City has gone for
Van. . In a few days we expect to give a differ
ent report. - The opposition are by no meaos'out
the next Le-
met in Raleicrb cr.
Mr Charles W Hams, Mai Ibzan Cannon, nJIW nf j,nnr I ht : Rruin what amount
and Mr John 1 Rodger s ; y I may be depended upon from them respectively, tent ion adiourned to meet in thia Uouse, at 0f heart, confidently believe that
jtoccy i itwer .fwpcrpricr- ooeiy. towaros sustain ngifne proposes Agem, ana re-1 ,af pMl 8iXj o'clock! P M. f gtelature will' be Whig. i
imson, pnrt the same j asanas practicable to u ah i m , M-i.i,. u,ffi.v I -
Uavis. chairman or: tne standifcor oommmee. - -"Tr""o iT"r
3. IRaofoed.i ThakMhe aforesaid Committee
ThtlFifleen (
been made ia tho I
n Session, tor efc; '.
ted two years so
Re?. D A Pehick. JMrf Samuel Morrison
and Dr Cyrtia A Alexander. -V
Poplari Tent Ttmperdnce : Society.
John Robinson, D Jj.jMr Joseph A Can
non, and Dr. W W Rankin.
Upon the; adopiiorjl if the above Report, the
.Contord Temperance Society. Dr. E
R Gibson! and Mr John F Phifer.
Buffalo arid Bear Creek Temperance 1 time and place, as
Ftnrifiii Hen Panl Rarrinoer Rer Jnhn f on. i !
Lantz Col CeonreilBafnhardt. Mr Mat- All of which is respectfully reported.
thias Barrier,'! Mr John C Earnhardt, and
Mr Jacob Misenhammer,
Bethphage Temptrdnce Society Abra
ham C McCrce, Esojj ( ; "
- Sugar Creek Temperance Society. Mr
James P. Henderson Mr Robert Parks,
andDrDTCaldwei f ,
" Davidson College Temperance Society
Mr A A Neely.and Robert H Morrison D D,
Z Philadelphia and Union Temperance
Society. Angtis Johnston.
Davie County.
Mocktville Temperance Society. Rev.
William A Hall, andlMr M D Armfield.
The Bran
The (nWntionifiaiAtassembled in Hne j Oo the second page of our paper at Buchanan hz;
be further instructed jio correspond with Temper- presence of a large audience, and after sing- to-day, will be found the proceedings of ments, but contl
pojim' !f,.bod? ?r ng part blr the Temperance Odeit was tbe Temperance Convention, which was specie on dem:r..
r-SS Ah? to. .e.!lin4P.ce ..., .eet. '
viewl of'securingi janbther Convention at snch bJ Dri Robipson and M Pe nickt of Ca- ! ; From some unl;:
the Committee shall agree up- oarrus, ana; lonowea oyuajr. a n. am- i ; . r W.'.. : ceived the NatU
well, of Mecklenburg, who was also, listen- r ; almu&i uD II
ed to by the Audience, wijh a deep and thrill-1 Whoever chooses to amuse himself, with the
ing jnei.-p After jphidh the-Convention I gradations of change in . the political complexion
proceeded to nmsn the business lor wnich of tbe Western Carolinian from the time that
they bad been convenedJ and on motion of ' . , . . ,., ,
KU Pinirbiih foSlAwinU Rpaohifion a Charles Fisherbecame a candidate for Congress,
President pto. leiri: fonder the first resolution J 1 na0,ai -nj .....j f? , I when it was necessary to be ioite furious at the
ted on this uomomiee, r t. .!; . ' : j
Mr D.MlMWS. Chairman,
Resolved, Th.t one persob from each County mere inaiouatton or Van Uorenism, down to the
represented in this Convention, be appointed to- last number, when it manifestly takes groand for
collect Information in relation to the amount of .i,,, u n.i,i. j . . t .
rr u j i, . . tne. uutenman." may do so and welcome for
Taxes imposed upon the peoble, arising from the . 3 "l7l,,u'.
us: w nave omer ining to oo man to follow
1W L
Standing Committee.
Iredell County Temperance Society.
Messrs. Samuel R Belf. Abner Houpt, Arrh-
The Committee on the License Law of
N Carolina, presented a Report which was
discussed, and adopted, and is as follows :
The Committee; appointed on the subject of
the License Law! of North Carolina,.would re-
ibald Allen, William feingi tind Joseph R PwflIJV8HVi following -Preamble and ;Rowan, the than
Scntfg I I iii t I Resolutions. !; tendered to the
- : I lit ii
Concord Temperance Society. Messrs
sale and use of: ardent spirit, and leport the re
sult tohe chairman of the standing Committee after such meanderiogs.
oi seven, j ti .
Mr. John Thifer.1 bf Cabarrus,
Benjamin AutinS Rowan,-
Samuel R Bell, fre'detl,
John M. CAxbwELLt Merkynborg,
Thomas MclSfcELXt Davie,'
Rev. Jesse Rankin Davidson.
Committee of Information.
Lockridge, of
the thanks of this Convention were
atizens ! of Salisbury, for
On motion of Rev. A.iY
If managers of a pub
lie journal can find their account and reconcile it
toa sense of propriety to play a double game, let
them do so, but the public will hardly forget the
bold and manly stand formerly taken by that jour
nal against Martin VanBnren's corrupt and
wasteful administration j how it used, to cry out
against the foof interferences of .office holders in
elections; and all the bost'of iniquities that
blackeoed andj disgraced thextjmes. Never in
Thos Bovd.rid Miles Wi Hill.
4 davIdsq IcbiNT V.
I- U . it r '
Rev Thales McDonald
Lexington TemjJeti
Jesse A Kankiiil
erance Society
- ,. -
countrieswhere the practice has prevailed.
The enactment nd 'continuance of such a
Law, has been regarded by miny as a striking
anomaly in ai system so well adapted, when pro
perly administered, to promote the happiness of
the whole people, as the laws ol this State gen
erally are. j .'jfj 'f '".;' '
Thl cn nil a Tnr kknnld hTA romainrt ttn
ing; thus organized, i0ner OD the Statute Books of England, and of
it was tnen openea oyirraver, oy jonn no
binson, D D.t of Cabarrus Cotintj
On Motion of Mr.j John Phifer, of Ca
Ihe evils growing eat of the retail of ardent their kindness and attention during Ihe ses- the history of this government has this cloud
spirits, have- long lodged the attention, and a- son an(j to the Metbodisi! Society, for the been darker never has official influence injetec
wakened the regrets of the benevolent in alhi- - rj ,. nu - .:f,n9 iA nn annamaio.;i Z
Thej benediction was then pronounced by (no word .of censure against the perpetrators of
All marked thus did not attend.
The Convenlionfol
the Rev. T, S Campbell, ;of Salisbury, and
the Convention adjourned sine die ,
j D. AI DAVIS, President.
Charles W. Harris, i
The Committee to whom was referred
Resolved, That all regular members of Tern
pe ranee Societies be invited to sit injbis Con
vention, and to participate in its deliberations '
On motion of Dr. Robinson of Cabarrus,
the Convention took; up the consideration
most of the States ofj this Union, is perhaps
more sarpnsing than ithat it should ever have
nioMiJ in oil k.r ntinntiw Thn 1 aniela 1 11 raa nf
, tarm f th fif.t.l infl ihi f Jninn. hvA statistics of the Temperance Societies represen
and noblv resoonded! tblthe wishes of the benevn H .in tbe Convention, nd whose duly it was
mf - 5 j " j-
lent, and yielding to the still more powerful ap
these political crimes. So far from this we learn
from good authority that the senior Editor of the
Western Carolinian was lately found n conclave
with a deputy Post Master General of the U. S.
managing a Van Buren i ticket for the county of
Cabarrus at the next election. He cannot deny
this and other private operations of a like charac
ter. If he will do so. we think we can easily
adduce proof that will make him stare. .
"We have never doubted from tbe first of these
demonstrations on which side of the fence the
lis coming has t
or two' weeks pa::
that is regularly y
' A onion of :he ., '
User Offices have L
was to go into ccr
inst,, and the pap::
bile Advertiser ic C
The Advertiser (
numerous arival3 f:
days past, have gir
like appearance, t:
! : " The epidemic I
but new cases arc v
; Our citizens in l
have again taken t
Roanoke Inlet. A
41 The c .
tion ; keeping it per,
difficulty." The s:
that it may be effect,
yards in width, tl at
ceedtng $345,400.
made to prepare for publication a report of the
i i. .i.u l- .i . r I State and nrminect)! nf thai T'mnr5ncM eanA in I
"r.r' "rfOTT8"1 oorhound Xnti .lT'h . Carolinian would get down: but since certain
pealed the License Law, and thus delivered J0 ah e t0 collect information from a small die disasters which have lately befallen the Whig
their Kft fmm i tin ait. rocn'iin frnm ih. i.. tr'tct ofi Wea(em North Car61tna. included in cause, we had exoected anmpthinor HL- "Vift
or appointing a special. Agent, to be engsg- realized retail of ardeni spirits I lJe counties of Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Iredell, J avowal : for we have never seen that paper or
ed exclusively in the jTemperance cause; The beneficial efiectjs of such Legislation, it is Pavie and Rowan; and that they have no in- its abettors rlaht 1 fnr n. cU kn JuL .t...
nd, upon tbe propriety and expediency of believed, are clear y seen, and sensibly felt al- toraaoTniroja the cause in the State generally. -.-A- wbq olr o 7 """ctMak
i r A ! . r i , I j . i i?L! ,..J . I VV nr enrri, !, . Uf.ii:. uZ. sine was stronffcst. Whenever its friends mem
isn i raa n w in nnca : mj aa . i ; n l a .rtrn mil i ma nnnv i vaw. wi av tusi uui imius uiabiuu is uum uiui bi w - v
definite and satisfactory! The opinion is enter- foond really to want its assistance it has ever
at soma lenath hv Dirl Robinson. Messrs. believe that the soond sense of the people of this
Penick, McDonald, phnston, Campbell, s,a,le- U1 aHdw jhemo linger behind in this
noble reform, While as ia State, we are emulating
the most enterprising ' in every other species
of improvement,; llVi believe there are various
things in the law Itself betraying a consciousness
Strobel, Scheck, Phifer, Armfield, McCree,
and Davis. ! .
Mr. Pehick then moved the aoDointment
7 r . 2 ; . 1 w 4 Irani; tug . wusviuuguiM I f J., - T " ... . . . , , , .
of a Committee of thrie, in order to devise on the part of hel Legislature passing it, thatfa,Ph- 1w e 'ell satisfied that a cause so heard louder than the boat-mans, Hurra for the
i . . i ..... I . I ; . . .i a . t . I . . .. I fl.Li .ia . i-a i I Lit ' ... L.
tne ways and means by wbicb tne appoint
mnnt shnnlrt hfi marlf SahH sustained, and r.
nnrl lhprfrtn ; and nn thf nrinntinn nf this I cy. - j- j ifiMfil
motion, the Rev. D. A j Penick, Mr Samuel . .! 1;ght!w!frd1,he prohibition io re
Morfison. and Col. Georce Barnhardt. were S?fiTO fei0.' the tendency o
: . f ? t w,, , I aroeni Bpiriis io uesiroy iuo Taioe oi staves, ana
such a law was Iegali2ing a system iniquitous in
its character, and mbst;mischievous in its tenden
appointed on this committee. l he lurther tomake them dangerous to the community, is
consideration of the subject was then post- fully recognized by such a prohibition. No one
poned until lortnorrowl A
can deny that the effect of spirits, is substantially
I i
this evening in this House, at half past 6
The Convention again met, and was
opened by Prayer by the1 Rev. Jesse Rank
in, of DavidsoQ. 1 i
A Temperance Ode was then read by Mr.
Peuick, and sung bv tne whole assetnblv :
The Convention then adjourned to meet the same on all. persona, and the law as it stands
Has toe appearance; or 'protecting aiaves as ar
ticles of property, whle the temptation may be
held out to the master and his sons to destroy
themselves, body and soul.
The Legislature seems again to have indica
ted a consciousness! tbt the system Was iniqui
tous and mischievdus, 'jio forbidding the sale! of
ardent spirits around the University of N. Caro
after which, the Convention was ably ad- lina, within the limits of 5 miles, and in enact
dressed at some lenstij, bv the Rev. Mr. lDS lfae same prohibition in relation to Davidson
Strobel and Mr.! Jnhn P&r.krnU - College witbin. tWdiQires. .... 1
the Rev. J M. Caldwell, of Meckienburir. L.5!5. I6:11:1!? 1'V
Tho Rcna..n yL I ueu TO.rarwui -itiprqieci. lUie young' men Ol
l ne oenediction was then nmnnnnpH I .l jri k. ,. . . 6-
i iuio luauiuuuuii iiuiu iub uiiiiiiLinir iniinFnm m
... .... .t . - - w
tne spirii sener, ana cn only regret, that the
youth of the whole; State ire not equally protec
ted by the general extension orsach wholesome
laws. llifhilt,
We indulge thphelief, that when the atten
tion of our. fellow citizens shall be distinctly
turned to this system ind its evils, they will
not rest satisfied tidethem, and that a voice
will proceed from;thejmass of ihe people, befb&
which the license lawinosl giveaway. In ac
cordance w'nh these iv tews,. we recommend the
adoption of the Allowing resolutions.
I. Resolved. That r.,i f Knnh rrnri.
and ihe Convention adjourned to meet in
the morning at 9 ocelot k.
Thursday Momvig, & o'clock, A. M.
The Convention assembled in the Meth
odist Episcopal Church according to ad
journment, andj proceeded to busiuess.
The President Mr.jb. A Davis having
asked leave of absencel was succeeded by
Capt. John McCulloch, as President pro.
lem i 1 1 j
The subject of the License Law of No.
Carolina was taken up and referred to a
committee of three, Icohiisting of Mr John
Phifer, Rev. J. A. Rankin, and Rev P. A.
Strobel. . j
On motion of the Rey. Mr. Penick, the
rresideot pro. tem. proceeded to appoint a
joks like mustering the force for 1 commltee cf three, to Receive tbe reports
ih .the Temperance Mmoril? at i il the statistical facts connected with
Uie app oiching session H the Legislatoi
j vnaricsion Ubiervet
e. each Society represented u. vhis Convention ;
Ma. A 1 ll' . '
uu, wuen collected, to report thereon.
na. authorravngnte jCbnnb Courts of this Stale
to issue Iieease to retail spiritooos liquors, creates
a public no6arce,f aqd; lbring3 a curse upon the
i 2. J?eKfcoV TlMhRfiil Uwl isUhe
frmtfol source of paupei4m. crimi, diseaseHnd
death ; ereatly increases th r tiw-.j
mojiiplies the number pf widows , and orphans,
, " w'lipry on raaoy dtscon
oujo.c na.i-s t,u uripiesa cniiaren.
J. tiesoivea l lut ihe
ffibfe for a gteat pcrtfoiai
gained by many of our opponsats that the cause been found in the ranks of their adversaries. It
wi.nguisningin;tne wate, and will finally is i,ke tbe Mississippi boatman, who belied on
1 . i . Inritnirh hio wint ! . I
or the caose mi?bt mourn and its enemies tri.f . " rv " men no voice was
truly philanthropic aod'Qod-lilce in its charac- M high comb cock," hurra! hurra hurra I did'nt
rer, win un mateiy triumph, and save thousands I say the high comb cock would win the fiVht
SS Si!1-?'060 hurral hurra!!! j
time, appear to languish s We are also happy . . . -
to say, that within the boundl marked by the Bal when lha Sen,or Editor of the Western
Societies represented in this Convention; the Carolinian next makes extracts froin in abolition
cause is generally; progrtssinpAi There are 22
(ssinff.I lbere are 22 I rnr in fiw c,..,,u
Societies-represented in ihe invention, having nlr Sl " genuemenane tool
in them 3599 white members and 240 colored 8,ander of trea8on Cmat their own best inter-
making in all 3839. In some neighborhoods dis- 8,8 ,et him not forget his ovn early prcdilec
tilling and retailing are ibandaned ; andlffmorT turns. We doubt all Northern men with Souih-
than ftca fftird heard fmm,the cause is reported ,rn nrm.MnVi-,i,. " .1 :.
advancing j while in only one! neiThborhd is wn PrecePls nwhen Northern men come here
i reported languishing. The first of these So- and ttJ 10 PMS off for betUr Soutliern men than
cleties was formed Jan. 22. 1$29, at Bethany, wa who have been born and bred up with the in-
T!' rr! 8ndi1Mtj;!182?'Dati,P0r 8litUtin ofa,av we will be pardoned if we
lent, Cabarrus. Ihe largest s at Rocky Ri- uketsome naina m ctr-in r Ti 1
ver, Cabarrus ; having 400 white and 150 co- P P I ? f ibetT
lored members; add tbe smallest is al Mountain ve baTe once ady foretold tbe course of
Road, Rowan, having 15 members. It is wor- he Carolinian aa to the cry, of federalism, and
thy of remark concerning this), that it embraces however, We ma j have lost credit with that jour
only the members of one milyi consisUng of nal as PropheU, we will predict again;' We
father, children and graod children. Letphe A,;, .u,; ar.'i? u :
riends of the caose only remain unitedand ?reCt Mr-h vill not be able to get
alous, and its influence willyet extend ialo JjVMhington City, in time to vote for, Speaker
every recess bf drunkness in the State, and lead aoa Clerk We predict that in Jess than one
the victims of the enemy intofthe ways of so- month after ihe Session be-ins, the Western
herness and truth, wherepeace abounds and tbe Carolinian will coma oat Tthnnt rii,n;M fn.
lliK IUI
Genius of Temperance sheds his inild. cheerinsr
and undiminished light. I I -!
T, S. CAMBEtiliO
J. D SCHECK,! Icokittee.
Tan Boren, and ia a very short time thereafter,
it will come in for at least 'a child's part of public
patronage, acd then the cry for !the Dutchman r
will be heard without stinC 'But jetne word
more. Let it be remembered ihi ikan . c;rK-
t "IHM Bt CltU
How to Preserve HomaUks for Winter. "II W'1? heFe 1832, f6r the ben-
-tMr Tie t Amoniotbel inrovements Boren waVru
i. horticulture, Ieefied to ol, Sh &&'Sw3
serve the increased" cultivation of the foma- told the Dutch of RaJ , h!. .A? "
Teg- " no Dolcbmanw socb as thev were; that he
man. wa more French than ntrh The then
ner in whic universally W Asia MinoVt o-'we that.he is not bf Cermxr xissccht
they are preserved for use A winter r Mollander. Now, however, he is
jCut the tomatoes ilj twor whenlfluite fj0fc,h enough , for tbem! Is not this betting 00
rine. and DnnkIe consider fin, ltW :u"w and hurraing tor the high
. ; . ' " 1 animn
i inem over nini. mpri diir' ni, ihm
eieislaiurei8 respon-1 through a cullender; .moistening them with THE FOREIGN NEWS.
w ineeviu hichow it little water! set the. part thus strained
The British ex,
Jamaica, does not ,
are said 10 be disast r
fast reducing the U: .
ness and misery'cf 1
emerged. :
-::"UVk ' 1:1 '
James fcnf'i, !
did ate for Governor
said to be a Gentle;:
taste and acquircir.f
of First Auditor cf t:
twenty .years.
-' Ten thousand ban
been shipped to Er
Mirket ; an- it i ? .r
heavy orders that cc :'
being above the vie .
The Mercantile L
opened about tho
Ten thousand dc'k
sold in New York (
There was but little
Southern bills un 1"
5 a 6 per cent. Ti
Baltimore n as frcra 1
.Five of the capti.r
fears are entertaincJ i
inclement season aj-j r
There is some lal!;
see speedily
James K. Polk, v.:
Tennessee on the 1:
son, Gov, Branch ar .1
sent at the ceretnenr.
The Hon. Jos. .!.
at his brothers reside r
ult. '
10.000.lb3. ofFayr
been ordered for'C:
Col. J; W. Brn.J
county, Miss.; shot L
about one mile fru- r
inst. No canse ass:
jVb' Tippling 'I
Maine, at a recent- elf :
city aothoriiies, toir
tailing spirituous hqu
A splendid monun ;
Robert Y. Hay ne, ii :
zensbf Charleinn.
acrTo uie incrcascu CUIllvailDn Ol the 101
toi- Believing ifiiat to bfa rnhst healthy 1
etable, I send you an account of tbe m
Miia n ntkaAi i MMi.A.ikitt Ml - ' - mar-
J'j-. The New Or:
right sort of spirit,
next Presidential t
tbe following eslrcc!
, " tVtt iV
a A at a n K i .
feeblenes they have
numerical insiniT..
1 1 1 1 1 it i.iriiiitir .1 i
thus strained - Since the pcWicaiibn of oor-hsf nabber we ninor Slates, th?y
1 "

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