North Carolina Newspapers

On Tuesday, 2Ulh ult., a large concourse of "the
chizens of Guilford assembled in the Court House
"A RAT ! A HAT.' HEAD FOR A t)i:cvr:" VT.Mr. P,Jk to!l Wilomt that he ("id "rortde
That old world and d..rk sg writer. "; ';re trt w slavery extended beyond the present,
Snt ru.t " wim (!, in V-.irtin fnntv. iv'iot i lira!' "in (illtt-r words, that he was in favor of
he hat beea. wu.igtitLby. liui-'piMpin-to-jwiUiiwI-l-it pr.dubUion in -New Mexico and California .- j in (ireetwboro', agreeably- to notice, to lotritie
oblivion irives us t understand in W.'i!tied,iy a vee ' l:nnt s sixteen, in another celumn.) vtiu upon mo plan ot action the Cuiinty should adopt
Standard, that we have w en the 1 1 ?t of his "ncrili- 1 it ho believed tint tlie Democratic papers in the
lilinfr'' on the siimcr.n of lnt liniirnvoinent. I A'tatr have not told their readers a word about this ?
We should iiii.halilc lie resimiod to the f.ite of i
i ..j . e ..
ncar.n; no more iroin mm, ami lei mm go peaces-1
The last Standard does not even allude to it, al-
i thouch Mr. Wiltiiol's Speech was delivered the
lly. woro it not for the tenacity with which lie
clings to the old policy of doing nothing, because,
bs he says, we aro "compelled to take the earn
ings of one section of the Stato to build up, fo
tcr, and improve another section."
The truth is, we are "compelled" to do no such
thing. The true policy of the State is to improve
all and every parr, as far as practicable but be- for the President of the United States ! That he
cause we cannot improve all at once, the Logisl.i-' was a disgrace to his office has long been appa
l"th of February, about a fortnight ago, and the
Rditor could nit fail to see it. We have no doubt
this is a for; subject to our Iocofoco friends.
Polk feoms to have been willing enough to betray
them, and betray the South, to effect his own pur
in order to give prompt and efficient aid to the con
struction of the Central Railroad, and promote
other measures of internal improvement in which
this portion of the Stato is peculiarly interested.
The meeting was organised by calling Akchi-!
balii Wtt.sox, Esq., to the Chair, and appointing
James G. Soott .Secretary.
The object of the meeting having been satisfac
torily explained, Joun A. (iiLUKit, responding to
pr"s or, ho was trying to deceive and humbug j the call of the meeting, addressed them at somo
What a dignified attitude, either way, j length. With a fidelity that was painfully felt he
j sketched the past history :md present condition of
j the State ,the supineness which has long prostra-
ture has bcL'Uil br authorising and providing lor i rent his own friends thought so, when they drop- j led her the wonderful contrast in population and
th hnildinir mi of vroar works a-hudi will' enure I ned him without ceremony in the Convention at ;
the Duiiuing up oi greu: worm v..:;cii win enure ; mm ,nnum ynvwwj. . j
to "the greatest good of the greatest number." Is Haltunore, to take up a man mat. lliey (toole-my;
therd no Democracy about that ? This writer ! deemed stronger. They found Talk to. be weak,
prosperity sue now presents to her sUtor States,
who entered the Confederacy with no advantages,
natural or .acquired, superior to her the course
f rales and cants about Democracy from one end
cf the chapter to the other, Why here it is, and
yet he objects ! And so would he object to every
thing that could be devised, in which the State,
whose duty it is to card for her citizens, is to be
. engaged.
What do we want with a Slate Government
which is only felt in the burdens it imposes, and
never in the benefits it imparts ? a (iovernmcnt
which oppresses all the time, and never aids?
which, having a giant's strength to assist the eo
ple, permits them to struggle on, through natural
impediments and disabilities j embarrassments of
all kinds, arising from their interior location and
distance from the marts of trade j the depreciation
of their lands owing to these causes ; ami the sure
coming of indebtedness and poverty, never helping
to improve their condition at all ? And why ? i
Forsooth, according to this dark-minded writer, be- j
cause she cannot relieve all seclimis, anil eirry bo-
ill, at ene and the same time I Well, by the beard
of tho Grand Turk I wo had butler rotnm,nt once,
: to the primal days when there was ho obligation
between the sovereign and the people, but support
on the one band arid oppression on the churl
The sovereign was then said to protect and ilejiml
the people ; but he took good care te make use of
their strong hands and hard-won revenue for the
purpose : Governments bad, indeed, a iime but
no beneficent consequences.
But, according to this writer once more, the ex
tent of the Resistance the people aro to obtain
from the State and this he contends ie Democratic-
is permission to better their own condition
to make Internal Improvements for themselves
the State, meantime, relaxing none of her imposi
tions, removing none of her burdens, and not lay
ing on the weight of her little finger to help.
I'mph ! Democratic, indeed I
Well, now, this Democratic policy, if it be such,
we have tried all the time and where Are wc ?
wliat haw we achieved Just nothing, and worse
than nothing. We are at tlie beginning, where
we must always remain, according to this Demo
cratic doctrine, never to advance one inch) so far
as the State is concerned. The peojile are to con
tribute all the time to the advancement, and pros
perity of the Slate, but the State is not to help the
jtrqile! Where any thing is to be done for their
improvement, the State graciously permits it, but
Ihe jKOjile must do it for themselves, individu
ally. -
If this he Democracy, We ato more opposed to it
than ever. .
Still, the cry of "Anti-State Debt," is "taxes!
taxes !" We are getting used to that. The peo
ple have an imprescriptible right to grumble at
their taxes we might almost say it is their birth
right. They have always done it from time im
memorial ; they always do it, whether the tax be
light or heavy and yet Ihey pay it cheerfully e
noogh notwithstanding. We must expect to be
incompetent, a double-dealer, and unpopular. But j they have pursued, brightening in glory as it ad'
the American people have; passed a heavier judg-1 vancoR, while she, at the best remains but station
nvnt upon him Hereafter, when his name is men-' ary, incurring the insulting appellation of the "Rip
tinned, it will be with .hissing, contumely, and re- i Van Winkle," of the Union, and a thing of ridicule
jjr.'t that such a man should ever have tilled our j and scwnl to.other States and shame and pity to
Chief Office but . it Will be a deep and solemn ( lupwn sons. And yet her soil is not cursed with
warning, to beware I:- w they permit, inf.rior men ; barrenness, nor its fruits and products blighted by
1 1 bo borne into office o.i tho top-wavo of jxirty ex- j the frown of an anjrry heaven...' The sun does hot
eitcnient. j beam on 'fairer lam! than Western Carolina.. Her
ucautiMU streams, roiling uioaillv and iiromllv a-
In tlie IToihc of Representatives, on Saturday,
nearly the whole sitting, till half past 10 o'clock
at nitftit, was occupied in debate on a bill to pro
vide for paying to Mexico tlie instalment due to
her under (lie late treaty. -
On Monday, the same subject coming up, Mr.
holy map, nr,d qqenchrd the v'fc.l smrk, wiihn'nt a I
perceptible siruggle ali tiiat wns inorrai with him, I
sank with the Sun, ami left lite smile of culm cliris-1 t
nun it ..i; ii i mill iniuiiiii; nil 111.1 iiji. in. iiftni-
ing bad li'iig been the abie, tlie f.iithfnl a-ulthe cl
oque it Pallor oi l! l'r--sbyterian Church of that
T own, and was ranked among the verv ablest Min-
rjvtir l?rT rr-r t;('.'
IiAHUEi.S and
Donuell, of N. C. was entitled to the floor, and tie- f u'rs "f t,."! VnT' ''"""'"? Ul !lle Presbyterian
livercd, (says the Baltimore Patriot,) an able and
patriotic argument, handling the great questions,
which have been argued in this debate, with most
decided ability. Mr. Donnell, continues the Patri
ot, is the youngest member of tho Houe. He
looks as young as a boy, with his light complex
ion, light curly hair, and rather spare form.' Iit
young as he looks, and is, he ifl an honor to the
1 Ji strict and the State he comes from,
I Church of this State. Of him, it niav be trulv
said, that his Christian devotion and zeal bis la
bors as a Minister in the great caitRi? ol Christian
Religion cost him his life ! It shititer'd a Con
stitution onre strong and without a flaw, and sun
dered prematurely tho thread ol existence. The
pious man has passed away from earth, but his
virtues are impcri -liable, and furnish a rich theme
for the pen of a panegyrist. To in abler hand
than ours, we assign that pen.1
Rafc-yt. F.-b. vis-;.
r s!.;..- bv
v istm (
A T.ARGK nssortm'.'Jit. of W'ind'iw Giiws. of all
sjn-a, by the box, fur sale bv.
M..YU K1.L &. MEAD.
. !(..: (r'l. Feb. L':l, V.I. . !..
CONGRESS, v.-;:,.;"
We have given no details of Congressional pro
ceedings this week, chiefly because there has been
no definite action spon any great measure. Truly
hath there been talking enough ; and some of it no
doubt to good purpose but thoso hapless papers
j tnong her fertile vallies, ask but the kindly aid of
.; art to enable them to beat on their bosoms barks
j. freighted with the rich fruits that grow on their 1
banks..; Ier inoniilains swell grandly to heaven, (
teeming with inexhaustible mineral resources, and ,
i S"ein jnipatieut to disgorge their hoarded wealth, j
i very nnponaiii item, in tlie f oreign ?cws, is
that which relates to the uflairs of France. The
accounts by previous arrivals induced us to think
that we should bo agreeably disappointed, and the
" Repubiic" would outlive the month of March, a
hont .which time' we' guessed, some time ugn, it
would blow up. Every thing was said to be quiet
and steady in Paris, it was reasonable to suppose
tiiat our prognostics were likely to fail of fulfill
ment. Rut the recent intelligence revives all our
fears, and goes far to realize our expectations.
We Lope, indeed, tha:. things may remain quiet for
a long time, fur we have no ambition to be " good
at guessing," especially where mischief is at is
sue. C'wi.
ntni rr.rrs.
. THE iilwrib'r li is j:i-i ,r.i:.'.ivi
tlioi'M' Frua.Trees. from"!', l'erkins! t
Hi-ry at Huriingi'ui. N. J. t.n.-i.-ting t.r
eois, N'L'i.M:ir:iR' anil .('iifrrics. in ifir:
with the view uf iS'-'Uin snrn'.v Vi '
il a supply of
!i liriitiil .Vur
I'. iielif's", Ari
I v:i rl.-iy , und,
;. H'.II s'il tiii'in :
T the Anni
Xurth Car
ttttnal Mi rtiiitr f t!i.. Dircetors of f
aroma Milium iiii'iirnce I i.uiikiiiv
; belli on l!n 2d January, lf-lf, the J'.jlU wintr ri-nolu
tidll Was til!:.:.
K'mlreil, Tliiit an nss'sstiipu( of live p.-r cut. .be
I Irvii'iloii all tlii premium nui.-s out-ttlsiudiug-vu the
' 2 1 J I.'ll v I -
t Ni.tin. h-:i-.-liv riv-'ll tli:it the tcTm.v- iiBScvfinlPIlt
i retpiired to Ii" paid ul til.'. Oiliee cil' tit- .Y C. !. I.
('ii., in Rult'tgli, uu op tjcJoru tlit- first day of May
. . JAS. F. JORDAN, Per.
T. H. All li'tk'rs addivscii to the .Sei'n turv On Im
itilU'fts of tllf Couif.iiliy nest he ;m or llicy
will not It- lakfti I'rutti tlie Tout (.Mice.
Raieigh, K b. 'Ml If 49. . lit lit
F,-b. a:i.
T. 1'. I'ii.-t I U, On! r-iMt.
j '"I Ifi A US AVI) '1'UltACCO. Clu-wcrs and Snio-
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Pel,, till. P. F. PKSCt'D.
advanci: in corrox.
Tim X. Y. Telegraphic corresjiondtnt
' .1 I . if . II . . .!.!. I ...1 ? l .. .
I me inieiugencer, u.oue, wmc. ,,(esci ,1,, By ll(.MlM clilMlc .
io give wo puunc an me laiKins in v-u gress, are ,,.i,:i .,.. ii ,.,, . i t i t
b ' 3 ft ' i W IllIC 0 er tt 1 CXt( 111 a IS hive V a. hkv a rannnleR .
j any portion of the earth,: Why are wo tbeii so ,
i far behind the aaj in tho inarch of imiiroveuuni ? !
Pt!t. American, under date of Feb. 21, 6 p. in.,
savs; '.' The Cotton market is firm and prices
erpose at public sale, on Tuesilay (lie ;
in 1 o'ehe-lt, in I'reiit of J mi. SkiuaerV !
i Htori-, a Miiai-seiit lil'litJV, iwliieh can be altered 1
! at pleasure to tine or two seats, so as to curry two or j r 11 H. Sulcriher has just reeeivpj his supp'y of
of the ' p- r.-i.iis.) nun llaruem. . Also, a gentle UuggV
HUIiMi. 'lelliil". I (tfl. .
; Touisburg, .N. C., March 1st, 13 2t
the heaviest him of our acttuaintanre. We be
lieve if hone of these long Congressional speeches
were published at the public expense, the public
would lose no great deal and we furthermore, be
lieve, that if they Were diily published at the ex
pense of the orator, they would be much shorter,
what few of tlioin would see the light at all ; and
the country would bo fully as well oft".
... The fact is prolixity, in this respect, is the cry
ing vico of the age, and operates aa a complete bar
to the attainment of political knowledge. If it is
n:cessary to read one of Col. Denton's 80 column
long speeches to know what he was talking about,
the world must reinaiu ignorant for we don't be
lieve any one ever did it, except the unhappy proof
reader, poor fellow ! So, if we can only know what
has been going on in the country by reading one
J'he cause of our backward condition was trtt- :
ly a ml justly expressed by .Mr. Gilmer, that it is a
market we want that we have no outlet by which
a market can be reached, so as to realize any pro
fit from the produce of eur eouutry that from this
cause our lands are sunk far beneath their trac
value. While a negro put upon the block after
an hwtir's notice will command a fair equivalent
in cash, the best plantation in Guilford county
might be exposed after twenty or thirty days' no
tice, the. sberitl' might bawl himself hoarse, and
then not dispose of it lor one third of its real
value. The 9lave is ca.-ily transferred to a nwrktt
where the products of his labor will justify tlie
have -ailvauced under the news. . Sales of JHUO
bales middling ('pl.i'ud and Louh-iiina at. 7 a 7 for
the former 'and 7J' a "I cts. for the latter. Deal- i
ers not lunch disposed to operate until the receipt j
of their private advices.". ,:
There, in the Palais Royal, the Dukeof Oilcans
received in state, the envoy o' the United Colonies.
Renjaniiii Franklin. A picture of the scene was
painted for the Historical Gallery of the. Palace,
representing the host and hostess in tho rich cos
tume of the time, the sturdy Ex-Printer in his plain
garb, and a young lad seated upon the floor, beat
ing a toy drum. '' Judging from that boy's pres
ent performance," said Franklin, " I prophesy that
he is destined to make a great noise in the World 1''
. When, after passing through groat vicissitudes of
F,. A Cask of FliF.SH RICE just to hand,
and for sale by
Next tluor above .Mrs. llani.e'i.
Raleigh. March .,-.'.. '.' . . : :
Ilew crop.
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For sale In-
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Raleiah, March 'I.
t'linhll l.lld drass Seeds, which he warnin'a to
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riui:vi'; .and 'smoking
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James i.rrcii ford's,:
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Itideigb, March 'i.
'. nil re I laser ill ni viinr n tii.rli nrir ..lii!. 1.. ...I i.i.i.l r f. irtiitie. I lie in-j tour .trniiimor hui'u mp Ki nrr .f f hn .
of Polk's lonp; messages, some of us must gowith-: ... , ,. ' , , I ,. ' , , , ., , . . . , . be following kind, viz:
t ' b .'.. remain fixed and immm-a Jo ii mi mm t.i .In- I' renc. Ii. lm freaneiit v Mfktetl this niiec.dotp. when t '
tyil.I.l VMS, HAYWOnil, k Co., have jinttro-
ceived a suniilv of tJarden Seeds; which thev
warrant lo be fresh and genuine , consisting iu part of
out the know cdgc--for " 1 in Mnw, as the sail- , .. . . . . ,-, I
, b. ' . . . , i reed. It is bringing a market to every man s plan-,
or says, if we do if, nor will one man in a thousand.-' , . , , . , , , ,
' ,J . ., , ,: tation that alone can give a value toour lands and I
So far as tho President s messages are concerned, .. ,, .
,". , " , . I incite our tanners to attempt those improvements
however, we 8 ia not huve cause to complain ! :.-. . ,, ',. . , .., , . ,
1 ' tu aer c.u t ire whieh have mr-r with aueh urti:i
We've cot a f . ' . ., , . , . . J
iaa in oilier ci.ies ana yieutcu such run re-1
turns. . '.'.
Americans were presented at Court
much, we recksn, tins tour years. YA e ve cot a
man of iU., not tenrJs one who will require no
great amount of special pleading to justify his acts,,
as they will be according to the law and the Con
stitution, which he will tnko as his guide one
whose mind being honest, will be the oasior spoken
out plainly one who Will have no party to build
up, no privalo interests to carry outnothing to
aerve but his country who will say all that is l
right and proper, and say it well, and to Hit point, '
and no more. . . j
Do you remehibet 3fircy, and (lie Wn'f aul ,
the Lamb pointed, was'nt it? And the fur flew
off the Secretary at every pop !
Commend ne to Old ZackV curt and nervous
style, of all things !
At Columbia (Arkansas) an accident occurred
to the steamboat, which mado it necessary for
General Taylur to land iu a skiff. In addition to
the rower already in the skiff, a drunken fellow
jumped in immediately after him, and stood up in
I Mr. G. showed from tho statistics of other States
the results of a liberal and judicious system of in-
ternal improvement that such a system never had
j failed, wherever adopted, to prove all that its pro-
j'ctors could have hoped for, 'He demonstrated
! with a force and clearness which left no doubt on
j any mind Capable -'of discovering truth, that the
j Central Railroad it the. Road., (or North Carolina,
especially Western Carolina, and urged that 'im
mediate steps should be taken by the citiaens of
Guilford, at least to grade as much of the Road aa
should pass through the county.
After a few remarks strongly fccomiilehding the
Turnpike from Groensborough to Mf. Airy to the
consideration of the citizens of Guilford, Mr. Gib
mer took his seat.
Mr. 1). l Cai.tHvi:i.t being loudly Called for,
impressed and illustrated with interesting statistics
tho views which had been snbiiiiltedjii a brief and
appropriate speech. After which resolutions of a
tho small and frail, so as to seriously to en
taxed for the public benefit every body knows i danger the Upsetting of the skiff, and occasioned '. highly spirited aud patriotic character were adop
that yet, with every new tax, the demagogue has no litllo anxiety among us. " Sit down, my good : ted, and the Chairman appointed the following gon
a new hobby to ride. A new tax is a new -"fact'' j man, sit down," said the General ; but the more he j- tlemc'n delegates to Salisbury, viz t John M. More
and a new "argument," we suppose, with w hich asked him the more he would not tin it, and began head, James Sloan, Dr. John A. Fonlkes, Jona
I We have no objection to publish the following,
j but we hardly believe it was written by a lady,
though it appears so, on its face.
.' for the Times. .
Ah ! me I want a bcatl the time seems long,
Aad slow ly pass the weary tlays away
And slow the weary nights I'm on the wrong
Mile ot tour lustres, anil I IUTK uelav :
Oh ! goodness gracious ! how long must I wait,
lletore i change my hatclul tingle stale (
I've thought of California, several limes,
And how they're troubled there for want of wivcs
Amid the richest gold and silver mines,
The men are nctually pining out their lives
A vessel load of girls, would make a mint on
And go Off like " Lot cakes," says Dr. Hinton.
What say yonj girls, fot by the blessed piper,-
We can'lbe worsted any how you know ;
WejnAytfSit hero until our age grows riper,
And even then iray never catch a beau-
A bitslianil ! gold and jewels to adorn ye,
Slrongly entice I'm off fur California.
do ;
rifs writer is no doubt greatly enamored, and upon
which he has ridden, and yet hopes to ride to a
backing the skill' under the guards of the boat and
across her lines, uniil'at last the General lost all
place, whither Ida talents and merits would never ' patience, and finally exclaimed, " sit down, you
carry him. "Taxes !" his talisman his Demo- j drunken rascal, or I'll throw you overboard," and
erotic talisman, by which to keep the people poor,
and consequently ignorant, that such as he may
represent them, and so ahapn the policy of the
State that we are never to advance one peg !
,. .Lei's head him off, and all like him, forever.
" llut we have done. Our Democratic fellow
citizens are not to bo governed now, by this writer,
nor swayed by his views. This is an age of J'ror
rcJJ the world "around us is bustling and moving
on ahead. Onf people will only be cAeataanduV
f rauled, if the State should stand still, inactiie,
and, in the race of prosperity, give them no chance.
They have demanded, and they 'da demand, vigo
rous action. Their will ;.itt( bo respected. It is
true Democracy to submit to il, and aid iu carrying
it out, this oldtim'ij Democratic light to 'the con
trary, notwithstanding.
Agreeably to previous notice, a meeting was
held at tlie City Hall, on Saturday afternoon last,
when the requisite number havi ig volunteered, a
Fire Company nf forty members was funned, of
which Alexander McPhcetcra was elected Captain.
We did not obtain a list of the other officers. Wu
have no doubt the Company will be an efficient
one but their chief difficulty, in case of fir?, will
be tiiat the town is not properly supplied with wa
ter. Ought not our City Fathers to look to it, and
make it mors plenty, if practicable ?
never did a fellow come to anchor in uuick.r time,
to the reliel of us all, particularly when he was
safely landed.
From the Charlotte Journal, Feb. 21, 1819.
Mx. Editor: I was much surprised this eve
ning, on visiting Charlotte, to hear a report in cir
culation that I intended applying for the Superin
tendency of tho Rranch Mint at this place. Such
a thought has never once crossed my mind nor
have 1 uttered a single word giving currency to
that report.' I am neither directly, nor indirectly,
through myself, or friends, an applicant for that or
any other office. . . .' ,
" I make this statement in justice to myself, and
; those gentlemen whose names may be presented
for the place in question.
Yours, .Ie.
-. R. UARttlXGER.
IT" The House of Representatives of New York
has passed a Resolution to present to Maj. Bliss,
(who is a native of that State,) a gold medal, w ith
suitable inscriptions and devices triplicates of
which are to be struck, one to be presented to Mai.
Bliss, another to be deposited in the Stat Library,
and another at the Military Academy at West
The Washington Union states that the amount
of California Gold deposited at the Mint of Phila
Idetphia for coinage up to Wednesday last, was
S 53,622. The only coinage of California Gold i
ii; quarter eajhand amounts to 52,897 it).
CoM'MBtw, 0., Feb. 22d.
Hon. Salmon P. Chace was elected by the Ohio
Legislature to-day Senator of ihe United States
for tho term ef six years from the 4th of Match
next, in place of Mr. Allen, whose term expires
with the present Congress.
Ho was elected on the 4th ballot and had 4 ma
jority on tho joint ballot. Mr. Chace is a Free-soil
Wilmington, (Del.) Feb. 2 3 lj o'clock, P. M.
An express from Dover, just arrived, brings in
formation that (lie Legislature of Delaware mej
in joint session to-day for the purpose of filling theJ
vacancy in the representation of the State, in the
Senate of the U. Slates, occasioned ly tin resig
nation of the Hon. John M. Clayton. John Wales
Esq., of Wilmington, was chosen to fill the vacancy-
WASHINGTON, February, 27, lPltt.
The Hon. Miluihd Filluoie, the Vice President,
elect of the Uuitod Slates, arrived in this city on Sat.
urduy uight last, and baa taken rooms it CoUniau'i
HoUl. -
than W. Field, Frederick Fentress, William Wat'
son, Joseph Gibson, John M. Dick, Jesse Renbow
and James A. Stewart. (Ircensbutu 1'at.
From the .Vi';i IntHlieiiC-r of Sitlnnbty.
After a long and tedious journey, Gen. Taylor
has finally reached the Metropolis. .
A gentleman who accompanied Gen. Taylor,
from Cumberland, informs us that his car Was lit
erally waylaid by a party of miners in the vicinity
of that place, who determined to ha:; a single
sight at the Gennral. In a few remarks which
he made to them, he uttered the fulhiarilig senti
ment : he said lh?y were the men who developed
the wealth of the country, and added, that good
laws were all that we wanted, for the AmericaaJ
people knew how to take care of themselves,
Gen. Taylor, we are happy to state, Is iu the
enjoyment of his accustcmed good hcatth, though
he suffers some inconvenience from the lameness of
his right arm, which was unfortunately injured by
an accident which happened to him on his journey.
His suite consists or the following individuals :
Maj. R. S. Garnett, U. S Army; Col. J. T.
Van Allen, of New Y'oik ; Judge Winchester, of
Louisiana ; J. P. Benjamin, Esq. ef New Orleans ;
Col, Balie Peyton and daughter, of New Orleans ;
A. C. Bullitt, Esq. of New Orleans ; Dr. 5! cCor
mick, U. S. Army, and lady ; Col. James Taylor,
of Newport, and daughter; Howard Christy, Esq.,
of Kentucky, and lady ; Miss Johnson and Miss
Wickliffo, of Kentucky.
Among the gentlemen who came from Balti
more to meet Gen. Taylor, were his brother, Col.
J. P. Taylor, and Slaj. Dusenbury, U. S. A.
As the cars from Baltimore were a little delay
ed, Gen. Taylor, with his party, came into Wash
ington after nightfall, but the stars shono brightly,
and tho Railroad track wai occasionally illumina
ted by bonfires on tlie route. By bonfires, also,
aud the roaring nf cannon and hi'shts of brilliant
rockets, was the General heralded into the City,
and ihe mass of human beings which blocked dp
tne Kaiiroau uepot, rcnnsyivania avenue, on his
'arrival was greater than we bavo witnessed on snv
former occasion. The immense multitude accom
panied the General s cortege to his lodgings at
Willard's Hotel, where, after a short time, he
stepped out on the balcony a ad returned thanks to
tlie people for their enthusiastic welcome, which
were received by deafening huzzas from the im
mense crowd.
In sortie twelve months I may perhaps return.
And with a Wealthy husband by my side
And lots of gold to take up our sojourn.
In this old city, nlieays to abide :
I'll read a lesson to the girls I know,
Whenever they complain they want a Jertti.
In Chatham County, on the l ttli tilt., by the
Rev. Win. Taylor, Mr. Rttfus II. Jones, of VVake,
to Miss Sarah Merrill, Of Chatham.
On the lilth ult, at the residence of Mr. Dickie
Gait, in Williamsburg, a., by the Rev. Charles
Meniger,ode, Of llrandoh Parish, T. L. Skinner,
Esq.. of Kilenton. N. C. to Miss Eliza Fisk Hir-
woial, da lighter of tho late John R. Harwood, Esq. ! ONION, White Portugal
ARTICHOKE, Green Globe :
BEAXS, Early China
" Refugee (or 1000 to l)
" Red Speckled French
: " White Cranberry
" Large White Lima
BEET, Early Blood Turnip
" Long do
" Early Yellow Sugar
" French do
GARBAGE, Early May
" York
" " Battersoit ortJrum Head
" " Sueir lmf
" large Late Drum-Head
" Large Bergen
" :'" .- Crcn Globe Savoy
" Flat Dutch
" Red "
CARROT, Long Orange
" . Allringhain
" Earlv Horn '
CAULIFLOWER, Large t'arlv
" " Late Dittch
CELERY, White RollJ
" Rose Coloured
CRESS, Curled (or Peppergrasa)
CUCUMBER, Early Frame
" : " Cluster
" Long Green
" ).r White Turkey
" Small Gherkin (for Tiuhling)
CORN', Karty Golden Sioux
" Sweet or Sugaf
" Toskarofa
LETTUCE, White Cabbage
. " IeoCoss . .
" White Hotter ..-
" Early Sib-aria
MELON, Long Island Water
" Carolina do
" , l'ine Apple
" Yellow Cantaloup
" Green Citron
' Nutmeg
MUSTARD, While :
" Brown
Asparagus, fieaus, Peets, .
. liroenli, ' ' Cabbage, : Carrots,
CaiilihWer, . Celery, .. : Cress, .
Cucumber,. : .. Kgg Plant, . Com,
Leek, . l.euucc, Melon, :
:, Mustard,'"'. ' Nasturtium, . Oltra,-
Onion, ... Parsley, Parsnip, ..
Pen-, .. Pepper, Pumpkin, .
" Radish, . Rhubarb, ' . S.,isily,
.. Seinae'V S jiin-h. Tomato, ;
Turinji, . . Ar iuiatic herbs, tirass Seed,
Also a lot of Flower Seed, which will he sold at".'
thrte senls a paper, as they aw' not of last year's
growth. P. F. PKSCPli,
Apothoeary and l)ru"i'ist. .:
Feb CI -' . -',;,- ..'- .: ft
Di'itp, Cljcmifaisf, & Dm Gtnffsr,
Mr. rESCl'D would inform bis r.usloni'
-y ers and the public in geiieral, lliat lie bus
bought ot Dr. JUHMSON Ins entire inter-
esl iu Ihe hue concern of
and will continue the btniness at the Old .Stand es
heretofore, where he will be happy to Hocomn'odulo
all that favor him with their orders. His long expe
rience in Ihe business he is prosecuting, fluid deter
(uinatisn on his part to spare no efforts iolUVE UNI
VERSAL SATISFACTION in the Quality of his
Uoou, aud the Cheapness of Male,-indue him to be
lieve that Purshascra MUST BE SUITED.
The Assortuieiit of tioods in his Store is arranger!
in a manner to please and gratify OLD, AS WELL
AS NEW CUSTOMERS, he havin? spared no ex
pense, time or labor lo reril his establishment, and to
place, everything in view for those who buy. The ob
servation of a moment will be sufficient to discover hi
arrangement, uud test the truth ai this advertisement.
Some portion of those Goods are required by every
Country Dealer, and it is to their interest to buy tba
best articles at the lowest rates to (rain customers at
borne. P. F. PESCUD,
Wholesale Dealer iu Drujrs, Dye Stuns,
and Chemicals, Fayetttville Stroet.
Raleigh, Feb. 16, 1849. 11-ta
(LATE Of n.lLlFil, N. c.)
CoMnilssion Merchant, Petersburg, T.
CJ IVES his special attention lo the sale of all kinds
of Country Produce, lbs purchase of Gouds, aud
the receiving and forwarding of Goods,
liefer to II. F. Moore, Esq. Raleigh, N. C.
J has ft. I human, Esq. Louishurg, N. C.
(Rocky Mt.N.C,
Brattleboro', N. C.
ol Norfolk.
On the-S3d tilt., at tho residence of Walter R.
Moore, of Johnson County, by the Rev. J. J.
Finch, Dr. John B. Beckwith, lo Miss Ami Gil
bert Thompson.
At the Episcopal Church iu Warrenlon, on
Tuesday evening the UOtli ult., by the Rev. 0. F.
McRae, the Hon. Micajnh T. Hawkins, to Miss
Ma ia Ealou, daughter of the late Blake Raker.
On Wednesday, the 1 Uh ult., by Win. C. Clan
ton, Esq. Mr. John II. Harriss, to Miss Sarah W.
daughter of Win. C. Lancaster.
Iu Hollv Springs, Miss., on Ihe 13th ult., by the
Rev. Win. McMahnn, Mr. Richard II. Hill, for
merly of Franklin County, N. C. to Miss Susan
E. daughter of Jas. Glover, Esq., uf Marshall
County, .Viz.
On the Hth ult., by Joseph Gooch, Esq., Mr.
Benj. F. Harriss, to Miss Ann E. Rogers, daugh
ter of Mr. Samuel Rogers, all ol Granville County
N. C.
Ot the Mth ult., at Ayersville, Perquimans
County, by the Rev. Mr. Snowdcn, Kulicrt W.
Lassiter, "Esq. of Oxford, to Miss Catherine B.
Skinner, daughter of Mr. Benj. S. Skinner.
In this City, on Saturday last, Miss Lavinia C
second daughter of Win. Ashley, Esq. Iong and
painful was the illness of this amiable and interes
ting young lady, yet she bore Hall with that Chris
tian fortitude which discerns in all tlie Providen
ces of God, that " all things shall work together for
good, to those who love Him." Com.
In Smithfield, Johnston County, on the 22d u!l.,
Mw. Rowena Ridgly, consort of L. U. Ridgly.
We have a sadsnd mclnncholvtask to perform !
It is to announce that the Rev. N. II. Harding, 1).
I). is no more! He died at his residence, iu Mil.
ton. n Saturday evening, Ihe 17th, after a protrac
ted illness, which he bore with true Christian for
titude, and without a murmur when that day's
un went down, death entered the chamber of this
Early Siver Skirt
" Large Ketl
" Yellow Dutch
" Buttons
PARSLEY, Doubled Curled
PARSNIP, Large Dittch
' Sugar or Cup Crown
PEAS, Early CedoNiilli (Dwarf)
" " Wa-diinglon of May "
" " Bishops Prolific "
" Marrowfat "
" Sugar (Edible Pods) "
" Marrowfat CP. 11)
PEPPER, Long Cayenne
" " Bell or Oxhetrt
" " Sweet Spanish (a salad)
RADISH, lamg Scarlet
" Early -Short Top
" " ('berry Turnip
RHUBARB, (For Tarts)
SALSIFY, or Vegetable Oyster
SQUASH, Early Bush
" Crook Neck
TOMATO, Urge Red
" do Yellowy
TURNIP, Large English Norfolk
fc Purple Top Rtita Baga.
" lauge While Flat.
Ilaleigh, February 23, 1813. 12.
JAMES MTC1IF0RD respectfully informs his
fr ends antf the public that he has removed bis
.Vlm-it of Ooodt from his farmor stuud to lbs opposite
side of Fayetleville Klrcet,
aui directly opposite the Market, where they are hi
vited to give hun a call, aud continue their custom.
On hand, a good assortment of DRY GOODS,
He also continues the Tailoring Bunnetn, and
will attend to all orders for Cutting uud Muking Gen
tlemen's Clothing.
Raleigh, Kb. UU, 1&49. 13
W. '('. Dortch, Esq.
ai. i esion,
.lesso It. rowell, I
; D.J.J. Philips, (
W. M. lAiig, Ksq. 1
L. M. Long, Est!. Wcldon, N. C.
James Siniiuoiis, ) .
Paiterson, Cooper & Co )
Wills & Lea, Petersburg, Vs.
H. F. Ilalsey, )
F. S. Marshall, Halifa. N, C.
Petersburg, Feb. 1st. 18111. ; ll-bc
To the Patrons of the Temperance
T OWE an apology to my Patrons for the tempora
ry us-iifii .a uf the Comtmmicalor. At the ear
nest nf many friends, I bavo changed my
location from Piltsborough to Fayelleville, whence
Ihe mails diverge in many directions, and by Vfliicli I
can send the Communicator more seedily and with
mere certainty lo ull my snlwcrilieni. The regular
issues of the Conimimieator may be expected as soou
as the press can be put in operation snv alsatt two
weeks WM. POTTER, Ed. Com.
Fv etteville, Fib. 7, 1 W3.
CO. BATTLE Imving returned to this City, il I
resume the Practice of the Iaw, in this und the
adjacent Comities,
All business uutrustcd to him, will be promptly at
tended lo.
lie is prepared lo make out and procure all HOL
D1ERM' CLAIMS, of every description, at short no
tice, accnnliii" to prnrcribed forms.
ltaleigb, August 7.
38 lm.
Ot'R PATRONS are informed that tits Priming
OHice has becu removed lo the West side of Fuy
ellevillo Street,
In the Rooms over (be Rlore nf James Lilchford, text
data alKive .Mrs. Hurdle's Confectionary Store, where '
we shall be happy lo are onr snbscriben and Iriemls. '
We are prepaieJ to execute all tfnds of
"."lob printing ''' -
upon the nsital terms, in a neat mid handsome man
Bur, and solicit a poi liun of public palroaago iu this
lino of business.
Siilcriiiio to Ihe Taper anli $1:1 60 per annum
in .advance, or $:t UO if not paid before the eipirulwa
of six mouths.
V THE TIMES will always bs fnrnisbed Cre "
mntttfu for O ie Dollar, in advance, ltiit BuUnir.u
lioits will be lb .Vfully reeied n either plan.
IT Those Mebtcd t IheOfliee aft- iiieited , '
rrnnit their ii-spective dues at o-ir risk when a re '
cepl will be fntvanlcd in their next lwuer, .
IU!igh, Feb. S3, ' '

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