North Carolina Newspapers

    Literary Xotice .
T!in Krv. J C. Rr.vs'oLLS, of Richmr.nJ, Virginia
i :;, Jiin s.i the two Literary. Societies ' ) ake
f ..; i. i; . sit the Annual tVnin.i uc. nu li'.m tin
tc. .1 mi t' .iir-,.kiy in Jmte n-xt.
Ue. C. I). Jf.nitt, of Petersburg, will uVkver a
Sermon & iho evening preceding C'onimcKo nv-Dt.
May 8, 1849.
" ' - HENRY PORTER would!
rv-TUr -l murft hjs tl)ailks t0 friends
Vrl-----i tor their fni"nerpatron;ige,and
vll respectfully inform them thai
lie lias just received his Spring' supply of articles
in hit line of business, embracing every variety
of Gentlemen's Boots, Slioc, Bootees, &c., from
the very finest kind to the real " toinp down.
. Hi assortment for the ladies, is of the most
varied ami beautitul character, suitable to tin
prave ami g-.iv. He challenge an inspection of
his articles, feeling assured that they cunnnot be
surpassed in this market.
Lind for sale tothetr-.ido. '
(,'al! and examine for yourselves. Small pit '.Is
and quick sales is his motto. .
Ralegh, April 17,1819. ', 2 3'
j Having first-rate "workmen in Ins employ,
the subscriSwTr is prepared to manufacture all kinds
ol work in hi line, toth sewed and peeped.
State of North Carolina.
George W- Hymka and others, 1
vs. I"
Archibald Hyman and other )
TO Archibald Hvman, Abigail Moore, Reddick Hy
man, N'nucy Hvnmn, John.JV'illiam and Jane
Moore, the childron of Asia Moore, and all her other
children and the children of Willie Hyman- :
Yon and each of yon, nr hereby notified personal
ly to be. and appear More the Judge of our said Court
of Equity, on the last Monday in August itext, and
plead, answer or demur to the petition of petitioners
above named, or the same will be taken pro ronfesso
and heard aeeordinidy '
Witness, C. B. Haswll, Clerk and Master of said
Court at Office in Williamston, this the 7th day of A
pril, A. IX IMS. g. HASSELL, 0. M. C.
April 13. 6w. pr. Advrt. 1 fcl.
Si ate or- North Carolina, ( 0l.rl,r Sessions,
Ihrtjwd County. V .,, Term. 1819.
Lawrence i. Yaughan, )
' ' tit. '. Original Attachment. ,
. Mums Moum.- ' ) Levied npon rive negro
slaves, to wit: Isaac, John,
Lewi and Eliza.
It appearing to the sutisfaotiou of the Court, that
Mosra Moore, the defendant in the above enso, has
absented himself from the State, or so concealed him
self that the ordinary process of the law cannot be
served upon him: It is therefore ordered bv the Court,
that publication be made in the Raleigh Times for six
wesks, notifying the defendant of these proceedings J
and that h be and appear b.fore the Justices of Ilia
County Court of Ela and Quarter. Sessions at the
ezt Court to be held for the County of Hertford, at
the Court Hons ia Wintoo, on the fourth Monday of
Vy next, then and there replevy the property at
tached and plead ; otherwise final judgment will be
antered up against him in each-case, and the property
ciia,'(uiae(l subject to the plaintiff's recovery, agreca
!y le tao act of Assembly, in such case made and
provided. . , .
Willises, Lewis M. Cowpcr, Clerk of the said
Court at Wi.iton, the fourth Mouday of February,
A. ll;,119. L. M. COWPER, CUrt.
20-bw-Pr adv $5 63& . : , : " ' :.
Court of Pleas and
' qu(
natter Sessions.
' 'rrora County.
binary TeraiS'lS.
William H. Tayloe,
Most! Moore.
irinal Attachment,
Levied upon five negro slaves,
to wit: Isaac, Charles, John,
Lewis and Eliza.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
Muses Moore, the defendant in the above case, has
absented himself from the State, orso concealed him
self that the ordinary process of the law cannot be
served upon him: It is therefore ordered by the Court,
that publication be made in the Raleigh Time for
six weeks, notifying the defendant of these proceed
mpf and that be be and appear before the Justices
of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions at
the next Court to be held for the County ef Hertford,
at the Court House in Winton, on the fourth Monday
of May next; then aud there replevy the property at
tached and plead; otherwise final judgment will be
entered up against him in each case, ant. the property
condemned subject to the plaintitPs recovery, agreea
bly to Act of Assembly in such case made aud pro
vided ..: r--:,.--
Witness, Lewi M. Cowper, Clerk of the said
Court, at Wintoo, the fourth Monday of February)
A. D, 1849. , L. M. COWPER, Clerk.
3-6w-Pradv$5 62J
Court of Plea and
Stat r North Carolina,
Hertford Vmtnty.
Quarter Sessions.
February Term, 18-19.
John A Anderson, 1 i
. n. : ; - Original Attachment, "i
Moses Moore. : ) Levied upon four negro slaves,
to wit: Mary, Harry, Cherry,
.! ' 1 . andherchiW. . '
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
Moses Moore, the defendant in the above ease, bus
absented himself from the State, or so concealed him
elf that the ordinary process of the law cannot be
served upon him i ll is therefore ordered by the Court,
that publication be made ia the Raleigh Time for
six weeks, notifying the defendant of these proceed
ings ; aud that h be and appear before the Justice
of the County Court of Plea and Quarter Sessions at
the next Court to be twld fur the County of Hertford,
at the Court House in Win ton, on the fourth, Mon
day ef May next, then and there replevy the property
art ached and plead ; otherwise final judgment will be
eutered up against him in each ease, and the property
condemned subject to the plaintiff's recovery, agroea
bJy to Act of Assembly, m such case made and provi
ded.'' s?:5i- ' ' '
,, Witness, Lewi M. Cowper, Clerk of the said
Court, at Wiuton, the fourth Monday of February,
A. v., lb V). r ' JU i- WW, t-fart. t
JM-b'w-Pr adv $5 62$ , ,, . . . J
State of Nokth C"a!
I Court of Plea and
,-ARQLlS, . ...
, ','"" " ) i-Ver.ary Term, 184?.
Trader & Parker, 1 .';''.,'
'.''-4 - - Oripinal Attachment. .
John Newsotn. ' ) Levied on the defendant's iu
.. , ' interest in nue acre of land, ad-
,-'.ii ! ! joiuing tlie lands of Tho. J. Dea-
. w., ' t y, rerry Carter and other,
It ag"tearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
tht riel'eudant in this ease has removed himself out of
this Stat,so that the ordiua-y process of law cannot
be served upon him: It is therefore ordered hy the
Court that publication be mads hi the Kaleigh Times
t" six weeks, notifying die defendant of this proceed
ing ; aud further, that he be aiid appear before the
Justices of tho County Court ef Pleas and Quarter
Sessions at tile next Court to be held for the County
of Hertford, at the Court Hi use in Winton, on the
fourth .Monday in May m-xt ; Uien and there to re
pb vy the (, . ty attached and plead f otherwise
Lual judgment will be eu'ered np e-ainst tiuj
the propt rly cmideutnod, sul ct to tlie plaint 'Ks r
rv,y, BfeeaWy to Act of Assembly, iu audi cw
made, and provided. '- " w
Uiiae., Lewie M. Cowper, Cerk of tlie (aid
Cnuri, at S uilon, the fuBrth .Mondnv of February,
A. I)., le l!. L. M. COW PER, CWA.
'-;w-l'f adi u fi-j 1 , f ,
5fy-.aorIiion of SPUING T;" -
GOODS, embracing, a great variety of
Sinn nni Staple Drn Votis;
Of the Latest and most Fashionable Style; which
ire ufK-red at prices that must please, lor Cash, or
to punctual customers. For particulars, please
see the Goods on the Counter.
Raleigh, May 11 :h. 23-
American Temperance Repository,
No. 103, Fulton Stskst, New Yosts :
iOVSlSTIN'fi of the PathoW of Hntiikennenf,
W or the Physical effects of .Mcuholic Drinks, with
seven colored drawings of the Hnmuu Stomach.nntit
ral siy, representing 1st, The Stomach in a healthy
slate ; 2nd, Stomach of the temperate driukor ; 3d,
Stomach of the drunkard; -ItTi, Ulcerated Stomach
oflhe drunkard ; 5th, Stomach of the drunkard after
adebanch ; Gth, Cancerous Stomach of the drunkard;
7lh, Stomach of the drunkard after death by deli rium
tremenx, by Thomas Sewall, M. D, late Professor of
Pathologv. and the Practice of Medicine in the Co
lumbian College, D. 0. Also, a series of Tetters to
Profeseiri" Christians on the Wine tnjestioa, hy K. C.
Oelavan," price 50 cents ; the same work, without
plates, 10 cents. Discussion relative to the proper
kind of Wine for Coiamu..:ou, and the Wiitetiuestioli
generallv; contHiiiing an in 'aluuhle nmonnt of testi
mony on this important subject, from R C. Dehivan,
Professors Silliinan, Aiken, Kencvick, Drajier, Hare,
vVe. Slc. price 10 cents. Vindication of Dr. SrwaUs
Plates, and the Doctrines they Teach ; containiiig"a
vast amount of testimony from distinjuisheil medical
and scientific men, as to the correctness of the Plates,
and the deleterious influence alcoholic tiUors exert
upon the Stomach and other parts of the Unman Sys
tem, price, 10 cents.
Ten Lectures on the use of Intoxicating; Lienors,
by Eliphalet Nott, D. D. L. L. D. President of Union
College, price 20 cents. : '
ILi These four works contain the entire philosophy
of the Tempeiaiice Re formation, and should lie in
possession of all who desire information, or feel an
interest in the movement. They are neatly printed
in quarto form, done up in uniform style, iu paper
covers, to be sent by mail. .Wr win senu the en
tire skt, tscLumso Da. Skwalls t'Ki.EaaTKn
Plates, for 75 ce.vts, ok -10 iksts witiiovt the
- We nlso have a few copies bound in one volume,
including the plates, price $ .
Mammoth Plates of the Stomach,
Varnished and framed, ready to be liune up. Price
$15, formerly sold at $20. The same unfraiued,
price i't.
tT Temperance Lecturers shonld exhibit these
plntos and lecture npon them. At Pr. Sewall' lec
ture npon Washington, runiseilers were heard
to say, " If our business niakts such stomachs, we
will atmndou it."
. JJ" T emperaace Societies, Divisions, ire. will
greatly promote the cause by procuring sets of these
plates, and inviting conijieteiit persons to lecture upon
them. Orders enclosing the cash, post-paid, will be
punctually attended to Address
American Temperance Repository.
' '"""" " ' No. 128, Fulton street, K. Y.
. The North Carolina ; r
A COMPANY with the above title having been
chartered at the last session of the Igi lulure of
thw State, and the provision required in said chatter,
(vii: application for insurance for $50,000) having
been fully met, the Company has been organized by
the appointment of the following Officers, and is issuing
to Vies, via: , .:;': ;,. i ,
" Dr. Cha E. JonNsds; President, ' ' ; '
William D. Haywood, Vice President,
James F. Jordan, Secretary,
William II. Jones, Treasurer,
Dr. Wm. H. McKee, MedicaJ Examiner,
Henst W. Miller, Attorney,
n- w Mnlf I ( Medico! Board of
Dr. Rich d. B. Havwood, )
i - - J. Hersman, General Agent.
This Company has received the most liberal charter
that has ever been granted to any Company of a sim
ilar character in any State in the Union. The 5th Sec
tion of the Act of incorporation provides " that the
Husband may Insure his own Life, for the sole use and
benefit of his Wife er Children, and in case of the
death of the Husband, the amount thus insured shall
be paid over to the Wife or Children or their Guar
dian, rf mider age, for her or their own use, free from
all the claims of the representatives of the Husband
or any of his creditors." This provision needs no com
ment. The Board have also determined to insure the lives
ef Slaves ; and this being almost half the wealth of
the people of this State, a large business is reasona
bly anticipated.. i
Any information respecting the principle of the
Company will be furnished by the Secretary or any
of its officers. JAMES F. JORDAN, Sec'y.
- Raleigh, April 9, 1849. ' ' 19.
The following papers will copy the above three times,
viz: Fayetteville Observer, Carolinian, Newbernian,
Republican, Wilmington Commercial, Journal, North
State Whig, Edenton Sentinel, Greensboro' Patriot,
Salisbury Watchman, Highland Messenger, Mecklen
burg JefTersonian, Wadesboro' Argus, Hillsboro' Re
corder, Milton Chronicle, and Weldon Herald.
A FURTHER supply of Yeast Powders, just re
XXoeived and for (ale by -
Raleigh, March 8,1849.
SOME of the most Superior Combs ever offered for
sale iu Raleigh, niay be found at
f "'"' . ' i 1 ' f f- PBSCUD'S
.-,. ,'i ... Drug Store.
Ra'ehjh, March 8, 1849. -
Just Received by v .... ..
Raleigh, March 8, 1849. : 14
CHOCOLATR Drops and Uzenge of al! kinds,
just opened, aud lor tale by
, Raleigh, March 8, 1843.-. '
' . , -.. , i i, i ';,- ' i
MOLASSES, J nt received prime MOLASSES,
Mwerop. For sale by " s
. .! - . -JAMES LITCHFORD. :
. -U v. - Next door above Mrs. Uardie'a "
.Raleigh, March 2. . - .
IXFOXSATIOX ? i.TE. , r -!
JESSE WALKER, a native or North Carolina,
came to Lincoln county, Kentucky, and volunteer
ed to go to Mexico. He was a private in Captain
William Danghtry'a Company, G. 2d Reu't. Ky.
Volunteer infantry, and waa killed in the battle of
Ijiiena V isti - il lell a wuiowett mother and sis
ter somewhere in North Carolina'.-' Tliey are et
titled to his land cUun of 100 acreai w ;U .
If this lioii!d meet their eye, I will procure their
laud, and also any balance of pay: due the
deceased, free of any charge whatever..
- Further information can be had by addressing
tlie undersigned-, postpaid. - '
I ; O.II.McKlNNEY.t '.
, Mar. 31. ; ."etUnford, Kentucky.
,- Sii:0CL IX 1-RAXKI.IXTOi.
VPCIIOC) L wi U I a opened jelhc town of Fia riV
liiiton, iniVthe 15ih of January nesl, midit the
cure of Miss Rt'.liECt 'A Fl It MAN, who has tts.
tiitKHiiulsef the most satistUcinry elisracter fnWl
Mr. and Mrs. lior.nrrT, fiirine:!) of lanisbnrp. tin
iler whom she received her lucation. Shu lias
also cerlilicates from several other persons, inclu
ding three or four Ministers, some of whom have
known her fro-. early life. Miss Ft;rmak has
lately been teaciiine the. School at Dr. Edwsnl
Speed's, in Cmnville, where, by her indefatitrnlile
attentiun to her School, she has given entire satis
faction. Terms per stsstot or five months :
For Rending-, Writing,' Arithmetic, and En-
clish (iwmnier, , igs.uu
Ail the higher branches of n English Edu
cation usually tattglit in Female Schools, 10,00
Music, 15,00
French, ,5.00
It wi be seen that this Sehotl is now 'ti rinff
indiicementa and advantages to Parents Beldtm of
fered to any comnrmnity. Franklinton is proverbi
ally a healthy location ; and Pupils entrusted to
her care will receive every attention necessary iu
their intellectual traininij.
Any person wishing further information in rein-
tion to the School
l,oan auuress uev. iv. tuuA,
P. .AT a.' Franklinton,
Refer also to the tailor
of this paper.
Franklinton, Dec. 23, 1818,
4 tf.
Supreme Court Reports.
THE Siiliscrilior haviutr purchased from the Estate
of W. R.Gales, lisq., dressed, the entire Edition
of Vols. 0, 7, and 8 Law, and Vols. 4 and 5, Eqni y,
of Iredell's Reports of Caws decided in the Supreme
Court of North Carolina, (from December Term 1815,
to August Term, 1848, inclusive, nnd incluuing also
the Equity Cases of the present Term of the Court,)
has reduced the price from Six Dullurt to F.-re Dol
Ur per volume f nnd is prepared to furnihh them to
Gentlemen of the Bar and .Booksellers, .except Vol. 5
of Eqmtv, to be published in a few weeks, of winch
notice will be given. Orders for the whole, or for any
one or more Volumes, promptly attended to. And the
Bur supplied on reasonable terms with the previous
Volumes of North Carolina Reports, and Law Hooks
generally. Bound Copies furnished to the Profession,
iu exchange for their Nos. ' V
11 J. II A I.E.
Fayetteville, March 19, 1S-I9. . 17 :
JAMES LITCHFORD respectfully informs his
fr ends and Ike public that he has removed his
Slot k of (loods from his fonner stand to the opposite
side of Fayetteville Street,
and directly opposite 'the Market, where they are in
vited to give him a call, and continue their custom.
Onhaiiih n good assortment of .DRY GOODS,
He also continues the Tailoring Business, and
will attend to all orders for Cutting and Muking Gen
tlemen's Clothine. -
Raleigh, Feb. 23d, 1849. ... 12
B c ck witliV
Anti-Dyspeptic Pills.
THESE Pills have beeu now for more than ten
years before the Public, aud their just pretensions
to the character claimed for them closely examined
and tested,' by a great number of persons, too intelli
gent to lie deceived, aud too deeply interested in the
results, not to observe with care, and judge without
favor. ':-' ' .'
Experience has not weakened, these retensions,
but strengthened and confirmed tliein by a mass of
testimony of such respectable character ash:is rarely
sostaiiied any article in this form in any country.
The subscriber has just received a supply of them,
which have been recently made, and he being Dr.
Ileckwith's Agent for this part of the State, ia prepar
ed to furnish the wholesale trade at his price, in any
quantity. P. F. PESCUD,
Raleigh, March 20, 1819. 17
RICE.-A Cask of FRESH RICE just to hand,
and for sale by
Next door above Mrs. llardie's.
Raleigh, March 2.
THE Subscriber has just received a supply of
choice Fruit Trees, from T. Perkins' celebrated Nur
sery at Burlington, N. J. consisting of Peaches, Apri
cots, nectarines and ( hemes, m ereat variety, and,
with the view of effecting speeov sales, will sell them
low. P. F. PESCUD, Druggist
Raleigh, Feb. 23. - 12
kers will find at my Drug and Apothecary Store
some very superior Tobacco aud Cigars.
Feb. 23. 12
prime lot. Call at
Next duor above Mrs. llardie's.
Raleigh, March 2. '
BY recent arrivals, I have received a Urge supply
of articles needful to make my stock complete, to
which I invite the altentiou of purchasers.
i - ' '- ' Druggist and Apothecary.
Raleigh, March 8, 1849. . . . ; , ,
OUK PATRONS are informed that the Printing
Office ha beea removed to the West (ids of Fay
etteville Street, , - , , . ., ..- , . ., .
ia the Room over tlie Store of James Litchfurd, next
door above Mrs. llardie's Confectionary Store, where
we shall be happy to see our subscribers and friends.
. We are prepared to execute all kind of
'v'uw'M: Printing, ,; . Vl,"v-
upeoUie usual terms, m a neat and handsome man
ner, and solicit a portion of pablio patronage iu this
line ef business. ....
Subscription to the Paper only $2 50 per annum
in advance, or $3 00 if not paid before the expiration
of six month. - . ,. ; . .. . , , . v.
U" THE TIMES will alway be furnished Jfre
Mat As for One Dollar, in advance. But subscrip
tions will be thankfully received en either plan. 1
C Those indebted to the Office are requested is
remit ineir respective dues at our risk ; when a re
cept will be forwarded in their next paper.
t . Raleifcdi, Fab. 23, 184 " - . - - ' - -
: f h LAW S 0 T I C E . "
C C. BATTLE having returned te this City, will
resume the Prctic of the Law.ia tha and the
adjacent Counties,
All business eutmsied to Kim, will be promptly at
tended to." ' '.' . . "
He is prepared to make out and procure alt SOI,.
DIERri' CLAI MS, of every description, al abort ao-
tice, aceoriliug to prescribed Jorina.
i Raleigh, Aujiist 7.
Sfate of Xorlh Carolina.
, : . , Was Couxtv. . .- '
COURT of Pleas ami Quarter Sessions, February
Term, 1?I9. ' ,"V
James T.!d, Rion J. HartsficlH, and R-ls-e-ra. his
wife, I'tendt.n Tucker, and Martha, his wife, John
Kinl, and Susati, his wife,ilnry Rhodes, and Chloe
his wife. Jeese Anderson, and Mary, his wift, Elija
beth Todd, Henry Todd, and William Todd,
flifdiAor .
Marv-K. Todd, Alnheus Todd. Joshua Todd, Dti
v d Toild, Elijah Todd, George Todd. Thomas Put,
ly, and wife Eliiabclh, Nancy Fa'uon, Matthew
Leopard and Mary his wife. , ..
Pttilion to diri'le Land.
This ease coming on to be heard, and it appearing
to the satisfaction of the Court, that James Peebles,
and wife Kliiabeth, and Matthew Leopard, am) wife
Marv. nnd olhers. are non-residents of this State: It
is ordered by the Court, that advertisement be made
in the Raleigh Times, a newspaper published in thi
City of Raleigh, for six weeks successively, notifying
the said non-residents to be and appear at the next
Term of our Court of Tlens and Quarter Sessions, to
be held for the Connty of Wake, at the ( onrt House
in the City of Raleigh, on the 3d Monday of May
next, and then and there answer or demur to the said
Petition, or judgment pro confeeso will be granted a
gainet them, and the Petition heard ex parte, as to
them.-. ; V. : "
Witness, James T. Marriott, Clerk.ofonrsaid Court,
at office, the .Id Monday of Febrnnrv. A. D. 184S.
Raleigh, March 22. (Pr. Adv't. $5 fi2J.) -H Cw
fXSV. case of Soda Salmratus, a superior
irtiele for
cookin' purposes. i"st received and for sale by
1,1. IWL l I'.
Raleigh, March 8, 1819.
ONDFF Boxes. Cnrar Capes and Tobacco Boxes.
Mjmt to hand and for sale by
1,, March 8,1819.
larg" snpplv of Conch, Furnitiirn. rolishintr and
XI Janan Varnislies. lust received nnd lor sale nv
Raleigh, March 8, 18-19.
, most excellent rrticle for Coughs, Colds'., &.C.,
Ljnst n-ceived and for sale by
Raleigh, Jfarch 8, 1849.
A fresh supply of Bay Ruin. jnt received, nt
- ' P. F. PESCUD S
- Drug Store.
Raleigh, Marcli 8, 1849,' . :
A larsre lot of Fish Hooks of the viost approved
-il kinds, just received and for sale hy
Raleigh, March 8,1849.- .
AT the Animal Meeting of the Directors of the
North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company,
held on the 2d January, 1849, the following resolu
tion, was adopted: .
Rr mired, That an assessment of five per cent, be
levied on all the premium notes out-standing on the
2d January 1849.
Notice is hereby given ' flint tho ubove assessment
is required to be paid at the Office of the N. C. M. I.
Co., in Raleigh, on or before the first day of May
f . JAS. F. JORDAN, See.
P. S. All letters addressed to tho Secretary on bu
siness of the Company must be ; puid, or they
will not be taken from the Post Office.
Raleic'i, Feb. 86, 1849. - 13 3t
ceived, and for sale at
Feb. S3 P. F. PEKCuTS Drug Store.
WILLIAM II FURMAN respectfully informs
the public that he continues the above business
t'le old stand, and he solicits the orders of his friends
and custoqiers. He is prepared to inako gentlemen's
('oats and Pants in the latest syle and in the neatest
manner, aud will warrant them to be cut and made
as well as they Can be iu any establishment in North
Carolina. His prices will be moderate to suit the
linn's, and no effort on his part shall be wanting to
give perfect satisfaction. All who want neat and
fashionable Clothes, call at
Old establised Shop , in Louisburg,
Louisburg, April 29, 1848.
N o T I c e . ' ; v
JUST received, the wonderful atvl important
remedy against Baldness, Hair becoming grey,
&.c, whieh has been found of tlie highest efficacy.
It can be had in bottles, by application at my Hair
Dressing Room, on Fayetteville Street. The pub
lic are requested to read the following Advertise
ments : - WILLIAM SMITH.
Wonderful Trkopherons.
v'Hair, and eradicates Scarf and Dandruff This
article differs from alt the other advertised nos
trums of tlie day. Its manufacture is based upon
a thorough physiological knowledge of the growth,
of tlie hair, and its connection with tlie skin, as
well as a knowledge of tlie various diseases which
affect both. This celebrated compound iu addition
to its usefulness as a preserver and beantilier of
the ha'-, is uiH.iallnd by any other article as an
external application for bruises, sprains, erysipelan,
swellings, ring-worms, scald bead, inflamed skin,
prickly heat, scrofula, tetter pimples, sore throat,
tender feet, salt rheum, rough hands, head ache,
chapped skin, chilblains, internal pains, rheuma
tisms, &c, &c. ; and the paia occasioned by the
sting of insects is immediately relieved by its appli
cation, and a a ready and effectita resource for
all cutaneous diseases of tlie skin, it merits a place
among: tlie household treasures of every family.
Anru .-j-;- " 18 at
Dr. A. F, Cooper's Splno-Abdomlnal
- L-i ' - ; SUPPORTERS.1 ; A 1
' THE Suhscriber ha en hand, a supply of the above
valuable Supporters, which are recommended (or all
persons, atllicted with muscular debility, round shoul
ders, or prolapsus Uteri. ; ' '
Prof. Mott thinks they are very Well adapted fot
Some varieties of incipient spinal distortions, aa they
alfurd the useful combination of shoulder Brace aud
Abdominal Supporter, with very decided the
sniiat column. . a :,,.: - !.
The altove Braces are recommended by Physicians
generally, who have seen them, and I have sold a
niimlwr to citizens of Ibis place, who are highly pleased
witntuem. ., '.,1 . 1 v .?.
A gentleman observed a few day since, that he bad
been wearing a very celebrated body brace for some
time, and that he would not give one of the above, for
fifty Such.. ' - - -
"They seed no puffing, as they speak for them
selves. P. F. PESCL D.
ir The above Supporter is sn improvement on Dr.
J5. t rnines hpuio-Abdominal hupporter,'' v.
Raleigh, March 20, 1849. . . :,, . , . , , '17
"' IX THE '
' Eglantine Acalcm)V'., :
THE SUBSCRIBER would take to board a few
Students, who may attend the Ejlantiue Acad
emy, to be re.oponed by his son, AU rxa L Wilier,
on the third Mouday of Juno, at Hiiukleyville
! Roads, Halifax Connty, N. C, about two miles
from his residence. - - '. ' '
Tuition in tho Academy for Languages and higher
branches of Mathematics two dollars per month ; for
higher blanches of English one dollar and a half, nnd
other English Studies one dollar.
Board in respectable families at and hear said 'A
Roads, from six to seven dollars per mouth. Loeuliiy
perfectly healthy, . i . '
. Any young man disposed to lessen expenses of ed
ucation by laboring occasionally in the subscribe! 's
Vmeyards, maybe accommodated in thnt wsv. -
Brinkley vile, Halifax Co., N.C., ) 54 tf
May 18, 1848.
The Press, Types and Fixtures of the
HAVING determined ou quilting the Printing Bu
siness, we now propose sellingour Print ng Press,
Types and Fixtures, at u very low price for canh, or
on a short credit for a part of the purchase money,
with bond and approved security.
The Press and a part of the Type are considerably
wora, but will do pretty fair work for two or three
vears to come, the Job and Advertising type are
in better condition, and will Inst many yuais, The
Cases. Stands aud other fixtures are very goml.--
There is a sufliciency of type of ali kinds for a village
establishment. Warrentoii is a desi -able place to ru-
side in, being remarkabiy healthy, and h:m as good
society as any village iu the ntate. We have been
engaged in the publication of the Reporter for'-'l years,
and have been tolerably well sustained. V e will sell
at a price no low, Ihal any one wishing to engage iu
the business would do well to call and see us, or ad
dress the Editor, pot paid, Warrenlon, N. C.
R. N. VEKELL, Editor and Prupnetur. '
April 21, 1849; -. SI
A MAN who called Itis mime MADISON, and
who professed to be a Horse Drover from Ves
tern Virginia, called at my house on the Kith nist.
and bought a horse of me, for which lie gave me
$150 in three fifty dollar bills on tho St:ile Bank
ol North Carolina, which bills prove to ho counter
feit, nnd are well executed and calculated to de
ceive. Two of them nre made payable at Wil
mington, and the other tit Fayetteville. '
Madison, or by whatsoever name lie may pass,
is aliout 6 ll-et, 5 or 6 incite high, 35 or 41) years
of age, square built j small deep blue cyet.; Hat
forehead; dark hair, mixed with grey; slow and
shrill voice ; flat nose ; keeps'his hair comb back;
had on a black fur with a broad brim that
stood out straight, has a down-cast look.
The horse is a light sorrel, about 6 feet Inch.
feet all white a white spot in Ins forehead with
a small scar in it holds a high head body large
and heavy through tlie foreshouldcrs has asmall
mouth for a horse of his size; is eight or nine
year old this spring, and has a lump the size of
an egg on his side. .
I will give a liberal reward for tho recovery of
the horse, or any information that will enable me
to get him again. And it is to be hoped that the
thief will be arrested in his counterfeit career, and
punished to the extent of the law. -
Letters addressed to me at Blackwalnut Post
Office, Va., will reach me.
April 25,1849. '. -ii
Y) ESrECTFULLY returns his thanks to the citi
XL zens of North Carolina, for the patronage lie has
rocoived from them, while engaged In business in the
city of liitloigh, and begs leavo to inform them that
he may be found at rV
where he will be happy to see bis old friends and ac
quaintances, and pledges himself to leave nothing un
done on his pan to contribute to their comfort and
convenience. He hopes his friends will give hiiu a
call.' "- '
Raleigh, Marcli, 6, 1819. 14 3m
Dntgo, (Cljcmicals, S; Dm StuiTs,
Mr. PESCUD would inform his custom
ers and the public In general, that he has
bought of Dr. JOHXsON bis entire-interest
in the late concern of
and will continue the business at the Old Stand aa
heretofore, where he will be happy to accommodate
all that favor him with their order. Hi long expe
rience iu the business he is prosecuting, and a deter
mination on his part to spare no efforts to G I VE U N I
VERSAL SATISFACTION in the Quality of hi
Goods, and the Cheapness of Sale, induce him to be
lieve that Purchasers MUST BE SUITED.
The Assortment of Goods in his Store is arranged
in a manner to please and gratify OLD, AS WELL
AS NEW CUSTOMERS, he having spared no ex
eiise, time or labor to refit his establishment, and to
place everything in view for those who buy. The ob
scrvatiou of a moment will he sufficient to discover his
arrangement, and test the truth of this advertisement.
Some portion of these Goods are required bv evcrv
Country Dealer, and it is to their interest to buy the
best articles at the lowest rates to gain customers at
home, P. F. PESCUD.
Wholesale Dealer in Drugs, Dye Stuffs,
aud Chemicals, Fuyettcville Street.
Rul-igh, Feb. 18, 149. 11-ta
f.. . (LAT1 or HALIFAX, H. ft). . Si 'J
Commission Merchant, Petersburg, Va.
GIVES his special attention to the sale of all kinds
of Country Produce, the purchase of Goods, and
the receiving and forwarding of Goods.
lleler to U. i, atoore, fcsq. Italeigh, N. C.
.-: ''ThoYK. Thomas, Esq. Louisburg, Jf. C,
i -i!n . IWky Mt. N.C.-
Jesse H. Powell, )
- D. J. J. Philips, t
.... ., 4i ;. v . . .....
Brattle boro", N. C.
N, M. Long, Kn.
Long, Esq. 1 -'-'---'
. Long, Esq, i JVeldou, N.C.i, '
1 Siiuinons, - , 1 .
. e.1 ' ' ; ''-
t i v is' : "A Mi
, James
Patterson, Coorjer & Co 1
Wills Sl Lea, - Petersburg, Va'
, v; ts tu ' Hiusoy, -r v, ) - ft (--'-, -j j
-, F. S. Marshall, Halifax, N, C. -". j
Petersburg, Feb. 1st, 1849. , ' " " " 11-bc
52 B
ARRELS and half barrels for tale by
r Raleigh, Feb, 23, 18 19.
A LARGE assortment of Window Class, of ail
xxat t, by the box, for sale bv '
Jialeijh, Feb. 23, lfrl9. lii,,,,
lAMPIIOR CAPSULES, a fine article tor Sick
V IUad Ache, just rccoivcd and for sn,
Feb. 23.
f Fut'lTiuoiiliy supported, the siihsciilicrtiileiiils-to
publish a monthly paper of eight pages, for the
pnrporw of dili'irsintr information ot. the subject of
education with the especial view of improving
mr cn.1 racier i our common rscnnol.
It Is intended to give an account, drawn from
the public documents and other sources, of tho or
igin mm progress oi our Common .School system,
to compare it with that of other Klates lie're nnd
iu Eumie, thus noting our improvement over for
mer years and sliiniestinrr the means of overcom
ing the defects nnd dilHculiios under which we still
labor. This will lead us to investigate the sources
from which school funds are derived, the modes of
their application, the preservation of order in
schools, the election of proper books for Ftudy, the
recreation suitable for the pupiU, the trpattiiriit ( e
ocssary for different dispositions & c.
And" believing thai the State which would im
prove its schools must first improve its teachers, a
portion of our columns will be devoted to the fini s
lions How are our schools to be supplied With
competent teachers ? How is the standard of ed
ucation to he raised, and the services of a hand
secured who are woM qualified to go forth and in
the spirit of love, labor for llie advancement oflhe
children who are placed under their charge ?
But Education is a word of veTy extensive menn
ing.and although the primary object of the publi
cation may frequently take its into the snhool
room, we do not intend to lie always confined there.
Our subject matter is the human mind and tin in
fluences good and bad, with a view of preventing
the one and strengthening the other which can
be brought to operate u pon it. That this is a theme of
the deepest moment none can deny. It grasps t he i i J
icresis noi oi mis worm only it readies through
eternity. We shall not !i?sitate then as occasion
may demand, to enter the family circle, to place
ourselves on the streets or mingle In the bnsr
crowd ami there sol forth the rules of life anil
priiic'i'les of conduct which we believe will pro
mote the good of our race here and redound te onr
everlasting welfare in the life which is fo enme.
The publication will be commenced In Green,
horo', so soon as a siiffieie'nf number of subscribers
can be obtained to defray te expenses of p:intincr
toha printed on fair type, at 50 cents a yea",
payable on the receiptor the first number. , ,, ,
IiCticru relating to the paper may be directed
fliost paid) to Nerens Mendenhall, Jamestown,
Guilford county, N. C.
Subscription also received at the Patriot Office.
The papers of the State, and others friendiy to
(he cause of Education are requested to publish or
notice the above. NEREUS MENDENHALL.
2d mo. 7, 1818.
ThtjDullar Weekly News.
Published in the city of Philadelphia, and Edit
ed by R.T. Conrad and J. P. Suiiderson, is ofTer-
.l ... ,1.- Cll I . . . ' . .
iu in mo loim.Tiiig low rau-J, pu' annum :
fine copy $1.00
Six copies 0,00
Thirteen cophes 10,00
Twenty copies 15,00
-"-Twenty-seven copies 20,00
Thirty-four copies 25,00
Forty-two copies ' 30,00 "
Fiftv copies - 35,00 ; ''
The Dollar Weekt.t News is it Whig Jonr
n il. Special attention is however directed to n
tral Sens, Literature, the Artt and Sciences, the
interest of Trade and Businem, and all such oth
er read i eg as is necessary to make a good ..
It contains also the most amnio renorts of Urn
state of the Market, in tlie principal cities of the
union, anu a general synopsis ot matters mtewtT
tng to business men. , . ( ,
Ij" No paper will be forwarded Unless
lie made 111 mlrance. Money may be remitted
through the mails at our risk. r
Address, postage paid, ., ' .
News Bindings, N. K. cor. Third and Chesnut
Sts., Philadelphia. 1 ;
fTMIE Suhscriln'r has just received his snpp'y of
J- Garden and Grass Seeds, which he warrant's to
be fresh and genuine, consisting in part ol the usual
varieties of the following kind, viz :
Asparagus, Beans, , Beets, .
v Broeoli, . Cabbage, Carrots,
, Cauliflower, (Jelery. Cress,
. , Ciicuiuber,. ; : Eggplant, Com,
Leek, .Lettuce, Melon, .
-Mustard, Nasturtium, Okra,
Onion, Parsley, , Parsnip,
Peas, -.'' Pepper, Pumpkin,
ltadish,- : Rhubarb, - Salsify,
Sjiinage, Squash, Tomato, . i
Turnip, Aromatic herbs, Crass .Need,
and Fruit Trees.
Also a lot of Flower Seed, which wiH be sold at'
three cents a paper, as they are not of last year
growth. P. F. PESCUD,
Apothecary and Druggist,
Feb 23. . . -
Important to those about to become Mother. i t
Paris Lving-isi Hospital, member of tho iledi-,
cf Ar.ademy of Prance, Corresponding Secretary of
the Paris Pharmaceutical College, respectfully licgs'
le ive to announce to the Ladies of America that hei
has appointed DR. JEROME Y. C, ROPENHUR. -TY,
of New York, his sole American Agent, for the
.. c I.- l-i-..i . 1 , ... '
pom ui niiiiuruiii i,n-ijiuine, nilOI.11 III riUllCe 08
TAN T, the most extraordinary medical discovery,
the world has ever seen. Its province is to LESSEN
a sake, asv, and SPEEDY DELIVERY, which it r
does by attitting nature. It is perfectly Harmless,
efficacious, pleasant to the taste, aud never fulls to
promote an ny and mfe delivery, and improves tlie
general health of both mother and child. ' It has been
tested for years in all the principal Lying-in Huepi.
tuls of Europe, and receives the sanction of, nearly-,
all the prominent Col'eges and Medical men of the
old world. Itis the GREATEST MEDICINE IN
l'HE WORLD; a all will admit that a medicine
must be that will lesson the terrible pains usually at-,
utedunt on child-birth. There is no mistake about,
this medicine doing all that i said of it ?,
IT EVER FAILS. It is in the form of a fine
light wwder, to lie made inio a drmk, and uxed for Si
.... , . .v-iit, ,wt4 .
price i so low a to bring it within the reach of alt
Surely no humane husband will suffer his wile te itt
dure pain, when it can be so tasily aud cheaply av
voided. - For the small sum of only $1,(10, sent ixw
Aew xork t'ost Ullice, a package will be sent by rv
tiiui mail, it being so light that it can be sent any
where av mail, at a vervtrikliss cost. " '" '"
Ij No unpaid letter takeu from the omoW.
ILJ To prevent imposition, tlie U. M.. Arent; Da,
Ropenhurty will write his name iu full vu the eat-
tide lubel ol each package. No ether geimiue. Re.
mttmer thin. , : , . , - . ..
New York, March 3d, 1819. " ' I I Cm,
JOB PRINTING, iic. i -;.
IT THE TIMES OFFICE being well I atipplied
with a good assortment of JOB TYPE, we are
prepuretT for printing, neatly, sit kinds of
if irrltlitrei" (Trtrtn "ntil finritlhilln.
and other svork. with dosnatcJi. tinon reamWHbl?
terms. A share of puujic Kilronag, in, ahis
ol business, respectfully .solucited, , , v.
February Hi, ISVJ.. ' ,

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