North Carolina Newspapers

    victory over the Secessionists,' who are
willing to call, a Convention to divide the
Union, but oppose an open Convention to
amend the State constitution. Such hum
buggery and hypocrisy cannot long pros
per. If the Whigs do not take this plat
form through he ageacy of a few double
dealing politicans, -.they will be defeated
for all time to come. The deserving and
patriotic of all classes, in this section of the
Slate, see it, feel it, and mourn over the
obtuseness of vision and contumacy .of
heart that many of our friends of the old
line manifest on this subject. However,
we will not undertake to coerce them into
measures ; they have had their own way
long enough to cover us with inglorious
deiteat, and that, too, "by such a man as
David S. Reid!" It is therefore useless
remonstrating with them ; let them take j
the stand, true to their colors, and shape
ihir course to suit theniielves. It will be
a mournful time to part with them ; but if
they are obstinately determined to be non
committal in their course, thereby surren
dering the prosperity of the State and the
best interests of their friends into the hands
of the enemy, to conciliate a feW dictators,
who are ever ready, on the slightest pre
tence, ?o break from us unless they can
have their own wav in fixing up the plat
form, and nominating the candidate that
the)' wisn to occupy h, lei tnem gu. j.i is
far better to sorrow after them than eternal
ly to be disgraced by defeat. I see by ex
tracts in the Register, that the Wilmington
Commercial, the Carolina Patriot and the
Times are fully committed to an open
convention'. Be vigilant, active and fear
less, and the cause we advocate will, in
the end, be sure to triumph over all oppo
sition :
For Freedom, battle once begun,
Tho baffled ofl, ia always won "
"I should be glad to see all the Editors
of the State at our Convention in August
-next, especially those who feel inclined to
favor us in this great reform movement ;
since I am sure the prosperity of the State
and the happiness of our people both de
pend upon it. Virginia is about to set us a
.noble example ; and do you think the
people of North Carolina are jubservient
enough, in this particular epoch of her his
tory, to stand still and see the constitution
of our State tinkered trpoa from time to
time by demagogues for sectional purposes
and sinister views'!. Nay verily it will
not be done. There ace thoug&ods of no
ble hearted men who break all party
ties before they will desert or ruin their
" Teach vs to feel for others'
-It is not a little singular that the
good people of South Carolina whoJiave
seldom or never lost a slave, should make
the most noise over the alleged non-execution
of the Fugitive slave law. ...They are
resenting the wrongs of other people who
are quite insensible to them. It has been
said that most men bear the misfortunes of
others with great equanimity ; with proper
self-discipline tne Palmetto Commonwealth
,might arrive ut this happy, state of mind
in regard to the wrongs of Maryland and
Delaware. ; : .
It is a little odd, too, that the great een
tral champion of the Southern extremistej
should be a non-slaveholder, and preach
resistance in the garb of a non-combatant.
Such is the position of the Southern Press.
It goes into daily paroxysms over the idea
of ignominious "submission;" nothing will
content it 6hort of the division of ( Jalifor
pia Dy 36 3CK; and the satisfactory redress
thereby of Southern indignity and oppres
sion. It even reads lessons to our Demo
cratic cotemporary of the Union about sla
very and Southern rights ; and in reply to
One of them, we observe in the latter jour
nal a quiet paragraph, which says so much
inta few words, that we cannot omit to co
py lit : " We are a slaveholder ourself of
fiflly years' experience, and we believe that
thfe causes which affect the value of this
species of property must be understood by
us much better than they can be by the
editor of the Southern Praas, who never
ownfed a slave, and probably never will ;
but-we can entertain rib hope that our ex
perience can be made useful to one who
gravely asserts that the Compromise places
the South out of the Union."
NJv there is certainly something practi
cal :Jh this mode of argument : "I have slaveholder for fifty years I was
bond, i slaveholder, and shall probably die
oner-and I can see nothing to prevent ma
fro$ acquiescing in the compromise. You,
on $ne other hand ,who never owned a slave
in Jhurlife. are exceedingly distressed at
the .Wrotrgs 1 have suffered in regard to my
negroest, ftTid teach secession from the Union
on .my account!" It is certainly a some
what strong' argument to the individual 5
.pqrhaps rather, too distinctly a personal ap,.
peal : but rt is very much to the point
The Lexrijgton, Ky., Observer of the
23d instant tfetis" announces the return. to
his home of Hid' honored statesman of
Out. dktuiguiahetf neighbor arrived in
this ctyy by the evening train from Frank
fort pn Sunday lst'.- VVe have not had
'" the pleasure of seeikg'him since his return,
but are gratified to learn that his health is
greatly improved ine! he left New Or
leans, where he was' laboring under the
effects of a slight cold' contracted ' probably
during his voyaire frord'Havana ; and we
doubt upt, nojy that her lias returned to his'
family and is again enjoying the quiet re-1
pose of his own . belove4 Ashland, -that he
wil he speedily- restored to his accustomed
vigorous and robust health-
Ilk fellow citizens are rejoiced that he
is again among them, and although - no
public manifestations of their respect and
admiration greeted him on his return, his
aversion to such displays being well under
- stood and properly appreciated they yet
entertain none the less of that ardent at
tachment, friendship and love which they
have everfeit for him, and to which along
life of arduous but brilliant public service
so justly (entities him.
We are $ ure we do not mistake the feel
ings of the great mass of our fellow citizens
. ixotpnl cf.JJjcfcynty of Fayette but of
the entirt Commonwealth, when we de
clare that at no period of his illustrious and
ever memorable career has he enjoyed to
the extent he now does the sincere and
heartfelt admiration and regard of almost
the entire population of Kentucky. They
regard him as a great public benefactor, in
stead of a great party leader, and even the
fiercest of his hitherto political opponents
do not hesitate to award to him the meed
of praise to which his recent patriotic ef
forts in behalf of our glorious Union gave
him just claim. Long may the noble pat
riot, statesman and orator be spared to do
battle for his country against those who
would destroy her fair proportions and
make her a shapeless mass of ruins.
CHenryW. Miller, Esq., of Raleigh,
we perceive, has consented to deliver an
Address at South Lowell Academy, in Or
ange county, on the 3d Of June next, that
hpL the last dav of examination of the pu
pils of that excellent institution, the repu
tation of which is spreading" co-xtfensive
with the State. Milton Chronicle.
Hon Daniel Webster,- was summoned
to Washington, the New York Journal of
Commence understands, in consequence
of the n ecessty of adopting immediate'
measures for the suppression of indian hos
tilities in the Mexican frontier settlements
aoreeably to a stipulation in the Treaty of
Gaudaloupe. ThJ lack of any approbation;
specifically applicable to the purpose, is
supposed to be the difficult point.
Mexican Indemnity. A treasury no
tice has been given, that the awards for the
Mexican indemnity will be paid m cash
after the 16th of May, eithr to the persons
to whom" the awards are mad' e, or to their at
torneys; No money to be pai l while ad
verse claims are in litigation. JJnion and
Trinity Land Company scrip not to be paid
till holders establish their legal claiVn.
PiTTSBrRG( April 26. At the Jv'inny
Lind concert, last night, $9,000 wero re
ceived. Some mischievous boys threw
stnnps into the windows of Jennv Land's
carriage, and afterwards into her dressing-1
t-r r- J 1 . 1
room, iier leenngs were suueepiv uuim
ed by this outrageous assault that she re
fused to sing to night, and ; left for Balti
more. Thus has Pittsburg added to die
disgrace of electing Joe Barker as Mayor,
the stigma of insulting the good, amiable,
and benevolent Queen of Song. ,
After a very warmly contested struggle
the Barnburners succeded in defeating the
Old Hunkers and getting possession of
Tammany Hall. This is what they have
been aiming at for years, and they have,
succeded at last, so that John Van Buren
can go into the wigwam once more. In the
election of Sachems, on Monday night,
they elected their whole ticket with the
exception of one candidate.
Newspapers of the World. There
are 10 newspapers published in Austria, 14
in Africa, '24 in Spain, 20 in Portugal, 30 in
Asia, 65 in Belgium, 85 in Denmark, 90 in
Russia and Poland, .300 in Prussia, 320 in
other Germanic States, 500 in Great Brit
ain and Ireland, and 1,800 in the United
States. 1
i, Mr. Clay once refused at a dinner to take
precedence Of Governor Jonesj of Tennes
see. "No," said the great Kentuckian,
','yqu are a greater man than I am ; you beat
James K. Polk, and I could not."
7 Governor Ramsey, the Governor of the
Territory of Minnesota arrived in Philadel
phia on Wednesday from St. Paul, the capir
tal of his Territory, and was warmly welcom
ed by His numerous friends in that city,
; ."
An.American, Col N. C. Baldwin, of
Cleavelaod, Ohio, has been fattening an ox
until at length he has attained the enormous
weight of .4,000 pounds. A mile per day is
the fastest rate the monster can walk. He
is to be transported East by water, and will
be sent to'London for exhibition during the
World's Fair.
Pedestriantsm. A man at Oswego
offers to bet $1000 that he can walk 1250
miles in 1000 .consecutive hours, at 1 1-4
miles per hour.
Row in MoTREAt.; On the 22nd instant
there was a slight row at Montreal Canada,
between some Irishirfeo and some refugee
slaves. No great mischief was done.
Rumors at Washington say that as soon
as the Secretary of State returns to that city,
the Nicaraugua question . will immediately
be taken up by the Cabinet,
The population of Rhode Island is 147,
549, about 3000 more females than males ;
there are 28,532 families and 22,415 dwell
ing houses.
Population of Arkansas, in 1851, whites,
162,514 ; slaves 45,573.
A relaltive of the Fox family in Syracuse
has publicly stated that she was taught by
one of the Fox girls how to produce the
rappings ; but the secret was given to her
on the promise that she too would become
a medium She states that it is done by the
the toes and knees.
Two females were discovered concealed
in barrels on board a vessel bound to
Charleston from Liverpool a short time since,
after being fourteen days at sea. Several
others similarly concealed were subsequently
From Texas. The Houston Telegraph
of April 11th, says: "The crops that were
planted early are exceedingly promising
this season. A gentleman who has recent
ly visited several of the interior counties, in
forms ui that he has never seen the corn
and cotton fields so promising as they are
at present.' The corn on several plantations
that he visited is two feet high, and the cot
von in some instances had been worked the
first time. . - .
The valley of the Bosque, says the Hous
ton Telegraph, of April 11, is settling up
with' ' astonishing rapidity. Hundreds .of
emigrants from Missouri, Arkansas and. oth
er states of the Red River, are flocking to, .this
section. , The emigrants are advancing, go
fast into the.Indian. country, that it wil epon
be necessary for the frontier military stations
to he removed' farther into the interior.
The Orleans Family. -The Prince de
Joinville, Duo de Nemours, ard dAunrale,
are on a tour in Ireland,
The 17. S. Sloop-of-War John Adams
sailed from the Naval Anchorage at Norfolk
on Thursday morning, bound for the coast
of Africa. ' - ,
Rev. Mr. Archer, a deputy from the
Grand Lodge of North Carolina, visited
the Lodge in this place during the present
week. The object of the visit we learn
to have been to raise funds for the erection
and endowment of a College for the Edu
cation of the sons of deceased, or indigent
Master Masons. A most worthy and com
mendable object to which we are highly
gratified to learn the Fraternity in this place
most nobly responded. The amount sub
scribed reaching the very handsome sum
of 0700. We hope this truly charitable
design, fraught with inestimable blessings1
to the Order, and to humanity, will" not
flag for want of adequate support. We
trust every Lodge in the State will respond
to the exertions of the Lecturer in equally
as liberal mannei as did the one hv this
place. Old North State.
Anti-Rent Outrage. As the agent
of Mr. Van Renssalaer was engaged, on
Wednesday last, m surveying a portion of
land in the town of Berne, N. Y., he was
attacked by a party of anti-renters, com
pletely disguised, and armed with rifles,
tomahawks, &c, who bound his hands
painfully tight with a rope, bandaged his
eyes,- and then tarred and feathered him.
In this plight he was marched round the
neighborhood for some hours, the fellows
Who had him in charge being fed and trea
ted by the inhabitants. ... -
Natal Stores. In the Naval Stores'
market there have been some changes since
our report on the 23d inst.. Spirits Turpen
tine has declined, the last sale heard of, a
lot of 15 barrels, was at 23 rts. Some
lots of Virgin dip Turpentine have been sold
during the last week at 4 dollars, hot yes
terday we understood that buyers were of
fering only three dollars; probably this was
for an article of inferior quality ; Old Soft
has been pretty steady for some days at
$2,30, and Hard at $1,30. Tar has advanc
ed to $1,40, at which rate a considerable
quantity has been disposed of. Nothing do-
.;ng for several days iii Common Rosin; alol
of No. 2 brought $1 3-8.
Timber. No change in this article ; dai
ly s.las at formerly reported rates. ;
LrHBER A raft of Wide Boards brought
$7, anii a lot of Scantling $5.
There is but little doing in Staves and
In Corv Meal, and Bacon, we do not
hear of any changes within the week,
From the African Squadron. The
U. S. sloop of w ar, Dale sailed from Morn
rovia February l-ith, for Port Prayra, after
a cruise of four anu1 a half months on the
Coast, Left the U. S. Brig Porpoue to
sail in a few days for the same place, after
a cruise on the coast, The U, Ship Ports
mouth and brigPerry were to windward.
Halifax, April 29, 11 P. IV. The royal
mail steamer Niagara arrived here this even
ing, bringing Liverpool dates to the 19th,
and London dates to the 18th inst.
Parliament has adjourned till aft ?r the
Easter holidays, ahd.will meet again on the
28th. The Queen will open the great ex
hibition in Slate, and the Public wili be
excluded during the iceremony.
An insurrection 'had broken out, headod
by the Duke ofSaldina ift Vincimpia. Tho
insurgents were 5000 strong. The King
had taken command of the royal troops.
Lord John Russell complained of the
dissensions produced in i.the; country by
those motions which, when brought forward
disclaimed any intentien of changing the
free trade policy. Upon a division, there
were found for the motion 250 against 263.
Lord Stanley presented a petition from
the inhabitants of British Guiana, praying
an entire change in the representation sys
tem.. . :
Earl G?ey agreed with the noble Lord,
that Guiana should enjoy free institutions
as soon as she was fit to receive them. : !
The. Income tax bill will pass its second
reading when Parliament reassembles on the
The overland'mail had arrived. The po
litical news s unimportant. Business at
Bombay is steady, but inactive. Canton
freights were 1 10s. A decline was ex
pected ' ' ' i ; i '
Late accounts, ,state that the British had
obtained a decisive victory over the Caffirs
at Kent river, but there was no prospect
of a speedy termination of the war.
. . .'...
Brown $" Shipley's Circular. -Liverpool,.
April 17th. The business in cotton for the
week ending to-day, reports a heavy cotton
market, with a decline of l-8d per lb. on
American descriptions since the last steam
er, and l-4d since our circular of the 7th
instant. The market is in a desparate state
and prices considered nominal, as it is im
possible to effect sales in quantity even at
an l-8d. below our quotations. Public o
pinion is decidedly against the market in
conseqnedce of the large receipts at Ameri
can ports. The stock of cotton in this port
is 527,000 bales, oi which 365,000 is Amer
ican, against 570.000 bales last gyear, of
which 365,000 were American,
Danville, Pa.j April 28. About half
past three o'clock yesterday afternoon, while
the congregation were assembled at the
Methodist church in this place, and during
the exercises of prayer, immediately preced
ing th reception of the communion, the
church was struck by lightning the fluid
passing down the steeple through the roof
and down a lamp rod to near the centre of
the church, in the midst of the assembly.
One lady, Mrs. George Pensyl, was instant
ly killed. Several others, who were seated
in different parts of the church, were more
or less injured, 36ffle seriously. The steeple
was shattered to pieces, and C'Uhave to be
removed. The floor boards in several places
were torn up. The outside door was much
shattered. .The . building is ,a. handsome
one, and was but recently completed.
A Sensible Grans JcRY.--rTbe Grand
Jury for this county, at our last Court all
came in' aad subscribed for the Palladium,
paying is adTacet aod for their good wish
es and ex-artians for th.e Pallad.iin, we
tender them our grateful thanks ; and hope
that at each returning circurt court for this
county we may have as intelligent a Grand
Jury as the last was. Troy. (Ala.) Palla
dium. .
0-lt seems to be the, pride of certain
Secession paperstb r'epeat that they are wil
ling to ''acquiesce," in the compromise
measures ; a. rare piece of .magnammuy,
since their doctrine has been killed ; but
they brand as "Subimssionists" all who
endeavor to maintain the Union, and a
bide by the laws of the land, and support
the Administration in their enforcement :
Webster gives the definition of "acquiesce"
as follows . -
Acquiesce, To rest satisfied, or apparent
ly satisfied, or to rest without opposition
and discontent.
- Acquiescence. A quiet assent ; a. silent
Acquiescing. Quietly submitting j rest
ing content.
In short, then, acquiescence is submiss
ion ; silent submission ; quiet submission !
So that our Locofoco friends according to
these definitions, are 'tsubmissionists"! I !
Ho, for Cuba! On Tuesday evening'
last a company of two or three hundred
from Cherokee and other parts of the State,
left this city, by extra train, for the seabord,
en route to Cuba. They were mostly men
of desperate fortunes who "leave their own
country for their contry's good," if not for
their own. While here they manifested such
a belligerent spirits as to attract the atten
tion of our own efficient police, . One blow
from the ten pin maoe of a Deputy Marshal
was, however, sufficient to make a crowd of
fifty take to their scrapers in less than no
time, proving, them tc possess a . least one
of the saving qualiries of a good- soldier'
that of superior leg-locomotioDw They took
"French Leave" and "walked Spanish" in
a way that would have delighted the Captain
General of Cuba, could he have witnessed
the performance. In the crowd, we observ
ed a few of the better class of Georgia's
sons, who, we fear, have been duped into a
scheme of exceedingly doubtful expediency
and propriety, by certain - men in "high
places." It is indeed, no longer a question
who are mixed up in this business. The
Treasurer of the concern in Columbus is
none other than John Forsyth, of the Col
umbus "Times." This is sufficient f itself
to cast suspicion upon the whole movement.
It indicates, pretty clearly, that the disun
ionists of the South are bent on embroiling
this Government in a conflict with Spain
and other allied powers of Europe, and
should caution the public against their ma
chinations. We hope that the President
will see to it that no invasion of Cuba, from
these States will be connived at or permitted.
If desperate men resolve to become jrirdtes
on the high seas and bucaneers at large, let
them take the chance of the garrotte or the
"hempen doom" which they deserve, but
let not our national Flag be desecrated by
any such atrocities. . When the people of
Cuba rise in succesful revolution and over-'
throw a tyranical Government, it will be full
time for us to extend "aid and sympathy"?
to the liberators. But until then, the expe
dition is dishonorable and wicked, and
should receive the condemnation of every I
friend of law and order and constitutional
liberty,' in the Union. We have no appre
hensions, however, that this 2d crusade a
gainst Cuba, will be more successful than
the first, . liopoz had only 25 followers
when he left the Balize a few days since.
There is a-Peenoh and English war steamer
cruising in the West Indies, also a Spanish
steamer and an American vessel of war or
two. : How then, can a handfull of undis
ciplined men hope to reach the island, much
less overthrow its Government, even if they
are permitted to leave our shores for such
a purpose. 'Tis madness to think of it.
' : . Georgia Citizen.
Seaboard and Roasoke Ralroad
Compai y. The report made at the last
meeting of the Stockholders of this Com
pany, states that the Charters of the Com
pany, granted by Virginia and North Caro
lina,aie of themost liberal character. They
contain no restrictions as" to the dividends.
The property of the company is perpetu
ally exempt from taxation in Virginia ; in
North Carolina it exempt for a period of
fifteen years. ;
The road is remarkably free from cur
vature. The gradient! are very low. In
one ottwo places only,- and for very short
distances, they are as high its twent3-five
feet to the mile. For practical purposes,
it may almost be regarded as a straight and
level roan,- -The
capital stock is one million of dol
lars, which may be increased, to one and u
half millions, at the pleasure' of the Com-
pan . . " .
,, The entire road, ninety miles in length,
wil not cost jhe " present Company over
one million of dollars. This will include
the entire relaying of the track, with the
Trail, the road way , the full equipment
of cars and engines, the buildinga, shops,
wharfs, &c, necessary for the business of
the road. , ,. ..
. The road is novby (March, 1851,) laid
in the most substantial manner, and, in dai
ly operation both for passengers and freight
to Franklin, on the Blackwater river, a
distance of 37J miles. The iron rails are
provided and on hand for the whole length
of the line, and an efficient force is now en
gaged in laying the track between Frank
lin and Weldon. The length now laid is
about 45 miles from Portsmouth.. The
road will probably be opened to Weldon,
80 miles from Noifolk, in May next, and
to South Gaston, in season for the fall crop.
The estimates for the receipts have been
made after a good deal of examination into
the subject, and from many detailed state
ments from persons familiar with the great
resources of the Roanoke valley. A large
amount of tobacco, cotton, corn, lumber,
naval stores, floui , pork, &c., will , find
their best market at Norfolk, and the sup
ply of West India goods and other articles
consumed in the interior, will be transmit
ted in return. .
The ComDanv has authorized the issue.
at par, bf four hundred first Mortgage Bonds,
of the. denorrutiatijon of one thousand dol
lars eacW and has . paid wit$ them aj par
for the.irori rails, upwards of s'even thposand
tons, necessary for the. relaying the track,
aijd alio a small, floatjng debi'bf tao Com
pany.' -Only three- hundred and fixty of
these fcond have been issued, and it is not
known tjjaj any occasion exists for the issue
of the remaining pges.
rnese xionas uax an iuierei uj ki
per cent., payable semiannually, at the
Merchants' Bank in the city of. New York,
and are redeemable at the" same place, ea
the 1st of August 1860. They have coupons
or interest warrants attached, and are trans
ferable by simple delivery, in the same way
as a note. of hand payable to beaner, or by a
special endorsement.
The Company has been authorized, by
special acts of the legislatures of Virginia
and N. Carolina, "to mortgage their. road,
property, income and franchises, acquired
and to be acquired," for the payment of
these Bonds, and the interest-of the same
semi-annually, at seven per cent., in the
eity of New York. The mortgage limits the
number of Bonds to be issued under it, as
The following are the resolutions adopt
ed by the Whigs oi Greene :
Whereas, the interests of our countiy de
mand the holding of a' Convention to se
lect a suitable candidate for the next Con
gress, and our former comparative inaction
has given to our opponents, the color of a
hope, rendering promptnessnergy and u
nity of effort doubly essential to success in
the ensuing canvass. Therefore :
1. Resolve That we suggest the ne
cessity of as speedy an assembling of this
Convention as may be possible ; and also
that We agree with several bf our sister
counties in their opinion of the expediency
and convenience of its being held in the
town of Washington.
2. Resolved, That we gratefully appre- f
ciate the noble and patriotic discharge of
his duty on the part of our late representa
tive, ,aid while we cannot again in justice
urge upon him a still farther sacrifice, vet
we sincerely regret his determination of re- jf
uiiug; ituu pnvie uie.
3. Resolved, That we earnestly recom
mend to the consideration of the Conven
tion the name of James W. B.yan, believ
ing as we do that Mr. Bryan is a gentle
man of a high order of talent, of distinguish
hed ability, and commanding eloquence ;
to whom with entire confidence we can
entrust the interests of our State as one who
will ably and fearlessly advocate them, and
who will to the last extremity neither wa
ver nor falter in his high devotion to the
Union and to the rights of the South.
4. Resolved, That though we thus
in sincerity express our preference for Mr.
Bryan, yet we are willing to submit the
matter to the wisdom and discretion of the
General Hinton, the extensive mail robber,
out on $15,000 bail and who was to have
made his appearance at Columbus, Ohio,
last Mondav, has forgotten to drop in.
CRADLE SONG. by Alfred tennyson;.
Sweet and low, sweet and low,
Wind of tne western sea, ,
Low, low, breathe and blow,
Wind of the western sea !
, Over the rolling waters go,
Come from the droopiug moon, and
":.llow him again to me; : blow,
While my little one, while my pretty one
Sleep find rest, sleep and rest. ;
' Father will come t- thee soon,
Rest, rest, on mother's breast,
Father Will come to thee soon,
Father will come to his babe in the ne$C,
Silver sails all out of the west,
Under the silver moon ;
; Sleep on my little one, sleep on my pretty
one, sleep.:
OBITUARY Died, in Louisburg, Frank
lin county, on the 22d ult.j Richard F Yar
BROUGH, in the 55th year of his age. The
deceased had for the last .twenty years re
sided in Louisburg, and success in business
crowned a life of indefatigable industry and
perseverance. He was endowed with re
markable soundness of judgment? his bu
siness habits, his incorruptible integrity, his
fidelity to engagements, his known veracity,
his character unsullied through a long life
of active exertion, mark him as deserving a
high place in the admiration of good men.
As a husband, he was affectionate, and
kiud; as a father, indulgent, though firm and
prompt in discipline ; as a citizen, he was
ready to obey the laws, aud to bear the bur
dens of government ; as a mister, he was
merciful, and carefnl to teward dutifulness.
He was constant in friendship; compassion- )
ate and kind to the afijjeted and needy ; a
man of exalted virtue, of enlarged benevo
lence. As a patriot, philanthropist, hus
band, father, master, he was adorned witti
every virtue. ;
He died in the communion of the Pre -testant
Episcopal Church. For eighbe m
months before his death he was undar :i.he
chastening rod of God; and through the
whole period of his affliction bore h iraself
with christian meekness and subiriir jsion.
To the bereaved friends of the decern d, tho
Gospel speaks in the language of camfort !
"Grieve not as thoso who have no hope."
"And I heard a voice from Heaven saying
unto me, Write, blessed are the dead who
die in the Lord from hencefort n. Yea, saith
the Spirit, that they may rest from their la
bours; and works do follow them-"
Way 1st, l'5l. R.
The ilegister please copy.
University of North Carolina.
TH" Committee of Visitation of tho Trus
tees of the University for the Year 18a 1,
consists of
H's Ex'cy D S Reid, Prcs't ex ftfTtciq
lion, D. Li, Swain, L. L. J).,
. President of the College.
Thomas S rlshe,
William W Avery,
Daniel Jit Barringvr.
William A Blount,
Thomas Bragg.
Charles Chalmerstt .
Geqrge F Davidsont
William Eaton, Jr
Burgess S Gaither,
Solomon Graves,
Frederick J llill,
James Iredell,
James Jtlebane,, j . .
Bartholomew F Moore,
Frederick 'Nash,
Thomas Settle, '
WiBhXijnA Washington,
Nicholas L Williams;
John C Williams,
Patrick H Winston.
The annua Commencement will beheld
on the first Thursday (5th day) of June
next. CHAS. MANLY,
Secretary of the Board of Trustees.
May 1st, 1S51. '
A lady was lately waited on by a poor
woman, who lived in the neighborhood, and
who solicited charity,,, ijrgiijg that she had
named a child after the lady. 'I had under
stood that the little one was a boy,' said the
lady. 'So it is,' said the other- 'Certainly,
then, you could not have given it my name.'
'I know it,' said the other, 'but your name is
Augusta, and I named my boy Augustus,
which is so near it that I thought you would
give me a new frock for him ; and will do
without the apron, on- account of the differ
ence in the last syllable."
j Raleigh and Gaston Railroad.
A Meeting of the citizens of Granville
and of all those interested in the recon
struction of the Raleigh and Gaston Rail
Road, is requested at Oxford on Tuesday
the. 6th of May, being Tuesday of Court
wee(c. Gen. Saunders will be there to
address the meeting. May 2
Mutual Life Insurance Company,
fTUIlS COMPANY continues to insure the
lives of a'l healthy White persons aa Slaves.
Tne greatest risk taken on a single fife is $5000.
Slaves ate iasured for a tem of oris ts five years
for iwo-thircis their value.
s, . Dr Charles E Johnson, President !v
Wm D Haywood, Vice President
James F Jordan, Tecretary y.
William H Jones, Treasurer
i-.TXrW H McKee, Exam'g Phpsician j
J Hersman, General Agent
All Inacpa ar navnhlp within 90 riaca nftpr ui-
. -" i j j "
f'iisfactory proof is presented. Blanks and pam
phlets, showing the plan 01 operations nt the Com
pany, may be had on application at the Office, or
any'of the Agencies. All letters on business should
bd addressed to
May 2 JAMES F JORDAN, Sec'y.
receiving by everv Train, a very large
For Spring and Summer Turde,
Embracing- a great variety cf
Fancy and Staple Dr Goods, Hats, Shoes,
Bonnets, Hardware, Crockery,
Carriage Trimmings and Groceries.
Which are oSered on the most liber 1 terms for
Cash, or to punctual dealers on reasonable time.
Please call at the Old Stand, 3 doors above the
Market. and see fur voursplves.
ARE now receiving large addi
tions to their 6tock of
Window Glass, Perfumery, 'C, 'c.
from the most reliable Houses in the Northern
Cities, which have been purchased with ail eye
single to their purity, and are offerer! Tor sale Vt
such prices and on sncfi terms as fhall compare
favorably with any house in the State.
Physicians, Country Merchants, and Dealers
generally, will do well to give us a. call before pur
chasing, feeling assured wf. shall not fail to
please both in point of price und quality.
Orders promptly attendeI to, and particular at
tention given to packing ? nd forwarding.
Family Medicines anr'l Prescriptions compound
ed at all hours of ihe d'iy and night, by a compe
tent person ; with nealuess and despatch.
We tender our mo -t sincere thanks to the citi
zens of Raleigh anl the surrounding conntry for
the long and liberal patronage we have received,
and trust by cnt'ring zeal and energy to please,
in thn prosecution of our business, to merit its
continuance. .
Raleigh, April 25, 1851. 22-3m
A "BALL AND PARTY will be given at the Rait
Road Hotel in Franklinton, eu the 7th and 8th
of M: iy, Wednesday and Thursday ensuing.
Fi anklintou, April 15,1851. 23 2t
G U N N ' S D OM E S T I C
in the Imvts of affliction, pain
. and sickness, a safe and :
reliable guide.
THIS BOOK points out, in plain language
free from doctor s terms, the Diseases ot Men,
Women, and of Children, and the latest and
most improved means used in their cure, and is
intended expressly for the benefit of families. It
al.o contains descriptions of the Medical Roots
asd IIekbs of the United States, and how they
are to be U6ed in the cure of diseases. It is ar
ranged on a new and simple plan, by which the
practice of Medicine is reduced to principles of
common sense.
This invaluable book has passed through many
editions; it has now been teyised arid improved
in every respect, and enlarged to nearly double
its tormer size ; andcpntainsnine huncred octavo
It does not propose to dispense with physicians
in severe caes ; bnt it does propose to save tliou
sands and tens of thousands annualrDy-f utting
the meari3 of enre into every man s hands, and of
saving many valuable -lives (which is of far more
importance by instructing . individuals how to
check diseases in its beginnings, before it has ac quired
too much strength to resist and overcome .
For sale by H.D.Turner,
. ; At the N. C. Bookstore.
Raleigh April 25, 1851.
. J. M. BRYAN,
T-E It M S .
The North Carolina Baptist, wilT be published
on a handsome sheet-of 22 bv32J inches, and
upon new type, once every two wee,ks. at 0,1 per
annum in ad vt. nee, or $ 1,50 if not paid in advance.
Widows, Ministers,, and Post Masters will be
choreed only $ 1, payable during the year, and
$ 1,50 afler.the.end of the year.
.; CLTJBS, . ;' '
10 copies will be furnished to clubs for $9.00 !
20 copies for $17,50 !!- 25 copies for 18.75 !!
All persons .obtaining subscriptions, ere requested
to forward them to James M. Eduey, Ashville, Ni
C, free of postage, by the 20th of May. Ifhv
that time 500 good subscribers are obtained, ar
rangements wiil at once be made for its publica
tion. Subscribers will only be expected to, py up
on the receipt of the first number.
J M EDNEY, Publisher.
Bureau of Provisions and Clothing-,
April 24, 1851.
PROPOSALS; sealed and endorsed "Proposals
for Small Stfres," will be received at this Bu
reau until 3 o'clock P M on Monday the 26th day
of May next, for furnishing and delivering an re
ceiving ten days' notice) at tlie'United States Na
vy Yards at Charlestown, Aassachusctls. Brook
lyn, New York, and Gosport,-Virginia, such quan-'
tides only ol the following article, as may be re
quired or ordered from the contractor by the Chief
of this Bureau, or by the respecive commanding
officers of the said Navy Yarda. during the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1852, namely :
Boxes, shaving
Brushes, shaving
Brushes, scrubbing,
Brushes, shoe .
Brushes, clothes
Buttoes navy, vest
Buttons, navy, coat'
Buttons, dead-eye
Blacking, boxes of
Beeswax ,
Combs, coarse
Combs, fine
Cotton, spools of
Grass, for hats
Jack knives
Handkerchiefs, cotton
T Handkerchiefs, silk, fancy colors
Looking glasses
Mustard seed
Needles, sewing, assorted
Pepper, black
Pepper, red
. Razors, in single cases
Razor strops
Riband, hat
Soap, shaving, in cakes
Silk, sewing, blue black
Thrpad, black, white arid blue
Tape, black and while
Mustard and pepper' will be required at" New
York only, and in the raw state.
All the articles must be of good quality, equal
to the best of those generally used in the service,
nd conformable to the f amples (all of which have
been recently selected and new.) deposited at said
navy yards and in this Bureau, and subject to such
inspection at the navv yard where delivered as the
chief of this Bureau may direct, and be in. all re
spects satisfactory to the inspecting officer, said
oKlcer to be appointed by the Navy Department.
All the articles to be delivered tree ot all incidental
expenses to thu Government, in proper vesst ls or
packages, and the drice ot eaQii ana every arncio
must be the same at the respective places of deli
very. Every separate package in which one or
more dozen of the above articles are packed, and"
the boxes, bales or barrels in which the same may
be delivered, shall be marked with their contents,
the name of the contractor, and the month and
the month and year when, put up ; and when desir
ed in good substantial shipping order; ' (
The contractor must establish agencies at such,
stations other than his residence, that no delay may
arise in furnishing what may be required; and
when the contractor or agent tails promptly to com
ply with a requisition, the Chief of the Bureau of
Provisions and Clothing shall be authorized to di
rect purchases to be made to supply the deficiency,
under the penalty to be expressed in. the.contiact ;
the record of a requisition, or a dplicnte copy
thereof at the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing,
or at either of the navy yards aforesaid, shall be
evidence that such requisition has een made and
received. . . . 1
Two or more approved sureties, in a sum equal
to the estimated amount of the contract, will be
reonired, and ten per centum, in addition will be
Withheld from the amount of all payments ou ac
count thereof as collateral security, in addition, to
secure its performance, aud not in any event to be
paid until it is in au respects compueu wun ; if
per centum of the amount of all deliveries made
will be paid by the Navy Agent within thirty days
after bills duly authenticated shall have been pre
sented to him. .. . ' i
Blank forms of proppsals may be obtained on
application to the N'ayy Agents at Portsmcnth,
New Hampshire; Bostpn, New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Norfolk, Pensacola, and at this Bureau.
Every offer made must he accompanied as di
rected in the Act of Congress making appropria
tions for the naval service for 184&r'47i approved
ICth Aioust, 1846, by a written guaranty, sign
ed by one or more responsible persons, to the ef
tectthat he or they undertake that the bidder or
bidders will, if his or tbpir bjcj be accepted, enter
into an obligation within five days, with good and
sufficient sureties, to furnish tjie supplies proposed.
The Bureau will not bp obligated to consider any
proposal unless accompanied by the guaranty re
quired by layv; the competency of the guaranty to
be certified by the Navy Agent, District Attorney,
or some officer of the General Government kpq.wu
io the Bureau. . . '
A record or duplicate of the letter, infprmlng a
bidder of the acceptance of his proposal, will be
d -emed a notification thereof, within the meaning
of the acjof 1846, and his bid will be accepted in
conformity with this understanding. j
Extract from the Act of Con press j approved Au
gust 10, 1846. j
"Sec. pV nd be it further enacted, TJ at, from
and after the passage of this act, every proposal for
naval supplies invited by the Secretary of the Na
vy, under thn proviso to the general appropriation
bill for the navy, app;oved March third, eighteen
hundred and forty-three, shall be accompanied bX
a written guaranty, signed by one or more respon
sible persons, to the effect that he or they under
take that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their
biu be accepted, enter into an obligation in sush
time as may be srescribed by the Secretary of the
Navy, wits good and sufficient sureties, to furnish
the supplies proposed. No proposal sIih II be con
sidered unless, accompanied by such guaranty. It,
after the acceptnnce of a proposal and a notiOea-
tion thereof to tl.o bidder or bidders, ue or tney snan
fail to enter into ;in obligation within the time pre
scribed by tbe Secretary of the Navy, rvith good
and sufficient sureties for furai6hing the supplies,
then the, Secretary of Ihe Navy shall proceed to
contract with some ojher person or persons for fur
nishing the said applies; and shall forthwith
cause the diffidence between the amount contained
in the proposal so guarantied and jhe an.ount for
which xe may lijye contracted for furnishing tho
said suprjjies for the whole period of the proposal, .
to be charged up.against the bidder pr b:dders, and
hia or their guarantor or guarantors ; and the wmc
may be immediately recovered by he United States
for'the use .of the Navy Department, irran action
of debt against either or all of said persons." ;
May 2. . . 23-4v .
State of North Carolina, j
THE Annual Grand Conyocaiion of this. Grand
ChaDter will take nlace iu Wilmington ou Mon
day, thp second day of June, A I) 1.851, A I 2381 ,
A'L 5851. A full representation is desired, a
business of importance is to be transacted.
By order of the MEGHP.
May 2. ' 23t2dj J
Cheap as Ever
THE Subscriber would also. infnm. his town,
and conntry lrieiuls, thai, having -i4rned from
the North, where he has tOiry assortment
of Groceries Bnd.Shre!.-!hyrmv " satisfied' that
he Will not be undersold by anv. ','Bwit listen
any idle tales, but come and set-for yourself ; art I
you Vhall not low anything by so dointr.'
April 25,1851, .23-tf L. 13. WALKER,.

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