North Carolina Newspapers

ir it TEH OP OTBClimON. XI
, OmTmt,
. t.OB
Ita Neath.
. net
1 ' Bwkrlor.
'M f rem very pal.
a ftonui
oar honored Clay', and wa fcv tk famf
f ttomu. t u Mm, tuat u
uke. many WO M afar!,
in at . eUace and aw tktMSk
tb pie into the Um. To my antiwry
uf EIIb, m M wb ttto TtxgrT wna, ah
Iju 'ftitwlv rcnlted. "ahe knew a. mncb
.m btoW antt- ef Ml M H
W creet Ellie'a
and hah id mr
tO U M
Mark Krteu. Year had
ad M,. Bar had meta long MOW
tber had played IcayefaWia childhood
heated the early fcwrriea, heaped Bp the
tiny (,vr.aid in the Mod aoead the mjbo
hoajeatoad, or taarother hoarded the not
f.K the coming winter She had married
r-Jy , l,fe, and luaC faft Um. home of her
yomh, bad kmawa oa aoch of joy and
orrow m ia naoaUr fattrmixed fa a Miot
midway tuikra in life. Be bad remained
A.oadtJM.Ja.J..,ia.ia worhl.
But reader, there waa a reaaon for hi do-
.--.n.J -.j.- " K'aMaadhdaW aI -.mat aaa, aa&aa bow mm m I
lug ao, palpalilv puilf mj warOTw, ana w
nVtently weighty fa Am Jamgmret to jaati
fr hi. remaintog afaoe, aU afaoe in Wo I
it w . ar other cannot view it fa the eaaM
lt-0'ht, or eonaider that roMOn a very whhav
aiealone. Yet wo UUeve ha we eoadid,
It Truth may he eoo.idered the oftapring
of i. ir u tneM. Nature baa wot formed
a ali alike it ia well all do not
tba aame faatidioaa Ut. all do OOt
with the mom eye. But let a add, each
knowcth hi own dilikea or famfareocee
beat, aad every heart mm bat know Be
own sorrow.
4i ia our parpoee to tell yoa thia winter
cVeaiaf the reaaon, mm prwi u kyCoaatn
Mark Eaion, why ho remained a Wbefar.
It, Rt atom
e bad bet" "B
"fl A cldTV K
bin. "H UfMd
mnVh- iudi MMNM,
K 'n Anm mL
m,i,ia ri Hmtm
Km ami mnel
K ml Tun
Eawfl Pod do
Pfl PnTwantfag band
EmVTlreW mutoatk thi. email
manna j 3 ammj ii sfflis
I - flB BMC
11' had been wit oa Mverai oaya . ' , .
he mmU tba rerelatfan. Wa had --tber t wm Um pure 'eneMlhe
. . i .,..1 A L;njJ,.nubiB and the rich eatot of th cheek.
II. Kd been with ua Mveral day warn
vorcd by tnndry Uttfa atteauo. and kind-' completion muow w--em
to remove an v foelfag oar irlaen I anr I wm nt in a mood to .ptworiate
aem to remove any
. a . t ' : 1 A mmMmmm
iucouvcraatiowatleMi. Wawrldtr
ing at the dining table, KIIm, he nnor.
t-ouria Kton aud I. Mr. Kay nan mi
o. to enjoy Uw meal M long m we plea
ed and bad gone to hi tore. Tire elder
mem her were eon venting of the day a tar
ia the put, while Ellie audi were delight,
ed iMiawer. Mr. . May naked rather
abraptly aad with a mhihlivm arnUe.
"Why Mark did yoa lira a bachelor f I
Med to think when we wcr children yonr
be.rt wm ward and yoa were aMeptiblc
of the bemitdal,'-
V. were ralb'er amoaed to M IB er-
neit look hi face pot on tad laughed aloud
, wheM he anawcred,
"I won't deny Gertrude, I hare fared
for mire than; meat men, and .till lovo an
ide faM 7
It aeemed i oJd, a
of hi ge talk-
;.g '.I the tender
nder paario, but we ought
f rrotlcu" Iw twrid not tofgid
not to
hu younger day
If cootinotd,
"1 (oroctittea teB my friend rem
' cence. of my eaily lifo, anal Male the
rvaaoo of my fonebnea In Wfe and !
ffVHQtn Hf)
ffamMf. Ughcd tt for my mttna tlmn
I btve received,
Wc plead for a ttulpronuring hpne.
ible u grant the fatter, if he wm not to
" la tM anmmar of lft-r. whan
fa my teutietb year, 1 attended a Camp
Mtetfag at l Ta nnvmber, Ger-
trude. what a vaat rnmner of neapte rrom
.il qnarmra-for and -r-yeariy Mm- !! ' rrLdv'. -bo. I
i n I ' litre. Uat a tow day. B a aioou Lrr ' .V.e 11a L,k., nfi.nrrd ibe eMn.
y agT hidi that ntmM.rr- llalkar dainty foot up hi ngnl thxtrn
brighteMd by Tbnaj. Jf now miry aw " ' n i j,ma mammmmmw tjt e
Loa ammnnn BanKdaV aThl
'nBfcV Pmw ly
remain, trev with aa.
nd OflMWMl
binnche. often
with mneV wkoM biV
I nUtlMnwl la ikdh nIw 1mbbMj J Walk Wllilll tarn
M, MM um UmmiU or new-born iouit
Mot a mum at the altar remafa or tba
fear row of tent. Tot mom now living
eaa recall tba wheat Mono vividly to anknC
Hairy now angel, nwthink, would lore
10 linger bare, if the pirita of the depart
ed Tint thM mundane ahotea of oar. It
wm on a Sabbath mominr In Antumn,
ma a .. a "
gnrgMU with beauty, that I rriv d on
liha gtooad. lfctriiitBijr ko b j reiu
a limb amid aaaaaharof other ajoigUng
prayer and tngtng.
Thaprajrera wore
fjBjrvent, Ike by nana were Ming
nk ipmt
ana IM Bn-toaT noaiea apwara on me
baltuj morning air, with holy lucenae.
The irreverent there could not but hare
partaken of a tpirit of reverence t hat k r in
ad to pervade Um entire aaMatbly, and uo
woaider thO ataaer ( learned to pray
Tba MTV iota did net hut vary long after
1 had taken ay eat, bat aa I waa eom
fcrtaUy liiaated, I reaaed Mated thro'
an Intermiaawa of an half hour, a many
did whoa the. eleven o'clock eermon be
gam. The Eev. Mr. L , a man of
. 1 M - - 1
eloquence and a noted revivaliat, waa to
Uua aermoa. 1 waitea wim aomo
M 1 bad never Urn ao fortu-
to bear him. I waa watching the
of people eomiag hi mm v-
direetiou. Sboald doabtltaa have
engaged tir aometbing better and for
k I Lav been nnnhnSed with a life-
.nniehedwitb a IhV
any pretty face, came
oaly one, eogag- d
I can ace it u w, I
of aolUude. Man
the aiale, but one,
i after attention.
have mob it ajl tnroagn uie. aiki i
what a lovely form, ahamiar bat not thin,
and of a medium height. CJ-d ia a nul
ling gray ilk, with laee fritlinga tupe-
. " . .1 ft f A 1 .1.
teuura ia tba neck of Lernouice ana
lathe email gray kid rlovea
hand alie eUaped a cildl hymn-hook and
the prcttieetof French las. Gracefully
be oaaaa up tbaaitja, but not iu a awetp
mg train, and eat dawn eppaatta to me.
Bet boaaat waa M kera,mg tao ; not
w of Dow-a-day of two atrawa, tied with
two ribbon and heaped) aw with flower
j bot-oue fciiie, ne your
to wear, large enough to pro
tect a fair face eomewhat from unbiue
and freckle..
It waa of enowy wWtenoM,
wy wbttenaM,
of .ilk I w-fcrtb W trfafaMd traA
wreath of pink rubaafa,tk irfalitliug
of the mow, acai "Jty Bmam rfak ribbon
tied beneath a mktchleM chta. U'm't yon
think mt niemarr good to re mete hr ali
tkeaa minor paenU after a Upe of
than Ikirtv Vear. But the f ice.
r ri in he plaia ahooJd I live a
aaaatary. Ike tmk braided dark hair wa.
ported neatly em the whit high forehead,
then brought entirely over the com. eo.
truting well with cheek, alt aglow with
bealib and beauty. The boo wm well
ahaped and Npa that rivaled carmine fa
befahUMM, where a .mile wm alway
larking and dimpling 0 eAeefc, aoehe
kor mmmA, kriagfaf milfaTokiamBW.llMrf
aw and h wa. approaching fair, awoet
womanhood. Mo wonder I thought of
angel, with her Bear me, and the mnic
ofHeaven, when her tongue took up Ike
arfady at-ahyoM.'' .
" Yoa are all .mil log at my entham;
pjMjM don't forget year nroawa.'
-WcU, I wm charmed .aaMyaod, pro
bably it wm a delation, bat I never wirh
to mo an angel' face more beaut ifnl, than
then Edith Caraon Mfneared t bm
Alone, it wm not the glteay hair, or the
velvet cheek, or the earmfae lipa, or the
deep bine eye, it wm the whole taken to
ken together that formed the be.aly and
harmony rf that face, amd (ivatad my at-
tentien. Dot tf any cnarm ooiwmnr
tttadb mta.nnWnfl, WUtm K MM. a tmt.wu
down to an earthly idol. Try I did. to it
rBnavRgmhflPWwlW. TtT.1 wj ..... W---
my attention, bt affaner far wm my gM
SdBk:r(ace than that of the diVK.e.
Fearing alto would think me rwde, I tarn
ed from her and covered my clfM with my
baud and again tried . to fiten. But the hand wm removed and
I wu looking into her fa. 1 ought her
eyM and a bToeh oo deep to be miatahen
faoontod her temple. Service again
cloeed for at) iolermUaion. 8 lie arm to
go, and I onpereeiveii folloned afar off.--
mw ka enter a lent, and 1 proceeded to
a Mend earrfa-. whr. bd inrilrd me to
Hon from Ma b.ket. My frlunna ndtfaad
bow abtracted 1 wm fa thought, and at
tributed it to pungency of eoiweieoce or
holier thoogbt. They were load in their of the dieeonrae. Iu deep reeearcb
Lad mnTnldTd new wonder, forcing cou
vietion, and it eeemed iu melting palhoa
u.a tnA iu war to ever heart, yet I
.fattimil.. Tliaiig If faiTljpji Uli
h.rdencd. In the everang again I -Jm
nM th charmer, again watching th play
of etprtaaioii on th beaatlfnl foe and
oace aaia OaOgbt the gfane of the blue
1 found by faqdlry that the waa a atr-n-
Ho tU Mhbeood W"
f a widowed anther
trod uc Hon. but with my other Mrengi- cot.
duct of that day, I did not Mk or wfai ij.
mw bar ton vc th atnmr naw w.
W I I fla-aatlsr ahameBaaaattapmmmj wjmaw Bmmmevmmnm mmm i
wiiii ap laniOT imo awr. ww vv' (
. I v : ' iL. J - m 1 ......
aliaanta wore aaalieauivd and Ui i
drtva aa wm nivaa to lha negro
the box. The gentleman bowed and
IdrnM n-lnelantJv awaV. I diUked him
Hlchard Hemum from oho maanH lj
mmw Um aaat ihaadkl hi a mil imrtkn- i
(ally diaarreaable aud hi face UK)reiivn
at Lw pnnniur. If an aeeruted lover I
knew not, but I believe I aim.? hntad the atronger and I believe I waa aalpknaj
tin iton fHit. waa Mine. I eared wot,, tolly hmv rn lliat day' b ifV Ihedi
May hnW. t mouniea my noreo ana
mefo abiwly away, but by far lea in a
ebaerlal mood than I came in the morn-
tog. Ye, I had loat my Inrt. TboM !
that have bwu in a like ahnation, cannot 1
kuow what it meant wUh me, W I hW itl
tor a life tiap. A Mraagc haneHnOM came ,
over mv then, my eowl anlorod a aliadow,
And nur aual (Wan .-t that akadow,
Shall ba Hl.d. -nrrm.e -
IM wot a amlllm)
At bom at fact I arrived aud cava my
borae to a bov. and omceeded to lln- dm-
in room. I t'uuud oar rather nnmerom
- J w m
family aaaembled around tberappi r table.
I look my aaat and endeavored to be the
gayeat of the gay, to kake aof UM day
dream, and t drephm myaelf Hr my fal
Iv. 1 wibed 1 had not gone in the morn
ing to the camp meeting, or that 1 had
not have bean awe a fwol awd nowdmod
if aome of oar ui irhhor had ot okoervi d
my diatrMiiaa. For at that ago 1 waa
afawalarly baahtoi aad had at ll' 1 1 I rf
T .O ' , .a ,
being hmaed. Hoped my elder brother
would sever hear -d' it, or father. 1 ar
gued, eon Id iM.t yuaag man of twenty
ae a pretty face, a mot pretty owe, with
out falling fa love. What f ah mat
beacttlnl, there wa. no i
Btwtdr., what wawM a y
email meank do with w
that had been cradled m
bear.iitttl, there wa no n"4 of iaMaiiy
iff, rwprciaily an
aaiuano. i amid
ut fort one. I wm hot wrahfcy, T tanT
diit own a large ulantatiow mid a More ot
ve, and an mi probably for tkm
there waa an imuamahli golf t
go alone fa my room that night I detdr
mined to outlive the anhappy pnMton,
and to forget 1 had ever aeeu kdtik tJar
Kn Day went on I thrnaght of tier
and decanted of hwam.iat nightly, alway
appearing I my dream m 1 raw her clad
in the gray ailk, tba dark fang hair aof lly
briidvd and the bright foe hoKmiug with
a entile Try M I would 1 could nor rid
myaelf of t be infatuation. Hhen aione,
her mtxrr Wa rvor
proMoi, ai itiy.
out ofpaiienM with my If I raawtved lo
u w. - r-
wmlBte. it- n raw !
.Vn CIWe Hp W mvmmmm . .
or pleaaed my then fa.tiduiua mate. Face
I h id nn though' pretty, now cumd
bom-ly or quite winunnn. But it waa tu
tu th aocieiy of Bty own MI 1 went
wiM rnde yg men, who delighted fa
nothing o much m iu miduiglit anpper.,
V . .. ... m t . l
good Ctnwr ami himniy. i nau ueauy
cheated rnyeeff into the belief tbat t wm
returning to rraennand forgetting my fir.t
fa, if 1 did dream ot her after midnight
nmHime. But one evening havmg by
chance met a number f y gay ampn
far) nt a annuity turn I wad ooJoMty
pjdcau object of ridicule. A young man
eatrd near m by thaatavc, after pro-
nt m tow aroonda. that will
..A.,. ,n. ! tkw iuaawrnnnnWamna4n
annua ta a town wiawwi iur wi mt
" Say. Mark" Eaton, bar you got over
yonr dietemperT"
- What d idem per .h-1" I naked in won
der - Why, I hear yaw caaght the d ttem
per at the ramp-meeting at 1 , and have
been wnfulty rich ever faee."
" AH aeeming to auderatond the joke,
joltied into an nprorioM lauph. Thia wm
fan bad. My eoler brightened, I knew
not what reply I mad. My tormentor
I teHyea Mark, Mia Edith Canon
fa kmintnmi, bat it ia no nan going dfa
tracted abaut it. Some of ua more bai.d
aoiue fellow mtend diapntfag your claim
to th prion, far we r aw you watching her
Hkea hawkdoeaa ebieken before. awiMip."
"I waa indignantly angry Added to
my own dkwvmiiare my hoarded aecret
being known, 1 did nt a to - hear ibe,
name that 1 revered bov all oih-ra, and
poke only in anft ton., duamid fan a
j, ut, i make .port for boy and rode men.
1 felt a. if I could have airuck tlm raaul
uhmj lect, bat to bnve .hown any rvaant
rnent wontd have ubfaeted myaelf to fur
ther ridieale and eel fad tortb great BV-rri-ment
al my expaoae. So I concealed fay
diapbaaaie and mortiliiaiion M beet 1
could and Tried to hi ugh w lib th other.
Bni I did not tarry very long after thi
onaet of impertinence, hot making an g
etrae of an obiigaiory ntnrV Ml far home,
and the aolrrrhft of fay own room. When
one" there, ebildhib a. it may en, 1 Alt
more lik Ailing down and giving vnit
lo my fccBiif fa hBoia than any thfag el.c.
Throwing mymlf upon my eoucfi, with
the monligbt"! reaming iu upon me, I ra
.olved I would one mar ce JSdrth Car-
,n Soon 1 feel Mleep and dreamed 1
ilwfieto grmy dm fa taitmw and
h. r latariant hair dfahovelbd and
.round bar whit awoohiera. The blue
m were ewimmfag in toara a ko bent
litem on me and ptenonnced my uhtne,
aaying, "Mark moo i will aooa be th
bride of ifaNrM Uufaton -1 do. not love
him " 1 awoke aud wondered t UM tarn
v dn-aroa bad (udd.-nly token. But
the night had givvm away. t
mi ir
Tliuthe day war on Into wtek.
.1 month, and month bad
Aatamn anft and
vtridin h id rircn place to hardy, atorn
, . . . ,
mm dalalv tnwt apa I
. i mAgy jff
IuhumI aiilaal AU ibfmurb abeaa eiarhl
Inn a lanntba. I waa a druamrf. at time
arfM "trfvfaar In forget, Bat I exttld not.
"So oa? piuaMAt balmy Spring mora
ine, wbou nature wm teeming with life
and radiant with beauty, I
war to ibe home of Kdllh C
wa on my
I bad -
rav to IM boom or ami v Mean, i i
k ngtb afer a arrnggte with woe lewd
reaaon, a I thenght, been loreeaj to ooy
- i - , w 7-
huiw w wnmrn wrn, -"" "rr
but m I did not wlab to reach my deatiua
lion Vie uigb. tall to begiula my time, I
tr,rped at a friend' bona at anoi for
diuuer aud remained Kveral lioiir after
AajB I Wat Ml toy Waf, I thadghr the
kiee bluer aud brigl t r, the tree rreenrr
aud the air oiu aa I oearad Uith'a
"ee. But la ry delay I wa fa
t danger of reaching there ere twilight
The day wtra growing longer am
I bora would travel too faat. So to
KRT W .I" .... " .. m J ""J ....
' I Ahw.u.1 .l.Kn m Iiv.wav will
wood on itbi-r auto wbom tapping oran-
cliea almoal formed leafv cai.ouy above.
Ia tbie auiet retreat I would not h re
wooden d to have met a Irio of fair! a
with treoaea crowned with bio daiaica or
boaeyMle with wbktb Ibe wood wera
filled. Aud could 1 bar Mked a gift I
and the favor been granted - nanv-ly the
heart and hand of bdiib Caraon I
have been the kappic and rwheetof mor-
Wat. But fa
coukl l met Ufa
bin eye of the fairy 1 worshipped, peep
mg down upon me rrom tcatv D ran earn
and almoal fancied I nuld hear the
melody or her vote fa the eon of amiable
nature. After a while my noble kor'
. - Y i - ii Tt i ! a. ...
axadwMluiueaaiiuatiu tuc fun waa
up iu the heaven. A Her a i toe oi nan an nour
1 had re'iied up betore the gate ot a -
wnat many rovaoowwa wmppi- n uwhuc
The family ema gmhnnid ia tba
nman in front, the ototker eat MWlog
fantfali, reaiicM bny of twi lve, walked
ibe floor and whwlled. and could It be
Mia Edith, tilted heck in the armed Pick
ing r hair, reading what ! t oakl .nr.. la
delight in no veli. I Bat what happiut
to h near Edith, not an angel, bu. a wv
maul Seeing me pauM, i r. Caraou
.poke l oin enough lor ate to bear,
"Go lleury aud ee what Ufa itraager
With a boned the boy cleared the tep
and walked nattily dawn th walk edged
with box.
Aftef the una il compliment nhed,
Uaw I May with yon to-night f
ed, "I rtS ank m tker."
Hear iug my reqm-at, Mr. Caraon came
down to ibe gate after bidding me gmd
evening laid with much dignity, i
"I am erry rir, to inform yon. wo nor-
er lake in traveler! . A gonthnaan dou
om half mile farther on.
"I remarked quite coolly, I am no trav
eler, madam, aud wiah to Mop with you."
'After a mod Marching gMlice, (he
bade ova rid fa. I did ao, a ervaut rn
nmmaued to lake my borae, and I wu
politely aahtd to walk in. I aaccuded
the toi.e (trial and bowed to ibe young
Ui)v ensconced in the great ehaif. Bni
culd it be Edith CaMbti. What a tcaa.
hatfant Wink Onrann fa that aid fa-
liirml Ittlfl I W ' rwiww eon ww
toin taJaw, nod the dank hfar mmjfaul
rwOely back o a. lo dUplny too miicn oi
he forehead and knoll, d lightly at the
hack of her bead t The hair tao rbrnt lo
rvneh, much of ft, .landing on end. Bni
..h t hurrura wherd waa lb pearly row
plviiun I had acn fa the annwy Unmet ?
i lure the bright riebbtfauty ofhti cherkal
Conld the rain have washed ilorTJ Never
iu my vwfai. nf Mi Caraon had chalk
and milnt m-rarred 10 mind. -
Nothing remained but the crrnin lip
and they withuul a null. Ye, there wm
the blue ere., but dreamy and drow.-v
uouich after Utng bent over a novel th
entir evening, ft wm Edith Garaon be
fore me. but not lha Edith Canon I bail
once Men end Warned to fare, oh I hew
dearly. Bat the dream had cuded, aud
what a aad waktug up! I fell likr-hed-
di.ur bitter b ar. and taking the winga nl
an eagfa in Mar to part nwknnwn. Bat
I could form uo encime lor going ere niorn-
ing. A truge louelineM errpl over me tinged with moroMtic.. I he
Ik ve I wa ftdaen. I conld not love her.
Bo near her, yet (0 far from a being I
'oh I CoMin Eaton, why did yoa not
aril her lo take off the ngly wrapper,
braid her hair and if need be nut a lil))e
rtwdrr on her face,' exclaimed Elite and
In BMrly the MOW breath.
He regarded u attentively in hi. ern
ont way n iMQud or twa, iheu tLKcfaimed,
"Lord know gift. I had already been
deceived ebough. For m"rde' ake do
yon too never powder yunr face or wear
..Id faded calico gown. Lily Whit baa
decked atony a face in beauty and proba
bly mad many a bride, bat for once It
uiiide a Uubrior of m-aily three (core. -
But let thericrAaeuVe bare a .hare nf bhime
Hul to continue, I nut give the hob
ark tin
mother left u alone. A anddeu daepera
tion eied me aud I determined to iry t.
love her. Hut thi wu for lhardy. ami 1
ahould .never have breatfad a word of ten
dernee for her. Yet i did.
"I aaked her if .be knew me. or had
ever Men me." She replied, "So." Yet
1 Lmmmm. ' ' - mm M. waa nut .aneak
TTng to ef icT IraW. Tiren t tma ner rirwj.., . -w.
the Cnirmeeting t D , how ever (inc.- whicb tfa-y ba
if srrr . .rr zr z,-- j
Mr MW I" wm e ii" wwiw
. . . , i i
m had been before ate bow I had
' BMt her ta my dream. - yea, ow re.
- . a a a
: bar. Itol It wu toiM. . am no, v
JbdlUl tarMn a. i now apw m , u.
ouea mw her. And probably lmagtirU
had ihve:d that face with i
IBM fal
Km I bad not wWhavy
Hli Afdk '. tBj Mi- -nrrMJt':
baahalnr and h . ,M ot rr ,rtMkj M
make e one. Hul let me do Kdith Car
eo,i fuatfcoTu lay in(r, t.uih a apportn
ulty rA red be h ft om iu oompany with
her filth) brother and went to her room
and aha need her dre, oon appearing In
la far more becomiiigone. But I he thought
forced itaeff 0Kn me that ah drmacd tor
nitiiin I wfadraaVa wim uat loved poat
uom for it own ak.
"1 left earlier the euccecdln day than
i . . w Ti r - . . .
--- b
'And did vou ever viait her a rain, wa
"Tea. worn two or three lime, the
time oi link- the man with the red hair
d whom I thought more dfugreeatife
firmly UclMV t couia nave
heiirt of bdith taraon, bat It
would have wronged her and mjelf too.
Ihm't think me Dreanmntnoaa yoang la -
dfa fa aayiag m. Mark bunt wm quite
a different looking man at one and twenty
in n,.w f.nrlv weiirbed down bv three
w ... .j - -r -0
core year. I leave that to Gertrude to
"Aid did IloUton marry hcrl' A4lm.
, and a brote be peovd fama-tf to
be, for he whipped hi wife. Poor Kdirtf,
.bo noeee deaerved nch IreMmeul. Vo-
man' (bowlder war made for
mttajlhOkdl &". Iu. theii face, for nowder.
.ri .. J..::. . j nJri- f l,.
II 'In' Hit IIIIL III .tint m.ii..l a "
III repay u ten-fold in love.
II me Mfcbard i. dead
in ten-fold ia love. Vat
.j - u,j
1 Dd 0e w j. ax)MM
Edith i. bow a
widow living in Virginia."
"Go tberr, then, and marry her yet !
we all rrid.
"K, no, It i tbhty flve year (ince the
Camn mt-eti:ig at D-. bat conld I find
Mine .emblance to my angel
gototbe North pol" " Mawb of rt."
"Uid you uever are net attar her mar
riage," we faqnired.
V. . one , but mm 1 had long ainee
nrued to care fW drew or apnearwaaei,
.be did not reoognfae ma, and 1 did not
myaelf known although by her
'But tell un Coojitn Eaton eoW ywm
never love another j There I certainly
umii to Bfail Mtatail on
Ho ntdiedf'no not well enough
marry. I wm wedded to an ideal being."
' Oourin Mark Etton, h Be wbhed me
to call him, left n. fa two or three day,
.face when we have never hod aay tiding,
of hifa. Wo know not if be i .till a
lath, lor, or indeed if bo U living. Nei
t her do we know the (pot he cell home.
Bat .hould thi tory uM into Id hand,
and be ah on Id rrcngnfaa he hern, may ibe
old man forgive our betrayal of a aecret,
nub which many arc aonvwraant. IV.
plead iu raenae a love of and
by o engaging our 'im Mme hoar have
been paed pfaiaaatly, tbat wherwi.e
would bnve aeon tediena, daring theM
UhiUtniM beitday t fa'Bty quiet
the Charleston Cornier.
The Bill for the (opereedin nf the Su
preme JndieUry !. paed ibe Honae
by ike targe rote of 116 aye to J nay.
Cmigrr I in foriuddeti to the Judiciary
any right to pu. upon the coiiaiifufaoat
ity or uncoiuilHiitunialiiy oi it meaourea,
eveottt bv a twn-lbirda vole. The Ooart
i coinpoeed of eignt. nn,OTTp.j,
ihercfore.fif -ft. member .hould "declare lew. io bu nnconatilational, thi
indgmeul ia to he held invalid. Iu other
wm da. the opinion of the three diaaettt
ii.g member, or their abaence, i. to be
eouridered k eaublwhing th conatitn
ifanality of ihfwe mjiclmuiila.
'In plain term, the Legfalaiive Depart
mut have eiacd upon and overthrown
ibe Judiciary. They bav nut their ve
m I . .1.1 1.
to upon t h . in. They bar fltil njninaaj"
ibe tinrernmcnt. and then Minouiieed bi
lb Judiciary that Tt thill not pu in
judgment npon their mm. Thi hi a
coup oVfof, almovt witbont a parrallei.
hi. ceitainly afar grenier tt retch of
prerogative than Janfaa th Second ever
dar. d, even two eantarfa ago.
After thi., there ia aearcely a Mep,
however extreme, whieh can eteitc the
.lighterl nrnrie.
It wa to be vtrwetod, in piroinire of
the now evident deaigu, that the War De
partment w.mld alwt w aeised. The rea
ou a.rigned lor the removal 6y the
rteident of Mr. Stanton trom bi Cahi
net, have toereforh beert of emir-e pro
uoauced Immflclent. The Seuato by a
vole hi righUul (n.pen.ion. Cp-
e of thi vote, were imme Imtely trait
milled to Mr;
lo fieneral tirant
Mr Suittoil aprn aretf at the war
nd mm m d M oe tt beau mm to
-nine it. duliea.
und. r the direction
a AM
Urmgretto. 'ike tel.gnin Mya, Omieral
Grant withdrew. I bla wc uppoM meana
thai be hu abandoned the o&Ve to Mr.
TheM erent plainly indicate the tn-
of iku Radical part to bold and
. i ji a
WILM".W " ,. fw'LlaI
ve taken pncaMinn.
Thev intend, in order to reum ttkrw
power, to verthrw U btfag faatjtn
tmn, era to lha point of revoluiio.
Never h ikiim beeo a more remarkn
kfa fulfUlmeni of the prediction, mad by
the Conaervaliv iiniiri - of the dan-
aWnto--rJnC...llB,J WjP jj
of tat party
than ever, although not then prompted by ' pan of the gifted beorge II. rnmtte :
jrafoaey 1 know. Yet never did I m my I "Oom. aaraia Time in the cjele yf it
angel face again eave fa dream at night. I aoaaoa bti brought to a the rich and root
Abl that evening of m) firat wm ; low tiarn of tb-furMt Aw aM langwt
too grtat a boct I could never recover 1 eerufaaa , -hy-the eool aad bracing atuu--
i i. " l . . ! I p ier of autumn. All nature lemi to be
from It. um what pfa eophy or aigumimt V Jllo,
I weald. I
akook hk bend Mdl and MB
Maw. . . - - - -'
rMlorMfaaof thaUnkws Om. tk. U. val
fc... of th. Mt few dav.
thevhave oomfy oow, and wlthoot
dl.iruiae. enu red apon their work 'if the
d . (traction of ibe Conartlutieat and lh
abolHloo of the en-ordioalc deparfll
. . . . . L
ot tfovrrnmenU
Their bct laid Mbeme may yet prove
futile. The country may yet eeeape, a
bv fire, while tbev mv peruih befcre the
wrath of iuat i ablic Iaigntfad
In the hiatory of the paat may yet he
The f!now1u (rifled awreedttt from thai
..... - .k. afarM of
f . : . .ub..iiMiun to the deatiuv
1 uu,vHable and aneedr diaolutiou. Ma-
1 tare, hu.ued fata dicairiea and giacdM M-
bum. aamne mm if it war. ptnparing to chant
, tba requiem of it una death, and. na vie-
lb raquMm im lla uwa aeata, ana, ua or
tlm. that Mvage nation i immolate to propitl-
aU their rod. gady ap parol d far the -iriAo.
Th earth, .till covered with iu mau-
Ul.j tOJ , mmh aa if ii rluae
te d,' ryfl. .n'
wfcii the tM and the vim haw
ttTrf w AMnm. oaf an aWhwd tetma
1 gorgeoo gliueriag. nuny-hoad meaiac that
I nreeedea and pmeWun uature'a approaeh to
the re nd yellow leaf' that haafa decay
aud dfa4uti.u. Auimna I gjdtMO.
'gi riou. luxurlw
aeaaofl. Uo wnera yon
-- ,
rut whether on land or oa water, on bill
or m dam. am to blaia or. In
yoa brwatb th earn Ufe-ltopiring. bracing
air, mat only Aalume briuga. atoapvaaiv
lo the healthful breeM. the llfu hfau mn
qwiehly lkaafr.k Mjwlimg vrina. aad-tka
xeitod uervea Uugle With toe Mr aeuMUon
of intenM delight. To ahoot the bird to
rliaae the Ma?. to flak fa mm lnr. dft-
V,tac atiwaan. an faa rifla .porta of thia
inoM elite of eau.. Ye (ickly, money-
rnainored crew, u ho tit from early morn to
1 dewy ev. peetBg over tbe eaurea
Mgen. ur counting gaiuatbai uoly i
f your
id more
metal tb th hoard, row have, nuit for a
time yonr mercenary muring and hie y to
umftokmor nawm-beaaw b pare air
bid yonr mu! to r.vl at the gtonou. feut
that bountmuM nature jn lavith profoaiou bM
iread before von : aad reeogniring the
inaieM v and power of God. fa th fraitfoa of
the bkaaHBg h bM beatoweu, WtUB. imir
reeling, in uuuon lo toe mim pienu"r oi w
unrounding ae.. and atevaliag yor
above ami fa toad thai TirrHi real
then, ob Heaven and ita high hope.
"The gofa( of man ha. contrived to ia
ir te the progreM of Time by tba nuehine
rt of thd etoek and the aiorament of the
watch, bat Uod mark ita progreM on a
grander Male by tba revolution of the plan
eta and tba change, of of the raaou. Day
form month, month inak acnaona, Manan
emniaaw Ufa year. Man' lifo, like th year,
kaa ib) MaaoM. In the apring-time of life
all b fraabnea. verdancy aad hope. In hi
umtner. man ripeM Into fall grow and vig
oroM maturity. !! ad with axUtenee, he
feel, eonaeiou of Mreugtb ; aad. delighted
with the permit of pleasure, he k with
avidity fa every field I. ere n ia likely to be
f .iiu.l. Hopethe moat hardy, the moat
brilliauU the mot delight fnl flo-ver that v
nf hhanaad fa the garaea of the eoal now
lap ring. faW foil bUom mnbarant (nhrtaoa
I It diffuee. iU vivifving odor over the whole
refamfag tb. faded motaraa of paat
en. and opening to the view uf the mind,
eye .pleudid viakHM ia the future. Who in
t'lr n-iiiner of lifo. bM not felt how
.wwet il wm at time, to neck t' field or for
etaud ha al.ine. to let th oul in dreamy
rapture lean back uMJ th paat. aaji draar
torth gladneM frm the wreck of Time', r-
iuel hope. ! Hope rear her OMtle. on thai
nnn.y mu oi unHiiirnianiiDi air, ptii aiie m
vrU them with th. gnrgeuM grandeur of
the aunbt cloud, lint Autumn coinea, a4
with II eomvathe harveat fjfa fruiu wboto
eel We have Main. Tb well if they be nol
bitter to the Mate Bad pobonnni to the
pmwh. Ma b the framer of hi. own for
tune. A helm cwn to "hall he reap, aad
M he bee labored mi akall he be rewarded.
Yet when ha bM failed aad lib Barret b
vaiiit. eve kjr deluai ve Hope Maad. by to
ahbpw fa her .wet. alluring ton, theaa
Mrnr that th coming wiater will be mild;
aud tbat auusehow ur other there will be an
famdnana. And fbmBy. whan the winter
of life roie.c..t.laatbe glacier on the moun
tain peek, Md M the Morm-apiril
when it la . be the ocean fata fury, aud th
man perbheeaud MMM away, iiiimort I
l'oie tber to heM the agony of the
parting cul. and bid h lift it. vbbm to an
uthie aad batter world, where there b neith
er Hope nor Fear."
Wmt wnii made to l l.miel II. Baker, Em of
thi. city,, to whom tb tiovernor formally
tendered the ion for the Meood tone,
y enter dav. Mr. Baker declined the appoint
ment. There U eei tail v u.. fav entire to n
man wh home hb pndieaina and aphokb
the dignity of the civil law. to accept at thb
Tiiw Vi.'iw .li.,M,viili Tba tadbual
emmevaietMbvlh reabjunli o Judge rern to tt "J"
lowle, Im. U.en U aging ia all nor- her carry at nfawanr, "r'nn0"
tiohaof the State, bit uu .me w.wthy oth. f J?"1" fTf-lVtkTZ.
rtaUou im. bee. mand to it. he tort w J-
o in ILr Miamou I time, a Mat upou the Ibmch, wli.aos juilg
jiniiim,w an. """""'I CSiriiBrhriaiihur fcr rhw WmiAne.
uo. befor na arbitrary t'ougreaa, which
will vaati thia and other office, and leave
of hm wUn ofatrawtn lb hand that akould
bi. " .
hare gmep ud Uw word ol juai.oa n u.
Mr. Ex. n Whitely. of Murrrreafoiro. N.
0. BM written acominnuicMioa to the Nort
a Lie . he Matot tbat he ha-
.ud uf eomteiiMng niuokM
fhereby making it valnaMe for agrieultura,
aeruiKW. He elaima that he aa "extract
the mei'B of the mok." and make a vain
able manure of h. He Km iaveeted a ma-
chine for th purpoae, bat Im not tb. rani-
11 to (n rodaee k. With a roaekiu. of a
fVOL. I,
NO. 3
11 " 11 ' ." ' "
Tba Sapeem Oeurf. oa Monday, granted
Umb a to tba fefloviag mikj-Mil
Uw in the MVeeal Oeomof 1
t ....
8 mn in the dale:
i B Shaw, Cnrritnek
Pauiuk U Morgan, Ourntock.
rnunfaM. Godfrey, p.
rodfrey, raeq
, Coaibecbmi
KiH W Ray, Uombertauo
Oeorge M Hom,
Wm. Namon Vfarceaba.
Joa A Duprae, FdL,
Jno 8 Ham, mfHH
JM H Bow bad. Oranvilla
John 8 Cranor, Bilkva.
John D Wdkanon, Peraoo,
Jtoraee L flan tin, Parma.
Alvin B lioward. IrcdoH.
Matthew B Lev, Bay we A
flamaritJ Kmoml rVwo.
Wax M Hroolo", Davidson.
Juotoa Davidaon, New Hanover.
Strptn 1 Brown, CaidwriL
Wm K Bordfa, Anfa.
Ohmro W Harria, OranvtfU
John N Stardm, Ouiaord.
Walter W. King, -
JeR McLean. "
Wm M Cocke, Jr., BaltU
Calvin B Oner, Mrokleoborg
D-mcl P. Meat, ChMwafl,
" Nat Atkinaoo, foHMumb.
gmuri'i r"
kxMum f Pnpn, Waha.
Aad M Tanaday th fbhuwiag wr
ioed aad admitted to praotio m the
Court ef Law and Mtony. via:
Wat fentar Fmmb,
AugaMu at Moore, imowaa.
Walter A Mooiiamary, m
Walter CW, Babla.
KdTBrabcn. JHfM
TPDevereog, "
. Daoiri L Roeral, Brmiawirk.
Henry F flraanar. Unoir.
Jvhn M Monug, Chaiham,
yMSbnam, Biifirl.
Andrew i Loitm, Lenoir.
Samuel T Wiliuvnt, Oranvflfa
Samuel A Aahe, New Hanover.
MiobeolM Jaahee, Rutherford.
Mum A Moore, Oaatoo.
Wm B Duckworth, TraMylvama,
Flaming J Whiiroora, "
Ororge W Johneon, Pitt
Ctofa M Cboka, FrukbB.
Oeorge M Whiting. Waka
Charie M Baabee, Wak.
Peler H Adam, Ounfard.
AngoMfao W Bfanw, Cartorat
MarthaU U Piooix, DavnboB.
Richard W Singktory , WUBM.
Joseph W Todd, Aahe.
John Uathng, ii.u
Jnmttuwi, not
Doncn C Wiotton, I
Wm L lorn, lirton
John Oray By nam, Yadkin.
Nicliobs W Lithorioo, Yadkia.
Clinton A Cilby, 01 dwell.
W Wood Fbauiog. McDowoB.
George P Erwin, Buikc
Pimry Baltb, Eifaeoomba,
Wm H Obwba, Yikio.
The euiriBBinlmt. fa thb city wh fur
iaheatheNow York Tribune with ueh a
purely fietitioua picture of the oefat inter
change of General Hancock with ore! ti
ara a. and Mpecially with prominmt -Kebeb.
will doubtleM find a new (object for
hi. pea iu an incident which occurred during
the holliday. We Mk no thank for aup- thi. verv veraciou arriUr with the
faat ef Una iaobfanl. Theg an aa Mmi
A few dare ago General
oalled at the rrridQBM of Gen.
it inhbeard. (ianaraLHaaeoek
engaged with wme frtaana, fadfaa and gen
ilemea. He imvaedbleiy faft them to ro
eeive bb old army frfoadV more reeentlv hb
foe, bat new again hb friend, aad after a
warm an .tin, faaiatod nnon w needing
General Lonavtreet tato therawbrr aad Intro
LongMreet into tberawtor
im to the eomoanr tker I
ducing him tn tb emnpany U
Th Myl of the totrHarVw wu o peculi
ar tbat we reproduce it for th tpeefal bene
fit of the malignant Kadieab. M a foil faad-
fiction for ttmlr MMpkiou of General Man
rock, loyally.
"Ladle, and gentlemen.'' Mid General
Hancock, "allow m. to introduce to yon
ehmt gentleman, to whom I am iadebte.
an angratoful Kmpr and whom I had tL
mbfortune to win in the tame combat. "
We moat add that, although tb camp
vnu eompoaed exclwively ofladbe andgjg
tlemen wbom y mpathiea were on Uie Vf a
id of the fate war, the inaident
profound and mtiet pleMUrabb mC,.
aud Ike two diMingaiHied eoldier. were Si
garded with iuereaeml admiral ion and ranpeet.
a. v. awaaa.
Armed Nyroe$ in the !mtk.
Nine oot of every ten of the negi m to ba
daily ou ouratreeia ai. ".rnieu anu equip
e.1" M lite Badbata direot Some nave hug
bludgeon, nune inunem kirivee om pbtob
-a' .
Yhere j crtninly no OauM for theaa howile acbt
on the part of fl bw-bi.Uag whitee. Them
are earrnl about with ta neroe. wtocevor
ihay go, ihglit and day, It is a common oe
ourrviiM to lumr firing at a!l boar ef the mgbt
ui .it pal of the city. Bulbi lva eMen-d
uvi-ral iwveral private reameooe withvo ih
paat l. w da , fotnr in chwe proximity to the
deeping inmate, an
,,..rl either hv th. mitiUr v r Olfll M-
tUornie, ao tar a. w. bare been abb t.i barn.
ttuub ia hburaal rma ami r un tn awoaina.
j To rafae fond, for buying ap aU the
real catate ot other nation, Cemgraw b
evidently bent o Mllrhg the apare per
tonal BBaatet eor own. It ha begun
wl th the iiun "ladcHb.
ot tbe country- Danfar fa
i aarwnaand "wotton. will
j take notice. Let th buyer and vender
i0f eut-ont ware, and the Chatham atreeto
j, prepan) to bid fa Mr mtr

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