North Carolina Newspapers

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Wsshingten, that tto Recustroeliou Cost
.liiar bar ratstrtod In (MW nf Hbi
inabilities, ImmnI hy nmuswpalfen i
l. raknMton. Wt Q"' Ijamclr, e.
i-.tomOrr.ef hWlhfferottue, Jtfbn
- ni and Hsjtdcn. of Nsrth
jorelfea, atta from General Ifeetory
-joasrsl Rale and Victor Barringur, snd
, or two ..there of less note in this But.
W in favor of relieving each and all
mull to them t Ws spue now for
of tko popular
tko aoirit of go-
fH, fcy aeeept-
Inf.noteueJM bat a lomporary daty,
f awdhisf tkaFneewonto of tko fSuu in
1861 la ordof to rare tko Intoreota of tko
people, ho dieqnoJiied kitoaolf, or became
" by a eaboeournt act of Coo-
Btraaa kilaW odKoa. Tkero a) owr
kovwocfe, who wae
i of that town for kia
loyalty to tko OererwJiowt j wko dieqnal
iOed kWlf to knU reeking and
aoceptinK a teat U tko Lrototare, for
the two-told Uyal porpooe of gwoan
of tko rebel army, into wfcieh no bad been
nulicioualy oonaeripted j and that be
.lok eV MeMtbina- to torwiUatr the - ar.
VrWowodwk. VA. kWUrt Ktttok,
Natkaniei Boydon, Todd B. Ca i well,
Lawia Ilaaea. that nro wonrly all tke
JodM of tke Conru end wo' know not
how many bwadude r' thowannda
more, whoao eumplicity witk tko rebellion
woanhkor nominal like that of Caldwell,
and wkeoe yearuinwe tor low
i bf tke I'iikw were aa aineere
of Ueweral LonconweS and the
partiea nanH above. Willajntt
Oorenimenl "peddh-owl He am.i.-.iy in
tide pitiful We. r .hall tkero to nmier
al act of awiuiily tor nil loyal and tow
abidinn riiiaenef
If CoruriOM wHI not grant general nnv
. ' ft.' - . .
neatT, in UearenV name, let it act on u.e
kellion a-a'ie nw rfftoewft 0 Smwd
wtr dominant, .ball to tko nroot neoep.
table reeowttowufatini t Mror ; and that
after-torn wairfatton and derotton to frev
dom, akall eland neat or.
OortfruM aaouot without n proatitnlkw
of id grant power, tnako a toe profea
alwa of -" ' the tontrb atone
Mono of nalrintietn. and the condition of
reetoration to the rbjkl of cirikonakip. It
cannot dcrlare to Ito world that fidelity
to Ike Union, by' rtoathern man oVtof
Mt rvMfton, i rirtno wktek wobe
lent Witk the aojorlty of ita memtore,
than adbeeion to tko Kepublican party
rinrt (At rtbeUion. To art on tkal prin
eipte, U to pat a premium on political
prolitntin and to Vr oitiaeoakip a
tke price of limWmmWmWffi&Wie-
le price of iimr-eeriftg.
We mav add ", to tbrne
wkbdj address ttowselvee to tko honor
appeals to the passions nf the mere parti- j
11 i tills: that Ute snoa uoerait
1 i tke most politic. Tto Kecnn-
1 Acts have settled tke )uestiiu
as to who shall ratify tho Conatitutlon 10
to framed by tto Convention. Litorali
ty, therefore, eann-l incrraso the number
of "rotor on tbia question, nor in any
way endanger the cause of ratification.
Ob tto contrary, liberality cannot fail to
tore tto efsnt of reconciling tto people
to tto now order of thiurs. The wider
tto net of amnesty, the better will to tto 1
temper of tto) people, and uie weaaer win
to the ontwsition to lite OnnattUHtoi. A
man must to very ignorant of human no
bis ignnrnnee liinet to ensued by the littto
noee and wvauneM of Bio wtnansuip.
Or to most to actuated by other motives
than ttoee which are tonnded in n regard
Will tost the Convention eall upon
win not u
Cowgross to smbmes tto
wholc lody of
ten wbo vi
tto war, am
known to to loyal during
sj who are now law-abiding,
iu ka act of amnesty I
Congress to tto ini
ilirshiiilise from tto
of removing
" Ju4tos. nil nf whom
of Ito United States: and net on of
mnajir. UUW'nUSSWTi
whom, so far as wo know, won au origin
al Bseesssrmtot. There on uo materia)
ant of which to organise tto Judicmr,';
under tto now State Government, unless
the Judges and leading lawyer shall be
released from their disabilities. Gen.
Sickles tried in vain to find eompefeut
lawyer to fill the vacancy oeeastonod by
North (VmUwiWm pssfts ma tost
know, aad WW aaVm thai, share am W
tmit of ssea U this State, wbe. pslriolr
JT-vd fevwwf tto ajvtog daring
or ss ttot of OeVwifB wWoventor
Jatonwn orGevndJ V"jt
Wo repent, llfl IWVV"
these ansa to tlfj BlMF'
aaipi total nvntov5S
tko Wto- m mMt?
eao anirVBET;
th raolrMtMNi of J ode Morriaton t
Uoreraor Worth and Goo. Canbr kave
boon rngajod for tLreo njontht in finding
tnociwoor to Judge reww. Altar oor
eroJ trial, tkejr kare olond a kkjktjr re
poetatdo fawtlnaao), wko aamo to tko
Otatoo ao a Uuiou officr-r. and baa fince
I uj.lird bioelf to tb ntudw 4 law. Ho
will dooblltti make an honorable and re
nrctabb) Judp t kwt it wtN bo iaipoa.i
blo to tad bmm tkan two or Umbo other
mm tor tiie circuit baoob, wko would not
Boo t; whito there ta no raatnrul
ml ol. kick to
If Ooarrtoa woobj avoid brinftog otter
woaoo noon lie icfcoeao of roconatroc-
tiou, it nioei lorthwitk rcloaae the Judfree.
and anoitt of Ike leadinc lowrort of tko
Sutefrout tbeir dUabititioe. (Hborwioo
wo shall ore low pettlforgioft dentaroKueo
etotad with tke oreaine of tko Soproeao
beach, which onoo woo filly worn by a
Taylor, a Heudcreon, tod Gaaton:
wkde eaen wUl be elaetod by nnirtreoJ
owCragc, to preoide on tke circuiu, wkoao
ektof njorh will eonelet in bee capacity
to taebeoe and to oHetrthwto wkwky
tko rotora.
Proa, Ito Batleaal ll
ilnofAor llotttn lump in Vtrngrtm
Ltcompto. over Again.
Tke Leeompton Conetitntion, no-called
wae au iaawneitioa upon the people of Kan
ana, in that it wae n fraud npon popular
rlgkto, and did nM reflect luelr vie, nor
feeling Henri ail the repreeontatlvee
of the Sonlh, beaded by General Qnit
mnn, were at first hostile to it Ezecu-
this senUmont j tot ito fact that the lem
Dm party 10 a great extent, through
Ito tenders, Menttned itooU wltli a
ore which bod not tke approval of the
people of the Territory of Kansas,
damaging to tke last degree, and it
naaeeiinankly tke todptont stop to- kV
dhuatrmss dotoat in the ejection of i860.
HtrangB to any, too leorene of ei
toko tot Utile kold
of tto shallow, ito
shifting, tke utterly partisan, and tto oik
erwiee debauched of noflticisne.
Tto whites of Alabama having lawful
ly, under tto reconstruction act of the
usnmlu: aneewdaacr to t ongress, uken
n juotnabfe course to save thrown
from the anticipated wrong, buna,
ot negro ascendancy, are now to
to tto rnle of n bogus consti
sd upon them by Congress,
and which i only tto creation of a minor
ity of the people, and that minority oouv
posed mostly of negroes. That the whites
should to justified in resorting, as ttoy
tod Ito righto, under tto iwooiuvrnctiou
bills tksmsrirM of tto usurping Congress,
to adopt nay atop to avert negro aseen
daney, Could not tot to anticipated by all
June snludi d asm. Self preservation is the
first law of nature. That it will prove to
be. disastrous policy to re-enact the odious
principle of Lecomptonisaj In Alabama,
and thai, too, by a negro minority, and
not white oue, there cannot to a shadow
of doubt, ft, in. connection with other
enormities of Radicalism, trill sink tto
wholu rotten hulk In irretrtevablo depths.
When an editor like him of the Nan
Yarlt Tribune, who has clamored with an
parent sincerity lor "general amnesty and
universal snlrnjn in tho South, so far
discredits bis record as to justify Congres
stonal aclioo kgaliing the bogus- consti
tution, isst rejected vfn part by black
ItflBntotves) in Alabama, what wonder is
It that SO reckless a partisan as Senator
Sherman should introduce bill reiuaugu-
rniesc tto Lncootuion policy. It u as
foltows :
msrsto, The people of the Htsts ol Am
is have, in strut complisnoe with lbs Oil;,
Scutum of the Act uf March 2nd, 1067. enti
tled so Act to pmvi'le for tin? more efBcieut
fo eroment of the KebeJ Btatss, trsosnl s too
Mitwlwn of governurant, in oouturmity with the
Cotwituiiun uf the UoileJ Rutes, framed to a
Cont rution of delegates In vomptiaiios with
a.1.1 ,ck nn
-IrnBllwntossU ietntion ha been rat-
iiteauysnuuuiity ol ttofuerM swssnssw
Una on tto question of rsntieati'Mr, .nM 'snhl
tMiMitstioa oonuuot U tbeguarautMs rawuired
be tol Ad;
. , ., , . I'm ,i 1 1.. m..
t Mr tart, at sbocssb tmm
Xraate end fltoss s fSnfinmUtlmn, That Uie
fstoto of Ansssans is enuued to-Kf renjaji fsio
in Ogress, end 8eust and RenreseiiUtives
.nail I sdnmied, on their taking the oath pro
scr.tK'J by law "
To add to the infamy of tto Radical
record, in so far as it has been exhibited
at such short notice, by ssen destitute of
true political principles, we copy from tto
press of Mr. Horace Ororiey, Ito eibre
tlnse bitter eueiny of Leeomptonisnt, as
"Am ato'afs Mr Huty of Osssjrssj to
m ansakn-i rfrrt In II itsisntol, sjtd nt rsire to
JmitAlnbamnloAUnwn. If tktr, arc ten
torwfsiea to AUnnm, sms stoirs to ntorn to
Ito Union. CVaovrsi tkntt nmgnue Atm, and
tkm omtn, as to rsarssntiaiissr 0 w om.
Tton'tto .to., -2,2
ollemaa, and on. professing honor and
i,...rtiv to nolttie. was
It is a rotten, told, wentou, and meretn-
emus negation ol principle on uie
of issnes.
Wiujsw WsretT Pssxsn-Ws y estsrd.y
suBer tto m west psoolty of tbs low 00.
m. mm row. His emaciated form
and sunken ryes, betrayed Ito wrsuk which
hisenms hss msdsuf s ones nnwsni majfc
We nudsrsund ttot to passsa sassh of bar
laws in rending, sad it prepsimg for to final
MHihtors of uie uosnei u. mmmm,
in thsir efforts 10 bring bim to re-
neutsnoa, ana ns is soon cu -1
Rev. Mr. Bnfly. lis bas mads a wrBtsn ttsj-
!r .nrJinoBAad kte tho hands ottbsiai
titJrW tto Watchman 4 (HdHortk State-LIKE-SKETCHES
Pij m
On the 81st of July, 1861. when tto
battle of MaoasSBi was raging, when
Beauregard was straining every energy to
check tto fiauk attach of McDowell, it
was heard by tto Loudoua cavalry, com.
pany of Spirited Virginia youths, that tto
Commsnder in-chief tod kad hat torso
killed under him, and was not now suita-
kij am hid Inmredistelysprivsterodo
vow their ranks toward the station occu
pied by tto General, lie was mounted
a Btsgnifieeut steed. As to approach
ed, to discovered Beauregard alone, not
an aide to sight, is tto est of mounting a
small inferior torse. He ssluted him and
courteously said: "General. I beard of
tto loss of yonr horse and I hope yon wHI
do me tbe honor to accent mine."
FuHteiy (for tto distinguished General
unlike many of his inferiors whom 1 know,
is always polite ) to accepted tbe lime,
ly present, and spoke only a few tot elo
quent words of aeknowledgetnent Tto
young cavalryman saluted kins and vat
starting back to his command, when the
General said to him: "Stop! you are on
toy staff till further orders. Csrry (this
dispatch." That young man vss my
friend, henry He acted bis part well wa
that day sod to was not forgotten by
IsassTignrd. la a few days to gave him
a permanent appointment on his staff.
He followed this leader's fortunes through
nil bis vicissitudes till to was relieved,
from tto command of tto forces in Missis-
e evenine. not lone fter tto battle
of Shiloh, as I stepped on tto ears at Sal
isbury to go to Ubariottr, I looked up and
saw arm standing on tto platform. He
wss returning from Richmond, where to
kad keen on official business. H
also stteodin-. as escort, tto toroic wife
of Gen- Gordon. Our ride to Charlotte
was peculiarly pleasant to me. Mrs. Gor
don wss comely, thourh not beautiful.
Bar education bas evidently been jooi
etoas and toratonioas, in that it has adorn
. . . a
ed and enforced a tweet simplicity and
natural cheerfulness, instead of supplant
ina them by artificial attainments. With
out a servant and with several small ebil-
to take ears of, she appeared quiet
usafsrisblt, and quite ready to con
verse most agreeably witk tor friends.-
Little did tto took then like there wot a
soul of fire In that gentle bosom that could
blase forth into to intents a flame of pay
triotism at to dottle tto tdmirieg eyea of
warrior at dm her heroic deed tvo
Z a s .a s
years alter, vben tn the streets 01 n in
ch ester she grasped tto Confederate flag,
and rushinc amid the panic-stricken sal-
diert, called to tkem loudly ta rally to their
That wss one of tbe most remar
kable events to nil the nnlold and wonder
ful history of the daughters of the South
during the falsi struggle. -
She is a native of (Jeorgia. Her name
wss Hsrrollton before she becnme Mrs.
Gordon 5 snd she is a relative of the Hun.
Willie P. Mangum.
During our brief Interview, Henry gave
me several note of bit soldier-life. He
stowed me rhe record to kept nn the lie hi
nf Shilph, daring tto engagement. It
a very good representation of the ge
nius of a battle. Tto first few entries
were regular and the chtrograpby was
utatn. Tbe to few grew more sngnbtr
ss tn tto letters and more reckless as to
tbe lines. Then, si the fight became fu
rious, Ito letters became as illegible as the
toad-writing of Biilus (Jhoate and there
WM t tig-sag jerk and dash about it that
might well represent the tracks mads by
tto Swhiltorgher's crab;
Just keenre the fisrht commenced, tto
staff-surgeon felt tto pulse of Beauregard
aud all hit aids. He found them expres
sive of very different degrees of excite
ment. Ttoy ranged from 80 np to above
180. Be felt 'hem again after tto bring
in - m severe
Mid found lu-cilerathiu in
some of them. Strange as it may seem.
Beauregard s was higher than nny, save
one, Icing, If I remember ernreettyt tar
Ugh aw, if Wtt above, 120. This was en
tity seconsitrd for, however, by tbe imfce
bleed condition of hit health he not hav
ing entirely recovered from severe timers
bv tbe realisation of- his tieruendous .re
sponsibility and tto intense exereisc of his
brain tt tto luomeul. That was sqiiaiut
sHlticiam of the eureeon under the circum
stances, when, it being suggested that to
feel bis own pulse, be replied : "It is aae-
tor mine was so mgn some time sgo
that my pan is busied." He tod torn bis
pantaloons, a few moments before, in
mounting bis horse.
Besunssard commanded, tnongn rannen
by A. S. Johnston ; tto latter deerrmgjto
tw Mrtth tk InAalitv.
ine former's familiarity with the
&c. Karly iu the light a courier rode Wf
with the iutelliccnce tlurt tto enemy were
P P 8000 men he seot te roeet them.
rerard stood quietly aud lhuehlfl-
ly, like Archimedes, tot far more alive,
than ttot tthiloenuber. to tto evettto around
Ihies. marking witk s cone on tto ground
.L...I. I.. ... Jr!n. a d tar ram of
wkM k.Ttod hi. head to
ened point.
When we think of ttot battle, bow na
tural it hi to reflect what might havs beta
kad not Albert Sidney Johnston fallen I
When to fell tto sngel of prophecy burn
ed tto unpublished leaves f tto history
of tto War of genanjfen and wrote a new
and wildly variant volume. Those un-
nub shei paces, le tee mwk teavw.
Ito Svkil. wore pregnant with
tbttfito tWur of fftot nan
But it nans to well 1 to tto good It
to well ; and this it tbe consolation for
the weeping christian. When to was lost
sll but wbst teems misfortune and sorrow,
God will eon-vert kit tears to diamonds
and bit woet to wealth. "Weeping may
enaure lor a nignt nut joy comein in in
morning." Aye, "afflictions are not to
much threatened at promised, to tbe peo
ple of Uod
A Southern rerkneat was beaten and
failinc back before tto advancing- fee. A
fresh regiment was brought up to relieve
tto loss. Cien. Johnston said to. would
lead it himself. Hit officers protested.
Gen. ' Hodge tohx kits thai to ought not-to-
do so : that be might be shot. Ha
plied, "Xo ; there is ao danger," cr in
similar Isnrnsee. He rushed into in
charge received the wound in his leg
treated it lightly and refused to retire from
tto field till the hemorrhage tod sealed
the fate of hit konored career. It
not tke clamor of tbe censorious press that
tod Mat to that seeming rashness. U was
tbe spirit thst led Beauregard at Manasses
tn teito the colors and press to the onset
hi tto very blase, of deadly carnage, ll
was tto spirit tksl converted the coolness
of Lm iuto such desperate valor st spot
sylvsnis. It tto spin! of majestic
heroism swelling in t storm of enthnsiss
stove the wont of means required for ito
execution of Its grand conceptions, snd
having done the work of the commander,
hurling itself as on armed host against tb
centre ot concentrated dancer when tbe
fate of gigantic issues stood hesitant and
11 11 1 venue in the shock. Who can tell
what that rreat senilis comprehended ot
- . . 1 .
tbe results of utter defeat or complete vic
tory that day f Con toss than that genius
interpret the impulse that led him to such
apparent rashness t Hit death and that
of Jackson bear tbe impress nf tto bond
of Divine Providence more signally per
haps than any other enseal lies of the war.
Tbe death of such of litem w as revolution
in history.
In tto bloody and tots successful con
flict of tto second d y, Henry's fttthfU
tody Bsrvaat. John, diet na tared- Two
days nested aad Botkius: wan heard of
him. He wss given up as killed or cap
tured. At length nn ito third day a cu
rious object, like a live baggage wagon
with a mule's bead in front, vat seen ap
proaching headquarters. On nearer ap
proach it proved to be John riding up na
a mule wonderfully laden witk spoils from
tto battle-fields. Across the mule vat
tvnng a prodigious sack with both ends
swollen to immense proportions ri b a
great diversity of articles. Before him
John held a huge trunk which wss like
wise filled with what to esteemed . orna
mental snd asefnl. Behind bim was strap
ped a fine saddle while bis dusky form
reeled 011 another. While engaged in hie
Clanderiug, he bad become separated from
is friends and had at 1 1st effected bis es
cape and brought off his oils through a
serie of dodges and flank movements ttot
won nun quite a reputation, jacmj k
me a trinket from Julio's trunk which I
prise very highly.
, CHAPTsfl V.
When "Beauregard. Was temporarily re
lleved, fmin filling hallh, Henry was
transferred t tlio sutff of Gen. Bragg.
He did not Bfco the peculiarities of thst
rominsnder, and eriher restgnud or asked
for a change. Gen. Lee applied to Gen.
Cooper for an active and accomplished
young man for his Inspector General.
Henry as recommended and promoted
to that highly responsible position. It it
praise enough to say that to held that of
ficii under the syc'of the renowned Gen
eral from the day of bis appointment to
the close of tto wsr, a period of strife
which for violence snd continuous "strug
gling bss seldom, if evearb en equalled in
the annals nf war. To chronicle this pe
riod of kit life in detail would to to write
.1 li.i. r .v. I,,..,. iv,ii.r,, Vii.
i i. . r ... .t... i
Kinif. ..... --. - - - r - 1
dous career I will net even pause to
tell buw. repeated! v. bfe proved himself
the orator as well na the officer. 1 hasten
on to the day when to stood by hit be
loved and immortal ehieftian at Appomat
tox Mid saw him snrruudor to bis inferior
that swoid v. -hose hilt seemed the. only
tnortsJ holJing-jiJace for the Independence
of the Coiifedemev. Cast down but not
iirdespsir conquered, but not dishonor
ed, he rode by tto side of l.oe as lie re
turned tn Kiclimond -itot cltv which his
devoted (tenhia sod his army's valor had
married 10 immortality, in vain, so far as
tto apprehended issues of the heroin ttrug
ele were involved.
How stranrelr round-d the Voices of
those Federal soldiers, ss they, gave veul
to their admiration of their great adverse?
ry inetoersl I '
Henrv emerred from the, struggle with
only family sod surviving friend left of
the lorluuu be enjoy ro wnen it ix-gau.
No ; In- still owned that unbending spirit
and walked forth over the tomb of his bu
ried fortunes snd topes and country men,
resolved still to contest tto field with mis-
,ii aatoSasustoi
nsrtnwe ssssunnwiwi.
Ere long to might have lxe 'teen
threading nit wty along Baltimore ttreel,
with a few books itaV hit arat, selling to
whomsoever would purchase, thereby
tto beard tf kirns sK snd
dsv to it a
Agent with
ijoying the
a lam, iocrsastos? toils 111. enjoyitnr tl
confieenee aad esteem of tto most distin
gawtod men in tbe eity of bit adoption.
Surely tack men d use res to to known
aad konored. Hs eonuaered the difficul
ties of orphanage of almost hopeless af
fliction of d stoat of poverty.
Let us admire and lake courage I
Do not tto bless tog nf hie father's na
follow him f
nasrine to nay
General Insurance
May to, and you, dear reader, conquer
tto last enemy and reach st last the shin
ing shorts of the Land of Perfect Life I
Will yon I
Proa lbs t 'hsrtulle Dsstssrst.
This is an age of development, if not of
nrrnrreea. The tea 01 public opinion is
restless, snd it oftoa "easting up mire and
dirt." Even after the partial sub ltd suss
of tto storm of revoliaioa, there is still
much "scum rising to the surface." la
svidtnes of this vw ant tto eld tto try
np," and industriously eireela-
ted, -ttot tto uttjn tot no twists to hit
manity, and is simply a urate. Jt It Ir
relevant to this discussion to enquire
whence he sprang, or whether be Is Info
rior to tbo while man ; tto question it,
has tto nerro n soul is to. possessed of
those ausiitiet which constitute kemani
tv t If tto nerro is a brute he is, of
course, of a cl ass of creation totally extinct
1.. in. Hut it is a SxsS law of na
ture that whilst two distinct classes of an
al mav amabramste, the produst w in
unable of reproducing its likeness. Tto
n .nriiia- la a barren hybrid, upon which
nature bas set the teal of Ms disspprobs
tion. It fellows then that tto AssSrwjnsu
lotto is infertile, which is eonttary to facts
and daily observation. Any result of
amalgamation that can be perpetuated in
dicates oneness of origin.
Arsin. Msn it the only being known
who recognises tto Supreme Being. Of,
the Great lacoinpretonriblr, or any of
His Attributes, tbe brute know nothing.
as no capacity either to "call on His
name, wnien implies isiin, or to --profane'
it. wkiek implies unbelief. But it
It in evidence ttot wherever the negro It
found, there it tome conception like ttot
of tto red msn, of a "Great Spirit" wko it
over all. Hit ideas, just like other heath
ens, may to very vague, but still those
imperfect conceptions are found to exist
even among tto wilds of bis native land.
Tto negro may to proved ito lowest of
men, tot bis recognition snd devout wor
ship of tto true God certainly entitle him
to rank as a member of the geuu Homo.
He may have Ires brain and more skull
the white ansa, ant 11 inete were toe
are either of soul or intelligence many
a Caucassian might to sdsaonistod tini
vs nf crtdt colon.
Again. Man is tto only being kaevu
who it mesested of lbs sill of si
Brutes have tto faculty of expressing their
emotions by articulate sounds, bat it hi
tto distinguishing characteristic of stun to
express hb emotions by tto tongue in tto
sasralar sentience of thought. No nation
bat ever vet been discovered thst hss no
a language capable of being reduced to
some g.ammaucui Ouer. wra lire twmmr
men, who are esU-emeii tbe most degraded
and the feast like men, have had tbeir lan
guage systematically arranged. And it
tos been found that these African tava-
acquire other language with facility.
uut wliere Was tue language 01 oruim ti
reduced lo a system I Whoever heard of
a Monkey Alphabet or a Baboon Gram
mar, or a Gorilla Dictionary T Was it
ever kuown, that with all his powers, of
imitation, Apes spoke trench or Arsngs
studied Englisbt The very idea is ridic
ulous enough. Man, and man snly is pos
sessed of colloquial powers. .Language
is the gift of the Creator to intelligent hV
ings. Its acquisition i beyond tto pow
er of imitat ion. Has the negro tto pro
per orgs ns of speech I Are bis colloquial
abilities disputed t. Then to is a man
and no brute ; then to to an immortal
spirit which wilt rise to its maker and not
descend to Ihe earth.
But that which stamps tto negro with
humanity snd unmistakably proclaims
bim a living soul, is his power1 of abstract
reasoning, or the faculty ol deducing gen
ernl truths, Or law from collections of in
dividual facts. Animal instinct is of it-
elf wliollv irrational. It cannot be im-
. , , ,
proved by education, ll bo no acenmu
l.iiod einerirnce either individual or trade
tioiml. Such ! no tto esse wKh tbe ne-
gro. tie tninn ana reasuna, fuugvs, w
gliift and compares. He hot conscious
ness snd reflection. He is a proper sub
v-- . 1 t ft. - - - .... 1
ject of law, and all civil enactments to re
gard lo him arc based upon bis capability
of intellectual obedience. Tto spoiling
nf bis good and the1 taking of his life, tke
law regards at theft and murder, nnd pun
ishes accordingly. Bst the negro recog
nises a moral aa well as a legal obligation.
He bas a conscience which accuses or ex
cuses. He is the subject nf divine truth,
of moral impressions, nnd moral accounta
btlily. He to borne every evidence, f$
only that to understood tto gospel, but
iliat to tod yielded to tbe justice snd the
power of its claims. Who tos not admir
ed tto simplicity of hit faith, tto ratioual-
ity of bis nope, ana ins foytw anm
ttrmt of thatHsetter country'' which shall
to composed of "all nations, and kindreds,
snd tongues, and people." And when
"Etbiopa shall stretch out htr hands to
God." who dare doubt that that subhm
a4to inadssfed in tto great sctonr
demplion, and that tto negro is a
recipient nl its glorious reauues.
Or? wrrj Jjj Hsas.-0.,tt
Diary efltosr bss eossmhtsd Ito
dit thst
ble sin of believing that s whit, man is almost
at good SS s negro; sad Ito Radical negro
worshiper of Newborn est after torn With B
share stick. "Off with kit hsacT a lbs try;
and 08 it will corns. Soros tint, since, w
mads a similar iline with respect to hlssor
Van Horn tbe Orwav denied it bot the se
quel IBUt WW wwangui, "l"w r
eeutt ( I IBS present ow w, we im ouuuum.
that a
ms wit sow it entnw eturaey.
ttot tto following
Tto Mav Turk Mail
sensible article on (bis lubject 1
Pay attention to married Indies, young
gentlemen, in society. It 'psts" iu mart
ways I ban one. It hi generally under
stood smong roang men, that married to
dies do not cars tor their nttontinns. Mst
rou are supposed to exist upon higher
level than their own, and lo look upon Ito
little stienttons of society vitk tosHffev-
ttotfl matrons, vo mean, who te-
1 ' I . . . - , it I: rr
eosrnnte their position and its aigni . . no
do not "flit" and make themselves as lit
tie marled women as possible
men urn randy enoagh to dance and trifle
witk ttot class uf women who regard lbs
marriage ceremony as a new lease of so
cial freedom, and who enjoy the society
t sny gsnttoatati but tbeir husbands,
who look tor pleasure oidy in list toll
room' and who know nothing and care
nothing for domestic fife. Young men
are forward enough to gratify these ladies
with attention proud, many of them,
to ntrry on n flirtation with an other
man's wife. But the ladies who realise
tto dignity and tto duties of ttoir poss
es married women, wbo enter sod icy
for amusement, and not fee dissipation,
ate almost universally neglected by young
men. They expect to to, of course, snd
and think little of ft, perjntpsf tot the
sum am. Bsenliariy Amerisaa, shuts tto
door to muck genuine social enjoyment.
Tto bolt of this is with the young
mi; and vet it In rather a nrlsunder
standing- than a fault. Married todies
may not core for tto many little compli
men is and pretty things which are natur-!
.1 A ,,,, i ll,. n.MM nf vnnnr,
ZsTIssfwsmk " ' '" -
This form of attention to marrhid women
t .9 A .. .1 1
is, of coarse, aitgnsung. sstienuon, in
tbe first place, is a compliment in itself,
aud is enjoyed particularly on uut ac
Tto anna In society who Is died "a per-
fjbat untltman'' and every esreb basal
least one such man it always welcomed
at an entertainment by bosltss and gate Is
alike. If n young man will study bis
It B yOU-g
nts. be will
movements, he will invariably bud that
to relieves tto tottntt of !
half Ito
of entertaining tto company, by paying
his attention to those whom others pant.
Ho knows that young ladies have atten
tions enough and to spare. In tto tap
per room to will to found helping til the
married ladies, ensuing with them, listen
ing respectfully to what they say, and
complimenting them. Yet, staid matron
ly reader, complimenting them, in a hun
dred delicate ways, which ladies can best
appreciate, because ttoy understand the
art themselves. If a young msn wisbet
the reputation of being a "perfect gentle
man ne must pay aiienunu to iuu mar
ried ladies. Betting Cjuivtly by, as they
do, and taking apparently Utile setive
interest in tto gsyeties of society, they
form and ruble its opinions for all that.
As a matter of selfn-hocst, st well st of
politeness, it behooves tto young man to
nay attention to the married ladies, snd
not to young married ladies entirely Tto
elderly matron is pleased to receive at
tentions, and aunreeiates them. When
tber srs eiven unostentatiously, and with
perfect respect, the turns to tto friend by
her tide, and speaks ol true politeness.
A correspondent of the Church Union
savs : Lord .Littleton and Gilbert West
were, at they supposed, fixed in tbeir
principles of infidelity, and were persuad
ed that Christianity was an imposture.
Under this persuasion, they were deter
mined to expose the cheat by writing crit
inisint nn tbe New Testomeut, snd expos
inc its errors snd human invention. Mr,
West choose tho resurrection as a subject
for writing and publication. Lord Little
ton chose tbo lite of St. Paul. Having
commenced tbe examination, surveyed ,he
field of inquiry, nnd reflected hum the
various parts of their suhj-cts, they saw,
as tbey proceeded, new light breaking in
unoii their minds, and the fore oTtruth
overpowering their understanding, ttoy
were soon hsvuvhl to pause. Tto re-
tuft of their separate toteinptt was truly
extraordinary. They were both convert
ed by their endeavors tn overthrow the
truth of Christianity, and becnme ss emi
nent for piety as they were for loiters,
. Sir Isaac Newton set out in life su in
fidel ; but on a cipse examination of tbe
evidences ot Christianity, to found rea
son to change bis opiuions. When tto
celebrated 11 alley was talking infidelity
before htm, Sir Isaac addressed him to
the following effect : "Dr. Halley, I am
always glad to bear yon spssk about ass
trmnonty, or other pan of antthrsBtltw,
because that is a subject you have stud
ied, and well understood ; but you should
not talk of Christianity, Ito yen) have not
studied it. I have; and as certain you
authinn of tto matter." Thfa van
la just reproof, and might apply to many
TfTi i
A geatlewsaa was owe. asked
nanv what led him lo embrace lto truths
oTL mm. itahitA rf
Ar of Ressoe pi
b, and Wat stnsok
Bat frost what I 1
at tto akusak, I thought
ported tto Bible truly.
to tod not rs-
Bible truly. 1 got the Bibfe,
read it carefully, nod was struck witk tto
majesty with which it revealed, and tto
strong evidence of its Divius origin ; tn
i ttot I finished my inquiry witk tto fullest
fk mil ltd tto voth of 1
According to adjournment, n large aum-
tke ellisens of Forsythe eostaty tset
in tin) Court House, at Winston, on Satur
day tto 15lh inst.
At one o'clock, E. A. Yogter, Esq., tto
Chairman called the meeting to order.
If W. Kries, one of tto till lilt irt
appointed by n previous meeting to sttond
a unset lux or the Western Railroad Cost
pany, told at Fayettoville, est tto lfth
Inst., was called nn to report tto pros
pects for aid. He reported ttot tto tilt
tent nf FsyatteviBetnd Wilmington were
anxious to ran tto road through ibis sec-
Yeunffft of the eowntry, bat to saw hat littfe
a tHfle chance for ranch aid from that quartern-
He thought the tost thing we ooald do
would to to apply to tto Stale Caavua
lion, now la session at Raleigh, for a sep
arate charter for a road connecting with
the Central Railroad, al some point be
tween Greensboro' and toxington, run
ning via Salem and Winston, aud extend
ing through the Northwestern part of tto
It wss then moved ttot a committee nf
eleven to appointed, whose duty should
to to confer witk tto eitiseni nf Fortytto
enwnhat aanaHoiVliUf WMlttnSS, aUlfli tenths! WW obnUY4
tto wnols subtest of tto Railroad, snd the
best saesW securing Ue Basse.
Tto folio wine committee wot
ed bv the Chair, via: R. L. Pi
D. H. Starbuck, H. W. Fries, T. J,
son, John H. Hester, P. A. Wilson, John
M. Sufiord, M. Masten, Madison Baper,
Joseph Hasten, aad O. J.
On motion of R
man of tto
! to appointed
, tpontlta
Which WSS Ul
I On motion, D
td R.L.
to apply lm me-
diatr ly to the State Convention for a char
ter for said road.
Tto meeting was addressed by D. H.
ck. B. L. PMterson, E. A. Vol
He stated that to was tot quits
nuu,, just eorrmencing hi. toti
m. but nil hit feelings and Intor
) identified with that section, sad
bffi felt m Twff KfIt
sent, for he felt it wns an im
portant one for the future welfare and pros
perity of this section; and that, at far aa
hit meant and influence could nitaid.anjT
should to felly brought to hear tto tto
benefit of the proponed road. This, his
first effort at DubBe sneakine. was well re
ceived, and brought forth considerable np-
a .St a mo . ft
Un motion, tbe (Jhairmsn wot directed
to call tto committee together at inch
timet and places at to may think tout, to
promote the cause.
On nsntfec, tke Secretary was rtqnattod
to famish the editor of tto Salem Prow
and Winston Sentinel, with tto
log of this meeting, vitk tto
On motion, tto meeting adjourned.
E. A. VOGLER. Cbm'n.
M. Mastkx, Scc'y.
Bishop Arthur Cleveland Cote, of New
York, has issued a pastoral fetter to rela
tion to American women, in which to dis-
courseth as follow. It will m
strike homo to many an American
hold: 'nf 1 ftifftni' iTnf iife b ' i lit
When I see tto tawdry fashions, tto
costly vulgarity aad thd wicked extrava
gance of tbe times, I feel sure ttot thous
ands of American women are strangers to
tto. first lav of refinement simplicity
in manners and attire. Whim I net that
thousands of American women read tto
ding newspapers, frequent tto vilest Tra
uiutic entertainments sod join in dances
too shock ing to to named among Chris
tians, I feel that Christian matrons are be
coming too few, and that civilised tooth
euism is returning to tto fields we have
wrested from the Indians. When I rand
daily of tto most ungodly
of crimss stains! nrftl pawi
human life itself, which are too great to
to mentioned more particularly, I feel ttot
y of oar countrywomen are with
- - - ...
out God m tto world, and that radical re
forms an necessary in tto t
acatfoa an which the young
America are dependent for their I
r-f h
re without
girlt are reared for a life of
to duty, 1 can-
misery fat which ttoy involve families aad
Sow tbs wind sod reap the
As a Christian I
tore, I make my appeal tot yea,
1 YOU tO pfMTUl
by faithfully I
ay asnshtnt oil that toada to tto degrads-
soch crime w not only winked at, tot IV-
ytr,y,'Jtt?"'h mtmimmmM
Boats TutsvBs. On Osimaay niakl. a
lbs thtott si Mr. j
Ctorto, ami ta Sunday night Mr. fa Cb-
d. ot Ihivshoo. had a boms Soto. Mr.
Cfinard sjfflvt a reword for tit boras to ibis
fs stso seties soother case of bora steal- ,
tog in Davidson tbS laief captured snd las
Beet, rseoversd. VTe would aJvaw .verybwly
to "hnv. toe door npsss iu. boras hi
I. Patterson, tto Char-
ssasting, E. A. Vogfer, Esq.,
chsjrmonof tto Committee,
Z. J. Stafford, and P. A. Wilson, all of
them doing Lto tnbtot fcH justice.
Owr ywaag friend. John W. Print, ton
of Francis Fries, dsssassd, vw loudly
sailed for. and responded in n brief little
n young

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