North Carolina Newspapers

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I check u$-
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I1' .: .w h,. hell b" roniro-
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them. - .
; ,.,1.1 the Treasury be a Pr-,
u ,r i.MJ.Tt.-,l,..t of the l.,k :
- ilennsite vtetn before
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mill it
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!'".,, r ist as worthlessri the hiiul
' 1 , pie b ink's rVmeles and. which.
' , ,,,,," viald "im cotnyol the
iiiJUpentij'e. lie firmly LelieTeJ
that we hj'l readied point where the
i In-f)a ration wa abwlBMy perma
ry t 4ve bath (iove: nmcntand banks.
Iln at uikIit a iroiig impreiun that
ili,-liaakijig 5trm - had reached
point nt ilecrfptiiuJe that treat and
i,iiKi tnt than p' were nrcetsarj t
nr it arxt prevent couvuUiung,1 ant)
the itiiat tin? fiit 'ep was a perpetual aep- a if I ar.itum wiwren mem ami tne uovcrn-
wiu1d mt. Iut tin-re cull be in his pin
tara s oer cent, we i mum lor a check r '
on the rerth. - ihu it coat him 3
per cent, to e;et money in New York,
W hert the U. S. Batik wai in oprra
tion, it ensta him a quarter of one per
eentTb diflerence 4 5-4 per cent.
utMiii two nuluoni o dnllar, tbe r
i-.... w.hiI.I b-? a
i,m, illl l e . ,.,.';., kpnamtiiin im diviH-re uithuat
,n-nt. I' " rent, t piy
it:cre-i', "J -.-.
...itnr. r n it pnr tHem at all
k ,r-ildit b? nHilIe, anj more
.;tu- iira-tit-in'tne.c. v (oncci
J if . I . ,
..leimi'i th-.lfgai cu-rencjr
, ciV-nl.i'1'm cuil ' the ..nperatmn
ti ;, i-.j, aa it did undtfr thi system
t biik d.)ivt thateiisted at tl.e
Hut il it w.H hciw ciu-ci in nn-
iu Twi.iirv more iiulrptnJeiit
. . ' . t '. .
ill mt, wnrre tie hm nr- jv.
om t!f Ute ili'puKite svstem under
,f at r ?3G. which tiiU b.H is in ten t
1 1 1 s.i; e. si-d ? TSere is ami can be
it n p'l'm' of d lHronce, v... in. The
i-stnhuti n i'!' the j rofit from the di
.,iles, evn i m rir-renc?. tie
,1 'iu-. is mure annarent man
" !
t nil,., lui.f Ike nil ill IC duct tn tl
- n i - r
ati'l rnti'u,i,'ial rorrencj of tht
CiintiNv. Vith.iut that all wnnlci
pru.a jM'il'oct dilution, as this bill
wiialtl prrvve"Uoutd it pass. AVe had
in coniituiiiiul" riht to treat the .!' meie private corjiorathms as
r.i'i: and if we did, nothing wuuld be
Thfte views ami manr others simi
lar he had op-iil v enpressi'dj in which
the sri-at h'nly of the penile men round
hun h i I cn'icurred. We aland openly
pftf-lyd to them before the country
and the world. -We had f.wjjht the
l:ilile .nKiufully and gucressfullr.
I'lie cause wjS good, and having stood
ill tirt sluirk. natliivg wa necessary,
lut B4 mucss stjmUng last on pur p-
ihhhi U ensure victor" a grdt.aal
sroii:iH victrrv in a noble cause.
winch s calculated to ent-cf a more ref-innation in the condition
nf s icii'tv th;m any in our time, lit
for one, could not airee to terminate
all th e mighty ell'or s, at this and
the extra session, by returning to at
it it
- Jifr CaAn II mt be t fnm a mHrr
ofaorpriwt kam that (his protleman
awaintt iW uH-Treityl" Ilia othr--lrt
tnnated amount of funds thus tranimit-t"! . r .k- ii..ihi,h
ted every year, is 893,000. Thia is
the sum liish by whom? Not t'ue mer
chants, for they must add it lo the
price of their goods; but by the people
amd ait for glory." Gen." Jack-oft-
glor.ri-Ay. t)ht.
of. I he
woula as
eHplttitotpJi.Me.a!i!l pei;f'Ctjrrunion i with the
banks in inc worst ami ra ni un"-r-
ous form. He wouliT not belie alt
that he hid said and done by vol in;
for the bill as it now stood amended;
and to terminate Miat -which was so
'loii iii!y b2un. in so tniserab'e a
larie. lie could not but f.e de-ply dis
ap:iuititel. in what he had reason to
apprihend would be the rrsulij to
iiai e all o3r "(Harts nmi iaW -ttirowt
away, and the hopes of the roontry dis
dia"pp inld. All would be lost; tn,
he ex pressed himself too sironty.
Dc the vole what it nwiy, the tlincus.
aion would s'and. l.ijht had gone a
brun.1. The public mind had been
rou" !, f r t!ie first lime, and direch-i!
to t'.iis great su' ject. The intclliien-
i-nre ol tue couniry is eeiy
L Wuere the rt-v -nue is tlepnsileti
.jili rrrlaifi bank, Sfleclea by i-ie
. ..r ,t. i-d.uiirv iinniT
,e act '3fi, the pruli sut the depos- busy in rs .101 uiS i.. ur,.,.,. ......
. V . ..:i.. ... .-n wou d not c-a t mv. i
rt ac rues aunoii vnu"""; ' ., ,, . i ,
.fin. T'm'I discount O't. ihein. and
.tirr ' n'fes of PtVr-banks-which
.mIioI I i i d'luiM'c, or draw specie
tf'i'o-m. aod hu increase their busi-
Wan! iifiiSt' without inrarr.ina; ny
I . ... .'. .'I: . I- ; Ml .1
Li!. ni l.a'.ili v: but where the de
r . . ... . s -re ma le wit tue r.wcu nc
,ccts, 'he p.-T v-su!d arrrue.ap!'!!-
nhto te laiiks Rcnerauy. ue
fiid arfsreullv.Uit depcnil'u:i tie iiti en lo!dinjtlie tie-
iihiit. Tlifyimi-at pleasure, give
I'! lo what bdnks they please,
Ufcolding luick ih- notes of ne bank,
nl d.bur.n tha uo'.ea oi anouier,
nil tHu keeping the n tes of one out
I c r. u'at.on aii'l tuiowiiig me ouu-r
i ito em ul .ti.n thruu 'ii Ois'Jiirsincius,
in rrt.irn on the tank Usuinz llu-m
pate till all it labjriiilh were traced.
The set djUl Lhasbeen ion wH pruiit
ami grow to maturity tl.e reioliiti
that ha been begiin will jn thsou;'i be
our course What it may.
The slti'rnative to the rejection t(
this bill would be to do nothing, which.
in hi opinion. wa 1nftntty ieefr.
ble. It would throw the responsibili
ty from lUis n the opposite aide.
VVe w culd thus havrtfont aU we emtio,
and if nothing be done, theirs would
be the fault; ami the couutry would hold
them r sponibIe. Hut to pass this
bill in il present form would be to as
aume, not nly the responsibility of ac
ting, but f leaving things in a worse
condition I'.. an we find ihemi-to strike
A Good atory, indicative, of the iter
ling , senseand coo! courage, of the
galiant Houston, ii given by the Tex
lan correspondenti of the Bulletin. It
in a pity that it should be buried up in
the vast heap of rubbish.
This em, however, (or flower J we
shall take the liberty of trasplanting. lo
our Intle parterre; where the public
may have an opportunity nf seeing it.
The correspondent, writing from the
City of Houston, under date of Februa
ry 25, relates the affair as f.dlsws: :
Oa Friday last, the President wi
stopped in the streets, or rathe was
accosted, while in the street conversing
with bis frieBds,' ty Col. Wil. 8.
Fisher, lata Secretary of War, in com
pany with S. It. Fisher, late Secretary
of ?ay.and I). F. Wirmouth, late
Commissary General of Subsistence.
Col. W. Si Fisher, who was spokeman
a known enemy of the President,
walked up to him ('white the other
namrd person h)5MUlemsalfca with
the Piesulentin the centre, both inan
nrv manner.J and rpoke to him.
The President.whoyou know is remark
able for nolitness, received the gentle
man in his nolitest manner. Fisher
then nuked him to teneat or retract cer
tain eipresstons made relative t" him,
tit' .U !) T. Weighmouth;the Presi-
dent reltised to notice it; he then re
qiies cd Uiknow TrBe" lindliTinSetf reS
nonsibte for his expressions and ac
tion; the Presieent rep ied, that for
hisoftirtat acts he was responsible to
the People hi cmrsttHteirtsi but for
l.t personal ans tie was personally
rciniS'e. Fi'her then requested to
knew, it he, Houston, wouia
rrieiv a rote from him, to which
WeTreVidehl TPpxHxHi" would.
Her the 'ene ended. I have ne
lU-tftittHHrat their ititeiition to attack
hiik, bat were awed by hi coolnesr
and TfirUsps thry feft Bwt-qaitesnre,
bit whst they woulil calcli-a Tartar.
In an boat or two afier their meeting,
etualUrtige was handed to the Presi
dent fmm Cot. V. S. Fislier. The
PrckU'nt immediately to
h-s s-rvant-Vy Tws, in ruw
put it a his pcke, saving, miorm
tx-forc (tie ptte ef ihe ImIIj whictl w give in
a pwceing coianm (- '.T-
We ppi" lHb lbs oninal tnif Uie tVnend
ej Mt, . i onS giws direct, Eieeulive p.m.
er over h .jxcie inJ.try of the fuouknr.
iM fref 'y Sujfmenu li appoiutinj n4 tit
rretionsri er f tliit Naneh; th oilier in
diretHly ' '4' 'U Uad ia eonrena
Irate, irt fc Pet Banks, lb whnle EoiiUlnf
power of tit country. What would hs the et-
Irct of fti amended 8db-TrM(ur l if 4,fc J 1$
. . L ..l.t . .. . . M .
fal. .n n wou"1 seieeien in nrw i or
a the Uorening Sank for (fovernment
dank notni an paid for Goemmit due, the
holitt ti wnt jin depoito lo the Rerei
in? Bank, and peci will be drawn from at the
Bank tot tkttt notes forthwith. Thu llie
ppeeie of the Banka the basis of (table and
safe TOrrehry, Would lie as moeti under tlte
control of th Uovcrnment s if K h I c'
md on litem a peremptory demsnd for specie;
and ft would as surely find its wity froiu these
Pet Banks Into lbs Uo'emment suits. And
in whet wsj eould th Peopbi or lb Peplo
Banks orsw It fromlhenes! la u.iye nment
dues! - It has not, nor will it py out any thins
liut Treasury notrs. And if K were Uipo-en
te pay otttjieeie, w here would lw I lis people
share. 'rt ibe por.oe of thetJungrfismew, t'.i
- i- l-Cr.i - i l.l .1,. l.i.l .n.t
thesi !)ot Kitchen Cahinet hsd len sHiieml)
The people Would have to tske Trensury rioles
And whst would they he worth lo.lueponr
moat Nnlliina.' Hid HhsVupesre W in l!ie
days of Treasury nte! We should he delight
ed to know, ll he did, well did he wrile '-He
thst steals my purse stesls traih!"
Jwill be seen that Ihe amended hill has been
on the tahle in the 1Inue; we boe never
lobe tsken tip. WsMiem, wilh Mr. fulhoun,
Unit "light kss sons shronJ. Aye me nrt.
mnj flash ef lb firs of freedoin! s sming
from wvery point of the poliiirl horiaon and
eiposinct lo the people's imlisnrint fnre the
rtisd poliey of the dnminsnt psrtv. "LIUHT
HAS GONE ABROAD!" And in polity, ss
in nslu-e the thunder has succeeded the Iiiiht-ring-shock.
From old Maacbiictt "the cra
dle in which vonne Liberty w first rocked'
comes forth a voice venerable as her own mon
uments sod ssaes ef revolutionary fsm thi!l
It Mr'aistfeisidedt tether 'Bteies-heve efinhen.
OKa the peoide hot time to investigate the sub
ject; and oar word for it, a prouder phslanv .of
Utes will be arrnyvd against thi mes.or. tlmn
kss ever before been presented in defence of the
moo weHsre- and glory M llie tiepuuue.
! tut tie strpfMWI ef e useless evrreVcenf.
taoa ef the body's Watlhfiit llaids. The hie of I
resorting to insn enests n4 vaoll, t the eaf.
keetsnf of naek sioteapeoeibesof nsnka la
fmf) hers 0 the tks themselves er not 14
be trnstvd. Is lssaiawitSM iwnioennw
Ir. II wiH K ehmtt ss tern'fviris to lbs Bonks
thewwrt ftress lb hdwess llilwniiait three t
hrsuk a bsok whi.-h lie h4 a spue eewlnst, bt
hnrnine all its wolea lieronld fet b.rtd eft ISeeowd
enly in hiiilisnef te thirirfee Isthat wf wenMi.
rkls. f old dewssitsJ hev, tbe asaeefte A -miiHofTnieeesi
ks.s bea freetry benefitted,
sl the rireulstion of the eein whiek we base '
esn, wilt no 4nnbl, ' tend la benefit the cwnoV
tine nf evete-ce of sociey-snd the bewefiie
will e sresU eohsncej should the Goverw
wet Suthoriae the eoialne of silver thsepe, ee
we sew Intimated ia theGlobe eome time since. -
The .supply of silver wilt not be diflirult. ee at
snest invarisbry she fdd l.nllion beTs.eontsin
sitter in the eros'esm, anJ we Wra that a mine
i ik. K. I,V ihetewetes in Ima I has beew recently dlseovared in this eoonty.
sf.e sort stoM iauhs, W keen then t of ee- y-Uine nearly pnr silver, .TV estsblwhaiewt -.
JJoon the SrTmte. we Mine M ttrttik. Uat ;M w.lR. we Jjdr.1. five e impeto
,msioriivoft.ellmw.w ! e we ao,tuei oine evwe. vnnwe. eiia o.
ivfty worked, in rtie opinion ef eminent Gaol-,
. .. . . , -jik. i-..a bI.&k aaar w rs in ail
snt 'erm Is miirets htrt. anif llial in w.7 "t ' """
thetefiire tttft not to p into a Isw
the disease deeper into the svstem.
inc U4.i ,...! .. .... - - ... .a
The eJ. cts of tV.s would be. tu Rive anu rentier ii mnc , - r.i
gerous, mi-MMw ,ms
tient would " be withdrawn lor a
- . .t ... . .11
-nc.,:. iie pioiit rut it coma uenvc
Irwn beitti a dejui. tc bank and s'iip
sng t' e other almol entirely of the
advantage of liai!; its notes receiv
ed in the dues of the f 1 jvertimcnt.
'I'jkefjr inslan e two banks, in a place
lice live av-rasr,e jtublic ileposites
were a million of dollars; is it not
fleer, if ihu oilirer would
luake rt a rul 1 1 ilisbure the notes of
one tnnk, and l.oM back those of the
o h r, it would operate in fart, as a
':ilm; loan to that amount to the fa
vored batik?
The ivsult is, that in either case (he ot tae profit result i ng"
frmn the public deposit ee would depend
time from his i'.anier. It, n the co-.-trary,
nesta:il fast nn our prirrrlples
and" profession, and suflVr the bfll to
be lost rather liian to yield our princi
ples, the public attention would be
doubly rttusrd; the subject would be
more fully and pci I.'cll y investigated
and untlci tncd, and the great cause
we have so nobly supported, would fi
nally ant gloriously triumph. Let.
others do ns they may, lie would main
tain his position, and stand where he
Stood in 1834, and ever since. He
tmiid n;it l,e driven from it when olii.
era came: to it. and now he couui not
ihf tfcrnl, thai lie was then getting
ready to start tuNacngdocliet, and that
he would think l the affair; at all e
vents, said lie, I shall give it the alien
tion suth a thins merits. Thus end
ed this distract ful affair to all parties
concerned, with the exception of Gen
eral Houston, who has with his usual
tact, made the gentleman get ihe woral
of the affair, ae-yoo w ill no doubt
t'link. The President started for
Vacnzdnchfs on Saturday" mnrninj
reimtt savs he brines usck a wiietii j
of this however, I do not pretend to
. The Iiuston Atlas speaking of the
explosion of the Bat.ks in that city,
""Almost without exception all the
iiiditidu.ila eugnged in the manaije
titent ofilmae b-iiks. which are proved
to hate been dishonestly conducted;
have bircn and are the earnest friends
and supporters of Mr. Van Duirn.
In those two banks which displayed
innst rpvn'.tuig degree fl rot ten
THE f U.B-TREASUKY it , se
it tarrifd? There is much rontroversy among
oil psrties, it lo the deciainn of this,
Time for the lull and deliberate action oi i-oii
cress can alone 'decide it . The fact is, howev
er, thst Mr. Cslhoun's cxclusivety tprcie Hub
Tresserv project, hut been drfeatrti. Ihe
mertdment whii-ti ilijititej lbs main am orisi
nal design of llie hill, was oflercd by Mr. C'utU
bert, ef Ga.; snd Is as follows:
Vfnrf bt il farther enceted. That the Kerre-
tanr ef tn Treasury be; and he Uerery is, re
quired. end directed to sdiirniirli measures as
he msv (esro aecfsary, lo rsuso ss soon s
wmj ktm, mM dufMs.saxes, oems, or sum oi mo
ney accruing, or becoming ps;sWe to the Uni
led Stale, noon lite nU u' limJs or oiW
rrwfse, lo I rolloeted and paid In the legal rnr
rency of the V. Slates, or In Treasury notes
as by Isw provided and declared, or in notes of
Usnks which era p)h!e and paid inn Jenisnd
in the said legal currency of the United Ktcs;
and no such duties, Isies, or sums nf noiiry
aerrotng ;r becoming payable lo the I'nitcil
Htates, ss slorrsaid, ouglii to be eollecled or re-ce.ved-ihereie
Itisn in the legal currenry of
tha t'nited Htates, or in Treasury notes, or in
uoirs nf banks which are payshle ami paid on
demand in the said legal currency of the Uni
ted Stale.''
The bill, with this amenJineut, passed lbs
Senate by His following vote:
YEAS Messrs. Allen, Benton, Crown,
Clay, of Alsbma,Cithbrt, Fulton. HuMwrd,
King, Linn, Lumpkin, l.yon, Morris.
Niles, Norvell. I'iores, Vusns, Kobinson, Ke.
visr, Smith, of CiHinerticut, Ptrange, Troliler,
Walker. WatU Williams. Wright, Young Sr.
MAY8 Messra. Bsyard. Burbanan. Cal
boon, Clay, of Keutocky, Clayton, Crittenden,
Davia.. fjriiudy, Knight, McKean, ktfrriik,
Kicholas, Prentiss, Preston, Hics, Holnins,
Rdeeles, fmitli, of lodislia. 8outhr.l. B(wnc,
. r ... .. . m- in i ,,, :.L -Aft
Swift, J allroailge, I ipioo, veuiier, y uiw
TIVC", the apMorriaii.wi till be been f a
efinsiilerabie "lime under ron-i.WSifn: tin lf t
nrdtiy, MrV Amos Kendsll's Depsrimeni eame!
op (or eonsiderslion. We ropy lb tdh n.a
statenierfr of -th party's" stroegle to m.esi
Amos stiih rf.'snvrsMoi-y pow.-r. from lire Un h
mnnd Vt,is: fr-vrf:l I perceived that D-wtor
MONTGOMERY w f.' in advo.a'ing
this anti-repuhlin doctrine: 1
"The Committee of the Whole havine en
Friday amcn.ted the bill s rerHied ly Mr.
('amhrrliiig an a l eiH-eifv the tsnoua appro,
prislions, Mr. ( ani'.reiingiii Ihe IIoue c i !at
nrilny, nyved to sliike out the (pecifira'ion.
and maka an amironfmtirin in er Ja to h di- nl the itiacretinn of the Pnv tV?afr
General. Thia moifon led le oiiirh .MsM Mr.
Adams ohiertrd to 'striking out the epeeifi.-s-
tima bs would wot ask lbs Chairman ff she
Coinnnttee of Way and Merns, ibe reaaoe of
hi molion, beenuse, II wai unlertooi to tie Iiv
order of the l'nt Ma-tor General, and thst
iirti.-icnt. He maintained, thst the only mode
ot wcir'nu arrnuntahililT. was for the lioua to
m.iUi' uportiie epiwopnaiioiis.
'r. Whittlesi v urged the ssrne views too
much tlicretion was already allowed to the I .
Master General, and his roulnd ovet the public
.frinds ought to br liiuitrd. All other epprnprt-
alions are or oiiRht lo be speoSc, ami there ws
no num or justice in gt.iiig.llie rot Musiei
rncral greater lanluoe than other lunctimia-
It was his iluty lo scnil lo tils report siui
etlinle. as the other Heads ol Deparlments,
Mr. Cambreling alruitaled with dogged "r-
tinacily for the spoils for his fiend Amus. He
ishrd sll the apprnitriMinns to le specil.c;
hut in lh Post (lilies Department this euh.
not be, as no one could tell what the iranapor-
tauon of the mails would cost. he Posi Ms
ter T lefierk'l fthoutit ttavr tWtliserewon giving
as iiuieb (in the h of extras we aupposaj ot
little (in punishing refractory partisans as
bs msy deem neoner.
rfineral other good and true of the epniis
party backed the little PrempnttMy in his efl'l
In give Amna Kemlall unchecked awsy III me
disbursement of jive millions of the public mo
nsy. Messrs Connor and MONTGOMEItY
of North Carolina were the moat conspicuous
of these They maintained stoutly, thst Ken
dsll ourht lo he "invested with eitiaonlin'y
poner,'' we ropy these words from the report tit
the Globe. Mr. Montgomery was nl a hiss to
know tl reason, why genib-mrn w-sre ss fear
ful to trut the Jieail of llie Post Ofliew JVj art
ment with the power akcd for. A more slavish
d.ictrine hns not been broached since the dsys
of the Htuat.
"The principle of specific appropriation was
ably advocated by Messrs Uwing, lieaj, it.
Garland, t'ndrrwood, Bell nnd lt..herlon;
when the aif iJincnt failed by a vc te of4 -to
iTbis majority in favor of tl.e people and of
firral erpri.itH)ii, 4hogb sHralt, is ebeilng.
and iospirea the liop, Uial ihe 11 ..u ef lletire.
acntaiiveaJs returning lo its duty. in-poedliy
Ihs C.nittiiution, nf giiardiair the .ul !: ni'i. j
and (hat the denredidors of the Kitchen Cabi- .
net will no longer l ae free aeces to il, to use
and abuse it at pleasure."
ibis CAar.VwWjIrrW. " .
The fenste of Miriisew Wave, by an tmanU
i noil, resolution. otd their tbanke le Urnersil
i"cott. Aw iii proiutH anT eiTrteite jSBduet In"
prtwervine pear na lbs frontier, end se'laining
the neuuahty ot the L'uiied tftal, during the
1st Canadian troobte.
on the Kxe utive Department, wheth
er made with the Kxecutive nflicers, ot
in d.-poMte bnnks under the act id
lSiuV -The tUecntive in one cae
wou d have the selection of the banks,
ami in the other ihe control over the
subordinate n'heers of his department;
- iihMiVs ililftircnce, .Ihat when tlie
banWs sJhjl''l It" would, under
tiie bctof 1836. be under the tjontrol
ami protection of law, but the olUeers
wuuld be cuniplelely under the control
id the head of the department at all
limes, .'iiis is llie sum total of the
difference. If you ass this bill you
have the one, and if you defeat it you
l ave the tidier.
Thus regarding it, and bfing op
posed on constitutional grounds to re
ceiving any thing but the legal cur
rency of t!ie enuntry. or Government
s-cu(itics in the publieU ilues, and to
llie increase tf Kxecutive patronage,
I e could eot possibly vote for the bill,
amended. He was Ueciiledly np
'"sed to nil discretionary powers, es
pecially in (he Executive branch of
die Government, and this bill woold
give greater than any that has ever
paaseu. it would not only etve Hie
power to uhirh he has already alluded
t favoring' what batik it pleased,: but
t ie Coutrsdingpuwer.of demanding spe
ie at pffeiisure of -llie Kxtcotive, of a
r.y bank it might desire to oppress,
and abstaining from demanding of
htK it uitended to favor. Powers
uch as - these lie regarded a inrom
' rtible with oor'Ttee system of -Govern-ment,
and hsifw on could not con.ient
n c.fnler. ihetviL .''"
Ss . f-t.ja
be iTrarn"vTrm 4t by -their depart.! i njj.
To studid had no tirotsfur. I.'mi.
It wateettu not unusual.
Jilood. 'llie' following scrap is
fruit the Salem f'Mass.) Advoi liser,
a Van Jluren paper. The reader wrll
nee that the editor discourses of the
late duel.
One Uluod rwiliea tbriMigli our veins u iih a
quickened, sn.T an iiinale, voluntary tin
eniMpwraMv spirit rankles in uur boiom i-r re
vcnte! NKtusn! Wod Auw t.T muBS
au.. ruiw! l bs death CiHey sl.ouM bs
svc trit, .ad his Utm sspistrd, il il must Ur,
AVc do not know how this venesec
tion i. tube performed whether by
bleeding the W higs ill ihe leg, as the
Loco Poena of old were wont to serve
Mid me it, or bleeding them in their
throats, as the Loco Focos of France
did in toe revolution. Hut blood
must of course be drawn, and we may
eie. t to sec il Bowing at the fust con
venient opportunity.
The New York naners continue, lo
Ti e fCew York Correspondent ef th ?fe
lional Intelligencer, ander dale ef March SS
' V
ioea are down again to-day. Some Je.
seji.ii,nis l'.se fallen 3 cr cent. U. 8. Bank
is firm at 1 IS.
The Pattern Vail i just In. . Easolulione
npinst the tMl-Trasury Dill were sdoptsd in
tHe Massachuaetis ti c ol KcptsiilUes, a, -M.,ndsy,
by a vote of II to 6.
'. S. 'nxivre. A fsw dayseinre, Jaejee
S!ieiri:lo and J.ihn S. Crocker, ssamrn. were
brought to ibesil of this City from N. Yoik,
rhsrueil W il! faaniug msllrinusiy destroyed tha
Sch-nnrr Aurora! wi'hm the waten of Korth
Csrolino. In the' iniuilh of J in. ej last. Th'y
will be 1 1 nil. w u-pert, at the neit term of
the federal Couit, which commence on the
Kill of Msy,
The Nat. Intelligencer of the Stat ult. says:
, "Rumors of intended changes in the Cabinet
are in eirc ulsii vi in the City, and repeated with
ao ranch confidence that we incline to think
there ti snne tonndsiioo for thrm. The story
goes Mr. Secretary oiy is lo accept
the sppoinlioi nl of MiiiiU-r In Gref trilsin;
that Mr. Amo Kendall is lo sii.f.0 dm in
ihe Trrasuiy: and thai Mr. Heitator Grundy ia
to leome post Master tienen.1. Mr. Ilutler,
il i hirlhe'ssid, is t. realm ihe Attorney .Gen
eralship, and Mr. Gilpin (now Solicitor of the
Treasury) is lo tale hia place.
""T(iP Motion ernft' nf Te raw last year 4 estimfK--trd
at .VI 01)0 hales, which is rsted as worlh a-
boot 13.000 t)t)0.
It ia nndersiorst that Claiborne snJ Ghotsvwi,
of Mississippi, irtend very mmlesily lo derlina
a re election. Like Prentice' SulvTreaaurera,
they "Kire, and fall hick."
11 A It II I E l,
Tn this comity, by lirta Gill. F,j. Mr. Josh.
un Waik'ns lo Miss Mvlioda Voung, daughlee
o!' Kobeit
lic. ently. In Franklin .county, Mr. WH7 J.
f mhb to Miss Carrttine AHaood.
In Urativl!ioiinfT, recently, Mr. Sitae fs
Itrlwrtson to Viss Klira Cftnl." ' '
" JnGreens!.io,,V.r.Jir.eF.pileteI.ydln
" DTfcO, ' "";
Keeenl!y, !n Fayetieville, Arch'4.S. Drown,
Esq. forhinly ol ICtihesna county, which bo
had represented in the Legislature."
In Mississippi, (where be was on a visit) the
li t. Htepdeii l. Miller. of Mouth Ca'olirii,
f.irmerly Uotrrnos-ff, lnV afterwards Henanw
in t'onces worn that .'tsie, whsse he wee"
highly irsperted (of hi virtues and abilities..
I iiiaaaa rii
- .f .'e-i.jta CsatTUffse. The t ity of Charles
tnu is ery ' ably represented in this Cii.eii
tlon. The following is a list of its'
Gen. H. Y. liavne, Gen. J:mes Ilainihow.
Can. Ocf. McDuflie. Hon. II L. li .eknei,
ILwi. Thomas Tlehnelt. John Rohmsrm; Jame.
Adger, I'.d. A. P. Ilayne, 0. (i. Memimnger.
Chancellor D. Fj Dunkin larHeK..hsrtson.
Aleiander Dlack.A. Tnhiia, Darid Alrnder,
H. W. Fort. L. M. Wiley. IL W. Conner. II.
Gocrdin, A. MrDawatl, J. E. Holmes, Judiie
E.ans," "Chancellor Jlsrper, Jiidge O'Neal.
Chsm-rHnf Johnso,G. I. Keb.ey, 8. P. Rip
ley, C. F. Lowudes, G. A. Trenliolirr, J. R.
Cardoze, Ker lloyca. ....
Thf Cierl-ee. A perenipt.iry reqiilsitinjl
kaii been "made by the Oenerat Government
the t!ovrnor of North Carolina nr fnir rem
paniee nf infantry, to bo in immediate read)-
In the Hcuta. lb bill ha been laid on llie I neas, in the event of l6i1rgeT1ree lieiug poed
table. Of course U will have to be revised try e. to aid in the removal of the Cherokee Jiidi-
ness anil corruption, the Fresidenf fil
one and the Cashier of the other were
brothers in-law :"of XlrriviAViiodbu-
rv Secretary of the Treasrj a cir
cumstance, to which they owed Uieir
electiontheir respective offices."
I .pt ua sunnose. to exemplify the
ruinou operation of tht sub-Treasury.
! that a hundred ihousajrid dollars are to
be paid today for duties in various
sums; ji merchant takes Rank notes'
and pays for his bonder the Collector
tiikcs the whole amount of notes and
draws specie for them from the differ
ent banks, which he locks up In his
iron safe. Vhat Hank can bear this
drain? i.nd the result is the Hank
tMs discounting ano" specie payments
the Hcuata, and passed aaain. in order to make
at once, suppose ou pay your
in 1 reasury note,, w hich are not re
ilemolilo in sneriei'vou must nay in
. . . . . ... y , j I 0 .1 ,1IW . m iti c ' - J' --
something fur those notes, and , what- result, as we understand il, will be, that the re
it accsirtshle to the House, or to beta it again
acted en by that body.
The"raCliiteJIig -
sW, cannot but congratulate the country
Upon the reeent preceedings of I ha Senate, of
which an outline appears in our columns to
day. Ths debate in that body, upon the great
financial topic, fur some time past, have been
conducted not only with great ability, but with
uncommon animation and spirit As Ibe decis
ions en Ibe pending questions have approai ti
ed, earuealncss and seal' increased on both
aide. Lais on Famrday, Ihe voting begun.
The success of Mr, Culhboil'a motion, as our
readers will see, alruck out of tho bill all the
eet'e-paying part ef it; and, after soma rrtlier
iuclfeclual attempt at amendmei t. a section
wa inserted, on motion of Mr. Webster, in
place of th parts thus struck nut, making it un
lawful for tlte Eawutive to discriminate be
tween different branrlie of the revenue (Iks-
tween land-office money, customs, Ac.) in re
aped to th fund, or medium, in which debt
to th Government may be paid.
It the bill passes in lis present shape, the
ns. Shotihl, therefore, the recent offi-r fur vol
ajius wa-tsi ami a , i. 1 1 ssasaaawaasajaaas.
A hrrn 'totne mtrt hmllbif fftiVencf.
I wo"!'! sll, en leinis to ihs pur
'4asS, ili -lt knn Cnemy best, ell. d
Mut NT HJ.KsSA.V l'rf-rrn stoha fiota
he Ci' id 'l' ih. rathe g.set V'Oihera Via. I
Itiiri'l, ii.vards l'Hi-.bory, As mitrS from U ake
Forest liis'iitue smt stu nt pne ad lri.n Ifotrs
, ,ltr -ri nM.'irg "S Veres,' Ah.mi one bslf sf
llw land is rlt-srul, snd mi'uh I a Ire.b and 1 1
saijc ri-r qsaliiyf inrllHig e line Mvs.tfi- el a
hoot S5 Asres.' lhrie arc lallseringf leasee
(t.oi.l half n'ilr apartj on lb Hia.eJatMMH ono .- .
ol itlritalsir ulhed ir and aammo
itis llonsr, wiitt evert .. J Uulhnsr
the ixbsv i ('dt tmolrilsbli't rsch bs the sd
vsolsge if I ue-r-drlimhifiil ir in bs yaest st
I bis pi-'iirii is atsjnrg ihe moat tleairsble loss-lii-i,s
io Use upperjvottairy, wbrtbsvlin somlori,
hralili ir t'csmy, ai.fl prrxttieci (Inslj son., eot
too, ! ortsls, soil w. jtd be so irvaltiable (.
a .pii.i'ion at a hammer and Ksll retrial, fiont
trie f iettmnSof f tsr-tens -eowwrjh - ,
A pbtiieltn srnvliHbnl.kilhe serrfyewt ajiopn.
b nt snH i-l hi nrlghbinbiwd, and tbcralore
an rtr!lrnt lors'im..
fur lvi spp'V - In llaleigS . .
. n!ithT Ma.cli ai, 1831 ts u
speak nl t'.e great derangement of the i
dmnesiic exchanges. Many of the
suspended houses, having made collec
tions iik the South West of debts due
to thetn. cannot feali.e them at IchS
than a loss of eieat ly oire north of the
amount collected. The debls are ctd
Ucted it) current notes of Mississippi,
.AibHina. tc. &c. for these'it.isTmiiosi-
ble tn " get iiny thing that will pits tn
New Voi k .at leas thsti 15 to SO jwr
cent, nreitnum. . I his is lor wantl a
U. S.'Bank. We 1itl no nuch Arou-1
bles-Jwhen that was in existence. '
I ft feet if neajr home. A Fayett-
4H merchant reeeivetl payment of a
ftlet: 0 8. C. money, ("which
;llt hafoftiep rr'J Htsuperable ot
1'ciKina,' lift IftviniEtieljiU oritrinanl r
k.n surVlw was raxttttcji by A deep Jonw "targ? ,0'ij"" our "fifcnln
rt',v'c'i.irt t(?Cj'ie louL aepaation utM tioti?; e- sell ft at,S percent, di
the Ii. i,.,,. I lit. .. . r. .,.! 'i1l nrrscnf rife. ! and t'iicl
ever yoti pay is corvetieo into specie
and locked up in the iron safe, - It is
evident that while by one blow it an
nihilates credit and confidence, it
gives the,- Despot entire possession of
the whole cojntrv. even wilh alt the
people against him. A. Star,
The destruction of -property by the lafe firo
at the Emperor's palace at St. Petersburg, is es
timated at four millions and a half nf dollar.
Several paintings of tbe-diyine Itaphnel were
consumed, v 1 t j.;-.
Gsnersl Sutherland the lewder of the Cana
da pauiots, bas resumed bi old occupation of
type-setting. Tbe faer Is thus slated in a tloa
t'on paper: Ca;ar leA the ear of Rujmo'e impe
rial triumph to welter in hpsbleyd at lh base of
Pompey nillan ItonaparMi fliopiKd ihe oeptrn
of dismayed EuVope,.for a grave amShf ihe
rocks wf tiy Helena; and the grett. the rested
General Hatberlaadliasrefi the fiebLoflsas Wrar
i . i - . . ..WLin. irf.'in s 2b. I t present scsstofl nf Congress, snouju in
o,plls and gonrv te ffifijn 'L'JCniinel. ha a tot,l41rl.bJnmei,t.oNlh!vi,
scure printing office in Michigan. osargsJ;. .-.,rf
the neat world-"" ; -,: -j.i?r
'SD" It' YELL of Jkrkattsn ia asin besrd
in toHpes aslioat lh frontier Ifldiins
soldtion of 1818 will be in force as to tbe re
ceipt of bank notes, with a prohibition on lh
Secretary of the Treasury against making any
discriminating or partial order, afflicting re
ceipls at one place, or in one branch o( tha rer
an ue, and not in all.
In the present slate of Uie'bill, therefore, it
retain il vaulla.a,nil tell, ita iron ohest, Its
Keceisc r (ieneral, (Scffl and disallow deposite
in bsilks; but authorizes, nevertheless, the r
c.ipt of bunk iiotee ia payment of due. Id the
-.ieaintt the bill, Tn thjhi)e, Mr. CAL
HOUN poke wkh withvery grca emesw
gestiiess, ileelaring that, instead of a divorce, it
wss a renewal of tha ronnsttion between the
Government ant! the Bonk in thsvsnost odious
Worm: and that. If the bill a emended became
aw,.th whole proceeding wouUJ .en.1 Irs in
greatest farce eset hihiteJ te the people fiy
any prty. .neajl bimsel. aerpiy morn.
Bed that all their escilsmenl, and their erpemli
sure of sjirt awl money, sfflva extra rsinBtr
t the present scSsbifl pf tSonsrss, should thus
nnleers not iroe soccefslul, a Dratt will te-
enme necessary. Ueg.
Ctttte Fear hr'aiicb. Last week werimiifedl
in Ihe press of nutter, ihe statement thai Ihe
Cap Fear Branch bad commenced operations
in this City. We re pleaded trt learn, it the
Ri-gi'ter, that it is the intention of the Uraoi-h
to afford such relief to the community, in the
way of hians, as msy bi compatible wilh it in
terest. E. II. Wingate, Bsq, late of W ilming
ton, is Cashier, and the followipg jjentlemen
ronsiiliite the Directory," vii: ' Boverly Daniel,
Itieliard Xmiih. Jlvrtiard Dumiv. Hrlh Jnnes.
William C. Toe ker. and Psrker Rand. TiiereiArelt. u, by (-apt Chsmwr., b appointment ot Presriinl,a yet;' u1
Gen. Daniel preside a rhairmao of theViaid.
Tuesday i Uis regular D-seoiintstay,
(Cj The Exports of Wilmington for lh year
ending tat'Novemlier, 1837, amount to one
million three hundred and Iwo thomnud dpi-
lar and iaty-ais cent "
rry In eur next we ball take pleasure ia at
tending to the request of 'Several Subscribers,'
rr The adjourned meeting of the Bank
Convention will be held in NesftYork on Ihe
1 1th inst. Far the purpose of fixing ou a dss, if
pracib able, lor the resumption oi specie v
ment. We understand that our Bank will
be"reireented. "
r.riiieitit rtf ihe nieSstiret ' a '-Mm
' "In verv view w-erMte ( ll, Ihe effect
of the pasMg'of tuck, a bill wilt be to create a
T7i rancA Mat at Chartutte.VIn ha J
the pleasure of announcing this week, that our
Mint ha commenced commit there is no mis
take now, for wa have both seen! bandied
lh yellow boy. The appwaranee of the coin
im r neaL and much resembles tba coin is
sued in '1831. with the eiceplion of a tetter C
under the'head to ilisimguiab the ernn ot the
difterent branches. We hope all grumbler wib
h aat'ufieJ wow. and indeed we era aot atir'
prised at the long delay in getting ready to coin,
owing to lie jeinolei of eur eiluation frdln
Juat iccr lyotl !Xwrl Carc
lina Uonlk Sti r. "v
iW. 1 FtttjtUtvVh Sirrtl, liahVgh.
1'itkwbk Pserr. by ,8sa Walter sad
CrsiUdl ' sub tiiusirs'hmsV ia .sm solans
lJtia by llulwip, io oprnysl orieye.swttli IS
Ktigrsvinjlsa Orel. t.Hetvloa aa"Ederry
Ijuli - and ,tsenilewen, by the Coenfrts nf
lllrstiiigtow. Vi to.1 (.righton, or a yrae in tbe
toji.'ry. by Mary lloshi. The,, anil dmogs ol Ssm.wl Sti. k ol Sink
villi:. Vstiderlrar, or Anne,- Mar elitm.
A.etl.iys, by liapt Chamier. I honghia. If A.
iiombls, ol C.rumhittos) II II, K'q It sv ,dl saw
tiiuit id a piuiilisin vtairnau Tha CM rssmnstor..
by Capt. Marryatt- ' rrrieanoa, by Mm Sarah
Stock wg. t;lintoa Rrwdsh, er ibo,
i wis lot a j)r. "V'ums, and xyrtheshv Vra.
Jaosrson Chsrslerial.j of-VA omen, by the
a me. The links of Manmnih, a .V.el. Tba
Gowl Fcllo. by VmI) Kosk. Ihe hkeioaj,
IfeMok nl Fabe.w. Agwr l alensgi.1.1, he
T. i. Grattaa Mltriene, y Harrirf
M set wean Fsalsngs en Kawwly, sothor ef
I'rvin lins k. Wo, ill a Million. . Talc Iroiw
the l.eransii, Irsnslaleil by Nal. (rresis. Harrv
tl'lt-sdn or lllotiraitonsof tf!h Krbte.', Ae
moj.b m at Is. ge, by -tlulwse. 1 he 4it,e' t, 1;
tlerlirrt M mil. II, a tale ef the Kevolutio.
i;,st(M, Chsrelss, by fc. 1. Butwee.
Keclose-ol Noresy,' by Miss MotUrr. The
How. Esiur4 At - -A
A- few Ml wf tV ,Vller Heotl's Xovls,
splendidly huuniU . A t to a ! of E L. Uni
wrr'aNevefe." ' . '
A le sets ss Jswms Nols. sogetUef lih a
large eoltewtsssv-sif light relt"X, 1 '" t
weHtimi, all of eksch wifl be sold at rs redue
ed peter.
lisWrli. Apr it . I - ,
' -b.
'I ui n,r k Hughe baee jutt opened it sbty
North Csrvlb Hnoh Stoic Clentbl SssnrU
IsWUI "I W S'Sf'g .snr, ins Tfsiip,fl every OWs .
acritftioa. le whieb lby iS atieniionr and sssrV. -
lulaUelliia anu uie uiivuny oi getuoj y a,,,RrtVn, lit thoe wlta need such arlwlrscsav. - m . t
article necessary to be DeJ jr aylng, mslt.i M,.1mwihi-siie (ban i.toeted.' Ol Ik lormssSf-j. JVr 2n jt.
Ihg. refining, and coining. 8uch bemg the irp-J ilisy have, Malaga, t'enr.j, Hirhory. Steely
ft. tnerf i gitruan.
nedimenl te contend wii
weliink, to eejoice thtit. has eofmnetiod 0
rVu.. - . - - ' "j.
- We -emsrrUnd thai (lie Mint b ne itaj
vn(ts a large (jiiarMity-el hiillion, anu mi
dailv increased bt deaositew. from various mines
in this sSiate nd Hoatii Carolina. By th r
yrt of wen upon to body politt,' to absern, nnmeaM cerntUste tcdseructj in rilil1'
lUsnkno and Y-tls-w and BKuk, tlullet Hede
Gold and; Silver JtlonnlaiL. ak and wahssat
tworlw- Amurnf vlJMar sti Sulkry, tilgt .-i
ITi;pers t'rop-an.V Si.'si TVhis, . halo bstie
'S.r-nip'd, Isanhee, ilfi.Jv.rrj Ne.di..AVus plsrt, ...'s
g ii ium. got monsvieo. itoy hiotiwi s t
M ,AIe a ehnice eellretMs, ef Isedie ikU-.g hip,.
Csll si ale. 1 tV-sii'Hle, aad vsanrlae Isar -
darssivt. .' J - - V Vw Vf , '
r f
- w"4.
. -v
- s i r
v &
w-,." aK uauaa r- mm v g - v
',.. -s
a - , . ',
,.r i
- .-'

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