North Carolina Newspapers

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E3-Pern warfinr tthMi the State will na
, ,rT'rl J waatfeeaeuat ot tk yea
M'V, Jrv"pRTlSIVr.
fee avery yrm ( lln- 16 line thia
era type) Sea twaeriioii, one dollart each nib-
.- 1nBUrtiweay.U.
(O" The .nverfHwment of Clerk. and Sheriff
will be .har-ed i per aent. higher; and de-
dne1lefJ.1t per aent. will be mnW from 'he
regular priee lor advertiser by the year.
Uler to the Editor matt be poet-paid.
rrnr r irvialr' lliivoriTE.
tue runiR s aim tA i .
Ittisccllangoino Reporter.
tjr(rwlrre, Meratnr, Scirce,.and Ihe ,1r
. thanicat ,iru, lAereury' Hay, unit .
KowJlaatroi;nt:theeKtehe wlety of newa
apei4 and nnindicale, publbhed threghnt the
c and the direraitt at - anhiacta therein
mhraaeil, it if fhr'mijiwy radoijil and re- j
aluwhy nvhit," thai the ronduftort of thoae pow. j
erfiil, anl if rightly snided, thoae aalalary ehi-j
"i'ornii..nt ue un toogenerjitty aua-
te.! by party motirta; and that political eoi.te.ta
" I""""""' ' n aUrm.nR tent. aa
threaten the dittoluliun af our naole inatiiir
- - v- ." . i " . " r
rhir. Swna. anil flit 1 K.ii imI 4.rf!he
mhjeeta Immediatrly eonneeted with our et
2lwa(a a.n.1 avku.K aHAaaM eMtlrta.l tar hlatf II
in an indrpendent aituation, hate meaaurab'y re
" w " -T I""
i I . i n hlta niM attfK'v le
mmned unnoticed.
Aeiuaien, "re.o t mr-e iewa, in .-.
aeriber Mitrnda piiblnlimjr in Jamrttown, iN. t, ,
a pei iiHiaal umler, and ciffliporiTn; with tlie
ahnre tMe; in the eaeeui'mn of which, be deaigna
in the firat place, to m all landable eirrtinna in
rocnrinr and diaaeminaling practical inform
lion, eaarntial to the ii.tereiti, and calculated to
iHervaae the dignity of the farmer.
Secondly. K.Huca'iiin, and the literary intiita-
tiona of the country, ill find in hia colurnm a
warm and Iricndly'iuppori.
. a a r a .a
Thirrttr.' Science, and the Mechanical rt,
will alao be luhjecta of diacuii'inn, and invariably
reaeive a liberal ahare of attention.
Fourthly. One ittcntion wllj be paid lo aub
jeeta ralcnlated to promote the' eauae of virtue
and religion.
KiHhly. A brief notiee will atao he taken of
nailing erenii, of an important and intereating
k,k r. ...,i ...I. .11
faotkieai ena'eata, and auhjetti ealoulated to ere-
ate puny animniity.
In aliort, no paina will be apared, to render
the Vivneaaluaule and intereitmg viaiter in
evuiy ta-mlY, and lo every tirtuoui ana inteiii-
J1" e'aiiol llieeoinrounity.
Ia Order therefore, the more eflectaally to
proaeiile our pupoae, we rrapcctlully aolicit
the friendly aid olevery intelligent larnier. Me
chanic. Iiliirai-v and eeientifte gentlemen, who
may hare talent and inclination, lo communicate
to ai .itniwfri i practi-ai ni.ita, on
suhiecta Within our province, mav enrn h our
eolumna. and by a reciprocal interchange ol
Ibmij-hia, beeome a valimbla aourceof inlortna-
lion. Communieationt atao oa inhjeela either
Ketigioui or Moral, will he thanklully received,
The Advocate win be iiubiuned ia montniy
J7"''K' 'T!:.12e"!lP:'!iH'
J.Vwd tie,. .ndKpromp'ily mailed" ti i'bi- ted wilds of nature. Mine are tlie autum
bera "!( b a year, a went voluota of 3S4 pa. nal skies the withered leaf and fading
Ka, ad furoiabed with title pace and indei, at beauty of nature in decay,
ft ,8i per year; in advaaee. II am the " soul of song." To me minic
Any perann by I n-warding f 10. free from ! owcg ju mo8t subduing charm and tODoray
harge, will be eiitilled lo ten "JV- I give the pathos and the passion wTiich sol-
nvtf.wr 800th8 theheartJnd in.too know,
at a dkuaee, no order for the paper will be at- my influence. I not only create its enthusi-
tended lo, until the aiibacription price la forward- asm, but give a constancy to its rapturous
t, at- the payment acourvd by tome knows re- emotions. Of genius too I am the chosen
ubnl"e peraon. ..... companion. Not opt v the lover and the poet
Alt letter., enmmnnleat!ona,fcetothepubl.en- mincbutl dwell in lh classic halls
er, moat eon; frtt fro Jp. 7 - where wi8dorab and scienc0 hold their court,
A. .VlSmer-la- ... P-blieatio. d throw my mystic spell, around their vo
aome time ta ithe month of Augu.t t. all per- taries. To devotion also I give an energy and
aona holdieg aubanriptiona are rcquealed to for- seal. I am not a dark and gloomy power
ward them aa early aa poaaible. but" nymph of mild though pensive mem,"
, All eaitnri iivoranie to ooieMgnaann tirnw
who may feel diapoaed to exchange with aa. will
n. fevAr hv rivinv mir iiroanectua aa inaer-
' iv-f. viiuniL'iun
r.sst m wmm.
Hoiithcru Lilernrr jncoiiKor. MiJ ming ,owad ,he birn. .And h,rk
Aew term for the pre$ent tulume onfy. ye john-dont give them too much Aa you
In eonaequencaot repeated apilietieationa lor know they have 'tatt,'
the Maaaaanta for a laa period than an en- , . . . , . ,
ti.-e vear, the I'ubliihrr haa concluded lo alter Cobliet once compared the Interest excited
the eomliiixna, fr Ae pretent year tnlg, so far by watching- a certain poliiician's career, to that
a to rreive aea aubtei-tbera lor the remainder which ia felt on witneaaing duck hunt the
of thia volume to aoinaneKCe wilh either the principal eurioaity being to gueaa, when lb
May of .Inly number. ! Hie ataaT m'r. wil d k di where it will coma up.
,o.i 3S4S Ihe sit numbers ( half year,.;
i 50. - - ' A wagginh candidate enminf In lbe"cWuriia of
The heavy eioenae, which ihe publwation of hia canvaaa to a Uilor'a ahop, 'What look for
Ihe Me.aei.grr in ita preaent here,' aaij he, 'are meoaiirr. not men.'
voidable, and the wiah of ihe Proprietor anil .
farther to improve It, makee il abwlntely necea- j Ctnundrvm. Why is a newapaper like a
t1ry that he hnuld hereafter receive all aubacrip- tooth at De give it opt - fjjrBeeauae
tiona ant no4y l nte- ' every body ahould have one of hi own, and not
Anneal after anneal haa been made to del in-
-iKltfl .f iibbold their juat duet. , h' neighbor.
V hy tWa it . cannot be eoneeive.1, amee it ia Unanimity. A Scotch par-on in bia prayer,
,ek.ledged. on all h.ada thai lbs :aMiin mJj .Ui, bUu U r,nJ coanci, ,h. it.
I richly worth Ihe amount charged for lit no ' , " . ,
,,er evidence of a hivh aeed be mentioned than . nt. nd rant they may hang together,
the laet that Ihe tuhavriptioa price ia known -o L A country fellow standing by, replied, " en,
have been trrqnrntly paid tor old volume. air, with alliny heart, and Ihe aooner the belter
Aa heavy draft bave recently been made on ami I'm sure it ia the piayer of all good peo
the Proprietor, for capenwra incurred in ettabliah- pie,"
Ing and conducting the Muuviii, H ia Imped, guti (,),,,, ,siJ the parann, "I don't meaa
thoae aubaenbera no are aun in arreara, win
immediately hand in or remit the amounla they
il when
reaneetiiHIV owe I wnn-n, mourn ima
aaHlered aeparatrly, yet, taken in the aggregate
a fact.
t ran amount of eonaiderable importance.
, Jl'ene Ao"lhe amount du hire could he
i n . :. I i Li I .11-
obtained, Ihe Proprietor would be enabled lod ta
that done, he would bring out the next volume
of the Mrtaenger in new dre.t, and improve It
NTriArfSL aubaeriplion. by
ill be uatamcd by the Proprietor. But every
auhvariber thni trantmitiing pij raent, iareqorat-
ed Iwaide taking propel evidence of ihe fact,
and date ol mailing,; tn retain a memorandum of
the nnmberand pertieuUr mark a of die note aent.
The Sabaerihor haa aow oa hand, at hia Mill,
(late Klake'a) 17 mi lea Eaet of Raleigh, 100,000
, fret of- choice Comber, of every detcription,
I tawed owl of Long Leaf Pine, the peculiar e
' eelteaae of which ia loo well known to need any
' purl". Peraon desiring to pnrehaa will pleaae
'make applieaima 10 Mr. William Peck, Italtigh,
or to Henry llnrlwi, at the Mill.
The price at the Mill will be f 1 perbondredi
7 bat, if a large qaanlNy be boagkl, etca lea thaa
that will be taken.,
Wake eo.. May 81, Is3 , . U tf
Handy Jack. On of our Jack tar in Ar
" dent square, wm amunng hlmaelf with remark
en paaaers-bv lately, when a dandy cam trip
' ping along with hia abort ieggej unmentiona
ble Inahed rather light at the bottom. 'I aay
friend,' said Jack,'aint yon got on your breaches
wrong end opt' 'No, fellow, why Jo you ekV
ndefyea llw.,
'"'. Head Qnart era, ?
Wimiwi, N. C. July 18, 1838.
Oflie aaomanandine lha itiT ut !! t
. cnwinun( in ia uiviaioa N. U. Militia:
I Yon re hereby aoti5ed and aommanded lo
hlt.Wgcii. omed on the around
j vmdmt hj ha dmt of U Vlo.k, lor review, pi..., namely, Th.
KeKiment, m Louiiber-, on Saturday the
Se.mber. lb S5h and 36. Ii Krsimenta
jn ,,iKh. na lloaaav the 94th. Th nd
Regiment m Naativille, ia VVednewlay ihe S6ih.
SNI K.-rimeat at Brids.'erTa KAjfceftmt
aa fridayhe9fc,. The (10, h hVrireen
ta , lo9n TaHwroneh, on Saturday I be
gQ,, of September net. f he 13th Krriinrnl in
( ,own f Williaraatoa, on Monrlav ihe Ut
iUefnber- The 16th Heeiment in Jackaon, on
Wwtneadiiy the 3rd. The 14th ami 15th Iteei-
mtBW ,'h. ,own , i,,,jf Thl,r,(,y the
iih, And Ihe 83rd Keriment in the town ol
j Warrentoa, on Saturday the 6th ol October next.
viae wiiBMpae aBcera and muiieiaat of
each regiatenl B)itl be ririlleil on davi preerding
daya ot tveicv, aeeordtng lo law and military
.4 lij order of (tenant TH. T. II WVK1XS.
3AM Ln t. I'HIUUfS, Aid.
KrrmM ,ilt ktu., 10SL. ge,,ae ,rauc
)r lhrougllB,l(e gloom on ligh,
W(TC ,)Ut nm(,'nm. " j .Jirt is)l.,
v.. .1... i-.i.inrl ..i.,n,... Tt.
" 'fre uriii! a jounr uuaa ana
. J
aummor'i fiow-
Are minted with thr chanp-lcsa green
. . "
, I M tuit'X' wulk iafl ivlvaii hnu frsi
. " a
tnnniMIV Mil. lalitiuuw Ulll Uiat pa.
r:.... u..b i...';..iw.w ;... .j,..
Ami (Iftzziins touuu wnow Mivcrr uiccn
XVhe rn,KMllnml ki ,he oe,,, ,,,
llicn woiild we acck it distant aUore, -
And jorlo greet each other there;
Nor liph that we return nn more
Where all we trust ia fnlwlr titir;
. I!ul heart with heart dimtld mingle there,
' In bliu unchecked, Unchanged, to Jmrc,
And the pure love of early exi-a,
Kre we liave know n Uic iiife oao'a guile,
Or abed tle4rt-repeiitaTifteaTS," """
t Should win us to that lonely isle.
I come at the evening hour when the
stars of love shine softly from the azure heav
enswhen the sweet smiles of the morn fall
gently on the tthadowy grove below and in.
fuse my spirit into the meditative bosom.
f como at tlie midnight season, when all is
jar), around, and all is 81 cnt there, save when
tho Whip-poor-will is heard, or Chanticleer's
more cheering Toice comes gaily from the
neighboring bower. I jraze with rapture on
the settino sun: J vaH'li his calden beanwas
they slieu a h?.!&on the wood-crowned hill .
anJ listen with delight to the ocean's waves,
M foam and dasll B?aill3t the rocky
. ' , . ,.. , e . .:
c- 1 w"d yerc the forest rises In
nl' l ffrand and Impressive majesty and
dear is tlie night song of the winds as they
whistle round some isolated dwelling. Hove
the thunder's toue and the liirlitning't flash
aniid the deepeniiist irloora. and strav where
thecatoriU-!!! th uncultiva-
norn t0 ranUvatC Out the JeeUng neari,
j .
-c ? .T.j
Mtfiitfe -John7 aaid a Creiui lamer,
don'l give cousin Simmon's borate too many
uni. knAW lk.u k... JLnu Yjfh ihlir '
.l,. ,. JnM u, . B -n ..
'"f eloer m sceord and concord."
mi,ler what cord," replied the
1. 1'
tia but a atronff one. Sunbeam.
A Xew Loan. aay, Jack,"- ahonted
dro.r a. otw d.r, tn -M. pai.
"the eora'd sheep von't move in this veatber,
leud J . bark of your dog, will you?
' A gang of thieves h.ving been taken white
their captain waa abaent, they were conveyed 10
the whipping poat. Their captain meeting a
friend, inquired after hi fellow. "They are all
well," waa the anawer "every man at hia
I A tnmanre ta said to he nearly completed,
! entitled "Cin Viodictd.'' It appears from it
thai Abel wa a Banker, and that Cain killed
him because he would not reeutne specie pay
ment! ,.. . ' ', - ,
Tkt North f nteec-The annexpn lit
erary gem waa nent tn the ediior of'down
e-ast" paper f.r pitblication. .The . acjiool
house must have been moved , out, m( the
neirrliborhood where it was written,' or 'else
tliev never had any: . . , r
JVIr it Mrs Yew bcaing duu-
;ly colled out, both on ye, as sojers inlantry
of i ar heroy oaerea to apear at uie nous
of in keper on tusda the 1th, day
next at rnc ocloek p m armd & quipt a the
law direx fo militerr dty & inspexioru
,-,t.i-' ,. Sy order t
l.ifauuui. A few... tlatf a?o. a gum
Valen .near Ko.ciaako,
MU.'tMtppt. A bbek, gtrl, whj pro-
feued to know all about the circura-
tance, charefl a retpeciaom wns
person with being the thief. Upon her
testimony the citiren. leized him, tied
him to a tree, and lrneheil"r him with
extreme severity. During the opera
tion a roan named Parker otood look,
ing on and exclaiming, Giro it to
him. He haa the money! lie i the
thief, and will aoon confeaa it!w . The
lyncher found, howeter after nearly
killing their victim, that he would con
feaa nothing, ami he waa at length re
leased, torn, bteeeding, and unable
to aland. A few houra afterward!
suspicion began to rest upon Parker
himself, who, on being tied to the aame
tree, roared out, have the iBOiey."
The whole aum waa lound infiit . po-
seasinn and that of the . wench on
that of the', wench
whone false testirhony the Innocent j
man had been so horribly maiilateiaV
This occutrenrc should be. a tnem-
orable lesson to all who are 'tlinposed '
to take the venstance of the law rntoi
their ownhands. The atrocious pracr
tice of "lynching" dreervtt lo le
KlamptiLmlh the, indignation of men
nnd Ihe wrath, of God. Every actor
in the bloodv traecdv at Kosciusko;
.t.nnl.l atnnre he driven forth, an eiilc'
from society and all its sympathies,
Louisville Journal.
Expunging in Missouri, The Ad
Vacate, an aoie nig paper, laiety j,lmr ,r Clav J,u mt
started at Mayaville, K.y., mentions frjen,, Urir,? nilM fr4fj , a ci.l
haing seen a twenty dollar note on ,,. for tls ffl(t j rrl,i,Ieiit it
the Hank ol naouri, wun tnc en-. United .Stale, it is our duty cm-o-ravetl
heads of Messrs. Benton nnd)a,6ru nm especiallv aa tu
Van Buren first ...?n circled with- Umk jrxaiiiihe liis to t he ?f ywr.
lines and then cut of. The gentleman jjJ(li whoe impnrtence now eriad
who owned the note is egaged very :0wsall others. We are necking, and
extensively in business in Missouri,' confidently expect to witness the vl-
antl assureu me enuor oune yuvocatei
that he had not in the whole course ol
tii business received a single note
which had not been similarly mutilat
ed, so odious have Benton and Van Bu
ren become to the people of thatatato.
A'ew York, August 2.
.Imalzamation.Qu'iie a rumpus
nr., fif-jacinnfl in tli tinner niirl nf tlie
city lastevening, by the promenading!
oTa "Tolbreilgcinmanand a white ladv.jnn1z",of, "iiety which was got up
arm in arm, in Broadway. A parcel j "7, ,,a ever cntnlled by alave-
of boys, observing the phenomenon, sct"ul"s, avowemy ir tne ueneiu oi
up the cry. "Wlate woman and nig-i,,averJ b; h "."n0-1 "f the tree ne
Ker! .-White woman and nigger!!" ?r"; manager. 1,e al-
White woman and nigger:!!" of
course, following in pursuit. This at
tracted others, including . many full
ev-v-" ""j"t Vi
the matter," some to "correct abuses,
and some fur reasons best known to
themselves. However, the procession
soon became quite too long and noisy
for the comfort of the promenaders,
and accordingly the lady turned into
a grocery store for protection, while
the colored man walked on alone.
Some of the supernumeraries followed,
and brought him back. By this time
there was a great crowd around the
store, anxiousjto learn the whole story.
A friend olours who happened to be
near, went in, and was told by the
lady that she was an English woman,
and not aware of the state of public
Reeling here on the subject of color,
that tfinegr6w!flfTer was in the
emnloy of her brother, and that she
had taken him with her only as a pro
tector. While the crowd were enlight
ening themselves as well as they could
in regard to facts, two peace officers
made their appearance and took both
the man and woman to the watch-house
for safe-keepins. until the embryo
mob should be dispersed, litis was
t heend of the matter; t)uf informant
waa afterwards told by a captain - of
tl watch, that the parties in ques
tion were man and wife
- our. Com.
The following extract from the
Watchman," a Florida paper, has
been sent to us for publication. Thw
Editor, it will be seen, says that Gov.
Branch has never become an actual
Citizen of the Territory.
Western Carolinian.
'We observe by a correspondence
in the North Carolina papers, that the
linn. John Branch is a candidate-tor
Governor of that State.
"We regret this exceedingly j we
had Ironed ,tUt Gov. B. would fee a
members of;. oar Convention to bu
heUb at &tx! Joseph, in December next,
llis-t tongue sperience in public tile.
the ee-navStency, integrity and ltide
pendenc which have markedhis po
litical career, made it an object, of
great desire with a large and respecta
ble portion of the people of this county,
to obtain his services in the important
work of framing a Constitution for the
people of Florida. There will- be no
little disappointment on i this subject.
W e had ourselves expected vsomething
different and w had a right to do so.
It is however; but fair" to ' add, that
though Gov., B. has been a winter resi
dent in our neighborhood for several
years past, and nasa large planting
interest here, he has never participated
in our political contests, nor exercised
any political rights in Florida, and has
never, therefore, been striclly a per
manent t evident of Florida, nor a cit
izen. Uur lavs permitting his service
in the capacity mentioned, his friends
t . . t b - ' -"-a " ' ' a , a
leierminea, as aireatijr stated, to avatl
ihemsritrcs of the defect,"and requirejto make that for abolitionists to lend
bis services accordingly,
MR. CLAY AND TUB AOBLI- be to renoence their .principle and
-m-"TIOXlSTS. j nullify their meaaureo, and that it will
We publish Ihe foil wing article ' be more honorable for aboHtionlats to
from the Emancipator to shew- the ' allow any other candidate to be elected
ie we entertainedof Mr. Clay by the ' withoat their votea, nnder any circum
Abolitionists. ft seems they have in-' atance, for Henry Clay. And if the
operable objeeli-ns to Mr .Clay, and ! Whig party are in aoch a'predicameut
for the vert reaaons which wiif tecum-; (hat liter cannot succeed without aecu-
nendhiaa to the Suulli. tlioug'i he
utH's not concur with no in sentiment
a to the benefit f th institution of
slavery, yet &-twen hint and Mr.
Van Iteren on this suHjct. he I iniiu-
itely preferable with every slave
Mr. C!ay tut a mimew'ut lutd t t ul
itlle isaliu4l at liie Nit'i bectute lie
is.a alavelinlilrr, and w, p d le ti
mad and miscluevou proj.'ii nf Ihe
fanatics. He i ajutd at the Htmth,
oJ denounced hy men wltJ kuw Uet-1 peeially when, be 4t noted -the bu
tin being an AomU;l, and lHniriit are actuated by Principle,
tile lo Mijthern ititereaia. He will ,
probably lite t &w lv i.i ila thai !
the latti-r charge i f! a U nrt .
IS true. ,
iiikiiu.v iir;K
We aery tbertMy iij5pt
' a very iaail.rnt
II. G." a verr iaaUt'ent an ran !
dd friend of Mr. Clay tw
this niy. i
I wltu communicate a tatrmnt f Mi .
wl commui
Clay's early
opinion n fHe aehjecl 1
A one of
the ar
at r'ir
. and Statesmen td the auatjuai era
untary and entire abarnlonmrht of
, .av ilrou!rimut .his hel.ive.l lie
public. In this view it dues not b
come us to overlook the fd lowing
'facts respecting Mr. Clay.
i. lie is a slaveholder, ami has nev
er emancipated any of hi slave, or
intimated any intention of doing so.
He is one of the fonuder, and the
,c!ual.1,''itlfntnt th American Cd
luircu, anu uu sun auow, it to oe
pushed into favor at the North "as a
means of exterminating slavery.
a. He is tlie reputed ana aichnwwi-
..ifttlireil aullinr i.f ilm cf ;...ri P.oin
r .". ',.,"',
,n "? bj whiclijthejnrit
of libcrtyWaa broken down.aud the na
Hon beguiled into complete subser
viency to slavery. In his speech on
that subject, he treated with contempt
the laboring classes of freemen, called
them "white slaves," and contrasted
their situation with tht of "blAck
slaves," and pronounced the condi
tion of the latter to be far superior,
and spoke with abhorrance of our wives
and daughters being obliged tn per
forin labors which he was pleated to
call "servile." There is no evidence
within our knowledge that he has al
tered his views respecting the
Tanoi rrtasir-" who
witli their
4. He is the author of the project for
the acquisition, of Texas, having made
the first motion on the subject in the
House of Representatives, on ti e 3d
of April, 1820. And there is "no rea
son to suppose he has ever abandoned
the project. The 7.eal of the southern
papers in his interest forbids a doubt
fon theVubject."- 7
5. He is irrevocably anil in princi
pie opposed to the abolition ofalavery
in the District of Columbia and Flori
da. His resolutions offered in the
Senate as an amendment to Mr. Cal
houn's, virtually charged the petition
ers on this subject with a breach of the
public faith. In this respect he goes
quite beyond even Mr. Van Buren.
who rests his pledge to veto a bill for
the purpose solely on existing expe
diency. 6. lie is on good grounds believed to
be opposed to the call of a convention
in Kentucky for the amendment of the
'State Constitution, and principally fur
fear they will take measures to facili
tate the abolition of slavery in the
State. All the leading papers of the
state in his interest oppose it, and his
son as well as his leading friends whp
were members of the late legislature
were strenuously opposed to the bill.
7V He has openly given his voice for
the exclusion of abolitionists from the
frivileges and sympathies of society,
it his speech on Mr. Calhoun's reso
lution, he urged the importance of
"keeping the abolitionists separate and
distiuct.from all other classes, stand
ing-ouHn bold and prominent relief,
unmixed with' the restof the commu
nity. Without the general sympathy,
nnti exposed to me ovrwneiming power
of the united opinion of all who desire
the peace, harmony, and union of onr
confederacy," or as the language is
understood to mean, exposed to Lynch
. . .
Now we have no authority to
pledge or control the votes of other ab
olitionists? nut we eiveit franklvas an
olivious inferencef Irom the above facts
and it is all the inference we Wish
any support to such a candidate will
ring Ihe votea nl the slaveholders of
I Hie .Niulli and the auolitinniate or the
North, we can nly say, that, ai we
j had nn hand in bringing them into the
dilrmnu. we have nu wiih to interfere
wiM their due rxerciie of, their . own
b -st wiatlom in regard to tlie manner
in which they nhall conduct their, own
affair. Only let them pardon us for not
beinjt aide n a.-e any good reason why
the Ntn-ili alu.uld he compelled to make
all the sacrifice in the caaet T7" ei
and Have in their power all the real mter-
rt of the t nuutrv, and even of
!.mi!i, whili; ih slatehntders have
nothiux tn a'lrrender in
the compnfm-
iiieir uwo ignorant
and obslH
pmu wilt.
t'lam Ui Kayritvville Otiaervcr.
DENCE. It is by no means incumbent upon
a tn mention how tlie fiilowingJctter
faiiie in our pii'iaeavun: but being in
tsr p i4eamn, we have an undoubted
rtjrht to use it. We have an illustri
ous authority in tlie "(Slolie." whose
Editor mice intercepted nnd published
a It-ttertrtrrn ifri? AVtv York "cciiri es
poiidfiit ol the Intelligencer, to the
Editor of that paper; and the authori
ty m endorsed by the Standard, for
Mr. Loiing, not only re-published the
ir-lter, but iiidulg-il in some bitter in
vective upon the writer.
From '' . to p,
My 1)eh Sir; The battle has been
fought. The smoke has dispersed.
We are n;iw unable to reckon our dis
aster. I snati h the first opportunity since
burying our dead, nnd Attending lo
wounded, to infor m vou of the renult.
Vu will nut be disappointed. The
tliciiiiifittire of our advanced guards in
Pitt and Craven, was ominous of total
My dear sir, our flag is trailing the
dust. Our routed forces are hurrying
into winter quarters, and eren the
cheeks of , our once valiant
leader.nre ofnn ffnA-criA'eliue, f'Stran"e.
ahem!) and the whole man is chang
ed. .till Quantum mulatlis ah ill,l ITerlnrm
Hut to tlrop the metaphor we cut
too bad a figure just now to venture on
th figurative we are diddledW A
clear mnjoritv in both houses fur these
-rascally Federal -Hank Whig-Aristo
crats, in vain ijd the Standard be
low forth anathema, ipvninnxitjiii tli
gall nnd wormwoujd, in vain halloo ffio
nopoly, bank-rags, nVistucrnts, feder-
aiitn.Lnj party, Middle, the Bank, jind
the Devil! nil would not do; even the
last named ally could not suffice us.
As to pfiorBTarFcTf-
"Dul oh breathe not hia name, let it ercp,"fcc.
Y hat a ninny!
i . t
ne nnswerru all our
ends in Halifax. You managed that
matter nicely with you. You w;ould
have been amused to have witnessed
the rapidity of his movements Jlori-da-ward.
He would not tarry the -result.
Pitt created a nausea, and Cra
ven caused a vomit But to-the point
we are in a dilemma; we much fear
Brown and Strange will receive a gen
tle hint. We had tickled ourselves
with the notion that these rascally
Whigs did not believe in the right of
instruction, but find ourselves sadly
mistaken. On looking back to the
Commons vote whem Mangum was
"spoken to," we ascertain that but 8
persons denied the doctrine, not all of
whom were Whigs; and of these - Gra
ham of Orange alone takes a seat in the
next house, and he doubtless will be
in the Chair. Now as to Bedford, we
would willingly give him the
could ono of "the nartv" take hia
place. I need not tell you he has been
much in the way. We are sadly com
mitted. Stranj-e rashlv rdeded that
he ami his colleague would obey the
slightest hint. Egad! here is a" hint
enough already. Now the. object of)
this epistle is to advise with you on!
the matter. You have, dear souls, nt
Washington, such an easy wtv to I
smooth things over, we are not yet I
up to alt your tricks in the 'old Northi
Can't you, or A K get up an1
argument to prove the adsurdity of the
doctrine? It would serve valuable pur-
i-iBcn ucrc.aiiu in new Jersey. New
iork, Connecticut and elsewhere. Only
persuade the dear people that Hani
ilton or old John Adams.' or Jonnw o
believed in .the doctrine, and the thing
is uxerf. 1 his suggestion occurred to
us immediately after our defeat, and
we forthwith issued circulars, to our
subalterns, with orders to Mack about,'
as per copy below. Observe the at.U
how dictatorial we are, getting. - The
rogues swallow every thing-We nave
tearuea mem to draw well in the tra
ces.' ; "'".': - --
rciRcm.APi I
Sia: Riddle has been too much for
us. ILs agents have beta abroad In
the open day bribing the faithful, and
by means" ot" his" irredeemable shin
plasters, and penitentiary notes, he has
corrupted the whole body of the Repub
lican party, and reduced North Caro
lina to his sway.
It is currently reported that he was
present, in person, at an election pre
cinct, in Surry, and by his means we
have lost that whole County. More of
this hereafter. We have sent on to
Washington for affidavits. The Fed
eral whigs having now secured a ma
jority, we fear for the tenure by which
Brown and Strange bold their seats..
Iflrettomes our bounden duty.there
fore, to change our -principles You
will therefore, hold the opinion that the
right of instruction is -monarchical, ar
is ocratical. ki uzly, federal, and Bid-
1t.liV. Vnn wilt mm kwlixi. i' -
press this opinion at the Court House,
the X roads, the muster r-rouhds and
- ..... ..v. iiBiiaic iv.
tax-gatherings. You will entjeavor'ta
propagate these opinions among the
masses. Herein fail not.
Jlaleisth, .lusrust 14. lftlfl '
What do you think of it? Let us
hear from you soon. By the bye,
what put it in your head to send
n...a. (0 Fori(U Tl(lt came
near using us upr- For certain, . as
Pope says, "You have grasp'd an emp
ty Jordan I or a John."
Yours, faithfully, .
Raleigh, August StQ, 18S8i
P. S. Ihe exact -Federal
is 14.
- Fhe fottiiwihg paragraph from the
New Orleans Commercial BulUtin
contains sentiments which must find a
ready echo in the breast of every citi
zen who knows how to value a gov
ernment of laws:
' We are glad to learn that proceed
ings have commenced in the Criminal
Court of this city, with a view to
detect and punish the actors in the
Lynch affair at Baton IUue. Our
energetic- Attorney General seems
determined not to suffer this usurpa
tion of the sword of justice by the hands
of a lawless mob to pass off with impu
nity. A thorough investigation will
be m;ide into the circumstances, and, if
the offending parties are caught, they
may expect to be handled without
jloves. Judge Lynch will meet with
no favor in Louisiana, however enor
mous and heinous may have been the
crimes that invoked his jurisdiction.
Although, a narrative of the
transaction, our description partook of
the burlesque and comico-serious style,
we would be the last to justify so fla
grant an outrage upon the laws of the
country. Such scenes are calculated to
make us blush for "or national charac
ter, degraded while we deplore the
fact that there "doe's exists in our Union
a class of Individuals who, withoat res
traint, wantonly trample underfoot the
most sacred of all rights. Let impsr
tial justice be meted out to the guilty,
and such an example be made of of
fender as will d-ter all others from tak
ing the law.into their hands and setting
themselves up as judges and executiun. .
soLalj jylminihgy. mayhem jbnoju
ious, or deserving of summary justice.
The laws must be ceepected. An out
rage committed upon an individual urr
derthe protection of the law is an in
sult to the majesty of the law, and al
though the MilTerer by the outrage be a
monster of depravity, the enormity of
offences is merged in the high consid
eration of preserving unharmed -the -foundation
upon which rests the glori
ous fabric of society."
77ie niockade. The Blockade of
the Mexican Ports are stilt rigidly en
forced, and the Mexicans of Vera Cruz
and other ports are beginning to suffer
great inconvenience from its effects.
Many articles which have hilherto been
exported from the United states, are
selling jt enormous prices. The Pica
yune says "Rice, for instance, is p-0ir.o.
at 60 cents ner nound Sweet n;i
812 per dozen, and writine nanar .t
12 1-2 cents per sheet. What an open
ing is here nflortled lor muffin,,?
Doubtless, in a few weeks, our whole
western Irontier will be overrun i.
smugglers. Indeed, we have recently
learned that several of these gentry have
visited Marion and Brazoria within a
few weeks, and purchased many articles
which theyiitcnd to smuggle into Ma -tamoras.
Fhey paid for these toodsin
specie. The Isettlers &t Aransas .r-
petitioning Government a few days since
for a detachment of soldiers to protcet
that place: if they will apply to Iheau
thormes at Matamoras ther may prob
ably make an arrangement that will h.
much more to their advantage.
, J'ucai Telegraph.
Col. Caldwell has iust refnmerl rmn.
the west He states that he has within
s few days past visited the bay of Cor-
ru vniiaii, wncrenesaw me schoon
er Commanche lyinar st anchor. IT.
captured the Captain of this vessel,about
forty five miles south west of San Pa. '
u n. in, who iimirmea mm mat me Uom-
mancne hau Keen lyyig in that bay two
months she had nn board about''.;
hundred barrels of Dour and a quanti
ty ia. vne. nnur was somewhat
damaged. Geri. Filasola had recently -sent
out a brwly 0f four hunrfr-rr
lunder the command ot Gea. WoIL 1 tl

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