North Carolina Newspapers

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HO 44
gc.scairTiew. dollar, per annum-oa
half ia .deanee.
rTr'er.oo. re.iding itbut ihr State will be to P ne smouut ' ' ,h yeer'e
..Sacrm. iow in advance.
far every .'flare (""' exceeding 16 fh's i
ITI) 6ril, one il llai ; each ub-i
n.erii.lU. IwTVfiy-nv,. rem.
irT rhe advn-ti.ements ' Clerk. " Sheriff
ill be e;rg"d 25 per cent. higher! and a de- ;
duet' o'f.Vli per t ent will be made Irom 'he
ril.r price, liir jdveniwt by the year,
letter, lo the K'lilor mw.l be pc.l-psid.
fmmmm aiaaaaaaaai .
Slate of North Carolina.
H'uke Count jy.
Superior Court of Law. Spring Tcrm.j
. ,l.w W.lliun Neiel.bora-P.ti.
noii lor uivorcau
k . oP,,.rndi.i, William Naiahbort, c.i.jmm '
.'i.l ..linn nl lh
olthe Cuurt,
I r...l and i,rnela.ali(.n liarin been n.aJc at , . uirn .. .. .eaim, anil, in name.ou n.
Tll iloaae : door, l..r the party to appear Nea, in the tnoat agg.aeated fom.aof the diaeaae.
i .Vr ne-cnliot of Aawrobla ii. cl. ! I "'"'"7 " b. it beea kaoarn to laiJ
'''I. f and r...irt.liii i thriili,.-' effeeltng a tore. Many er reipeelabla per be made l..r three n.o,,lh.. in .he ; bare borne .e.timony tc . .laelBeary, among
ltesi..r-..d Mar. .w.v.,ra ; ' A. of .i.e M fc,
L l iiv of Katewh. th.iu.ik.a the awd Wit- U.urh,a..d Kd.ior of the Conle.enre Journal.
!.Tewl.bnea a..tar at ll.e iwat Term of aai-l I ". trom l.i. o experience, coofidenlly re.
f...Jj.'l,wlv i.l September next, wnd pl.ail. an
"'. : . . t. . l. ...... ....... i
he belU ail H.e orat .nunu .j .
- .Wmi.r to ll.e Plaint.ff'a beliiton, it ill be
fcrtird er parter andj4gnwnr. er;iea ei.u-r- j
(Pri.e adv. $7 5U) 35 Juj
C?n-Ki,r ;
State of North Carolina!
N.VSII Coi'N'l Y.
In Equity Mirch Term, 18.38.
Cluriiy l-oiim.,
' - - - :-""
D.fid Colli". .""I
Petkioi -lor dieoree and
llrnnel tlollm.
.... .1,- ...f.lni I lav id Colli.ta. i. not an in
ll aopeMi'ine;
lo lli tatl.txeiimi ol the Court,
-habitant ol il.i. Stale, it tl.trelore orttera.1 hy
the Court that p.ii.Mrauon ... ...
Scr -and Uoan. ke A.Nt.ea.e I. .r three month.,
iih leave 10 take te.rimony ; and 11 1. ordered by ;
,he Court tl Iveitiwroent t lurlher "',e.
that nte I'll at il.elt ren.dence ot the del. hd- !
ant Dirid Collio.. be .uHicei.1 notice a. to him of,
i.kine ir n.
3.1. JNO.H
lilt A KB. Jr V,. M. K.
The Siiberib-r bat now on tiKnit, at h' Mill.,
(late lllake'.) 17 mile. Ea.t of Raleigh, 100,000
feel of choice Lumber, of ery desc. ipiion,
lawril out of Long laf Pi".e, ihe peculiar ex
aelleoee nt which i. 100 well known lo need any
pi.T. Penon. .U kiring lo porehaae will pirate
make .pplieaimn lo Mr. iiiwm t ee, luieigH, 1
orin Henry Hoito.., at the Mill. 1
IV price al the Mill, will he prrhtlt)dred(
bm, if. Iarj .iantit) be Bougut, even ie. lliaH
tint will bu
Wakeeo., May 2t, 1838
tt If
CommUsion Business
arw awVarrttirr baring peraiananlly loaated al
Hmderton Depot, on the Raleigh and (jetton
R.ilrnad, two mile. MUth of Chalk Lel, will
tirnd to the receiving, forwarding, and wlling
II kind, of produce Ihat may be eornigned to
Inm, and will iay for Ihe produce that may be
catrotleu to hi. care, at hia office at Henderaon,
ai uinn a. a return can he U 'd or-u dl make
liberal advaneea nn i . reception when required,
lie will al.n attend io ll.e forwarding of nier
rliamhie that may UfaKe the Railroad at Hen
r'rom hi. arri.ainlaner in both ihe
emiuiry and Vorlhern market., he Bailer, him.
rli ihat hiaad aul age. in bu.iue.a will not he
tr.nirended. III. pariicular and undivided at.
tculHiu 'iuay be relied on.
r.Trrxw Mjoan, llillaboro.
BrffrrnfaJJ.Hien. I SMITH. Milton.
y (STtnn M. Dit'K.x, Roxboro.
Henderson, f.ranville Co. N.'C. July 26. 1838.
38 II
Ttlrisli RegiUer till forbid. l E. Y.
. ,
The iiop.iaaibil.iy ot on ihe Walrh
man ai il ought to he con.locud while abwnt on
eolleciing rxprditiom, and ll.e imnon.ibiliiy of
lw;er doing without the large amonnt doe me
fir .ii year, nf labor, have !eermincd me to
"ell lh- raiahlialiment at the end of the preient
Tear The iplinn list ii ehnvt 800, and
o the Inerea.e, TmriThe (t n. iniing and adver " good for al Ivan trt hundred dollar, a
year A genlemn of ulecla and a .mind whig
.hall have the paper on th.nat liberal tern.. I
."W wilJl"K'j',Il',.! fointo any, juhsr ier-.l
v.ce. An eariy application n reque.ted.
I. C. JONES, d. bt Pronrieior.
JotT.1838. S8
he greu popular nv and e.labluhed demand
lr Ihn valuabla meriic.m. render, the eontin
o.tioiiof, lengthy adverti.ement unuece.aary.
nnaternus te.l.monial. of ibeir value (latrlv re
sciva.ll from genilcn.en or ihe highe.t re.peeta
'my, in addition to tho accompanying each
x. sy be aeen on application lo any of Ike
iP.-l p'" ,re Pul ul ' a-soperinr Ml le.
n tin bn., containing 0 pill., wdh lull diree-
' ' Pr o- To agent, nr
parcijaajr, ihatrnitnf aomnil..iji and d .count
reliberal All communication, w ill be piompt
f rtteoded in, by 1 '
THUMAS L JUMP. r.enT Agent
ItT ilBioe, Morgan St. Raleigh. Ul door weal
lh Prashytariaa Chmeh
The onder.igned offer, for
sale a vary valuable tract nf
land, lying five aides we.l ol
Raleigh, containing about SOU
eras, ihe greater part of which
is aneirarefl, well tintbered.
well watered, and a portion of
rf,T-. il a dwelling and other bnild.
1 bl'I ,rmlt essellew water convenient,
fc remarkably healthy and beauli-
'.sad would make a very drniwj.le rewdaoea
A h !,,,i,,f " toests wear the Cily.
tJTi is deemed wqoeeeraary. a.
If 1.'". tA buH" saay ba bad.
" r7 spplieatioa ba nadr. -
".Sapt. 94, 1831 - 40U
M tAMl In UH .lila inmwtm ... .1.
siJiA-ur.iCTUHEUS Of
1TO. 27.
North Fifth Street, Philadelphia, back
of Merchants' Hotel
The rr.l eatabliihraenl in the ;ily derotad eji
chiuvvljt to 1 1, it buaimit.
COl'M'UV Merelranli are mni.lied at Man-
breaking to anv uart of the Union, whl.out ej-l ? ? ?" " " " ,h '
trathaine ' lot 50 likely ne;rie, coimt'mg of ntrn, vonien,
I !.,: wlm ma, hn.e order. fo.-U.Tf GU...I f'"!Jm!- , "T""- rt
e-by 'rr r"0" i -V:oNrrr;n
muU.tHnde.preuh 6TiIm Jl,aW. ,uu ,he "?!, 1,h1e ""l''
MonhaMaahrnddgiw ll.rir or" I. r Uik- !"" of orlable dl Img h..n, ...h
.!..h . .he fim thing on UeT.t" J. to en- e,Rh' V""" . "T'' "0? :!
.u, e tl... wll liui u 8 ' , hwt. '! H oilier ueeeawry out boild-
September 1, IS3S io 9w MfiTJ'v-AA u .
; 1 " ww i lJ be land will be dmded uh a iew ol aoit-
. 7 - a --!.
" rem :jr iiai been tt-erral.
befiMre I ha publist it Hue and etlicacy
- 1
BLa, Asin irrir.iKXT itumtDT.
It ti. ha had aite Store ol It. TUCKER.
Agent, Raleigh, K -
lierommen lti by the Medtcul F'tculty.
! Doctors Huri-eire Mcdiciix-iiu
i.t. rut'.tti jixn-MLuous ro.uro
Tl.c.e pill, .upply the plate of calomel ami
are a ccruln cure lor all of ll.e l';r.
the different varielie. of feier, all chronit. aO'ee
lioi.i, and eaery oilier injlady reipiirmg a
lis or hi isk operation and ll.e .id d aileraUa:
8d. TUEtR .1j'V10IS1'KI'TIC SLIP
. t'Eltr ELM J'lLLS.
The.e pill, are a .are and eeriaio remedy for
tidi?eatiou They gent It open and eivn at. engih
, , UlK hoel, rewo.-e the appetite by imparling
,lle , ,,,e .(omacl.; ami by llie.r timely n.e e-
riiu, are pr. . ..t. d. I hey are a tine
,jlllier (1 lm ,re hival.iable in (li'uaai. pr-cu-
,r tt. female, and children.
1 he 10. ,iv,,r,io.i. are now palroniied by
ltle proleuion and other, of the h.ghem itapee-
t.-.bilnr, and are gimg d-ilv prool. nt ihe.r au
periur v.riuea. Thru; eoi.Mderalion.,
loerelore, gi.etl.em a claim 10 the be
patronage ol the public and phyiei:ntgeuerMlly .
The cerlibcMie. of ibe tolloa.nj;
gentlenieii are given a. te.timonial. in Ibeir tavur
I'avpiutank eouulv, N. C 1837.
To all whom it o.ay concern. Tin. i. to cer
tify, that I have wilnea.ed the mmt .Hliitaiyei-
lect. produced hy A. bt J. Harrell'. Auti-U.
.,ri0 Slipper? Kirn 1'illa, in dpspep
na, and that w.lhout pain or umaiiiii..) and lo
, (,e,.e i rworpin. I)d them (otlic public at
M nemn(.n4r and utelal medi.ina
In tektunony ot Ihat auiiRdeoce, ger.tlemt'n, 1
with yon to forward me a thou.and lorthwith.
Ucpeci fully,
From llnraiio N. William., Ju.tica of the
Ertixabeth City, N. C. 1838
Doctort .1, if J Hun-ell: I have the pad
Tear made Irenoent ue of your, Ami.Uy.peptia 1
slippery Elm Pill., and find them a moat vaiua-1
ble medicine: ibey produce the moll benehetat
etteeia on ray .yitem, whenever I bare had occa
ion to uh litem.
Krom fl.e Rev. J.inea A . Itiihlick, Itinerant El
der of tbe Mellioiliit Epiacnpal Church.
Elixabeth C.iy, N. C. 183S.
In ten if) nig to the virtue, ol Doctor A at J.
Harrell'. AntnUytprp, ie Slippery Elm Pilla, I
leel free to aay, Ihat 1 have u.ed tl.icm in
ii.aUi.ce. with con.ideiable benefit. They ope
rate pleaaai.lly without DauK-alMig ihe .tomacll,
aud in my owueaf, Ibey have been rnlirely uc-
ee.iui ... remormg ll.e .ymp oiu. ... u, .pep....
I regard liww uill. an iiu-.linii... u I
should be kept in ll.e house of every family.
i ;
F;om Mr. Charles Marred, a respeelabk Mer -
. . .. ii
' .7 .h-. i J.',-..
(icntlemen 1 hi I. to ce.iilv, that I believe
your Anti-Billinu. Tomato Pills 10 be a g .od
and genuine m.dicine, and that they con-am all
ilie q lalitiet tor which they are recommended.
... . ' .. . ...
I ll.aa.aa aioaaal lko aa. ana faaafn.lsr in 4Wll'all atalftta.
.ml .I.e. .....Aal .fr.nn.l iaarrfl itlfStm.
Yuurs, tea, CHAS. IIAitHELU j
From a re.reetable cuixen ol Painnoiaok co.
t.eialeu.en - I hi. i. lo eertdy to 'j
ment ol the long, their u.e ... .Mended wnli
i the moat .al.Hry.e.ul.a
ly yet .. I, peculiar n.ddt.cM, reducing lever and
.i... u ..... l ' .. . .i.., .no.i.i.i
maiii-ia. I iiu.ik ii.-in . aonerior med.cue and
recommend il.em without heutation tu public uo-
tice aud patronage.
From Mr. -CKarTi-s llnght, larmer, Paniuotsi.k
county, N- C-., 1838.
To all whom it may concern. -Thi. i. lo cer
tify that I have taken Doctor. A. k J. Harrell'.
Auu-iiiliou. I oinalo Pill. will, great benefit. I
have been alwi). tubjeat to aiek headache and
have found but little relief by Ibe remedies 1
have retorted lo By the uae of your pdl, how.
ever, I have reined much advantage, and 1
think by their further use thai 1 .ball be perma
nently cured. They merit universal confidence.
CHA9. HltlGHT.
Prepsred in Elixabeth City, N. U. by the pro-
nrietsi. and orinriHllv transported lino. N
to.k, Vil gioia For .ale at ihe l)ill Store of
Win. Itl. niimou & Co.
July 15. 1838.
Wli!SiW '
nnlcizb and Columbia Kail
ICoael Company
A raffieientHHtmber of shares nf the Cwprhrp -ttirrplptits its retiAiiJiyjLXgOO dJs,
Stock of the luieigh and Columbia Rail Rued will be visible in the ensuing autumn.
en th.1 a geoaral meeting ol Ihe alockhol.ler. of 0 "It nearest Ihe sun, nn the 15th
mmI Company will ba held at lha office- of ihe December, and about the same period
Raleigh and Ga.loo Rail Road Company, ia the :f ,jii .. ,,.,. ih. earth It ia
City hi Raleigh, oa the first Mo..d, ei sioTem- will also be nearest tne eariu. is,
bar orxt, for ibe purpose of electing a President J Monsieur AragO, vast nebulosi
and Director, ni Mid Contpanv. yt 64,000 times larger in volutneJhan
tnee.rtl., yet ouch i. tho tntr,of ito
Titos P.DEVEHKUX, at tubstance, than ib 4793 Sir. William
Baleigh. Oct 1, 1831 43 tw
Urgiater iaaert two vteks.
Oa Monday, I he IU(h of Dec gm, the tub
criber, aa.Eeeiitor of Ransom Hinton, dee'd,
will tell at p.obtra aue'.ioa, m in. late reaidenee
of the dee'd, 10 unlet ouili at Raleigh, all his
erop nf eonnn, corn, fodder, and oat. Farming, (via. a superior new waggon, earte,
plough., blacksmith loalt, cotton gin, thrr.her,
wheat fun, ha. Alio all the Mock ol horses,
mules, cattle and hog., houtehuld aud kitchen
, in nutchaaei a.
ti.. ..:.i.i.i :n k. ..... .
.,,;, ', -.,. '. . . n, I
two, and three year., with interval irom the day
01 aaie.
Hnnd and approred aecurity will be required
for the purchase in'ii.ej, hvtora lha title vf tl.a
properly ia changed.
C. I.. HIXTGN, Ka.eutor.
Wake eounty, Oct. 7, I o ii if
To the Jail of Hertford counly,!
negro man, whu call. hi. name
JO,...d ;.y.U belong, tt Ben-j.e
jamin Hoy t. ol South Crohn.,
44 "MSU"1',M'1 br "id "!
a Mr. t.itchii.t, who puichaied of John Skinner Said ne-
cro .. ahmu ii ftet l.iaU. i.t ilaik
...mple.ion, and v. he U r.Hy-f..e yra. . f age tollini lailiesrwhil hold Ml. S;R .ur
I he owner .. rrn.11e.tru to come 1 01 aid, proe ? . , 1 . " .
pr .rly. pay thiigr., and take him away, or lie Hey IU high t'Steeni) Were to Mlltt.
will be dealt with a.iba law dirccla. ; (J jr solicilUll ffiLiU-IU keepinje Vt itll till
Female Infiuenrt Whoever has the wo-
men ts sure ol tne mm ,ou may a,
squlrr; fipofily op BecreUV, directly 01 nidi.
n'ctly, thl-y do contrive, somehow, or tnoth.'
rr, to have tlifir own way in the end; and
tliomrli the men nave tne reins, tue women
. .. . ... .
tell 'em which way to tltive. Now, if evrr
you jjo for t' cauvusa for votes, always can
vass the wives, and you. are sure ol the hua.
The following is the best definition of a
loafer we have yet seen:
A person who beffsall the tobareo he uses
knows more people than is ac4uaiuU
with him, when he ineets.-thrm in a coffi-
lionse often tonkin;; at his borrowed watch
tjsee the time and takes tl
six hi filths, aud then tramps
txsee the time and takes the panerabout
lJwnUurV..?uw w...Uk...u
the dough up to his elbows, and a flea in the
tn rt,Tu
A pedamiettffirrantareudeavored lo
imitate the superior writing of Ur. Johnson,
aud had even considered himself in some
gperta his equal, one day said to the doctor.
What do you suppose Ihe world thinks of
"."ny, says ll.e aoctor, -i auppoae
hey l,""k meal.ull-dog, and you a tin ket-
tie tied tomy tajl.
A lady was asked at the Sprinjrs during
tho present season, ' how she liked Crabbe's
Tales.' ' I never knew that crabs had tails,'
she replied, with a look of grave and innocent
wonder. Was this the same young lady
who, when asked how she liked the ye'
of a certain novel replied, why, la! I don'i
know; 1 hav'nt got that far yet"! j
"Ge ahead." The last Picayuneays that
a "most astonishing circumstance is said to
have occurred yesterday at the Levee. A
, . . : ()( . steamboat, which was just
i ... -
putting out, thousrht he would first try sonts
oysters that were lying handy. In the con
'fusion and hurry of the moment, he mistook
the one fur the other swallowed lus stoam-
lt and jumping upon tho heap of oysters,.
it out "fio ahead. He never knew the
difference till he felt the engine commencing
, o . . o.
1 movements. (
j & A t jK gi!cn(.c. you can. 1
. . . , , . . ." f,
not tniu nlinnt it ana knpn It. It is Hue mu
tu,g. Jlliu Me knOW there 1 anrCOTl
ceated,itis half discovered. 'My dear Mur-
nhv.' said an Irishman to his friend, wliy
j: f itbtrav ihn aprrrt I told vout 'la it
J,f tnyJnc-y(.) rail itt .Surr, iilu- lilnd-
well to tell it to somebody that couldl ;
gaiJ to be a Voungster in Ken-'
' "ere l lo " " ' ' . '
turkv who can crfo up the sun several hours .
before the usual tun.-. In lact, cockcrow- ,
jug has been entirely dispensed with in hia
neighborhood. No chirken of manners will !
-attempt -to intitatetrn; hit marr;- -
A boy asked" Dr. Iturgrss the pieacher, if.
he would have a light? 'No child,' said tho :
doctor, ' I am one of the lights of the world.' I
1 wish then,' replied the boy, you waro '
hung up at the end of our alley, lor it is a '
darn'd dark one. j
.fnrruVife f Dr. Ruth art prtarhing. I
The Doctor once informed me that when ha
was a young tnan, ha had haen invited on soma
orcaaion to dine in company with Robert Mor
ris, aw, a man celebrated for lha part he took
jn ,jle American Revolution. It so happened
that iKecon.pany hsd wailed for some lime for
Mr.' Morris, wha on hi .pparance,apologiird
for detaining them, by saying that ha had been
engsged in reading a aermnnof a clergyman who
had juat gone to Englsnd to receive order..
"Wcli Mr. Morris," sd lha Poclor -bow
di J you like tbe sermon! I bave heard it ex
tolled." "Why Doctor," ssid be, -I did nut like
it at sIL It U too amnoth sod tsme for me."
"Mr Morris,"-replied lbs doctor, "wb.t sort of
a sermon do you like!" "I like, sir," replied
Mm Morris, "that preaching which drive, a man
up in lha corner of a pew, and makes him think
Ibe devil ie after biiu."
Entkee' Comet. Thiroemet. which
Herschel was able to iliscern throuzh
its mass a star ol the twentieth magni.
From the Richmond Compiler.
-HR the letter below from Mr. ChatUt
Sigoarnejr, of Hurll'urd, it appear that
a guodty amount of vniathy has been
fiirJr thrown awajf, relative to tlte 8alet
of the beautiful seat lately ownetl bv
that gentleman, and particularly on ac- j
count of his estimable anil gilU'il wife.
Wltile, however, we are sincerely grt-
ifie4 at the comfort- competence anil;
happine$ the writrr -aniiounC',s to '
iii the pte44ii.n of an 4 Ins, we,
aie not A'ell iUae4 vvitlt the lunguame j
ami ttwie in wli ch he ha tumipuiiicutL'd
the l.ict to the ial)'ic. lie has sUhwim
much crjbufuiiej-s where he xhnultl liavir j
been kliitl an.l courleou": for wlut In-;
is so crip about, v.uin;ihiiix in . re thuu
a Hpiiil of vin).i'hy, i.ndut.'. tlunu-h
an lltlurIKe til cilcUlllalalK e CtmiK-C
tetl wiih the sale ol resilience.
Thi spirit v comutenJable. anJ ron
feretl any tiling but flisiionur upon tloe
in wlioei? behittf it was enlisletl. Wr
were ntar etite-riti heart ami hatt.l init.
ll.'m leeliiif. nnnunted bv the -nu 'ii'-
tionsof a liinhlv litenrv uml tulentml
, ,,f ji., iAl t.. ..ther with
, .' r .? -,f
interesting notices t.f Mr. lUts.
A plan liatl been concortrtl bv US
rai.ini: a contribution in thin' city t
. '
nil lo reatoring the beautilul resi.tencf
to its former oct'Uualltit. ill which ourin-
maybea'ul anil Iwa lxhlf.
IM.4r aittf.liina.ikl sttitkllljl ItAVrf hi-Ik' i Vf -
f ,
, . e .
brance by Mr. biijourney. Instead of
this hU indulgence ol l a feeling border-
in? on intii.ruaiioii, is loipioner .nu '
" . .... . . . , ra .
warranted Ihe uointetl rebuke ol .Mi'
Willis for his disinterested part, 'will
meet little approbation, anil betrays a
bad temper.
In l!.e words of the New York Com
mercial Advertiser, "dear however, wa
ii,a retreat to the trifled lad who lias
, aweetlv sunz beneath it svlvan
shades. And that it was so, we have
... . r..' i..i t. " .. .ir
toe pohtttve evtuei -.e . c, ...
who touched Iter harp slain nn theoc-
....inn nf h.r rdiiiiiVAl ai will Kr .ain
b h folUwing beautiful lines."
.J. . . , ,. . .m-,,:..i
They were furnished ihe Commercial
in anticipation. b the Editors of the
- fyfmtie Reie"w.
How beautiful it atands,
DehinJ ils el in tree's screen,
Wilb pure and sine comics crowned.
All graceful and aerene.
Moat .west, yet sad, it is.
Upon yon scene to gaxe.
And list it. inborn melody,
Tbe voice of other days.
For there; s. many a year
I la varied chart unrolled,
I h.d me ia thoae quiet .had..,
And called tbe joy a of old.
I called them, and t'aey mine,
Where vernal buua appeared.
Or where III vine-clad auuimer bower
Its temple roof upreareJ.
Or where the o-er arching grove
rtpreed forth its copae green,
While eye bright and aaclcim reared
Their untrained atalka between
And tbe aquirrel from tho bouh
Its -brokrii nuta let fall,
' And the merry, merry litllo birds.
Sang at hi. Iratival.
Yon old foruken neat.,
Returning aprmg ahsll chesr,
And thence the uutledged ruhiu send
-lira greeting Wrld and clear, .
And from yon clustering vine,
That wrcaih. the easement round,
The humming bird's unrealiug wing
And where tllrrnnte epmigs
The lilac's purple spire,
Fst by il snowy aiater's aide,
Or where, with wing, of lire,
Tho kingly oriole gluncing went
Amid the fuhage rare,
Shall many a gr .up of children tread
Hut mine will not be there.
Fain would 1 know what forms
Tho msxtrry here shall keep:
What mother in nry nursery fair
Rock her young babes to .Icep;
Yet bleaainga on the hallowed spot. '
Though here no mure 1 atrsy.
And bleaaings on the strsnger babes
Who in tboae balls shall plsy.
Heaven blea. you too, my plants,
And every parent bird,
That hare, among the nested boughs,
Above its young hath stirsd,
I kiss your trunks, ys ancient tress,
That often o'er my hraj
Tbe blossoms of your flowery spring
In fragrant showers have shed.
Tbou too, of changeful mood,
I thank the Bounding atresia.
That blent thine echo with mf thought.
Or woke ray musing dream,
I kneel upon Ibe verdant tuif.
For sure my thsnks are'Jue,
To mocMup, and to clover leaf,
"Thai g.' me draughts of dsw.
To each perrenoiel flower,
Old tenants nf the .pot. '
The broad leaf lily of the vsls.
And the meek forget me-no
To every daisy's dappled brow
To sery violet blue, ' '
Thsnks! thanks! rnay each returning year
Your changeless bloom renew.
Praise to oar Father Odd
High praise in solemn lay
Alike for what hie bend bath given.
And what it takes away
And te soma other loving heart
May all this beauty he
Tbt dear retreat, the Eden-boms,
It long bath been to soe
lABTtoas, ConoH Thursday, June 21st, 1838.
From the New York Mi
N. P. Wuiu, Ese-Dear Sir A
friend has pointed out to me an article, in a
JsteiXeai'k-oti.ror," from yoaf pen, lo re
cogniae which has -usually alTorded me plraaure,,
in which my name ia used, and the circumstan
ces of my family adverted to. in a maimer which
not being true, em hardly lie agreeable. Un
luckily lor me, it has been aomerrhat e fashion
of lata with eome gentlemen of ihe quill, whose
chief ambition it ia to pen a pungent paragraph,
no lo'ilier whether true or notrTJITjriii.h the
empty bead something In wonder at, and whoae
wit rui.a ahead ol their judgment, to make fre
quent allusions to me and my family, in con
neciiii.i wli'i lae tale of a err ain cslalo in this
plaeo, wliiet. I loru.erlv oui.ed
l h.)- kitt.l gentUinen. thetrfore, who, with
frivtidly iiii..itini.sliut injudicious real, aeein In
bemoan this cai:tatni tie. (a. if all the ii.uara,
were to iuf turtle. I out of door a, to pcri'h ' for
waul.) un event tl.ey nri'ht have known years
since, ha I they pleaaed, are now moat rr.pect
fully" informed they nee. I give thrmarlte no
further uiicuinrsa about my all .lira, or llioae of
my ; thnl t was not mvnia helore tl.i'V sta
led It. I wsa dead and buried, but bv Ilia fa
vor of Providence, ami.:r the living;
that my wile and eliililron are not quit., yrt,
c.ndlil ilea for the alma lioilat", hut llint, on the
Contrary ' although hatdly as rich, we fe. I about
a.'iil .a old Mr. Aalur, and feel e
have a n'.i to. iua.mtu li n we have i. gikklly
share ol the gol thiols of nn an.pli' ability
lo fulfil all our oliiinti (us, and that we have real
ly, aa lillle liee.l of llit'ir awiatauce aa we h ve
rliiim on their symp.illiy And until this need
come, which I humbly trust ia, in the good
Providence of (i..d, not to nvrre, I pray tlicin lo
forliear their kind hearted notice of my dceaao,
and the implied iiMolvenry of mv Male, of the
distresses nf lha widourd and falUerlei, and nil
i he other pity moving incident, so ulieu ucd
tip, of the poor aiek widow an I
ken, ctying lr bread; and lo stop, ulo, the
raeJung L- tlwir-oWtHg- hrwrna,------irrrrntinv 1
acheines for our relief wli cli amusing labjea are 1
not simply the tajimt fem of the- wriiera.'but
absoUili ly wholesale drafts of ll.rn ignnrnnre
on their imagination, and en titled to about a.
much credence as we are aecuatnincd lo yield to
Ihe surpiiaii.g adventures ol'Uarou MuncUauaen.
And I hes leave, inv dear sir, m conclusion.
in add the fact, in order to convince you how
hole the muses are likely to suffer on this occa
sion, or to appeal to the chivalry of this steam
boat and railroad generation, that Mra.3., un
like Johnson, and Savage, (Ho ay, and Chatter
ton, and a host of the Isat century poets, is in
the enjoyment of an Income, which the tvhole
tenantry ol (irub-.treet might envy, and which
I believe to I. greater than falls to the lot of a
Isrge proportion of the reverend and resiectrthle
clergy of this slate, .it being the lair ievrd of
her valued literary lalx re.
I am, very re pcctfully
And truly, vuure. '
HiSTVoan, Conn., Sep. 1?, 1838.
" What thoujrh the inijrht of -renius
appear in one-decisive blow, miuck
in sutne niomeiit l high tlehate, or at
the crisis of a nation's peril? Ihat
mighty energy, though il may have
heaved in the breast uf a Demosthenes,
was once a feeble mlanl tlniujrlitj
mother's eye watched over ils dawning;
a lather's care guanl. il Us ear.y grtiwlli.
It soon trotl with youthful step the hails
of learning, and fouutl others to waltli
and tu wake fur it, even a it finds them
lien-i dt went onjbut silence was upon
its path, and the deep ti uliti",. uf the
inuai'd soul marked ils progivKs, ami
the chei tailing powers nf nature silenlly
ministered lo it The clement around
breathed upon it. and " touched it to
finer issues." The golden rsy ul hea
ven fell upon it, ami ripened its ewp.ui-
ding faculties. The slow revolutions
o(year slowly added to its rol let-led
treaHurcs ami energies; itU in us hour
of glorv, i' sin itl forth embndietl in tin,
loriii of living, rummandiiif;, trn sistible
eloquence! The world wonders nt the
inatnfettaiion, ami says,"' Strange!
that -it Id come thus -ttoamtghVun -piemcditnted
IJttt the truth is, there
is no more a miracle in it, than there U
in the towering pre-eminent forest tree,
irresistible river, nr in the wealth and
the waving of the boundless harvest
Fathers and guaid'uvua of uur yuutli
fut learning b lind it here the grin
of all that glorious power, in the strong
and generous and manly spirits of thr
rising youth around you j and nsy. il you
would relinquish an office, so honoured,
anil so to be rewarded, for the sceptre
ot any dominion, loutlilul aspirants
aHer intellectual eminence ! lorget
forget, furget. I entreat you, banish.
banish forever the weak and senseless
ides, that any thing will - aerie your
purpose but study intense, unweari
ed, absorbing; study. Jlitimi atsiJua
tt vehement oeeupatiol
From the National Intelligencer.
Having published the Correspon between Mr. Stevenson anil
Mr. O'Connell, we think it proper to
give so much of a psblic rejoinder of
the latter as relates to the matter in
in dispute between him and Mr. S
hat ot it winch we omit, comprising
nearly a moiety of the address, Con
sists of a tissue of unfounded imputa
tions and insulting retleciiona on Ihe
slaveholding part of our country, which
we do not leel ca led upon to give
currency to. ',
To the Editor of the Morning Chron
icle. Sta: After my departure from Lon
don you published, at tho instance of
Mr. Stevenson, the American Ambas
sador, a species, of ajmost one-sided
correspondence which took : place be
tween us. 4 1 have been prevented by
other more important matters from
.... . r ... :
sooner maamga lew uusci vauune ujn.ii
Uiatpublicationand now aiyuii javo
it circulatior I think I may rt-Ty upT
on vuur courtesy tu insert mv re.
mailts. 1 . ... "
In ihe first place, there had appear
ed in the F..Hininer a report i.f a
pi'.. h of mine at ihe Great Herming
h mi im-etiug on the first of August,
winch contain.-.! the following para
graph; "I believe their very Ami .major hers ia a
slave breeder, our of Ihoae being, who rear up
alaves for ihe purp of iralfic. la it poaaihla
hat Aiiicrira would seud here a man who liaf
firs in I'IiumI. and who i a ilisraee to human
nature! Ao)"e Ihe us it untrue, but tt
i right It tpeuk tut."
Iii Hie tie x t place Mr. Stevenson, on
the Ol h of August, wrote to me a
l.-i'er, i on i u i i tijr pnej t.f the-ab.ise
piraitapht that is he oihiitcd ihe
vt..nli which I l-,a,ve put in, and
hich uiauifehtly sliow that thfc rrnit
could iicCUr .!, s tticsst wonls
made it involve a direct coiiliudit tion.
And thus, having at. erlnincd that the
i epoi t could lint be correct, he, with
Hie gravity nt a dipiolttalist. put to ilii1
ihe single question. 7.. whether the
report was correct or not? it being thus
impossible that he should get any oth
er reply to that quii-tion that, that ihn
rcpoit was cnriect,
Ofcuiiise I answered Iii question
accordingly, namely, that the report
was not conect; bui I referred express
ly in my reply to another repot t if the
speech in m.y p.etiion, iin;iinitig
IhTttliij ; wTrtitd, """uYtih'ucUT"ciTM-ent:'e,'
call for the atcurate version.
Thus far it is quite clear that no a-
pnl.tgy had bv-en required or made I
am mi duellist, ami should, therefore,
if asked, have stated what I really did
siv, abiding by it tml. as far us it was
true, unit almndnuing it in any particu
lar in which it might appear that 1 was
Hut as I innde Mr. Stevenson not
polony, l-.e determined on making tins
to himself, and accordingly he wroie a
second Idler, and init presumed that
I had made a disavowal of oOeiisive ex
pressions. Now, this wsa'eithelr fan
cy or diplomacy. I care not which; but
it was as geatuitou a presumption up
on his part na the reality would have
been unnecessary upon mine.
However, us my Speech did contain
an impm-int l passage respecting the
horrid traffic, winch is asserled, fl
hope must untruly) MtvSlevenson par
licipntes in. I will state the paragraph
as it waj nciu tHy reported in the E
mancipation newspaper. I do this the
rather to afford Mr. Stevenson, whu
seems so ansious about offensive words,
an opportunity of ilisa.uvving, if he
pleases, a thing most offensive in the
night nf man and in the presence of
God. ; j-
The real paragraph is this: ', V
It is s-scrted that their- very Amhsaesdor
bare la s slave-breeder; one of llioae beings wbo
irar and breed up slaves nirrety for the piirpose
of irnflic. I. il possible Ih.l America wnulj
send a man here who traffic, in blood, and who,
if ha do.w tuld I a d.sjracs In human nalurel
I ho the awrrtiou ia untrue; but il ie right to
speak out."
e a a e
My sole object in my speech at Ber
minghain, and. my present object, is, to
rouse the attention to England and of
Europe to all that is cruel, criminal,
and in every sense of the - word f infa
mous, in the system of negro slavery
in North America. My drlihcrate
c o n v ic tiott is t ha tj u n ti I i i h a t y s t e tu i s
ab dis'te l. no. American slave holder
ought tube received un a looting i.f e
quality bv any ol the civilized , inhabi
tant, ni r.unine.
1 htve the hoimr lo be, stji, r
Your obedient servant1..1
Darrynant Mbey Srpt. 11, 1830,
We are ilecitled ailmircrsof leanness.
Our greatest characters are usually lit
tle, attenuated in n; stoma. hlrss. mea
gre, lean and lath-like beings, who
have tpiriiuali7.c.l themselves ty keep
ing iiiaftcr in duo- subordiiiation to
uiind. A corpulent iniellectuatmt is
a contradiction in terms a palpable
catecresis. One might s well talk nf
a pot jii'llied spirit. Obesity is a deadly
foe to genius'; to carneuosuud unwiel
dy bodies, the spirit is ike a little gtitl.
geon in a large frying pan of fat, which
is cither totally absorbed, or tastes of
nothing but the lard.
Newark Daily iJeertiser. f
Not so. We take op the cudgels
in behalf f ihe fat men. Whingivu
Irving, though not eiactly uf the r Fal
staffk di.ey, has a comfm table roittn
dity nf stnmach) Ilumbohlt ihe ' travel.
Irr, is decidedly laif Uosini, the great
composer, is very fai; Theodore I look,
the wit, is very decidedly corpulent;
John Quiticy Adams is any , thing but
meagre and lath-like) Daniel Y bter
will pass Very well fori stout manj, Bo-
E arte was more like a barrel than ft
ean-pole; Walter kcott had very res.
pectable corporation! and it is iiotoii-
out that the greatest alderman are al
way ihe fattest. '
i. J . Com.
Pen. Wathmzton't. Administration-
A generation has oissetl awar
since VVasington c osed his political .
ne and when we now review all the
acta ol hit administration, the ineaa
urea which ht adopted, the principles

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