North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XXIX.
.NO. 4C.
,g p I T O K AS It PKOFWJ E T B.
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"'rn;.rHh the 8,..m b.
-L.t.l t rwv the wi amount ol turjear'a
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Uumlo lln- K.lilor mutt be (Msl-ril.
. jTuaiiuc wMiw "" - ina vnuee, uusinng ine vorCi ol war
- BKAU ric'L'L KXTRACT. fnalsying the hand ot rapine, and cal
" That was a beautiful .pirture which . linjj forth iirr kind alliance, the fatlinj
v, recently herl painted by an elo-'"d he barlhe H..n and the lamb, the
Mrnt clersrirtflii, f Ue revelation of , leopard and the kid?
in cTiildliAnd." LiMik.' aaid he And a to the laat cati acarce-
-t ,uhlanct. 'at the rcvoUtinn, at Hie
ioenin ol humanity at mai iniani ne-j"'i' " unaijwiaiiuii uj unu
Jftllat child anlc all innocence,' "d powerful imasery. The great
el,ilne.1eliiie!i. Thrrc it is.rjuite white lhnme, and Ilim that ait it,
.rA m and alin-t unennscious. i.nd fnnu whoe face thu earth and heaven
itfilleih the whole bu'tl.lii:g, to the lld away, the clement in the mean
f lof-'ree. ih iiuhic and joy. N ,in, f i'"t fervent heat, and the
Wf'rr children like that no treaaure trumpjif Ond 'landing, and the earth
Ut iialernal alTeclion uo treasure of ?a tiving up the dea,to tund be-
. . i t .i. ..a 11 i- : I ! :.. L.. fitra t1i tiitlvftknt ftst of Plirlf
turrbw nace ol an imam rrauie,
diiilyet filleth the whole house with it
pricncc There i resort to it from
time to time, an if it nvre somethinz
nthrined. Childhood, and ae, and
ntjiily how. and matronly beanty lrd
liter it. l coul'l almost lancv,' ail'icii
ttie iaker. 'it were in worship a that
fair, pure shrine of the all -creating
We could not hot think, a we heard
thee adtnirnblc-biiil touching Sc-ntcit
tt. and saw th warm tear Mart in the f , in humble life, residius at the
t4 ol a bereaTed voang mother, aitting JUtaVice of 11 mile from A,hville,
neirus-ofthi- Roman line-r'Qiam uttfily destitute of limbs, and com
),uainat. mor'Hiir ailideaeens;' and p..j onjr (,fa head ami trunk. Her
that kindred thought of Buluer: Uame E4,;,er H.3ev and she U one
hr mourn lor the young." Better
t'ii tlie li'Ht rloiKi !io!ilil laile awav
in the morning breittli, than trnv'rt
t!iroitli the weary d.iyj lo gather in
ilirknt-m and end in a'orni. Who
s'loulil lament when 'child angels1 are
tikn (Vft'o the e-il o cotne. and
tri!.itd from tlu-ir infant t radio
heavpn? -
'W!i-, wil'i Jvy-Ufams round theni ily
TVy their Father' (ct nhalt a,
h'sr him enly snvinr.
l.ilil chihlfen. tomt to rn.
US l,fe ..f.en rind lh-.r end only in .
Urr t.dn-;thal cradle m winch our
second eh.ldH.sna1 is rocked to aleep
How much truth .a conveyed ,n that
trnol tanta.-xarved by fond parent
inthe humble head-atone of hi
iliihl's grave:
! U.t'Aof lir.'n Siller rup.
K-'fufi! to ilrink the portion up,
Hal lurnt hta hltle head aw).
- DnjiwtcJ with llit lalc - and diad!'
"MTKHA1 UUE OK TUB RIBLB. mere head and trunk. Thi i literal
From Dr. R echer's Lecture, before ly tru. She has no ann, and neither
tli Artizana of Cincinnati, on the fe- leg m thigh. Her shoaldera are
publican tendencies of the Rihle. we rounded off, and capable of motion and
xrart the following beautiful deliiiea- on thenuhe receive the, gifts which
turn of its intellectual attractions: " charity or kindness pniff-r her. S!e
'The poetry of the Bible, who ahall s also able to'nvive ab mt on a level,
desciiheit without it inspiration? In with a kind of waddling motion. Her
Originality, strength, b auty, variety, usual position i that or sitting, or rath
i milicitr.nathos and Mand un er atandinz nprisht in a common chair.
aimniached. No sublimity can sur- by rocking which from tide to aide,
.pas that of the B blc and power- be move about with great facility.
fuliinajsinary. noTieautvtndriraai f'r thi pur
tr an mm' gloriotj 'than our own p pi cea thTooron-4H'r--tttuUler
wre lighte.1 up to be the avmlwl of or (which she prefer; on a table be
Divinity, and other aiara to ' fall like "d torn over the leaves whh
latii i n leave, and louder thunder IT tongue. Her health has always
! roar, and winds to wave, and migh- be -n ex ellen'.ind lief mother says.she
tier waves to roll. What shall the ba never had occasion fr the services
fa t fin I who came alter the Bible f ne physician and. altho' she seldom
iih which to reveal ii? Nothing r Imuse, and therefore takes
mains. It is all pnn the consecrated ', b'Jt little exerc'ue. she is now in , the
pap. ihnest and most robust health, and i so
Theal!egorieajf JhfrRiWeir fio- jfatlwrt her4odywWcJs-4Jargelj
shed specimen of that kind of wiit- proportioned) is a Uroa I a it is .long.
ns ami it metaphors arc,- a Blair Hrhead is very la-ge, and her Tea
terves, what metaphor should ! bet lures ialo ery large and somewhat
rVmtint from nature and all Its drs- icoirse, yet dcidelly good,1 and ; fwr-
-swptire srenery fcurrnund u svith the
(towing reality. While we read, we
Mmhl the dark cloud' begirt the !
uvnuntalnJuiM of Sinai, and tae light-
ings Wane, and the thunders speak.
al the voice of the trumpet sound
I-:g. and waxes loud. ' When "God ,
rme from Teman. and the holy one
from IV ran. and hi glory covereifllie
heaven, and the earth was full of hi
nra:e; w, ,iIM. xo, ,ie brighmessof
flight, and hi' aiajesty where he
'xwl and measured the earth, and Jits.
?'d, when he beheld and drove a-
nderthe nations, and scattered the
everU.tinjr inouniain-; when the - deep
Itfred invoice, ami the sun and
h moi.n stood still in tl-.eir habira
'lonr What oilier poet ever possessed
i imi'maiion that would art on fire
'he cntirte nf nature, or one that could
wield "the trvmeiTduus scenery of
be elements, the symbol ol oinnipo 3 '
Who, after Job, can describe th
war horse or the confused noise id
he battle, of the warrior with ''ar-
seids rolled in blmid? after Isaiah, or
"uer ui,d, the stnru at sea. with the
ut cry ,if (he mariner tusked on the
fountain wave, reeling like the drun-
"aa, and Ins wit end, n, hi glad
- ''r wnen arntrd in
. , , - ----- ...-..a ...
who tan draw now the harp .;otcs
of more touching tenderne 11 over fal
len greatness and fallen friendship
than those who attended (be lamenta
tions of David over Saul and Jonathan?
And where ahalt we find a pencil that
has nourtrayed, or can pourtray, the
desolation of eaotiritr. of famine, and
f War, (S be compared with ihoe con-
taine.1 in the lamentation id Jeremiah
. ..... -
' and those blessed iliri which, wrrant
. .T : .... r
l,u '"iurr uuie, iaiaii sawr Who that
rapt into future time
i M behold that glorious inn which in
a cloudless day arinea and punrs it
Jelad rffulsence on. the mountain- tob
U be more fiiil to the eye. than it id
The interesting and able Corre
itoudciit of the ''Charlelton Courier"
give the following accoii'itof a most fitmn AVmar, in Buncombe
County ill thi Sutv-
'IJ.-fure leaving Ahevit!e, I midc
ifvoril inttirostitig txcur.ioii irom tue
village, one or twj of whicli tnav fur-
nih' material fir a letter. My first
excursion was to visit an unt. tunate
f a illeijitimate family of eleven clul-
tiren. ner miner lias also a legitimate
wife uii'l family often children, and
t''; two families, with iheir iesjective
in itrons, are aid to meet with cordi
ally. This lingular beins; was burn
in her oreseiit limbics . condition, and
i a .i a !.
h is now atiain-d the age of 23 year.
Her mother and (he whole family ap
pear to regard her with much tender
ness and affection, and ihe seem to
possess a cheerful and happy tlisposi
tion. whicli rendera her content whirl
.. L .l. l I .1 - I I I...
, fc ta rUe
w Jtnd ruuse the vnipal,ieS
of , MUw who enjor b
fu ,;, of Kuma.aitT. ami a
V-r1. 4- r ,i
f,:f La .u..: ,.r..i .-j
tri iiiv. mil, uiii, ii, vi. uiiLiu'liui win.
guilty repining shamed by the cq-ia-i
niinity, and cheerful apirit of this phy.
ically imperfect creature in the midst
of privation and poverty. I have al
ready said that she i composed of a
tnins a very azreeauie ioui tnttm ne
and her lip i absolutely pretty, and of
the npeat redj In addition to ruein?
sociable anA "chatty, and even witty, it
i said, she possesses the accomplish
meiit of singing a very, sweet aong.
She received the parly, who visited
her in enmpany with inysetf,.yery alta
bly, anil very graciously accepted our
farewell offering. Some years a?n, - a
Yankee having met with her, ofllTed
to purchase her of lief mother, for the
sum of ft 3. 000. as a speculation. This
tempting offer was very, creditably re
fused by the parent neither her " poV
erly nor her will consented to the tea f
fiv. The Yankee, however, succeed
ed ii persuading her to let 'him take
the limbless girl with him for exhibi
tion on shares of the profits, a brother
and a sister accompanyin; her : TheT
got. I learn.'a far as Columbia fS. C)
and then, returned to their ; mother.
sa yinz'that jhey were nidi well treated
by the Yankee. A warm . welcome
greeted them althe inatenai novel, and
no other attempt ha been midc at ex-
' hi')ition.M.
CAifir.'. The Chicagi. American
of the 13th ult. mention the arrival
at that port, on the previous Monday,
,.rtK kamlMiat Conalitatlnn. " with
("I . w... - .. .. ,
jb- tween 300 and 400 passenger, and
on Wednesday the General Wayne
arrived with between 400 and 500. In
addition to which a' I arse number of
wagons, with emigrants, had passed
through on their way to the West.
But few were passing to the East; a-
mong these few we notice the name of j
the Rev. Jason Lee, Methodist Mia-J
sionary, with live Indian's of the Nez-
pcrces and riatheadjnoe, on- their
way to New York. . -" '.
Further from the Ahrmont.'Vi e the Pirate, which arrived at
noon to-tlay, that, on Tuestlay nijfht,
lue anti-Mormon were Siill in force
near Dewitt. Tlie Pirate lay at Oreni
ville, seven miles aboTe Dewitt, on
Tuesday night. At that time, infor
mation had come in that the anti -Mormons
bad given their opponents notice
that they must take JP their line of
march nest morning, at 8 oclock.
Ihis the Mormons refused to d . It
was reported, also, that the anti-Mor.-
mons had sent word to thr Mrnaj
that if they would collect their women
and children in one house, that house
should not be fired on. As the pirate
naaanil iliiiarlt nn Wtflafla uinrninv
by Hewitt, a Hag was seen Hying
over one of the largest houses there.
Prom all appearances, there is reason
to believe that a conflict took place on
Wednesday. St. Jauh (epub.
Professor Stone, on hi return from
Europe, made a report to the legisla
ture of O'i'io, on Elementary instruc
tion, from which we extract the follow
ing: Republicanism can be maintained,
only by universal intelligence and vir-l
lue among the people, and disinteres
tedness and fidelity in the ruler, tie
publics are cousidrred the natural foes
to monarchies and where both atari
upside by side, it is taken-for granted
that the one must supplant the other.
Hence their watchful jealousy of each
other. Now when we see monarchies
strengthening themselves in the man
ner described u are not republics ex
posed to double danger from vice, and
neglect of education within them
selves? And do not patriotism, and
the necessity of self personation, call
upon us to do more and better for the
education of our whole people, than
any despotic sovereign can do for his?
Did we standalone were their no ri
val governments on earth or if we
were surrounded by despotisms of de
graded and ignorant Uvm, Jilt .those
of the ancient oriental world even
then, without intelligence and virtue
in the great mass of the people, our
liberties would pass from us. How
emphatically must this be tlie case
now, when the whole aspect of -things
is changed, and monarchies have actu
ally stolen a march upon republics in
the promotion of popular intelligence.
Important fncen'ion.Miny means
have already been invented anil adopt
ed for obviating the difficulties and
dangers of navigation over bars and
Ji.!Ui U.I.U in l.rK..r. .n.l
u 1 1 v. i mm m m ii. via.
but none hi them can bear competition
with one lately invented in England,
and patented both there and in our own
country, uy mil invention a snip or
steamboat may have but little more
than half the usual draft of water, ac
cording lo its burthen: and this may be
effected in a very short time.
The machinery to be used will be
cheap and simple. Two or more buoys
ocJightenej3reJoJ)e made of canvas
or other core niaTwurTanend
impervious to water by the solution or
preparation of Indian rubber, now so
corainouly used for similar purpose in
air-cushions, lile-preservers, kc. I1o.
low tube of similar material are then
to be placed from those buoy or ma
rine balloons, on the deck or along the
gunwale, fo an air-chamber aft, spe
cialty-constructed t--and; ittcoonectiort
with this chamber is to d an air pump,
removable at pleasure. , This is' the
whole apparatus, all parts of which can
be adjusted or removed in ' a few min
utesthe chamber alone being station-
a - 1 ... a
ary. 1 he air-pump is to innate ine
buoys for use and action.and afterward
emnty them, when nolonzer necessary.
TiLuoys rosy of course be made of
any uimensions or any namoer requir
ed and are calculated to raise a 'ship
of 800 tons burthen and 17 feet draft,
some 6 or 8 feet out of the water, just
as circumstances demand. .
There aremany river and harbor
in our country, where such an inven
tion when practically enforced must
prove of the most beneficial tendency.'
It will completely prevent the accus
tomed interruption to river navigation
from low water or bars which cer
tainly can be considered no trifling ob
ject by any acquainted with the evils
of such interruptions al present, v
, The patent was taken out In Jlene
last for the United States by Captain
John Collins, late .of the Shakspeare,
now of the lloscius and the machin
ery, with il result, will we publicly
exhibited by him in a few dav.
'. ".:. .." -. . N. Y. Star.
"The whole country ing will the
shouts of victory from the Administra
tion presse, because one or two form
erly strong Jackson Statesy-which had
been so far reclaimed, afc. recently, by
small majoritie, to b ' carried by the
.Whiga, have now, by equally small
majorities, and the most desperate ex-i
ertjonsy been cairied by their adver -
saries. It is natural that every thing..
which offers the least hone of a renrieve '
i ill 1 ' t . -.t ; .
liQuuib5nailca with joy by a party
which had looked upotni fate as sent-
l. But, notwithstanding these ccca
sionaland liht retrogressions, it. most and hi friend refuseil lugi-r to shel- but without inj;uin"-the Ihine. A sur
b obvious to every observer that -the trr the new-bride and groom, and they geon was Bi nt for, and the womnn was
Whig cause has, inthe main, steaildy were lorced to leave tor njine oih.-r destined to under go a-setund iiiflic
acquired strength, and tint .ol the op-rtatging, which we learn was immedi- tion .bv h.iving the stumps of both Gt-
posite party uronoitiunably declined.
Within the last ten year, a'lniu-t every
Slate or the Union has been Jacksonian
in it politics but now K-t any man
Survey the whole ground, and how sJ t f
ferent is the case! Without ad
verting to those State presiouly nn
alterably reclaimed from Jacksi'iuisin.
we can refer to the gem-rat result ol
the recent elections with exultation.
Even these elections, !iich the Van
Uurcn party proclaim to have been so
OMiastruus to the he, have civen to
fuf fi , ; f
oi mree large states, Uesnj.-s an acces
sion of member of Congress. I'en
nylvania, which a few years ago boast
ed a Jackson majority of 50,000 votes,
has now a Whig Legislature. In Gtor.
gia, heretofore invcteritely Jacksonlan,
the Whiz party have carried the l.ex
lalature in Jlltnoit, the same. Thrse1
are solid triumphs, and, while they ex
hibit incontestable proof of the radical
change which has been steadily going.
on in public sentiment, in various and
distant portions of tlie Union, t'lt-y
furnish ample reason for hope and con
fidence that this change will still uil
vance, embracing State after State, un
til the whole Union shall be redeemed
from the unhappy and mischievous de
lusion which has ao long and so obsti
nately afflicted it. Aa. Jut.
The National Gazette of Friday last
contain, a table of the Legislative Rep
resentation nl Pennsylvania, which
varies somewhat from the statement
we have given from other source. It
purport to exhibit official results, and
is doubtless authentic-. According to
this statement, parties will stand as fol
lows - 1
Vita Buren.
Rs iraaanUllvaa,
Whig Majority on joint
m.-a. ballot, tl ' ;
Let the contested seats, therefore,
be given as they may. the Whigs will
have a majority on joint ballot.
increase oj rorcr. i no omciai re
turns of the -Pennsylvania election for
Uovemor snow a most astonishing m
most astoiiishins
crease ol voters.
In 1335, in the con
test between Messrs, RitnerrWolf.airdfeVbiting soil ready for 'immediate
Muhlenberg, which, Irom its exciting
character, cat 'cd out all the legal vo
ters of the Slate, the whole number of
votes taken was 199,727, At the re
cent election there are returned as
taken more than 250.000. an increase
in three year nearly equal to the
whole vote ol Maryland. ell may
the friend of Ooyerniirttanef-Juobror,M.-- supported by
the fairnes ol the election, when the
returns themselves furnish such palpa
ble evidences of fraud. A population
qual to that of the whole State nf
Maryland added to the already thickly
settled Slate of Pennsylvania, in thiee
The thing is incredibli
Jl thart Courlhtn,--Ajurriaire, tie.
. An amusing incident in the way of a
love and Marriage affair, look place,
we understand, in Clark atreet, in our
village, on Saturday last. A latkadai
zical son of John Bull, who has been
residing in the place," and paying par
ticular attention to a buxom Irish girl,
for oina timer-made lwa-arrigeoieivt
to consumate his happiness by having
the hymeneal knot tied. On that af
ternoon, he hired a horse and buggy,
and took his intended to the house of a
frk'Hd on that street, to have the mar
riage rites performed,,. W'hile prepara
tions were going forward for the event
a hale son of the Emerald Lie, hear
ing of the circumstance and. envying
the happiness of, the Englishman, re
solved to rob him of the intended wife
and convert - her In himself. A ccor.
dingly, putting on hi ,Sunday' best,
he immediately repaired to" the house
of marriage, entered the room . where
they were, and, like a bold kulglit of
romance, claimed the maiden a his
projKrty telling the English lover he
must at once give up all claims ; at the
aame time, taking possess on ol his
prize. She fi'ijling she had two strings
to her bow instead of one, and luvinir
occasionally, previous, received visits
from her countryman, had had an itch
ing to catch him bUt his offithnent in
never popping the duestiou, had indu
ced her to take hr English lover rath
er than none. Finding her neat Irish
roan now in earnest, after some short
explanation she consented : to become
his and notwithstanding the protesta
tions of him to whom he Get insde i'
engagement, she was soon nnit.V
thr in the presence
disappointed Englishman, wlf
sighs and tears, was thus rt
have his anticipations titr
bed, after all the trouble-
exje ise of horse and burjy, to brinj tention into elTtfcf, and iio sooner wna
him totjiejhrchold of hi happiness i no .frtlmn a serond shared the ani.
'l he altanT Irishman, luting secured f;lte fufien. with the most estroidinary
Iia prize, ve understand,, he exclaimed, here'
far aolaced I him as to amdv a salvo to ..,.. t,.,..i
In wounded feelings, by takms the, ri-
ding estahlishmeiit ,B' his hmids, aud
par'w the bill he haTT heen"at-t but he
. r . .
aii'ij uwnr, nmi mrj m ore jvium j
he vxWM'i ii (lie d utli uf tiie h ivmij;,
fjinl heart ncr won a fair lady ."
Woedier nor Kolishoinn has bri-ome
a i I i .1 !. ... a? ; r.ii..
reconciled to the "slip hot ween the cup ,,IH;,an, ptlt snr rlrantB on h r i0.
and the lip," lie has ju,t evpii encei!, tlinatiims ! " -
or has hung or crowiji'd-JiTiiiself, from 1
the disappointment, we arc not inform-- - FRANCE AND MEXICO
ed. We hope, however, he will ktvp 'Iheie will be stirriug tithes in Mex
op coitrae, and himself lhat,'c" 'be coming year, , and although wo
there is yet as good fish in the sea' a mJ n" exactly hear the thunder of
the one that nibbled at hi tuit, and '-'he cannon, we shaU fiom time to tima
tlfit hooked her-ielf lo another. hear id' impoi taut events and (.pt rati.ns.
? tule of ( 'him e Mji ut
i' 'i ' .
enwu ifttt. aii immense concourse
I 1 h.tflM 11... ',1... I...
e . ... . ... .
... j...-, i,. ,c - ,,, T'isir.:( tllM aro:i the Ainenran coiinnenf
place yesterday jit Win. II. Franklin's! bCviid this e presume nothing will
auction room, and i.i lad their great : be done except a l!iey say in the s'poi I
sales mom was crowded that it wa'l!; circles, to "clear the ring and se
w.... ...uK-uny one. rouiti -gain aiiimt-
tance, and it was thereby rendered i
impossiiilc for purchasers to iew thej
spccnienuunuies ol trees.
II another sale is nt up, it would he
jest io seicci me ino-t paciuus roo'ii
in tlie til v. Uurinzihe ;;le the
est anxiety was evinced by pur.cln.sersj "thrown in'o the castle a sufficient-Bum.
to obtain supplies orthis invaluable tree j ber ol melt, not probably of the best tie
but they seemed email V anxious to! .;, .t;.. h,,i ,.!. i. .i-.h
I ,
urms own prices u inissiuie
.1 . . - i ,
: I I -
prices ranged from 18 to 22 cents per
fnot.Aiid some very laise trees three
r four vears old brought the euorumu
brice of 813 each. The cuttings sold
at. Si to 4 cents each. Taking into
consideration the jr'eat number offered
at tTiis sale, (he paces were, well sus
tained, and had there been but twenty
to twen'v five thousand ollered, the
prires would have undoubtly range.l
a high as 24 to 26 rent per foot, mid
perhaps more. The auction price last
spring at Philadelphia arid
was 35 cents per Toot, and wtih the
great increase of purchasers and the
growing interest on the subject of silk
culture, there cannot cxi-t a iloudt but
that the next spring prires will be as
high nr higher i han those of the last
season. One circumstance attending
this sale which struck us wild
ular force was the. great advance
price winch those trees urouhl which
ri. .iumii riiiiuncii m u.c ioic
the others being sold fof 'future ""deliv-
ery only. . - - , .'
A t ....... ..r I l.
' - """'...i.j ,."i " ...m.ivi. uvea
iieiivery, sold at prices that woui-i av
erage, about 20 cents per font, altho,
these are worth one third lens than the
untriinmed trees. AY K Stari. "
'. . a.
'.The Mailisoiiian states that the haU
of the Patent Ollicc , at Washington,
will be the largest single room in the
one or two hundred pillars. The Pm1
tico it is bcleived, will cost 8170 000.
Tlie grand council of Ihe Cherokee,
-i. .... 'i.:..i. i. i :
avi.uv ...lieu a.' u.u. ii ,.itiji una ..1 - ..r i.e i
. i- .. - ' . , , Ud this country fought for the m.le.
excited hi Ihe Av est. has at leti" hi. . , : u i . ,
..i .... o. . ,T o n : petuWnro ol South Atiienca, Cut bo-
taken place. Mr. Stnkes. U. S. a gent i -ri . , , . ,
, .... e w 1 here Ins been only ouet.etno.
writes the department of ,r, Out ,. , ,
h,rn.e f wrote the .,s,,.,, ;t he s , a,H, dictators-robhing, abusing
other tribes, among whom we note the!' . ,i, ,-, . h , "
a i L s iv i c. ",!. maltreating Americans wherever
Seminole., feeneea Delaware. Se.w- oJ -(f fc , ,
neea. Quapaws and W I hey been askedvi h s.-iiie ...rpris... will
sembled l k"nker e
o'l-.cially declined that the report of '. ...-j t ..?. j r- . , ',
i ., towards ...vK'xico.' .vve believe Ihcv -
tlu-ir inten ion to make war on he v . -,r., .... i. . ,.! -.i ;
United Stales,
.,- . .i a .
wa without the least
That. those -Irilie.,- only
vvlui were fri.nillv f ihe II. Slaiea
' '. i i .1 V .1 i- . government towards ..inreign power,
were invitid, and that the object . was i ,.(,.. l fr 1 ., '
, - ,t Ji . no i perfectly indilrerenl whonuiiiah.
to renew i lie amicable unmn that cxts-i,,,,;',,,. . ,t.,. ... r ,i'
- r . T. e tier or takes possession nl the conn
ted between our for-Tathers.- lb .', f.-, .i . i ... . i i . .
-.'''- jtry. England vvouhl not niave a vp
"" - - a f-?-' - ut . ' tia aVlVaa IVitt fik 1iaat,.A ,m at, . ......
kicked up in TJanhurv, Fail field cnuu.jl'arv; acknowlcdiel the, ini!cpendenei 4 I
ty,' Con'o." on Thursday - "night lt; 'in IVxas""al made a treaty with thr, ' j
consequence of the'' Revilr'Cidvcr.-f'T-wW'VS-i.wiilv'Fi-Rrive, and so with - '
kt r v nifxr . mriLUtiiian rntn ' wa
from thicity, a tnhpting lo deliver hn au '"e powers. . ..
Abolition Lecture in ihe ' Bapti.t! K-ent.s will soon b?giir 1 !rv,J,,, -Church.
- A great .multitude of the cit- ihemselves of coosi.lerahlj jnteieal in
izens gathered around the churcli.broke ,,,',t rttarter.'v:.-AII. that remain for u
in the window; pelled the lecturer to strengthen our n ival force in thai
with rotten egs, and prepared to ride Gulf of Mexico, which has been done,
him on ' ,, but he escaped. v?j He "J remain neutral. A. J'. .Star.
resolved, however, to try i i again Ustf Cvl Officer. It is stated U
nigh, and Ihe Trustee of , ihe church spil,k, writings of Washingtio,, tl,,-,
gave their consent for Inm again to oc- during the American1 Revolution, . th.i
rupy their shattered ; building. The Jg.sUtureof .Manland appointed nn
result of the last trial is not yet known omcei. Cilled an "Intcndan', "vested .
h re. h. -. ' . with iKiwers lo itcsd'oy that itixorde'r in
Pamonntt obstuiacy.-A wamaii ty;clliefl from bwl r.Wir
, the name of Philips, res.ding.arNeo- mon: Sttch. , 0ffi(
port, England, has recently vert
most remarkable, instance of unl
, ,. ... .1 ,
ttaas a,i aai I, u V a. aa aa- all wad .nrak4f IIV
M: r" "'' "
nr .uauaiiu. CMie wiwm-ii in an' '. .
' onahle fair given for the benefit of
' w church. II. r hushand thought
wa wanted at home m I. .ok after
domestic afTair. and olijecte.l.
pun which she wore, thut if he did
ot allow her to go. she would imiuedi
.tely chop off her finger. The threat
was f course treated with
but sfrnnge' t' aay she carried her in-
The hatihtt, the tnatrorm nt usej,
Jminedialely fell just below llie,wiit,
a id b..!tv.' riie h,!. i.f ihe irn.'ima
- . . ... .
g-rs atnpoied, and her itnifiliatcd h nd
was dressed. After the operation performed she lld. the surgeon sue
was suny; to loose her lingers, but kh
Would fin the a:uni tliittir mm in if live
t land the people in ih:s country w ill soon
( ,;0 sides in. the matter that -is to
will express opinions
freely in relation
' t . -
f4ir pi.. y." Mexico has appointed th
,.rv h..t vm t!w.v ha. I in il, r.,
to defend Vera Crn and'tlie castle Jt'
St. Juan jITlIoa. Ueneral Rinrnn.
ofiicer wli I as several times been
trusted with llie'iUTence'of that place,
and knows well its resource, lie ha
di iiiiii-iii. wui nixifiM, h17 UK). UC II I III
. . . . . . -. '
ed, and likewise ample provision for a
lon seiz" the town
of Vera Cruz al.
so is well ilrlendeil, and it will cost
well defended
France from G :o 10.000 men to take
the city and caile by storm. IJ:it
what of that? - France cannot rceetU
when she once moves. The error ori
ginated willi Baiou Diffciuhiis, who ap
pea'ed with a IV'nate or two lo nepjti
atu with a dogged people" and a despot
ic governuient, instead of a vh..U
aquadron ami plenty oF-troops, and then
after the first refusal, to have attr.ikeil
and battered down the, castle and taken
posses-ion of Vert Cruz, and then no
goti.ited lor redress of grievances. It
is the only course to be pursued with
Mexico "strike mvl then hear." Hav
ing failed lotake advantage of her po
siiion, Franra leturns with greuter
power and more extensive view, and
I minot recede when the blow is onco
in!strin.k the
men of Mareutro and if
i Auslei lit., and the raptors id
inuse- inai co on. i cj.1 trtiz mice in
the "ioseasion df France, the City i.f
Mexico is in danger llie Catholic nun.
..I...! 'II . . ...
niuni.ii win marte no violent eni.rt a-
lawaiiione loe the Driest unco
m . I r
bought over wld clear. the mad to gen.
eral conquest, and a Vice Roy of
France, probably one . the sons of
Lotiir Philiipe, may mount, li e throne,
of the Incav We would i:il inove one
step !6 prevent it, ami shall be g!ttf tn"-
see anfulua violent and despotic aria
tocracr, under the, 'abused, iiaiiio ol a
Republic, ihang-d into a mild and lib
eral form of goverumeht, sustaining
law, good faith, I or," letters, com-
mi-rite, enterprise and toleration, all of
w hich iti e now-wanted 'and have been
'for. centuries iti Mexico.' We have all
.....i; uiiiivi !-(iiiiiiir' n i rici
bLiVn. r.v;:.r a i "
SZZzT" . ? ' . . 7
. 1 ' ' "J
vi.v - v"ui i- iiu Kiirti UT - 1 111
" s.-v s-uj 'iv, in, t u . ys
ine aiuirs ot ine state wuictiiai ai iSv-u
and w.;i of
monrii." aucti an ouierr would bo
!nTa,uahle at the present lime in many .
oiner piacrs as wen a i in Aiarvianil.
t ..
! to individual as cll i to gov.
The Peoria R sister of the ISih " h
slant says: We have n death -lo
record ihi . w eek. V- Disease seems
to have eft s as suddenly as its vi-i-laiion
Was dreadful. All the case of -sickness
arc convalescent, and t'-.g
town may iiowbu declared jcif;lr. .'
- H
i t
-' f .,' .
Va " - ' - ' aa m Jill SJ
-i ' ' r

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