North Carolina Newspapers

r.nJhiatf Rt Mii office " "
.' TTrthinwl W abolition doc-
A -. ;.. .!f.uK of which to incur
Iri M,e" !:7: " -r .1. f.n.tic. who .1.1
,b!!Xo..y h. thcwill not .top ""'
f pCidenV of the United iSlates-the Jw
P.7omc" r. of th. (rovernmont. .I..I be not
S? do not it .Malum .. dl"UM .,he
.Dillon ou-lion. Kveryilixen recognise.
i ,h. .ltmct. ..-.n ."J ery.
i2 PJ.n would le.ire lo r. the colore.! race
S, .. w. believe the?
' . ... -iih humanity and kimlncsss;
L Ti. not to he disputed, that in.te,i
l. , lh . -Godand ,
.. . i i.., !. fiiialics. Hie hiw of Uod una
slavery; the Oldand the New
7" --.i.- i;..;..! MaiM ha secured to tin
"IwwofihiP"''" f service ccrUm uiinh-!T.bte-rtL'hi
and "ivilert.-. which nnol be
" ' ., ,u! I.y 111,- free will nJ coii9nt nf
The P"lic th'" prolS.-U-J. or ehould
rt be evoidfJ blood an ' rovol'.moii. A to
o'i-liii'i Jii """" o complexion, de
nui. led r'y '"natii": bypncnlr and
,J tnlk in fv,,r ' Dl" l'Jty ,iave " f0"''1
aline in its practicability. We no!
Ihrrrioic but smile when we read llie letter of
jKr Luther Uradisli to th olToiitioiiiits, in which
j,e svon-ii liinxrlf be in favor of ubo!iiliijih'
d ilinctinns of color or complexion between the
wi,;te and llie black -man tu-sides placing this ne
,ro on an ejuahtv with the whilemiin; lie who
t.m the first dawn ol to id fortune, wc delicto.
J,,v seldom sut down to hi dinner without a
Mack aervjril behind hid chair who has hern,
-remarkably distinguished foi l special obser
vance of all tlio proper distinctions and de
t ,ruiii of mw-ft'ty who hiK liee-ii the mrut ruf
Onfall the "ruffle "hin fmly,' o ia!l..l. to
t!u' tvorl I. under the solemn tniirtion L,f hi
4 ne anil !nritti'r,t!iat he U in of a'w.l
i.hini ili-tinftioru of coinpfeit :i,or netiini; the
n.2n"ai Ilia t ili'e or in the jury hoi. or on t!n
twnrh or in the l,ei;i!:ttivc hall; w ho t say can
Mifvr lhi that ha any knowledge of I.ul!ier
What then v In ohjncl in the full uncon
ditional iJlicinu to abolition dortriin1 an I jirin
tidc contained in his letter! (Simply to t;el
ihcir vutcs to client and to humlxig tlicm,
nAtliinir cUe; hut on a question o vital aJ
r-folutin:frv so nhi ciit-a nf the pin
rijjlfi of the ('mittituiion, it wn umnmilv, nn
jit and unpatriotic to strengthen these fanatic
liy miv rivgoilion of their ultimate views, or
li jeopard the nieces of hi Whig colleague
Win. II. Reward, who had written a manly and
hfntnt letter nn the mliject; and had the word
ken Mill, 10,000 Whija in tliia city would
hate struck Uradish' name from the ticket
tiouanda tnoat reluctantly and painfully v.ilej
f rhiin. There should have hceu no pattering
with these men; no notice xftuuhl hiFi'e been
taken of th'ir Irltrrt- Win, Jay and (iarrat
rSniith, who represented the nholitionista, are
miJ to !ewhig, what li'lit had they, aa organa
ofa sell'-cDiistiliiled hody, to call upon candid
te to say whrihcr they were in favor of eman
cipating the blacks and "abolishing all distinc
tion of color!'! ieotaed qrit'Mion had
nothing to do with the great came of the Con
s'iuilion and Laivs, which the whigs are trug
.n'ing to susttin, aa well might thraj men cail
upon whig candidutca to declare for or againt
the Moruioiii, or any new ultia or etcitingijuea
't tii.
What the final rosult nf this election ia we
?iin cannot at present say. We are etrong
ly of opinion, that the whig have succeeded
tlirnuihout the State, hut whether successful or
defeated, this abolition association niusi be put
dntn all panic mint unite in it it i moie
i ffmgf rftBf tMfl aiy...a"!ej!"w exciting the
people of tliii country. Tiiia biacl can only
be wsjiuoiilted in two way hy purchase ot by
revolution- If their owner) will not consent to
ell them, and iv;th them of rourae the soil they
cultivate, and which without them would be of
no value, there is no power on earth to compel
t irmUit by force. This inevitably IcsJs to
.civil War to shedding the blond of our fellow
"i'ircns-teCfeMTig tfJeTrioal frightful aectional
dwTinciiona to the lup'ur nl our aocial and
business relations to the destruction of our
national glory, union and force by separation
and diviemu of the Union. Who iuf the abo
litionist desire to are thia stale of thing?
None, none we say rtlien away with tbi dsn
reruns confederacy at once. We bae much
hereafter lo isy the to people an thia queateon
the dinger is too plpibl to remain longer ia
den re. -
Ve learn from the New Orlcana Bee and
Bulletin, that on the night of the 8th of Octo
ber, the garrison of Tampico rose in arms, and
declared in favor of the Constitution of 1624.
The revolutionists are headed by able men; their
r thought to -bejjenerah. and if ao, it i
conjectured that the present government of Mex
ico must fall, and that an arrangement with
France will lie effected. On the 1 Ith or 12th
October, General Piedro reached Matamoras,
and induced the Mexican general at that place,
to march with 1500 men, for the purpose of at
tacking the revolutionist rn Tamaulipaa and
I. ute from Florida. The (ilobo aay that
(ieneral Taylor writes from South AtpalyaTon
tho Appaluohicola river, under date of October
S't, that he had succeeded in embarking the
whole of the Appalachicola Indiana on hoard a
ateamhoat on th 20tb ull. the day fixed by the
treaty for lHe rcmoViiI of that tribe,
Titiifci. A alip from the office 6f the
soutbein Argue announcca two elcctiona of
Representative In the Legislature, (to fill va
cancie.) which reaulted in favor of the Whig
e.itiilidjtcs, in l.owndc and Noxube counties.
1 hese election th Editor appeara to consider
a settling the queetion oTTh election of a whig
Senator f tl,e. United 8tatc, to succeed Mr,
Trotter, one of tho present Senator from the
Sute of Mississippi,
The commander .f the French blockading
aijuadron on the coast of Mexico sates, in a cof.
refpnnJcec which ha nccntly taken place be
lvee n him and the commander of the U. 8. ship
Erie, that all vessel that allow themselves on
t ie Mexican coast are considered aa meditating
hreeh nf the blockade; and, a uch. will be
detained until the decision of the French Gov
rnment bo known.
Charle, (j. Xhepai d, Eq. The Nettbern
pecrator mention a rumor, that thi gentle
"an, who represents that District in Congress,
"aa changed hi opinion concerning Mr. Van j
"urer, , leading measure, the Sub Trea.ury.and !
,,. ,,r o, lt. We are glad to at ale,
, "" wh,t w 'eem competent authority that
Z" r"m,0r " MI nf"nded, and that Mr.
uepanl u ow, a he uniformly baa been, op.
to this unified experiment."-.
- - O E 0 R 0 I A ,
Th -Legislature of Georgia mblJ at
Milledseville. on tho 5llt instant. Charle
Dougherty, Eaq. Whig wa choaen Treaidcnt
of the Hcnate, by a majority of 4 Totea; and Jo-
sepji Day, Esq, Adin, Speaker of the House of!
Krprraentalivea, by a majority of two, in conac
quence of the absence of three Whig and the
resignation of one. The Message of Governor
U diner i an able and interesting document. It
open on the ubjecl of Indian A flairs con
demn tho President for offering to allow the
InJian to remain two year longer in the Sttatc,
Sta. and bestows high praise upon General
Scott for the promptness an) enerpyby which
he had overcome all dilliculty in removing tho
Indians, and had left the Slate, before he rcceiv-
cd the instructions issued in pursuance of 1he
proposals of the President for this delay. It
then hikes tip the subject of rail roads, anj ad
vocates, with great force and clearness, the im
portance of giving efficient aid by the folate to
thoae work of improvement, lie (five an en
couraging view of the progress and prospect of
th Western and Atlantic Rail Road, a work
undertaken by the State-exclusively. The length
of ih road from it Southern termination to the
Tennessee river will lie 130 miles, and is esti
mated lo rrM about two and a half million of
dollars. In pursuance of a law authorising the
raising of fun J for it prosecution by the ale
of Slate Stin k, three hnndred thousand dollars
have already been procure J ft 0 per cent. The
i2.iv, recommends that this road be constructed
a rapidly as possible, and that liberal assistance
be given by the Htate lo companies now engag
ed in making other road. Here is an example
for North Carolina. Will die follow it, end
thereby show her wisdom and beneficence! or'
u . II she parsimoniouily lock up hor mean, and
say to her citizen! "crack your own whip, push
your own wson out of the mud, Hercules will
not help you!" The Governor recommend a
revision of the judiciary system, and an amend
ment of the Constitution with a view to redu.
eing the Legislative body and of equalizing the
representation of the people. He recommends
an additional approptiut on for their lunatic asy
lum, which 1 to be located in tho vicinity of
Milledgeville;upreent the affairs of the pen
itentiary to have be n conducted well during the
past year; speaks highly of the Oglethorpe Uni
versity, Mercer University, Emory College,
and the Georgia Female College, established by
the Presbyterian, Baptist and Methodist dcnom
illation of Christians; and state that they
have not at all impeded the increasing prosperi
ty of Franklin College, the State Institution.
The law of last session, for establishing a ay,
lem of common schools, he aaya has been de
layed going into operation, to enable the pco
pie to express llieir opinion by their representa
tives in relation to it expediency. He stales
that the demand upon the Governor of Maine
for Philbrook and Killeran, charged with steal
ing negroe in Georgia, ha been renewed, and
by bim again refused. He sys "the State of
Georgia has the power to protect it own insli
tti Iioii71uiiI it will lie, Tti d uty to e i ert it ,jf ne
cessity should require;" but "it will be proper to
lake no measure upon thia lubject until It ahal'
have been acted upon by the Legislature or
Maine." H represent the banks of Georgia to
be in a very xafe and ound condition, all having
resumed specie payment except the Farmer'
Bank of Cbataboochee apeak highly in favor
of the banking system, with proier limitations
aud restrictions and concludes with a heavy
broadside against the 8ub-treiury. We intend
hereafter to give extract.
The organ of the Administration are
recklessly endeavoring tn identify the whig and
th abolition party. Let a whig who may pro
fess abolitionism, rcceiv the sulTrtges of the
Northern people, aud they cry out with piou
horror, "an union of whigism and abolitionism!
but turn the table reere the matter let
their abolitionist candidate triumph, and they
huzza for the triumph of the Democracy! Thi
i so 'it waa til other day exemplified when
their party triumphed in Ohio. And by what
mean wa that triumph effected! Notoriously
by their uuiuu .iher with the abolitionist, -who
had juat before been excited against the whig
candidate for Governor. What are th princi
ple of their champion there, Dr. Duncob? Du
ring the contest which eventuated in Ilia elec
tion, h called Southern slavery a "BLIGHT
and a CUUsE!" Their 8enator, Morri. get
on the floor of Congress, ail unequivocal pledge
of hi principle, by oppoMiigJfr. Calhoun'
resolution, and by introducing and advocating
a act of hi own, going the entire abolition doc
trine! And yet the eara of Southern freemen
have been deafened with democratic huzza at
the- triumph of these men! Let tho people
let the South judge with whom the adiaiiiulra
lion has acted iu Ohio.. ,
We do not charge th administration party
at the North with being exclutively tainted with
Abolitionism. The taint i deeply fixed in their
body politic ALL panic are its accomplice
ALL parties, more or lest, glory iu it paterni
ty. And w are not certain but that th child
on the knee is taught to detest slavery and to
lisp it prayer tn Heaven in the same breath!
But we are convinced, from the lights before us.
that the Whig party are less tainted than any
other pir'y with it. ft or Would we charge any
Southern party with it, except on unquestiona
ble proof; and to prove a Houthern man to be in
abolitionist, is to affix the mark of Cain upon
hi brow to heap a crime upon him 'too heavy
for the man lo bear who hope for Heaven!"
But when th Administration, forgetting it own
po',tion, dares to identify the whig exclusively
with abolitionism, duty, patriotism, urges us lo
hurl back the foul calumny, and to remind it ofj
it position, and to point to those with whom it
mini delighted to act.
Tde Legislature of Rhode Island ha elected
Nathan F. Dixon, Esq., whig, U. 3. Senator lo
occeed Mr. Robbina, after the 4th March next.
Smali Pox. We Warn with regret thai thia
terrible disease i prevailing aitenaivery in the
neighborhood of Harmony and Daiiey'a Bridge
in the countica of Halifax, Va. and Person. Dr.
Craighead write to the Editor of th Danville
Reporter that he ha attended 16 cases in the
I two counties; and that the disease, which on it
J first appearance waa mild in it character, had
: assumed a mora malignant type.
TheOeeola, which arrived at Charleston on
tho 1st Nov. brought out near half a million f
i dollars in gold and silver, imported by the direct-
ors of the Louiville, Cincinnati and Charleston
j Rail Road Company, for the use of tho South
I Western Rail Rood Bank. The subscription to
this Bank will be finally doted during the ear
ly part of this monthi and the atockholder will
meet in Charleston on the 80th inst. to elect di
rector their bill are already engraved, a tem
porary hanking house ill be provided, and now
lhat an abunnaut supply of specie has been pro
cured, tho Bank will go immediately into opera
tioq under the nn l favorable auspices.
TVrn. Three Texlan citizens have escaped
from the Mexican dungeons of Matamoras and
arrived safely at Matuinoraa. They state that
Mr. Brenau, the late repiescntatiKe from Goliad,
remains behind in prison.
A party of about l'J surveyors, who had ven
tured far up into the Indian country, to locate
'and claims, liavo been nearly all ma.saercj by
the hostile Indian.
IOWA. Mr. Chapman, Whig, has been
elected a Dcleoate lo (Jono-rcss from thia
.The, following extract of a Icticr
gives a flatter-in account of the. condi
tion of this Venerable Mother nf States
men. Majr slie continue, to prosper.
n illiamsburg, Oct. 28, 1858.
"It gives me great pleasure to be a
ble to state to you that our old College
is enjoying an unprecedented degree of
prosperity. We have now 113 stu
dent, exclusive of the School of Hu
manity. We have already, at the ter
mination of the third week of tlve
course, reached the highest number ev
er bclnre assembled at this institution.
The three highest numbers ever known
here, occurred in 181G 7, 1836-r, and
1 83T-8. In the first named year, un
der Dr. Smith, Jhe number was 96
in the ild, 113 in the 3rd 112. Hav
ing already 113, we may calculate on
upwards of 130 before the termination
of the course, as they are still coming
in much iastrr than usual. The ut
most order prevails throughout the
whole body. I believe at no college in
this country is there more harmony
subsisting between Professor and Stu
dent. For the twoHast years there has-
been a greater number of students and
less riot and disorder "than were ever
before known here. There is certainly
an unusual amount ol talent among
them, and it is said that the exhibition
in their societies has already been of
the most promising character. 1 he
price of board has been raised neither
in College nor in the town, although
the year is a very hard one."
The subscribers to the Stock of this
Itoad assembled at the office of the Ral
eigh and Gaston Company, on Monday
last, for the purpose of organization.
Col. Wm. Robards, of Granville, wa
called to the chair, and Weston 1L
Gales appointed Secretary.
Judge Cameron, on behalf of the
Commisioners appointed to open Books
of subscription at Raleigh, made a writ
ten Report, stating that three hundred
thousand dollars had been subscribed
in the Stock of .aid company; which
being the amount required by act of as
tern Lily, to secure the charter, and a
majority of said Stock being here rep
resented, the meeting, on motion of 15.
1J. Frkkman, Ksq'r. proceeded to elect
by bjtllot, a President and five Direc
tors to manage the concerns of the Com
pany. The following gentlemen were
found to have, each, a majority of the
whole number of vote cast, and were
declared duly elected, viz; George W.
Mordecai, ' Prttidenl; Duncan Cam
eron, William Boylan. J. W. Hawkins.
Charlea Manly and Thomas P. . Dey
ereui, Director.
The Company then adjourned, to
meet again in this City on the firat
Monday in June, 1839. fog. 2'
Alabama.-' The Alabama . paper
state positively that a majority of the
Legislature recently elected, is opposed
to the, Sub-Treasury. The majority
against it in the house is lQor 12, whilst
in tho Senate, the majority in its favor
is 2. -'Xr ' r' x .: r . ' '
General Miabeau B. Lamar, who
ha been elected by a very large ma
jority to the presidency of" the Teiian
Republic, is thus spoken of by the Co
lumbus, (ilo.) Inquirer:
Gen. Lamar was formerly editor
of (hi paper We congratulate our
friends in Texas, on their good fortune
in obtaining the services ot such a man
in their highest office. Lamar ij a true
hearted, a noble souled, anil an inflex
ible patiiot, wherever-you place him,
and will prove hitnsctf no tes honest
it n . I faithful in the ivil, than he has
been in the military struggles of his a
dopted land."
Every onu is familiar with the hor
rors of the" Dade Massarre" in Florida,
being the bloodiest picture" of the
Seminole War. There ia scarcely a State
in the Uuinu, which does not mourn an
honored son on that fie1 J of death. North
Carolina has to lament a Gatlin, a Keais
and ajllollomanrames worthy of re- These two varieties would suit our
membrance. The Territoi ial Council of j climate well. The last mentioned is
FttM-ida, with a view of re?cuing from I particularly desirable, as the. l'utmn
oblivion the memory of those brave apir-! Christie suffers but little from being
ita who have perished in the sanguinary j stripped nf it leaves, and will produce
War with IheSeminolos.have instructed : a fi ie crop of seed, which are valuable
their Delegate in Congress to endeavor I fur castor oil. fo'rV. Comp.
to obtain the grant of a Township of! .., . . -v... .,
land, for the establishment in Florida! FfcOtRAL. UAI.US.
of a charitable Instilulion, to be called ,T,U ,he, ,a,,ll'S "
'Dade Insiitute," in which the orphans l,lobe "' O,hor. Prsf " l,artJ.
made bv the War are to be educated:
'and efforts arc now makinK to enlist the
sympathy ol other i)..rtio..iof the Union
in the bt ncvolantnlan. The orphans of
all who have died in Florida, whether
Officers, Soldier or Seamen, are to par-1
. . . . . .
takeol tlie benefits of the rfrMittite. The
Institution has been. incorporated by the
Legislative Council ol Florida, and Mr.
J. A. L. Norman is appointed Presi
dent, to whom all commtrnir.vion. on
the subject should be addressed, either
at Washington City, -or Tallahassee,
Florid i. Anumb'r of extract from
other newspapers, urging upon Congress
tbe duty nf fostering the proposed .men
tal monument, ('which we have not now
room fur, but would be glad to show to
any one, and tnav publish hcrca'tei-,)
have b'-en left at this OfTire. Fiighter.
Yir. Campbell, the author of llie
"Survey of Britain," looking one day
into a pamphlet in ;i bookseller' simp.
liked it so well that he purchased it:
and it was nut till lie had read it li.t I
through that he discovered it to be his
3 .... i . i
own composition. I ins at ectinte lie
himself told to David Hume.
Two hundred yenrs ago; our fore
fathers, under British stibjecti-un, were.:
impressed with the importance of the
production of si k tliey were aware of
the capacity of our climate and soil for
jill the put poses of silk culture and
enacted laws to compel the culture of
the mulbery I hose Jaws however,
were inadvance of the age, and eould
not ber enforced. Legislative inter
ference can do little ti. wards the intro
duction of peculiar departments ""of in
dustry, when the moral and physical
character of the: people offer barriers.
Twenty-five years ago an enterprising
merchant of this city attempted with a
Cotton Factory to push manufacturing
among us. But he failed the time
had not arrived. Now we hear the
buzzing and singing of spindles, or the
clang of hammers, or the merry song of
the mill in almost every quarter of our
city. The times are propitious, anil
they prosper and will continue to pros
per. The genius of the age must
sanction new enterprises ana without
6uch sanction, Legislative interfer
ence and individual. zeal' are of DO
Two hundred, yean ago, as we said,
our lathersattempted to force the silk
culture, but were unsuccessful. Our
people, withoTfthTr:iif-iirtompTtWoTT
of such authority, are now entering the
business with 7,eaj and profit. The
propitious period has come, and pros
perity must attend the enteq ',
sanctioned and aided by the. public
countenance and public patronage.
Believing this, we take pleasure in
throwing what light we can, on mat
ters appertaining to the silk interest.
A friend, whose acquaintance we can
not too highly estimate, has conned o
ver some periodicals, and communica
ted some facts to us, which we consid
er important at this juncture, and of
fer them, hoping that they may not be
withtnit some benefit.
Burmahnow under English Gov
ernment, among other and valuable
sonrcesof trade numbers that of silk
culture. It appear the Rurmans
have at least twelve different kinds of
silk worms, varying in habits and ap
pearance but all profitable in their
proper locations and treatment. . Some
of them are remarkable, and we should
suppose most valuable. One of these
is the Muga worm, which feeds on a
variety of trees, and is never reared
in the house. Immense nuanties of
cocoons formed by them, arc gathered
by the natives and carried to the fac
tories of Calcutta every year. The
worm thrives best in dry weather, but
Can pro? a c t itself from wet, invaria b ly
taking shelter under the leaves. Ma
ny of the inhabitants take the worms
when young and remove them near
their dwelling where they can more ef
fectually protect them from their ene
mies: when young the black ant, and
when older, birds, among which the
owl is fond of them. When they be
gin to spin, which is in about 30 dats.
they descend from the tree and are ta
ken in baskets' with dry leaves, to
which they adhere. The Muga is
much longer than the mulberry worm,
and produces cocoon of two inches
in lenth, and proportionate thickness.
Another valuable species is the Eria
or Aundi worm, vhirh feeds chiefly on
ralmur ( irmte, ( which crows easily
and luxuriantly in this country. J It
loes not require as much attention as
the mulberry worm, though ill ways
reared under a bower, and Hevenleen
broinlaare produced in one year. The
worms before they spin, are either
white or green. The cocoons are not
reeled, but spun as that of the Muga.
1 he silk is coarse and harsh at first;
but from repeated- washings, becomes
soft and glossy. Nearly all that is
made is consumed in the country
where it i produced, and forms t he
constant dress of the poprer classes.
The silk, though coarse, i warm and
lurable. The life of una person be
ing seldom sufficient to wear nut a gar.
mint.. The worm is raised in almost
.every house in A sum. '
'-''ng to anu cover over tne
thousand eno.mitiea nave been
I perpetrated oy li.e nireu minions tn
. pver. i el nny they apeak ot -led-
e """V" ,".,ru1"
of ,h.e I government anJ-its de-
I Is"
a a s . . 1 a . . . r
ftriltltlllis, nriiir mtu,v lilt if 1 1 1 ci limine
than the spoils of.ollirr. In the face of
the "Uring fat t,that lo return Ingersidl
to Ciiiiorcgs, nut less that 1,200 Whig
votes were thrown out by the judges of
rler.iiii. in the Northern Liberties, and
with lull knowledge that the whole
vote of Huntingdon county was ex
cluded, to make way for the return ol
a Loci Foco Senator, the Globe has
llie elViont.TV to prattle, day by day,
about frauds which it either caunut
prove, or the allegation of which' rests
upon eiinelv doubtful authority. Th
impudence of these complaints, on the
part of the Tor) organ, has been so glar
ing, lhat no one doubted lor a moinehtj
t'leir entire disbelief by the discrim
inating of the parly which it disgraces;
so lint a serious attempt at relulation
se-med like a work of supererogation.
The -Madisunian very appropriately
brings up. so. ne reminiscences, which
show the tiuc char Acter of the Globe's
fears fur ihe public liberty. When
frauds promote the success of a govern
ment parasite, then we hear not a word
of complaint. All is riht, nrovided'
villainy bit exert its faculties to sus
tain th-e throne Ittch. fl'ltig.
"But a few day sincn, (say tho Madison
ianj Iho liohrspcriaii Demagogue, who con
ducts the official organ, on mure than one oc
casion, spoko of litoonsiikD amd Amacut,"
a the crrUnn ibllnwer ot election trauila, which
wcie led in that paper, and in the editor'i
usual fair war.
Wc wou'd advise the eJitor of Ihe Club to
turn hack to the column of hi o-vn paper In
1 833 and '34. to the case or the election in th
District in Kentucky in which Letcher and
Moore were ihe candidate. He will therosee
that he justified one Alfred Hockor, a deputy
sheriff, who, as he said, took lh "respomihility
upon himself to put down corruption" by with
holding altogether from the return the Lincoln
poll book. The atrocity of this act led th Le.
giHlmurenf Kentucky 10 pass a statute at it
next session, making such an act thereafter
punishable by iinpriaoninent in Ihe penitentia
ry. And how ha the above named individual
been rewarded! A. we are informed, with th
appointment of Poat-maslcr.
The proceedings of Congress show that on
of the iU-appuiiiled condidnle iu New J or soy
(Mr. Dickerson) took part, and voted on more
than one occasion hi that case,- on principle
that go to confirm the act of the Governor and
Council in hi own case.
A stranger, or any one having no knowledge
of th facta, would suppose that th f. auJ that
have been comrortled wei all en one side.
from readitw tho Globe: snil. ani the Looo-fo-
co tSub-Treaeuryiie-Abolitioniat party are lbs
innocent, Simon Puree.
. Why does not the Glob eiplain th inter
meddling of on of the Cabinet in th election
at Charleston, for th purpose ol defeating Mr.
Leg re? Why not give soma information re
specting the abstraction of soma of th Whig
voles from the ballot boic in Sussex county?
Why not explain the manner in which com
twenty odd aliens were permitted to vote in
Cumlwrland county, ,Ncw Jersey? Why nnt
show how tho Democratic vote of Pennsylvania
ha been increased since 1835, more than twen
ty five thousand? Why not give (he fact
they exist in relation to th attempt made by
C. J. Ingersoll to usurp the place bestowed by
the people on another? All tlies and many
other similar acta of impropriety committed by
it partitans, it studiously etipprcssea, while it
talk of bloodshed!"
We suggest however, to the official organ
whether it would not belter become- U. 'dignity
of the administration, after candidly exposing
the election fraud lhat have taken place, y by
whatever part y.thal it should exert ita influence
in preventing their recurrence in future, rather
than endeavoring to excite 111 people to blood
ahed and anarchy," ant) revolution."
A meeting of the citizen of Hertford county,
N. C. wa held at the Court Houe in Winton,
on Thursday the let of Nov. 1838, for Ih pur
pose of appointing Lyiegstes to the Coinrnercltl
Convention, to be lioltlcn in IMoiiolk, on tn Zud
Wednesday of Nov. inst and also, of appoint-
inz Delegate to th internal Improvement Con
vention, to he holden In Raleigh, on th second
.Monday ol December next.
fttweroe Or-BorUnd, Esq. wa -caucd to-4b
Chair, and John A. Anderaon, Lq. wa ap
pointed Secretary. J ho object ot the meeting
havinz been explained by Ihe Chair, the follow.
Trig resolutions wero submitted by K. Kjyner,
Esn. and severallv adopted
Wurhsas, Th citizen of North Can lina
have been invited. to meet those of Virginia, in
the proposed Commercial Convention to ba held
in Norfolk; and Wicreua, in. 1he language of Ihe
invitation they have extended lo us, we feel
deep interest in Ihe ucce of every measure
that may tena In rolieve tn eommerce 01 me
Southern S.stea from tbe burden to which it
has been so long uhjerted," i
Jtetolveil thereore. That w approve ol the
proposed Convention, and that we appoint del
gales thereto.
On moiion, the Chair appointed Ihe following
ilelegales: Lewi M. Cowper, John W. Houth-
11. Dr. Ed. 8. Neul, Dr. Godwin C. Moo.e,
John A. Anderson. A liner Harwell, Jame A.
M'Hire, and, on motion of L. M. Cowper, (he
name of tho Chairman, R. C. Borland, Kaq.,
and the name of K. Itayner, Esq , wero added
to the delegation.
And, we feel deeply impressed with
the importance of every measure calculated tn
develnpe the vast resources nf our Stale, and
mherent, at an Internal Improvement Conven
tion held in GreensbnrouKh on the 4lh July last,
It wa recommended lo the people of thi Stal,
to hold meeting in their respective counties,
and appoint delegate to an Internal Improve,
merit Convention, propoeed lo be holden in Ra
leigh in December next.
foU'td therefore. That we approve nfsaid
Convention, and deem il proper to tJ Dele
gates to tho same.
And on motion, tbe Chair appointed the fol
lowing Delegate to said Convention: Thomaa.
3. 8harp, K. Rayner, Jame L. Crimea. Wm.
IJ. Valentine, 1'ridam Capeheart, and" on mo
tion of A. Harrtll, Kq- th nam of tl Chair-
n-an. B, C. 8-rUnJ, wa Ke4 to nil Dat
gation. .
Kentvttl, Tbat th newspaper of Bawin,
Jf . U. and of Norfolk Bn) Portsmouth, 'Vs.
lequeeted tn publish the proceeding of ibis
meeting. . . .
On motion of DrT 'fiLX NeaL the thank
of the meeting were tendered to the Chairman
and Secret agr; when, on further motion, tho
meeting adjourned. "
J. A. Asaaaaow, Secretary, '
At a meeting of thie Lodgo, on Monday, I SI
Nov. I s:)H. the following rveolulion were onaa.
Whereas it ha pleased the 8uprme Archi
tect of (h I'niverse, in hie inecrutible provhlenco
to call Horn among us, by the band of death,
our ese-mrd brother, Mark Coot:
lie it therefor reomtvtd, j'hst we deeply la
ment the I o which masonry and tho comma
nity in general have sustained in llie death of
our friend anj brother 'Mark Cttkf and thai
wis do sincerely and heartily sympelhi with
Lis friend and relative in thi afflictive . dispen
Resolved, That aa token of regard for our
deceased brother, the members of thi Lodgo
will wear tho usual badge" of mourning for the
pi-e of ihirty dais.,
ResolieJ, that a copy of these resolution Ho :
presenlej to the widow of th deeeaaedt and
that ihe paper of thi ci'y be respectfully r
quested to publish the mint,
. Nln this City, on th 8th ins, by th Ret.
GeorijeV.TSaiaSHtn, Mr. Jame Wm Chad
wick, Printer, formerly of Wilmington, Ut
Miss Klizii Jane, eldest daughter of Mr.
AndersoiiTVfetrolson, of thi City".
Iii this County, on the lOtfi iiist by Jame
Conk, Ksq., Mr. John Kwiatkowaki, Print,
er, late of the patriot army of Poland, to Mia
Sarah Pleasant, of Wake.
- At Philadelphia, on Thursday morning, th
Sth imt. by the Rev. Mft Ftiriiese, -t'ol. John
II. Wheeler, BuperTntendanl of lb V. K
Mint, at Charlotte, in this Btte. 10 Ellen.
daughter of Thoma Sully, Esq., of Philadtd
In iVeon county, Mr. John Allen to Mi so
Martha Hamlet.
In Edgecomb county, on th 'let. Inat. Mr .
Joiah Harris to Mise Charlotte Taylor, daugb
tor ol Thomas Taylor, dec'4.
In Halifax county, on the (am evening, Mr .
Charle Lewis of Tyrrell co'6nty. to Mies Mar
garell Smith, daughter of Mr.- Mote Smith. .
In Martin county, on cam evening, Mr. Ell
ha Cain to Miss Elisabeth, Jon, daughter of
Mr. Asa June. , s .
lit thi City on Mortdajr morula J tt, fut
short illnese, Mark Cook.Esq., an old, rept.
able, and useful eitixen.
In ihis vicinity, a few day ainre), Miss La
cinda Dunn, eldeet daughtbr of Major Nathan
hi Dunn.
la Granville county, oh th 17th ultimo, Mr ,
Abraham Lawrence, in th 78lh year of hi
age. He had been worthy meinber of the
Methodist Episcopal Church C4 year wa
much respected nd Moved by hi nnmeroua
relatives and friend; and died a he lived, at
peace with Ood and man, and in full assurance
of s happy immortality.
mmjf i! "j. -. ..i"K!Sf!3axmmsm
Whereas it was resolved at a Ial raseling tl
the Truvuei of ihe Wahat Forea Institute, lo
lest a separation between the ttleward't and Lit.
ei-arv IWiisitmeiils. the eoaamillea im
II auihibte person 10 lake aluu go of ib
iirinctpat txisnllng bauaa fnr tba oainaniniliisi -
I pr't tHWiilng Uouaa tor lae aeeewineilaiws.
of the students, hereby give notie to Ihe iHiltlie.
that written prirlasiils,for ihe aforesaid siloatioa
will be received uiilil the SDih of tbe prestnt
moulk The undeilnkcr will be allowed tfca
house now occupied by llie steward, Ihe diaing
ball, the kitchen, the gsrUra, and a small lot off
ground. Ssii.fiwmry areuriiy will be required
lor laitlilul compliance with til tersn 01 oa
traet. UAVti) JUiTICK. Csiaw4.
N. II. Persons making nropossl aro inform
d lhat tho unileilxker caS be accommodated,
on rwasoiikUU terms, with lurnilure, bedding,
conking apparatus, farming Ulrauls, and all oili
er thing necessary fnl-tarry ing on the establish
ment- A da the farm,), II b fsr rat, hr'vho
takes the boarding house shall have tho, prclree
enee io any uroiiosMlon that may be made foe
tbat also. . "-.. '
, Nov. f. ISm.- ; , I, 41 ttw
Loat. or mislaid, a due bill for (ixtV-niiie dols ;
Isi-s, dated Ifih tieiober, . on Messrc-tiay k -Wde
which 1 forwara all persons from trading
lor. UfcOUGE DASH.
Nov. 15, IMS. 41 Sou ;
Itlf. N)lon PUillipat
TAKK Ntll'lUKi I sl.sll. on Toentsv. th
IJlhdsy or JanVsary, 1139, at Daniel' Pararie,
tireena county, Alabama, proceed to take the
deposition ol Mr. Mary Kntrrll, fob read in
evidenee In a certain mailer nf conlroversy a
Ihe Court of KruMy for Ihe County ol . (iran.
ville, Hisie of Not th Carolina, March Term,
IK3J, pending, wherein I. Susannah P. Phillips,
am plaiiiiilT, and you, Nelson Pblllipt, are ilc
fendsnti wlicn and wbere yo may alteejd cud
cross examine aaid wilners, il' von think nrnr,
Xev. 13, IMS. iil Jih Jan.
RLOOUKD HOHSK3, and e8ra (or sale tho
lollowingi ,
lin, 1 . bmot Mar. S rears old. by title
Sarojgina, old Sir Arahy, Imp. Dion, lm. Dhw
mcde, Wdilsir, Plimnap, -Kearnougbt, Imp. J.
nut, imp. Jolly Roger, Iroir. Mary Gray. -
No S-A brood Mare, S year old, by Cilee
Sarowgin,Virginien, HainhrMige, Jotly Air, Wh)
not, bkinwilli's Itlack k all Black, Apollo, Imp.
Silver Kve, Imp. Jolly Itoger, Imp. .Vlary Urrr
No 3 A brood afar. year nld, by (,dr
8cro)tgins, llellsir, Dar Devil, Wililaic, HiHl'
k M.clin's Keariioutbt, Gmlolphin, HnbnrNoh,.
Imp, Jolly Roger. Imp. Valiant, Tryall now.
in tosl by Imp. Glenene.
No. A broou Mara, r year n.u, oy niiea -
Sernggios, Scrtorioua, imp. iliac. Sullen, l)io -
medc. "" "" .
No. J J of the celebrated brood Mare) Fj
tail, by old Sir Arcliy, Imp. Knowilcy, Imp,
Dion, old Crier, 1 rieiram stianny la loci
or Imp Priam. ' -
INo. o--uiaca lyOil, w twsis uiu, t swnonosi
Chsleau Margaiix, out of No I.
No. I Hay Colt, 1 jearoiu, ay festival, ol
of No. - --
No. S Bay Colt, J year old, by leap, rylde.
oul ol No. S. ' .
No. ! Ch. Fillr. dropped UK Sorlor. at
Imp. Levi than, nut of No. S.
No. IU Ch. F1II1. 1 year old. by Featival
iut of No. 4.
Nr. II -A Brawn Horse. I years old. by A-
merioeo Belinse, out ol tho dam of No. S.
A pait of tho foregoing Strwk will boat He
igh, daring lHe we, k Jf the ft Mrs, so oona. -
mene on 3d Tuesday ot Novciutwr insj Tor
nriher partiaular refer to the Subaeribar, at
Koveiuberl, I83S
4f 4

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